Grimwyrd: March Madness

Doc: henlo
Ken (GM): GASP

Joush M.: On the internet nobody knows you are a dragonborn
Ken (GM): y’all ready for some madenss then?
or, MADNESS even?
P.P. A.: John Madden’s GrimWyrd 2018
Ken (GM): hahah
Joush M. gets ready to run though a wall koolaid style
Syviis turns to the others
never forget

[The party stands as the precipice of last session; the Bridge approached byt he army and scouted by the party direct. The magic vision elf Syviis has discovered a magic tripwire, and the group moves to protect their men from the Thaumaturgic threat -Ken]

Syviis: “Looks designed to either blow with most of us on the bridge, or too early for us to get more than the fastest of us across. I could try to sever the magical tripwire, but the bomb is in that building to the South regardless.”
Roderick: “Any idea how large it is?” Roderick asks, motioning for the troops to stand clear.
Ken (GM) the men heed your orders, your commander calling for quiet and signalling to back up, and pay attention to your lead

Syviis looks at the building with her Magic-Elf-Eyes, trying to determine the auras
(To Syviis): A narrow line of magic, barely a sliver of light, crawls along the base of the bridge wall. It leads to the barracks and disappears behind the stone. PER ROLL
Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 3 + 6 ) = 15
(From Syviis): eh, not so good, fail by 2

(To Syviis): You cant make out any better details; the faint magic power is well masked, and does not radiate from behind the building’s walls
Syviis: “It’s too well masked…it could be a flare to alert others, or a bomb to rival the volcano-sphere we found earlier this week.”

Suðri Skornbrekker dismounts, careful not to trigger anything, unsure if he can be of much help.

Gray studies the building, reaching out with spirit senses and taking a breath of the air, trying to pick out the scent of red dust or black powder as he stands near but not too near the ‘wire’.
(To Gray): Dark and restless black shadows crawl along the building, slithering in and out of the foundations and hiding from the sunlight. Grim dark holes where their faces should be. The smaller living spirits have fled the area, retreating to the nearby glens and trees
Gray: “Memory, what are those there? The shadowlings on the stone?”
Memory: “The dead, tortured and twisted. Bound to fell magics hastily and savagely. Those may have once been men…but they are no longer”

Dorf Captain: “At your orders, sir!” The dorf raises his voice just enough to be heard, and just quickly enough to get the point across. The orders to halt and make ready are filtering down the marching line up the road

Gray frowns at that and reaches up to stroke the raven’s glossy feathers in thanks. “Can you tell me anything of the magic that binds them, it’s purpose?”
Memory: “My sight cannot pierce stone, but the spirits are tortured and bound. Like the heartstones or other bindings we have seen, they have been turned to fuel for some grim fire”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’d like to take a look at the building… can you show me where not to tread?”
Syviis: “If the souls are already bound then there is more danger going into the building to defuse the trap already set. I can attempt to sever the wire and we can pass… or we might try to set these poor souls at ease as we’ve done before.
I would prefer the later…but time is a fleeting ally. What do you all think?”
Gray considers a moment. “It might be better to bypass the wire and check the building carefully. Disarm this at the source rather then risking setting off the trap trying to undo each trigger and snare in turn.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “The latter sounds good to me; saving souls is what we are here for, better yet if it allows us safe travels.”
Roderick: “With or without a visible trigger, I’d rather not march us past an un-exploded bomb.”
Syviis smiles and nods “Should I attempt to remove the wire or should we investigate inward first?”
Roderick: “Removing the wire would be sensible, if possible.”

(To Gray): PER check
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 2 + 3 + 6 ) = 11
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 2 + 4 + 1 )+2 = 9
rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 3 + 2 + 1 ) = 6
Joush M.: Ignore the sword, wrong button
Ken (GM): lulz [suddenly, gray chops a mothafucka!]
(To Gray): You see the spirits avoiding the barracks, but you also notice them avoiding the water, nothing skims the surface near the bridge.

Gray speaks slowly, thoughtfully. “The spirits avoid the barracks… but the water seems just as unsettling to them. I’d suggest we don’t try to ford the river here.” He says with a faint growl.

Bomrek dismounts, shoving the horses off to one of your teamsters. He flexes some kinks from his shoulders and rechecks his magitek gun.

Syviis: “Did they curse the water, Gray?” She gathers a few of the capable sages to assist/watch as disarming magical traps seems like a good skill to pass along. Syviis then starts working on some quick magic circles designed to replace the trigger with a ‘stable signal’
Ken (GM): [OOoh neat! ROLLS IT]
rolling 3d6 vs 13( 3 + 4 + 2 ) = 9
beeet by 4
Ken (GM): nice!

Gray considers a moment. “The water itself isn’t cursed, I don’t think.. but I’d imagine there is something under it.”

Ken (GM) Syviis works delicately, and neatly scribes a small circle near the base of the bridge; her acolytes hand her various small items at her request; salt, bits of polished stone, and then a twist of live vine
Syviis: So, to be clear, I’m going to aim for ‘cut the trigger, but keep the same current of energy going into the circuit’. That way we control the ‘trigger’ and it won’t just be set off by a random squirrel passing the bridge

Ken (GM) A small twinkle of visible light appears on the edge of the ring, and there is an octarine glow…
Ken (GM): Syviis! Roll vs traps+talent! [thats a 12]
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 3 + 3 ) = 12
Hah, nice!
Ken (GM): HAH![the curse of averages strikes again]

Ken (GM) the magic light flares and a small burst of light travels up the bridge, like a line of flashpowder! A sigil glows bright on the ground there, and then POP it twinkles, gone!
At her design, Syviis’ magic ring swirls with power, like a little spinning whirlpool
Gray watches and waits, studying the loop, the tiny vortex. “Is that how it’s intended to be?”
Syviis: “Now…that’s the only trigger I’ve seen. Let us be very cautious.”

(To Roderick): THAUMATOLOGY!
Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 4 + 1 ) = 7
(From Syviis): awww yus, curse broken
(To Syviis): You successfully broke the tripwire but held onto the magical tension in the trap; but your circle will only last so long, likely until nightfall, but that’s several hours tho

Ken (GM) the men stand ready, eyeing Syviis work warily. When the circle bursts and the magic flies, there is a little cheer from the men, and a quick SHUSH from the more veteran troops
Syviis: “We’ll have until this evening to disarm the larger trap, but for now, the trip-wire will seem the same to whatever is in the barracks. We should be safe.”
Gray nods and starts very slowly and carefully on the bridge. “Let’s go see if we can disarm this trap then.”
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 3 + 3 + 6 ) = 12
(To Roderick): Youre confident Syviis’ assesment is correct; She wove a dummy ring into the magic threading and powered up a false signal, and did it well. The magic tripwire seems disarmed for the time being

Roderick nods and dismounts his horse
Syviis: “Remember, they may have other ways to trigger this. Watch every step, and above our heads for good measure.” Syviis advises a few of the sages to send alerts should the ‘signal spiral’ fade too early

Ken (GM) They nod their assent, and stand watch over your little circle of swirled power

Gray moves forward slowly, letting his own sharp senses and Syviss’ eye for magic check every step on their way to the barracks.
Ken (GM): PER!
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 6 + 5 ) = 14
Syviis moves forward a bit too overconfidently
Suðri Skornbrekker follows the lead of the two more magic-attuned party members, but keeps his mundane senses sharp. 13v12
Bomrek keeps his gun shouldered to one arm, but lights his pipe while he waits…tapping a foot
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 6 + 2 + 5 ) = 13

(To Syviis): You can see the magic line, steady and pulsing long with your magic ring. Otherwise, nothing else catches your attention. Curiously, it seems to raggedly lead up to the doors direct and disappear between the heavy oak doors…
(To Gray): You step on the bridge, and rise a few more feet as it climbs to crest the river. Both sides of the river are devoid of spirits. The entire stone bridge is bare. The small scorch of magic sits where Syviis noted the tripline. But you also smell DEATH murky and fecund, rotting like wet mold… and you see dark shapes in the water, behind the glare of the sunlight on the water….
Gray: “There are Things under the water. Dead and cold and waiting.” He warns the others. “This could be an ambush.”

Suðri Skornbrekker gets out his musket and bardiche, ready to aim them at the water if need be. “Thank you for the warning.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Lazer or gunpowder?
(From P.P. A.): Gunpowder for now, since he’s not sure how effective the laser is against wet water-things.

Syviis: [Is there another entrance to the building besides the front door?]
Syviis peers along the side
Ken (GM): [the building is two stories, a large windowless barn-like stone walled floor topped with another wooden one above. Small windows up there, likely barracks above a commons and stable. There is one small barred window beside the door]

Syviis checks the window for traps, then sees if the thin head of an arrow can be used to pop it open to peer inside

Roderick follows the others, ready to fight in the event of an ambush

Suðri Skornbrekker inspects the make of the building from outside, just to see if there is anything obviously odd about it.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The building is newer than the bridge, likely as old as maybe a century. Underneath is typically an oubliette pit, draining to the river where they put prisoners and garbage. Sturdy, but fieldstone and mortar, so not as grand as the ancient artisinal interlocking stone bridge.
Suðri Skornbrekker nods to himself. “Whatever is in the river might be able to crawl up into the building through the dungeon; I think I see a drain over there, too.” he points out.

(To Syviis): TRAPS roll @ 12!
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 6 + 2 ) = 12

Syviis is confident as she leans near the window and checks a few choice places for triggers
(To Syviis): NICE: you stop yourself JUST as you reach to touch the bars; a twinkle of power is on them too, a different line, trapped as well! Best not to touch at all
Syviis turns to the others “The window has trip-wires as well. Let me check the door… perhaps the door itself has been barred as a trigger.”
(To Syviis): Inside is dark, and unlit. You can smell the carrion reek of death though from inside
(From Syviis): ahh, so the bars are ‘trapped’ but I can see through, at least as far as darkness?

(To Syviis): Yah; your elf eyes see a dark room, musty, but not to much detail; the bars are thick and gaps barely the width of your wrist
Gray nods grimly as he studies the place with the others, then creeps close to the door alongside the elf.
(To Gray): The stench of death intensifies. and something else…something wrong

Syviis moves to the door, investigating the hinges, looking for the same and also new trappings just in case “The smell of death is heavy inside…”
Ken (GM): TRAPS!
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 2 + 3 ) = 10
(To Syviis): The door itself, you see no lines of power, and no obvious hooked lines of more mundane traps or snares.
Syviis investigates with more care and caution, her overconfidence and curiosity temptered by the near miss in checking the window.
(To Syviis): The doors open outwards, towards you. You can see the crack of the doors, there is no bar on their back, and they are likely unlocked
Syviis: “The door looks clear.” Syviis takes a deep breath and whispers a prayer
Gray freezes a moment and speaks softly. “Something..” He growls, because that doesn’t seem useful. He can feel trouble, but he can’t define it, so he just slowly moves up with Syviis. “Back up a little and let me open the door.”
Syviis steps back and readies her bow with a nod to Gray
Roderick lowers his visor and points his sword at the door
Bomrek taps out his pipe and barks a quick order to the musket and pikemen behind him “STEADY BOYS”

Ken (GM) Gray moves for the door, the men shoulder guns and hoist pikes

Gray opens the door.

Ken (GM) He pulls the handle, the door swings open slowly
and SQUEALS on rusted hinges
inside, you hear a chittering bark, and a slithering rumble as something very large MOVES


Suðri Skornbrekker props up his blackpowder musket on his bardiche and—
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 4 )+6+1 = 11
Suðri Skornbrekker rolls initiative 10v6.25+1
P.P. A.: oh wait
Ken (GM): LOL
P.P. A.: it was 1d6 :DDD
Doc: ebin
P.P. A.: first dice is a 2 so it’s 9.25
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 4 )+7 = 11
Ken (GM): kk
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 6 ( 4 )+6 = 10
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6_6.5 1 = 1
rolling 1d6+6.5 ( 3 )+6.5 = 9.5
jeebus, close init
rolling 1d6+? ( 1 ) = 1
Doc: rip
Syviis: Raise the Roof!
Ken (GM): [adjusting mapology]
[Gray has pulled the heavy door open about a hex, and the chittering thing is inside.]

Doc: idk, can’t see
probably stab the thing unless it looks really scary
Ken (GM): hahah

Ken (GM) the sunlight pierces the dark room slightly; a red sigil on the floor, and something BIG standing in the darkness behind it… an overwhelming smell of ammonia and something else wafts out
Syviis: Any change in auras or magic?
Roderick [examines][the sigil]
Ken (GM): Gotcha [whispering]! Gray!
(To Roderick): Occultism +@!
(To Roderick): +2!
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 14+@ ( 6 + 4 + 1 ) = 11
(To Roderick): Hahahah; you immediately recognize a sigil of one of the Lords of Night, Fantir spelled out in old tongues. He is a lord of enslavement of beasts and minds, and undeath. The working looks like a big old flare…not a bomb. A call to arms or something.

Gray steps to the other door and hauls it open, working to give the others a good view of the grim darkness inside the barracks, even as the sharp chemical smell nearly makes him sneeze.
Joush M.: Going to open this door too
and maybe not block the archer’s line of fire..

Ken (GM) The timbers creak, and the oak swings!, more light pours into the room

The creature hisses angrily

Ken (GM) massive bug eyes and dripping mandibles on a body the size of an ent… and grasping human-like hands themselves the size of shields…

Ken (GM) your men are shocked to see the monster!

Dorf Captain calls for order! “HOLD FAST! TAKE AIM!”
Syviis: Oooooh boy…
Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: It has eyeballs, right? 😛
Ken (GM): big old compound eyes, they glimmer like gimlets
Syviis: “I’m thinking this was less a bomb…more a creature release….”

Syviis will hold her arrow for if/when the beast approaches, aiming at the thing, but [waiting to see if it can cross the sigil in the floor]
Ken (GM): wait!, gotcha
Bomrek curses, drops to a knee stance and aims
Ken (GM): ‘Brekker!

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step to the side and begins aiming at the horrible creature, staring down its gortesque form through his iron sights.
Ken (GM): Aim!

Ken (GM) The thing LUNGES
Ken (GM): SYVIIS! Triggered!
Syviis: Will fire!
Syviis: ohshit
pingping Gray
Ken (GM): rolling 6d6+6 ( 5 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 3 )+6 = 24 (swing damage doubled, for knockback purposes)
Ken (GM) The thing bursts forward, slams open the doors! One slaps into Gray, shoving him back! (24 points of push, so 1 hex and a DX check!)
(To Gray): poke poke
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 ( 3 + 5 + 6 ) = 14
Joush M.: Sorry! I thought I had time to run for coffee
Ken (GM): lol

Syviis: [new ad for ‘Deathwish Coffee’]

Syviis: EYEEEES!
2 pts lighting each as per usual
Target is 15 +/- any size bonuses and range
rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 1 + 3 ) = 7
Ken (GM): 4 HEX distance, +3 SM, -9 eye
Syviis: That’s an easy hit for Arrow 1
damage please, as you TWIP it in the eye

[All out attack on the monster, so no active defenses -Ken]

Syviis: Arrow: rolling 1d6 + 3 ( 3 )+3 = 6 Imp
rolling 2d6 ( 6 + 3 ) = 9 Burn
and Lighting
Yeah, compound eyes are handy….but that’s still gotta suck. 😀

Ken (GM) The arrow buries into a chitinous chunk of flesh where they eye seems to be, it explodes into thunder, and the cantelope sized orb BURSTS like the aforementioned fruit

The beast screams

Doc: ouchies
Syviis: Do I have a shot on the other eye or is it’s facemeats in the way?
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 14+4(stunning) ( 5 + 2 + 2 ) = 9
Syviis: Ooh yes…DEFINITELY need to watch stun damage
Ken (GM): you may shoot the other eye; there is a target
same numbers roll
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 4 + 4 ) = 9
Another hit
Ken (GM): nice
Syviis: Target is basically 16~?
Ken (GM): lol, and with no active defense…
Syviis: or 17
lol yes
DAMORGE Lighting first
rolling 2d6 ( 5 + 5 ) = 10 Burn
rolling 1d6 + 3 ( 6 )+3 = 9 Imp
Syviis: NICE

Ken (GM) the other eye bursts just like the first; the beast is bloody and squealing, and blinded
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 14+4(stunning) ( 6 + 4 + 5 ) = 15
and still stands! lightning bursts aside

Ken (GM) the wall of the barracks rumbles, and bursts outward in a shower of rubble
Doc: oh
Syviis glances over at the next beast and sighs

Ken (GM) as the second beast punches through like a train wreck

Ken (GM) it trills off a scream that vibrates your skulls

Doc: how does that work?
Ken (GM): ROD, roll vs 12 please,
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 ( 4 + 2 + 1 ) = 7
Ken (GM): nice!
(To Roderick): Base morale is a 10, +1 for the dorf commander, +1 for your current handling of the supernatural around your men. Checks on major events

Ken (GM) the men hold their ground in the presense of such a terrifying beast! Your commander flinches, barely, and holds steady the line

Ken (GM): Roderick!

Roderick calls back “Fire!” to the musketmen as he lunges at the beast in front of him.
Ken (GM): ~so brave~
Doc: does the big guy only have two legs?
Syviis: [ONLY have two legs…. Don’t even step to us if you have less than 4!]

The beast is built like a massive bear, standing upright on two bulky legs. It’s belly is covered with grasping wriggling little legs as well, but it has two big arms covered in armored plates and a pair of pincers gnashing on it’s head. The body is a series of interlocking insectile plates of shell with gummy lines of flesh on the belly

Doc: penalty to target one of the torso gaps?
or one of the legs? just probing looking for weak points
Ken (GM): you can stab the armor chink for -8, but it has a SM+3, so -5 total
and your sword is reach 2!, you’re good to step and attack
Roderick: rolling 3d6 Telegraphic Attack at the armor chink, vs 14 (15-5+4)
( 2 + 6 + 3 ) = 11
Doc: (longsword btw) (also thrust)
Ken (GM): NICE

Ken (GM) The bleeding beast does not flinch until after the blade plunges into it’s belly!
Ken (GM): [half DR! roll damorge!]
Roderick: rolling d6+3 imp ( 6 )+3 = 9
Doc: wew
Ken (GM): nice!
so thats 5 penetrating IMP, for 10 wounds!
[the thing has 8DR on that torso, you find]
Ken (GM) the weapon slides in and out, a gout of weird purple colored blood, and it trills! The little appendages on the belly reaching and wriggling!

Ken (GM): Gray!
Youre on the ground and ‘surrounded’
Joush M.: Can I kneel and attack this turn, or just get to kneeling?
Ken (GM): takes a full turn to get to a kneel from full prone
Gray climbs to his knees after the heavy impact, surrounded by towering insectoid beasts.
Joush M.: and done
Ken (GM): gotcha
crouching, much more able to defend yourself

The dwarf captain drops his hand, and directs fire on the beast in the open!
size +3, rof+1, range -4
so skill 12! ROD?
Doc: ???
Am I rolling for them?
Ken (GM): for your troops!, its treated like a ROF 6, RCL 1, Effective Skill 12
Doc: nice, very big gun
Ken (GM): rather than roll 12 6 times. Volley fire
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 ( 2 + 4 + 1 ) = 7
Doc: that’s uh, a lot of degrees of success, isn’t it
Ken (GM): thats…6 hits
3d6+1 six times…please
>sad gm face
Roderick: [5][9][7][15][8][14]
P.P. A.: So is that 6 hits because 1+margin of victory 5?
Ken (GM): yeah
P.P. A.: I see
Ken (GM): and it did not have a dodge due to [all out]ing the wall
Doc: rip
P.P. A.: some pretty low rolls there depending on the DR, but the 15 and 14 might make up for them
Doc: this is why umber hulks went extinct in europe back in the 16th century
Ken (GM): hahah
Syviis: lol

Ken (GM) the shots ring out in near-unison, slamming into the creature like a massive hammer. Lead glancing off plate and punching through to purple flesh underneath. More painful screams

the creature still stands…

It seriously went down like this, unbelievably

Bomrek fires a blast of magical heat!
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 vs 15 (vitals, chinks in armor, aimed) ( 2 + 1 + 2 ) = 5
Doc: m8
Bomrek: rolling 6d6 burn ( 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 4 ) = 20 Burn

Ken(GM) A hole appears on the beast’s breast. Then the guts burst forward and back, and spray in a geyser from every gap and orifice…
Doc: that can’t be healthy
Joush M.: Roderick’s going to need a lot of soap after this
Joush M.: Ah! The other one.. that’s better
Bomrek racks his gun and CHACK PING from the action

Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!
Suðri Skornbrekker fires at the gaps in the monster’s belly-armour!
P.P. A.: that was -8, +3 SM right?
Ken (GM): yah, for a torso (+0)or vitals (-3)shot
P.P. A.: -5, five yards for -2, +2 for aiming, +1 for bracing… -4; I’ll go for a vitals shot (-3), and go all-out (+1), so -6
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6v11 3 = 3
P.P. A.: er
Suðri Skornbrekker: [8v11]

Ken (GM) Gunpowder burns and the shot slaps into the wet meat between plates!
Ken (GM): half DR ! Triple wounds in the Vits after DR!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 4d6+2 ( 4 + 2 + 6 + 1 )+2 = 15
P.P. A.: pi++
The chest BURSTS and the beast collapses, trilling wetly and choking on it’s own heart….
Suðri Skornbrekker pulls the trigger and disappears behind flash, smoke, and noise; as they lift, he looks at his target—and smirks, satisfied.
Syviis: Fart!
I mean…Nice!
Ken (GM): lol

Ken (GM) in the next moments….everything is quiet and still…
P.P. A.: [victory jingle]
Ken (GM): [battle success music trumpets from the distance]
[Steve the trumpeter gets a high five]

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around to the troops and raises his arm. “We got them, men!”
Syviis smiles at Rod and nods. “Seems like we might have some good company.”

Gray rises to his feet and looks in the direction of the water, seeming to think another might rise from the depths even as he dusts himself off and looks to the gigantic beasts with their unnatural features, his attention turning to Roderick. “Bravely done. You aren’t harmed?”
(To Gray): The waters remain still…. smooth flowing river
Roderick: “A bit messy, I suppose,” Roderick smiles underneath his helmet.
Suðri Skornbrekker grins and turns to rod. “Stepping in front of that humongous thing and ramming your sword between its plates, now that’s bravery.”
Roderick: (probably just assumed he’s covered in viscera)
Ken (GM): [rod is somehow, supernaturally, free of gore…]
P.P. A.: Green not red, kthx -t. fey

Suðri Skornbrekker cleans out and reloads his musket.

Ken (GM) the beasts stink of charred mess, ammonia and scorched horror. Inside the barn, the carrion smell lingers as well.
Gray checks carefully inside the barn, seeing if there’s anything else in there.
Syviis: “I’m still concerned about the souls we sensed locked in this place…was it just to power a portal to summon these monsters? Or something else?”
Roderick: “The sigil they charged through was the name of a dark lord of Night. A flare of some sort. A signal, not a bomb.”

Ken (GM) inside, the floor is mostly clear. Unfortunately in the corner, a mound of human bodies lies desiccated and ruined. Burnt flesh scored by some horrific magic. Dozens of skulls, dozens of lives.
(To Gray): The dead linger, peering at you from the walls, staring. They wail soundlessly

Gray shakes his head. “Sacraficed to summon those things? Or… Hell, I don’t know. In any case they should be laid properly to rest.” He says as he looks to the mound of dead before looking around the room, to the steps. “I’ll check upstairs.”
Syviis: “A good plan.”
Syviis climbs carefully and awkwardly over 3 tons of bug-guts
Suðri Skornbrekker nods; he stops a moment looking at the pile of corpses, mumbling a prayer, and thereafter follows Grey upstairs, his bardiche in hands.

Ken (GM) the upstairs level is a charnal house, blood stains on the walls and signs of a desperate fight, room to room. Blade marks, scorches of magic acid and worse. It seems the guard were taken forcefully.
(To Syviis): You see a magic line again, from a symbol glowing on the floor under the guts. Its not yet activated… it leads to the oubliette prison hole in the floor

Gray chuckles. “Paranoia then. We expect worse.. not that they aren’t properly terrible.” He says of the insectoid monsters, then looks at the signs of violence for a moment before he comes down. “I’ll get to work laying the dead to rest.. Memory, can you see any more in the water? It seems like the dead linger there too.” He ask as he starts breaking up pallets to make a proper pyre.
Memory perches on the bulk of the lumbering beasts, pecks absently at the raw flesh. “I see no spirits in the water, only dead flesh and cursed waters.”
Gray: “Cursed?” He ask curiously as he sets up outside, laying the wood out then starting to move the bodies. He has no problem with the raven eating the dead monster.
Suðri Skornbrekker helps Gray with the bodies, absent anything else to worry about

Syviis looks between the pile of bodies and the drain
Syviis: “There’s still some active magic here. “
“The bodies connect to the drain somehow.”
Syviis feels like an Electrician in a 3rd rate slum condo, trying to find all the short circuits
Roderick: “The drain which likely leads into the river…”
Gray frowns deeply at that, taking salt and pouring a circle around the drain, then grimly looking into it. “Cursed water”
Ken (GM): GRAY! ROLL vs a 10 for me
Suðri Skornbrekker takes a look down the drain too, to see if there might be another floor below
Gray: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 4 + 4 ) = 12
Ken (GM): OH HO
Suðri Skornbrekker steps back
Roderick walks back towards the muskets and pikemen. “Well done, men, but reload and stay wary. That may not be the last of it.”

Ken (GM) Gray tosses a loose handful of salt in a quick circle, round the drain. The white flecks bounce and sparkle, striking some invisible line of power… There is a flash of black electricity
As Roderick directs his cheering men, they come to attention under his words. Discipline is high and their arms are tended to immediately, despite the revelry

…there is a rumbling, and a loud SPLASH!…

SHOUTS! Your men point at the river!

(To Syviis): Gray broke the trapline you spotted, when he tossed in the salt :/
(To Syviis): There was a deep flash of necromancy
(To Gray): The spirits swirl, as if dragged by invisible chains, plunging into the drain, toward the river

Suðri Skornbrekker runs outside, taking out his Dwarf-rifle.
Suðri Skornbrekker props it up on his bardiche, expecting that he has to shoot at something soon. “What happened?!”

Syviis turns to Gray “We should get back out there….something just got triggered.

Roderick: “STEADY,” Roderick shouts as he turns to face the new threat.

Ken (GM) BURSTING from the riverbed, three massive ghoulish looking giants! Their flesh ragged and puckered, charged with black energy and glowing electric black eyes!

From the dock nearby, a regiment of armored forms thrust up from the water! Metal dull with rust and wear, but sharp swords held at the ready! They march to the water’s edge!

Gray: “I disrupted the magic. Wasn’t a good idea in this case..” He growls as he charges outside.

Bomrek cusses, a lot

Ken (GM) the men see the massive forms burst from the water!
Suðri Skornbrekker: “We shot down these armored monsters, some flesh and bones can’t stop us now!” Suðri encourages the troops.
Ken (GM): Rod! Your men turn to you!
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Our black powder speaks louder than their black magic!”
Ken (GM): WAT DO?!
Syviis: Were there any windows on the 2nd story?
Ken (GM): Yes! Absconding for a vantage height?
Doc: have the musketmen reloaded yet?
Ken (GM): Yes! They are well drilled
Gray will head for the steps up from the dock. Natural bottleneck
Ken (GM): gotcha
Roderick: “Pike and shot, face about and focus on the big ones! We’ll handle the rest with sword and spell!”
Syviis finds her way up the steps, hunting for a sniper position
Doc: that’s a lot of skellingtons

Roderick stands to the right and faces the swarm!

Ken (GM) deadly seconds pass! The Giants move, the soldiers march! Your men make for a pike wall of steel!


(GM To Suðri Skornbrekker): Your blackpowder is reloaded, and you can reposition wherever you like within 20
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6.25+1 ( 1 )+6.25+1 = 8.25
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 2 )+6+1 = 9
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 3 )+7 = 10
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 6 ( 1 )+6 = 7
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6+6.5 ( 5 )+6.5 = 11.5

Bomrek barks orders, ramping up the line as he reloads his magic gun “TAKE THEM IN THE HEAD! THEY’RE BIG AND DUMB AND CANT STAND THE ASSAULT!”

GRAY! You stand at the head of the step, ready and waiting to face the marching horde! They step like machines, unnaturally coordinated, eye-sockets all focused on you, in their way
Ken (GM): [swords, chest plate armor and helmets with no faceplates.]
Gray: Raven’s Blessing (Free Action, +1d to DX for 3d6 seconds)
rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats) ( 6 ) = 6
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats) ( 6 + 4 + 2 ) = 12
Memory shimmers into Gray’s side, and he glows from within with power!

Gray gets Memory to help with this, calling on that dark mantel and snarling as he steps in and smashes the first in line with the heavy shield!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs SL 20 to Shield Bash ( 4 + 6 + 2 ) = 12
Gray: rolling 1d6+4 cr damage ( 3 )+4 = 7 Cr
Ken (GM): CLANK DR 4 means 3 crushing wounds!
Ken (GM) the bones rattle!

Gray swings that Ogre blade next, cutting at the same beast, aiming for it’s right arm.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs SL 21 (with -2 for r. arm aim) ( 2 + 3 + 2 ) = 7
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 10 parry (sword) ( 5 + 6 + 3 ) = 14
Ken (GM) Gray’s blade BURSTS into green fire!
Gray: rolling 3d6+2 for CUT (+ Ghost Blade?) ( 1 + 6 + 2 )+2 = 11 Cut +?
Ken (GM) the skeleton screams as it bursts into lime fire! The body burning away and charring to ash!
Gray is really getting the full benefit from his pact with Raven today.
Ken (GM): [fucking BLOW ALL THE SHIT UP]

Ken (GM): Rod!
Doc: am I telling the shooty guys when to shoot again?
Ken (GM): [Bomrek has taken to giving them some direction, but yeah they await your signal and orders]
[the pikemen have formed up, brandishing toward the giants, and the musketmen have taken aim a rank behind them]
Roderick: “Pikes, ready! Muskets, aim! Dwarves, at-will!
Ken (GM): hah, nice
Bomrek salutes to your clarion call
Doc: tryna get that aim bonus
Ken (GM): and yourself? Charging blindly? explosions?
Doc: towards the right, perhaps
Joush M.: Burn these soggy bags of bones
Ken (GM): gotcha!
Ken (GM) The men wait precious moments aiming true!

Ken (GM): skorn!
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): the acolytes quiver at the sight of the ghouls, but vigilantly maintain Syviis’ circle
Suðri Skornbrekker turns to face the big ghouls; his laser can do more good here than picking off the small fry that Grey is already handling. He takes aim!
Ken (GM): aimo-zappo!

SYVIIS! you have clear shots! wat do? leaning out a window, as you are
Syviis: OK, first of all, is the necro-pile still feeding this spell, or was it a 1-shot “summonin da skeletans”?
Ken (GM): the latter; mousetrap sprung
the alarm is still not fired, yet. you have good acolytes
Syviis: OK, then in that case, 1 point lightning arrows for now, raining down upon the skeletons
Aiming for Vitals, would that give me a good target or do I need to aim for heads?
Ken (GM): skulls are better; you’ve shot skeles before, no vital targets
-7 from above, +1 for vantage, so its just – distance
Syviis: -7 above?
Ken (GM): -7to hit the skull from above, derp
sorry for cunfus

Syviis: Target is 21 +3acc +1 vantage, -3 Distance, -7 skull. = 15
Let’s do this

rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 6 + 6 ) = 18

Ken (GM): 😮
Syviis: lololol
Ken (GM): NICE
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 5 + 2 ) = 11
Ken (GM): cool, middle road
Roll your burn damage?
Syviis: rolling 1d6 ( 3 ) = 3 Burn
Yay for unspectacular averages!

Ken (GM) Syviis charges a shot, takes aim,… and sneezes! There is a flash, and her bowstring burns away!
A small lick of flame remains on the tip of her bow-ends…
Syviis blinks, then gasps and begins scrambling to repair her bow with a spare string
Ken (GM): lol
Joush M.: It’s that ammonia. Gets you every time
Syviis: Yes. must be. -_-

The dead march, swarming the lines

Ken (GM) the skeletons clamber, hands and feet clinging spiderlike to the stone work, side-stepping the stairs!
three try to pummel gray!
while one burns away
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 12 (torso swing, gray) ( 3 + 6 + 2 ) = 11
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 to parry ( 1 + 6 + 4 ) = 11
Ken (GM): ping!
rolling 3d6 vs 12 (torso swing, gray) ( 5 + 2 + 2 ) = 9
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to block ( 5 + 5 + 1 ) = 11
Ken (GM): thunk!
rolling 3d6 vs 12 (torso swing, gray) ( 1 + 5 + 2 ) = 8
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 11 to dodge ( 3 + 4 + 6 ) = 13
Joush M.: Also Thunk
Ken (GM): ?
rolling 2d6+1 cut, torso ( 6 + 1 )+1 = 8 Cut
Joush M.: 2 pen, cut makes that 3 wounds
Ken (GM): 3!
Joush M.: also oops, forgot to roll this..
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 4 + 2 + 3 ) = 9

Ken (GM) The giants advance, plodding on giant meaty feet, stone crumbling under their bulk; they stare wordlessly, eyes black pits, teeth bared in rictus grins. They make for your men and scorned acolytes!



Joush M.: Thanks for the game man, goddamn tense! Giant fuckers are giant
Ken (GM): Gray! Mark down your total HP/wounds on the token plx?
also, send me a new sheet whan you can?
4 xp for all!
and wish me luck; im going car-shopping
Fiss: I’ll send off updated sheet too. No major changes, most of the last 3 sessions went into new thaum skills.
put a point into Traps, though. 😛
Ken (GM): kk
but I gotta scarper; sorry for the quick exit :p
Fiss: Fun session folks! Latorz!
Joush M.: Good luck on car buying!

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