Grimwyrd: Grim Trail

[So by this point the players have levelled up and spent a copious amount of backlogged XP earned in the game; In particular, Suðri has invested heavily in his dwarven paladin armor as a source for Modular Abilities (physical only) that are little constructs of his metal hide. A few moments of focus and he can reshape them, but he’s doubling down on the ability to pull rabbits-out-of-hats with his new Power. He embraced it with a solid 50 spare points from unspent XP in the last few weeks of play, so the narrative adaptation to the new armor fit with the sudden burst of ability. It was also lots of fun to detail, out of game.

Joush explored a new Alternate Form ability for Gray with his spirit elemental, Memory, and it is explored a bit below. It does get some spotlight but I lament, it got so little focus 
by the end of this game, it is my one regret about Grimwyrd. 
(A lycanthropic wereman going feral in the middle of big showpiece battles? How could I mess that one up?!)

Roderick focused on leveling up core skills, alongside Bomrek and Syviis, and all of them saw a bit of a ‘bump up’ around this time in the game -Ken]

Fiss: rolling 1d20 ( 1 ) = 1
P.P. A.: Was Hoddleton there before?
Ken (GM): woop woop
Fiss: Sup all my bad hombres?
Joush M.: Getting caffinated

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes, the next obstacle had thrown itself in their path; a mighty storm churns over the town of Academ, and in it’s black clouds, elemental green lightning dances ruinous!

The Quicksilver spirit is secure, guarded by a handful of scouts (with orders not to draw near). The great crystalline growths abated. Your army is secure on the road, having traveled on without you, they stood back from the town while the elemental hazard gathered. Your communion with the Silver-seeking-powers showed you a vision of a great evil there; another of Jadeite’s minions, performing great acts of profanity

Ken (GM): [so youve had a short ride to camp and set out, with an assumption of about an hour’s downtime organizing your men and checking on things. The storm swirls, but does not advance, the obviously magical black thunderheads blasting the city with lime green lightning bursts]
[the last consensus was get your men secure and then head in to face the wizard, yeah?]

Suðri Skornbrekker took a nap on a cart to recover a few more FP so he doesn’t keel over as soon as he exerts himself the next time
P.P. A.: although that won’t be possible if we alone ride to the town on horseback and leave our entourage with the carts behind
but yeah, basically
Ken (GM): [an hours rest at least, to catch wind back, makes sense]
Joush M.: ((Sounds good to me))
Syviis: I believe an hour covers Syviis’ rest-up so yeah, she’s cool
Doc: That’ll bring Rod’s FP back up as well
Bomrek’ll find a comfortable position and probably smoke a pipe, drink a bit of water, wishing it were grog instead.

Ken (GM): good good; so youre taking a breather, getting some water and a quick bite…

The dwarven captain has your men in order so far, they’re keeping rank, staying alert, ready to go. But the shamans are spooked and take a word with Syviis direct about things
(To Syviis): Mostly theyre concerned with the spirits they sense in the storm, how theyve been bent to foul works.
(To Roderick): Nothing to report about the journey; your men are taking orders well, “might even be real soldiers one day”
(To Gray): Memory is relieved to be safe from the void; she recovers from her panic and apologizes for the loss of control there. Had you not broken the void-gate immediately she feared she would have been sucked in and consumed…

(From Syviis): I’ll do my best to relay some past experiences, at how we’ve met angry spirits, elementals, and souls powering these terrible machanations and powers before – and that it is important we focus not on their total destruction, but instead, their release from the darkness. That the spirits will return to their own selves once they are free of the magics being used. We are performing a Jail-Break more than a Cleansing. 🙂
(To Syviis):
nice; they’re relieved to hear it. They will focus then on keeping the errant spirits at bay and ‘hold down the mystical fort’ over the army. Quite an easier task than facing lightning serpents without you…

Gray pulls an oilcloth cloak close and watches the coming storm, speaking quietly to the night and rubbing a hand across a tattoo on his arm. “It scared me too. Such reckless embrace of the dark here.. and more ahead. Are you ready for another fight?”

Suðri Skornbrekker stretches. “I’m rested and ready!” Suðri gets up and is about to mount his horse, but takes a look first if there aren’t any spare weapons or other spare metal ‘lying around’
Ken (GM): [Suðri certainly finds some scrap to lug about; there was a standing order to the men, to collect some for you after you got your Gizmo power]
Suðri Skornbrekker scoops some up and takes it with him as he mounts his horse. If he gets hungry.

Bomrek blows a few wispy shoots of smoke down toward the ground. “As ready as I can be. I’d feel more ready with a hundred cannon, ready to soften the enemy before we even march in.” he finishes his sentence in murmurs.

Roderick: “Even a hundred muskets would be welcome,” Roderick adds.

Syviis finishes prepping her arrows, whispering prayers of hope that each one makes the world a little less dark, then nods resolutely.

Gray nods to the others and checks his equipment, a pair of blades slung and ready, dagger. He feels half naked without the shield but shakes off those thoughts, touching a place where he used to keep a mask and wondering when he lost that. The Scorned nodding to the others. “Look on the bright side, the magic they call may have killed them by the time we get there. We might just have to clean up Horrors and Deamons.”
Syviis smiles at Gray “Always the optimist…”
(To Gray): Oh derp; the mask
(To Gray): Totally meant to touch on that. Memory presents it to you, the token of the greater spirits she parleys with in the Aether. They have been grateful and their token will allow you to tap into your more primal powers.

Bomrek: “The fools, that may very well be true.” Bomrek taps his pipe clear and puts it away swiftly, not carelessly, and makes his way up and onto his horse.
Roderick: “If only our foes could be trusted to stay dead.”

Gray looks thoughtful as he takes something from his pack, unwrapping midnight black velvet from around smooth, well polished wood and looking down at a mask a moment before he chuckles. “That’s our job then. To help them with that.” His eyes go from the mask to the pyre, some glowing coals remaining of the fire that burned the fallen respectfully to ash.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’ve given up on trying to think in terms of ‘dead’ or ‘alive’, personally. Either they are already dead and we have to kill them anyway, or their bodies die and a demon is born, or what have you. ‘There’ and ‘gone’ is more practical at this point.”
Bomrek nods to Suðri , and adds in Dwarvish “[I’m just glad this blight is happening here, in the Human lands. Better a fire in your neighbor’s store room than yours, aye?]
Suðri Skornbrekker replies in Dwarven: “[I doubt it is limited to these lands. The mountianhomes might be spared for now, but if this taint isn’t stopped, it will probably envelop the whole world.]

Witchblade style-dorf

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Whats your ‘default setting’ on your modular power gonna be then? some Extra armor? Extra move?
(From P.P. A.): some extra armour would make the sense for a default, I guess
(To P.P. A.): Passive defense; very dorfy to turtle up 🙂

Gray doesn’t wear the new mask, not quite yet, instead strapping it down at his chest over his heart where it’s in easy reach. The brute gesturing to the storm. “We wouldn’t want to keep them waiting, would we?
Syviis: “Any plans? I can try to get whatever powers are in the storm to focus on me like back in the tinderbox town?” Syviis taps her elven elder staff against her forehead gently, pondering if it would be ideal… or terrible… to invite that much power down with it.
Gray: “Not yet. If we get closer we should have a better understanding of what they are doing. Reaching into that storm would risk too much until we know more.” He seems to agree with Syviis’ idea, though, the beast is always conservative and careful when it’s his friends at stake.

Ken (GM) The storm ahead rumbles on; every few moments another thunderbolt tearing a green flaming hole in another part of town…

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I assume he won’t be alone, and that he won’t die if we kill him.”
Syviis: “We need not kill every vile thing in the grand multiverse… only send them back where they belong.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah, I rather meant that we need to be prepared to shoot him again quickly after we’ve hit and killed him once.”
Syviis: “Well… yeah… I think the tentacles exploding out of someone is pretty much a cheap trick by now” laughs
Gray: “Bound in chains and circled in salt will serve if they want to surrender. Let’s go.”

Ken (GM) Syviis speaks with her mystics; the priests of the spirits confer with her and leave with obvious relief and hope on their faces. The scorned and elves mingle among the troops, making sweeping signs of their rites, a kind of elation spreading throughout the men in their passing. They feel more secure, protected now.

Syviis commands the priests and mystics in the group, to take up spots among the soldiers – “…we are all to fight together, to guard each other, to show our solidarity….”

(To Roderick): Anything extra you wanted to get up to as well?
(From Roderick): Nope, nothing outlandish; just making sure the troops are handled and his FP is recovered. The basics.

Ken (GM) Bavieca takes up Roderick easily, the mighty mount unfazed by the horrors he faces alongside his master

Ken (GM) The dwarves mount their steeds, the Magitek armory box hovering alongside their elemental-crystal armor-clad forms.

Ken (GM) the Sergeant salutes you as you ride out; your musketmen a wary line watching you approach the storm.

Suðri Skornbrekker returns the salute.

Ken (GM) The storm rages as you ride up. Like many impossible things you have seen before, this continues to astound; the wind and water swirl ahead in a fine wall, ending abruptly on the road ahead in a line. The fallow fields along the highway have creeks bursting with fresh stormwaters, backing up along the road like a new marsh, but the skies directly above are clear and cool. The sun shines in an odd rainbow, distorted by the magical maelstrom.
As you approach, the lightning rages, striking rooftop and steeple, the skyline ahead awash with rain and conflagration. Spot fires of lime green demon-fire burn, the waters not containing them. A goodly amount of Academ is already in ruins, blown apart by the wind and lightning and ceaseless storm. The churning cloud wall slithers with the serpentine forms of the storm elementals above

Ken (GM) the most uncanny thing; the roadway is clear into the center of town. The road switches back and forth a bit, but the rubble all seems to have blasted away from the cobblestones. A very inviting path seems open to you in the wet town…

Suðri Skornbrekker furrows his brows and clutches his weapon; such wanton destruction and death!

(To Syviis): You feel and see the magic here, there is a very definite wall of effect containing the storm, and the elementals are contained within it. They are bound by rings of some kind of magic, like collars or chains. As you ride into view, they become clearer to your eye. There is a demonic influence about them, all right

Syviis smiles and points up at the storm raging in front of them

(To Roderick): Perception + magic talent roll plx
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 16 ( 3 + 5 + 3 ) = 11

(To Roderick): Youre quite sure, the circular wall of the storm is related to the ritual that binds it. Basic thaumaturgy: Everything tends to work in circles and spheres

Syviis: “The Storm itself is bound… another tool… with terrible powers and purpose, but in chains like so many of our foes. We need only bring freedom to it. Don’t lose faith or hope.”
(To Syviis): You feel and see the magic here, there is a very definite wall of effect containing the storm, and the elementals are within it. There is a perceptible presence of magic here, radiating louder than the winds blow. There is a demonic influence about the elementals, all right, and it seems to be binding them somehow

Bomrek gawks up at the huge swirling mass, cursing the color green somewhere in the back of his mind.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “So they enslave even the elements; pah! What foul pride, to think they can make the whole world their enemy and get away with it!”

Gray watches the storm, cloak drawn close and the massive scorned still scowling at the sheer intensity of the storm, watching the road and instantly thinking of a trap before the eleven woman’s gesture draws his attention. Turning to see what she’s pointing to. “If we break the tethers the storm will disperse?”
Syviis nods at Gray “When we find the slave masters holding the chains, we will free much of the danger and let it return to the world as natural energy.” laughs “It might rain a bit harder but I suspect they won’t want to send lightning our way out of spite.”

(To Gray): You can see, the invisible aetheric spirits are caught up in an invisible wind as well; the storm swirls and drags them along like flotsam and jetsam, but they are free to fly mere feet from the edge of the storm

Ken (GM): [unlike last time, when you shot it in the face to shoo it away :P]
Syviis: [Well, it wasn’t behaving… lol]
Gray: “Right.. Makes sense. Let’s go hunt our slave-masters. Memory, you’d best stay with me. The storm binds and tosses spirits as easily as it does anything else.”
Memory takes little urging to hide away among Gray’s tribal marks. She disappears into the aether

Gray: “Do we take the road or crawl amid the ruins to advance? The road feels too easy. Like a trap”
Roderick takes care to note his horse’s reaction to the storm. The last thing he needs is for his mount to panic.
Bomrek: “An Ambush in ruins is all the more deadly, though.” Bomrek says, eyes still glancing toward the storm above them.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “They are usually too full of themselves to set traps; this seems more like a ‘come and get me’ kind of thing; but you can never be too cautious.”
Ken (GM) Bavieca is nonplussed; she seems interested in the tasty wet grass nearby, but responds lightly to the reins.
Syviis: How wide is the ‘invitation’ path? Can we enter the town spread out? or is it indeed a killing-canyon?

Ken (GM) the path ahead is as wide as the roadway; a highway through town, its wide enough for two or three carts to pass easily. The buildings facing it all seem to have collapsed away from it, inwards.
Ken (GM): tactics roll?
or a parallel kind of check?
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Tactics ( 5 + 5 + 2 ) = 12
Syviis: rolling 3d6 vs 10 Tactics ( 2 + 3 + 4 ) = 9
[yes, Syviis has Tactics…wow]

(To Roderick): Considering the foes you have faced before; single pompous demonic wizard types, this is much more likely to be an invitation than a trap….
(To Syviis): Considering the foes you have faced before; single pompous demonic wizard types, this is much more likely to be an invitation than a trap….

Syviis looks at the path onward and nods

Ken (GM) KRAKOOOOM A burst of power flies down, slams into a building in town, and the rooftop erupts into the licking flames of hellfire…

Syviis: “This is a challenge. An invitation. They are showing off, not setting a trap.” turns to the others “Unless, of course, this is something ‘new’…” Syviis
shrugs, puts away her bow and arrows (knowing they can be out in a moment anyway) and steps forward.

Suðri Skornbrekker keeps his eyes on his surroundings and his hands on his weapons, and advances cautiously.

Gray: “Right.. Damn, with the storm chained to strike the town the ruins are hazard enough to convince me to take up their gauntlet. Down the road to face them” He joins Suðri, walking with the dwarven man and his sharp senses reaching out to find any ambush before they walk into it.

Bomrek has his musket in place and ready, keeping a little bit of distance between him and the front of the line, ready to take a few shots.

Ken (GM) thunder rumbles and the air quakes… but the winds twist and tumble away from you. The rains abate. The roadways clears and the maelstrom parts before you. Like curtains drawn from a stage, the worst of the driving rain falls back and the path into town drizzles clear and calm by comparison

Ken (GM) rapid fire! BOOM BOOM BOOM

Ken (GM) Lightning flashes quickly, three times, three dagger-points of the storm, reaching for the center of town!
(To Roderick): The academy of wizards. The middle of town, you recall

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I loathe to admit, but this is rather theatrical.”
Bomrek: “Evil is rarely pragmatic” Bomrek says quietly
Roderick: “The center of town will be our goal. The academy itself.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, ’tis usually ‘Muahaha, look at how evil I am’ or ‘free me or join me or die!’ or somesuch; this is… not tasteful, given all the destruction around us, but it’s… carefully constructed, I suppose.”
Gray: “Humm..” He nods, watching the wicked, emerald lightning lash the city as rain drips from his cloak, advancing down the road with a feeling of inevitability. “They call out to us. Summon us. Challenge us… we shall make them regret it.”
Suðri Skornbrekker holds his musket in one hand and his bardiche in the other. Such thunderous welcome ought to be returned in kind.

Ken (GM) You stalk into town, and Academ echoes with the power above and around you. The wet stones underfoot glisten with rain and the creak and grumble of the devastation mixes into the hush of the wind and rain.

You notice something easily; there is nobody else here.
No wounded, dead, or refugee. No hidden voices, no hiding huddled masses. The town twinkles with the remnants of the crystal thing you banished, and the hauntingly empty ruins are topped with spikes of shattered remains. But you are alone.

The road twists and turns a bit, one avenue completely blocked but a clear path turning round it. You see it is a kind of display; trees ripped up from gardened blocks, uprooted and slammed into the buildings behind them. The road in front, untouched, barely wet as you pass.

Gray looks at the spikes. It’s new and different. The heavy boots thumping on the road, walking forward, prowling. Advanceing into the stage the magic has set for them.

Bomrek: “Where are the people, the corpses?” Bomrek says, peering through bits of rubble and over mounds of brick, whenever possible.

Ken (GM) as you walk on through to the middle of town, those empty buildings pass by; built by men and mages, smooth wizard stone and timber beam. The whole place looks like the victim of a titanic rage. A barely contained fury of spite.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around, barely daring to; all those buildings, the fruit of much arduous labour and love, homes and hearths, wasted for the momentary glory of wicked men. His heart aches, and he trembles with anger. “Yea, their absence is strange,” he notes in passing. “…I fear my hope is futile that they escaped the city, and that we are not greeted with some gruesome sight at the end of this road.”

(From Doc): this is where Rod learned magic, yeah?
(To Roderick): Some of your youth spent here yeah; most practical teaching starts in Academ, moves on to the university in Greyhold after aptitude is gauged. You got your elements down, the basics of your studies, here

Roderick remains coldly silent as they march through the wreckage of his memories, trying not to think too hard about anything except the task at hand.
(To Roderick): Hopefully you don’t find anyone you knew. Dead or alive…

Syviis watches for the telltale spike of magic power on the ground… and is interested if the storm is running ‘chains’ to a point or many points here with the ground?
(To Syviis): The storm above is a swirl of energy, but it follows very definite paths, almost like a triskelion. The ‘center’ of it is ahead, where Rod leads. Theres definitely a thing there projecting to the storm above. A central Axis

Gray shakes off the impulse to be impressed by the power of the chained storm and the way they guide it around the path, the beast loping forward. “Tell me if you see the tethers we need to destroy. I don’t know I’d recognize them.”
Syviis: “The patterns of the storm lead us forward….everything stems from the same point. Rod is on the right path”

(To Roderick): As you ride closer, you get the distinct feeling of a faraway whisper, like a voice yelling across a great distance. Your experience with the Fae sword and other things tells you this voice is inside your head
(From Doc): is it intelligible?

(To Roderick): You focus on it, letting Bacvieca ride on, looking inward. The voice grows somewhat louder, but you can still barely hear it. It sounds like a voice you knew, from a long time ago. Like the memory of a friend long forgotten…

Ken (GM) As the path leads on , the devastation lessens some. Here, only specific buildings seems destroyed. A home here burned to ashes and rubble, but the neighbors untouched. The spikes of the clear crystal are fragmented here and seem broken off from everything, like an odd frosted coating of gemstone.
The road narrows, and you see the spire of a tall temple or library ahead. The eye of the storm looms directly above

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I guess we have arrived…”

Bomrek takes a moment to check doors, see if they’re unlocked, and peek inside. Completely desolate and empty, or are there some hidden villagers in here?

Ken (GM) Checking a few doors, Bomrek knocks loose some rubble and opens a nearby door, somewhat intact. The house is in disarray; the insides a shambles as if a riot broke loose inside. Crystal lies in broken heaps inside… and is stained with red. Smears of blood lead back to the doorway, like bodies were dragged through a butchery…
Syviis sighs grimly
Bomrek shakes his head from side to side, and doesn’t give any more mention to the scene, continuing on instead.

Ken (GM) the path twists again toward the building, through a narrower thoroughfare. The stones here are unmistakably blood-soaked, despite the rain, and marked with other signs of violence
Ken (GM): [map magic, top right/center]

Suðri Skornbrekker notes the blood on the ground: “I wish we did not have to see what I fear we are about to see. Let us avenge these poor souls, friends.”

Ken (GM) the road leads to a kind of commons or square; a stockade is scorched with brimstone black. A building behind it charred out. To either side, the homes are untouched, but shuttered and quiet.

Gray advances, walking forward and drawing one sword, then the other. “Nothing to it but to see what waits for us now.”

Ken (GM) round the bend is a scene of terrible carnage; bodies lie askew in blasts of fire and smoking rubble. Horrible bubbling foreign earth pushes up through the stones, soaked in red blood, the trail leading up to a large stone building with a gaping mouth of an entryway. The battlefield of dead still trembles as crawling among them are ghoulish forms, feasting on dead flesh and bodies
Doc: [wew wtf my connection died for a few minutes and suddenly there’s blood everywhere]
Ken (GM): lol
Suðri Skornbrekker cringes
Ken (GM): [~yep, thats map magic!~]
P.P. A.: yea Doc everyone died

Gray knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant, but even he finds himself shocked by the horrors here, growling as he touches that mask. Stern and resolved, he lifts it and settles it over his features before taking up the sword again. “Ghouls. Careful, the last ones we fought were dangerously flammable.”

Ken (GM) the crunch and crackle of the ghouls is audible from a distance, as they snap bone and limb to reach fresh blood and meat. Their gray skin is smeared with red, even in the rain

(To Roderick): The voice is calling for you, louder now, more distinct “Help! Please! I need you! I’m trapped here!”

they feast

Syviis dismounts and readies her bow and arrow “I guess the magical light show will have to wait until after the re-killing.”
Suðri Skornbrekker dismounts as well. “I hope we needn’t waste much ammunition on these.”
Syviis: “Cleansing the land of these poor creatures is never a waste of ammo.” Begins aiming
Gray walks forward. “Come die, monsters!”
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 3 )+7 = 10
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 6 + 2 + 3 ) = 11
Ken (GM): Gray takes the surprise round!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+1+6,25 ( 4 )+1+6 = 11
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 1 )+7 = 8
Roderick does not dismount
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 4 )+6+1 = 11
Ken (GM): Bomrek! rolling 1d6+7.5 ( 3 )+7.5 = 10.5

Ken (GM) Your party lunges forth like the battle hardened maniacs you are!

Ken (GM) You have the surprise! The ghouls preoccupied with their meal!
Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!
Suðri Skornbrekker moves to get a good aim!
Suðri Skornbrekker spends the rest of his turn finding a gap to stick his bardiche into
Ken (GM): thunk

Roderick moves forward
Doc: top speed in one round is… 8?
Ken (GM): [rotates horsie]
[9 if loaded down to medium]
[there? or sharper turn?]
[we can nudge if need be]
Doc: (yeah that’s good)

Ken(GM): GRAY!
Gray advances at a run, ready to sprint next turn and the heavy footfalls of the towering beastman echoing as he stalks forward with swords ready

Gray runs forward, haveing previously jumped the gun before Doc was done
Ken (GM): [madness]
Move 8 now, right?
Joush M.: Move 6 right now, given the armor and equipment on board. Move 8 if he had no armor, move 16 if he’d been in monster form.. humm.. should’ve used the mask

Ken(GM) Bomrek! Armed with his dwarven death pistols, he marches grimly through the rain!
the armory box hovering close
Bomrek: Yup, that’s about where I was going to put it~
Ken (GM): ayyyy
pistols? [i assumed multiple shots = more better]
Bomrek: (We need to invent Dwarven Gatorade so Bomrek can fire these things using FP, and not have to worry about sleeping for hours afterward)
Ken (GM): lol
[you have a box of blood-fueled powerstones. Those might help :P]

Syviis: How far is the nearest meatgoul?
Ken (GM): 12 or 13 hexes
Syviis: Okey, do I have a clear shot?
Ken (GM): to the one on the left!
and then the ones behind him, 20 yards out
Syviis: Deal. 2 1FP Lightinin arrows ready
I’ll go for the longer range one.
Trusting Rod and Gray to nuke the nearer ones.
Ken (GM): kk
first shot!
Syviis: -6 range, -3 Vitals ++3 Archerfuckery + Aiming… how long did I have?
Ken (GM): a round
Syviis: So basically… don’t crit fail.
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 2 + 1 ) = 7
That would be a hit.
Ken (GM): they are surprised, so yeah, damage!
Syviis: arrow: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 )+2 = 7
Ken (GM): O.o
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + ( 1 ) = 1
Hahhaaha, and 1 pt lighting to the vitals
Ken (GM): thwip

Ken (GM) the arrow sinks in and it’s heart bursts into fire!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 3 + 1 + 5 ) = 9 HT vs Fragile(explosive/combustible)
it doesnt explode! but it expires!
Syviis: Cool. Is that a 2nd one right next to him? 😛
Ken (GM): yus
Syviis: Cool. Same thing then. Assuming I only get the aiming bonus on the first shot/target, target roll is 15
Ken (GM): kk
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 4 + 4 ) = 11
Ken (GM): hit! damorge!
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 2 )+2 = 4
rolling 1d6 + ( 1 ) = 1
Ken (GM): jfc
Syviis: Damn, lightning sucks lately, lol
Still, thats 5 to vitals
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 3 + 3 + 2 ) = 8
yeah he collapses and burns, but doesnt quite erupt
Syviis: I guess that’s okay… 😛

Ken (GM) the Ghouls turn, aghast at your charge! There is a HOWL
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6+6 ( 4 )+6 = 10 initiative

Suðri Skornbrekker takes aim at the vitals of the large ghoul in the middle.
Ken (GM): kk, aiman!

Roderick rides in and slashes at the nearest ghoul, keeping to the edges of the fight
Ken (GM): [I have nudged token controls, you should have the horse under your power too now]
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to hit ( 5 + 3 + 1 ) = 9
Ken (GM): choo choo! all aboard the ‘fuck you’ train!
Doc: so how does the height advantage work? ghoul is at a defense penalty?
Ken (GM): you get a +1 flat to hit for height! so 9 vs 15 for you!
Ken (GM) the ghoul opts not to dodge against a modified 5 (-2 stun, -2 runaround)
Ken (GM) The blade bites deep!
Ken (GM): Damage!
Roderick: rolling d6+5 ( 3 )+5 = 8 Cut
Ken (GM) the blade bites deep! The ghoul expires! (12 wounds, no DR)

Gray charges and attempts to Slam the enemy, intending to knock them down and break them!
Ken (GM): to hit!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 for Slam ( 2 + 4 + 6 ) = 12
Ken (GM): WHAM
Joush M.: no dodge right?
Ken (GM): nope, back hex, etc
Gray: rolling 3d6 for Slam damage (speed 7, HP 20, Hard) ( 3 + 3 + 2 ) = 8
Ken (GM): 😮
oh right, doubled for a push tho?
Gray hits hard enough his own bones nearly crack under the impact. He will feel that for an hour or two and the pain only seems to spur him on.
Ken (GM): oh shit
like a slam but without shield
Joush M.: Gray takes 4 from his own slam, but Ghoul takes (8-DR) and needs to roll to avoid knockdown. (I think that’s right, anyway)
Ken (GM): hmm, I get a seperate calculation; ghoul HP, total velocity 7 vs you. So I roll 1d
rolling 1d6 ghoul bump ( 1 ) = 1
rolling 3d6 vs 11 knockdown ( 6 + 6 + 2 ) = 14
Doc: rip
Ken (GM) the ghoul goes flying, squealing, and tumbles. Broken
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 major wound ( 1 + 2 + 6 ) = 9
Ken (GM) it whimpers!
(To Gray): from here, you can smell the building is a den of rot and evil. the howling and barking of the ghouls has awoken some number of voices inside as well!

Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek: Wew
Bomrek’ll take one step ahead, and then fire a shot off at the enemy near the corpse
Riiight, here [points]
Ken (GM): 15 hex shot! pew pew!
Bomrek: What’s the penalty?
Ken (GM): -5 !
Bomrek: I need.. a 12 or less!
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 4 + 3 ) = 12
Ken (GM): pakew!
Bomrek: No dodge then?
Ken (GM): back shot, you’re clear for damage!
Bomrek: rolling 4d6 ( 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 ) = 14 burn
Ken (GM) the ghoul erupts, like kindling, the volatile body a gout of flame, then nothing but bones
P.P. A.: fug 😀
hey Rod wanna play with fire

Ken (GM) a HORDE of the ghouls erupts from the doorway, howling and gibbering!

[GM add like, twenty tokens to the map out of the doorway of the building]

Ken (GM): One leaps for gray!
Bomrek: Ho-lee-crap
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 14 brawling bite/leap torso ( 5 + 1 + 6 ) = 12
gray! defend?
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to parry ( 6 + 3 + 5 ) = 14
Joush M.: Nope. Fuck
Gray snarls, nearly intercepting one with a sword but his timing missed, the beast growling as the ghouls swarm.
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 bite! ( 5 ) = 5
Ken (GM) the ghoul latches down with big fugging teefs, fangs crunching into metal and leather!
Ken (GM) it holds on!
Ken (GM): some kind of super awkward grapple with the face!

Syviis: Going to try to light them up a few rows behind Gray, do I have a shot at any of them or should I get moving?
Ken (GM): clearest shot is the ones in front
first two on the left side
including mr.bite-grapple
Syviis: How much of a penalty to hit one or two back in the middle of the crowd?
Ken (GM): -4 per rank, its steep
Syviis: OK, going for 4 FP 1 rank in. Target to hit will be 15 again
rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 4 + 6 ) = 11
(From Syviis): this will be my last round, sorr man!
(To Syviis): No worries mang, sorry for dithering

Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 9 dodge! ( 4 + 6 + 6 ) = 16
damorge to mr potentially explosive?
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 )+2 = 7
Syviis: rolling 4d6 + ( 6 + 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 20
You’ve been….THUNDA STRUCK
FFS thats a lot of burning
okay HT roll
rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 2 + 3 + 3 ) = 8
and vs immediate death
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 4 + 4 + 2 ) = 10
okay then, nothing too bad there
last shot?
(To Fiss): Sorry, taking your last shot assuming you afk’d
Ken (GM): assuming AFK fiss? gonna take another shot VS 19 at the closer/easier
rolling 3d6 vs19 ( 4 + 6 + 4 ) = 14
rolling 3d6 vs 9 ghoul dodge ( 6 + 4 + 5 ) = 15
rolling 1d6+1d6 arrow / fire ( 4 )+( 6 ) = 10
Skornbrekker! top of the round!

(To Roderick): HELP ME! The voice pleads, louder here, you can’t pinpoint the source, but its close

Suðri Skornbrekker shoots at the big ghoul next to Gray, aiming for the vitals!
Suðri Skornbrekker: [8v12]
Ken (GM): nice
rolling 3d6 vs 7 grapple/dodge ( 3 + 6 + 2 ) = 11
HIT pew pew
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 4d6+2 ( 3 + 1 + 2 + 4 )+2 = 12 Pi++
Ken (GM): NANI?! (regular musket damage!?)
P.P. A.: (aye, pi++)
Ken (GM) flesh parts and the body breaks! The grappler is shot off Gray!
Suðri Skornbrekker enjoys the whiff of burnt gunpowder.
Ken (GM): [so fresh and so clean!]
P.P. A.: Cover up the smell of dead civilians with the smell of death to your enemies
Ken (GM): Roderick!
(To Roderick): You can see from this angle on your steed, there are even MORE behind them! A dozen at least in the entrance-way!
Roderick rides closer and unleashes a gout of flame into the doorway
Ken (GM): yeah, youre good just about anywhere
Joush M.: AoE dude getting a perfect target. Do it
Doc: haha FUG
Ken (GM): ?
Doc: this is probably close enough, what’s the move and attack penalty?
Ken (GM): riiight
-2 unless your bulk is worse (I dont think it is)
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 1 + 5 + 4 ) = 10
rolling 4d6 burning/fwoosh damage ( 4 + 5 + 1 + 5 ) = 15 Burn


Ken (GM) There is a SERIES of WHUMP-BOOM noises
and a lot of screaming
Bomrek: (fwoosh~)

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray shakes off the dazzling afterimages of the intense flames and spares a heartbeat to nod in Suðri’s direction when the ghoul is shot off of him before turning on the others, slashing with that massive sword. (At the one still standing as he steps forward.)
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 2 + 2 + 2 ) = 6
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 3 + 4 + 6 )+2 = 15 Cut
Ken (GM): 6!
Joush M.: Critical vs standing one. Stab with the other sword at the one that is down
Ken (GM) the Ogre blade flares with Green flame; The sword swings true and two ghouls drop from the sword stroke. One in twain, the other aflame and crumbling
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 for Thrusting Broadsword. ( 1 + 5 + 6 ) = 12
rolling 1d6+4 for IMP damage from broadsword thrust ( 4 )+4 = 8
Joush M.: (OOh, neat crit effect)
Gray flicks his wrist and looks around, seeing if there’s more to kill
Joush M.: (Of course, the unneeded roll was good)

Ken (GM) the square is now quiet but for the rain and sizzle. Magic clings to the air like smoke, but the enemy has been routed, charred, and broken
Inside the building, the darkness reigns…
The sky rumbles, but does not rage

(To Roderick): You think you saw something in the afterimage of the flames of your attack. Something big, pink, and fleshy, lit for only a moment, but with a hundred eyes to reflect the light

Gray howls like some beast behind his mask and calls out. “Come face us! We are out of ghouls to kill!”

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly reloads his musket.
P.P. A.: assuming we’re out of combat-time

Bomrek reloads his pistols as well, assuming there’s time.
Ken (GM): [yus, imminent threat passed
Joush M.: Next Wave Begins in 30..29..
Ken (GM) Gray lurches for more targets, here and there a moment, but everything is unmoving, dead and re-dead

Bomrek jogs up to the battle, keeping an eye out for more of these things

Ken (GM) the smell of carnage rises from the stones now. The bodies of the ghouls like ephemeral alcohol and rot mingled into a heady stink atop the blood and fire

(To Gray): inside the building, you hear the thrum of magic, and feel the tingle of it emanating from the open doorway

Suðri Skornbrekker tries not to tread on too much gore

Syviis stalks, breathing heavy but in control, eyes wild with excitement

Gray looks around a moment from behind the Warden’s mask, eyes flashing, deep, rough voice rumbling. “Inside. There’s some magic working inside.” He gestures to the building. “And well fought.. Roderick, you did brilliantly!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I concur; you even put our rifles to shame there.”
Syviis nods with Gray “Yes, be careful, its the focus of the storm, likely”
Bomrek makes his way over the slippery blood, closer to Gray. “Aye, the fire gout helped.”
Roderick nods curtly, squinting as he tries to look down the hallway through the smoke.
(To Roderick ): You see in the room, lit by candlelight of glowing runes, a slowly swirling lump of spherical flesh….taller than even Gray


Gray crushes bone to dust under his boot as he walks forward over the bodies of dead ghouls. “We come to cast you back into the darkness”
Bomrek: (eyeball smoothie)
Suðri Skornbrekker peers inside, past Grey; he swaps his musket for his laser-rifle.

IT swirls into view; lit from below in near-darkness, only the glow of blue and yellow magic about it.
As your eyes adjust, the horrifying lump of flesh becomes clearer; the room once some sort of temple or library, now, shattered and scarred with magic and combat.

Bomrek clambers onto and over some corpses, and peers in at the eye. He points his pistol at it and holds it there. “Is it… a creature? or some sort of portal?”

Ken (GM) the pillars hold up a vaulted ceiling. Runes in a circle on the floor empowering something containing IT. The eyes following you each, twisted pupils of every kind you’ve seen, and many you wish you hadn’t.

Suðri Skornbrekker advances slowly, a steady aim on the abomination
“Where did the man we saw go? though?
“Wait, why am I asking that?”
Suðri Skornbrekker quiets down and concentrates, trying to locate the nearest silver sword with Quicksilver’s power
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The wizard is in torturous pain, agonized. He clutches the silver sword, swirling in a tempest of electricity, unable to die. Gutteral laughter nearby. He is deeper inside, through the veil
Suðri Skornbrekker staggers. “What the—”



Gray: “Magic binds it. Another circle filled with evil to power evil.” He snarls behind the mask, looking around and putting away one sword then the other. “Do we smash the pillars? Or banish the boil of corruption some other way?”

Bomrek turns to Suðri, concerned, and then looks back at Syviis, questioning.

Ken (GM) the four pillars mark the outside of the circle. Behind IT though, is an archway with a pale golden veil across it, misty and wafting. Like a gateway…. but part of the circle?

Syviis: “IT is trapped, don’t worry. I can see the circle of power has it contained. Much like at the Ansible….”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks slightly pale, but the weapon in his clutches helps him recover. “…how are we going to get that sword out of… ugh, there?” He asks himself.
Syviis: “Roderick, I dont understand the fifth pillar, the circle is weird, isn’t it?”
Suðri Skornbrekker steps inside
Roderick dismounts and approaches
Bomrek: “Did you bring a fishing pole, Suðri?” Bomrek comments, walking in slowly.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I thought you would be one to prefer blast fishing, Bomrek,” the dwarf replies with a chuckle.
Gray: “The wizards that made this are idiots, but they didn’t do this with total foolishness. This arrangement is also made to drive the filth back out after they are done stealing it’s power. We find the way to Banish it, then collect what we need”
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13 thaumatology? ( 2 + 3 + 2 ) = 7
(To Roderick): The whole affair, seems to be set up around a series of pillars of power and the Gate is acting as one. Like…they’re tapping into some far-off place and using it as another fundamental block. Holding up the spell with something very, very unstable…
(To Roderick): Gray’s theory might be true. You’re no gate-wizard, but they might have the whole thing setup like a kind of box-spring trap, siphoning the entity off if the circle breaks…regardless, they worked into the whole storm-spell a working Gate. It goes somewhere else, and something there is part of the spell.

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to avoid eye contact with IT
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You recall how the feeling of slithering flesh caught you up last time you encountered IT. Here, the armor seems to deflect a bit of IT’s presence
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): Suðri
quietly thanks his trusty crusty ally

Gray walks forward, searching the room. Looking for anything that looks magical and controllable about this place.
(To Gray): The walls and floor are decorated with runes and sigils, and patterns with precious metals worked in. The whole place seems to tingle with magic, but you don’t see any spirits here, just mortal human magic workings. Aside from the pillars and the circle and IT, there is the portal with golden veil.
Gray looks around. “Roderick and Syviis might be able to make sense of this, but it’s meaningless to me.”

Ken (GM): [oh balls, 4 o clock]
[good place to leave you guys pondering and speculating?]
Bomrek: (yee)
Adolf S.: I’ve gotta go get rid of a bunch of old crab anyway
Ken (GM): oh lord that must smell
Adolf S.: I hope not, but will prepare for the worst.
Joush M.: Sounds good to me. I’m going to try not to contemplate old crab Ken (GM) next week! What machinations have the wizards of jadeite done now?
Adolf S.: kill all wizards
Ken (GM): 4xp for our heroes! and the possibility of CHAOS with IT
P.P. A.: o ok
P.P. A.: something evil to do with demons, probably
P.P. A.: Thanks for the Dynasty Warriors session!
Doc: lel
Ken (GM): I always aim to oblige for CARNAGE AND MADNESS
send me a discord ping if ya need anything
Doc: thanks for the game

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