Grimwyrd: Overwhelming Forces

Ken (GM): whatup G?
so has hell frozen over for you guys too?
its -30C right now and weve had a foot of snow in a week
P.P. A.: Here it’s mild winter
Ken (GM): lucky lucky
I have been having a lot of fun these last two weeks updating my blog
>takes a drag off hipster cigarette
Joush M.: I saw that. Getting snowed in and getting things updated?
Ken (GM): gotta do something in the downtime
fiss incoming
just had to poke em
Doc: I have returned
Ken (GM): OH SHI-!
Ken (GM): ah god its good to get back into the game
I have been ITCHY
Doc: yeah it gets dry in winter
Ken (GM): hahah
I mean I wanna chuck dice and throw some combat around!
Joush M.: Moisterizer and dice. Let’s rock
Ken (GM): that….that cant be good for the dice
Doc: “I came here to kill monsters and gently exfoliate… and I’m all out of skin care products”
Ken (GM): hahah

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes,
The magic dwarven hall was quiet enough, that when the dark wizards came to call, the clanking of their iron shot boot on the floor rang like a drumbeat to war! The party, after communing with the Quicksilver spirit of the earth, rush to cover and the front line! TO ARMS!

Fiss: My son is watching… he thinks D&D is awesome, so watch out! He might play soon! 🙂
P.P. A.: >D&D is awesome
Disinherit him. Your GURPS bloodline must not be tarnished by d20.
P.P. A.: [Yet many are lost to d20 forever, wandering in the darkness of Pathfinder, or arguing over how one should balance firearms.]
Ken (GM): D&D is the gateway drug; you get your fix, then you gotta get the refined dextro-morphine hit of GURPS games
Doc: only junkies do GURPS

Gray un-summons Memory as he stalks forward, shadows gathering at his skin and the spirit vanishing in a moment as he draws that Ogre sword right handed, preparing his splintered old shield with the left.

Suðri Skornbrekker hefts his musket onto his bardiche, taking aim at the nefarious figures entering the scene. Wizard-ish and evil as they seem to be, he does not expect them to surrender peacefully.

Bomrek chambers a round in his big bad rifle, sparks of red energy dancing along the barrel as he sidles up to the wall for cover
Ken (GM): [feel free to put yourselves within a turn’s move of where your tokens currently are]
[@Doc, I recall you were valorously charging to the front, defensive grip, all armor?]

Gray sprints forward, heavy boots crashing down on well polished dwarven stone as the hulking beast takes his place between the others and the silver-armed strangers.

Syviis pulls her gear to ready-mode and sets up for clear shots, confident in her ability to knock a few souls free of their evil bodies should they charge.

Ken (GM): When youre in position, initiative!

Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 5 )+7 = 12
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 1 + 6 + 6 ) = 13
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 ( 2 ) = 2 (Bomrek)
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 5 )+7 = 12
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+1+6.25 ( 6 )+1+6.25 = 13.25
Doc: I thought those were going to be our positions
can’t move up front in one turn from here 😦
Ken (GM): considering Roderick has been clanking about with sword in hand this whole time, feel free to squeeze him up another 6 hexes or so. Everyone else had arms and equipment to draw out]
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 3 )+6+1 = 10

Ken (GM) As the dark wizards round on your group, they seem ready for war; they emerge from the North tunnel with weapons drawn and billowing cloaks draped off their shining metal armor. Silver swords in the hand of each of them, shining breastplates and curling scar-tattoos on bare skin. The one in front wields a wicked looking staff topped with the lime green demonfire youve come to know and hate
“Interlopers! The High Lord commands you surrender!” He screams, his voice blasting spittle from his lips in his fury!

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray steps ahead, shield ready to cover Roderick, trying to keep out of the bright wizard’s line of fire. Gray replies to the man’s words with a growl, snarling at them from behind the shield but offering no words.

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: Does she have a shot over the heads of her compatriots?
Ken (GM): [looks like no, Rod and Gray are covering for a -4 ]
Syviis: OK, will move up.
Syviis moves smoothly along the wall, watching the other entrances for other foes, but aiming in their direction.

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
Suðri Skornbrekker takes aim at what seems to be the leader, aiming for his head. The staff seems like a juicy target too, but he wants to try it the old-fashioned way first. Suðri Skornbrekker does not bother to reply to the man, except with a bullet on the next turn. They have made their intentions clear.

Ken (GM): [flagging him with green dot]
Roderick clanks forward

Memory takes wing, her shadowy inky form seeming to bend the light around her, becoming more indistinct

Bomrek sidles up, gun raised, creeping up behind the cover of his companions

The Dark Wizard calls out in his ragged voice, pointing his staff at Rod
The Dark Wizard: “If you will not surrender, then die! Painfully!”

Syviis mutters: “I thought those were our lines! Plagiarists!”

Ken (GM) Dark magic swirls about the staff, even as the green ball of flame grows brighter on it, spitting and hissing furiously; the silver sword wizard charge forward, screaming!

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray charges the wizard man with a growl, shield raised and running forward into the fray!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to Slam with Shield ( 5 + 4 + 1 ) = 10
Joush M.: Hit unless he defends
Ken (GM): the top guy tho? mask?
Joush M.: top guy, the masked one seemed like he’d be blocking the others shots if he charged him. He’s just going to have to trust they have his back
Ken (GM): Ah! nice

Ken (GM) The silver sword raises to try to ward off the massive blow!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 4 + 1 ) = 8
…and magic crackles in the air and the sword flickers with power; but it is too little to stop the charge!
Ken (GM): (he did do a parry, but youre way out of his weight class and your blow is smacking his sword and hand)
Joush M.: OOh yeah. Trying to stop a slam with a parry.
P.P. A.: >DEX build vs STR build
Ken (GM): >ST vs Magic, but magic didnt buy up HP…
Gray: rolling 3d6 for CR Slam damage if hit. Shield takes the damage. Guy also gets to deal damage based on move 7 ( 1 + 5 + 4 ) = 10 Cr
Gray has taken 19 damage to shield now. The well crafted wood cracking along the grain, nearly broken now but still good for just one more good hit.
Ken (GM) the wizard tries to brace and his arms SNAPS like a twig. He screams!
Ken (GM): shield takes
rolling 1d6 ( 6 ) = 6
Syviis: [I’m not gay or nothin…but 20 HP is 20 HP]
Doc: ouchies
Joush M.: Nice

Ken (GM) the silver sword clatters to the ground and the man reels from the mangling!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 1 + 5 ) = 9 HT vs major wound (fail)
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 2 + 2 ) = 8 (vs knockdown, stunning Fail)
Ken (GM) he crumples, limb flailing like a wet sausage
P.P. A.: The icon looks like he’s on his back, failing on the ground and holding his broken arm. Nice.

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: The kind gentleman next to Gray shall get a 2-point arrow to the Vitals. As will his buddy to the East 2 hexes over. One at a time.
Ken (GM): Death to all wizards!
Starting on lefty!
Syviis: Target of 17 to hit for each
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 1 ) = 9
Lefty gets a crackling arrow flying at him!
Ken (GM) his sword whips up, fast as the wind!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 4 + 6 ) = 14
Ken (GM): damage to vitals!
Syviis: Arrow then Lightininnnin
rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 4 )+2 = 6 Imp
rolling 2d6 ( 2 + 6 ) = 8 Burn
Ken (GM) the arrow dents his chestpiece, and then he explodes in shocks of lightning
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 6 + 5 ) = 14 vs HT(stun) Fail
he fails to resist the stun and ragdolls like a bethesda animation

shooting righty!
Syviis: Next
rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 2 + 2 ) = 5
Ken (GM): hahaha
crit effectroll?
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 2 + 1 ) = 5
Ken (GM): ho-leeeee
“5 – The blow does double damage”
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 4 + 5 ) = 11
he does not crit-parry the arrow
Syviis: Arroooow then Lightanan
rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 1 )+2 = 3 Burn
rolling 2d6 ( 1 + 4 ) = 5 Imp
Syviis: Damn, good thing it was 2X Damage….
Ken (GM) the mage’s sword barely raises above his waist before the arrow sinks into his heart. Then the arrow flies out the back of him, lightning trailing the blood spray
Syviis: lol
Syviis nods satisfied in her shots, only pausing to breathe for the next flurry

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
P.P. A.: I figure Grey and Rod are in the way?
Ken (GM): a -4 penalty, yeah :/ but youve aimed, so all that sweet sweet accuracy is there
P.P. A.: and if I take one step forward it’s only Grey? Would that lower the penalty a bit?
Ken (GM): nah sorry, same deal; any interloping figures give a flat -4. If Gray was any bigger he’d be providing full cover
P.P. A.: Ah
Ken (GM): one sec [Measuring intensifies]
Joush M.: Sorry, I didn’t realize Syviss would sweep the field of every target you had a line on
Ken (GM): damn, nope, even in the niche in the wall, Gray is still dead center
Syviis: I promise to aim at the back dudes next time. 😛
P.P. A.: I can switch which part of the body I target without losing the aim though, right? (The head at -7-4-distance is a bit risky)
Ken (GM): right; center mass is a -0
P.P. A.: I’ll go for a random hit location then, which is also -0 IIRC
Joush M.: (here comes another Area 11)
Ken (GM): RNGods be praised!
[Seriously, though, I think we rolled 11 for 2/3 the time in the Andelthon campaign]
P.P. A.: …I forgot the page for the distance penalty again :DDD -5?
ah yes
>P.P. A. bookmarks page 550
Suðri Skornbrekker fires his shot! [5v11]
Syviis: Noice!
Doc: bruh
Ken (GM): holy
okay, 3d for hit location please
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 4 + 1 ) = 10
Ken (GM): nods appreciatively

The Dark Wizard channels hellfire into his staff, and barely has time to react when Suðri fires. He looks down at the neat hole in his chest, and sneers
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 6 + 3 ) = 13 parry, Magic power, fail
Ken (GM): damage!
Suðri Skornbrekker: “There’s your surrender!” [22 pi++]
P.P. A.: fug :DDD
Ken (GM): oh shit, font forget; crit effect! 3d!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 1 + 1 ) = 7
Ken (GM): “– If any damage penetrates DR, treat it as if it were a major wound, regardless of the actual injury inflicted”
okay! so no MW roll there, thats automatic
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 1 + 2 ) = 7 vs Knockdown (pass)
Ken (GM): he staggers somehow, not falling over!

The Dark Wizard roars! “My time is now!”
rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 1 + 4 ) = 7 vs will/concentration
he passes the will roll to keep the ball of fire going on his staff!
Syviis: [That’s 3 7’s in a row….]
[angels begin singing]

Suðri Skornbrekker grumbles something about how he should have used the Dwarven rifle and how someone needs to invent some ammunition that works against these freaks
The Dark Wizard: oh wait, thats 22 PI++
so thats 44 wounding after DR 
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 6 + 1 ) = 11 vs HT(death), fail
The Dark Wizard thinks a moment, then expires, failing his death roll
Syviis: aaaaand…that’s when his willfull brain rain out of oxygenated blood.
Doc: >44 damage
holy fuq
Suðri Skornbrekker retracts his previous complaints
Syviis: lol

Ken (GM) the wizard falls, dropping his staff, and the fireball… except, the staff and flame hover there in midair!
The ball of fire seems to swell now, against unseen walls, probing like outreaching clawed hands in the flames…

Ken (GM): Roderick!
(To Roderick): poke poke
Ken (GM): doc?
P.P. A.: I pinged him
Ken (GM): hmm
P.P. A.: on Discord
Ken (GM): [i bet hes poopan]
Doc: sorry, chickens were making alarm noises
Ken (GM): hahah wat
thats, awesome?
Doc: something spooked them and then I spooked it
Syviis: Guard Chickens +20 to Perception
Ken (GM): lol
so! is rod charging into the fray too?
Doc: Thaumatology on the floating fireball?
Ken (GM): yus
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 5 + 6 + 3 ) = 14
Ken (GM): it seems to be some kind of…magic… fire…ball?

Roderick clanks forward to protect Gray’s flank, sword pointing at the enemy

Memory swoops along, round the corner, her inky blackness leaving a trailer behind her “Watch out! there are more coming! There is a portal!”

Bomrek: “Oh good, more targets” the stern dwarf mutters, sidling up the wall to take aim

Syviis nods

Ken (GM) as if in response to the ravens warning, you hear a mad lumbering from up the way, and a thick voice barely intelligible “HURT….HYOOOOO”


Ken (GM) meanwhile, the ball of fire twists and turns, growing! Dozens of hand-prints appearing in the flames, pushing out madly, clawing and scraping!

Ken (GM) the last standing silver-swordmage yells in a mad fury, driving his sword toward Gray’s guts!
Ken (GM): [and stepping up to do so]
rolling 3d6 vs 15 ( 2 + 3 + 3 ) = 8
P.P. A.: oof
Ken (GM): Gray! defense?
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to Parry with Ogre Blade ( 1 + 3 + 6 ) = 10
Ken (GM) the swords meet in mid-blow, the silver sword scraping along the brass ogre blade, MAGIC streaming off in sparks and shimmering light!

Ken (GM): Gray! top of the order!
Gray snarls, ready to do battle with the man! He twists the blade and slashes as they fight. “Come then! Send all your men to die in this place though your fel portal!”
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 2 + 2 + 6 ) = 10
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 2 + 4 + 1 )+2 = 9 Cut
Ken (GM) the mage is caught unable to defend, the ogre blade returning an overbalanced strike (AoA)!
Ken (GM) the brass metal bites into the chest piece, and blood sprays!
Ken (GM) the mage seems to cackle in delight at the wound!
Gray kicks him away for good measure…
Ken (GM): OOH
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to Kick (Extra Attack) ( 1 + 6 + 5 ) = 12
Ken (GM): it lands!
sorry; kick for damage or kick for push?
Gray: rolling 2d6+8 No Damage, Knockback for Push Kick ( 3 + 5 )+8 = 16 (Versus wiz st-2 for hexes moved)
Ken (GM): ooh nice
good macros
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 4 + 4 ) = 14 vs DX(for having been kicked at least 1 hex)
he fails DX to not bail, and is proned!
Gray ends turn at last
Ken (GM): he is now particularly fucked

Syviis: Confident in her party’s abilities to mop the floor, she turns instead to Memory. “Show me the Portal!” Syviis will let her dictate her next move
Memory hovers, pointing a wing down the hallway to the North
Memory: “There!”
Syviis runs up behind Gray, (sneaking by next turn)

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
Suðri Skornbrekker quietly puts down his musket and takes out his Dwarven laser-rifle, keeping a wary and worried eye on the ever-growing fireball. Whatever might emerge from that might not be fazed much by boiling beams of light…
Suðri Skornbrekker also takes a step forward
Ken (GM): [gotcha, gun on floor, dwarf-‘death on a stick’ up next]
Doc: Can thaumatology be re-attempted?
Ken (GM): Well, its a knowledge roll that represents your memory of a specific subject, in this case, it means “you’ve never seen anything like it”
Doc: oh okay
any of these guys still standing, then?
Syviis: 2 guys still in pain, but they’re down. Might cause a problem unless they are permanently dead-ed or tied up though.
Ken (GM): -pink dot is shocked out, twitching on the floor
-bashed arm is still writhing on the floor, in pain
-chop and kick is still moving, but on his back on the floor
-and something else coming

Roderick CLANK CLANK it is then!
Ken (GM): something comes in to view, up the hall
(To Roderick): Looks like a man, but swollen up to the size of an ogre; red viscous scars ring his body, limbs, face. His misshapen face has a toothy mouth and a visage of RAGE
Roderick can’t justify stabbing defeated men, but points his sword at any who look like they might be trying to rejoin the fight
Doc: oh or that one
same direction I guess
Ken (GM): right!, sword up and facing down your foes!

Memory swoops aside, cawing

Bomrek aims up the way, cursing not-too-quiet about “line of fire” in dwarven

Ken (GM) The broken-armed man slithers up the floor, trailing blood “You can’t escape HIM!” giggling madly to himself!
The downed wizard clutches his chest-piece, struggling to his feet after gray’s kick.
The third twitches, and smells like he’d defecated when he was shot…

Then, lumbering out of the hall, squeezing along, a ramshackle beast appears! Like a man swelled up and bloody, he is covered in profane sigils and runes of scars along his body, gimlet light strikes his weird beady eyes and he screams “KILL HYOOOOO!” in a mangled thick voice

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Have you ever tried beating him?” Suðri counters the threat.


Syviis tries to duck helpfully, forgetting that Gray is pretty much 99% of the cover

Ken (GM): -4 for interloping peoples, -5 distance, +6 aim
rolling 3d6 vs 15 ( 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 14
Syviis: Nice!

Ken (GM): rolling 6d6 ( 6 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 5 + 2 ) = 21 Burn
P.P. A.: I like how these are in pairs that cancel each other out, so to speak
Syviis: Woo! Statistically average!

Ken (GM) the thing’s skin blackens and boils and melts away and he screams in a manic idiot yell. His flesh boils off to reveal blackened barbed metal bones underneath!

Ken (GM) his now-skull-face turns to Bomrek, half melted “HYOOOOOO!” and he points!

Doc: oh boy some kind of horrible flesh golem
Syviis: As opposed to those Friendly Happy Fleshgolems.

Ken (GM) the ball of hellfire grows!

Ken (GM) the silver swordmage SCREAMS as it washes over him! “NO! Noooooo!” he screams in futility, as black hands seem to drag him up into the boiling licking flames!
P.P. A.: Can’t we throw the fireball at the flesh golem?
Ken (GM): [gotta get control of it, likely. I wonder how the evil guy did it?]
P.P. A.: unless that just feeds the flame-demon with the flesh while the metal skeleton keeps walking, that’d be bad
Syviis: That’s going to be my plan, hopefully.
Syviis: Yeah, that would be some Terminator level nightmare fuel
P.P. A.: Hmm. I believe he the wizard guy was wielding… big words! Maybe we need to sound more threatening to control it!

Gray snarls at the heat of the balefire, the beast raising a shield and watching it with some concern. “Memory! What is this thing? How do we fight it?!”
Joush M.: and step there to cover Roderick and clear the firing lines/let the others back up
Memory: “I dont know!” she screams in alarm “Ive never seen the likes of it before! These arent elemntal spirits! THEY MUST BE DEMONS!”
Ken (GM): [gray stepping over the paralyzed guy]

P.P. A.: Picking up the staff is going to be difficult now with Mister Roboto here
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…the staff!” Suðri shouts, remembering that that exists.

Ken(GM): Syv!
Syviis: OK, you said that we saw hand-prints in the fire?
Syviis: Can I logic out if those handprints are just spooopy bullshit, or is this like the 90% of the other times where the Evil Badguys have been burning through souls to power their Evil Magicks?
P.P. A.: Staff of Halloween Decoration +1
Ken (GM):

Ken (GM): but, against a backdrop of green fire
(From Syviis): okay, so my thinking, is if she can reach the souls inside…either dissipate or tell them ‘release is that way…into the giant monster’. Controlling the Fireball via the Fireball vs the staff.
(From Syviis): if it’s just shiny bullshit, then she’s going to run around the pillar and ready for the next round.
(To Syviis): Oooh neat: so that’s a concentrate, and a roll vs will-4 please

Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 4 + 3 ) = 13
Ken (GM): ruh roh
Syviis: That’s the concentration roll…so….beat will?
I dunno how that works

Ken (GM) Syviis glows with her holy white lightning, and reaches out to he fire with her power… and it reaches back for her moaning with the screams of the damned!
Syviis worries slightly as the fire approaches, but steels her resolve to use it against the monsters that made it
Ken (GM): [mutter mutter ‘gorramn tricksy tokens’]

[It was at this point I discovered the wonders of setting a token in Roll20 to Drawing status, and moving it on top of another layer, discovering it loses objectivity and thus it’s initiative order…-Ken]

Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!
P.P. A.: Hmm
Suðri Skornbrekker takes another step forward and starts aiming at the big guy, however uneasily. Finally, he decides to swerve his rifle and aim instead at the staff on the floor!
Ken (GM): the staff hovering in midair, behind the fireball
Suðri Skornbrekker whispers to his armour, in Dwarven: “[If you know anything about this metal skeleton, I am all ears.]
Suðri Skornbrekker nods in agreement.
P.P. A.: (and that’s the end of that turn)
Ken (GM): ah, kk
aiming then
P.P. A.: aye, at the staff
Ken (GM): derp on me,
[marked with green dot]
(To Roderick): poke. chickens again?
P.P. A.: Maybe he’s fighting off the fox that scares his chickens?
(To Doc): !
Ken (GM): [Im gonna assume he’s gone AFK for a bit here without warning, just gonna take over his turn here]
Ken(GM)/Roderick turns to the thing coming down the hall, and brings up his magic fire to bear on it!
P.P. A.: Not unreasonable
Roderick: [kids again, back sorry]
Ken (GM): crap, how many dice for his burning attack again? 4d?
he just wrote the point total on his sheet 😕
P.P. A.: I’ll take a look at the logs
Ken (GM): right
yep, 4d
rolling 4d6 ( 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 ) = 18
oh wait, one sec, scatter
Doc: 4d, yeah
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 5 + 3 ) = 11
P.P. A.: >Roderick: rolling 4d6 burning
Ken (GM): oh shit, docs BACK
P.P. A.: oh, too late
Ken (GM): lol
Doc: ids doo lade :DDDDD
Ken (GM): well, fun thing, you didnt miss, and the damage wont be divided since he occupies the width of the attack
so yeah, 18 burning!
Doc: oh wew
Ken (GM) The flesh broils away, the stink of it in the air, and what remains is a wriggling puppet underneath; metal chains and barbs and a wicked looking skull of metal.

Syviis: What a happy flesh Iron Golem!
Ken (GM) Youve seen this before; a rage demon! Like the one chained in the fiery depths of the Dreugar keep!
Syviis: Ooooh, great.

Memory screams in fear, flying to Gray’s side!

Bomrek gets a funny look, then drops his gun as gently as possible, drawing out one of those massive jewelled maces from his back “Com’n git yer present ya damned demon thing!”

P.P. A.: ~ooh~
We get to see one in use

Ken (GM) the grasping wad of fire rolls and squirms closer to Syviis, the heat of it touching your skin with stroking fingers of flame!

Ken (GM) the mad mage cackles to himself as he backs up to the wall

IT steps up, stretching out from the confines of the hall and its disembodied voice calls out “I will consume you… piece by broken piece… and grow ever more for it!”
“Come to me, fools!”

Gray growls in frustration and looks at the rage deamon, hand tightening on the hilt of the ogre sword. “Die and be silent, beast!” As he moves to block the thing’s path.
Joush M.: Can he bring Memory with him/away from the fire? Did shadow bird land on him? or Unsummon the familair to keep her out of harms way here?
Ken (GM): yes! You can bring her in, no worries. she also seems eminently grateful for it

(To Syviis): The ball of fire is indeed full of souls; you failed to control it last turn but it has noticed you!
Syviis closes her eyes, ignoring the heat on her skin a moment away from becoming deadly. “I will release you…”
(From Syviis): one more try.
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 14
Still, she will do her best to calm the souls, and show them the route to peace… is through that fucker’s skull. 😛
(To Syviis): The thing is definitely out of control; the power here is rooted in the staff, the channel. You could definitely get a better handle on it with that in your hands, you think
Ken (GM): wanna step back?
Syviis: Yep lol
Ken (GM): thought I’d remind 😛
[moves lightning nimbus of holy elf]
Syviis clears her throat, clearly having difficulty but trying her best.

Ken(GM) Skornbrekka!
P.P. A.: What’s the SM for the staff?
Ken (GM): I’m gonna go with -3, its long but thin
P.P. A.: Could of course also shoot at the metal skull, but I’ll leave that to Bomrek

Ken (GM): [oh neat, the bubbles take symbols! adds the size mod to the blue field]

Seriously hand to learn that area [1] can take text as well as the +, -, etc.

P.P. A.: >Dwarven rifle has +6 acc
Is distance rounded up, down, or rounded to nearest?
oh, always up
Ken (GM): its banded, so if youre between 12 and 15, you take the worse penalty yeah
Suðri Skornbrekker has his eyes and sights locked on the staff. He overcomes his worries that breaking it might just set the demon free entirely—if anything, that’s going to happen anyway—and pulls the trigger. [10v14]
Ken (GM): NICE
Joush M.: “Fuck yo stick”

Ken (GM) The beam of energy lances out, punching through the green ball like a balloon…and it explodes!
Joush M.: Oops. Ouch
Suðri Skornbrekker: even though it’s not necessary, I want to see big numbers: [24 Burn]

Ken (GM) the unstable energies are released!
Syviis: I do believe a divedodge is in order? lol
Or am I cool?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Er, watch out!”
Ken (GM) the wave of power suddenly explodes in all directions! Passing through you all with beams of octarine light; as it disperses… you dont seem to feel affected…
Syviis: Neat!
Ken (GM): the staff is gone, but the big heap of screaming metal remains

Gray braces himself a moment behind the shield… but the radiant energy deals him no injury.. and he has worse to worry about now! the vicious creature of anger and steel and darkness!

Roderick steps forward to give it MORE FWOOSH
Ken (GM): fwoosh time!

Roderick: rolling 3d6 to hit ( 1 + 1 + 5 ) = 7
Roderick: rolling 4d6 BURNING ( 3 + 3 + 4 + 1 ) = 11
Ken (GM): nice! dead on!
Ken (GM): [fixed that token, you got stuck under a corpse for a sec]
Doc: i was hiding from the metal dude

Ken (GM) Rodericks fire screams over the thing, searing away flesh and bone! Charred bits drip from the metal…and it chuckles
IT: “I am no longer bound to my fleshy prison, thanks to you” the growling voice mewls

Bomrek: “Come’ere ya filthy bugger!” the dwarf stomping up, mace raised

Ken (GM) the dark wizard on the wall, cackling, raises his hands, and a boiling wash of green seems to seep from his grasp!

Ken (GM) It sprays from him in a cloud before him, sizzling in the air. As his hands burn away to the bone, you hear his laughter grow in exultation!

Syviis: Such happy folks!
P.P. A.: Note to self: coup-de-grace everyone

IT raises a mishapen metal limb to gray!
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 14 ( 5 + 1 + 5 ) = 11
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield ( 5 + 2 + 4 ) = 11
Ken(GM): the shield takes it!
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 3 ) = 11
11 crushing!
that thing still in one piece?
Joush M.: Not if my math is right, that kills it by 1
Ken (GM) Pieces fly in a spray as the wood shatters, broken

Gray braces himself and raises the shield, then swears when the mangled metal limb tears the oak apart, leaving him exposed! The remaining damage isn’t enough to hurt his mailed arm, but it does make him angry.

Ken (GM): and you wouldnt like Gray when he gets… angry
and its his turn!

Gray attacks the metal Skull with the ogre sword, aiming to drive the spirit away. “Be banished from this world, monster!”
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 1 + 1 + 1 ) = 3
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 3 + 6 + 4 )+2 = 15
Joush M.: So.. uh.. That hits?
Ken (GM): :O
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 1 + 4 ) = 11 vs IT dodge(fail)
Joush M.: Shouden’t have broken my shield 😛
Syviis: lol
Ken (GM): Well, IT did not crit defend!
crit effect!
(I have looked at this table so much today)
Gray: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 4 ) = 12
Ken (GM): hmm, an inappropriate result, however [stupid headblow table, not COOL enough]

Ken (GM) Gray swings and bears down with all his terrible might with the Ogre Blade! Green fire licks along it, and the edge cleaves into the skull of the demon! IT chuckles a moment… but then SCREAMS as the flames erupt up and down it’s body!
The green fire burns something else inside the bones, and you see that catch fire and blast out of it’s body as Gray wrenches the sword free!

Ken (GM) the chains crumple, dead

Suðri Skornbrekker cheers (in Dwarven)!

Ken (GM) the acid mage stops laughing

Gray yanks the blade free from the shattered skull and roars in trumph… then points to the man that’s hands melt away to bones. “Someone shoot the laughing man.”

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: Step and shoot the laughing man?
Ken (GM): k
Syviis: Goinna go for the vitals. Target is lots.
rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 2 + 6 ) = 10
Ken (GM): and ten is definitely below
Syviis: 2 lighting as per usua
Yeah, I should have called Eyeballs
hit on like…11
P.P. A.: tongue would have been even better
Syviis: Yeah, mouth is -5 I think? 😛
Ken (GM) he fails to dodge, stunned at the events in front of him
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 2 )+2 = 4 Imp
rolling 2d6 ( 6 + 2 ) = 8 Burn

Ken (GM) thwip

Ken (GM) crackle

Ken (GM) whump

Syviis checks if he needs another arrow to be convinced to die

Ken (GM) The sizzling acid bubbles on the stone, but the room is quiet again. Bomrek curses loudly
Bomrek: “Bastards! I din’get a chance to mash ’em!”
Syviis points to the zapped dude on the floor
Bomrek whumps the mage on the floor beside him
Bomrek: rolling 4d6 + 2 ( 4 + 3 + 5 + 5 )+2 = 19 Crushing
Bomrek swings, the mace glows with a nimbus of light, and the body POPS
Suðri Skornbrekker shields himself from the splatter.
Bomrek: “Ah dinna think he’d… burst like that”
Bomrek looks a bit stunned, covered in splatter
Gray: “A first test for the mace… a messy weapon”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “What about the portal?”
Syviis: “We’d better check it out”
Gray turns to the others, checking them for injury then nodding to Syviis. and starting to the North as he undoes the leather gauge and tosses aside the last ruined scraps of the shield.

Ken (GM) from up the hall, a voice calls out to you, soft and feminine
“Please, stop! Do not come any closer!” her voice echoing up the stone hall
“We would parley

Gray stops at the edge of the room and looks to the others, a frown on his lips then a nod. Willing to talk if the enemy is, his strong form stands there waiting as he looks to the twisted figure of the rage deamon.

She steps into view; a pale skinned elf in black robes, with a beautiful porcelain-colored face. Her hands are raised above her head

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Much more reasonable words than those of these men here,” Suðri commends her, as he reloads both of his weapons, not putting much faith in these words.

Gray nods to Roderick. “Would you speak with her? We’ve learned much from letting our foes talk in the past”

Syviis readies her next arrow, eyes narrow, looking down the passage for the source of the voice… the passage also being narrow.
The Pale Elf: narrow passage intensifies
(To Syviis): Elf looooore roll
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 6 + 4 ) = 15
(From Syviis): Jesus…glad these aren’t combat rolls, but still…
(To Syviis): You’re sure you should know her… but you cant recall why.

Roderick: “Speak. Advance slowly and you will not be harmed.”
The Pale Elf: “I ask; allow us safe passage. We do not wish to die this day, and you are truly fearsome indeed. Allow us to leave through the gate, and then do what you will”

Gray wonders a moment, studying the woman and scenting the air. “We?”

Syviis whispers to Rod “She seems familiar, but I can’t place it…”

Bomrek strides over, looks up the hall, and points his mace like a home run batter “She looks to me like someone we should kill, Elf”
Suðri Skornbrekker: In Dwarven, to Bomrek: “[‘Because she is an Elf’ or for other reasons too?]”
Syviis: [elf racism senses tingling]

(To Gray): Perception? Theres a bunch of stink going on
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 6 + 6 + 1 ) = 13

(To Gray): You can see from here, shes cloaked in a MASSIVE black spirit, so shes likely possessed. The smells here are typical; gore and fire, magic acid stinks, but from her… there could be more. Another person perhaps, a man’s stink? foul breath? Also…brimstone?

Roderick: “How many of you are there, and what business brought you here?”

Bomrek glances as suthri, sidelong, and grins
Suðri Skornbrekker grins back, but turns more serious as he adds to his friends’ questions to the Elf: “I see no point in unnecessary conflict, but if you possess any more of these Silver Swords, I must ask you to surrender them.”

The Pale Elf: “Please! There is one other, my companion, he would leave with me.” And she gestures at him, out of sight, waving a hand to him to step out
“We will surrender our swords! A fine idea!” she says, excitedly, jittery.
The Pale Elf reaches deliberately into her cloak and produces the sword, handle up, by the sheath

Gray speaks softly to Roderick, aiming to not let his voice carry. “She’s wrapped in dark powder like a shroud, a spirit strong enough that the woman may simply be a shell it inhabits. Brimstone and.. humm.. a man, with her?”

Syviis calls out “[What is your name?]” in Elvish

The Pale Elf tosses it forward, up the hall, where it clatters
The Pale Elf: “who, me?” she says not very calmly “Oh I’m nobody! Doesnt matter! I could go and leave and it would be like we had never even met!”
Syviis frowns and aims an arrow, certain of it’s arc should she loose it, even at this distance “Your name is part of payment for your safe escape.”

The Pale Elf flinches sidelong, stepping away from a hand that grasps at her from round the corner. The arm is clad in heavy armor that shines silvery in the light

Gray: “No-body’s a good name for a spirit that powerful…” He hesitates, then speaks to Syviis. “The girl may be innocent. The spirit that has her is what we speak to.”
Syviis nods at Gray

Ken (GM) the portal, behind her, shimmers silvery and fog-like. A veil of magic appearing

Suðri hesitates to continue, and checks his weapons once more: “I shan’t attack without due cause, but please understand: if you are with Jadeite, then we can expect to meet you again someday soon, and to fight you then under less favorable conditions. It would be wiser for us to take care of you here and now—please give us a good reason not to.”

Bomrek takes the time to saunter to his gun, replace his mace on his back, and casually reload the cannon with powder, returning to his place
Suðri Skornbrekker: “What is your name, and who is with you?”
Bomrek: “She deserves to be killed. It’s justice” he mutters
Suðri Skornbrekker does not raise his own weapon, yet. Suðri tries to be polite, his statement honest and not intended as a threat.

The Pale Elf steps back into the middle of the hall, shushing the unseen man. “I… I cannot tell you my name. Ask anything else of me! I could tell you where Jadeite’s forces are deployed! Or where he takes his bed! You could seek him out there! But please! Not my name!”

Roderick: “Tell your companion to step forward.”

Bomrek arms his gun, and raises it, taking aim

Ken (GM) the gun crackles with red twinkling sparks

The Pale Elf steps back, gesticulating wildly to her companion to step forward
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[No shooting unless they make a move towards us,]” Suðri rebukes his comrade, although he too mounts his Dwarven musket on his bardiche, he does not aim yet.

The Blue Wizard finally steps out a moment later. He has an aura flowing from him, like a spray of magical azure fog out his collar, flowing over his back. The tall man is clad in heavy silver plate, greaves and sollerets, leaving only his face exposed. No helm but a high steel collar.
The Blue Wizard tosses a silver sword up the hall, angrily

(From Syviis): does that dude ring any bells?
(To Syviis): ELF LOOORE

Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 5 + 3 ) = 13
(From Syviis): that’s a match
(To Syviis): You know at once the armor is part of quicksilver
(From Syviis): like…of the swords/elemental?
(To Syviis): Yep

Suðri Skornbrekker asks his Crystal armour: “[This silver armour… is it ordinary silver, or…?”]
P.P. A.: I just realised he’s asking armour about other armour
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You know at once the armor is part of quicksilver
P.P. A.: Hey, you’re both protective gear, right?
Ken (GM): [thats racist]

Gray watches the silver sword fall and frowns thoughtfully. “How long have you Claimed your current host? Why serve the Usuper?”

Syviis whispers urgently to Rod “His armor is also part of the swords and elemental!…
(To Syviis): Also :elf lore: Thats an elemental bonding the wizard guy has, like youve seen on the more powerful wizard folks back home. He’s not rocking demon power there. Thats a storm elemental, frozen and icy

Suðri Skornbrekker looks angry, and raises his eyes; he states, with determination: “If this man strips his armour and leaves it here, where it belongs, with she whom he has stolen it from, then I will do naught to stop you, and you may go.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Keep your name if you wish—that is my one condition.”
Syviis nods at Suori

The Pale Elf looks at Gray, and cocks her head. As if deciding something
“Oh, you can see ME” emphasizing the word with a fingerpoint “Well, thats… hmm” she ponders, her voice strengthened somewhat, now different

(From Syviis): holding action to fire if they try to leave without this being resolved. Aiming on Ice-Mage Armour Guy

Suðri Skornbrekker puts weight behind his words by taking aim at the Blue Wizard’s face, looking stern but patient.

Gray stands thoughtfully and studies the elf and the drifting shadows the others don’t see, the dark spirit that surrounds her. “Memory? Is this anyone you know?”
The Pale Elf shrugs, puts up her hands “I Guess I wont be needing this” and she CHANGES

Ken (GM): You blink, and reality POPS, and standing where the elf woman was is Something Else. A figure with 6 arms, a massive coiled snake tail, and a face bedecked in gold jewelery
Doc: so still an elf then
Ken (GM) the man also seems quite surprised at this development
Syviis: (I assume she does not magically grow more of those swords? or did we just fleece her out of hidden ones?) 🙂
[Baby, I was goinna tell you, I swear!]

Ken (GM) she changed, instantly, just as she appears here, swords and all. This reminds you quite specifically, of the teleportation circles in the Dreugar ruin… and the demon guarding the road South, so many weeks ago.

Gray: “I’ve no reason to judge you based on how you look.” He says as the glamour changes… or perhaps she truly warps the body into a new form in total. “You are Deamon.”

Joush M.: It’s pretty close to our normal stopping time. Is this going to be this weeks cliffhanger?
Doc: dammit
Ken (GM): lol [best reaction for a GM to hope for]
Doc: 10/10 made me mad
Syviis: Okay, but I get +238940328 to aiming for that long lol
Doc: does GURPS give “my arm is tired” penalties
Ken (GM): yeah, will rolls to continue long-aiming
but yeah! 4 point to each, and until next week 😀
Fiss: Syviis shoots an arrow. Halves an atom in target’s brain. We all die in a mushroom cloud
Fiss: Cool, fun session mang, I always approve of demons being killed.
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man. I had a lot of fun. Hopefully Syviis won’t nuke us all next time
Ken (GM) Who is this demon? Why is the silver ice-knight so taken aback? Just what is her name?
P.P. A.: Couldn’t stop my midnight auto-shutdown
Joush M.: Poor knight just saw his girlfriend turn into snek-deamon
Doc: “Nice”
tfw no snake demon gf
Ken (GM): I know theres a manga for that, im sure
>surfs 4chan
P.P. A.: Great session!
Thanks for today, very much enjoyed it
Doc: same

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