Grimwyrd Campaign Setting: Exorcism

Grimwyrd Exorcism


Defaults: Will-6, Religious Ritual (any)-3, Ritual Magic (any)-3, or Theology (any)-3.

This is a cinematically enhanced skill, religiously powered, which does not require mana. Exorcism is not specific to any one religion; Many different faiths of the land allow for removal of invading spirits not native to the Material World. When these beings cross over to the lands of the living, they can cling to Objects, places or even people. This skill is the ability to drive a spirit from a possessed person or haunted location.

Typically, the length of the ritual is 15 minutes X the spirit’s HT. Some spirits wait patiently through the ritual, anticipating the combat to come; others try to distract or even attack you before you can complete the ritual.

Those with Power Investiture, Blessed, or True faith may instead take a Concentrate maneuver and invoke their own power to perform their ritual immediately.

Once the ritual is complete, roll against Exorcism Skill.

  • On a critical success, you immediately banish the spirit.
  • On a regular success, your opponent rolls in a Quick Contest: your Exorcism skill vs. the higher of the defending spirit’s ST or Will. [When fighting a spirit in a living host, add higher of the ST or Will of the possession victim to your Exorcism skill as they try to “push the spirit out.”] If you win, you drive the spirit from its haunt or victim.
  • If the spirit wins or ties, it retains its current status and you must wait at least a week before you can repeat the ritual.
  • On a critical failure, immediately roll 3d+10 on the Fright Check Table (p. 360). Even if you keep your sanity, you may never attempt to exorcise this particular spirit again.

The spirit of deceased mortals are laid to rest; these spirits pass on to the Spirit Realm in peace, continuing the cycles of the great wheel of souls.

For demons and similar entities, make a reaction roll. On a “Poor” or better reaction, the spirit flees in humiliation. On a “Bad” or worse reaction, the spirit immediately uses whatever resources it has to take vengeance on you and those nearby. These spirits are vengeful, and while they may have been driven from a mortal coil, they are still present in the Realm of Men. They are quite vulnerable now, exposed in the world!

If the exorcism fails at any stage, or if a spirit is driven from a coil but not yet destroyed, make an IQ roll afterward. A success means that you learned something about the spirit that will help you in your next attempt to banish that foe, giving you +2 on later skill rolls. You may only claim this bonus once for a particular spirit.

Other ways of gaining power over spirits involve researching and invoking their true names ( requires research, up to a +4 bonus)(often in the tongue of Old Gorgoth or the Demonic Script) or controlling a fetish attuned against them. Mortal spirits are repelled by silver (+1 for carrying pure silver tools) and pure salts of the earth (+1 for utilizing at least 1oz, consumed in the process).

Demons can be repelled with golden offerings (+1 for plated tools,+2 for solid devices), burned incense (+1 for utilizing at least 1oz, consumed in the process), and sacred or holy items (+1 to +4 bonus, depends on resonance and religious significance, check with the GM).

Truly powerful artifacts of Exorcism are the Ogre Blades; forged by the ancient titans who battled the first Horned King of Gorgoth, hey are infused with the green flame of magic. Little is still known about this power, as the histories of the Ogre Mages were lost to the warring ravages of the Old Kingdom. Many have mistaken the green flame for simple magical tricks, and paid dearly for it, their souls charred from their bodies in a wash of verdant light. (+4 when brandishing the blade; wounds struck against spirits possessing a body only damage the invading spirit, and victims may be spared injury!) It is told that during their war Ogre mages would allow demons to possess Orcs and Gnolls, then strike heads from necks, banishing the spirits with surprising mortal injuries!

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