Grimwyrd Character Biography: Gray

For all Ye Citizens of the Kingdom of GreyHold,
Landsmen of Oakway, PerryWeather, Finnbar
and the villages of the Duchy of Bandobras.

Your King Idar of the Grey Sword calls you to arms!

The wretched Beastmen of Gorgoth seek to lay claim to the lands of your holdings; already they grow too bold and have set camps to the South of our verdant forests. Their unrighteous leader is a madman and warlord, and would see your homes and farms burned to cinders!

Make haste! To Oakway! Join the valiant forces of the King’s army and Militia, and ready yourselves to defend the land!

One of the first to answer the call to arms was the mighty Beastman, Gray. He had served with the militia before as a mercenary, ranging through the Southlands and working as a local guide or simply more often as muscle. Simple enough for the brute, as he weighs in at a beefy 330lbs standing at 7’2″. A prodigal son of the Scorned, he grew to his massive height early, as well as growing into other bestial features. Hide like rough leather, flesh that seared at the touch of silver, and an ability to resist damn near any poison or disease.

He proudly strode to Oakway to serve the King’s proclamation, ready to serve against his dark brothers should the coin pay as it had in the past. He unfortunately had to serve with two dwarves in his squad of five, but he kept an open mind and only judged them on their actions as they served. The road South was fraught with danger and he would need allies.

Once the Southern Reaches had been cleansed of the plague-ridden Beastmen scouts, and Glardenfen recaptured in the name of the Militia, Gray found himself thrust forward to the spotlight. As one of the “Heroes of the South” he was expected to report for special duty, working with his comrades and an elven scout, to plunge deep into the heart of Gorgoth itself. There, they might find a fabled weapon which might turn the tide of the war before it had even begun. There they might find, the Ansible of Spirits.

As they ranged South, Gray grey to develop his powers, tapping into a heritage of magic barely known to him, a gift of his Beastman blood. Transformative powers allowing him to act with the speed of the mighty hunters who came before him, guiding his hand and blade. By the time his clawed toes stepped on the black stones of the Dreugar keep, he would have summoned his spirit guide, Memory. She would serve as his mentor into the ways of her kind, as well as an invisible agent who could slip unnoticed like smoke where required. 

Past the ruin of the Dreugar Keep, once the Ansible had been activated and the world set on it’s crash course with evil, Gray pulled himself up by the bootstraps. He accepted his fate, acknowledged his part in the chaos of the land, and took it upon himself to take responsibility for it. He had awakened the Ogre Blade through his deeds, facing down the Elemental Evil of The Darkness. The lime light of the brass blade would guide his hand, and in many clashes with evil, the burning flames seared away the mark of evil from the world. He inspired such prowess, his former commander Volk pledged his mercenary company to his aid in the revolution. The old friend stood his ground, as darkness encroached, the gateways to the other realm exposed.

By the culmination of the final showdown between Mortal heroes and immortal evil, Gray had grown from a resigned half-man into a tall and proud Scorned. A champion warrior of his people, and all innocents who would suffer from the dark. 

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I'm an avid gamer, computer troubleshooter, and all around dashing fellow. I blog After Action Reports on my gaming, running as the GM for several GURPS 4e games
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