Grimwyrd Chapter 5: The Long March

The Heroes of the South; A name that stood for virtuous heroism and valiant defiance against evil. Then, a moniker heard as a dull echo to atrocity and untold death. Now, a title to aspire to again, climbing out of the depths of despair and misery to fight back against the dark.

We find the party recuperating from their clashes with evil, returning to the mundane chore of polishing steel and honing an edge. The world has changed in their wake, and now the wave crashes back upon them. Falkirk has lost his magic and Aachen has found solace in dark magics. Deloth-Ainur severed from a link to one demon replaces the pact with another. A land rich with the promise of salvation is found to be ravaged by the war, huddled masses at the doors and desperate people abandoned by the Rulers.

They set out to right the wrongs committed here.
They bundle arrow and lead to fire upon those who would stand to oppose order and light.
They stand for the people, the innocent, those they owe a debt of incalculable weight.

They begin the long march to the beat of a drum of war.

About KentonBlack

I'm an avid gamer, computer troubleshooter, and all around dashing fellow. I blog After Action Reports on my gaming, running as the GM for several GURPS 4e games
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