Grimwyrd: Scattering Shadows

11:59 Ken (GM): sweet MONKEY jesus

12:01 P.P. A.: creepy witch

12:01 Joush M.: He died for money sins
money? Monkey. Damn

12:01 Fiss: Monkey-Money Jesus

12:03 Ken (GM): whoo! hey we’re all here so far!

12:04 Fiss: TPK!?!

Ken (GM) thunder rolls across the sky, and lime green light flashes hither and yon. Flash! Crash! The storm approaches and tingles on your skin, even in the dark confines of the Witch Queens hut!

Syviis shivers as her elf senses tingle…and by elf-sense, I mean magic sense.

12:05 P.P. A.: >you will never make an elf shiver as you tingle her elf-sense

12:05 Fiss: Mtt0gfc.png

12:06 Gray: “So this storm is tainted by Fae power?” Gray asks in that primal voice as he walks to the small, dirty window of the dingy hut with it’s table set with rotting food and cauldron bubbling with no flame. “Do you have proof of what you claim, Crone?”

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a look outside as the faint light of green lightning enters through the barred [IIRC] windows, and nods to Gray’s questions.

The woman speaks, and her voice is ominous: “Look at the storm Beastman; you can tell it is unnatural. The Fae work their influence in the steps they tread in their passing. Their influence tore Gorgoth asunder. They come even now to this place”

12:10  (To Syviis): Your storm magic senses are tingling. This is not just some thunderstorm. There is a living breathing presence in it that drives it North, toward you all

12:12 Gray: “Aye..” He considers a moment before speaking to the others. “I don’t trust her. But she may be speaking the truth… should we take her at her word and head North, for the blade, or should we ask her to prove herself? To give us some prediction or vision of the future that might help the people here before we go to collect these items of great power she would have us find?”

12:14 Syviis: quietly “She speaks the truth so much as the storm is not natural…It seethes with power, but not of wind and cloud.”

12:17 The woman: “You want proof? Ask Roderick of his sword. How the Fae influence taunts him left and right. It cries out for blood. It screams in his mind for the clash of flesh and metal. Their influence will destroy you, even in their simplest implements”

Roderick winces at her words, avoiding eye contact with the rest of the party

Gray looks to Roderick and waits for his words, the brute’s expression sympathetic. He may not trust the woman, but he does worry for the man. “Perhaps then we shall take the Witch Queen’s word… though I will not put trust in her.”

12:22 The woman: “Trust me or don’t; the truth is laid out for you to see now. What you choose to do with it is the importance”

12:24 Gray: “Do you wish to continue our attempt to gather an army or should we move North with all haste? Infiltration by cultist may matter little if the Fae sweeps across the land like an emerald tide” He speaks to the others, giving only a stern glance to the crone. Mistrustful, even of the truth from the lips of the Norn-Ish crone.

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “…if we want to restore order to the kingdom, we would have to recover the Blade anyway, would we not?” He looks over to Roderick: “No offense, but your sword… You did mention before how it was talking to you and thirsting for blood. So far, our enemies needed killing indeed, but I do worry if it might one day turn on us.”

12:32 Bomrek: (Someone implied there was horsemeat here; where is my horsemeat)

12:33 Roderick: “I tried to rid myself of it in Gorgoth, but to no avail. Unless the crone has another idea, it looks like it’s staying with me.”

12:34 Gray: “I’ll ask Memory when we are away from here, but she knows of the Old kingdom and creatures of Spirit and Shadow, not the Fae.” He says to Roderick gently, frowning.

12:34 The woman: “You truly wish to break their influence upon you, son of man? It is a simple task, but the Fae have a long and angry memory. They will not take this slight lightly”

12:40 Roderick: “So my options are to personally offend one of the forces destroying this world, or to join them in defeating the other?”

12:41 Gray: “For the moment, you are Master of the blade. You can keep it and use it in our mission to recover these items and close the breach.. or at least, until the burden is too heavy for you”

12:45  (To Syviis): Your magic vision shows the room in great detail. There is a working here that tells you the room itself, while housed in the building, is in another place entirely. Like a pocket dimension.  Also, while there is a general fuzz of magic, the crone is not pinging. At all.

Bomrek lazily brings a gold coin from his pocket up into his mouth, and lightly, slowly, chews on it. “Personally offend? There was a saying back home ‘Those who play with magic need not buy tombs.‘.” he shifts the gold coin to the other side of his mouth, and continues his light, gentle chewing. “I’d rather come back to my Holme, be entombed, not burnt to a ash or sucked away to rot in some mad ‘god’s void. Take that into some consideration.”

12:50 Gray: “I’ll try to see you returned home if you fall, Bomrek. I can make no promises though. We are all steeped in magic fit to drown us and the tide rises higher still.”

Bomrek turns his head to Gray, calm and rather neutral in expression. “You maybe; I’ve just got gunpowder in my ears, gold in my pockets. There is no magic binding me, body or soul. Magic might be up to your necks” he casually points his thumb around, loose-gripped, at you all – aside from Suðri . “You might be into it up to your necks, but it’s only just lapping at my ankles” he points his thumb back at himself, into his chest. “And I’d rather not have it said that I drowned in a puddle of magic, aye?” he lifts his brows in a sardonic expression, and shifts his gaze between you all.

Gray nods to Bomrek then looks to the others. “We have a choice to make. Make haste North for the blade, or stay and try to continue our plan to collect an army. I would think we should ride;This storm is an ill omen.” His hair bristling, unbidden.

12:57 Syviis: “We seem to have no shortage of ill omens.”

Ken (GM) KRAKOOM and you hear the showering of water rolling over the camp around you, bouncing off the roof now, pounding at the windows

12:58 Bomrek: (“Frau Blücher!”)

12:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We could collect an army, and then march North with it…and hope we are not immediately branded traitorous rebel, likely though this seems.”

12:58 Gray: “Some will call us rebels the moment we raise an army. It’s a provocative act”

12:59 Roderick: “We’ll not march far in this storm, with or without an army.”

1:00 Bomrek: “A big army is a big target, especially untrained. If the King has an- Had any sense, he’d have some cannon and grapeshot in his armory.”

Bomrek moves the gold coin around in his mouth, in thought. “Of course, an army being here at all might cause some confusion, maybe panic in the North. It may make any task of ours easier.”

1:02 Gray: “There’s many possibilities. We need a choice now… shall we vote on this?”

1:04 Syviis: “the army’s dealing is wise, but besides the Noble of the group, we are best moving quickly and striking at enemies too dangerous for the average soldier. I also wonder if we might find the cause of this storm instead of running from it…” She sighs “I’m afraid I have no answers…only a need to act. I will follow you, my friends.” Syviis looks out over at the storm, seeing if she might discern an origin of the magic forcing it forward, versus just the bulk and build of it.

Gray nods to Syviis, accepting her reply, then looks to the others. “Choose”

1:09  (To Syviis): The windows look out through smoke stained glass onto the refugee camp drowned in a downpour. Above, twisting black clouds billow and fold on themselves, the rain being squeezed out like blood from a corpse. Green lightning crawls slowly and sinuously like snakes through underbrush, coming down through the clouds and climbing back up, like living serpents of lime colored power. Your magic vision reveals the storm itself is alive, the pulse of magic grown like a massive amoeba. A living, swirling elemental of The Storm. The lightning pierces it like chains, dragging it North

1:10 Bomrek: “Going it alone sounds safer.” he perks up a bit, and says “Besides, Army’s want pay eventually. Better to split loot 5 ways, than 5,000”

1:11 Syviis: “The storm has a life of it’s own, it seems…I haven’t witnessed anything like it before.”

1:11 Suðri Skornbrekker: “’tis hard to make a decision, for we know not what awaits us, and how we might actually get the Blade or anything else. If it is in the hand of villains, an army would be good, but if it is not, said army would be a burden, and a risk.”

Roderick raises an eyebrow at Syviis’ comment. “You say this storm has a life. Does it have a heart?”

Gray walks to the window and stands beside Syviis, gazing out at the storm with a frown.

1:14 Syviis: “I see only the power of it moving through the clouds…like the elementals we’ve faced before, but far, far larger. I’m not certain it is the kind of thing that has a heart or not…but it IS alive.”

1:16 Roderick: “Like the elementals… Perhaps this is a magical hunger created by the void we left in the South.”

1:17  (To Gray): The windows looks out through smoke stained glass onto the refugee camp drowned in a downpour. Above, twisting black clouds billow and fold on themselves, the rain being squeezed out like blood from a corpse. Green lightning crawls slowly and sinuously like snakes through underbrush, coming down through the clouds and climbing back up, like living serpents of lime colored power. Your spirit vision reveals as well, a storm of spirits like a murder of crows. Unaffected by the wind or rain, they swirl over you, as if the cottage stands in the eye of a tornado

Bomrek looks to Suðri , then toward the others. He leans in and says rather quietly “Well, an army might help against that, even if they lose to it” (Bomrek’s idea being if they’re hungry for magical energy, maybe a big group of undesirables will sate the being as well)

1:22 Gray: “Dark speculations.. dark thoughts. And a damn dark storm. Shadows and spirits amid the storm.” He says with a thoughtful frown. “If Suðri and Syviss abstain and I say to move now with no army… It’s down to you and Bomrek, Roderick. If you two agree we will have our choice made”

1:24 Bomrek: (someone remind me of the facts here. We raised an army (sort of kind of) to go after that one big asshole in the North, right? Bomrek’ll think the Army’s a bad idea, and prefers us as a small, agile strike team more than anything.)

1:25 Doc: (haven’t raised the army yet)

1:25 Gray: ((Army plan was based on the idea we had plenty of time to put them together and sort out a possible civil war brewing up north after the king’s death))
((Gray thinks the collection of these magic items is better done quickly with them))

1:26 Bomrek: Mmm. Bomrek turns toward Rod. After a moment, he says “What are you thinking?”

1:26 Doc: (do we even know where the magic things are?)

1:29 Gray: ((One of them is the sword of the king. Should be up north in Grayhold))

1:29 Doc: (if not, we’re just going to stumble around hoping to attract attention and that’d probably be better with an army)

1:32 Joush M.: We know where the first one on the list is, at least

1:36 Roderick: “We may be able to ride North as the army assembles here, leaving the soldiers who just joined us to train them.”

1:36 Bomrek: Bomrek’ll think that one’s best obtained via a small group, and’ll vote to go without the army, presuming that we can come back and get it later if needed.

Syviis nods

Gray nods. “It won’t be easy to rally the men here.. we could..” He hesitates, then nods to the others. “The wealth we collected might go a long way to letting them train and recruit here. But it means leaving it in the hands of the guards.”

1:38 The woman: “The leaders here bow to me; Your meeting here will be interpreted as a boon and blessing, and they will follow your banner. Instruct them to fight, and they will prepare for war. They are no soldiers, but they will raise spears”

Gray growls thoughtfully.

Bomrek ‘s eyebrows raise a bit at the mention of wealth, and a bit more at the  implication that we give it to these people, but otherwise maintains a rather normal, standard posture and expression.

1:43 Bomrek: (he’s pretty happy he sent all his loot back home with an associate of his Cousin’s. What foresight)

1:46 Ken (GM): [yeah, who would fund a rebel army with it then? :p]

1:46 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The best would be if some of us could stay behind to train the army, while others would scout ahead—but I would not feel comfortable with any of us absent. What about the remnants of Aachen’s elf-cult? Could we send them as spies to the capital somehow?”

1:46 Bomrek: [Bomrek plans to fund a rebel army composed of expensive alcohols and meats back home, in a few years. And then to rout the army using his mouth]

1:49 Gray: “I don’t know if they would be willing to work with us. I wish we had someone we could trust here to raise and train the people, but it would be best not to divide our efforts. The sword waits in Grayhold”

Ken (GM) A warbling SCREEEE tears overhead; the cry of some massive bird. A shadow passes over the house, cutting through the dark of the storm. A heavy thud and the creaking of timbers cries out nearby, and the sound of a man screaming in pain bleeding through the sound after “Please! No more! I know nothing! NOTHING!”

1:54 Gray: “Duty calls.” He says, bowing his head to the crone respectfully then heading out the door to try and follow that sound to it’s source.

Ken (GM) Gray pushes open the door and icy cold rain slashes into the room like a knife; the lights dim and the room seems to cool more so than solely temperature; you turn your heads to see the Crone and her cauldron are gone!

1:54  (To Syviis): The shroud of interdimensional extras is missing now too. Seems the crone vanished alongside all her magic workings

1:55 Bomrek: (sounds like a bird is water boarding a man, uh oh)
(I’m sure the bird has his reasons though, who are we to judge?)

Ken (GM) outside, Gray finds the source easily; through the sheets of dark rain, a terribly large bird of fearsome make perches on a rooftop across the street. It’s bloody beak and ink-black feathers are streaked with running blood. And grisly bits of some man…

1:57 Bomrek: Well, Bomrek’ll take aim if possible, preferably from inside the doorway

Suðri Skornbrekker , with by now routine calm, checks his musket, grabs his bardiche, and heads outside.

Ken (GM) perched astride the creatures neck, in some exotic saddle, is an elf in red and white warpaint holding a fearsome looking staff pointed down into the street

1:59 Syviis: “Well, this is interesting….” readies bow

Gray walks into the rain, lifting his head to look up to the elf there and reaching back to touch the weapon at his back. “Who are you?”

1:59 P.P. A.: How far away are our soldiers and is the bird between us and them?

Ken (GM) your men are up the street, you can see them huddled behind the wagon in the rain. The yellow prince is atop the wagon still. He seems a bit wide eyed and fearful of the whole situation

2:00 Doc: (also how far away is Bavieca)

2:01 The Elf: “Where is the Lord Marshall!? Where is Dardun! Speak half-breed!” and the elf atop the Roc thrusts his staff, a black bolt of something striking a man unseen in the street below, a grunt of living pain

[bavieca is beside the wagon, brown horse]

2:01 P.P. A.: so is the man closer to is than we are to the soldiers?

2:02 Ken (GM): FFS [changing map focus]

2:02 P.P. A.: oh, I see

2:02 Ken (GM): good lord how long were you guys just running on my descriptions?

[Authors note: It was at this point the party pointed out to me I hadn’t changed the map they were viewing on their side since the previous week’s duel with the Yellow Prince. The entire back and forth with the witch queen done as RP with no visuals. A pity, considering how much of that map I was puppeting for them. Just goes to show how much they were wrapped up in the story at the time, I guess. 

2:03 P.P. A.: until a few seconds ago

2:03 Doc: oh okay this makes a lot more sense

2:03 Gray: “The Lord Marshall is dead.” He says in that primal voice, pulling the heavy barbed spear from his back, a length of rope coiled and hanging down. “Who are you?”

2:03 Syviis: moar totem-elemental-half-elf-jazz?

2:03  (To Syviis): The bird is flesh and blood. His staff is very magicy tho. Like….oh shit…that is the HIGH ELDERS STAFF

2:04  (To Syviis): and THAT is not the high druid


Suðri Skornbrekker positions himself a few steps away from Bomrek, and takes aim at the birb-elf himself

Syviis makes a noise of shock, then loads an arrow and aims at the man holding the staff

Roderick grasps his longsword with both hands

2:05 The Elf: “Who in the name of the DARKNESS are you all?!” he yells into the wind. His bird SCREEs

2:06 Syviis: in an entirely threatening tone “That Staff… explain how you got it. Quickly.”
oh, wait, did he just say ‘in the name of the Darkness” like it was his homie?

The elf raises a brow, his long blonde eyebrow pointing up in surprise, his face curling into a sneer “A gift from the Great Dark Lord his’self. Dardun grants boons to his followers”

[capital D darkness, yeah]

2:07 Syviis: At this point, Syviss wouldn’t have even waited for the man to finish before firing.
But I’ll let you figure out if that’s initiative or not.

2:08 Joush M.: Evil guys get all the coolest mounts

2:08 Syviis: [it’s true…]

2:08 Ken (GM): surprise round from Syviis!


The fight! Birb = Birb, E = Elf riding him with the staff, X = The guy he was torturing, Yellow box and hashes = The party’s wagon and men, Purple = The Party’s approach out of the building

2:09 Bomrek: How’s my aim lookin’, considerinn’ Gray’s giant dome? Also, how long’ve we been aimin’ for.

2:09 Ken (GM): Rain and darkness are a -2, and -3 from the storm right now
@bomrek; there is height clearance over him, so you’ve got a clear shot
but Syviis!

2:10 Syviis: -4 for distance, and you said -3 for the storm?

2:10 P.P. A.: Would darkness affect the night-vision people?

2:10 Ken (GM): night vision is a the tool with which you defeat the darkness!

2:11 P.P. A.: but not the Darkness D:

2:11 Bomrek: That reminds me, is he bare-chested, or does he have armor?
That also reminds me, maybe I should shoot the bird.

2:11 P.P. A.: it’s a start, though!
maybe we should leave the bird to the soldiers
since it’s big and easier to hit

2:11 Joush M.: Don’t shoot my bird!

2:11 Bomrek: what are our soldiers armed with.. Ooh, some muskets and crossbows. That might work.

2:11 Bomrek: (“Looks like Poultry is back on the menu boys”)

2:11 Joush M.: I want to keep it and feed it bits of the things we kill. We will be friends

2:12 P.P. A.: if it lays eggs we can use those to feed our refugee army

2:13 Bomrek: We’ll just feed the dead refugees to our refugee army. No need for an expensive bird.

2:13 P.P. A.: We feed the dead refugees to the bird, and then the eggs to the refugees since they might object to your plan

2:13 Bomrek: Pssh, you can hardly tell the difference between beastman meat and goat.

2:14 Bomrek: Just tell’m our chef’s from Turkey

2:14 Doc: oh wait fuck I didn’t realize that was walls and a door
it is walls and a door, right?

2:11 Ken (GM): @Fiss: -4 distance, -3 wind/rain, -2 darkness!

2:13 Syviis: Alright. Going for general hitting, 2 points shock, all out to get the extra attack. Dice target is 14 or better depending on how much aiming she got.

rolling 3d6(6+3+2)= 11

Syviis slips an arrow past Gray and into the sky with a shock of her own lightning!

Ken (GM) a crack of white lightning and righteous thunder screams out from Syviis!

2:14 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(5+2+4)= 11 vs dodge

Ken (GM) the elf screams in rage and fear, and the arrow slams into a veil of dark  shadows that swirl around him like a cloud! “BETRAYAL! IA! IA!

2:15 Ken (GM): FISS: DAMAGE pl

2:15 Syviis: rolling 2d6(4+1)= 5 Burn
rolling 1d6 + 1 (2)1= 3 Imp
Lightin and arrow’ed respoectively

Suðri Skornbrekker is fast to face the foe! 8.5

2:15 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(5)7= 12

2:16 Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader)(3)7= 10
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage)(4+6+5) = 15

Syviis is seething with electricity as a cold, calm rage comes over her

2:17 P.P. A.: fug forgot combat reflexes AGAIN
so 9.5

2:18 Bomrek: Was mostly afk there. Lets see, initiative,

2:18 Roderick: rolling d6+5.5+1(4)6.5= 10.5

2:18 Doc: (also pls respond, is that a wall between Rod and the bad guy?)

2:19 Bomrek: rolling 1d6 + 5.5(4)5.5=9.5
How much is the bonus from combat reflexes these days +1?
If so, 10.5

2:20 Ken (GM): right!

Ken (GM) the explosion of righteous power blasts into the dark shroud of the elf; a keening chorus of wailing voices meet his cries of IA IA and you hear the familiar wail of the frenzied elven furies!


Ken (GM) the red-haired and shadow-clad elf women scramble up the street, nearly on all fours; two leap up to the top of the 6 foot stone wall at the far end of the garden!

2:23 Ken (GM): Syviis! top of the imitative count!
[droppin surprise hits and topping the round too, so fast! so angry! so ELF]

2:23 Syviis: Gotta go with a double shot at the Bird-Man.

2:23 Ken (GM): first attack!

2:23 Syviis: Same target to hit, 14 bows
rolling 3d6(6+2+2) = 10
Success unless he be slippery

2:24 P.P. A.: ken pls respond to doc

2:24 Syviis: [ahh yes, is dat a wall?]

2:24 Ken (GM): is that a wall between Rod and the bad guy?
YUS rod is in the house by the door right now
BUT windows!
[adds blue line in wall ]

2:25 Syviis: [windows has crashed. insert bird.]

2:24 Ken (GM):  rolling 3d6(3+1+1)= 5 vs elf dodge

2:25 Ken (GM): THE ELF DIDS A DODGER (Not a crit, but a success)

2:25 Syviis: #2 then!

2:25 Ken (GM): FISS second arrow?

2:25 Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+4+1)= 7 vs 14 Bows to hit

2:25 P.P. A.: Syviis is a fucking machine gun

2:26 Ken (GM): NOICE [she is spending all the FP to do it too]
rolling 3d6(6+5+3)= 14 vs elf dodge

2:26 Syviis: Yes.

2:26 Ken (GM): HE DUDS NOT DORGE, damorge!

2:26 Syviis: down 6 FP pts now
Arrow:rolling 1d6 + 1(6)1= 7 Imp
Lightnin rolling 2d6(1+6)= 7 Burn

Ken (GM) two arrows fly, thunder rolls
and the arrows fly far then true!

Ken (GM) the swirling blackness smokes and sputters in the rain!

[Ablatative Damage Reduction, a common sight to come for these creatures of Darkness -Ken]

2:27 Ken (GM): Roderick!

Roderick makes it outside

Ken (GM) shadow furies at the gate and lightning flying from Syviis!

2:35 Ken (GM): youre kickin move 2 in full gear, yeah?

2:36 Doc: yep

2:37 Ken (GM): gotcha

2:37 Bomrek: small kitchen emergen- shit
Okay uh
I shoot at bird, what’s the penalties

2:37 Ken (GM): is it fire? GO PUT IT OUT

2:37 Bomrek: na emergency as in “these people don’t know how to do a basic thing and they’ll need me for 5 mins” I can spare another 30 – 60 seconds e.z.

2:37 Ken (GM): DA BOID is SM+4, distance -4, rain -3

2:37 Bomrek: Nice

2:38 Ken (GM): youve got 1 round aim

2:38 Bomrek: I have +4 for aiming, +1 all out attack, and +1 I’m preeettty sure from weapon bond?

2:38 Ken (GM): kk

2:38 Bomrek: oh, one round? I think that gives hte full acc so i’m fine

2:38 Joush M.: Finding out that nobody else knows how to make something sucks

2:38 Bomrek: So… net +3 to hit
rolling 3d6(6+2+4)= 12 vs roughly 18~
Thassa’ hit
does birb dodge?

2:39 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(6+2+1)= 9
Ken (GM) the bird didnt realize the shot was coming! Ignore my roll!

[The not often enforced because it so rarely came up “unaware of firearms” alternate rule Bomrek’s player suggested we use. The Bird has no defense roll, as it wasn’t actively dodging a shooter. This is all of, the third time it came up in play, for those of you following along.

2:39 Bomrek: rolling 3d6 + 1(1+6+5)1= 13 pi++ damage
alright gotta split be back in a few.

2:39 Ken (GM): 😮

2:39 Bomrek: prolly before my next turn.
if not: Bomrek takes aim at these elf THOT’s

Ken (GM) the bird takes a WHUMP in the chest for ~24 wounds! And rolls HT versus a major wound!
rolling 3d6(4+5+2)= 11 vs HT 10
oh look, a major wound, so knockdown/stun
rolling 3d6(6+2+4)= 12 vs HT 10

Ken (GM) the Roc takes the shot dead center and tumbles back off the roof perch from the blow, throwing his rider!
rolling 3d6 (3+1+4)= 8 vs Elf Riding skill

Ken (GM) the elf leaps from the saddle, and remains on the rain slick roof, shrouded in a black bubble of shadowy hate

2:42 Ken (GM): Gray!

Gray snarls ferally and steps forward, calling on the blessing and hurling that barbed spear at the leader. “Stay back, furies!” he commands the elves

2:43 Gray: rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats)(4)=
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats)(2+5+2)= 9 sec

Ken (GM) gray goes Super Saiyan

2:44 Gray: rolling 3d6 for harpoon (base SL 12 with +4 DX)(6+1+6)= 13

2:45 Joush M.: Humm, misses? -3 range, -2 storm?

2:46 Ken (GM): sorry, what was his target?

2:46 Joush M.: Elf Guy on roof

2:47 Ken (GM): –4 distance, -3 rain/wind, no darkness penalty due to night vision

Gray growls as the harpoon buries itself in the roof, pulled taunt as a wire as he pulls back on the rope and glares at the man… then releases. Missing leaves him growling, but the massive spear buried in the roof for now.

2:49 Bomrek: Well. Sounds to me like Gray can climb his way up to’m. Hope he did well in Gym

2:49 Ken (GM): Suðri!

Suðri Skornbrekker tires at the Elf!

2:50 Ken (GM): BOOM

2:51 P.P. A.: so the modifiers are… +2 from Acc, +? for aiming (how long did we aim?) -4 for distance, -3 for rain/wind?

2:52 Ken (GM): a single round aim, so just the +2 from your weapon Acc

2:52 P.P. A.: ah, ok and +1 from bracing, right

2:53 Ken (GM): right, so net -4!

2:54 P.P. A.: Hmm, 13… All-Out Attack would almost guarantee the hit but there’s the furies…
eh, all-out attack it is
He’s REALLY concentrated, dorf-autism!
Suðri Skornbrekker pulls the trigger! (All-Out Attack)

2:55 Bomrek: annnd back again. Lets see.

2:56 P.P. A.: ah fuck

2:56 Bomrek: ayy, his all out attack was wise

2:56 Ken (GM): dafuk?

2:57 Joush M.: Ranged all out SSUUCCKS

2:57 P.P. A.: I thought Determined aiming gave +2 but looked it up and it’s only 1

2:57 Ken (GM): do i not have an updated copy of your character sheet?

2:57 Syviis: determination…

2:57 Ken (GM): Use your luck?

2:58 P.P. A.: I guess. Might be good to have against the furies, but a hit would wear down his damage sponge a lot
Suðri Skornbrekker is a lucky dwarf!

2:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: 12v14

2:59 Ken (GM): right, so out of your first three rolls, 15 14 12, I’d suggest taking the 12 😛
rolling 3d6 (3+3+2)= 8 vs elf dodge(-2)

3:00 P.P. A.: (oh right, I think I haven’t sent you an updated version—though the only thing I changed was buying 1 point in DX, which I announced prior to the session where that first applied)

3:00 Ken (GM): and that is NOT a dodge, as he is off-balance from the roc fall/footing!
so, damage!

Suðri Skornbrekker hits, against all odds! [4d6] 26 Pi++

3:01 Bomrek: welp

3:01 Ken (GM): OO

3:01 Bomrek: what damage type is it? pi+? pi++?

3:01 Doc: wew

3:01 P.P. A.: pi++

Ken (GM) the shot lands dead center and SHATTERS the shield of black shadows. Punching through, you see a gout of blood in his chest blossoming into the heavy rain

3:02 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(4+6+1)= 11 vs Elf HT(death check)
he dies

[Math-wise I believe this was something like 1 or 2 points of DR left on his shield, and then the rest penetrating though about 10 HP. He went down past -2xHP -Ken]

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to the soldiers and shouts, as soon as the shot rings out: “Men! Watch out for the bird and elves!”

3:03 Ken (GM): THE FURIES

3:03 Syviis: damn furries….

Ken (GM) the elves slam into the black iron gate, wrenching at it, furious, tearing with their shadowblades, sparks flying and screaming!

3:04 P.P. A.: ooh, I forgot all about the gate

Ken (GM) it falls to the ground with a clank

3:04 P.P. A.: not so handy

Ken (GM) two furies fly at Gray!

3:05 Ken (GM): Gray! the first, she flies at with you with a shadow-knife plunging for your chest! wat do?

3:06 Gray: rolling 3d6 to dodge vs 11(5+1+5)= 11

3:06 Doc: (did my initiative disappear)

Gray sidesteps, manageing to avoid getting stabbed by the first blade.. (or not, if there’s a penalty for bad footing/weather)

3:07 Ken (GM): @doc: nope, youre still 10.5, right after Syviis

3:07 Bomrek: :OOO That’s me! Bomrek!

3:08 Ken (GM): The second fury stabs at gray with a long haft of shadowstuff! wat do

3:09 Gray: rolling 3d6 to dodge vs 11(5+6+1)= 12
Gray gets hit this time, failing to stay ahead of those blades of oily shadow

3:09 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(2+1+6)=9 shankd!
rolling 2d6 + 2(2+6)2= 10
damn! 10 IMP
6DR vs in the torso, ya?

3:10 Joush M.: Yep

3:10 Ken (GM): k, so 4 penetrates, 8 wounds

3:10 Joush M.: Ouch. Goddamn elves

3:10 P.P. A.: poor Grey continues to take all the damage

Ken (GM) the shadow punches through the rings of mail and hide and BLOOOOD

Ken (GM) up the roadway, shouts of alarm from your men, and the Dwarf Captain bellows for them to rush to your aid “PIKE LINE FORM UP!” [shuffles soldier tokens]

Ken (GM) the shadow-wielding elf has fallen to the roadway [adjusts token]

Ken (GM) The yellow prince remains in the wagon, dumbfounded from the whole ordeal so far [failed stun roll]

3:12 P.P. A.: he better not tentacle on us

Ken (GM) the ROC staggers up, and SCREEEEEE’s

3:12 Ken (GM): Syviis!

3:13 Syviis: Going to try and help out Gray by relieving some of the heat on him.
1FP shots to conserve power, but going for vitals. 2 shots. One target each.
First target (closer one) rolling 3d6(4+3+5)= 12 vs bows
I will hit vitals if it doesn’t dodge

3:14 Ken (GM): neat
rolling 3d6(1+1+4)=6
THATS a dodge

Syviis frowns and fires at the next one
rolling 3d6(1+4+6)=11

3:15 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(5+4+2)=11
GASP not! a dodge

3:15 Syviis: VITALS: rolling 1d6 + 1(3)1 = 4 Imp
rolling 1d6(3)= 3 Burn
PLUS…HT to avoid Stunned.

[Followup Affliction; HT vs Stun, standard penalty to the roll for damage taken. Recent purchase for Syviis ]

3:16 Ken (GM): SIZZLE shriek, and she goes down in one

Syviis nods purposely as an arrow pierces the heart-meats of one of the attackers

3:18  (To Gray): Spirit Vision As the elf goes down, you see a dark spirit pry free of her corpse, and begin gorging on her shadows. It’s a grotesque bloated thing, all spines and bristling talons. Catlike

3:16 Syviis:  (now at half FP, I think it’s 1/4 or 1/3 I start taking negitives?)

3:18 Ken (GM): [1/3 and youre at penalties]


3:18 Syviis: 10-4

3:18 Bomrek: And here we dwarves are, still fresh and unstrained. Goes to show’ya.

3:18 Doc: if only I had some sort of method of attacking multiple foes clustered together at once

3:18 Ken (GM): 😮

3:18 Bomrek: Call in an airstrike.


Roderick rushes in for a clear shot

3:19 Ken (GM): straight west with the line?

3:19 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 11 (move and attack)(3+6+1)= 10

3:20 Doc: focused on that one 2 yards away so no range penalty

3:20 Ken (GM): its an area attack, there is no ‘range penalty’
we’re just determining scatter, if at all
BUT thats a go! DORGE

3:21 Roderick: Rolling 4d6 BURNING damage(5+1+4+4)= 14 Burn

3:21 Ken (GM): WOOF

3:22 Joush M.: at least with the rain he won’t burn the slum down

3:22 Doc: hopefully

3:22 P.P. A.: [Burning Hearts]

3:22 Doc: range is 10 and max width is 5

[Damage to the Furie-Elves being what he rolled, divided by the width of the cone at thir point. If that wasnt transparent without a visual aid

Ken (GM) the gout of flame flows over the furies, and two of them are blasted full on. Steam rises from the roadway mud

3:23 P.P. A.: on second thought, Night of Fire would have been more appropriate

Ken (GM) above, the thunder rolls out, and lightning curls in response to the magic below… slithering tentacles of lime green light snake down from the sky…

3:23 Ken (GM): Bomrek!

3:24 Bomrek: Hmm..That bird up there, you said he recovered from his stun?
Might be wise to get rid of that problem.

3:24 Ken (GM): and it looks PISSED

3:24 Bomrek: Yeah, pretty wise I’d say.

3:24 Joush M.: Damn it. I wanted that bird

3:24 Bomrek: I aim at the bird.
There’s still a chance, Joush. follow your dreams

3:25 Ken (GM): Gray!

3:26 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 to Fast Draw (Sword)(2+5+3)= 10

Ken (GM) the ogre-blade bursts into licking green flames!

Gray draws his sword left handed, growling at the pain but ignoring it as the shadowy spear leaves his side… but something he saw gave him pause. “Spirit, begone!”

3:27 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 for Exorcism on the nearest fury(2+5+5)= 12

Ken (GM) the blade flashes with the green fire, and ghostly visages of horned heads, ten feet tall, burst forth in all directions from the blade!

Like this, but more horns and Scorned and green...

3:28 Ken (GM): [Gray finds he has a +4 to the roll, and the power bursts from him in all directions!]

Ken (GM) the furies recoil in fear, their berserker rage given pause. They hiss and recoil, skin sizzling in the green flamed light!

3:30  (To Gray): YOU HAVE AWOKEN A TRUE POWER; THE OGRE MAGI COME TO YOUR CALL, WORTHY ONE The voice echoes in your mind, from the depths of your sword’s power

Gray seems shocked by the reaction, the beast growling as the ghost flames surround him and light the rain slick darkness of the storm.

3:29 Ken (GM): Suðri!

Suðri Skornbrekker drops his musket and readies his Bardiche as a free action,

3:31 P.P. A.: is there a fence here?

3:32 P.P. A.: Hm, I see

3:32 Ken (GM): [ppa; 8ish foot wall of fieldstone, broken gate, green gap is the doorway]
charge and cleave?

3:33 P.P. A.: seems unwise, he’d be surrounded on three sides

3:33 Doc: Gray and Rod are a pretty solid wall tbh
reminder that Rod is in DR 9 heavy plate

Suðri Skornbrekker steps up to form a line with Grey and Roderick.images.jpg

3:35 Ken (GM): clank clank

3:35 P.P. A.: can’t both Evaluate and Move, right?

3:35 Doc: dang this is actually badass

Suðri Skornbrekker also lowered his visor

Gray stands badass with other badasses.

3:36 P.P. A.: and with that I end my turn

3:37 Ken (GM): kk

Ken (GM) the furies, seeing a wall of angry magic metal, and their leader dead, and so much MAGIC burning them, recoil and flee!

3:38 P.P. A.: That’s g— wait, what’s that orc thing over there

Ken (GM) in the street, you see clearly now the victim of the earlier attack; a misshapen half-ogre you recognize as Ulm! The Blood Mage! He is bleeding and has his guts in the street with him!

Ken (GM) the roc bellows a cry and slaps its wings out in a threat of violence, it’s antlers bristling with viscera from past victims

3:39 Bomrek: Ulm! When’s the last time we saw Ulm, aprox a hundred years ago?

Ken (GM) the green lightning crawls down out of the sky, alighting you all in it’s sizzling glow. It snakes down to the house, crawling like a flash out of time, like a living thing

3:40 Ken (GM): [Ulm stayed behind to rally the Southern reaches against the dragons, way back when, before you even got to Glardenfen the first time]

3:41 Joush M.: And he was SUPER CREEPY, even then


Ken (GM) your men clank up the street, bristling pike at the remaining Furie, who flees into the shanties [Moves tokens]

Gray lowers the blade as the furies flee, watching a moment, wary, then looking to Ulm with a wince. “Time has not been kind to you”

3:42 P.P. A.: To Doc: Ulm was one of our first party members. He’s a hueg ugly shaman. In an encounter with some sub-humans, he summed a blood-demon, which grotesquely sucked dry one of the enemies. The whole party was terrified, Gray mercy-killed one of the enemies so they wouldn’t have to suffer that awful fate, and we all gave Ulm shit for conjuring such demonic abominations.

3:42  (To Doc): Your magic senses are tingling; there is a living snake of lightning making for you guys!

3:42  (To Fiss): Your magic senses are tingling; there is a living snake of lightning making for you guys!

3:43 P.P. A.: As it happened, Ulm’s player had to leave the campaign between that session and the next due to scheduling issues so we super-elegantly got rid of his character by him just leaving us due to bullying at the start of the next session

3:44 Syviis: “Look out!” She swings her arrow upward and launches, bringing a crackle of her own power to the sky

Syviis aims at the snaking lightning coming down and fires

3:45 Joush M.: Syviis.. “FUCK YOU, SKY”

Roderick points at the sky a bit more slowly than Syviis

Ken (GM) the lime-light thing twists toward the blast from Syviis, but recoils from the blow! Her spark of white light shatter’s it’s nose, like a dog struck on the snout. It screams, and whirls back up to the clouds

3:46 Ken (GM): [divine powers ftw]

Syviis drops to a knee, winded, but readies herself if needed by clutching her necklace and pulling it into her hand


3:48 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What the [one Dwarven underworld, which is some kind of floating jungle] was that?!”

3:49 Syviis: “Guess the sky indeed has a heart…maybe more than one.”

Bomrek turns to Suðri, a displeased, rather shocked expression on his face. “The sky’s trying to kill us”

Gray flicks his wrist then lifts the heavy blade, the dark haired beastman hanging the sword at his side before his attention turns on Syviis and ask. “Are you well? That was… impressive.”

Syviis watches the sky with a suspicious gaze.

3:51  (To Syviis): The things you see are backing off. the elemental is not gonna eat you… immediately

3:51 Syviis: “Tired… but well enough… I think our foes are starting to dread the power we have. I hope that means they’ll choose peace… but I doubt it.”

Ken (GM) the roc screams again, and lifts into the air, away from you…


…and the air is alighted with the sound of a musket line firing in unison! The Roc is peppered with heavy shot from your men, and tumbles into the refugee camp, broken and dying “Ha-HA! that got it!” Screams your dwarf captain

3:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Good shot, comrades!” Suðri lets out a roaring cheer.

Gray almost told the men to hold fire, then sighs as it falls into the camp with that massive thud. The beast nodding in the direction of the dwarves. “They fear us. At least that is something… the Furies… I don’t know if I drove the darkness out of them or not. I will need to speak to Memory”

3:55 Bomrek: “There’ll be bird on the menu tonight!” Bomrek cheers, lifting his gun up in the air
(keep having to go afk, goddamn that’s frustrating)

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Gray: “What was that thing you d— first of all, how badly are you injured? I saw that blade sink into your armour!”

3:57 Gray: “Lung’s punctured a little. I’ll spit blood for an hour or so.” He coughs and demonstrates, spitting a mouthful of blood on the ground, then nods to Suðri . “I’ll endure… I drove the spirits from them, but the ghost of the blade, it’s power… it awoke when I did. It told me something.” He holds up the Ogre-blade, brass edge high

Ken (GM) the rain doesn’t touch the blade…

3:58 Bomrek: (Anyone else notice that the horse pulling the cart is fat as hell? Is that normal for horses?)
(What are they feeding it, funnel cake?)

3:59 Gray: “It called me Worthy One. It said an Ogre Magi would come to my call”

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up his musket. “Now your sword is telling you things too? …though I suppose my musket has been the loudest of our weapons so far.”

Suðri Skornbrekker steps outside of the gate to look left and right if there are any Furies still in sight “…that Ogre?” He points at the dying one down the street.

4:01 ulm: “~uuuuuurgh~”

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a closer look. “…isn’t that…”

4:01 Gray: “You could etch ‘Vertas’ into the barrel. It’s the only weapon around here I trust not to lie”

Gray goes to Ulm, the beast walking with Suðri

4:01 Bomrek: “If I ever tell you my musket starts talking to me, buy me a wagon ride back home, because I’ve clearly gone crazy Suðri” Bomrek says, reloading his musket.

Suðri Skornbrekker runs over: “Blood shaman guy, is that you?”

4:02 ulm: “my guts…are on my outside. this is a poor omen”

4:02 P.P. A.: XD

4:03 Doc: Is he “similar” enough to a human that Rod could try to heal him?

4:03 Ken (GM): yus

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around helplessly for a moment, then turns to Gray: “Can you send your bird to look for Falkirk? Or…” He turns around to Roderick and Syviis: “Can you ask the Witch if there is a healer around?”

Roderick sheathes his sword and steps up. “I can try. It’s magic, so the worst that will happen is that I exhaust myself.”

4:04 Doc: (just a basic IQ roll then?)

4:05 Ken (GM): [as per the usual]

Gray nods to Roderick. “Be careful. I’ll assist how I can”

Suðri Skornbrekker steps back, hoping Roderick doesn’t deep-fry the orc—that would smell badly.

Gray helps by putting things more or less where they belong and holding insides inside as Roderick works to heal

Roderick places his hands on the wounded… “man” and focuses his magic

4:06 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13(5+6+1)= 12

4:06 Ken (GM): GASP

4:07 Doc: 1/3 FP is where penalties start, right?

4:07 Bomrek: I believe so, yeah

4:07 Ken (GM): There is a SLUUUURP noise as the wound seems to blaze with an inner light and twist itself back together, like a firelog burning in reverse. The ropes of guts slide back into place and Rod expunges his pool of FP

4:08 Doc: gonna go with 6 FP then, dude looks pretty fucked up
so that’s 12 HP healed if I’m reading it right

4:08 Ken (GM): yus, and next time, you call that before you roll, due to rolling-creating-consequences
good job, he lives!

4:09 ulm: “Oh! I am not dead!” and he sits up, bloody and bewildered. Ugly as ever, covered in fresh and old scars  “I will need to rewrite the path of the stars on my flesh, but I am well again!”
…he startles…

Roderick breathes heavily, hands shaking after the ordeal

Suðri Skornbrekker blinks, quite amazed at how well that worked—though he recalls Falkirk healing Syviis’s gaping wound now.


4:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…how have you been?”

4:10 Gray: “You endure, thanks to Lord Roderick” He reaches out to help Roderick back to his feet while he nods. “Your powers are impressive..” Before he returns his attention to the ogre. “Taken in battle at the keep at Gandafel”

4:11 ulm: “…Glardenfen?”

4:12 Gray: “Aye. The keep was held by a dragon and an ogre”

4:13 ulm: “By the dark star of fortune and fate: Gorgoth truly had all the relics of their dark past pointed upon us. That blade” he half sits, makes hand gestures of warding, looks worried “It’s power has twisted the fates of all who wield it. It was said to be trapped in the dark heart of a demon prince, thrust there by the horned king himself before he threw his forces against us two hundred years ago!”

4:15 Gray: “The witch-queen would say it’s by design. These things will be needed”

4:15 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs Bad Temper (1+3+3)= 7

Roderick quietly wishes the ogre would stop shouting, as it exacerbates his mana headache

Ken (GM) The unseen camera pans up, and the credits roll, as this week of Grimwyrd is over

4:17 Doc: man that just makes it sound like a laughtrack

[audience laughs, theme song starts playing]

Rod: boy I wish he’d stop shouting

4:18 Ken (GM): you were trying to earn roleplaying xp, right? 😛

4:18 P.P. A.: Ulm: “The blade’s name has been corrupted over time, but its original name was… the ‘Grimwield!’” credits roll

4:18 Doc: we sure do get up to some zany but wholesome adventures here

4:19 Fiss: dun dun duuuun

4:19 Joush M.: Next Week on Grimwyrd: A montage of shots, including for some reason Roderick taking a shower

4:19 Ken (GM): [lenny face]

4:19 Bomrek: hah

4:19 Ken (GM): oh god, the hotsprings-harem episode? already?

4:20 P.P. A.: nah, next week is due for a flashback episode

4:20 Joush M.: Always

4:20 Fiss: so long as no male elves get mixed up in the men’s hotspring. They have the smaller penises

4:20 P.P. A.: where there’s like 5 minutes of new footage and the rest is clips from past sessions as we retell our story for Ulm
4 xp again?

4:20 Joush M.: Goddamn clips show

4:21 Adolf S.:  >Bomrek: “Gray I..”
>Gray: “No, do not say it. Don’t let words spoil this moment. Now, here in this place, I can finally let my feelings out, Bomrek, I…”
>Bomrek: “I need some money to buy more alcohol, I’m not letting these filthy bastards have gold in payment”
>Gray: …

4:21 Ken (GM): he was a guest star played by Doug Jones for like, 3 episodes

4:22 Doc: budget ran out so we get to reuse footage

4:22 Ken (GM): for that authentic “On a very special Grimwyrd…

4:22 Doc: is this the one where we learn the value of friendship or the one where they tell us not to do drugs

4:23 P.P. A.: He’s a shaman who reads the entrails of things and probably smokes whatever he finds…so probably drugs?

4:23 Ken (GM): “dipping into dark powers for a quick fix is no joke guys. Say no to warlock pacts

4:23 Doc: remember kids, if you do drugs your entrails will be ripped out by a giant bird ridden by an evil elf

4:23 Joush M.: Ulm loves drugs

4:25 Ken (GM): FOUR ECKS PEE

4:25 Adolf S.: :OOOOOOOOOO


4:25 P.P. A.: >33 saved up now
maybe I should remove my negative speed thing

4:25 Joush M.: I wonder what the hell I did to those furies

4:25 Ken (GM): maaaayabe you should spend some damned xp
@joush; probably showed them the true sight of their wicked evil and the price they will pay when the demon power consumes them flesh and spirit alike?
i dunno
ogre dicks or something

4:27 Joush M.: They are probably out just getting high on more evil spirits right now to recharge

4:27 Doc: 21 points, I should probably spend some too

4:27 Ken (GM): I vote for fire based-penis missiles
with homing
and accessibility “only vs da wimmins”

4:28 Doc: already got that
>points to carnage above

4:28 P.P. A.: I should spend some points to get a magic weapon too
a talking gun
it screams really loud whenever it shoots


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