Grimwyrd: Beach Episode

11:55 Ken (GM): oh lawd is dat sum peeps

11:56 Fiss: oh lawd is dat some peeps as well?

11:56 Ken (GM): fingergunz

11:57 P.P. A.: finefine

11:58 Fiss: So I got to call the insurance dudes today. Hooray for parking lot fender-benders! Wonder how much it will cost

11:58 Joush M.: Good morning people.

11:59 Fiss: Good to hear mang

12:00 Joush M.: Parking lot problems. I always assume it’s going to run $1000 or I think the insurence just makes you pay it on an installment plan instead of upfront

12:00 Fiss: Luckily this one wasn’t my fault, but we’ll see if I have to shell out the deductible or not. Wish I was recording when the other driver admitted he wasn’t paying attention But it’s pretty obvious. Unless you can drive a Kia Optima sideways…which I bet Richard Hammond could…but I have yet to achieve.

12:03 Ken (GM): hammond can do it, but only do that once then he explodes into flames
because he is a cock

12:03 Fiss: Nah, he’s crashed like…3 times now. lol. One more and he gets a free toaster.

12:05 Adolf S.: Aloha. I’ll only be able to stay for a short period of time. I’ve been tasked with watching the pool guy install a new board into our system for some reason as if he’s going to try to steal the decorative rocks, or some of the pool water.
So, whenever that kicks’ off.

12:06 Ken (GM): woo

12:06 Fiss: Gotta watch out for those tricksey board-hobbits…stealing your chlorinated water….

12:06 Ken (GM): make him a sammitch, get him a beer, then start recording the weird porno this precludes
where is doc?

12:07 P.P. A.: should I send him a phone message

12:07 Ken (GM): send him a DICK KICK
but yeah, poke him for us?

12:08 Fiss: DICK KICK PIC

12:09 P.P. A.: well then, let’s see if he shows up, I can NPC mode him for now

12:09 Ken (GM): OTHERWISE

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes

Ken (GM) shit got real; the witch queen laid it out for the guys: do the needful or the world is gonna die. Go get all the magical razamataz and shove it back in the Ansible, maybe the world wont go to shit, yo. And then they popped a cap in an elf for frontin’, callin them out on the Darkness and whatnot. Shoved some blood back into their Bro, Ulm, heard him do a bunch of rambling. Good times

12:13 Joush M.: “Looks like these elf boys learned what happens when they go rideing up on us. Pop pop pop, whatch them motherfucks drop. Suðri got them mad fucking skills with with that gat and we all know what happens when my boy Roderick got to lay hands on a fool. You feel me?”nwah.png

Syviis explains how the staff being held by the elf was once in possession of her elder…the one who assigned her to the group, really.

12:13 Syviis: Speaking of which is the staff recoverable?

12:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The one we met at the fort?”

12:14 Syviis: Well, that guy was a legendary foe. This one was just someone that had her leader’s shit and clearly took it from him by force or death.

Gray nods to Syviis, looking up to the rain slick roof and the dead man there before he pulls himself up, climbing to check the man’s belongings and to see if he can get the staff back from the shattered, bullet-riddled body of the dead elf.

12:18  (To Gray): He has pockets full of…raw flesh. and a little bag full of dirt. Black loamy stuff, smells like a gravez

Ken (GM) the Staff is an ebony length of wood, topped with a bleach white skull. The teeth are polished black gems of some glassy black, and the sockets have eyes of ruby red. It lays in the mud, glistening with malice and power

12:18 Syviis: …Oh? Has it been modified or is that legitimately the pimp cane that my elder had?

12:18 Bomrek: Your elder sounds like he was way more metal than I had assumed

12:18 Ken (GM): That is the elders staff 🙂

12:18 Syviis: My Elder apparently was Ronnie James Dio.

12:18 Bomrek: The-Only-Good-Elf, RIP Dio-kun

Syviis picks up the staff, taking a moment to behold it properly.

12:19  (To Syviis): Elven magical tradition is steeped in trappings for appropriate practices of magic. The Ebon Staff is a revered artifact of the cusp of the spirit realm. Death and life. Etc.

Gray climbs down from the roof, tossing the broken body down first then landing in the cool mud as the summer evening fills with rain and the threat of thunder. The towering beast speaking in his rough voice. “He carries raw meat and grave earth.. Memory, is this for some manner of magic? Can you explain?”

Memory draws out of gray, perching upon his shoulder, the raindrops passing through her, sending inky jets of black spilling like a small cloud underneath “The flesh is Elven” she cocks her head” and killed recently. The earth cut from a resting place of grave importance. The power drawn from it would power any ritual where the spirits of the dead are concerned”

Suðri Skornbrekker makes a disgusted expression. “Foul.”

Gray nods to the raven, thoughtful then nodding again, this time in agreement with Suðri “Very dark magic.”

Syviis looks up into the storm clouds above. “Foul indeed.”

12:25 Bomrek: “Some Elvish magical brew concoction I assume” he turns his head a few degrees, looking away from the flesh with a bit of irritation and disgust.

12:25 Ulm: “Hah, you are all still so squeamish” the misshapen half-ogre stretches, testing his new pink skin where rod healed him

12:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Less than when we last met, alas. We have seen things since that made your blood-demons… comparatively less repulsive.”

12:26 Syviis: “I do not squeam, Sir. I lament that so many are deciding on this vile path for power instead of working for their mastery over their own abilities.”

12:27 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…whatever the Elves’ artefact that we need to retrieve, by the looks of it, it might have fallen into the hands of these folks.”

Syviis pulls up her mask again and makes sure her bow, arrows and the staff are safely under her cloak. “Then let us remove it from them.”

12:29 Ulm: “These elves; they have come from the great green Anhaern, run North on foot and flown on Roc. They live here now, they have some camp or place of refuge. You might strike there, remove them like a snakes head…”

12:30 Gray: “That idea isn’t without merit. Where do they gather, Ulm?” He asks, the massive beast looking to the scarred ogre. Slightly wary of the grim shaman, he still remembers the repulsive blood magic the man has used in the past.

12:33 Ulm: “This I do not yet know, but I might consult the dead” and he looks at the fallen Elven roc-rider, the corpse sprawled unceremoniously in the street. “May I work my ‘unsettling tribalism’ for us?” he chuckles to himself

Suðri Skornbrekker shrugs, involuntarily chuckling at the absurdity himself: “Do what you must.”

12:36 Joush M.: When it turns into a blood deamon it’s on you, Suðri

Gray rest a hand on the wound in his side and nods grimly, the brute walking back and collecting, checking his weapons and things rather then watch Ulm work. He nods to Syviis. “The staff… an artifact of power?”

Syviis nods quickly

12:37  (To Syviis): the staff is a device of power yes, and It grants a boon to anyone with the spirits, healing, or death talents. It would also allow you to interact with other magics in those disciplines, even without the talent on your sheet


Ulm slaps his hands together, rubbing them in a methodical washing fashion in the rain, and crouches over the elf corpse. The ogre-man perches awkwardly, his poorly shaped legs jutting out at odd angles. He holds his hands up to the sky a moment, says simply “I ask to speak with this one, please”…and he plunges his hands down into the chest, punching through flesh and bone, sinew snapping, skin tearing

Ulm struggles with something, then, fighting against some rabid thrashing thing, and draws his red hands out again from the body… dragging in them, out of the body, a ghostly apparition of flowing blood and smokey ether. The elven spirit? His mind? It is trapped in Ulm’s hands now!

Syviis watches with interest

12:42  (To Syviis): The staff allows you to see the details, mingled in your magic vision, of whats going down here. He has literally ripped the ghost out of this guy, for interrogation

Gray touches the massive ogre blade, then deliberately draws his hand away and breathes to settle his nerves as he watches the Ogre draw that from the dead man.

12:43 Syviis: “The staff allows one to work with healing and death, and the spirits associated with both…I dare say it may be useful if I can learn about it…” she watches the spectacle intently “Or…it might be teaching me simply by being with me.” Either way, she holds it idly, watching Ulm work.

12:43  (To Gray): Your spirit vision reveals, Ulm has the man’s ghost in his hands. The local spirits are running in all directions, scattered and afraid now

Ulm grasps the bloody specter, the body below deflating like a hideous balloon, and as the thing is wrenched further out the spilled blood swirls up and over it, along Ulm’s steady hands.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks on, not pleased with what he sees, but numbed to it.

Ulm bends forward, crouched over it like he was holding a grotesque child to his chest for a lullaby, and they begin to talk. They speak in weird half-tones, and nothing like you have ever heard before. The conversation is short, perfunctory, and unsettling

12:46 Gray: “A strange, grim thing. I hope the lessons it teaches aren’t bad ones.” He says in that rough voice.. then frowns to Ulm. “He holds a ghost. It’s a disturbing path we walk.”

12:48 Syviis: “We are here to stop the grim things… not join them. Please Ulm, once you have what you need, let the spirit rest.”

12:51 Ulm: “Yes, fine, as you wish young beautiful thing. Your hands will not be bloodied today” He stands then, speaks more unsettling tones to the dead thing, then lets it go. The blood splashes to the ground, mixing with the rain. The ghost disappears from view

12:51  (To Gray): Except you see the spirit then, floating back away from his grip. It is immediately set upon by the dark black sooty spirits. They swarm like piranha!

Syviis squirms slightly under her cloak. Not flattered in the slightest, but accepting the compliment quietly.

12:52  (To Gray): The silent screams of the ghost are swallowed up by the heap of black spirits feasting upon his spectral form. The elf is no match for their numbers

12:52 ulm: “We have our answers”

12:52 Syviis: she also wonders how her hands have not been bloodied, seeing the arrow shafts still glistening in the rain

Gray frowns and stalks forward, watching… something. The Beastman staring then shaking his head and turning his attention to Ulm. “What did you learn, blood shaman?”

12:53 Ken (GM): [literally standing by the Furies charred remains right now too :p ]

12:53 Syviis: [Well, technically she hasn’t shed much blood…lightning cauterizes pretty good. :P]

12:57 Ulm: “The elves are here, and in number, bot not in spirit. They are a fractured lot. Young angry men and women. Infighting, lovers, trysts, magical rape and pillage. Slavery. Sacrifice. They do nothing good here. Nothing but a Dark Gods work”

12:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Sounds like Elves alright,” He whispers to Bomrek.

Syviis whispers something that might be an elaborate curse, or a prayer…maybe both.

12:59 Gray: “They gather in bands. Some better, or worse, then others.” He corrects Ulm with a frown. “Some elves have proven good allies. But this band..” He gestures to the dead and broken on the road. “What of them? Are they gathered somewhere that we might confront them?”


12:59 Bomrek: “Can we get this in writing? I’m making a book, need some sources about how the elves are all horrible and not to be trusted”

Syviis rolls her eyes

1:01 Ulm: “These ones, the Bluk-taurii, are sworn to a fierce spirit. A dark and vengeful one. His door was locked with seven locks with seven keys, and he stalks the night now hungry for sullied flesh and milk-white skins. They paint their faces with the blood of sacrifices to him, and they feast upon the remains of his enemies. I thought him sealed away, but the ways have been opened for his kind, haven’t they?”

Roderick busies himself with something entirely not this conversation

1:03 Gray: “Many doors are open now.” He agrees as he looks to the rain, then nods to the ogre. “Do they have a temple to cast down? Or a home of the spirit itself to strike at?”

1:05 Ulm: “They take refuge in an old fortress of stone, dead as the soldiers who once guarded it’s walls. The bones of the dwarf, the man, and the elf lay there, mingled with the lizard and the offal. The great dead swamps. The great living green atop it like a mold”

1:05 Syviis: “Just once I’d like to storm a properly nice castle…” She smirks behind her mask

1:05 Ulm: “two, three days to the Southwest. A day as the raven flies. There they have their bonfires, worship their black god, and make more of their kind through force of will”

Gray nods to Ulm, then looks to the others. “The reputation of elves will suffer when these madmen and heretics continue their dark work. I would go to put an end to it.. but it’s the reverse from our goal in Grayhold. Who would join me?”

Gray then adds, for Bomrek’s sake. “It’s also a chance to slay these foul cultist elves and take their wealth.”

1:08 Bomrek: “I’m only in if they have elf and human jerky.  Or gold. Gold is good too”


1:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If it is a whole encampment of them, perhaps we should bring some backup.” He points over his shoulder to the Dwarven commander and the soldiers.

1:10 Roderick: “I should think that removing the radical Elven element as well might push forward the idea that these refugees are not as savage as believed by my countrymen. Stamping them out might legitimize saving the unwashed masses here…”

Gray nods. “We can have them follow after us while we go ahead to scout.. We have taken fortress unsupported before, Suðri. I imagine you could still do it.”

1:11 Roderick: “You DID say once you shot a cannon clear through a gate, rushed the defenders and beheaded a dragon….? And I’ve seen what we can do to a Derugar keep, firsthand”

1:12 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Back then we were not yet the commanders of a whole garrison, though,” Suðri replies with a grin. He turns to Ulm: “Any estimate of their numbers?”

Gray nods to Suðri , inclining his head to the dwarf. He’d forgotten that they could ask that of Ulm, having assumed that all the ogre could offer was shocking, repulsive blood magic and vague bullshit.

Gray tries, in retrospect, to not let that show on his face.

1:15 ulm: “Their entire tribe is there, but they are a fracturous lot. A dozen? no more than two, he recalled at any given time. They do roost their great birds there. Half a dozen of the mighty Roc” he waves his hand at the corpse in the slum to your side “They are possibly held in line by this one’s brood mate” he nudges the dead body with his foot “..and his memories of her are all sex and violence, (and those are not mutually exclusive). She was their high priestess, and the demon’s consort on this plane”

He points to the charred bodies in the rain “Those would be her children. Furies. Born of the hatred and sundering of bloodlines demanded by the tall horned one”

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard: “So not many Elves, and leaderless too, but a whole nest of giant fowl, huh?” He looks over to the corpse of the giant bird. An easy target for sure, but on a less favorable battlefield?

Gray looks to the furies, thoughtful as he considers a moment, hand rubbing across his jaw…then asking in that deep voice. “Do we know anyone that knows how to tame a Roc? It would be easier to get north if we could fly.. And thank you, Ulm. I underestimated you.”

1:20 Ulm: “Many do, Gray, but your spirit is of the Raven now. Youre not as dumb as you once were” and he laughs to himself

Gray nods. The brute not trying to deny Raven as his totem… or that he’s sharper, more clever and incisive then he was.

1:23 Ulm: “Roderick should speak with the elders. The chiefs. He needs to tell them his intentions, maybe explain how he intends to woo them, like some boy kissing the clan head’s daughter He will pay in blood or cows, but he needs to pay them all the same”

1:25 Gray: “Aye.. something to take care of while we prepare to march South? Or should we go with him and make a more impressive display?”

1:27 Ulm: “He will need to speak to them alone, but you can speak with the birds while he’s busy” The tall awkward ogre slaps an affectionate hand on Rod’s shining armor “He will make an impressive and shining display, regardless, but I will introduce him. Maybe tonight he will have marriage proposals from the Tieflings? A nice horny wife, golden eyes and tail? eh?”

Roderick looks somewhere between cross and bewildered at the prospect of a demon-touched wife…


1:29 Ulm: “Come, lets us get out of the rain. The sky-snakes are pissing all over us!” Ulm leads the way, gesticulating wildly “I will make you tea at my home! I promise to only add as much blood as you can stand”

Syviis pulls a few recoverable arrows free of their makeshift homes nearby and follows

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the other party members for a moment, hesitant to agree, but shrugs and accepts. “Thanks for your hospitality.”

1:32 Bomrek: “Do you have any elf blood?”

1:33 Gray: “Some on my clothes and hands… ah, not what you were meaning.” He shakes his head, the dark brute walking with them. The lupine Scorned walking easier as the shadow-made wound in his side heals.

1:36 Syviis: “I worry that you may already have a taste for it, Bomrek.”

1:38 Roderick: “Wait, did you mean Horny as in actual horns? Or…?”

1:38 Gray: “Dwarf blood taste like old iron left in the sun. A touch of rust. Less copper then a man, but darker. A touch thicker. Elf blood is lighter, sweeter then human.” He says with a wicked touch, the brute with fangs speaking casually of such things. “Oh, Ulm means it in every way, Roderick”

1:38 Roderick: “Because I have seen women with actual…horns…on their heads today”

1:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “How would you know Gr— Ah, you did bite a few folks on our way here, fair enough.”


1:41 Ken (GM): Right! So Ulm will take you guys to shelter from the storm, and get the elders organized in the refugee camp. Seems the shaman gifted with oracular visions is some kind of heavy hitter in the Southlands. He can get rod introduced to the leadership, and help smooth over the whole idea of ‘leaving immediately to stab elves as a plan of assuaging the nobility down here’.

Gray likes that plan

1:41 Ken (GM): Syviis can tell you: the storm should only last the night, and the big lime green evil bits are not invading. She scared them off.
I’d imagine it will be nice to have an evening off for once in your lives

1:42 Syviis: Lime green storm snakes always rainin on my parade…. fuckers.

Syviis smiles at the thought that she might actually get to air out her armor, and hides some tears at thinking she might be able to get some dancing and singing in…it’s been a while

Gray seems almost shocked when the running and fighting ends for a moment with the diplomatic meetings. He nods to Syviis’ weather forecast. They aren’t going anywhere until the weather improves, he should take the time to clean his things. The beast takes off his armor in Ulm’s creepy home with some relief

Suðri Skornbrekker likewise takes off his armor, and wipes off the sweat that’s accumulated beneath. A bath would be nice, but he does not reckon with such luxury here.

1:47 Ken (GM): Ulm’s house is shack/yurt, made of skins and antlers and large timbers draped with canvas. The floor is buried in thick Persian-style braided rugs, and he encourages bare feet in his home. Several young women of questionable heritage greet you at the door, and he introduces at least 8 “wives”


Syviis goes bare foot happily

Gray reveals the dark, trimmed claws on his feet as he works off those heavy chain mail reinforced boots, then the hose under them. The towering beastmen pausing to bow his head to the wives and thank them for their hospitality and the welcome into their home.

Suðri Skornbrekker does likewise

Ulm’s wives make quick work of leading you folks to the sitting room full of skins, pillows and chairs. Tea is served (only brewed with the finest blood!) as well as some small pungent meat things (rabbit? rat? who knows!)

1:54 Syviis: [I think mine is Corgi!]

1:55 Joush M.: Syviis is eating a tiny, pudgy drumstick

1:55 Syviis: [much wow…so delish…very hospitality]

The Dorf captain organizes his mean nearby, making camp, and setting a guard. He’s instructed your soldiers to make nice but just stay dry tonight.

Gray eats and drinks peacefully before stripping off his hauberk and suit to clean up. The blood from the wound wiped away, he tests it a moment and nods as it heals well, the scar will remain until well into tomorrow but the Beastman’s wound is already well closed. His broad, powerful body marked only rarely, and only were fire or silver have forced him to heal more like a human then a monster.

1:57 Ken (GM): yeah your only lingering scars so far should be the burns from the angry elemental, yeah? Around the mouth and nose?

1:58 Joush M.: Yep. And a few that came in backstory/childhood ones

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to be polite, and forces down at least a little of whatever looks the least revolting—taking his sweet time, and only little nibbles at a time.

Syviis strips down under her cloak (ultimate Bra-remove-under-shirt technique) and slips into some simple fresh clothes before exiting her cloak and placing her armor and tunic by her pack.

2:01 Bomrek: “By the Allfather; She is a woman?!”

2:02 Syviis: “Of course. Male elves are much more dainty.” She smiles

2:03 Gray: “Aye.. you couldn’t tell by scent?” He ask, curious as the towering beast averts his eyes from Syviis. Polite, careful not to watch her too much, the brute avoiding unwelcome attention. His massive hands working. Oiling and cleaning mail. “I hope Roderick’s meetings go well.”

Syviis sits, happily wiggling her toes on the rugs and skins

2:04 Syviis: [and this is where we learn the horrors of elvish foot-stench]

2:05 Ken (GM): Where did you think the tentacles came from?

2:05 Syviis: It’s true.

2:05 Ken (GM):


2:06 Joush M.: Elf Fashion

2:06 Fiss: I would totally learn to wear heels if I could have a pair of those.

2:09 Ken (GM): So, any pressing concerns other than some much needed basic maintenance of the armor and arms?

2:09 Syviis: She’ll spend some time examining the staff, repairing/making some arrows, etc, but mostly she’s just happy to bask in some hospitality and be grateful.

Suðri Skornbrekker sees to his armor and arms, and is grateful for the moment of respite, however unusual the ambiance

2:10 Joush M.: Nope. Gray could use a few hours off his feet to recover and take a moment to talk to memory about the day, to try and learn from it and figure out more about what the hell happened and what an ‘Ogre Mage’ is, but nothing to spend game time on

2:12 Ken (GM): coolness. I’d imagine Bomrek is just a pig in shit about having a clean dry place to strip and clean his dozen firearms
[“Uh, that’s an ancient Gorgothi silk rug. Could you NOT tap out your firepans onto it?”]
>Bomrek makes deliberate eye contact
>grinds out a handful of powder into the fabric

2:13 P.P. A.: >ancient Gorgothi silk rug
I wish Doc was actually here RN 😦

Suðri Skornbrekker bumps his elbow into Bomrek, and throws him a reprimanding glance

2:14 Bomrek: “Oh right! These ones are people! Because they didn’t die to the magic genocide!”

2:17 Suðri Skornbrekker: “[They’re our hosts, first and foremost,]” Suðri replies in Dwarven.

2:17 Joush M.: It’s been a long campaign, any of our Gray’s equipment worse for wear?

2:17 P.P. A.: quite a lot of holes in his mail by now?

2:18 Ken(GM): nothing worse than a few rings missing; Armory +4 maintenance level stuff. Lots of impaling attacks

Gray sets to work riveting new rings and sewing up holes in the surcoat and arming coat

2:19 Ken (GM): I’d say the most repair that was needed was Syviis’ armor after the demon whacking her to death with that sword chop

2:20 Syviis: Yep, good thing / bad thing it was leather.
Easy to repair…easy to puncture the Elf inside too. 😛

2:21 Ken (GM): makes for a good story at least

Image result for cleaning armor

Suðri Skornbrekker takes his armor outside to clean it thoroughly of all the sweat and blood that has crusted the inside.

Ken (GM) the evening passes then uneventfully. Warm drinks, warm rooms, clean living. Even if it all stinks of pelt and skin. A relaxing calm during the storm

2:23 Joush M.: Got to get Syviis some proper mail

2:25 Ken (GM): So! Roderick needs to do some proper wooing here in the meantime.
He has a +4 from Voice and Appearance, a +2 “Impressive set of regalia” and such from the nobles, as well as his Magic Talent (which they wholly respect) for a +1 as he’s a powerful mage. They particularly respect all these things.
He has a 14 skill in Diplomacy and Public Speaking , and a default to the relevant Savoire Faire of at least 12
Can I get three rolls from y’all? 1 each for the above?

2:27 P.P. A.: ah right, I wanted to take Diplomacy some time between sessions since Suðri has done some himself and got to see Rod in action!

2:28 Syviis: Rolling 3d6(5+6+6)= 17

2:28 Syviis: hahaha

2:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: 7

2:28 Gray: rolling 3d6(6+3+6)= 15

2:28 Ken (GM): jfc fiss
thank god Rod has LUCK

2:29 Syviis: lolol

2:29 Ken (GM): two more fiss! USE IT

2:29 Syviis: rolling 3d6(6+2+2)=10
rolling 3d6(6+5+3)= 14

2:29 Ken (GM): nice


2:29 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 for Sex Appeal (Untrained, Defaulting from HT)(4+4+5)=13

2:29 Syviis: Is Gray macking on the wives?

2:29 Ken (GM): oh god, Gray, why

2:29 Syviis: Or Syviis? lol

Gray is just putting it out there. Just in case

2:30 Ken (GM): lol  tuck it back in

2:30 Syviis: [Sorry, Gray, but it’s not yet Elvish Pon-Farr. I have to wait at least 3 more years.]

Gray has no game. It is a known thing.


2:31 Ken (GM): allrighty, so Roderick speaks to the leadership, manages to convey himself properly, but kinda flubs the specifics of the ins and outs of speaking to tribal chiefs.
that means a net +11 bonus to the Reaction Roll!

rolling 3d6 + 11(2+5+1)11= 19

well, thats…nearly the maximum possible result
okay, so the night goes well for Rod 🙂

2:37 Joush M.: That’s either very good or very bad Luckily, his armor will protect him
and at least now his question about horny will be answered

The Elders(TM) all see the wisdom in seeking official protection under Rodericks banner. He can lend legitimacy to them under the Crown of Greyhold, and they can help him defeat their enemies. There are several offers of marriage, and all the possible suitors are the dauhgters of powerful men in the refugee tribes. Tiefling scorned and half-beastmen as well as Ro-Haern and freemen, even.

When Rod returns to you that night is with a horn of Mead in his hand and a whistled tune on his lips

2:40 Syviis: laughs as she sees Rod “Things went well I assume?”

2:41 Gray: “Good work” He says to Roderick in that deep voice, nodding to the man.

Roderick drunkenly hiccoughs, and falls flat to the soft carpet, snoring immediately.

Ulm fills you guys in on the particulars after

2:44 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Good to hear.”

2:45 ulm: “He will have his choice of the most beautiful daughters of the Southern Reaches! Should he wish, he might have more than one!”

2:46 Gray: “He will need to be careful building alliances.. and I don’t know if he’s ready to build a harem yet.” He says with a faint chuckle. “We can depart tomorrow when the storm breaks?”

2:48 Ulm: “Yes, you should make ready your swords and shields. The way will be cleared for you but the road does not stretch all the way to your goal”

Gray does just that, preparing for what he expects will be a hard trip south to the grim fortress of these forsaken elves.

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If we are going alone, we ought to take some more guns with us than usual, to make short work of the Rocs from afar.”

Ulm looks sideways at Bomrek, who is making a pillow out of a powderkeg, spooning a heap of pistols

2:54 Ken (GM): But! not a terrible idea; your musketmen are armed for bear. And the pikemen are armored too

Gray nods to Suori. “I’ll pack a brace of muskets.”

2:56 Syviis: Oh, does Syviis need to do anything to create Fine arrows? or is it basically just material costs?

2:58 Ken (GM): just material costs; you can source them easily here; AFAIK they turn out to be what, 6 GURP$ each?

2:59 Syviis: Yeah.
Syviis buys a sack of fancy human iron shivs and begins to put them on sticks

3:02 Ken (GM): hahah [does she know those are just spoons?]
Nah, shes an elf


Morning rises clear and cool, with you guys armed to the teeth and your men strapped in and ready to march into hell. Roderick is hungover, but he’s on a horse, so he can sleep that much longer. The Fellmarsh and the keep are a ways to the SouthWest. Nearly back into the dwarven Lands. Bomrek is excited to maybe get a decent meal down there

[Other than spare muskets for the men, anything else to pack aside from provisions?]

3:06 P.P. A.: We lost a tent when the wine cellar burned down so a replacement for that might be needed

3:06 Ken (GM): gotcha; totally doable

3:06 Joush M.: We got an awesome tent. The Lord Marshall had one still int he box it came in because he’d never actually done any lord Marshall shit

3:12 Ken (GM): Are you guys cool with me calling it here for the night then? With Doc and Kev both out I just wanna leave them at a place not totally unrelated to where they left off. And it might be easier to retcon anything else they demand here,
[Also, I have family coming over, should help prepare for that]

3:12 P.P. A.: yeah, I agree

3:13 Fiss: Sounds good man. Fun little session regardless.

3:13 Joush M.: Sounds good. Thanks for the game

3:13 Ken (GM): NP; take 3 points, we can pick up next week with Rod maybe having a harem! Or Bomrek going serial killer in the night; who knows?!

3:14 Fiss: Maybe a Harem of Serial Killers!
o/ have a good one gents!

3:15 Ken (GM): y’all as well!

3:15 P.P. A.: \o


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