Grimwyrd: Healing Wounds


12:23 Fiss: 54ACd76.gif

12:24 Joush M.: NEERRDS

12:24 Ken (GM): EZZACLY

12:25 Syviis: elf mode activate

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes…they had been beset upon by a band of WILD ELVES! Their leader transformed into a massive shadow wolf blasted through their hideout wall, followed closely by half a dozen furies wielding shadow-swords and night-cloaks! The party managed to fend them off without too much collateral damage, [considering restraint with fire], but the battered group managed to disable at least one enemy without obliterating her! But still…the infection has set in on Bomrek!

12:27 Adolf S.: Alright, all read up now.

12:28 Ken (GM): [Bomrek SUPER LUCKED OUT on the whole pistol whipping thing]

12:26  (To Doc): Were you set on spending points picking up healing magic powers?

12:28  (From Doc): Yeah but I only have 14 right now and I wasn’t sure when you wanted to do the training montage. So I haven’t spent them but I can do so at the end of this session unless I fuck up so bad I don’t get any points

12:29  (To Doc): Ah! nice. Well the final modifier on top should be Magic -10%, at least. Just dont die and we’ll see whats what 😀

12:28 Adolf S.: Not enough anger in your rendition of Bomrek, these things-that-aren’t-even-people just stabbed his buddy Suðri , a Dwarf, and beastman-jim, a useful semi-sentient being.

12:29 Adolf S.: >the infection has set in on Bomrek
Oh shid
Imagine the movie 28 Days Later, but in this setting. That’d be neat. Ish.

12:29 Ken (GM): [by all means, ham it up my infected dorfy bro]

Gray moves, body aching after the beating and some blood where a shadow blade caught an unarmored place on his body. He steps over the dead, setting the elf he holds down where the half-blood can’t do much damage. He turns his attention to the others. He worries. He walks to Suðri and examines the injury the young dwarf’s suffered. “Falkirk, can you help here?” He ignores the ache of his own broken ribs, trusting they will heal swiftly.

12:30 Adolf S.: By infection you mean the tongue thing, right? Or did I miss one of the Elves giving Bomrek elf-herpes?

12:30 Syviis: [ELF-AIDS]

Falkirk moves between the bodies and tends to Suðri , keeping half an eye on Bomrek…

12:31 Ken (GM): [[I do believe we tended first aid at end of last session, shitty rolls aside]

Bomrek walks up in the Beastman’s footsteps, shoving past him without much concern for forcefulness, [though vaguely aware that the beastman weighs as much as a cow anyway and probably won’t be effected much.] He pushes a flask into Suðri’s chest, and peers down at the wound.

12:32 Bomrek: (Oh, first aid already took place?)

12:33 Gray: “Suðri? How do you feel?”

12:34 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Could be worse. At least we have our doctor back,” he smiles at Falkirk. Suðri Skornbrekker gratefully accepts the flask and takes a swig.

12:34 Falkirk: “The wound is clean; neat even. Those blades they summoned are very efficient magic…”

12:35  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): The booze is crazy rough, like drinking whiskey flavored turpentine

Suðri Skornbrekker coughs and puts aside the bottle after the swig. “By the all-father’s beard, Bomrek…” He moves on, though: “Now these elves are even making blades out of magic—is nothing sacred to them?”

12:36 Syviis: “What kind of magic exactly? Do you know those who use it regularly or is this yet another spawning from the South?”

12:36 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Their clothes also looked much like Aachen’s, do they not?”

12:37 Ken (GM): [it do! They have black and red dyed leather bits, just like Aachen did]

Gray kneels down, examining the survivor of the attack. “Should we try to track where they came from or try and question this one?” His words tense. Still worried for the others. “Bomrek, you should let the physician do his work before we go. You still need help.”

12:39 Falkirk: “Shadow-stuff. Aether-constructs formed from the actual tangible shadows…Far beyond practical skill. I’m beginning to think they’ve got some sort of Dark artifice behind their workings Syviis. ” He frowns deeply

12:39  (To Gray): Soldier/First aid[auto]: Shes alive, but her face is one big bruise and shes lost a few teeth from the blow. Bomrek fucked her right up

12:40 Bomrek: “Aye, it’s no Beard-Silk Ale, but it’s what we ‘got.” he says, grabbing it from where Suðri set it and tucking it back securely in his belt. Bomrek turns on his heels, toward Gray. “We should carve our names into that damned [Dák-Enur] and get it to speak.”

Falkirk holds up a hand over the downed half elf woman” I will make sure she doesn’t choke on her tongue first please”
rolling 3d6(4+1+2)=7 vs First Aid

Syviis nods and ponders. “Someone must be…gifting…the folks of our homelands these tainted treasures. Hopefully this one can give us clues.”

Falkirk deftly tends to the woman, cradling her shattered face and wrapping bandages expertly

Syviis offers help if Falkirk requires…[as her First Aid is Elf-based anyway]

12:42 Falkirk: “She may well speak again….she wont be chewing anything hard for awhile tho…”
[15 odd minutes of tending to the prisoner, busying Falkirk and Syviis’ hands]

12:42 Bomrek: (Are Elves like Cats? Will they die if exposed to Poinsettias?)

Gray nods and gets out of Falkirk’s way, the beast recovering his swords, testing the balance and making sure they are well settled in his hands before he puts them away. His gaze travels down the street and he watches the trail the huge wolf left before he looks to the others. “We should track where they came from then. This isn’t a safe place any longer”

12:43 Syviis: to Gray “We DO seem to have that effect on places, don’t we?” grins

12:43 Doc: [does Rod know Falkirk used to be a magic healer]

12:44 Ken (GM): [afaik, yes? It was mentioned several times. ]

12:44  (To Gray): Your ogre blade has returned ‘to normal’. No more wicked lime fire once the fight was done…

Bomrek reloads his pistols efficiently, having done it a thousand times before over the years. He peers down at the knocked out half-elf. “Elf” he says, jerkily turning his head toward Syviis. “Your kind don’t like these half-elves, do you?”

12:44 Gray: “Aye. Almost makes you miss the ruins of Gorath. They were sturdy.” He says in that rough voice to the young archer before he looks to the half-breeds quietly

Syviis turns to Bomrek and nods, albeit a bit reluctantly.

12:45  (To Syviis): [elf lore] The high council banished them from the homeland as ‘impure and forsaken’. They’re not immortal, so the theory was that they wouldn’t mingle properly with the old ways, and the easiest solution was removal

12:45 Bomrek: (Their leader, is he a full or half elf?)

12:46  (To Bomrek): full elf. Thin and long ears. All the complexion. You shot him right in the guts.

12:46  (From Bomrek): Does he look like an otherwise normal elf, to Bomrek? Also, these other elves are all half-elves, yeah?

Gray speaks to himself. “Memory, can you tell me anything about this sword? Why it responded like that to the attack by the shadow cultist?”

Suðri Skornbrekker cleans and reloads his musket, and sharpens his blade. “Ah Falkirk, you never heard the rest of the story. …to make it short, the Ansible was the entire floating tower, in it was some abomination from another plane, and we were attacked by dragons as we were flying the thing back towards civilization.” The work keeps his hands steady while his voice wavers “With no way out, we activated its… well, whatever it was, and briefly broke reality.”

12:46 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It killed both the allied and enemy armies, probably destroyed the entire lands of Gorgoth, robbed the whole area of magic, and devastated the borderlands.” He says this rather matter-of-factly because all this magic elf bullshit left him a bit drained and slightly angry.

Memory looks at Gray’s blade, up and down, prodding it with her taloned foot and making hushed WARK noises

12:47 Falkirk: “By the twelve circles of magic” He says in a reverent tone, momentarily forgetting his work. He ties a bandage off and sits back “You used the Ansible? And it did … all that?”

12:48 Syviis: “The Ro-Haern were banished from our homelands long ago. Different enough that living in harmony was impossible. I haven’t met enough of them to know for sure…but these attackers are certainly not helping my view of them.”

Roderick watches Falkirk patch up the broken half-elf when a thought occurs to him. The job would be much easier if Falkirk could still use healing magic… or if Roderick could learn how.

12:48  (To Bomrek): He’s pale skinned, and clad in finely made but otherwise wild looking leathers. He’s wearing red paint…bloody paint. Like some kind of savage. He’s definitely less human than the others. Looks like he was probably their leader

Gray watches the raven do raven things, his gaze turning to Falkirk and the others. Remembering the moments after it fired. “Roderick’s magic skill and luck kept us all from dying in the process.”

12:49 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Roderick could steer the fortress, and the Ansible recognized him as its master. …what happened afterwards was not his fault though, in that desperate situation none of us would have had any other options.”

12:49 Roderick: “More luck than skill, I’m afraid. Having the opportunity to acquire the skill was also luck.”

Falkirk ponders for a moment, allowing Syviis to finish cleaning up the prisoner’s wounded head

12:50 Syviis: “Luck protects the foolish…and I think we can all agree this entire mission was foolish.” She finishes up on the bandage

Bomrek stares down at the corpses for a little while, idly thumbing the cocking piece on his pistol. He looks to to be coming out of his focused thought, and starts searching through the bodies for goods, items, etc.

12:50 Bomrek: [So yeah, Bomrek looks through these asshole’s pockets. Any loose change?]

12:51 Falkirk: “By your description…that device was more magnificent than I originally thought. It must have been an incredibly complex piece of thaumaturgy. Gods, the circles alone would have been…” he does some sort of math with his head and hands “At least a mile across!”


12:51 Bomrek: “Foolish is an Elf building a stone wall, Syviis” Bomrek says idly, his tone very soft, and his eyes very focused once again on the corpses. This is like, eh, the third time he’s said your name. (Said your name rather’n just ‘Elf’)

Syviis notices and tries not to smile too widely…hiding it with a stoic, nonchalant nod

12:51 Gray: “Bomrek. You should allow the physician to work.”

12:52  (To Bomrek): Small tokens of tooth and nail. Animal bits. Hawk feathers, talons. Dog teeth. Strings of chicken bones. Nothing on them of any dwarven worth….Soldier Skill [auto] they were on a mission, likely. Didnt pack anything other than tools of death

12:52 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You remember the haughty elf woman, the vampire we fought, right? We met her again after that catastrophe. She said that what was trapped there was… some kind of high being from the… Darkness? She also said we used it wrongly. It fell silent after that event, in any case.”

Falkirk picks up notice of mention of THAT “The entity SPOKE to you?! It could penetrate the bindings?” He seems quite alarmed

12:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “IT repeatedly demanded that we free IT, but that was basically all IT ever said.”

12:55 Roderick: “We may have met its demands.”

12:55 Syviis: “Let’s not forget the other infernal beasts…chained to the machinations as well…or maybe they were different visions of the same entity?”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods at Rodericks command, and looks into the distance.

Roderick refuses to capitalize IT’s name

12:56  (To Gray): The bird clambers up to you and whispers “This blade is old, very old. From the last age of the Empires of Beastmen. It was forged in a time when they battled the Darkness itself, the Demon Hosts. When the dark princes did not yet rule them. There is a magic set into it Gray, a hidden one. An anathema of some kind I cannot say. I’d imagine they forged it to battle the dark forces.”

12:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Did that elf not say that the one we found under the keep was some kind of lesser prince in that Darkness realm?”

12:56 Syviis: “Like chaining a miss-matched Pantheon of Hate to your carriage to pull it along…”

Gray nods. “Different windows to the same creature, trying to push at the edges of the world?” He stops and listens to the bird that flutters to his shoulder. The bird seems to surprise him, but he nods in thanks to Memory as he puts the heavy, ogre-crafted blade away.

Falkirk looks a bit shell shocked at these descriptions of bound spirits and forces. “The things they did to power their workings….weapons. Truly a grand design. Great and terrible.” he shudders visibly  “I almost wish I had seen it. But the temptation to use such forces would have been…massive…” he trails off

Syviis nods, thinking back to her childhood stories about rings and hobbits and Trogdor the Burninator

12:58 Bomrek: As I was saying, in response to Gray, “Work? Falkirk’s not a butcher and I’m not an [Ivömkun]. We have no work to do together.” he says sternly, before throwing the contents of his hand against the floorboards and into the wall in frustration. Bunches of bones, some bits of metal.

Gray strokes the feathers of the raven at his shoulder for a moment then allows the bird to unsummon, dark shadows vanishing, returning to the runes and marks on his skin as the beast frowns. “As you wish, Bomrek.”

1:00 Falkirk: “Roderick, your magic, you were taught in the circles of the Academy Yes? They still follow the practices up North?” He gets up, wiping his hands clean on his smock

1:02 Roderick: “I was taught the basics because I have some talent, though I was never meant to be a true mage.”

Falkirk looks over Bomrek, up and down. He turns to Roderick, and seems to size him up

1:03 Falkirk: “No, you’re a Mage” he says with some grim certainty “and I can calculate you’re likely strong enough to learn a new incantation”

1:03 Bomrek: (“Hm. Can a human tongue work in a dwarf body? Hmmm…”)

1:04 Falkirk: “Your principal talent, Evocation? Likely what, fire magic?”

Roderick nods and lights his fingertip like a candle

1:05 Falkirk: “Ah splendid. You’ll do just fine then turning that energy into useful and constructive power applications.” He rummages in his bag a moment, shoving aside jars and bottles, and comes up with his book
(“oh my god, why hasnt anyone cleaned my bag?”)

Syviis stands up and watches the huge GAPING HOLE in the wall

1:06 Syviis: “Not to critique your teaching style, Falkirk, but perhaps another venue?”


1:07  (To Syviis): In the distance, alarm bells, and some sounds of distress. The West end of town might have a fire going on, out of sight, you see smoke

Gray nods, walking to stand by Syviis. “We could try and track where they came from.”

1:07  (To Gray): In the distance, alarm bells, and some sounds of distress. The West end of town might have a fire going on, out of sight. You smell smoke and fear

1:07 Bomrek: “We still have an Elf lass with a shattered jaw that needs torturin’ Can’t very well do that in the street.”

1:07 Roderick: “It has proven useful against our enemies, but I had actually meant to ask you for lessons.”

1:07 Gray: “We won’t get information from a cultist that can barely talk and will be out of it from a concussion.. Humm. There’s something going on to the west. The bells are ringing and there’s screams.”

Falkirk strides back with the book, open to an arcane diagram. He points to the open page “Do this, to him” and gestures to Bomrek. “It should at a minimum, force and eject the parasite from his dwarven body”

1:09  (To Doc): The diagrams are in Thaumatology, but make sense. But hes describing you using your magic in an entirely new way

1:08 Syviis: “I can track game through a forest, but I’ve not tried in a city. I suppose it couldn’t hurt. But yes….I also hear the commotion.” Syviis checks outside to see what direction the attackers came from [Tracking roll?]

1:09 Ken (GM): [nah, no need. its pretty obvious, straight up the road from the faraway commotion]

Gray tenses… wanting to go check on the alarms, but also wanting to give Falkirk and Roderick time to treat Bomrek.

Bomrek narrows his eyes at Falkirk. “Force the parasite from my body? What the hell do you mean?”

Syviis turns to Grey

1:10 Syviis: “I’ll watch out from higher ground, you guard the others while they try to purge the infection.”

1:10 Gray: “Aye. Need a boost up onto the roof?”

Roderick studies the diagram intensely and nods. “It should be safer than using a blade, at least.”

Syviis clambers up to the nearest opposite-roof with the Beast-Man’s help, then does her best to hide in the shadows, watching as the ex-mage works with the new-mage

1:12 Bomrek: “Will this leave me without the ability to speak, or taste?” Bomrek says, gripping the head of his silver pick hung in his belt like a squeeze ball in anger. You can see the outline of his mouth in a hard scowl through his beard.

1:12  (From Doc): just go up to Bomrek and roll Thaumaturgy or something?

1:13  (To Doc): More like “follow Falkirks lead, and we’ll {hand wave} a bit here, but it segues into you buying your new healing advantage, narratively

Suðri Skornbrekker gets up and picks up his weapons, as well as two additional muskets. He looks outside and keeps an eye out for Syviis and for whatever else there might be lurking out there.

1:14 Fiss: [oh my god, my homemade Mulan Szechwan sauce is fucking delicious…]

1:14 Bomrek: (What recipe’d you use?) 
(you can’t recreate the authentic experience without 90’s style chicken mcnuggets, though. The new ones don’t hit the mark to be honest.)

1:14 Fiss: [the one from reddit. will link later if you want]


1:16 Bomrek: (Well, is that the one where you combine mcdonalds sauces, or the home made one with lots of sugar and whatever)

Ken (GM) Falkirk and Rod speak back and forth in the language of magic for a short bit, pointing at the diagram, Bomrek’s face, and each other. There are weird hand gestures, and lots of excitement, and then the dick dagger again

1:15 Doc: haha benis :DDDDD

1:15 Syviis: [the Penismightier]

1:17  (To Syviis, Gray, Suðri ): You three watch the horizon over the city; there is no immediate threat but for a few panicked people running this way and that up the street. A few seem to barricade themselves at home. An unattended horse trots by a block away. Something is happening at the West Gatehouse. Near the refugees…

Bomrek scowls at the pair of friggin wizards, waves his hand in dismissal, and tromps through the wrecked wall to look outside down toward the screaming. Do I see anything?

1:17 Bomrek: The supposed screaming, anyway.

1:18 Gray: “There’s something going on to the west.. We should see if we can help.” He says with a sigh, then ask Falkirk. “Can the treatment wait a while? This seems urgent.”

1:18 Falkirk: “Ready to try then?” he rubs his hands together, the hilt of the knife rolling between them

1:18 Syviis: “Something by the Refugee Camps, I suspect…and I worry…if it took all us working in concert to fell one of those shadow-totems….others could do terrible damage to the freemen and serfs.”

1:18 Falkirk: “This should actually only take a few moments…depending on how the parasite reacts”

1:19 Gray: “Aye” He calls up to the roof, nodding to the elven archer perched on the slate tile.. then nodding to Falkirk. “Courage, Bomrek”

Syviis nods, as much as she knows time is precious…carrying around an Illithid-born parasite is VERY high on her list of worries

Bomrek slaps his leg with his hand, his chain mail clinking a little in response for settling quietly. “Well lets go find out what the fuss is, and kill it. I’d much rather shoot another Elf than sit here and get my tongue cut out.” he says this relatively happily.

1:19 Bomrek: (Lets hope this parasite doesn’t spread via bodily fluids, because Falkirk and Suthri would be infected as fuuuuck by now)

1:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’d feel much better about plunging into that chaos with a healthy Bomrek at our side, personally. …what are you planning, Falkirk and Roderick?”

1:20 P.P. A.: that’s what we get for >indirect kiss

1:20 Syviis: “Perhaps other healers in the camp can assist as well. Shall we?” She looks torn, bow out but wanting to help “There are benefits of doing it now, and doing it later…what do you choose, Master Dwarf?”

1:20 Roderick: “It would be wiser to let me try this while it’s fresher in my mind.”

1:21 Bomrek: “Healthy? What’s Healthy about a man with no tongue? No, the only blade touching my tongue is one already speared with succulent bug flesh…” Bomrek’s eyes trail away a little, remembering the delicious meals of his homeland…

“Fuck it” he says, waving his gloved hand at Syviis before hefting up his double barrel rifle and walking up the road.

Gray shakes his head, then looks to Roderick and takes up his things. “Alright. The refugees first.”

Falkirk looks kinda crestfallen, but shrugs

Roderick sighs and readies his cloak for battle

1:22 Falkirk: “Keep a close watch on Bomrek. He hasn’t turned yet”

Syviis glances worriedly at the others, but begins to jog down the street towards the west

Suðri Skornbrekker says nothing, respecting Bomrek’s decision but also uneasy if delaying the inevitable is wise. He squeezes two additional muskets under his arm, and steps outside to join his brother

Bomrek jerks to a halt mid-step, as if the air itself has grabbed his collar. “Wait a minute, we have that Elf I whacked.”

Falkirk looks down at her unconscious form

1:23 Bomrek: “Can it… turn into mist, and get out of binding?” he says, turning toward Syviis and our resident magic man in turn.

1:23 Falkirk: “Yeeeesss…?”

1:24 Syviis: [put it in a barrel and then put a cat on it]

Gray turns to head in the direction of the alarms and danger, resisting the urge to outrun the others. He pauses and looks to Bomrek. “A cultist in no state to answer questions. Likely dead or escaped by the time we get back, if we come back here at all. No longer a threat to us, at least until she’s healed.”

1:24 Bomrek: “It can?” Bomrek says, eyebrow raised. to Falkirk in regards to it turning to mist and escaping, that is.

1:25 Falkirk: “Oh! her? maybe? I’m not quite sure. She has magic, yes. But I dont know what it can all do” He thinks, hand on chin, foot on the prisoner

1:25 Bomrek: (Did we see them turn to mist, or only use mist shit for their own benefit?)

1:26 Ken (GM): [the black shadowy mist was like a cloak, but made of shadow. They used it to good effect to block and dodge your attacks]
[they remained solid while doing so, though]

Bomrek walks to the Elf, hand on his pistol, looking indecisive. After a long moment he bends down to her head, fiddles around a bit, and stands up.

1:27  (From Bomrek): Do these half-elves have elf-like ears? Are they AS pointy as the pure Elves? About half-as? Or more human like?

1:27 Gray: “Bomrek, what are you doing? If we don’t have time for Roderick to get a parasite out of your head we don’t have time for this.”

1:28  (To Bomrek): More humanlike, but pointed. Full elf ears are like, 8 inches long. These are only a few inches at most

1:28  (From Bomrek): Are they super easy to identify as non-human, at least?

1:29  (To Bomrek): Definitely distinct. You can eyeball a human, half elf, or full elf by the ear shape alone

Bomrek stands back up, and turns around holding a severed half-elf ear. “There’s always time to put fear into the hearts of your enemies. Sometimes a good war cry is just as effective as a round of volley fire.” He whips it around, spattering bits of blood onto the rubble, before hooking it onto the prominent cleaning rod on his double barrel rifle, below his bayonet. “Plus, I think I need a hobby for when I retire after saving the kingdom. Collecting is a fine one to have.”

Falkirk throws his hands up in frustration! tenor.gif

1:31 Bomrek: (Bomrek dislikes Elves)

1:31 Falkirk: “I JUST fixed her up!”

1:31 Bomrek: “Tell her I own her ear now” Bomrek says, waving his hand back at Falkirk without taking the time to turn with all this gear and armor hanging off him.

Falkirk staunches the bleeding

1:32 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If we’re going to stay around cutting up things anyway, we might as well take care of Bomrek’s infection, otherwise we ought to get moving.”

1:32 Gray: “That’s a twisted hobby, Bomrek. We are better then that.” The beast says with a growl, disapproval on his features as he watches then shakes his head and turns away. He starts in the direction of the alarms and shouts.


1:32 Bomrek: “Now we can go.” he says to you all, and then to Suðri specifically in Dwarven, “[It’s not a real war until you’ve taken a trophy.]”

Suðri Skornbrekker responds, in Dwarven: “[I suppose,]” and shrugs.

1:33 Bomrek: “This one ear is worth five thrusts of a spear, Gray. Fear is a tool, just like steel, and if you forge it right you’ve an effective weapon.”

Ken (GM) it is about this time that a very bloody Aachen and another elf walk through the warehouse floor, up into the room, collapsing in a heap together

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around.

Bomrek calls “Elf!” to Aachen, and jogs over to him. Rather hard to do, and very noisy in all his gear.

1:34 Ken (GM): “HELP US, PLEASE” the Elf yells, cradling Aachen’s limp form in his arms

Syviis rushes back over to assist “What’s going on?!”

1:34 Bomrek: (Who’s the other Elf he’s got with’m?)

1:35 Syviis: [“please, no lies, truth, and fast!]” in Elvish. Eyeing Bomrek warily

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down the additional two muskets and keeps his main weapon ready, his eyes flicking back and forth between the streets and Aachen.

Gray stops.. then walks back, nodding at the question Syviis ask. Sharing the sentiment, but looking and ready to help how he can.

Ken (GM) Aachen is a bloody mess, with big rends in his leather strapped armor. He looks like a rat some massive dog crewed through. The other elf is clad in black armor like Aachen, and seems aghast, panicked even. He’s holding onto Aachen like a brother

Syviis glances at the one who was recently a giant dog and worries

1:36 Ken (GM): “I need power, please! Are any of you a mage?” the elf man begs, fear creeping into his hurried voice

1:36 Bomrek: (is his name Clifford?)

1:36 Gray: “We have a physican here that can help him.. What need have you of power?”

1:37 Suðri Skornbrekker: “A bunch of people dressed like you attacked us earlier, please tell us what’s up with that and why we should trust you.” He states matter-of-factly, his eyes scanning the injured Aachen with some concern for their old comrade.

1:37 Ken (GM): “PLEASE!” he nearly screams, holding out his bloodied hand “Just take my hand! Lend me some power!” he’s in tears!

Syviis glances at the others, then sighs, and pulls out her necklace “Use this now, and keep talking…who are you? What happened?”

Suðri Skornbrekker props up his musket and aims at the elf. “One wrong move and it’s over. You better patch up Aachen with that and nothing else.”

Roderick moves over to his saddlebags and pulls out a metal case, from which he withdraws a flask.

1:39 Syviis: [7 FP fully charged, FYI]

Ken (GM) He nearly snatches the glowing stone from Syviis’ hand, but as he takes hold he closes his eyes, and a familiar healing light seeps from his other arm into Aachen’s body!

1:40 Ochoallal: “My name is Ochollal, and I am here to help. Thank you” He manages to say as he works

1:40  (To Syviis): Down 4 points then; he drew a big working to patch up Aachen

Gray watches with a frown, looking to his old commander and the injuries. “He’s suffered a lot from when he left us.”

Bomrek gently props his beloved musket up against the wall, and then with less care, but still the base minimum, sets his brace of pistols to the floor. “You, Elf, are you the … healer, Aachen spoke of?”

1:40 Syviis: “It’s been a dangerous day for everyone, it seems….”

Aachen ‘s eyes flutter open, and he wakes up cradled in the Ochoallal’s arms.”Well… this is pretty gay” he says weakly, with a big grin

1:41 Bomrek: (“No, Ochoallal, I told you, not in public…”)

1:41 Syviis: whispering “Totally gay…” silently plotting Yaoi Elf Fanfics in her head


Roderick sees Aachen wake up and quietly returns the flask to its case, and the case to the bag.

1:42 Bomrek: “Aachen, is this the Healer? The one you yammered about?” he  says, leaning down toward Aachen, bracing his hands on his knees.

Ochoallal laughs at the absurdity, barking a relieved titter of giggles.

Aachen gets up with Bomreks help “Aye, you stubborn git, this is him”  He’s surprised as looks around at the room  “Holy shit….So….I didnt need to rush here and rescue you all?”

Syviis hides her slashed armour behind her cloak

1:43 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Is this just the latest fashion among you elves this season or is there a reason you are wearing these clothes?”

1:43 Syviis: “Just another day in the meadow.” winces

1:44 Bomrek: “Rush? Oh, no, they’re all dead?” he points backwards with his thumb at the corpses. He turns his eyes toward the healer. “You. My tongue is possessed by a demon. Fix it.” He opens his maw wide and points in with a gloved finger.

Aachen jabs his friend and points at Syviis, with a raised eyebrow

1:44 Syviis: [Jeeze, Bomrek, buy him a drink first!]

Ochoallal snaps out of it and points at Syviis’ wound “Should I help?” he asks

1:45 Syviis: “No…please, Master Dwarf and the others first.”

Ochoallal reels back from Bomrek “OH DARK GODDESS what is THAT?!”

Gray nods to the elven men, looking to Ochoallal, studying the new man a moment a she stands there.. then nodding to Aachen. “Thank you for trying to help, even if it was unneeded.” He looks to Syviis, studying her to see if she’s pained by the wound now that it’s mentioned.

1:45 Roderick: “Not ‘possessed’ so much as ‘replaced’ by a demon”

1:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “A mind-flayer’s larva, or somesuch.”

Syviis raises an eyebrow at the ‘Dark Goddess’ thing…

1:45 Bomrek: (>reels back from Bomrek)

1:46 Syviis: [Bomrek: (>reels back from Bomrek)]

1:46 Bomrek: “Fix it” he says, pointing at it harder.

1:47 Ochoallal: “Uhhh…” he stammers, looking a bit unsure “Really? Aachen, this is what you needed me for?”

Bomrek reaches into a pouch near his groin, and pulls out a handful of ancient gold coins, and throws them at the Elf’s chest, neck, and lower face region. “This is a problem. I haven’t had a satisfying drink in weeks. Fix it.” his eyes look hard at the Elf.

Gray simply stands quietly by, frowning a touch at that and waiting to see what will come of this.

Ochoallal is battered with coingold_pile_0

Suðri Skornbrekker wonders where his life went so wrong and wishes he was at home building walls.

1:49 Bomrek: (let me roll for damage hold on)

Ochoallal looks a bit more confused

1:50 Bomrek: (“this bardiche is heavy” “Gray smells like a dog in a puddle” “Bomrek gets a cool gun, why don’t I get a cool gun “I wish I was home building walls”)
(This may or may not be a /k/ meme.)

1:50 Ochoallal: “I will need some help… could we… make a circle with the mages please’ he says, meekly “With the dwarf in the center?”

Roderick nods and prepares to do so. “Gladly.”

Bomrek leans forward just a bit, and stares at the Elf. “I’ll be able to taste food after this?”

1:51 Gray: “Chalk, blood or salt?” He ask as he takes Bomrek by the arm, guiding him to a clear patch of floor and helping with the work.

1:51 Bomrek: “A- Aay, aayyy!” Bomrek says, being held up just a bit to high to walk comfortably, and hobbling along next to the beastman.

1:52 Ochoallal: “Blood would be best, actually” he says focusing on the task “Make your ways over to the clear part of the floor?” he points over to the middle of the room

Bomrek walks out of the circle, drags in a cask of gunpowder to sit on, and takes a comfortable seat in the middle of you all.

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around and points his musket outside, watching the street while these people are doing whatever it is they are doing, though he hopes it heals Bomrek.

Ochoallal busies himself among the corpses, taking a bowl from a pouch, and collecting fresh blood from the furies

Syviis hands her flickering stone to Falkirk “Would you like to use this for power in the meantime?”

1:53 Falkirk: “How kind, but Syviis, I’m afraid its a bit worse than that” he looks sad “I think it might be entirely gone from me now”

Syviis nods sadly, understanding his plight “We’ll help you get it back. Be patient.”

Ochoallal steps over, a wooden bowl of blood and horsehair brush in hand. A small hooked knife on the bottom of the brush handle is wet with blood

Syviis instead puts her necklace back on and readies to contribute best she can

1:55 Ochoallal: “Could we please…remove the gunpowder? It might react to the powers invoked ” he says, wiggling his hands and grimacing, pantomiming a…burst. He begins painting a circle on the floor, bright red.

Bomrek halts his withdraw of his pipe and matchbook, gives a parted-lipped withering glance toward the Elf, and slips his pipe and matchbox back in his equipment bag.

Ochoallal paints a swirl around Bomrek, then runes of some jagged language that glow a bit as he works them to the wood.

Gray nods and heads to a clear part of the room to help how he can. The lupine beast mutely taking the powder away before the circle’s closed. “Shouldn’t take long. Just stand there. Memory, Falkirk.. I don’t.. mistrust.. this new man, but can you tell me if what he’s doing looks right?”

Ochoallal points at the cardinal points of the circle, and to Rod, Syviis and Aachen “Here and here, and here please” he says

1:58  (From Syviis): any bad ju-ju feelings from the circle/mage/situation?

1:58 Falkirk: “The runes are Old Gorgoth, but the magic is serviceable Gray. He’s working a simple formula of amplification. Nothing profane”

1:58  (To Syviis): Just JuJu, nothing innately dark. Its a circle of channeling only.

Ochoallal holds out his hands

2:00  (From Syviis): focuses her thoughts to light, to healing, to the growing of new wood over the burnt and decay of the old forest…that kinda thing

Bomrek turns around, staring at the runes and shapes. “I wish I could smell, it’s been a while since I’ve smelled wet blood and dry gunpowder at the same time..” he says, somewhat fondly.

Syviis smiles as she tries to channel images of happy Dwarves reveling in delicious ale

Gray nods his thanks to Falkirk

Aachen joins hands with his compatriot, and offers his to Rod

2:01 Aachen: “It’s okay, he’s done his before. Reattached my arm once, at least”

2:02 Gray: “I’m buying you a mail sleeve.”

Roderick accepts Aachen’s hand, extending his own hand to Syviis

2:02 Doc: first indirect kiss, now hand-holding791.gifelf girls work fast

Syviis takes hands and joins, enjoying imagining Bomrek prancing through the forest, shooting fresh elk, a little too much not to grin

2:03 P.P. A.: oh my

Ken (GM) as the circle of hands is complete, the power channeled in the group blossoms visibly; little motes of flickering white light dance like fireflies around Bomrek. Ochoallal begins to speak in a dark tongue in a low voice, and slowly the motes get brighter and brighter

2:04 Syviis: [that, just with more shooting of buck]

Ken (GM) the whole thing builds up quickly, like a wave flooding a shore, and there is a burst of light over the dwarf, swallowing him a moment.

2:04 Ken (GM): Bomrek Rolls HT +8!

2:06  (To Bomrek): Target should be 19

Gray is tense as he watches the ritual, the beast worried for his friends and Bomrek.

2:06 Doc: >his friends and Bomrek

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over his shoulder to see what they’re doing with his bearded buddy

2:06 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(2+6+4) = 12

Ken (GM) The light subsides, and then Bomrek is screaming through a watery voice!

2:07  (To Bomrek): Youre choking on a squirming horrible thing in your face!

Ken (GM) Bomrek is still in the circle, the blood a dried dusty white ash around you all. The dwarf has a squirming purple black CREATURE clawing its way out of his face!

2:08  (From Bomrek): Like ordering sushi as a first-timer in Japan. RIP.

Bomrek looks around, unsure of what to do, his hands on his throat and cheek.

Ochoallal screams!1326137342757


Suðri Skornbrekker watches with horror, [and meta-horror because he doesn’t know if this means it is working or not.]

2:09 Syviis:rolling 1d6 + 7(4)7=11

2:09 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+5.25(1)5.25=6.25

2:09 Gray: rolling 1d6+7(3)7= 10

2:09 Roderick: olling d6+5.5+1(4)6.5= 10.5

2:09 Bomrek:rolling 1d6 + 6.5(5)6.5=11.5

2:11 Bomrek: (Wait a sec) (Do these demon fucks and other crap have the same weakness to silver that beastmen do?)

2:11 Ken (GM): 😉
you havent tried yet

Bomrek, theres a THING in yo mouth, what do?

2:12 Bomrek: What does fast draw pick default to?

2:13 Ken (GM): it does not default, unfortunately

2:13 Syviis: [stabs own face to get back enjoyment of ale…totally worth it]

2:13 Bomrek: Well I have a quick draw pistol skill, at 13, does that not assist any’?Regardless: Fast draw pick attempt
rolling 3d6(5+1+3)=9|
DX 11. Wassat’ mean.
Failure by a lil’?

2:14 Ken (GM): Ill give it to you, but by RAW it doesnt default 😛 make sure to eventually put a point into it?

Ken (GM) Bomrek draws his pick quickly!

2:15 Joush M.: Going to hit yourself in the face?

2:15 Bomrek: Going to bring the non-sharp bit up to my mouth and bash at it. The idea here is touch football, not full-contact.
Not sure how one would roll that.

2:16 Ken (GM): Axe/mace @ +4!

2:16 Bomrek: basically hopin’ the silver’ll do something on contact alone
rolling 3d6(1+4+2)= 7

2:16 Syviis: NOICE!

2:16 Bomrek: Yup. My mace is 14, so that’s 7 on 18 effective skill

2:16 Joush M.: Gotta get it off before 10.5 initative when you know Roderick’s got ALL THE FIRE ready to go and none of the aim

2:17 Doc: Rod almost always hits what he’s aiming at,
he just also hits other things

Bomrek swiftly takes his pick from his belt, then jams the hilt into the thing’s back. There is a HISS and it squeals and writhes under the kiss of the shiny metal! Smoke pours from it like it burns!

2:17 Joush M.: I’m just teaseing. I don’t think that Rod would burn Bomrek’s area 11 trying to hit the face squid

IT writhes under the silver’s touch, and slips free from bomrek’s face, falling to the floor with a PLOP!

2:18 Bomrek: Rod almost always hits what he’s aiming at,
as he flash backs to nuking some shithole full of people.

Bomrek tries to yell out “Fuck” does it work?
[No, wait, it’d probably be some Vowel-y Dwarven version of that, actually.]

Ken (GM) the dwarf does indeed yell FUCK “[Gilthok!]”

2:20 Bomrek: Alright it worked, Bomrek’s interest in this situation is now waned. Where’s the hooch.

2:20 Ken (GM): Syviis!

Syviis ‘s hands snap back from the circle, pulling her bow and arrow

2:21 Syviis: [on that note…she doesn’t really have ‘fast draw bow’….can she let off a shot this round or next?]

2:22 Ken (GM): [Under the same caveat as Bomrek that you spend a point on it at the end of the day? Roll it!]

2:22 Syviis: fo sho

2:22 Ken (GM): [gotta treat you two fairly]

2:22 Syviis: rolling 3d6(1+1+3)= 5
Yus…she does.

2:22 Doc: wew

2:22 Ken (GM): >wasted 5’s

2:23 Bomrek: wew.

Syviis slips her arrow and bow together in the right combination and ends-pointing-where-they-should, and tries to blast the foul beast to oblivion!

2:23 Ken (GM): lol

2:23 Syviis: 2 points lightning, what’s the size? Eye/Face?

2:24 Ken (GM): the thing is a SM-5 creature. it has no visible eyes or face…it is 99% tentacles

2:24 Syviis: [10-4 target is 18 to hit]
rolling 3d6(2+1+3)= 6

2:25 Ken (GM): hahahah

2:25 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 1(6)1= 7 Imp

2:25 Ken (GM): fuck

2:25 Syviis: rolling 2d6(6+1)= 7 Burn



Ken (GM) Syviis snaps off a lightning bolt in the blink of an eye, and when the thunderclap subsides it throws ashes in all directions. IT is no more


Ochoallal finishes screaming

Syviis shakily turns to Bomrek

2:26 Syviis: “Are you well, Sir Dwarf?”

2:27  (To Adolf S.): You have a tongue, and teeth, and such. Your mouth tingles and you can taste and smell again

Roderick staggers back and reaches for his sword

Bomrek limply tosses his pick on top of the remains of the beast; the large, finely engraved silver head landing on the monster, presumably sizzling it.

2:28  (To Roderick): The Fae blade sings in your head, and the tune sours as you realize the creature is no more. The blade seems disappointed 

Ken (GM) the thing’s bits smolder under the fine metal

2:29  (From Bomrek): Bomrek’ll want booze, go to his one unit of shit-booze and def. toss that shit, and then decide to sneak that flask of healing potion that he thinks is booze out of it to nip from. I checked with Doc, he said it’s okay. You cool with that?

2:29 P.P. A.: >IT again
Suðri Skornbrekker breathes a sigh of relief.

Gray nods to Syviis in approval for the sharp, accurate arrow and the dead creature, looking to the greasy smear across the dirty floor. He takes a deep, slow breath. “Good work, everyone.” He says as he looks down to the horror… then to Bomrek. “How do you feel now?”

2:30 Bomrek: “Well, I can’t say I’m unsatisfied with your service” he says, beaming up at the new-Elf, and slapping him hard on the back. “It smells like shite and overcooked bug in here” with an immense amount of audible satisfaction, through a thickly bearded smile.

Ochoallal takes the slap in stride, and laughs, a bit overwhelmed looking

Syviis breathes a sigh of relief and laughs

Roderick looks in awe at the elf, the fact that she drew her bow and loosed a perfectly-aimed arrow faster than he could have drawn his sword leaving him too impressed to care about much else

2:31 Bomrek: (might be un-evident, I just realized, that Bomrek also lost his sense of smell)

2:31 P.P. A.: >elves and bows op
>plx nerf

2:32 Bomrek: (hence the new enjoyment of his sense of smell)

2:32 Falkirk: “Wow. Maybe cutting it out of you would have been a bad choice, huh Bomrek?”

2:33 Doc: Rod just figures he’s weird

Syviis takes a brief walk around the room, relieved but still riding the shock of adrenaline from Mindflayer-encounter #4-ish

Bomrek pats his body, searching for his flask, finding it and opening it. He grabs the Elf’s chin in one hand and tries to pour back a nice long draught of the contents into the Elf’s mouth, before taking a swig of his own and realizing this is wood alcohol, and spitting it out.

Ochoallal gets swigged, and then proceeds to mirror Bomrek’s wood alcohol displeasure

2:34 Bomrek: “All Father and-the-ancestors-above this is SHIT!”

2:34 Ochoallal: GASP COUGH SPUTTER

2:34 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Told you,” he smirks.

Suðri Skornbrekker is visibly relieved that Bomrek is better now.

Roderick smiles. “At least you can tell, now.”

Aachen belly-laughs, then winces

2:35 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aachen, and, er, you—do you know what is going on outside?”

Bomrek walks past Aachen, and puts his hand on his shoulder. “Thanks for the healer, Elf.. Say, what’s with the clothes?”

Gray nods and relaxes a touch, watching the display and smiling a touch before he seems to remember the day. “We still have problems. Cultists and whatever the attack was to the West”

Ochoallal tries responding to Bomrek, but throws up, from the rotten booze

2:36 Aachen: “No, but I’d imagine it has something to do with the Shadow Walkers wanting your collective hides” Aachen holds his hand against his gut, where the magic-new skin is still pink “We ran out of there in a hurry after Wolf Rider ” He indicates to the corpse of the elf you slayed, [who took the form of a large wolf…]

2:37 Bomrek: “Ah. Huh. What’s the deal with that?” he says, not too overly concerned, before eyeing his coins on the ground and walking over to gather them.

2:38 Aachen: “They might be raising hell in the camps after he left. He’s got a bunch of followers, acolytes, who think his word is the holy freaking writ. And he was PIIIIISSED to find out you were here. ‘The Heroes of the South’ ” He makes hand quotes over your title

2:38 Gray: “Shadow-walkers?”

2:38 Bomrek: “Huh. How’d that happen? Was he here before the events in the South, or after?”

Gray walks to the dead elf, studying wolf-rider a moment before he walks to stand guard at the breach while listening to Aachen fill them in on the things they’ve missed. He wonders if the man is involved in the shadow walkers, but doesn’t want to ask directly. Not when he’s risked much to help them.

2:41 Aachen: “Gray, stop asking with your eyes.” he says, dejectedly ” YES; I’m one of the Shadow Walkers….Kinda” he shrugs, wiggles a hand

Syviis walks over, fresh curiosity in her eyes. “Why are we their enemies? We haven’t heard of them until this moment.”

2:42 Aachen: “Think about it [elven words]. You all show up in the market square, after having supposedly spoken with the Lord Marshall. You’re enemies of the people!”

2:43  (To Syviis): Elf words were the equivelant of ‘sweet summer child’ or ‘young green sprout full of promise’


Bomrek stands up straight, and says “Oh! Lets cut off his head and carry it around. That’ll scare the shit out of his followers, right?”

Aachen looks at Bomrek sternly “Shit, you got dark Bomrek”

Syviis blushes slightly, though it’s one with a glare.

2:44 Gray: “I don’t understand. I don’t think we need to provoke anyone or escalate anything more, Bomrek. I don’t approve of mutilating the dead or helpless foes.”

2:44 Syviis: “Perhaps we shouldn’t parade around with one of their heads if we wish to explain this is a misunderstanding, and we have no allegiance with the dark things happening.”

2:44 Bomrek: “Dark?” Bomrek asks “Hah, this is in the guardsman’s handbook, in the back, near the the glossary. You want to win wars, this is how you win them.”

2:44 Gray: “Why would meeting with the lord Marshall make us a foe of the people?”

2:45 Syviis: “We need answers regardless..desperately…I think we’re owed that much.”

2:46 Aachen: “Because he is a HUGE tool, and one that is being wielded by High Lord Jadeite” he scowls “Good things have not been happening in the light of that new green moon, guys”

2:46 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Trust us that the meeting was not all too pleasant and left us pretty appalled by his behavior.”

2:46 Bomrek: “Imagine your best friend’s head on a pike, you’ll either break ranks and charge like a fool, or flee in terror.”

Falkirk gets Ochoallo a drink of water, helps him clean up

2:47 Syviis: nods to Bomrek “True…but if I was an enemy of the good and free peoples of the land…I’d want to make the rebels fight the band of powerful warriors that just returned from the front as well…make them be at odds vs joining forces.”

2:48 Bomrek: “Explain this as a- A misunderstanding to who?” he points to the hole in the wall “This is more than just a clerical error”

2:48 Syviis: “Let’s be sure we know who is who before we parade around heads…not that it gives us any less right to defend ourselves.”

2:48 Roderick: “Making your enemies fight each other is a much more effective method of winning wars than mutilating foot soldiers.”

2:48 Aachen: “This would all be so much easier if your King wasn’t dead” he says, almost to himself


2:49 Gray: “High Lord Jadeite is a foe of the people? What has he done?” Gray asks, trying to get to the bottom of it, a hand rubbing across his jaw. “An open rebellion on the remaining nobles, there must be a good reason for it.. with the king dead, have the noble’s abuses truely become unbearable?”

2:49 Doc: [wait…do we know about the king being dead?]

2:49 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Er— His Majesty is dead? How? When?”

2:49 Bomrek: “Aye well I can tell you what options we have, and what options we don’t have right now, and one that we do certainly have is cutting off this fellow’s noggin’.”

2:50 Aachen: “You didn’t know yet? “he says, surprise on his face “The wielder of the Gray blade is no more. He died sometime in the last few weeks. Word came the  other morning from Grayhold…”

2:50 Roderick: “If we spend time indulging in sick fantasies while our enemies play us against each other, that will only- what do you mean the king is dead?”

2:51 Aachen: “Jadeite has been maneuvering for weeks in court, and I think, he’s going to take control now”

Bomrek mutters “Fantasies? This is no more fantasy than the armor on your shoulders or the lead in those bodies behind me- Aye, King? Dead? How?”

2:53 Gray: “Is Jadeite the suspect in the death of the king? We have no loyalty to that faction. Our investigations have focused on the aftereffects of the use of the great machine in the south and attempts to tend to our friend’s medical needs”

2:53 Doc: (Rod isn’t wearing armor btw)

Syviis nods

2:53 Syviis: “And what of the Elves? Have they sent word on their dealings with the Human Realms?” Do the Elders still keep a presence here?”

2:54 Aachen: “Well, I wouldn’t put it past him to do it, but that’s not how the story goes at least, Gray” Aachen sits down, rests, sighs “The Gray blade’s flame extinguished the morning of The Happening, and the king grew ill shortly after. The popular story is that the magic was keeping him alive, and he died without it”

2:54 P.P. A.: would be nice if the king being dead wasn’t our fault, for once

Aachen laughs, and again winces at Syviis’ words “There are no more elders, no council. The high elder is gone and his lackeys too”

2:55 P.P. A.: >extinguished the morning of The Happening, and the king grew ill shortly after
o ok nvm ;_;
at least we also fucked up the elves
now the way for dwarven supremacy has been paved

Syviis looks startled by that “Gone…? Are you saying they also suffered ill?”

2:56 Adolf S.: Our master plan is coming into fruition, PPA. The goyim must never be allowed to know.

2:56 Aachen: “I’m saying, when the high elder died in Gorgoth, the Lords of Darkness took that as a sign to cause shit on a momentous scale. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the entire homeland was a fucking bonfire right now” he says darkly

Gray frowns in sympathy at that, the bestial man brushing a hand though his hair, rubbing it across those dark horns as he stands by and looks to the others with worry. “We started this avalanche. We should help clean up in it’s aftermath.”

Syviis tries to look as determined as she can “The homelands are protected by far more powerful than just a foolish girl with her arrows….I pray.”

Roderick nods solemnly. Even if he were not responsible for the Happening, he would feel the need to act during such desperate times.

2:58 Bomrek: “Who needs to die to fix this then, ‘Elf?” Bomrek says to Aachen.

3:01 Aachen: “I wish I could tell you Bomrek. I really do. If I could hold a neck and just SQUEEZE until everyone gets food and a home and some justice…” he trails off, hands in front of him, pantomiming an angry action….

3:02 Bomrek: “I’ll just settle for some gold, myself” Bomrek says in response to the home-and-meal comment.

3:03 Aachen: “Geofferson has that in droves Bomrek, dont you worry” he says with a familiar smirk on his face

Gray is restless with the news so he gets to work. Putting the bodies of the Shadow Walker furies in a line, he closes their eyes and settles them in place along the wall, ready for recovery. The work leaves blood spread across the floor but at least shows respect for the dead. “To start, we need a safe place to stay while we investigate this. The Lord Marshall is the softest link in this chain, we will lean on him and squeeze him until he gives us the next”

Syviis walks around through the corpses, checking to see if her arrows might be salvaged as she listens

3:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We are no schemers; let us do what we do best, now – foolhardily rushing into things and killing stuff. There are elven crazies out there wreaking havoc among the innocent.”

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up his additional muskets and steps out into the night.

3:03 Ken(GM): [morning, not night]

Suðri Skornbrekker steps out into the morning, less dramatically

3:03 Ken (GM): [technically, still the morning you guys went into market, just later]

Bomrek ‘s eyes go up a little at the mention of gold. “He wouldn’t mind parting with some of it, certainly, then?”

3:04 Aachen: “I dare him to try to say no to the likes of Bomrek, Minotaur-slayer” his grin widening

3:04 Doc: are there actually still happenings happening?
I got the impression it had calmed down

3:04 Adolf S.: Also I’m a lil’ confused. WHat’s the story our characters are supposed to be aware of? There are these lord-of-darkness motherfuckers all around civilization, already there before the business down south?

3:05 Gray: “I don’t think we can stop the riot by running in with blades. Going there might make things worse, or just make us targets for Shadow Walkers.. whom, I would add, have a valid reason to mistrust us and aren’t monsters to be killed on sight. One Shadow Walker just helped, Bomrek”

3:05 Adolf S.: and this local head of the KKK that we murdered was pissed at us because we were seen talking with rich playboy Howard Hughes?

Suðri Skornbrekker uneasily looks into the distance. Eventually, he comes back inside, and puts down his weapons again. “You are right, I am afraid.”

3:06 Joush M.: He thought we had blown up magic and helped drug addled Lord Marshall seize power on purpose
We just did that accidently

3:06 Adolf S.: [“There’s no way these guys are this fucking retarded, they must be assholes”]

3:06 Joush M.: [“Many a dead man has underestimated just how retarded I can be!”]

3:06 Ken (GM): 😀

3:07 Adolf S.: Okay so

3:07 Syviis: [Sorry guys…I landed on my keys and started the end of magic!]

3:07 Adolf S.: Shadow walkers: are these guys evil? Their power is sourced from things like the elf vampire lady was sourcing hers from, more or less?
At least, presumably.

3:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “So… there were agents of the Lords of Darkness in the Elven realm all along?”

Roderick begins putting on his brigandine as the conversation carries on

3:08 Gray: “In stories they’d find a proper Heir to the Gray Blade and the kingdom would be restored. Should we try to do that, or do we want to go collect our back pay from the Lord Marshall and force him to tell us what his part in this is?”

Bomrek nods, almost sagely. “Yes, back-pay would be nice. I’d also like some hot food, and cold beer.”

3:10 Roderick: “If the Lord Marshall is involved in such plots, we should place him under arrest. That would likely prove an easier task than putting down a riot.”

3:10 Ochoallal: “The [elvish words] have been a part of our histories for longer than the High Druid would let you common folk believe” he sputters a bit

3:10  (To Syviis): Elvish words are “Lords of Darkness” formally spoken in elven


3:10 Gray: “Not evil. But calling dark powers”

3:11 Ochoallal: “They have been a cornerstone of our upbringing since before man or Beastfolk walked these lands ”

3:11 Syviis: “It seems many people looking for power don’t seem to mind the ways that lead into the dark, so long as they get what they want…” Syviis looks away angrily

3:12 Bomrek: [In Dwarvish] “Yada yada blah blah, Elves are evil you Dwarves were right all along, blah blah never trust Elves.” [/Dwarf] Bomrek says the above to Suðri , smirking a bit as he does.

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to suppress a smirk by stroking his beard.

Falkirk stops helping the elf clean up

3:14 Ochoallal: “Power is Power, woman. I don’t see you shying away from the storm? Why should I shy away from gifts from the higher planes?”

Syviis turns to Ochoallal with a strange smirk. “Because a Storm doesn’t demand you sacrifice your loyalty…your kin…for power.” She sighs and turns away.

3:15 Bomrek: (Man, that girl I de-eared earlier is going to be pissed her face isn’t symmetrical anymore.)

3:15 Joush M.: [No Bomrek, you can’t go back and even her up by snipping off the other one]

3:16 Adolf S.: (Bomrek’s a trail brazer in the art of plastic surgery, Joush)

3:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Higher planes like the one your ancestors dragged otherworldly horrors from so they could lay waste to entire countries with them? I’ve had enough of that shit.”

3:16 Gray: “Will your people recover them?” He ask in that rough voice, nodding to the shadow walkers about their dead fellows. “I don’t know if the discussion of morality is helpful here.”

3:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: “This whole mess we have here now is a ‘gift from a higher plane’ if I got that other elf right.”

3:16 Ochoallal: “The weak succumb! The strong prevail! It IS as it always HAS been, DWARF” he spits, Ochoallal’s voice rises as he retorts

Gray does think Suðri has a very valid point, however.

3:18 Roderick: “And what happens when the weak take advantage of power they can’t control?”

3:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Gorgoth might well not exist any more, and your kingdom is going up in flames. ‘The strong prevail’ my ass!”

3:18 Ochoallal: “It is now the time of the Wyrd Moon! And those blessed by the green light’s shadow shall prevail!”

Bomrek makes a cheeky comment to Suðri in Dwarvish, [“Looks like some-Elf can’t hold his liquor all too well”]

3:19 Gray: “Aachen, is he normally like this or did he just go crazy now?”

3:20 Aachen: “He’s kind of always like this, sorry” He sighs, lying on his back on the dirt and board floor “He’s been drinking from the same well for too long. Gone a bit over the deep end”

Suðri Skornbrekker responds in Dwarven, upset as he is by the course this conversation took: “It reveals his true nature. Telling.”

3:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That seems to be the common thread with this stuff,” the Dwarf responds to Aachen, welcoming his sanity.

Roderick glances at Gray and then at the elven healer. “What would it mean if one’s blade suddenly shone with a green light?”

3:20 Falkirk: “I this one of those’one hand clapping’ riddles, Sir?” he raises an eyebrow

3:21 Gray: “A very old Blessing, to fight the Shadows, born of a time long, long ago in the Old Kingdom.” He takes his sword from it’s heavy wrappings, revealing the massive and bronzy broadsword. “It answered the challenge of the shadow walkers with emerald light”

3:21 Doc: (was Falkirk talking to Rod?)

3:22 Falkirk: yus

3:22  (To Doc): yeah he was answering you, about the light thing

3:22 Gray: “Memory told me of it. She was a creature of the old kingdom, long in the past.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Gray, dumbfounded: “Are you saying that this green light is a GOOD thing? The moon has been green since that horrible day, those screaming souls that haunted the southern wastes were green, and the fire that burned down the fort at Glardenfen was green. I just don’t believe it.”

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head and adds: “Unless this is some fighting-fire-with-fire thing.”

Aachen laughs, again wincing, cursing his ribs

Gray doesn’t seem too offended by the healer’s ranting, so long as he takes no action to harm people. “Oh, no. I think it’s ‘opposed to the shadows’. That doesn’t make it good. The light that burns away the darkness can be worse then anything the darkness conceals.” He agrees with Suðri , about fighting fire with fire.

3:24 Aachen: “Wait, That firestorm last night was you assholes at the fort? I wish I could have seen his face when you guys killed Tigan! He was a crackpot with that flame spirit of his”

3:25 Gray: “I threw one of his followers at him and he lost control of his servant-flame.”

3:25 Aachen: “your joking, Thats HILARIOUS”

Suðri Skornbrekker laughs. “Gray tossed another elf at him. We only heard some screams and a bottle broke, and then everything was ablaze.”

Syviis listens intently, but focuses on the arrows and replenishing her supply

3:26  (To Syviis): Roll 1d, you planted quite a few in reach, but most went down the street and exploded when you missed

3:26 Gray: “I didn’t know that would happen, to be fair.” I wasn’t trying to turn the fort into a tinderbox”

Roderick turns to Falkirk. “This healer mentioned those ‘blessed by the green light,’ and Gray’s blade shone with the same when we were attacked.”

3:27 Ken (GM): “Lucky you didnt kill yourself, yeah. Your hide would make a terrible roast” he smiles

3:27 Syviis: (To GM) rolling 1d6(5)=5

3:29 Gray: “I am glad to amuse you. And glad to see that you aren’t our foe, even if your faction is opposed to us in general. I hope we can prove to the Shadow Walkers that we want the best for the people and don’t want to fight them. We want to protect the weak.. as the strong should.” The last a pointed comment to the healer, before he nods. “Are we ready to go? The Lord Marshall owes us coin and answers.”

3:29 Bomrek: “I want food, beer, and a few card games. And gold.” Bomrek says, crossing his arms, tacking that on to Gray’s description of our motivation.

3:31 Falkirk: “Based on what I know about the Old Empire of Gorgoth, and what you’ve described…They may be of the same ‘color of magic’. But I’m not sure. If I had a library and some time to corroborate information, I could give you a better answer Roderick. These are interesting times, for sure”

Roderick nods at Falkirk’s response. “Very little makes sense these days. I understand why some prefer the simplicity of combat.” He turns to Bomrek and raises an eyebrow in curiosity. “How much were you to be paid, by the way? I would imagine your salary falls far short of your worth.”

3:32 Gray: “Is there a place we can escort you Falkirk? Do you wish to stay with us or should we find you somewhere safe?”

3:32 Falkirk: “That is a ….very good question” he says “Lets assess the situation”

3:33 Gray: “Bomrek’s service is worth his weight in silver. I think they owe us about five hundered silver marks each.” ((About $2000 GURPSbucks))

3:33 Doc: tfw I converted that in my head already

3:34 Bomrek: >how much was I to be paid

3:34 Falkirk: ”

1. I am without my magic.
2. we are in familiar lands, but unsafe territory
3. We have enemies, for various reasons, but all the same
4. Geofferson must be opposed, at least on moral grounds
5. Aachen and his friend here are in no state to help, and we have a prisoner” Looking at the one eared woman on the floor

3:35 Gray: “Can we signal the shadow walkers to recover their dead and friend here when we leave?”

3:35 Falkirk: “I think, the commander and the healer should stay behind with the surgeon, watch over your half elf (mangled) prisoner, and leave you fellows to your devices”

3:35 Doc: was that just for the week you’ve been gone?

3:35 Gray: “That’s true.. they are shadow walkers. They can take charge here, if it’s fine.”

3:35 Falkirk: “i’d imagine I’m just going to slow you all down” he says with a sad shrug

Suðri Skornbrekker asks Aachen, a bit more quietly: “Going by what your comrade is saying and your group’s enthusiasm for magic shit, forgive me if I’m rude, but are the Shadow Walkers mad at us because we caused so many deaths and unleashed all these horrors upon the world, or is it because we broke their ancient magic toy?”

3:35 Bomrek: “If anyone asks, a wild dog came in after the carnage and bit off her ear.” Bomrek says, sitting down amongst the gear, laying into it like a big, uncomfortable bean bag chair full of pots and pans.

3:36 Falkirk: “Suthri, they’re an angry hornets nest of dark magic flavored angry rebels. They’d fight the All Father if you pointed them that way”

3:36 Gray: “You are a brilliant man, magic or no. You would be no burden. But you might be able to do more good here, and I don’t want to expose you to danger away from a healer. If you were to fall I’m not sure we could patch you up.”

Syviis smiles at Falkirk: “He spends weeks on the cusp of death, and now once he is mobile again, he worries about us…” bows her head

Gray walks to Falkirk, patting the human’s shoulder gently. “If you have need call on me.”

3:38 Falkirk: “Primum non nocere

Suðri Skornbrekker shrugs at Falkirk’s answer. “Well then.” HE mentally marks them off as ‘living parody of elves’

3:39  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Aachen nods along with falkirk explanation “Yeah, theyre just a bunch of crazy assholes, really”

Gray nods to the physican, not understanding the words but understanding the sentiment before he looks to the others. “Should we go before we lure more danger here?”

3:40 Aachen: “What do you expect from a bunch of elves who needed magic to not starve?” he shrugs again, rolling his shoulder” I dont know anyone who ponders morality when theres food and water on the line”

Roderick nods and dons his helmet. “We accomplish nothing by standing around here.”

3:41 Aachen: “Im mostly attending meetings for the loose women and looser morals. The barbecues are real dens of ill repute, at night” he grins

3:42 Gray: “I think you’ve had more fun then I have. Be safe, Aachen.. and thank you, again.”

3:42 Aachen: “Dont accept any pay in silver Beastman” he jokes with Gray

3:43 Syviis: “It’s true then…”  SHe sighs and pulls her mask up over her face. “Civilization really is but three days without food.”

Bomrek is reminded that he left his silver pick sitting on top of the tentacle creature this whole time. It’s probably burnt to shit now.

3:43 Doc: lel

3:43 Syviis: muttering in Elf [I wonder what monster that makes me…]

3:44 Ken (GM): [oh Syviis hasn’t succumbed …yet]

3:44 Bomrek: All elves deserve the noose tbh.

Syviis pulls her cloak around herself and strides to the open wall without a sound, waiting for the others

Gray just thinks those wuss elves didn’t find Salamander hearts to eat

3:46 Ken (GM): [right, so whats the plan? Use the current commotion to head out, and seek out the Lord Marshall Geofferson?]

3:46 Bomrek: Yeah! Speaking of who the hell is even fighting out there? Are the undesirables just killing each other? Are they going after town guards?

3:48 Ken (GM): [likely, yeah, the refugees/shadow walkers are stirring up shit at the gatehouse. The Wolfman and his entourage seeking you guys out just set them off]

3:48 Joush M.: Yep. Hoods up and trying not to draw too much attention, they don’t want things focused on them. If they see someone in danger though they will intervene

Suðri Skornbrekker will carry the usual bundle of additional muskets though

Roderick doesn’t know what a stealth is but at least this is his not-shiny armor

3:48 Ken (GM): [oh, his non-regal regalia? :P]

3:49 Bomrek: Hm.

3:49 Doc: Not gonna wear the heavy shit if he expects to be on foot, and he expects to be on foot

3:49 Bomrek: Do we pass by any food markets, banks, or taverns on our way there?

Ken (GM) As the heat of the day rises, the chaos of the city is wounded with the flame of riot at the gates. Our heroes use the opportunity to abscond, heading for the man they deem responsible for their most pressing woes; Geofferson


3:49 Bomrek: Bomrek considers this match heap of a town pretty close to lighting up and burning down for good. Might as well get a lil’ wholesome looting in before it all goes up in smoke.

3:50 P.P. A.: that’s beastman-tier though

3:50 Doc: fug, it’s already 5

3:50 Ken (GM): [we can slap out details of the slinking for next week. but yeah, theres food between here and there]

sounds like a good band name

3:50 Ken (GM): Elven magic genocide?

3:50 Bomrek: Nuh uh, Bomrek’s a guardsman. Basically like mixing the highway patrol with the national guard.

3:50 Ken (GM): “Humans versus Beastman”

3:50 Bomrek: Burning down bandit hovels was totally his job. and sometimes that meant taking their food and goods.

3:51 Ken (GM): “Green Moon Chaos” theres all sorts of good band names

3:51 Fiss: Nothing beats the best badname ever, though…. brought to you by a city in Alberta.

3:51 P.P. A.: well Suðri was a goody-two-shoes town militiaman; stopping looters and robbers all day erryday

3:51 Doc: meanwhile Rod’s job was just to be rich and learn things

3:52 Joush M.: Now I’m imagining Bomrek with the mustache and aviator sunglasses.



3:52 Bomrek: Yeah, Suthri never saw the shit like Bomrek did. Stealing a painting or two while you’re occupying France seems a LOT less of a moral conundrum when you just saw your childhood friend choke to death on his own blood in a fox hole next to you


3:52 Fiss: IN A VAN

3:52 Bomrek: “Like, Zoinks ‘Rod, looks like this suit of armor had, like, no one in it!”
Who’d be the Velma of our group? Syviis?

3:53 Fiss: Ruh ruoh
and all that

3:53 Joush M.: Suori could rock the orange sweater

3:53 Ken (GM): 4 points each, yo
buy up yo thangs

3:53 Doc: noice

3:53 Ken (GM): like FAST DRAW wink wink

3:54 Fiss: Anyway, gotta run. Thanks mangs!
Ken: She can now sling her bow around good. 1 pt in Fast Draw Bow

3:54 Doc: am I clear to buy Healing, then?

3:54 Ken (GM): [thumbs up symbol]

3:54 P.P. A.: \o

3:54 Ken (GM): [thumbs up symbol]

3:54 Bomrek: Ayy,

3:55 Doc: Rod is now an healer

3:55 P.P. A.: tfw 30 points

3:55 Ken (GM): PSST HEY PPA

3:55 P.P. A.: how much points is making your beard ward off magic

3:56 Ken (GM): Many


3:56  (To P.P. A.): Do you wish to succumb to the whispers of ~the darkness~?

3:57  (From P.P. A.): magic get out reeeee

3:56 Doc: It’s actually only 15 points because I’m making it take 16 times as long to use

3:56 Ken (GM): many point

3:57 Joush M.: Thanks for the game man. I enjoyed it

3:57 Ken (GM): such points
[internet high fives]

3:57 P.P. A.: indeed, thanks

3:57 Doc: yep, it was a good one

3:57 Ken (GM): Do you have any idea how many weeks Ive been sitting on this backstory/development?
You fuckers, and your killing of evil things
and all i wanna do it like, BACKSTORY and PLOT
and youre all NUH UH

3:58 Bomrek: Kill all!
Violence of action! Raaagh!

3:59 Doc: tfw we’re probably about to do more violence


4:00 Bomrek: Bomrek is hoping he can offset his losses by looting lots of things from this shithole.
Also taste things again

4:00 P.P. A.: I’d say the amount of violence in this campaign has been pretty balanced

4:00 Bomrek: How many buffets does this town have. Bomrek’ll settle for a Chinese buffet


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