Grimwyrd: Unstoppable Mania

HOKAY, so, where last we left our heroes…

You had holed up in an abandoned warehouse because CULTISTS and had later ventured out to see that the Lord Marshall had fucked over the Royal Magic Academy building/folks. You ran into Aachen on the way back, (who seems very sketchy and full of weird magic), and he has just left, promising to return with “a healer friend of his”. Falkirk has awoken, found his magic is gone, and has loudly damned Roderick and the Fae for the problem]

[Gray had JUST summoned Memory the Raven, Bomrek was drinking again, and  everyone was quite in a tizzy ]

12:19 Syviis: “Falkirk, is there anything you want us to save from the vines that you might be able to use later on? Do you have a master or cabal of wizards you can turn to to see if the loss of your magic can be reversed?” Syviis tries her best to press on the importance of solutions, not blame

Bomrek perks up at this, puts a stopped in his flask, and walks over to Falkirk. “Yes, exactly, do you have any wizard friends? Old teachers maybe? Somebody in town here.”

12:20 Gray: “You are better then you were this morning, friend. You can rage at the lords of the Fae later. We need your clever mind and knowledge more then your spells. We could use a physician.”

12:20 Syviis: “With all the things we’ve seen and done, perhaps bargaining with the Fae would be easier than you think to recover yourself fully.” She watches to see if the logic centers of his brain click back in, or if rage will rule the night

Falkirk simmers

12:22 Bomrek: (Read that as “Falkirk Skitters” and imagined him as a crab on a sea shore.)

12:23 Doc: (which in turn makes me think of him going “woop woop woop” like Zoidberg)

12:23 Syviis: “It isn’t fair to blame Roderick or anyone…there were half a dozen times where we though you lost…it’s a miracle we could keep you with us safe and alive long enough to recover as you have.”

12:23 Falkirk: “One: Where the hell are we?
Two: what day is it?
Three: Bomrek, share the firewater” and he holds out a hand

Syviis smiles and relaxes a bit

12:23 Syviis: “It’s Day ____ of the holy month of _____, or like the humans say.. Tuesday.”

Bomrek gladly passes him the flask. “Who cares about this Fae business, tell me of your wizard friends. We’re in Oakway, do you have any in Oakway?” he enunciates the name slow and clear.

Falkirk extracts himself from the fairy flowers. The thorny vines are withering before you, and the leaves browning visibly. As he steps down from the bed, the flowers shrink to nubs and waste away

12:24 Bomrek: (“See, I told you we should have added a little bit of glucose in with the water, now look, they’re all dead”)

12:25 Gray: “Oakway, near the river docks. It’s the forty second day of spring.” He walks to the flowers, helping Falkirk rise then looking to the brier bed. “Should anything be done with them?”

Suðri Skornbrekker glances at Bomrek, a bit perplexed by how his fellow Dwarf seems to obsessed with finding a wizard or healer. He needs to ask what’s up, really.

Syviis collects a sample of the nubs in case it becomes useful later on

Bomrek also has no idea of the quality of that alcohol, come to think of it. I wonder if it’s shitty rotgut, or the good stuff.

Falkirk has a nip from the flask, and immediately begins hacking and coughing

12:26 Falkirk: “GOOD GODS; what have you been drinking Bomrek?”

12:26 Roderick: “Lots.”

12:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We have been through a lot,” Suðri chimes in on that, “I cannot blame him.”

12:26 Bomrek: “It’s either wood alcohol or some sort of cellar spirit.”

12:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: “After we rescued you and Bomrek—who stayed behind to watch over you—from the clutches of the mindflayer the two of us saw at the slaver’s camp. You were stuck in some kind of apparatus with one of its… offspring, perhaps, sucking your face…”

12:29 Gray: “You’ve been asleep a long time. You need food and water, not whisky.”

Falkirk mulls over this. He pokes and prods at his face, his neck, and his mouth.

12:30 Falkirk: “I seem unscathed from the ordeal. Mindflayers are terrible demons. Hideous creatures of twisted flesh. But I seem no worse for the wear…” He looks at Bomrek “Suðri, were Bomrek and I both in the Flayer’s den? Did you find each of us there, you said?

12:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We came back to find both of you missing. Syviis tracked down the magic… trail of the Mindflayer, and we entered his abode and killed him. You were both in these strange coffins, alongside a few unfortunate fellows who had been there for a bit longer and were. Dried up, wrinkled, and probably dead in some way.”

12:33 Bomrek: “I was around at the time, yes”

12:35 Bomrek: (“If I’m not mistaken, one of them may be.. an Elf“) Dun Dun Dunnnnnn

Gray nods, studying Falkirk and seeming reassured the man doesn’t need to be steadied any longer he draws back. Walking to the door he looks outside, speaking aside softly to the raven at his shoulder. “Is there anything you can sense about Falkirk? Or that you noticed about Aachen?”

12:36  (To Gray): “Falkirk is whole again, but he has been cocooned in the Fae healing. His magic, if it was ever there, is gone now. I see no trace of his binding to the higher planes, no aura. Your friend Aachen is also…unwell” she dithers, not continuing the thought

12:37 Gray: “It’s unlike you to hesitate. Is his illness a personal matter?” He asks, as a hand lifts to stroke the raven’s shadowy feathers a moment. The brute watching the street outside the small warehouse.

12:37 Falkirk: “Bomrek, this is serious. Was there a creature attached to you as well? ” he peers at Bomrek, staying an arms length back, but peering around the edges of the dwarf’s face with wide eyes

12:39 Bomrek: “Blast if I know” The gruff dwarf tosses his hands up a foot or so from their resting position on his belt. “I barely even remember that incident. A lot’s been going on since you konked out, wizard.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Syviis and Gray to confirm he’s remembering correctly, and nods to Falkirk’s question.

12:41  (To Gray): “Your friend is beholden to a dark spirit. And I do not know it’s name…”

12:41 Falkirk: “Open your mouth Bomrek. I need to inspect you for…wounds. ” he turns to Syviis, Suðri “Get a lit torch, and a knife”

Gray nods, troubled by whatever the raven said, before his attention turns to Falkirk. The request surprises him, a worried frown for Bomrek now.

12:42 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Coming up!” He goes to fetch these items, likely as they are to be available here.

Roderick produces both

Syviis finds a torch nervously, whispering something about how all Mindflayers need to be ground into mulch for trees.

12:43 P.P. A.: n-nevermind

12:43 Ken (GM): [so many volunteers 😀 ]

12:43 Syviis: [ALL THE TORCHES]

Roderick has a high-quality penis dagger and can light his hands on fire so it makes sense

12:44 Ken (GM): […penis dagger?]

12:45 Syviis: [The Penis Mightier]

12:45 Doc: 2-mid_15th_bollock.jpg

12:45 Ken (GM): …

12:45 Doc: ballock daggers were the fashionable item

12:45 Ken (GM): jfc

12:46 Joush M.: Proof that people were the same throughout the ages
>LOL, check out my dickknife

12:47 Doc: and of course it would be worn in front on your belt

Gray keeps a watch out.

12:49 Bomrek: “Wounds? I’ve never been stabbed by a sandwich before, ‘ya crazy bastard.”

12:49 Falkirk: “Bomrek. The mindflayers lay their eggs in living hosts, and consume them from within. We need to make sure you’re not infected”

Roderick glances at Bomrek and shudders in horror at the thought of that

Suðri Skornbrekker looks rather aghast.

Bomrek grabs his flask and sips some of the remaining fluid out of it, before tilting his head back and opening his mouth. “Anythin’ inside me is long dead from drowning, I assure you”

12:53 Roderick: “A cunning strategy, but I wouldn’t want to risk everything on the idea that mind flayers are weak to alcohol.”

Falkirk gets the torch lit in one hand, and takes the foot long thin knife in the other. He takes a look down Bomrek’s gullet…and visibly blanches

12:54 Joush M.: [“Oh god! It smells of rotgut and herring! What do you even eat?”]

12:54 Falkirk: “Bomrek… what does your mouth….feel like right now?

12:54 Bomrek: [That’s a good question.]
12:55 Bomrek: (what DOES my mouth feel like?)

Gray looks to them across the room, a frown on the brute’s rough features as he watches the doctor’s examination.

12:56  (To Bomrek): You run your tongue around, and it feels normal. Teeth, cheeks, all there. You cant taste anything, but that’s been the standard for going on two weeks now

12:56 Bomrek: “Feels like a mouth, ‘Doc.”

12:57 Falkirk: “How very odd…” he murmurs to himself as he raises the knife to the torch, letting the metal smoke off and heat up “I am going to need to to hold very still Bomrek. Do you want help from the others?”

Bomrek narrows his eyes angrily, and slowly closes his mouth. “The inside of my throat ain’t the ass end of a cow, Falkirk.”

12:59 Falkirk: “Bomrek, I dont think you actually have one anymore…” he waves the knife through the flame “Have a poke at your tongue. Use your finger. Tell me what that feels like”

1:00 Bomrek: “What the fuck are you on about?” Bomrek says harshly, not his usual neutrally-racist temperament.

Gray frowns more, distrubed by the conversation, then turning to watch out for trouble.

1:01 Falkirk: “You have, in the technical term, a ‘foreign body in your oral cavity’ ”

Roderick realizes the implications. “We… may have seen this before,” he says grimly.

1:02 Bomrek: “What”
Bomrek says simply, but sternly.
Bomrek turns around quickly to face Roderick “Seen what before?”

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Roderick as he realise’s what he meant. “…the scribe.”


Suðri Skornbrekker explains to Bomrek and Falkirk: “In one of the lower floors of the fort, we freed a man who was being held there to do alchemy for the Dreugar.”

1:04 Bomrek: (Has Bomrek seen it before? I’ve no recollection.)

1:04 P.P. A.: (no, thta was when Bomrek was guarding the Doc, you were AFK)

Gray winces. “That’s right.”

1:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “He couldn’t speak, so we communicated through writing. He called himself ‘Servant’. He was the mind-slave of another Midnflayer, whom Syviis killed.” He grows paler as he describes “…we discovered that his tongue had been replaced by… something. Something of the mind-flayer. We eventually cut it out, but alas, he took his own life shortly thereafter.”

Syviis looks away, a wash of horror passing over her.

Suðri Skornbrekker slaps his forehead and mumbles: “Why did we not think of this back then…?!”

1:06 P.P. A.: >that feel when the PCs miss a hint

1:06 Bomrek: “Think of what? What in the hell are you talking about?”

1:06 Syviis: “We had many pressing issues…none of them are excuses, of course…just…” trails off

1:06 Falkirk: “Any advice for the extraction, Sir Roderick?” Falkirk asks,inspecting the blade in the torch flame

1:07 Gray: “What.. humm. We lacked a healer.” He says in that rough voice,looking to Falkirk then Roderick and Bomrek. The big beast seems worried for his dwarven friend now

1:07 Syviis: “What do we do about it, Falkirk? Or are you hoping heated steel is the answer?”

Bomrek pales at the word Extraction, and brings a gloved hand to his throat, looking between Falkirk and Roderick.

Suðri Skornbrekker notices Bomrek’s apprehension. “If it is not removed, that… thing might take control of you and drive you mad.”

1:08 Roderick: “The only advice I can offer is to be careful, and hope that an early removal yields better results.”

1:09 Falkirk: “I am a surgeon, miss. I cut bad things out of people. I am good at it” He holds up the heated knife, metal glowing faintly “Gray, be a good man and hold Bomrek fast for this? I’d imagine you’ll want a good grip on the top of his head and under his jaw to best assist me” he motions to Bomrek, pointing with the hot knife

1:10 Bomrek: “Drive me mad? The only blasted thing drivin’ me mad is the lack of drink and tobacco smoke!”

1:10 Roderick: “That blade was well-suited to the task, but he was too far gone to be saved.”

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard and recalls that Servant lost his ability to write and generally seemed confused after the removal, but assumes that this was due to him reverting to what he was like before the infection.

1:10 Bomrek: “Oi, no way in the nine hells am I letting you cut out my tongue!” Bomrek takes a few steps back, the steps themselves more anger than they are fear.

1:10 Doc: tfw mouth surgery with a penis dagger

Syviis doesn’t look particularly happy either

1:11 Falkirk: “Bomrek….you dont have a tongue in there anymore”


Gray sighs and walks over. “Fine. Alright.. Bomrek, it’s the doctor. You trust him. He’s going to do what he can to help you. He wouldn’t suggest this if it wasn’t necessary.”

Memory takes up a perch on a barrel, watching, head cocked

1:12 Bomrek: “Well so far it’s served perfectly [Short, pointed dwarven curse word] well at passin’ bread and wine down my Throat! How am I going to talk without m’tongue? Take me to somebody who has a few sparks of magic and see what in the hell they can do!”

1:13 Gray: “I think magic would more easily fix this after the thing in your mouth is gone.”

1:13 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You did not meet Servant. The ‘tongue’ was a grotesque being with its own will, and it controlled him.”

1:13 Bomrek: “Was it? Or was it just a meat puppet controlled by whatever the hell it was we killed? Who’s to say whatever this is isn’t just as dormant as any other tongue?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks a bit pale, certainly unhappy that he needs to talk his Dwarven comrade into having his tongue cut out.

1:14 Bomrek: “Y’can’t fix what ain’t there! I’m not livin’ my life without a tongue!” his accent’s coming on a little bit, thickening and hardening his words in the Dwarven way, not something that you’ve seen happen with him much.

1:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We had already killed the Mindflayer who was in the area and controlled the man, but the ‘tongue’ continued on its own.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks down and wonders. “Why were you so eager to find a healer? Are you noticing any strange effects?”

1:16 Gray: “I don’t think you have a choice about that, at least for a while. You are more then tough enough to endure this.” He walks closer but doesn’t grab Bomrek. “In the end, it’s your choice. But the situation isn’t stable. You are getting worse.”

1:16 Syviis: “It’s been letting you use it as your tongue because it’s still eating you, Bomrek.” She turns to Falkirk “But I hardly think we need to cut that out of him without proper consideration. A magical healer, and some sedation may repair much more than just a knife.”

Bomrek’s accent goes back to normal again, not strictly speaking considering the hardness of Dwarf language to be a natural way to indicate anger, in this case simply indicating further focus “I haven’t been able to taste a drop of booze since you ‘lot pulled me out of those damned tombs. I’d very much like to FIX that” Bomrek responds to Syviis’, or rather builds off what she’s saying “A knife is for stabbing, a needle is for mending, but my tongue is neither a slice of roast nor torn dress to be re-stitched!”

1:18 Bomrek: “Getting worse?” Bomrek says, in response to Gray. “What [Dwarven curse word, again] scale would you be judging that on exactly? Only thing I’m suffering from is a dry palate!”

Suðri Skornbrekker grits his teeth. “It might be true, after all…”

1:19 Falkirk: “how positively barbaric a notion Bomrek. I have a skilled hand; I will only extract the parasite, I am sure”

1:19 Roderick: “I only extracted the parasite.”

1:19 Bomrek: “How damned controlling are these things supposed to be, anyway? Is it a beast, or does it have a mind? I don’t mind having to poke m’own tongue with a fork at night to quiet it down, as long as I can still talk” he says, the idea being that maybe we could reason with it.
[With force.]
[The only type of reason.]

1:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aye, and Roderick is not even a physician, or did we know what we were doing.”

1:20 Gray: “You are sick. You’ve been sick for a while. It’s not getting better.” He says relentlessly to Bomrek. “You can’t just leave it there. You need to trust Falkirk and Roderick.”

1:20 Ken (GM): [dwarven gun diplomacy to your own mouth? crazy]

1:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It looked like… well [Dwraven expletive], like some weird [Dwarven expletive]. Servant seemed to wrestle with it for control of his mind, and was agonized by it.”

1:21 Bomrek: “It’s not gotten better because I haven’t had a proper Dwarven healer to look at it.”

1:21 Syviis: [Dwarf Diplomacy: “I’LL FUCKKIN MURDAR YOU! WITH MY OWN TEEEEETH!”]

1:22 Gray: “Bite it hard and spit out the blood. See for yourself what’s inside your mouth.”

1:22 Falkirk: “Oh, the dwarven way huh? Pour quicklime into your mouth and pray to the Allfather? BAH!”

1:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Now now, no need to be rude,” Suðri chastises Falkirk, though rather because he empathizes with Bomrek not wanting to lose his ability to speak.

1:22 Syviis: “Until now we haven’t even been aware of what was going on, Falkirk.”

1:23 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I should note, Bomrek, when we found Servant he could not speak, though the thing was still acting like his tongue.”

1:24 Bomrek: “Did it have a mind of it’s own? Did it speak of it’s own will?”

1:24  (To Roderick): You recall it was a bit psychic? screamed in your mind?

1:24  (To Syviis): You recall it was a bit psychic? screamed in your mind?

1:24 Roderick: “Yes, and it controlled Servant’s will.”

1:25  (From Bomrek): Any specific plans with this, short-term? If I go afk, I could just uh have Bomrek positively POUND two bottles of hard liquor, and storm off, looking for a magical healer and then have this lot do whatever, and us do a mini session otherwise feel free to GM determination what happens

1:26  (To Bomrek): up to you man. Ive been sitting on this little bit of plot for like, 6 months now

[GM’s note: seriously did. Every single aside Bomrek made about seeing a healer was in reference to this 😀 I haven’t pulled off a cool reveal like this in years, since. -Ken]

1:25 Roderick: “If you can’t taste, your tongue is likely already gone. Is it truly Bomrek that’s so afraid? Or has the influence started?”

1:26 Ken (GM): 😮
>makes popcorn

Bomrek looks squarely at Roderick, a sort of specific Dwarven cultural way to indicate a certain annoyed incredulousness. “Are you tellin’ me that losin’ your tongue wouldn’t put you in a foul mood?”

1:28 Roderick: “This may be your last chance to make a decision as yourself.”

1:28  (From Bomrek): Well my, and more or less logically Bomrek’s opinion too a this point, would be to go find a doctor. A healer. Magic to fix magic, sort’a deal. Only now it’s turned up from, say, an 8, to an 11.

1:28 Gray: “It is what is, Bomrek. Let the healer do his work.” He says with some considerable sympathy, reaching out to pat the solid shoulder of the dwarf solider.

Syviis walks over to Gray and whispers

1:29  (To Bomrek): Mm very motivated. But what magical healer? Gonna run out into the Half elf and scorned refugees? Find one there?

1:29  (From Bomrek): Basically, yeah; after exhausting any minor-tier looking one could do for healers otherwise in the area. A fistful of gold coins goes a long way with people who are struggling to eat. Even more so if I throw in a crust of bread as a sweetener.

Gray nods to Syviis with a frown, walking over to Falkirk. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth, please. Let’s see your tongue and throat.”

1:31 Bomrek: (Ahhh, look at this, it’s a rendition of the movie, The Thing)

1:31 Syviis: “It may be a good time to check that we are all under our own wills before we start slipping knives into each other’s mouths regardless.”

1:31 Bomrek: (also that episode of X-Files)
(which was technically radder than the movie it copied the idea from)

Falkirk shrugs and does so, letting Gray examine him

1:32  (To Gray): Clean and human. Pink flesh, white teeth, nothing amiss. He even smells clean, like he washed his breath with wintergreen mint…how very odd

Gray bites his tongue, the brute nipping it hard and spitting blood to the side. Red and wet and perfectly normal, the brute barely notices the pain. He turns to examine Falkirk. “Fae magic and mint. Well healed, from the condition you’d been in. What is your wife’s name?” Gray asking a question to test who is in charge of Falkirk’s mind.

1:33 P.P. A.: I just now remembered that Bomrek said he couldn’t taste anything
when we rescued him and he took a sip of alcohol
fug, we really missed that hint

1:33 Adolf S.: get shit on, fellow players

1:33 Ken (GM): [oh shi-!]

1:34 Bomrek: (Anyway yeah that was one. I memed about uh, how somebody had fucked with my whiskey, ‘replaced it with water. There’s been others since then, including pounding hard liquor like it was mountain dew)

Suðri Skornbrekker can taste just fine and was never abducted by mindflayers, but he slightly bites his tongue anyway to be sure.

1:34 Joush M.: Oh, gray bites his OWN tongue. Not anybody else. Just makeing that super clear

1:34 Ken (GM): lol

Roderick nods and bites his tongue intentionally. It hurts.

1:35 Ken (GM): [so, just to be clear for the GM, youre all showing each other your bloody mouths? Checking theres nothing amiss?]

1:36 P.P. A.: [Idea for a badly-done romance story: a lover bites their lover’s tongue, only to discover that it is a parasite horror]

Roderick probably doesn’t bite hard enough to bleed unless someone calls him out on it

Syviis pulls her knife out, draws blood from her tongue, and inspects it on the blade before wiping it clean. Syviis smiles at Rod and offers her knife

1:37 Ken (GM): /hardcore elf/2kv1wn.jpg

1:37 Joush M.: Like a weird fetish video. Gray’s demonstraition was just that his mouth is normal and he bleeds like he should, but he will return the favor. Letting them see the fang filled maw. It’s normal.. for him. Pretty messed up to look in, espeically as the fang-marks on the tongue heal.

1:37 Syviis: considering she’s the one to suggest we all check, she’s ABSOLUTELY calling Rod out on it

1:37 P.P. A.: >Syviis smiles at Rod and offers her knife
>a-an indirect kiss

1:37 Doc: that’s like an indirect kiss
wew hivemind

Roderick sighs and accepts the knife. It will be easier than trying to bite his tongue that hard, at least.

1:38 Ken (GM): sexy-knifeplay hivemind

Suðri Skornbrekker will have to use a clean knife too since he doesn’t feel confident to safely bite his own tongue without breaking something.

1:39 Doc: >tfw no elf gf to cut your tongues with the same knife
why even live

1:39 Adolf S.: >tfw no elf classmate to bully about her race that she can’t help

Gray seems to have more teeth then a human. 36 or so, with long, sharp eyeteeth and a wicked solidness to the beast that suggest he can bite quite hard.
His suggestion was based on forgetting normal people can’t just cut themselves on their fangs and heal in five minutes.

1:40 Syviis: [“It’s not like I even like you, bakka!” blushes and shoots you with arrows]

1:40 Adolf S.: >tfw will never sprinkle a handful of fresh-torn grass onto her burger while she’s not looking, and then laugh as she sputters and spits it out
Elves are made to be hated, nothing else.

1:40 Syviis: It’s true. Hate machines.

1:40 Joush M.: Yandare Elf Time?

1:41 Doc: adolf is just tsundere for elves

1:41 Ken (GM): SOooooo back to the body horror

Ken (GM) You each take turns, in your ways, proving your mouth’s are your own, uninfected, and clean(ish). Leaving only Bomrek

1:41 Syviis: “Are we all satisfied that only Master Dwarf here is in immediate danger? And should we task someone at least to find some healing or numbing salve?”

Gray nods. The beast dragging his gaze away from looking at Syviis’s mouth and the distracted thoughts, looking to Bomrek. “Courage. You can do this”

1:43 Falkirk: “Aside from getting him stinking drunk, theres nothing I could whip up at a moments notice to help. Without my magic this is my best way of helping”

1:44 Bomrek : “The 9 hells I can!” He says with about the normal level of frustration, and calmly walks over to some of his things, pulling out his sack of gold. He takes a few fistfulls of coins, and sticks them into an empty ammo pouch, ties it very tightly closed, and then secures it to his belt.

Bomrek sorts through his alcohol stash. [I had a shit load before, what am I at about now, Ken? Dreggs? 10 percent? 20? ]

1:45 Ken (GM): [about a single pint in one lonely bottle. Red bright whiskey]

1:46 Gray: “I can’t force you.. [Well, I could. I imagine I could hold you down and tear your tongue out.].. But it’s your choice. When the parasite takes control we will.. handle things, if you don’t want to allow the healer to work.”

1:46 Falkirk: “Planning on knocking yourself out with a sack of gold? How poignant”

1:46 Bomrek: [What kind of quality are we talking here, Ken? I had the entire fucking range of quality initially.]

1:47 Syviis: “Physician, can it be more like how one deals with a leech? Can we starve the parasite into letting go?”

Bomrek is sorting through his bottles, mostly ignoring what Gray said, and partly  sneering, partly smirking at what Falkirk said, and then perks up. He turns to Syviis. “You, Elf, can you contact the other Elf-boy somehow?”

Syviis nods

1:48 Bomrek: “You’re magic, right? Get him up here.”

1:48 Syviis: “I’ve sent messages already. But they are still days away.”

1:48 Ken (GM): [she sent letters; I think HE means like, psychic powers between leaf-people]

1:48 Syviis: “Considering our limited options, though, perhaps a sojourn toward Elf Lands may not be a bad idea.”

Bomrek tilts his head, and looks frustratedly confused at Syviis. “No, not the damned tree- bastards, the Elf. That elf. The one who fell through a crack in the floor” he points vaguely in the direction of where Aechan melted into.

Syviis sighs and nods with a kind smile.

1:50 Syviis: “I’m afraid the first I met him was today, I have no way to contact him. But he did promise to return…I hope.”

1:51 Gray: “Why do you want to speak to the commander?”

1:51  (To Bomrek): Well, if youre looking for a healer to find, maybe wait for Aachens friend?

1:52 Ken (GM): [Aachen did say he’d be back with a healer…]

Ken (GM) From outside, in the streets, you hear the sound of yelling, and pitched voices. A fire?or some kind of emergency?

1:54  (From Bomrek): That’s one idea, but the actions of everybody else are spurrin’ Bomrek to take quicker action than that. So, maybe check out the Elf gypsies and whatever else outta here

Syviis glances to Grey and strides over to the windows wordlessly

Gray moves over to look out the door, at the sound

1:55 Syviis: [wait, ARE there windows?]

Ken (GM) The voices rise higher here and there: a womans scream, a cry of pain, a horse whinnying in fear.
A very heavy, trembling, THUD

1:55 Syviis: [looks out door if not]

1:55 Ken (GM): [yep, in the door]

1:55 Bomrek: “He said he had some healers, and for now it’s the best chance I have” he says in response to Gray

1:56  (To Gray): There is a big black wolf made of shadows barreling up the streets toward you all

1:56  (To Syviis): There is a big black wolf made of shadows barreling up the streets toward you all

1:56 Bomrek: (It’s the beastmen! They’re rioting! Kill’m all!)

1:56 Gray: “Get ready. There’s a shadow wolf coming.”


1:56 Bomrek: “A what?”

1:56 Syviis: In elvish: “[…WAT]”

1:56 Ken (GM): INITIATIVE!

Roderick doesn’t like the sound of that so he draws his sword

1:57 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(2)7= 9

1:57 Bomrek: rolling 1d6 + 6.5(5)6.5= 11.5

Suðri Skornbrekker gets out his musket, braces it on his bardiche, and aims it!
rolling 1d6+5.25(2)5.25= 7.25

1:58 Gray: rolling 1d6+7(2)7= 9

1:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Isn’t that the same beast as we saw in the Ansible?”

1:58 Roderick: rolling d6+5.5+1(5)6.5= 11.5

Gray lacks the time to explain before all hell breaks loose.

2:00 Bomrek: (I think I’ll go with my brace of pistols for this fight)

Ken (GM) the building shudders, as something MASSIVE slams into the North wall from the street; timbers thick as Bomreks neck splinter, and dust flies from everwhere in the room. A hideous black
noise crawls up your spine


2:02 Syviis: “At least it used the door…” dryly

2:02 Ken (GM): Rodrick!

2:03 Joush M.: Giant puppy just went Kool Aid man on us.
>Oh Yeah!

2:03 Bomrek: (Perhaps going with pistols was not wise for this fight)

Roderick points his sword at the creature and readies a stop thrust in case it charges. He doubts his cloak will be an effective defense here

Suðri Skornbrekker has his musket aiming at it.

2:05 Doc: >tfw can’t realistically parry it either

2:05 Ken (GM): righto, Wait on a stop thrust

2:06 Bomrek: Alright, I’ll take one step south, firstly, Wassa’ disad for 9 hexes?

2:06 Syviis: [“GIVE ME YA TONGUE, WOLFIE!”]

2:07 Syviis: [all the better to taste things with, My Dear!]

2:07 Ken (GM): -4 for 9 hex distance
its face is as big as a man, SM+4

2:07 Bomrek: (Hey, does Bomrek know what the hell this is?)
(If so, what the hell is this)

2:07 Ken (GM): Bomrek has never met a giant shadow wolf like this before

2:07 Bomrek: Does it look like a ghost, or like a meat-object?

Gray is no longer the biggest bad wolf

2:08  (To Syviis): That certainly looks like some sort of animus; elven totem spirit melding. A being made of magic, summoned to bond with an elf. Big juju magic
2:08  (From Syviis): anyone use it back home? Or just ‘I know this kinda thing’?
2:09  (To Syviis): The High Elder could do it. So could the big guys on the council… and most ancient elves who mastered their spirit totems

2:08 Ken (GM): You cant rightly tell if it’s meat or shadowstuff. It looks solid enough though, tearing through the wall of the building as it has

2:08 Bomrek: Yeah, that’ll do it. Hm.

2:08 Bomrek: So +0 to hit this thing then? Right’o..

2:10 Bomrek: Wassa penalty for vitals and or a headshot on this thing?

2:10 Ken (GM): same as always. -3 for vitals, -5 for face, -7 for skull

2:11 Bomrek: Nasty. I’ll go for a vitals hit, gotta hit a 13 or under.
rolling 3d6(6+4+4)= 14
Wait, if I miss by 1 on vitals, don’t I hit chest?

2:11 Ken (GM): miss by 1 hits the torso!

2:11 Bomrek: wew

2:11 Ken (GM): Also; the thing does not dodge Bomrek’s shot, and the bullet slams home in the thing’s furry chest

Syviis looks suitably in awe… in a classic sense. She looks as if she’s seeing something SERIOUSLY powerful

Bomrek points one of his pistols at the Wolf and fires, creating a very loud noise and a nice puff of smoke.

2:12 Bomrek: Roll damage, then?

2:12 Ken (GM): please

2:12 Bomrek: rolling 2d6(2+5)= 7 Pi+

2:12 Ken (GM): nice

2:12 Bomrek: Yee

Ken (GM) The bullet punches home, and it bleeds a gout of shadow-stuff, which dissipates into the air

2:13 Syviis: I assume I can fire through the hexes of  Memory and dwarf? At a negitive?And does she have a shot on the eyes?

2:14 Ken (GM): Take a step Southwest and youre good

2:15 Syviis: Step and fire then; 4 points lightning, aiming for Neck, so I believe thats… 18 to hit
rolling 3d6(4+2+4)=10
do it dodgey?

2:15 Ken (GM): neat.jpeg
The thing again, does not dodge out of the way of the arrow, and the thunderclap that follows after crackles in the room; the arrow sinks into it and explodes in lightning! Damage roll!

2:16 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 1(2)1= 3 Imp
rolling 4d6(2+3+3+6)= 14 Burn
Woo, above average!

2:17 Ken (GM): the thing BLISTERS at the show of fire and light, and you see the flesh seared away by the lightning! (seems to be vulnerable to fire )

2:17 Syviis: Yay for burning-attack!

Gray moves up and readies a sword. “It’s huge! Stay back” He warns the others.
rolling 3d6 vs 12 to fast draw (sword)(2+4+2)= 8
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage)(1+6+5)= 12

Ken (GM) Gray’s ogre blade draws out to his grip… and then suddenly in the shadowy light it GLOWS a fickle green. Lime colored flames lick up and down the blade!

2:20 Joush M.: Uhoh

2:20 Ken (GM): Falkirk!
“Oh shit!” he yells, diving for cover behind your gear. Falkirk hunkers down into the bags

2:21 Ken (GM): Suðri !

2:21 P.P. A.: hm can I shoot it if I take a step to the side?
(and without shooting Gray)

2:22 Ken (GM): gray is HUEG; he’ll provide a cover penalty unfortunately

2:23 Doc: doesn’t the musket also need to be braced

Suðri Skornbrekker decides to sit it out and use his turn to get a better aim.
Suðri Skornbrekker is bracing it on his bardiche which he presumably picked up before running to the door

2:23 Ken (GM): what a crazy idea, aiming

2:23 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Gray, step out of the way if it doesn’t move farther!”

IT wrenches on the wall, howling and screaming inhuman noises; the thing bashes against the wooden planks that grip IT, dripping scorched blackness from IT’s wounds

2:24 IT: rolling 3d6(1+1+2)= 4 vs ST(free from wall)


2:25 Joush M.: My new house!

2:25 Adolf S.: There goes the neighborhood. Giant wolves move in, property values immediately go down, happens every time.

2:25 Syviis: fuckin shadowwolves.

IT towers over gray, turning it’s wolf face down to him, and you all “I HUNGER” rumbles out in that impossible sound
Up the street, you hear the sound of other inhuman howling voices, half a dozen at least

2:26 Doc: my reach is 2 fyi, dunno if that’ll give me the stop thrust at any point

2:26 Ken (GM): Rod! I suppose it triggers you!

2:26 Bomrek: Can’t you move one square unhindered so you’d be in it’s range at minimum this round
er, it would be in YOUR range, that is

2:27 Ken (GM): regardless; hes triggered

2:27 P.P. A.: >when your GM runs out of names and just calls every enemy “IT”

2:27 Bomrek: All we need to do is take out a chunk of thick rope with a knot in it, and throw it around the room.

2:27 Syviis: [Wolfie McWolfface]

2:27 Ken (GM): >assuming theres a better way to emote before you get introduced to elder evils

2:28 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 16 (15+4 SM -3 aim at Vitals)(4+1+2)= 7

2:29 Joush M.: Are vitals reachable from there?

2:29 Ken (GM): [yep]

Ken (GM) Roderick’s blade shines in the dim room, flashing with a green light of it’s own, the Fae blade singing as it sinks deep into the beast’s chest!

2:29 Doc: the timeless strategy of “put a pointy metal thing between you and the guy charging at you”

2:29 Bomrek: >do the shank
>do the monster shank
(he did the shank, it was a graveyard bash~)

2:29 Ken (GM): Damage!

2:29 Roderick: rolling d6+2 plus 1 per every two yards the thing moved (2)2= 4 Imp +etc.

2:30 Ken (GM): neat, Ill call that 4 yards/+2 damage then!

Ken (GM) The wolf barely gets an ill-formed word out before Roderick charges in with the mystic sword. And with a POOF the body explodes into inky black twisting veils of shadow, exploding away from an elven man, now on the tip of Rod’s retreating blade!

2:32 Adolf S.: what the fuck

Ken (GM) the elf looks QUITE surprised!

2:32 Bomrek: Is the Elf familiar to Bomrek?

2:32  (To Roderick): Your blade is SINGING in your head; volumes of music and crashing noise cascading through you.

2:32 Doc: >inb4 Aachen

2:32 Ken (GM): [Totally not Aachen]

Gray is just glad they don’t have to fight a wolf. That thing looked awesome. Much easier to kill creepy elf cultists

Syviis doesn’t look surprised, but has another arrow at the ready

2:32 Ken (GM): Bomrek!

2:33 Bomrek: Hm. What’s he wearing? Any distinguishing marks or, uh, qualities to’m?

2:33 Joush M.: Rip your tongue out and throw it at him

2:33 Bomrek: Does he look like those fucks we killed in the desert at all?

Ken (GM) the elf is clad in red and black painted leathers. He has warpaint on his pale white skin, short cropped blonde hair, and a stab wound in his breast. He has all kinds of weird totemic jewelery; fangs, braids, chains and the like


2:34 Bomrek: Hm.

2:34 Ken (GM): [he looks a lot like the crazy fire /shadow wielding elf types you fought last night]

2:34 Bomrek: Well. I step one step forward, for starters, 4 hexes. Any penalty?
Anyway, free action to drop the fired pistol, then another free action to toss my pistol from my left hand to my right hand, as per my advantage, Theeennnn, all out attack to his ‘dome. Wassa penalty I’m lookin’ at?

2:36 Ken (GM): he’s people sized, so distance -2, skull -7

2:38 Bomrek: Hmm. “Surrender or I’ll blow your brains out all over that wall behind you, and rend your meat into beard wax, you damned Elf”

Fast talk attempt
any penalties or what not

2:38 Ken (GM): lol Roll it!

2:38 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(3+5+5)=13
yeah that’ll do

Ken (GM) the bewildered elf looks at his chest wound, then at the gun. He opts to drop to his knees, clutching himself

2:39 Ken (GM): Syviis!

Syviis is happy the elf is in hand,so she rushes past to check the hole for more intruders and to guard against this guy’s escape

2:40  (To Syviis): Up the street, barrelling down on you like cannonballs, are six or so balls of shadow, with elf faces sticking out

Bomrek takes the time to draw another gun in his off hand.*

2:40 Ken (GM): [noted!] Gray!

2:40 Syviis: “Incoming! Six more!”

Gray looks to his sword that twisted from his hand, surprised, damn near shocked at the way it glows in the dim light of the abandoned warehouse. He swears at Syviis’s words. “Wolves or men?” He draws his other sword. The unadorned arming sword is sized to a human, a bit small for him.

2:42 Syviis: “Men, in shadow!”

2:43  (To Gray): dropping the apparently magic ogre blade? or just dual armed? 

2:44  (To Gray): I was describing how the blade is wreathed in flame. I may have made it sound like you dropped it, which is not the case. my bad

2:45 Joush M.: Oops! Still holding the one blade. He will draw another anyway! oWo

2:45 Ken (GM): wootski
Falkirk! Stays hunkered down and loudly exclaims “What the hell is going on?! and where are my potions?” digging through the heap of bags

2:46  (From Syviis): for her Extra Attack [that she recently spent points on], is that at -4?

2:47  (To Syviis): Nope, no penalties. The dual weapon technique can complicate things, but when you get the advantage Extra attack, its just that; one more attack

2:47 Bomrek: Annnd there’s a phonecall. I gotta put on shoes and jet.

2:47 Gray: (Ah! Take care man. Good luck)

2:48 Ken (GM): [I promise, things will get interesting for the Dorf]

2:48  (From Bomrek): Bomrek autopilot directives: Stay mid range with pistols and shoot enemies. After enemies are dealt with, ignore this new elf business – let the others handle it – and try to source a magic healer. In this case, by going into the fields of elves and other undesireables outside – preferably with Suðri at my side or somebody at least – to see if anybody there knows magic.

2:49  (To Bomrek): Noted. Seek magic; use magic. and here I thought he distrusted wizard bullshit

2:49  (From Bomrek): Whiskey’s on the line!

2:48 P.P. A.: What is the door like? A single large door, or two wings?

2:48 P.P. A.: (And to which side does it open, right or left?)

2:48 Ken (GM): [doubledoor, opens inward. Theres also a hole in the wall the side of it now…]

Suðri Skornbrekker steps to the side, props up his musket on his bardiche, and starts aiming outside

2:51 P.P. A.: hm might need two steps
so no aim I guess, just moving up there then

2:52 Ken (GM): gotcha, taking up a position!
Roderick! incoming! WAT DO

2:52 Doc: Can I see them?

2:53 Ken (GM): Ah yeah, you do have line of sight

2:53  (To Doc): Up the street, barreling down on you like cannonballs, are six or so balls of shadow, with elf faces sticking out

2:53 Doc: probably won’t affect my actions, just wanted to know

2:53  (From Doc): elf-sized or more like the wolf?

2:54  (To Doc): Elf sized.

2:54  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Up the street, barreling down on you like cannonballs, are six or so balls of shadow, with elf faces sticking out

2:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Six more of them!” Suðri exclaims.

Roderick takes a Ready action for his cloak and a step to the left, keeping his blade pointed at the prisoner. Gonna stab if he makes me do it


Ken (GM) The savage elves fly through the air like screaming banshees, then land with practiced ease, slamming into the building. Their landing is cushioned by clouds of black shadow engulfing their bodies, and they seem no worse for wear!

One of them lashes out at Syviis as she lands, a guttural scream on her lips! She swings a blade of black shadow!
rolling 3d6(2+5+6)=13 vs move + attack, all out(damage)
and narrowly misses! The blade digs into the floor beside Syviis!

Syviis looks unimpressed

Bomrek starts shooting!
3:00 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(3+2+6)=11 vs Pistol
The bullet flies true, and the elf is caught unawares in the guts! (all out attack, no defense)
rolling 2d6 (2+4)= 6 PI+

3:01 Doc: bad place to be caught unawares

3:01 Ken (GM): thunk in the guts! Red blood sprays out of the black mists!

3:01 Bomrek: “Theyre coming out of the walls!”

3:01 Syviis: [That’s why I always eat GPS fortified fiber. So guts are always aware.]

3:01 Ken (GM): Syviis!

3:02 Syviis: One last rule-lawyers question: Can extra attack mean I shoot two different targets?
Because, she really wants to shoot 2 targets. 😛

3:02 Ken (GM): yes, definitely

3:03 Syviis: Mister ‘I hit the floor next to you’ gets a 2 point arrow to the Eye. Top left elf will get another 2 pointer to the vitals. Rolling to hit:

3:03 Syviis: rolling 3d6(1+6+4)=11 Match for Eyeball Guy
rolling 3d6(5+1+4)=10 Hit easily for Vitals Guy

3:04 Ken (GM): eyeball lady doesn’t dodge, and her head fucking explodes (minimum damage will kill her :P)
vitals guy tho…
rolling 3d6(6+1+2)= 9
dodges the arrow!

3:04 Syviis: Dang
2 arrows and 4FP down!

Ken (GM) Syviis snaps a shot into the lady elf’s face, and her charred body swings back from the muffled explosion of lightning. Another quick loose and a second arrow flies off into the street, detonating on a wall somewhere
3:05 Ken (GM): [MY CABBAGES!]


3:06 P.P. A.: >Adolf missing out on mass-killing hordes of elves
poor guy

3:06 Syviis: lol

3:06 Doc: >local elf ruins everything

3:06 Syviis: Not local: Totally IMMIGRANT Elf
I also took their jerbs

3:06 P.P. A.: and lives

3:07 Syviis: s’truth
And I made them uncomfortable by using the Non-Elves outhouse.

Gray moves forward, climbing past Syviss and up the pile of broken timber to block the passage inside, snarling at the elves out there, keeping them from reaching the others.

3:08 Ken (GM): hold the line gray!

Falkirk, continues rummaging


3:09 Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step and fires his musket at the elf closest to him.

3:10 P.P. A.: 6 hexes, -2?

3:10 Ken (GM): -3, its under 7 hexes, over 5 lol
gotta love the range penalty table

3:10 P.P. A.: might work if i take this step instead
that’d be just 5 for -2

3:11 Syviis: Never hurts to step and attack

3:11 P.P. A.: I’d be standing in the barely-open door basically, probably works

3:11 Syviis: Unless you step in BEES

3:11 Ken (GM): TAKE THE SHOT

Suðri Skornbrekker fires his musket! 14v15

3:12 Ken (GM): KERBOOM
rolling 3d6(3+3+2)= 8 vs dodge

3:12 Syviis: noice!

3:12 Ken (GM): OOOOOOH

3:12 P.P. A.: ;_;


3:12 Syviis: Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll fail my next dodges 😛

Ken (GM) The elves twist and shift under their cloaks of shadow, and the shot hits nothing meaty but air

3:12 Ken (GM): ROOOOOOD

3:12 P.P. A.: too bad it doesn’t hit the elves behind that one instead 😛

3:13 Ken (GM): 😛

Roderick finishes getting his cloak ready and takes another step

3:15 Ken (GM): lol @ 1 second rounds

3:15 Doc: back to the right this time in case they rush at the dorf

3:16 Ken (GM): One dashes up on Suðri , stabbing a long blade of shadow through the door window!
rolling 3d6(6+4+2)= 12 vs all out(+ to hit)
hit! defense Suðri ?

3:17 P.P. A.: (trying to find my dodge stat, sec)

3:17 Ken (GM): lol at medium encumberence, its a 7, according to my copy

3:17 P.P. A.: ooh, there
Well, I don’t have any alternatives now, do I
unless I can use the door as an improvised shield?and like swing it sideways to knock the blade off balance?

3:18 Ken (GM): you could dive for a +3

3:18 Joush M.: You can also scream like a little girl. It provides no bonus, but would be funny

3:18 Ken (GM): ^this^

3:18 Syviis: Yes 😀

3:18 P.P. A.: I’m too Fearless (2) for that

Suðri Skornbrekker dives away from the door 16v10

3:19 Ken (GM): NOOOOO

3:19 Doc: oosh

3:19 Syviis: ouch

3:19 Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 + 2(6)2= 8 Imp
Ken (GM) The elf shanks Suðri through the door hole, right in his chest, INTO his armor, and deep.
2 IMP past your DR, so 3 wounds!

3:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Argh!”

Ken (GM) Snarling like wild things, the other elves move in on Gray, shadow blades drawn!
The first swings!
rolling 3d6(2+4+3)= 9 vs Broadsword
Gray! defend!

3:21 Gray:Rolling 3d6 vs 12 for R. Hand parry with sword(6+4+6)=16
3:21 Joush M.: Nope!

3:21 Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 + 2(3)2=5 IMP at the torso!

Gray growls as the sword slams into him, vibrations running up the shadow and doing nothing to the monster, the chainmail and stone hard muscle undamaged by the impact!

3:22 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(3+6+2)= 11 vs Broadsword
the next swing hits, defend!

3:23 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 11 for l. Hand parry with sword (3+5+1)= 9

3:23 Ken (GM): parried!
the third swing!
rolling 3d6(6+4+6)=16
lol NOPE
and the last!
rolling 3d6(2+1+1)=4

3:24 Syviis: ffff…

Gray turns the blade aside with the unadorned and simple sword, the brute’s eyes bright, drawing back half a step from the blade of shadow that slashes past his face. The last one however, hits home well..

3:24 Joush M.: Crit, right?
No defense on that

3:24 Syviis: Don’t die meatbeastman!


3:24 Syviis: You can Crit Succeed a dodge, but yeah, it’s iffy

3:25 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 to dodge(3+1+4)= 8

3:25 Syviis: dang

3:25 Joush M.: Nope. Normal success

3:25 Ken (GM): The blow flies true!
rolling 3d6(6+4+2)= 12 Crit hit effect “Normal damage, and the victim drops anything he is holding, regardless of whether any damage penetrates DR”
The blow rattles Gray and his hands jerk open!
rolling 1d6 + 3(2)3=5 cutting against the torso, no damage penetrates to wound!

3:26 P.P. A.: phew!2kvfer.jpg

3:26 Syviis: Woooh!

Gray grunts in pain, ‘disarmed’ and standing there after the blow, knocking the thrusting blade aside. He seems unharmed.

3:27 Ken (GM): Bomrek! “Get down Gray! I don’t have a shot Ya beastie!”
>steps, waits for an opening


3:27 Syviis: nearest Elf shooting Vitals, and then the one right in front of Grey, Vitals. 1 point Lightning each
rolling 3d6(2+3+5)= 10 Hit!
rolling 3d6(6+3+2)=11 Hit!

3:28 Ken (GM): WE SHALL SEE
rolling 3d6(4+5+2)= 11
rolling 3d6(2+1+5)= 8

3:28 Syviis: ffs

3:28 Ken (GM): :d


Gray catches the scent of ozone and flaring light, the beast standing there without weapons. He doesn’t hesitate, reaching for the elf to his right.

3:29 Gray:rolling 3d6 vs 13 to grab(5+5+6)= 16

3:30 Joush M.: Fail!

3:30 Ken (GM): FARK!

Gray growls, forced to pull his hand back from the shadowy blades, unable to catch the elf.

3:30 Ken (GM): Falkirk! Rustling through the bags, he stands with a bandolier of bottles! “Finally! ” He yells triumphantly!

Skornbrekker! Youre on the ground, with a stab wound. Wat do?

Suðri Skornbrekker slides back a “step” (if that’s still ok in this situation), lets go of his musket and braces his bardiche for when the enemy tries to enter.

3:32 Ken (GM): >drop weapon
>spend turn rolling
>still prone
sounds good to me

3:32 P.P. A.: ok

3:33 P.P. A.: can he kick the door (a bit more) shut while rolling?

3:33 Ken (GM): he’ll certinaly be in the way of it opening

3:33 P.P. A.: good enough

3:33 Ken (GM): Roderick!

3:33 Doc: so wait, the door is closed?

3:33 Ken (GM): yep

3:34 Doc: I see

3:34 Ken (GM): looks like that; big window on top half. and by window, i mean “shutterable hole”

3:34 Doc: What kind of penalties to attack through that?

3:35 Ken (GM): The holes are about -4 wide, stabbing-types only


3:36 Ken (GM): RAWR

3:36 Roderick: rolling 3d6(5+3+5)= 13


3:37 P.P. A.: Two can play that game!

3:37 Roderick: skill caps out at 9 tho

3:37 Doc: ^


3:37 Doc: in order to get the full range I need to take crazy penalties and now I can’t parry

3:37 Joush M.: Should have gone All Out rod. Go big or go home!

3:37 Doc: couldn’t have made the distance

3:38 Joush M.: Ooh. Never mind then
Go medium and stay here

3:39 Ken (GM): DA ELFS THEN

3:39 Doc: was worth a shot though because at least now I’m close enough to do other things next turn

3:39 Ken (GM): GO REEE [fighting tricksy tokens here shadow clouds are a BITCH]
essentially, they swarm gray, swords a choppin’
and the one at the door makes for the fray too
Gray defend yo’self!
rolling 3d6(3+2+5)=10 sword swing!

3:41 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 dodge(6+6+6)=18 crit fail dodge

3:41 Ken (GM): ofuk

3:41 Joush M.: Uh. Fuck

3:41 Gray: rolling 3d6 to crit fail that(2+4+4)=10

3:42 Ken (GM): well, when you crit fail a defense, it makes their strike a crit hit. So taking that as a ten on the crit hit table is ‘normal damage only”
you lucky dogman
rolling 1d6 + 3 (1)3= 4 cut
or 4 choppy to the torso DR, no damage

3:43 Doc: >when a critical hit deals no damage

3:43 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(1+3+5)=9
defend! shes swinging at cha!

3:43 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 dodge(1+2+4) =7

3:43 Ken (GM): >frenzy is a helluva drug
another chop!, at ya arm! shes terrible!
rolling 3d6(2+5+6)=13

3:44 P.P. A.: ah fuck
I totally forgot I have Luck

3:44 Ken (GM): last one is a stab at the vitals!
rolling 3d6(6+1+1)= 8

3:44 Joush M.: is she in a side hex or front?

3:44 Ken (GM): ohh, good point; right side hex, so defend -2!

3:44 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 7 if in side hex (4+3+4)= 11
rolling 1d6 + 2(5)2= 7 Imp

3:45 Doc: fug

3:45 Joush M.: 3 damage?

3:45 Ken (GM): ONE PAST DR
3 DAMAGE to the vits!

Gray growls down to the elf pulling the blade from his lower torso. “I’ll have healed from the before your dead body is cold”

3:47 Ken (GM): She goes wide eyes

Gray is bleeding now, battered, fighting four at once but there’s something terrifying about the simple unstoppable brutalty of the giant Scorned. They’ve hurt him, but even working together it’s barely a scratch.

Ken (GM) the other elf in the room gets up, and Bomrek shoots him!

3:47 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(2+6+1)= 9 vs pistols
rolling 3d6(5+4+1)= 10 vs dodge
not good enough to dodge when winded that badly!
rolling 2d6(4+4)=8 Pi+

Ken (GM) The wolf-elf gets up, but Bomrek drops a shot into his gut before he can make a move “STAY DOWN”

3:49 Syviis: Dang.



3:49 Syviis: 😛

3:49 Ken(GM): Syviis!

Syviis is getting pissed at these little shadowy fucks
2 vital hits, point blank, to the nearest targets
rolling 3d6(1+6+5)=12
rolling 3d6(6+6+5)=17
HUh….Is that still a fail?

3:50 Syviis: She has effective skill of like…23

3:50 Ken (GM):slow it down, one attack at a time
rolling 3d6(6+2+2)=10
first one dodges, again

3:50 Syviis: ffs

3:51 Ken (GM): second shot is an auto failure, but not a critical one, thanks to your retarded-high skill

3:51 Syviis: Cool…but damn…OK

3:51 Ken (GM): Gray!

Gray tries to grab the one in front of Syviis. (All Out Determined +4, -4 Deceptive for -2 to Defense)
rolling 3d6 vs 13 Grab(1+3+5)= 9

3:52 Joush M.: Shadow Cultist defends at -2

3:52 Ken (GM): righto
rolling 3d6(4+6+2)=12
that is a fail! Your hands dive into the shadows, and come out with an elf!

3:53 Syviis: Woo! Free Elf!

3:53 Ken (GM): she squeals and twists like a feral cat

Gray drags the elf closer, growling, lifting the elf from the ground. It means ignoring the others a moment, giving them a free shot… but now they risk harming their companion, should they freely strike at him!

Ken (GM) the swirling shadows disperse from her as Gray grabs hold!

3:54 Ken (GM): Falkirk! “Get back! These harlots are gonna taste FIRE!” And he selects and draws out a bottle from the lanyard that glows a ruddy red
Skornbrekka! Shock is gone, stab wound, not so much

Suðri Skornbrekker gets up, which takes the whole turn I think, and clutches his wound with one hand, his polearm with the other.

3:55 Ken (GM): yeppers

3:58 Doc: Whole turn to open the door?

3:59 Ken (GM): It will occupy at least a hand, whats your plan?

3:59 Doc: run out and then flank them

4:00 Ken (GM): We can putcha here (moves token), facing them

4:00 Doc: sounds good

4:01 Ken (GM): kk
first one blithers in, swings at SYVIIS
rolling 3d6(5+6+3)=14

4:01 Syviis:rolling 3d6(4+5+4)=13
Dang, she’s goinna get hit

4:02 Ken (GM): in random hit location too!
rolling 3d6(4+1+5)= 10

4:02 Syviis: NOoooooo

4:02 Ken (GM): torso!

4:02 Syviis: Oh, well

4:02 Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 + 3(2)3=5 cutting!

4:02 Doc: at least it wasn’t her area 11

4:02 Syviis: Minus 2 for DR Still sucks

4:02 Ken (GM): 1.5 wounding modifier, so 4 wounds all told! OUCH

Syviis tries to roll around the blade but misjudges the attack and sees a slip of red part through her leathers, wincing

4:03 Ken (GM): The others press past Gray, swords up, howling!
one stabs at him, while he grapples the other one!
rolling 3d6(2+2+1)=5 Broadsword stab vs vitals

4:04 Joush M.: Goddamn elves!

4:04 Ken (GM): do the dogeadoo

Gray can’t defend, he used an All Out Attack

4:05 Ken (GM): oh fuck
rolling 1d6 + 2(6)2= 8 Imp
FUCK lol
thats 2 past dr, to the vitals, so 6 wounds
godDAMN son

4:05 P.P. A.: shit

4:06 Joush M.: 9 damage, all told. No impairment yet but ouch

4:06 Ken (GM): >yet

Gray snarls as the elf leans hard into the blow, sinking it as deep as she can.

4:06 Ken (GM): grappled one tries to escape!
Gray, opposed roll!
rolling 3d6(1+1+1)=3
WAT beat by 9, holy shit

4:07 Syviis: Well fuck

4:07 P.P. A.: this is getting ridiculous

4:07 Ken (GM): who pissed of the RNGods?

4:08 Syviis: It’s the Fools of April day….all is possible

4:08 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 22(3+5+1)= 9, beat by 13

4:08 Joush M.: Yep, I think we roll off because we both won? Unless you want to give it to her. She did get a damn 3

4:09 Ken (GM): nah, its all margins in opposed rolls. You beat by friggin 13 you won

Ken (GM) The elf twists impossibly in his arms, but Gray HOLDS FAST

4:09 Syviis: Damn, that’s right. Opposed Rolls are different

4:09 Ken (GM): much like my chinese cartoons

Gray is not just a trained grappler, but also inhumanly strong. . Even as he bleeds he holds the elven captive tight

Bomrek! takes a step, drop and draws, and takes his shot!
rolling 3d6(1+1+4)= 6 vs pistols

4:10 Syviis: Nice!

4:10 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(6+4+1)= 11 vs dodge
the bullet hits the wall!

4:10 Syviis: fuuuu

4:10 Ken (GM): “damn you elves!” Bomrek yells as he drop-and-draws yet another pistol

Syviis! Wounded! WAT DO

Syviis grits through the pain and tries again to puncture the heartmeats of the nearest shadow-elf
Target is 16 with shock penalty

4:11 Ken (GM): kk

4:11 Syviis: rolling 3d6(5+5+6)= 16
rolling 3d6(5+4+2)=11
No lightning

4:12 Ken (GM): stop rolling twice

4:12 Syviis: er…okay

4:12 Ken (GM): lol

4:12 Syviis: First one is a match at least

4:12 Ken (GM): your match hits; she all out’d last turn so no defenses! Your vital strike damage please!

4:12 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 1(5)1 = 6 Imp

4:13 Ken (GM): nice; thats 5 past DR. she slumps with an arrow in her heart

4:13 Syviis: Fuckin finally lol

4:13 Ken (GM): so that 11, was vs the one just behind her?

4:13 Syviis: Yep, only difference would be the -1 to distance, so should hit I suppose

4:13 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(3+5+4)=12
she fails to dodge!

4:14 Syviis: fuuukyah Damorg?
rolling 1d6 + 1(6)1= 7 Imp

do the thing

4:14 Syviis: GAAARY

Gray will charge the one that went in the direction of his more vunerble companions, dragging his captive with him


4:16 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to CHARGE(1+6+3) = 10

4:16 Syviis: Improvised Weapon: Hita motherfucker with another motherfucker

4:16 Ken (GM): hahah

4:16 Joush M.: Any defense, or did she end up with her back to me?

4:16 Ken (GM): back to you SMEK for SLAM

4:16 Doc: she was probably not expecting this

4:16 Ken (GM): so slam, with them bad guys hitting each other?

4:17 Joush M.: Sure

4:17 Syviis: Nobody takes that course in combat school: “What to do when someone throws your friend at you”

4:17 Ken (GM): CHOO CHOO

4:17 Gray: rolling 2d6 for collision damage to OH GOD WHY(3+6) = 9 Crushing

4:17 Ken (GM): hahaha

Ken (GM) the elven women crumple under the weight of GRAY MIGHTY CHARGE GUY

Gray roars, then seems to remember himself as he enjoys the combat.. “Don’t burn everything!” He calls to Falkirk

4:18 Joush M.: End Turn

4:18 Ken (GM): wanna drop the 120~ pounds of meat? or keep her?
Falkirk …holds his action
“ok” he says quietly, in response to Gray

Skornbrekker! you live! you have feet!

Suðri Skornbrekker uses his feet!
Suðri Skornbrekker isn’t close enough to stab anything yet!

4:20 Ken (GM): [psst, those ones is dead. Bodies on the floor]

4:20 Joush M.: Gotta keep her. We need material for a tongue transplant

4:20 P.P. A.: o

4:20 Ken (GM): :O

4:20 Doc: >wakes up after the tongue transplant
“The good news is that the operation was successful, but… your tongue was an elfs”

4:21 Ken (GM): Roderick! you have flanked…nobody! wat do?

4:21 Joush M.: Rod underestimated the damage potential of the Elf Machine Gun

4:21 P.P. A.: >tries cursing in Dwarven
>out comes an Elven curse

4:21 Syviis: Dwelvish

4:22 Ken (GM): So, Welsh?

4:22 Joush M.: “Your voice is also 3 octaves higher. You have the tongue of an elf lesbian.”

Roderick rolls his eyes and runs back inside where there are hopefully still enemies

4:22 Ken (GM): there is one left!

4:23 Joush M.: Just the one. Let’s see if we can get some answers. Unless the one I’m holding is still alive enough to respond to questioning?

Ken (GM) She screams REEE and dives for Bomrek, Shadow-sword out!

4:23 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(2+5+3)= 10 vs 9 wild swing

Bomrek goes for the pistol whip!
[DOing maths] all out attack, target ends up… vs 13 to hit the face
rolling 3d6(1+4+6)= 11

4:24 Ken (GM): holy fuck his swing is 1d+2
rolling 1d6 + 3(3)3= 6 CR

4:24 Syviis: o_o

4:24 Ken (GM): her jaw shatters as Bomrek puts a pistol handle through her face

4:25 Bomrek: “Do you think shes still alive enough to question?”

4:25 Roderick: “Doesn’t look like she’ll be able to talk, either way.”

Gray looks around and judges the relative alive-ness of the attackers, and checks to make sure his friends are alright. “Suðri! You are with us?” He ask with a bit of worry

Falkirk puts away his fulminating explosives

Syviis scans the street once more, then limps back inside, going to her pack to find her herbs and bandages

4:27 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That’s what I should be asking you! Incredible that you’re still standing after all these blows!”



4:27 Ken (GM): oh shit, roll First aid stuff at least here, right away on Syviis and Suðri

4:27 Syviis:rolling 3d6(2+4+3)=9

4:28 Roderick:rolling 3d6(3+6+6)=15

4:28 Doc: LUCK

4:28 Ken (GM): PLEASE

4:28 Roderick:rolling 3d6(3+4+6)=13
rolling 3d6(5+1+2)=8

4:28 P.P. A.: can I roll first aid on myself?

4:28 Ken (GM): huzzah, he says as his dwarf is smothered in bandages
so thats 1d-2 back for the each of you wounded(excluding Gray)

Suðri Skornbrekker thanks him

4:30 Syviis:rolling 1d6 + -2(4)-2=2 woo!

4:30 Suðri Skornbrekker:rolling 1d-2 1=1

4:30 P.P. A.: at least the minimum is 1

4:30 Ken (GM): huzzah
so yeah, thats…god that was crazy

4:31 Doc: that roll didn’t work

4:31 P.P. A.: oops
rolling 1d6-2(2)-2=0

4:31 Fiss: Dodgy fuckin elves. Heh

4:31 Doc: f
yeah that was some crazy shit

4:32 Fiss: Not to be racist…but are these Half Elves like before?

4:32 Doc: poor Gray

4:32 Joush M.: Ooh yeah. That was bloody. Gray got Brazzers level elf action

4:32 P.P. A.: >tfw didn’t do anyhting other than missing a shot and falling over

4:32 Doc: Suðri took a good hit, too

4:32 P.P. A.: at least Gray looked awesome as fuck

4:32 Ken (GM): @Fiss: the ringleader was an elf. The ladies? Half elves


4:32 Doc: >tfw didn’t do anything besides run around

4:32 Joush M.: They made me drop my swords! Two of them!

4:33 Doc: they kept moving away from me

4:33 Ken (GM): Adolph will be SO PISSED he missed his badass elf skeet shots

4:33 Doc: oh wait no I did still help with the giant wolf

4:33 Ken (GM): and then cold cocking one with a pistol handle

4:33 Fiss: Hehe

4:33 Doc: tbh Suðri was still kind of cool

4:33 Gray: You took that elf-wolf down

4:34 Doc: he kept the door closed

4:34 Fiss: Yeah, that was mega awesome.

4:34 Ken (GM): “Hold the door!
>holds the door anyways

4:34 Fiss: HORDORRRR!

4:34 Ken (GM): too soon bra
too sooooon

4:34 Joush M.: Thank you for the game Ken. It was great.

4:34 Ken (GM): np

Joush M. sheds a single tear

4:34 P.P. A.: Aye, an intense battle

4:34 Doc: what kind of HP is everyone at?

4:34 Fiss: New advantage: Quantum Lock’ed Door. Free if you are a cat on a barrel.

4:35 Doc: out of how many max

4:35 Ken (GM): take yer 4 xp, y’all earned it today

4:35 Joush M.: Gray has 11/20 HP

4:35 Doc: >tfw 12/12

4:35 Fiss: Syviis is at 10/12 HP, and 5/15 FP
So she’s looking alert but definitely sweatin’

4:36 Ken (GM): and the first aid took 1/2 hour so everyone knows “The sounds of chaos in the streets of Oakway echo back to you from the hole in the building. Something BIG happened out there…”

4:36 Doc: god damn so Gray wasn’t even at 1/2 HP

4:36  (To Fiss): Your stone should have charged 1/day, so full yeah?

4:36 Ken (GM): Gray is a MONSTER

4:37  (From Fiss): yep, she hasn’t used it since being back in Mana-lands, so it should be good.

4:37 Joush M.: He suffered wounds that would have been serious, if not quite life threating for most people and he’s still in solid shape, though bleeding. Without the armor he’d have had to go berserk to stay up and fighting I think

4:37 Fiss: Gray is Meat Mountain Man

4:37 Doc: yeah I’m pretty sure that armor saved his life
>get stabbed
>nothing happens
>Five times

4:38 Fiss: elves begin to worry

4:38 Ken (GM): he got chopped like, half a dozen times today
soaked each time

4:38 Fiss: chop

4:38 Ken (GM): these girls were not elegant fighters

4:38 Fiss: No just batshit crazy

4:38 Joush M.: With his HT and the bonus from Berserk.. expect to need to take him all the way to -100 to kill him. You’d have to stand over and keep chopping after he falls, and maybe find some silver or fire

4:38 Fiss: Sometimes, batshit trumps finesse

4:39 Fiss: o/

4:39 P.P. A.: See ya, thanks for the session

4:39 Doc: o/

4:39 Joush M.: See you all



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