Grimwyrd: Forged Allies

[insert roughly half an hour of over caffeinated crazy, ruminations on SKS rifles from the US and Canada, and lamentations of fish sandwiches]

12:32 Ken (GM): SO BACK TO THE GAME :p
12:32 Bomrek: Yeah, back to the game! Kill!
12:32 Fiss: SKS MODE OFF
12:32 Syviis: ELF MODE ON


Ken (GM) The Timberkeep was saved from a fiery doom, and the party absconded into the night. Slipping back into Oakway, they found the hot dusty streets of the city in the wee hours of nearly morning

-Falkirk is encased in a wad of thorny flowers
-Syviis dodged demon-fire, but is okay
-Rod is shiny and silvery, Bavieca is unharmed and attends
-Bomrek is surly
-Suðri is sad and excited
-Gray is tall

12:36 Doc: >Bomrek is surly
wtf when did this happen

12:36 Ken (GM): [nearly lost his gold/wizard bullshit/alcohol]

Suðri Skornbrekker wonders where the other elf went

Ken (GM) Deloth-Ainur has disappeared in the commotion…she is nowhere to be seen

Gray frowns as his hand rubs across his jaw, the savage looking beastman considering the predawn city. “The attack was searching for us, not just for the Keep. We need to find a place for Falkirk, then we should track these cultist down.”

12:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Syviis, they were normal elves, right? Not any of
those southern night elves?”

12:39 (To Fiss): They were half elves, you recall. And their leader man you didnt get a good look at BEFORE HE EXPLODED

12:40 Syviis: “They were Half Elves. I’m afraid I didn’t get a look at their leader, but I’ve not heard of any partnerships or deals made as such between the Elves and Half

12:40 Bomrek: (Loading Primary Directive… Protect Gold. Obtain Lodging. Seek

12:40 Syviis: “Of course, folk are free to associate as they want…”

12:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “So Elves and half-Elves live separately from one

12:42 (To Syviis): Yeah as far as shes concerned, the official stance has
always been the schism. Half elves are not welcome to live in the Anhaern lands, and the elves sequestered themselves away. I wonder what will happen now the war is over?

12:42 Bomrek: (>Those southern night elves)
(The who-what now? Somebody remind me about that)
(ooh, the gypsie elves. Nasty.)

12:42 P.P. A.: (nah, the vampire elves of Gorgoth)
(which are mostly dead now)
( he doesn’t call them night lords since Deloth didn’t seem to be a lord of anything)

12:43 Bomrek: (Oh, those, yeah. Kill’m all)

Gray will look for places they might stay, trying to find somewhere for Falkirk.

12:43 Ken (GM): dwarven conspiratorial muttering intensifies

12:43 Syviis: “Yes, the Elves of the land generally do not like to associate
with the Half-Elves. I don’t know of any city or town in which a large number of them are

12:43 Ken (GM): [whats Gray’s criteria? hole in earth? Inn with cotton sheets?]

12:44 Bomrek: (It’s like Wilhelm the II living in exile after WWI, oh man)

12:45 Ken (GM): [Did Wilhelm set off a mangical genocide?]

12:46 Bomrek: (In a way he did, since if WWI didn’t go the way it went, Hitler would never have done his whole thing, and today we’d be living in jetson-like apartments and
eugenics would be a thing)

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “Those Elven emissaries… maybe they were actually half-elves? I mean, I couldn’t tell them apart either, and I do not sniff magic gunpowder.”

12:46 Doc: there’s no way an Ansible could incinerate that many bodies in such a
short time

12:46 Joush M.: Abandoned buildings, ruins, inns, taverns. He wants defensible
and hard to find
12:47 Doc: IT was used for delousing

12:47 Bomrek: It’s full name is Zyklon IT

12:47 Ken (GM): /facepalm
You’re both HORRIBLE people

12:48 P.P. A.: All those carnies just died because the supply lines were disrupted
The aerial dragon bombings didn’t help either

Ken (GM) Gray guides the party along through the streets, avoiding much undue attention. Eventually, he selects a boarded-up storehouse on the edge of the river. Fresh cool water chugs along the back of the building, and the side street sees little foot traffic

12:49 Ken (GM): I take it you’ll all actually finish recuperating? none of you have slept much yet, and you’re all pretty tired

12:49 P.P. A.: Aye, makes sense
Suðri Skornbrekker yawns. “Bah, whatever. Tomorrow is another day.”

Bomrek will insist we find a safe place to store the gol-Falkirk
12:50 Bomrek: “Incidentally rooms don’t grow on trees, lets all pitch in for one. You could have picked a worse place to sleep, Gray.” Bomrek says in way of appreciation. “Anything is decent compared to sleeping out in a barren rocky field. A nice soft table to sleep
on will do my back wonders..” he says aloud as he walks in and surveys the place.

Ken (GM) Musty and disuse, the rooms have the occasional broken barrel or bit of refuse in them, but otherwise it is simply vacant. A large storeroom on the main floor, with two entrances. One large door to the road, and one back onto a short jetty to the river

Gray opens the heavy boards on the old storehouse, working inside and looking around, scenting the air like a beast and hunting for threats before he takes Falkirk in and makes the rosebush as comfortable as he can. “There’s a back way out and nobody knows we are here. It’s the best I can do tonight.”

Ken (GM) On one wall, some graffiti has been marked. A large painting of a horned skull, with a short crown, crossed out with a big black X

12:54 (To Gray): You smell refuse and a few rats, but nothing insidious. Nothing lives here. The paint smells fresh, and the black X smells like tar

12:55 Bomrek: Huh. Me, as a player, doesn’t recall this symbol at all. Does Bomrek?

12:56 (To Roderick): You recall it easily, thanks to Heraldry. ‘The Horned King of Gorgoth’. An old symbol  from the last age, probably used again in this new war

Gray frowns a touch. “This is new. Paint and tar.. They mean the dark king in Gorath?” He studies the marks thoughtfully as he stands there by the wall before turning away. Trash swept away from what he can, the brute sets his gear down. “Get some sleep if you can. Morning is soon enough to start hunting cultist.”

12:58 Roderick: “If they don’t hunt us first. Keep a weapon on hand as you sleep.”

12:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I remember when I slept on a pillow rather than on my musket,” Suðri remarks with a chuckle.

1:00 Syviis: [sleeping on pointy bits…so hot right now]

Gray smiles a touch at the dry humor, relaxing a little now that Falkirk’s somewhere safer. His attention on the brambles that surround the man a moment before he prowls a touch in that empty old storehouse.

1:02 Bomrek: “Simpler days, Suðri ‘.” Bomrek says, dusting off a nice corner away from any windows, and laying out two of his pistols next to him for ready access. He fluffs
his sack of gold and slips it under his head, like a pillow.
Bomrek is spending more of his time by far in civilization without his armor on. Usually he kept larger chunks of it on during the travels, but here he mostly sleeps either without it completely, or in just chain.

1:03 Ken (GM): [noted; shoot for the soft dorf]

1:03 Bomrek: (Also, these Cultists, are those a pre-established thing from earlier sessions? The symbol as well? Why are these fools embracing beastmen folly. What a mistake.)

Gray doesn’t seem to recognize the symbol they found here, but noted that it seems new. The destruction of the south seems to have had odd repercussions.

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to remember if he saw it on any ruins.

1:04 Bomrek: “Oi,” Bomrek pipes up from his comfy corner, “Lets put ol’ Falkirk under a window sill, so when some one creeps their way in, they step on’m and get a good poke.”

1:06 (To Suðri Skornbrekker): You recall it. ‘The Horned King of Gorgoth’. An old symbol from the last age, probably used again in this new war. You saw it emblazoned once or
twice in the tales of the last age, on frescoes and histories

Gray will get some rest when he can, trading off with the others but keeping an eye out
tonight. He isn’t sure they are safe here.

Suðri Skornbrekker mutters: “…the Horned King of Gorgoth…I don’t remember much about the context, but it features sometimes in old depictions of the last age.”

1:07 Syviis: [Does Syviis know anything beyond the obvious about the symbol from
her lore-reading days?]

Suðri Skornbrekker scratches his head. “You would think that entire area being utterly destroyed twice would dissuade people who aren’t even from there from swearing allegiance to it.”

1:09 (To Syviis): Humans seem a superstitious lot, making symbols and runes up
for everything. No reverence for tradition. They’re eager to build up a lore without context. This seems like more of the same. The elves simply referred to the Horned King by his Name Ks¯’?triy? thi` mi k¯hea

1:09 Gray: “Killing someone makes them a better symbol”

1:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I guess, I guess.” he shrugs and goes to lie down.

1:11 Bomrek: “And you’d think bandits would learn that thievery usually ends in lead or spear, yet I was never short of work as a guardsman in the homeland.”

1:12 Syviis: “One of the human sayings I dislike…but wish we had a translation
in Elvish would be: Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Gray will wait for the early morning then look around with a frown. “We need a nurse for  Falkirk. Someone to watch him at least. One that could be hired discreetly.”

1:14 Bomrek: That makes me wonder what the current job market is like in Oakway. I mean, there’s an influx if cheap, desperate labor, non?

1:15 (To Roderick): You were educated in magic by the Royal Academy. They should have a guildhouse somewhere in town. They would know of/have a healer. Bomrek and Falkirk both seem to need one

1:15 Joush M.: Well there’s half-elf refugees

1:15 Bomrek: And human refugees, non? Unless Oakway just got turbo nuked, or the old mill, you’d think there’d be a big chunk there. Hm.

1:16 Ken (GM): scorned but close enough to humans. Outside the city walls, big camps on the South side of town. You guys took a carriage through them, getting hassled the whole way

1:16 Bomrek: Nasty.2kplvg.jpg
We could just hire one of those.
Preferably one with an intact family that we can use as leverage.

1:17 Bomrek: “If you rat us out we’ll cut off your husband’s head and sew his skin into face masks that we’ll wear while we eat your grandparents”

1:17 Roderick: “There should be a Royal Mages Academy guildhouse somewhere in town. If they don’t have a healer, they would at least be able to direct us to one.”

1:17 Bomrek: [Took a carriage through’m? Nice. Did I get a chance to stare scornfully out at them as we passed, clutching my sack of gold?]

1:17 Ken (GM): [certainly Bomkrek, you brooding antihero]

Gray considers a moment, then nods to Roderick. “I’ll see what I can do about that and
breakfast. Anyone care to come with me?” The towering Scorned asks

Bomrek perks his head up off his sack of gold so fast at the mention of a healer, you hear some audible clinks and tinks from the gold coins and trinkets inside.

1:18 P.P. A.: [is it morning already?]
1:18 Joush M.: [Gray was going to do this in the early morning, yeah]
1:19 Ken (GM): [yeah, the rest of the morning passes, you guys rest, no ambushes
in that time]
1:20 P.P. A.: [ah, ok =) ]

Roderick nods and stands. “I will accompany you.”

Bomrek gets up. “Aye, me too.” Bomrek looks down at his stuff, and at the large leather holster vest, his brace of pistols, and the wooden carrying box it’s contained in, thinking to himself.

Gray gets the door for Roderick, the brute planning to search for a healer or nurse and food for the rest. He’d prefer a real healer, but if needed a discreet whore will do as a nursemaid and minder to the enchanted physician. As to food, a loaf of bread and some fresh cheese should make a decent meal for the odd group holding up in the abandoned storehouse.

Syviis wakes up, molts, preens, does other elf-morning things. Loads up arrows.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks outside, and at Falkirk’s flowery coffin. “Someone needs to stay behind to guard the building, and my weapons are rather chunky. I might as well remain here,” he says with a bit of a sigh.

Bomrek upturns it gently, setting the guns down on the ground near the rest of his things, and sets his sack of gold treasures down gently inside the box, before sealing it tightly with a bit of string. He slips his gleaming silver pick into his belt proudly at his hip, and stuffs his pistol quite obscurely into his belt on the other side of his body, tucked under his shirt to hide it.

Gray nods to Suðri before he goes. “We will be back soon enough. Fast as we can.”

1:24 Ken (GM): [Suðri obviously dies today]
1:24 Doc: rip
1:25 P.P. A.: He doesn’t want to retire yet though
nor has he a girl he wanted to marry and settle down with
that should buy him some time
1:25 Adolf S.: Bomrek’ll pick him up a few romance novels while he’s out.


Ken (GM) Oakway is an angry town. The folk are restless, hurried, and loud. Your group makes some headway into the street, and you quickly realize you’re gathering attention. Between the towering Gray, and the shining knightly Roderick, and the non-human Syviis and Bomrek… Everyone’s eyes are on you. Frowning. Squinting. Suspicious

Roderick probably isn’t wearing armor at this point
1:27 Bomrek: What a fool, it leaves him open to attack!
1:28 Doc: yeah but it’s also less awkward than going shopping with 80 lbs of steel strapped to your limbs
1:29 Ken (GM): [true Doc, So youre down to your fine clothes and cloak?]

Gray wraps a bit of fabric around his lower face, the bandanna hiding the fangs, obscuring some as the towering brute’s surcoat covers the lupine beast.. but the horns are there, an unmistakable mark of his heritage as he prowls. “They whisper as we pass.. But why watch Syviis and Bomrek?” He asks. “You might find it easier to finish this work without me.”

Syviis smiles brightly at everyone

1:29 P.P. A.: In Germany we have this saying „Wer schön sein will muß leiden.“ (“Whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer.”)
1:29 Ken (GM): poetic
1:29 Adolf S.: It makes me laugh a shit load imagining PPA saying something totally different in German, but claiming it means that.

1:29 Syviis: “They’re so friendly here…” she whispers to the others “Or maybe…I’m just used to being attacked too much.”
[So friendly! I haven’t been knifed in the back even ONCE!]

Gray left his pack and shield with Suðri, along with other things…but does wear his armor under that surcoat. The beast well protected, and wearing the militia mark.

1:31 Doc: yeah he’s just going to be wearing clothes and his cloak, his weapons
are well-suited to this sort of self-defense anyway

Ken (GM) You walk through Oakway, the heat only beginning to simmer in town…
1:32 Ken (GM): [seeking out the healers, right?]

1:33 Joush M.: Healer first. Bread and cheese on the way back
1:33 Bomrek: Hot town. Summer in the city.
1:33 Doc: Keeping an eye out for healers and anyone trying to ambush us
1:33 P.P. A.: what if you’re ambushed by a healer

Bomrek is also on the lookout for general shops, trying to get a lay of the land, see what’s
available in general for later use.

1:34 Joush M.: If we strike out with doctors Gray plans to just get a whore to watch Falkirk. Boring, but cheaper then a doctor and “easy work” for a refugee.
1:34 Syviis: [Not a bad idea. And Falkirk might get a happy ending out of it. ]
1:35 Bomrek: What, are we taking him to a massage parlor?

Ken (GM) The roads into town all congregate in a riverside market; luckily the water is clean enough to dissipate most of the smell of so many sweating people living in close proximity. Stalls line the road and people press in the streets, dodging mule carts and vendors. Here and there you see some other members of the Grayhold militia , long pikes held up in shady spots, silver tabards gleaming.

In the market yard, alehouses and butchers jockey for space with dens of ill repute and hawkers with their wares. It is a loud place, full of more of the angry crowds of men and women. Many folks looking heavily worked, weary, or under heavy toil

On the far end of the crowds, a tall stone building juts up out of the timber shacks.
Atop it’s peak, a bell-tower, and a prominent sign: a sun-shaped sigil of magic lines in golden and brass filigree.


Gray turns his head up to the tall stone place. “This the place, Roderick?”

1:39 (To Roderick): That will be the Royal academy building; the place was likely rune-crafted from stone and polished by apprentices

Bomrek clutches his box of gold hard. “It looks like a place magic would live, aye.”

Roderick nods. “The royal academy building. This will be the likeliest place to find a healer.”

Ken (GM) You press through the crowd, which seems to part for you voluntarily more often than not. “Outsiders” is whispered more than once.

When you reach the building, it is a resolute thing; the front windows are shuttered
from within, and no man stands at the door or grounds. Paved stones step up in a proud walkway to the closed front door. It is a heavy red painted wood, bound in black iron workings. A notice is nailed to the large double doors.

Gray walks to the notice, striding though the crowd but careful of the humans. He doesn’t knock anyone aside as he works his way to the notice. “What’s this?”

1:45 Bomrek: “That’s a door, Gray.”
1:46 Ken (GM): [wakka wakka]
Syviis sighs but looks amused all the same

1:47 Bomrek: Bomrek tries to read it. Is it chicken scratch, or more legible Dwarf, perhaps?

Ken (GM):
[in the language of men :P]

Gray slams a fist into the door, the wood rattling as he growls a moment, rage radiating from him in hot waves before he growls under his breath. “I hate that man.”

1:51 Bomrek: “Sounds like we need to seek out his whereabouts then.”

1:51 Syviis: “I worry at the speed things have changed…but I suppose these are rapid times.”
1:52 Ken (GM): [fast times at Oakway keep]

Gray nods. “Let’s locate food and a nurse for Falkirk. Suðri needs to know about this as well.”

1:53 Bomrek: “Food? A nurse? What we need is a magical healer. What’s the point of..” he trails off, willing his own loss of steam.

1:53 Syviis: Realistically how soon can Syviis hear back from her peoples in this area? (assuming messages are not being maliciously stopped)

1:54 Ken (GM): A few days, assuming messengers are on the up and up.

1:55 Syviis: Well, the messages she sent at the tinder-keep are pretty much useless so she’ll find a Ye Olde Post Office and send a fresh set, ‘Asking for a meeting’, etc.

1:56 Ken (GM): Ah well, sending a message is more akin to sending a messenger. There are dedicated dudes who ride letters up and down, employed by the Grayhold army. So they will seek you out. Just got to let them know where to deliver it if you’re not at the keep. Mostly a people process, not a business process

1:57 Gray: “Just to keep an eye on him until we can locate better. Are you alright?” He ask Bomrek, looking to the solid and strong dwarf with a worried frown under cloth that covers Gray’s lower face.

1:57 Ken (GM): Y’all wanna just ask around in town? Canvass for healers?
[bandito Gray demonstrates empathy]

1:59 Joush M.: Sure. Spend a half hour trying to find a healer? If that doesn’t work, look for any semi-reliable person for hire that doesn’t mind playing nurse to a disabled person for a few days or so

2:00 Bomrek: “I’m fine.” Bomrek says, narrowing his eyes a bit at Gray, and gripping his chest of gold a bit tighter.

2:00 Syviis: Midwives or hospice care would work too if the healers are busy

2:00 Bomrek: “Cheese and Bread is fine if we’re trying to swaddle an infant, but what we need is a healer.”
(Imagine I said Cheese, Bread, and Wine)
(I prefer that imagery more)

2:01 Syviis: “Perhaps we can find some of the disposed healers from the academy
as well.”

Gray nods. “Conscripted by the Lord Marshall. He must be holding them somewhere.”

2:02 Gray: “If we intend to break them from their cages I would have Suðri with us”

Ken (GM) asking around the market, most folks know of the Academy mages. There were plenty of talented folks who worked about the city. Noble men and women, they’d say, the high folk of town. Geofferson has had them tasked directly to his homestead, or off on adventurous missions, they say, off fighting against the beastmen hordes! But no specifics otherwise. Their homes have been locked and guarded by the militia, with many of them otherwise moved out some weeks ago, the staff left to care for their manors.

2:05 Bomrek: (>fighting against the beastmen hordes)
(oh man)

Ken (GM) Otherwise, there are healers about town, many of them acolytes of the Church of Light, and they’ve apparently “taken up, living with the heathens outside the city!” as many say. Their church is on the North side of town, but apparently you wont find many of them there, as they’re all out “on their quest to save the Ro-Haern half elves and the people of the South”. Lots of pointed fingers that say “go check out the horde on the South wall” referring to the refugee camps there

2:08 (To Gray): Between people’s body language and scent, you’re sensing a ton of distrust about here for you and the other non-humans, specifically

Ken (GM) you all notice as the conversations go, most people talk to Roderick directly, even if asked a question by Syviis, Gray or Bomrek…

2:09 Syviis: “Might be worth checking not only for healers but also if other half-elves are in the area, they may know of the foolish ones who attacked us.”

2:09 Gray: “Compassionate of them. They do the work of the light.. I worry though, what the Lord Marshall is up to with the magi of the academy” The beast considers.  “Should we head back to the others? We are not trusted here. If we need more it would be best to let Roderick handle the conversation. They treat me as they ever have, but the common folk show fear and suspicion at Bomrek and Syviis as well.”

Bomrek groans slightly in distaste, having to go walk through the horde of disgusting squatters and refugees.”Perhaps it’s my untidy beard, I haven’t combed it today.” Bomrek
says, running his fingers through it experimentally.

2:12 P.P. A.: Just imagine how they’ll react to us if they learn that we wiped out the kingdom’s army and drove all these refugees to their gates!

2:12 Roderick: “If we intend to go asking about our assailants, it may be best to do so with our full cohort.”

Syviis nods  “Healing first.”
2:13 Ken (GM): [so back for your stuff and Suðri , then to the gates?]
2:14 Bomrek: We need to get a dedicated stuff-watcher. Give that bird of Gray’s a couple pistols and tell him to shoot anything that’s not us.
2:14 Joush M.: Sounds good. Gray only went with the small group when he thought
it would be a fast trip
2:14 Syviis: If anyone can make raven-fired pistols, it’s the dwarves. Or at least the Gnomes. 😛

Gray will leave Memory to watch over Falkirk and the storehouse, the bird having worried him quite a bit last night. A nice, safe job sounds about right.

Roderick thinks perhaps he should keep an eye out for a squire as well

Ken (GM) Heading back to the building, and with so many eyes watching…you notice you’re being followed. By a man in a hood(in this heat?) and with well oiled leathers (armor?) and a bow on his back. He is staying back along the roadways, but is definitely keeping pace with you all as you walk
2:17 Ken (GM): [wat dooo]

2:18 Doc: B: find a good place to fight and confront him

Gray frowns a touch as he notices the figure and considers a moment, then turns down a narrow alleyway between two buildings. “Go to the end of the alley” He tells the others, then looks for some shadows to wait in for the man to pass.

2:18 Bomrek: Hood… Armor.. Bow..hmmm
Bomrek does as the beastman suggests.

2:19 Gray: rolling 3d6 for Stealth vs SL 10(3+5+3)= 11
2:19 Joush M.: Me hide good
2:19 Syviis: [Oodelodie oodelodie golly what a day]

2:19 Ken (GM): [Ill consider modifiers. Its not pass/fail :P]
2:20 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(5+1+1)= 7 vs STEALTH
2:20 P.P. A.: cardboard boxes aren’t invented yet
2:20 Bomrek: Is that a pass with 0 stealth skill?
2:20 P.P. A.: you’ll have to make do with huge barrels
2:20 Bomrek: Those should be easily accessible

Syviis takes up the rear as they pass Gray and go into the alley

Ken (GM) Your group ducks the guy just up the way from your hideout, and Gray takes up around the corner behind a few barrels of rainwater. A cat perches nearby, watching you all intently, as they do
2:20 Syviis: [on a barrel]

Bomrek stands behind a trash can
2:23 Ken (GM): [so much poop in that can]

Gray waits in the shadows to see if the man will pass. Planning to confront him when he blocks one end of the alley and the others block the opposite exit.

Ken (GM) The man strides to the alleyway, but then stops at it’s entrance, back-lit by the
late morning sun. He seems to be looking for you all. He hasn’t spotted you yet

2:24 Bomrek: On three, I jam a pick into his skull!

2:25 (To Gray): You catch a familiar scent
2:25 (To Gray): a very familiar elf scent
2:25 Joush M.: Roderick and Syiviis be in view at the end of the alley?
Roderick doesn’t know what stealth is, anyway
2:25 Syviis: Yep. No hidey for the hidey elf
in the Elvish [“Good heavens and stars…a wrong turn.”]

Gray speaks to the figure from where he waits in the shadows, pulling the fabric down from his face. “Following us?” He ask, scenting the air and seeming to recognize the figure, a hand lifted as a signal to the others not to shoot him. This means you, Bomrek.


2:28 Aachen: “Only to check you’ve packed your horses correctly this time, big guy” The familiar elf draws back his own hood, and Aachen Silverleaf steps into the dark alleyway.

The elf is different. He’s thinner, harder looking, and he has a big red streak on his face. His hair is also close cropped up into a kind of mohawk, tumbling loose on his head. His familiar elven armor has been dyed black and red

2:30 Gray: “I’m glad you aren’t dead. I’d feared the worst after what happened in the South.. Roderick, Syviis, this is the outrider leader Aachen Silverleaf. He’s a good man, we fought with him to the ruins of Gandelfen”

2:30 Aachen: “Glar-den-fen” he slowly enunciates ‘Still cant remember where you been Gray?” He smiles broadly

2:31 Gray: “Always a problem with elf-words.” He admits freely.

Bomrek steps out and opens his arms wide in greeting “Eellllf! How are you?” Bomrek then swings his open palm forward, extending it towards Aachen. “You owe me three months back-pay”

Syviis smiles to see another elf and politely waits for the hugging and butt-slapping to finish before bowing. in Elf: [“Any friend of Gray is a glad friend to me.”]

2:32 Bomrek: [“Elf 1, this is Elf 2, and Human 1”]

2:32 Doc: [“We have Elf 1 and Elf 2, and also Other Elf”]

Aachen gladly takes Bomrek’s grasp “We paid you ya greedy half-rack” he laughs

2:32 Gray: “You will have to tell us what’s going on.. but not here. We are going to meet Suðri, he’s held up with Falkirk.”

2:33 (To Roderick): Your wizard senses are tingling. he’s got an aura about him, tangible from here.

2:33 (To Syviis): Your wizard senses are tingling. he’s got an aura about him, tangible from here.

Gray doesn’t comment on the changes in the man, though he frons a touch at the new scar. The elven swordsman has seen quite a bit after they parted ways.

2:34 (To Gray): it smells like blood. Fresh painted blood. He has old blood all over him too. And something else…

2:34 (From Doc): anything unusual about the aura, or simply that he’s magic?
2:35 (To Doc): Perception +talent! otherwise you gotta touch it directly to know for sure

2:34 Bomrek: “Lose a fight with a razor and shaving cream didj’a?” Bomrek says, pointing up at the Elf’s new hair style choices.

Aachen runs a gloved hand through his hair. “Ah well, I can’t always be the pretty one, can I?” He chuckles “Its certainly a new outlook though”

2:36 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 14(6+4+2)= 12

Gray scents the air and studies the man. “You’ve been in a fight. You hurt?”

2:37 (To Doc): Its…a ruddy thing. Like fresh kills and blood on the ground. An aura of menace, skill, the hunt. You haven’t tasted anything like this, short of that heady thing the Fae have to them. It’s a kind of transformative aura. Like he is empowered by something…or someone else

2:38 Aachen: “Buy me a drink first big guy” Aachen smirks, but his eyes are sad “I’m not hurting right now. Im fine. Dont worry about me”

2:38 Bomrek: “Speaking of, we need a Healer, soon.”

2:39 Gray: “Let’s get back to the storehouse. We can talk there.”

2:39 Aachen: “What? Who? Suðri?” he asks, concern immediately streaking his face “Falkirk? Where are the others”

Bomrek looks off to the side a bit, then says “Falkirk.”

2:42 Gray: “Falkirk’s taken ill by fell magic. He’s sleeping now. Suðri endures, and is as tough as ever. He’s watching out for us there.” He says as he walks in the direction
of the storehouse. “You know Lord Horsa left us. He planned to travel North, I think he will be doing fine wherever he’s found himself”

2:43 Aachen: “Horsa? No shit. I thought he’d be a ‘Hero of the South’ by now…” Aachen follows quietly, drawing up his hood as you reach the street

2:44 Gray: “Trying not to draw attention? Elves aren’t very welcome here right now” He says with disapproval about the people they pass, drawing his own mask up.

Syviis pulls up her cloak’s hood and face mask as well

2:44 (To Syviis): You notice, he’s missing his last fingers, on both hands. The gloves have little stumps there, at the base of the palm

2:46 Aachen: “Ever the perceptive Gray. It’s as if there was a war and the people of Greyhold are beleaguered” he says dryly. He continues in a much more serious tone “Its
not safe here anymore. Not since The Happening. Not for anyone” he calls back over his shoulder “I take it then that you’re Roderick of Vivec then?”

Roderick tenses and nods. “I am.”

Gray looks around, checking for any danger or watchers before he gets the door to the
storehouse for the others, looking inside and checking to make sure Falkirk and Suðri haven’t been abducted while the GM kept him busy with mysterious hooded elves.

2:51 Ken (GM): the building is as you left it. Un-exploded.

Gray lets Aachen in, nodding to Suðri. “We weren’t able to find a healer, but we found a lead on one… and an old friend. You remember commander Aachen?”

Suðri Skornbrekker laid in wait barricaded on the upper floor, musket aimed at the entrance; he relaxes when he recognizes his comrades, and more so when he hears a familiar name. “Aachen, you’re alive!” he exclaims happily, coming down from above to shake the elf’s hand. “It’s good to see you in one piece.” That’s one life that they don’t have to blame themselves for wiping out.

Bomrek would still concede he’s done nothing wrong, at all.

Aachen takes the dwarf’s hand readily, and draws back his hood in the closed room “Hah, as if they’d keep me in any more than one piece”

2:56 Ken (GM): [map magic: cozy edition]6373e44c9f8f985b1c62e4ac00abde2a.jpg
Gray picks the nicest places

2:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You have changed, more so than we have.”Looking the elf up and down “What has happened here while we were gone?”

Syviis checks on the “healer’s healing herb garden” /Falkirk

2:58 Ken(GM): Safe and sound, still enchanted in Fae magic Bullshit

2:58 Gray: “Our hospitality is limited, but I still have some hardtack, wine and meat.” He offers as he walks to his things, examining the supplies. Then looking to Falkirk in that strange enchanted brier, nodding to Syviis as she examines the man before nodding in
agreement at Suðri question.
2:59 Joush M.: Must resist urge to try and cozy this place up more.

Bomrek undoes his crude latch on his treasure chest, and opens the bag for the Elf to peer into. “I’ve come into a little wealth as of late” he humble-brags

Aachen sits, cross legged, rests against the wall “All is not well in the State of Greyhold” he says “these are dark times, my old friends” He smirks at Rod and Syviis “And new friends”

3:01 Aachen: “Good haul Bomrek. You finally got everything you ever wanted eh?”
3:01 Bomrek: “Aye, now about that Healer..”

3:02 Syviis: “Dark times indeed. Any light you can shed upon them for us would be valuable. We’ve been in the heart of that darkness for too long.”

3:02 Aachen: “Light for the brier patch? ” he uses hand quotes on that 😛 “Not a problem. I can have my people here, take a look at him”

Suðri Skornbrekker points at the green thorny sarcophagus. “Our dear Falkirk was a bit too curious and touched a magic thing too many. He’s been unconscious since, so we threw more magic at him and are now waiting and hoping that he emerges form that thing.”

3:03 Gray: “What really is going on here? The Lord Marshall is a drug addled whoremonger and the people are afraid… ” Gray is bristling but not raging “I’d thank you for the help; I worry for Falkirk. That we failed him. “HIs lupine ears perk up at the prospect of allies “The outriders are here in the city, Aachen?”

Aachen laughs, dryly and without humor

Gray studies the man a moment then goes to stand near the door, watching for danger and staying out of sight.

3:03 Aachen: “The Outlanders are as dead as Gorgoth” He says grimly. He speaks as if reciting a dirge “The order was disbanded after The Happening, by the order of ‘High Lord Jadeite’ And he spits out the title with some sarcasm in his voice “they were deemed ‘too much a strain on relations for the Allied forces’ and we were ordered to disband. They took away my horse!” he laughs at that, genuinely amused

3:06 (To Roderick): His aura flashes brightly at the retelling of the story. Seems his emotions are muddied into his magic
3:06 (To Syviis): His aura flashes brightly at the retelling of the story. Seems his emotions are muddied into his magic aura

3:06 Gray: “I’m sorry to hear that. You were a good leader, and the organisation is needed now more then ever with the number of people displaced in the south.”

Aachen shrugs at that, and unstraps his bow and bundle from his back. The arrows are fletched black with feathers. All his leathers are stained the same black and red.

Bomrek sets his treasure chest down near his equipment, and crosses his arms. “They’ll starve, soon.”
3:11 Bomrek: (Bomrek secretly can’t wait for them to starve, what are they? People? Only by certain definitions.)

3:09 Gray: “Who are you with now, Aachen?” He says, with some unmasked curiosity

3:11 Aachen: “Friends. A group dedicated to the people. ” He looks you all over, seriously now “some very dedicated folks who want to see peace and order restored to the lands. They’re actually interested in meeting you all, now” he turns to the other elf in the room “They want to meet you especially, Syviis” he says, butting a little elvish lilt in the pronunciation “You have been a busy little bug”

Gray scents the air again and steps closer to Aachen, a frown on his rough features. “No mad cultist with green fire in this group, are there? Or people with bottles of red powder?”

Aachen sighs. His eyes press closed and he frowns “You’d be surprised, Gray, what some people can do with themselves when you’re not around.
Surprised at the folks they get to talking to.
Surprised at the things they learn
Why did you do it then? Hmm? Why would you pull the trigger?” Aachen seems angry, and a tear squeezes out from his tightly shut eyesirrational.PNG

Syviis glances up from the thorns and over at Aachen “Not that I’m not flattered…but why am I on anyone’s list to meet?”

Aachen he clenches his hands closed, tightly, around his bow and quiver. The leather squeaks

3:17 Gray: “I made the choice and gave the order. It seemed like the best option at the time. I’ve no defense or excuse”

Suðri Skornbrekker sits down and looks to the ground. “…we found ourselves besieged by scores of dragons. With no other way to defend ourselves, we activated IT, not knowing what that would entail.”

Gray nods in agreement with Suðri . The brute taking a slow breath and letting it out.

Bomrek half leans, half sits against a handy piece of wood planking, crossing his arms with slightly more vigor “Well, I can tell you I didn’t do a thing. Fairly sure I was drunk through all that.”

3:18 Aachen: “by the maker” he whispers to himself. Aachen opens his wet eyes, and regards you all again. He seems exhausted, suddenly, like he’s a very tired old man. He stands up, pushing off the wall with one hand

3:21 (From Syviis): did he just try some magic?
3:22 (To Syviis): No, nothing overt going on. You dont feel anything like it emanating from him

Syviis walks over and looks him over
3:23 Syviis: “Are you alright?”
[I just realized I can actually use First Aid without racial penalties!]
3:24 (To Syviis): There is some juju going on with his aura. From here, you feel a very powerful channel is open between him and something else.


3:24 Suðri Skornbrekker: “No one is,” Suðri sighs.
3:24 (To Syviis): Tastes like…a binding? or some kind of pact?
3:25 Syviis: In elf: [“You seem to be carrying a great weight. Please, sit down
with me and talk.”]

3:25 Aachen: “I should go now” he says, shying away from Syviis’ eyes, idly turning the bow and arrows in his hands.

3:26 Bomrek: “Wait” He raises his splayed fingers toward Aachen. “The healer, you said you might have a lead?”

Syviis looks concerned, but nods at Bomrek.

3:26 Syviis: “Please, Aachen, that is our first and top priority. Can you at least tell us where to find them?”

3:26 Aachen: “Y-yeah…Ill send someone by. No worries Bomrek. We’ll get Falkirk all fixed up, dont you worry” he stammers a bit

3:27 Syviis: [oh, fine, just talk over me… ] 😛

3:27 Gray: “He smells of blood. His own and someone else’s. He’s running on raw will and dark magic at this point, I imagine.” He pours wine into a mess cup and walks over, setting it down near Syviis on an old barrel. “I don’t know we are on the same side in this, Aachen.”

Aachen freezes

Suðri Skornbrekker says nothing, having thought the same.[ He just instinctively thinks edgelord elves covered in black, red, and blood are probably no good, though he was nonetheless glad to see Aachen alive, even if as an enemy.]

3:29 Aachen: “You cant….” he starts, but gulps loudly” You shouldn’t say things…like that Gray…I’m not your enemy” he says, quietly

3:30 Syviis: “Who is?”

Bomrek nods sagely, “Right, the beastmen are the enemy.”

3:30 Gray: “I won’t stop you from leaving if you need to. But you need a healer as badly as Falkirk does. Sit and talk with Syviis. Rest, recover. I’ll go find someone that can tend wounds among the Light Worshipers helping outside the wall.”

3:31 Aachen: “No! You can’t” he says to Gray loudly, at the suggestion” You can’t trust them! Geofferson turned them already!”

3:32 Gray: “Then you’d better explain. Start at the beginning, please.” He says with a deep frown.
Suðri Skornbrekker looks up. “Elaborate, please.”
Syviis nods, but tries to leave a smile on her face.

3:32 Aachen: “I ….can’t. Yet” he strings together, fighting with himself “I need some time. We all just need a bit more time”

3:32 Syviis: “You’re with friends here. Please. Listen to them.”

3:33 Aachen: “I have a friend! She can help. I can being her here, she can work with some potions and her magic, get us all fixed up!” Aachen looks very nervous now, breaking into a sweat, backing up a touch to the wall. He seems on the verge of uncontrolled panic

Bomrek perks up, and claps his hands, gesturing out the door and at Aachen “Yes, do that! Get the healer here quickly!”

3:34 (To Syviis): You can sense he’s calling up some earth magic, invisible to the naked eye, but not to you
3:34 (To Roderick): You can sense he’s calling up some earth magic, invisible to the naked eye, but not to you

3:36 Syviis: “What is it, Aachen?” raises an eyebrow “What magic are you in tune with? Is it someone else‘s you fear? Or your own?”

Roderick eyes the stranger warily.

Gray nods a moment later. “You weren’t afraid facing down blackrot infested ogres. You look…uneasy now. Why not let Syviis tend to the wounds that clearly pain you?”

Aachen looks about, more nervous, like a rabbit in a snare “I …..I need to go. I’m sorry. I will return” He takes a step back, and plunges through the floor into the Earth!

Ken (GM) He slips into the ground like a fish in a river, disappearing without a trace


Bomrek stares, a mix between displeasure and bewilderment, and says “I think we might have a problem with this building’s foundation.”

3:39 Syviis: “Not nearly as sturdy as Dwarven construction.” smiles at Bomrek, then sighs “I assume this is a new-ish development with him?”

3:40 Gray: “Blight, what manner of magic was that?” He says with wide eyes, looking to where Aachen vanished and tight in his belly as he frowns. “The question then is if we
run or not… Yes, Syviis. I never saw him use power like that before.”

3:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Glad though I am to see an old comrade still alive, I am no less worried for him now than I was one day ago.” Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the floor.

3:42 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(2+6+6)= 14 vs Self Control (Alcoholism)
Bomrek rummages through his belongings, and pulls out a round glass bottle of colored liquid, strong smelling whiskey.

3:42 Syviis: “On the off chance he might be bringing someone back to help, I think we should stay…but be on guard. We need answers, not more questions.”

3:42 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I wish I could say with certainty that this was the last time I am staying at a building not of stone and dwarven make.”
3:43 (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Floor looks like a floor. His magic parted the boards and earth, and put them right back together again after

3:43 Ken (GM): [ruh roh, Bomrek”s angry bout wizard shit again]
3:44 Roderick: “He wasn’t always like this, I take it?”

3:44 Gray: “No. He was an honorable and clever woodland scout. He faced down a blackrot infested ogre without fear and sustained terrible injury without complaint fighting for the people of the South.”

3:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “He was always an elf, sadly; but aside from that, he is changed through and through.”

3:45 Syviis: “It felt as if…he had…” struggling to find words “He had a link to something, or someone far away. Or maybe it was the Earth itself? I am not familiar with the way earth magic works.” SHe huffs, frustrated “With the blood magic and dark powers we’ve seen only this month, I suspect the worst…or at least something similarly devious at work.”

3:45 (To Roderick): Wanna drop thaumatology on that?
3:45 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13(3+2+1)= 6
3:46 (To Roderick): Slick roll; she’s describing, very likely, a warlock-pact. He’s bonded with something bigger than him. A Fae, or a demon, or some great spirit. It projects
power through him. A very forbidden practice at the academy (where you work in simplified absolutes, for safety) and a very dangerous one to work without oversight. It
might also directly explain the emotion bursting through him; he’s all twisted up with something else

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head. “Not for the better, either. He was our commander, led us bravely into battle. No magic nonsense either.”

3:47 Syviis: “I’m well into understanding your distaste for magic, Suðri , and I don’t blame you at all.”

Gray summons his Raven, the blackness and shadow drawn to his shoulder as he walks over to check on Falkirk. “Memory, do you recognize anything in Aachen? In the magic that surrounded him?”

3:48 Falkirk: “All elves are magical, Suðri, i though you knew that” says a shaky familiar voice, out of the green bush in the room

Suðri Skornbrekker snaps his fingers. “The Lord Marshall specifically asked about Aachen, did he kno—” The dwarf’s his train of thought derails and he turns around.
He up his arms and smiles broadly.ebbb1255969114bece38080ecea3d45e.jpg

3:49 Bomrek: “I’m not a fan of the..” he gestures toward the spot he disappeared into, “but I’d like to see if he comes through with the healer.”

3:49 Falkirk: “What the hell am I doing in these bushes?” The ragged looking man mumbles to himself, sitting up

3:50 Gray: “Falkirk? You…” He moves to the bush, clearly worried, looking down to the man and reaching down to help free the physican. “You were being healed.”

3:50 Suðri Skornbrekker: “ ’tis not the strangest thing you’ve been in,” Suðri assures him.

3:50 Falkirk: “Where is The Key? What happened to the Dreugar keep?” he seems like he’s just woken up from a deep sleep and strange dreams. Groggy.

3:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It is a long story, and much has happened. Take your time to come to.”

3:51 Falkirk: “Why does it taste like Ive been drinking gallons of chamomile tea?” he screws up his face

Roderick ponders the implications of the magic the elf described, but his attention  quickly turns to the wizard which had suddenly awakened.

3:52 Gray: “You’ve missed a lot, friend.. Easy now. I can’t explain the tea.” He admits as he helps Falkirk. “It’s very good to see you up, Physician.”

Syviis gasps and runs over to check on him

Falkirk pries himself out of the prickly bush, and the vines and thorns seem to fall away from him. He stands up, stretches tall, and looks around. He is flush and healthier looking, and has bits of rose stuck in his hair “what the hell happened?”

3:54 Bomrek: “Doctor, welcome to the land of the waking.” He says, waving to him with his bottle.

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over to the barrel to pick up the wine poured for Aachen, and gives it instead to Falkirk. He sits down, and takes a deep breath.

3:55 (To Syviis): magic senses: He has no aura. Absolutely none.
3:55 (To Roderick): magic senses: He has no aura. Absolutely none.

3:55 P.P. A.: how much time has it been, two weeks?
3:55 P.P. A.: probably
3:55 P.P. A.: one day at the fort, three days or so of getting from the crash site to the ruins, then an undefined amount of time to reach civilization, and then a ride to this town
3:55 Ken (GM): [Since falkirk went down? yeah, about that much time]

3:56 Gray: “Fae magic healed you after you were struck down by darkness in Gorath. You are back in Oakway.”

3:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It has been about two weeks. You touched a magic crystal, and have been out cold since.”

Falkirk takes an experimental sip of wine, then a big swig “No kidding. Fae. Thats some very tricky stuff…”

3:57 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We left Bomrek to guard you while we explored the fort, fighting more Dreugar and an ogre. We uncovered mines for magic red dust worked by
beastman slaves. When we checked up on you, you and Bomrek had been abducted by a mindflayer and stuck into some strange coffins in it lair! But we slew it and freed you again.”

Syviis nods apprehensively as the tales are told.

Falkirk nods along, taking a seat and listening to the dwarf’s tale

3:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “At about this point, Sir Roderick here joined us, whisked away to the fort by some fae magic bullshit.”

Falkirk regards Roderick then, and raises his cup to him “Kept them safe for me? I was out of commission, so my doctorly duties were remiss for some time”

4:00 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Together with him, capable fighter that he is, we acquired The Key to the Ansible, which was apparently the entire tower floating above the fort. When we entered it, we found there a horrible abomination, apparently trapped there by the ancients and abducted from some realm of Darkness. As well as some fire giants who crewed the place, and a strange old lady, but whatever.”

4:01 Falkirk: “The Darkness” he says, quietly, nodding along to the tale

Gray nods, watching and listening. The brute relaxing visibly when Falkirk seems returned and is himself again. He nods along as Suðri tells the long, strange story of the last few weeks.

Roderick nods. “They did a fantastic job of avoiding injury, considering the circumstances. But on the note of fae magic bullshit, how are you feeling?”

Suðri Skornbrekker pauses to let Falkirk answer that important question.

4:02 Falkirk: “I am…” he starts, and gets a puzzled look on his face “I am not… oh gods..what?!” he looks very perplexed suddenly. Panicked even.

Syviis looks away

Falkirk pats himself down, getting up suddenly, dropping his cup of wine

Gray tenses and leans closer. “What is it?”

Suðri Skornbrekker blinks, and notices the obvious.

4:03 Falkirk: “Where did…how could I?” he asks, imploring the air to answer
4:03 P.P. A.: (I assume he’s naked because the thing ate his clothes?)

4:03 Falkirk: “WHERE IS MY MAGIC?!” He yells
4:03 P.P. A.: (oh)

4:04 Roderick: “So I wasn’t imagining it…”

Syviis nods slowly
4:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…I do not know, but hear how the story continues. Trust me, you are not the only one who lost his magic.”

4:05 Falkirk: he looks at Roderick, very seriously, squints his eyes “What. Did. You. Do?”

Gray looks from Falkirk to Roderick. “Saved you, I think.”

4:05 Syviis: “Magic was severed for many miles around us. All mana was absorbed…or perhaps erased by the weapon.”

4:05 Falkirk: “By bartering with the FAE”

4:06 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Are Fae worse than ancient Elves?”

Bomrek ‘s expression falls as Falkirk claims to no longer have any magic.

Suðri Skornbrekker can’t quite understand the gravity of the situation; having magic doesn’t seem like a good thing to begin with, to him.

4:07 Falkirk: “They are the ancient elves, Suðri , and they have very specific failings. Particularly, in their brokering of deals”

Suðri Skornbrekker blinks.

4:08 Bomrek: The only good magic is Dwarven magic tbh

4:08 Falkirk: “Specifically, if you don’t make any specific demands of them in a deal, they just do what they like. No boundaries. No limits. No laws.” He is furious “What has this Warlock done to me?!” Falkirk yells, raising his voice in uncharacteristic anger

4:09 Syviis: [dang witchalocks]


4:10 Bomrek: :OOOOOOOOOO
4:10 P.P. A.: (fucking DST)
4:10 Ken (GM): lol
4:10 Joush M.: Next Week: Falkirk slaps Rod’s shit. Aachen comes back with junkie
elf cultists to kill us. Syviis’s top rips
4:11 Ken (GM): :O scandalous
4:11 P.P. A.: Dwarves’ distrust of magic is again affirmed
Finely combed and braided beards
Gray had a rough time today, but at least got a cozy storehouse and might acutely learn what is going on with magic.
4:12 Doc: Elves Gone Mild: 90 minutes of elf girls on spring break sheepishly putting their shirts back on

4:17 Adolf S.: Ken, wassa’ points.
4:17 Ken (GM): oh yeah! right
take 4 you roleplaying bastards
with your drama
and your recurring characters
and their drama
4:18 Joush M.: Our friend is like one of Green Arrow’s sidekicks
4:18 P.P. A.: It’s not our fault if everyone and their mom actually survived our
nuclear devastation
4:18 Joush M.: Arm gets fucked up and he’s an archer hooked on drugs
4:19 P.P. A.: well except Falkirk, Falkirk is our fault
4:19 Fiss: lol
4:19 Joush M.: With the whole Fae Bargain he’s lucky he didn’t come back as a
little girl
4:19 Ken (GM): technically, Falkirk got screwed over by Fae bartering. not exactly anyone’s fault but theirs
4:19 Adolf S.: Nothing is Bomrek’s fault
4:19 Fiss: We seem to be really good/bad at that… “No idea how this works…LET’S DO IT!”
4:20 Doc: “Nothing is Bomrek’s fault”
>everything is Bomrek’s fault
4:20 Doc: he’s got all these wizards and elfs around and he hasn’t shot nearly enough of them
4:20 Ken (GM): ^^^ this^^^
4:20 P.P. A.: true that
4:20 Ken (GM): Bomrek has the ability and the equipment, and none of the bodycount
just needs ta shoot more wizard types

4:22 P.P. A.: Thanks for the session!

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