Grimwyrd: Infernal Damnation

12:40 Ken (GM): well, Adolph is perpetually late, so let’s get going!

12:44 Syviis: Elf Gits!


12:44 Ken (GM): Roderick is off to get a healer if he can, for Falkirk
Bomrek is counting and recounting his gold
and y’all are exhausted and relaxing as best you can

Gray tried to be nice. But he is not very good at it. The massive beast paces in the basement a moment and waits to see if Roderick can return with fresh food and a healer for Bomrek and Falkirk, while he himself washes up and cleans his gear after their time in the Dark Kingdom.

Gray pauses sometimes, searches the room and scents the air like an animal. Alert for dangers. It’s not a prison, yet, but it could become one.

12:51  (To Gray): You smell men, wine and gunpowder. There is a distant smell of food, but it may be in another nearby storage. Drying meats and stored fruits

12:52 Syviis: “We should try to sleep…I’ll keep watch for now.”

Ken (GM) Some time passes, and the dark night languishes. Roderick is gone awhile, but eventually, he returns to your hot stinking chamber. He is carrying…a rose. And he is clad in shining silver armor “I have had some…success” he says a bit unsteadily

Suðri Skornbrekker is asleep and needs to be woken before he reacts

Gray rises to his feet from the corner where the beastial Scorned had been resting, eyes shining in the dimness. “You seem.. different” He reaches out to Suðri, tapping his shoulder lightly. Waking him, but not in alarm.

Deloth, the elven ‘vampire’ is dozing in the corner, still half an eye on Bomrek’s riches on the table. Bomrek himself resting, pipe smoking a touch, mostly brushing his beard

Suðri Skornbrekker slowly wakes up and looks around, spotting a knight in shining armour— Roderick? He lifts himself up and takes a second look at him. “…you’re going to have some explaining to do.”

Syviis raises an eyebrow “Roderick? That’s a….look for you.”

Roderick ‘s armor is a gleaming thing, trimmed with laurel leaves on his helm, and wrapped with swirling hammered silver on the armor plates. The whole thing moves with barely a sound, and looks freshly polished to a mirror sheen

12:57 Gray: “More Fae magic.”

12:57 Roderick: “I’m afraid I cant say much. I barely understand it myself. The Fae seem to be working in mysterious ways…” He twirls the massive rose in his hand, the blossom bigger than Gray’s fist. It glistens in the torchlight.

Roderick holds it up to show you all; the rose is blood red, and seems wet, glistening. “One of their agents met me in the night. She gave me this, and my regalia” he gestures to his armor “and told me that there was still work to be done

12:59 Syviis: “Of that, I have no doubt.”

1:00 Roderick: “She was quite obtuse about the whole discussion, but she was at least clear on one fact; Falkirk is still gravely ill, but can be nudged to health with this”

Gray nods grimly, thoughtful but the great beast seems unready to trust the Fae and their magic. “You remain their man? Their schemes and plans are complicated, and obfuscate the truth even when they don’t lie… hummm… But we can’t refuse anything that might help Falkirk. How would the flower help him?”

Suðri Skornbrekker face palms and mumbles something about even more magic shit. “Well… we might as well try, it’s not like it can get much worse with him. What are your sword’s thoughts on this?”

Suðri Skornbrekker suddenly looks like he’s had an epiphany, and he strokes his beard as he thinks it over. “…speaking of your sword, it wants to fight the enemies of the ‘Verdant Kingdom’, no? Does that only extend to the monsters of the wasteland, or also to schemers and traitors of all sorts?”

1:04 Roderick: “She…It is of a mind with the Fae” He says, hand on the pommel “I believe the Fae know we are simply over a barrel and will accept whatever we can get”

“From what they tell me Suðri, their enemies are everywhere, but not defined “he says with some irritation

Suðri Skornbrekker raises an eyebrow, but figures Roderick understands and likes this as little as he does.

1:06 Syviis: Can I get any sense of power from the rose? Anything useful or is it too alien?

1:06 Ken(GM): The rose smells lovely, and it’s scent cuts through the entire room quite kindly

1:07  (To Syviis): Your wizard senses alight when you get near it. It radiates clean earthen power. Green and bright auras

1:08 Syviis: “It’s the closest to something alive and healing the poor physician has probably been near in a long time…” She smiles “I hope it ‘nudges him back’ like they say.”

Gray rubs a hand across his jaw, walking closer but not touching the rose as he looks to the bloom. “I wish Memory was here. She should return from watching the Marshall soon enough, but she knows the ways of magic.” He takes a breath, then looks to Syviis. “How do you think the rose would be used?”

1:09 Syviis: “I would hope just having it in his presence will help. But I can do my best to experiment too.” Syviis is doing her best to look at the magic with a semi-scientific mind, knowing her innate feeling won’t be much use if she can’t expand her knowledge

1:11  (To Syviis): Assuming its a magic token of some kind from the fey, it needs to be given to/granted to Falkirk by its bearer. At least, that’s what the lore tells you. Fae Gifts and all that

1:12 Syviis: “Despite the natural auras of the rose, the Fae are nothing if not fans of pomp and ceremony. Roderick, you should announce your intentions and formally gift the rose to him.”

Roderick moves to Falkirk, crossing the room with the mighty blossom “Right….right” he stammers a bit, standing up straighter, fussing with his cloak


1:13 Joush M.: Now make them kiss

1:13 Roderick: 😛

1:13 Syviis: [now kith]

Gray watches, worried for Falkirk. The physician was someone he would call a friend and the brute has few to spare.

1:16 Doc: I heard there was going to be GURPS today

Ken (GM) The knight steps forward, presenting the rose over his draped cloak (a deep forest green) “A gift, from the Verdant Kingdom” and as he speaks the words, the rose BURSTS into crawling vines of thorn and flower!

1:16 Ken (GM): [yay! you may have just killed Falkirk! :P]

1:16 P.P. A.: noice, you made it. DST in America changed and I was late too

1:17 Joush M.: Yeah, times moving around, it’s crazy over here. Nobody knows why we even do it anymore

1:17 P.P. A.: you know what I mean 😛

Ken (GM) The rose clambers along the vines, which build up and up and up into an impressive hedge, over the body of Falkirk. Blossoms open up all over the cage of thorns, with bloody red roses

Gray snarls in surprise, drawing a blade and starting closer as the fairy tale magic engulfs his friend, stopped stepped away by the razor thorns of the enchanted rose. “Falkirk!”

Suðri Skornbrekker gets up and grabs his bardiche, though given how stupid magic is, he wouldn’t be surprised if it was working as intended. Suðri decides to wait and see for a moment, though he is ready to hack the thing apart.

1:20  (To Doc): To ‘coles notes’ what happened: The party got back and parleyed with a druggie Lord Marshall Geofferson. After the meeting you volunteered to try to locate a healer/provisions as you’re still kind of noble and they weren’t stopping you. An agent of the Fey, the scarlet woman you met day 1, returned to you in a dark alley in Oakway. She and you also parleyed. She spoke cryptically, but in the end, she requested you promise the silver spear to the Fae (which you seemed to have forgotten you even HAD in your possession) and then in return she granted you back your armor. Just kind of snapped her fingers and it appeared on you. She gave you a big rose and told you ‘it would help Falkirk’, and then warned “the enemies of the Verdant Kingdom are all around you. Be wary” You just came back and did the rose to Falkirk just now

1:20 Doc: >checking the backlog
>Rod’s an elf lesbian now
not what I was planning for this character but I’ll try to roll with it

1:21 Ken (GM): 😛

1:21 Syviis: [lol]

1:21  (To Syviis): ELF LOOOORE

1:21 Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 (6+5+1)=12

1:22  (From Syviis): that’s a match if I recall…

1:26  (To Syviis): Yep match: That is, if you recall, a sanctuary Fairy ring. A phenomenon that bespokes protection and warding. It should be on the level with the Fae promises and whatnot.

1:26 Ken (GM): Yeah, shit went down and the worlds in a tizzy. But you got your armor back!

Syviis watches the process in amazement. “It’s okay…I believe this is…well…I’ve heard of fae magic like this in stories and legends.”

Gray holds back at Syviis’s words, looking with a frown to the roses.

1:28 Bomrek: “Fucking crazy ass elf magic bullshit”

1:30 Syviis: “I swear, the moment I can speak to my elders and ask them to teach me a less…magical…bullshit…way to do this, I will do my best to learn it.” She smiles nervously, watching the roses

Memory sinks into the room through the ceiling, she seems excited, fidgety

1:31 Syviis: “Hello, Memory,” hopeful of news…good or bad

1:31 Memory: “Gray, I have much to tell you” She looks about the room, craning her neck in all directions, this way and that “Much to tell all of you!”

1:32 Suðri Skornbrekker: “One load of magic nonsense at a time, please,” Suðri dismisses her, fidgety about what is going to happen to Falkirk.

Gray holds out an arm, the towering man inviting the raven back to it’s customary perch at his massive shoulder as he nods. “Thank you. I am ready to listen.” He says, though distracted by Falkirk.

Suðri Skornbrekker still eyes the thorny coffin anxiously.

1:33 Bomrek: “Oh great, you’ve returned. Whats new? Demons in the drainpipes? Gargoyles on the roofs?” He snorts at his own joke, brushing his beard down

Gray mummers quietly. “Where else would gargoyles be?”

1:34 Syviis: “Don’t be silly, Bomrek,” smiles “It’s not Gargoyle season for at least another month.”

Ken (GM) The rosy cage settles, Falkirk’s body entirely obscured by leafy thorn and vine. The roses of red twinkle, wet, dripping blood red on the floor and cot. The smell is strong, and not quite unpleasant.

Memory speaks then, quickly, and nearly without control. She is afraid “There are dark forces here. None of us are safe! I followed the Marshall as you instructed, and he returned across the city to his home. He, however, is not the problem”

“there are spirits here. Great and terrible ones. All about the dark corners and low places. Feeding on the emotions. On the magic. But I do not know their names” Memory speaks this with some gravity

1:38 Gray: “Are parasites like this dangerous to people? I don’t know enough to know why it matters that they are unknown to you, but you make that sound very important.”

Suðri Skornbrekker stares blankly at the bird.

1:39 Memory: “As I have told you all, I am Gray’s kindred. I am his chosen spirit. I travel with him, guide him, and do his wishes in the spirit lands. These creatures are perverting the relationship. They seek to claim beings as their own…”

1:40 Syviis: “Corruption, feeding, or possession? Do you know their purpose?”

Gray nods to Syviis, eyes widening and the brute tensing at the questions, even as he glances often to the bloody and fragrant roses.

1:41 Memory: “I do not” She ruffles, pecks at herself “It is worrying. I know of the creatures of Gorgoth, the Darkness, and their ilk. I know of the dragons, may they rest, and the great beasts. But I do not know these things”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the elf and asks: “Did such creatures exist in your land?”

1:42 Syviis: “Our land is….at least…was…much more guarded against these kind of things. But that does not mean any land is immune from hungry magic.”

1:42 Doc: Is anyone else wearing armor right now or is it just Rod?

1:42  (To Syviis): Gray’s spirit totem is similar (kinda) to the elemental totems elves build up. His is more pokemon, yours are more ‘Avatar bending’


1:42 P.P. A.: (he was asking whatshername, our tagalong)

1:42 Ken (GM): [Everyone has pieces and mishmash, but nothing so resplendent]

1:42 Syviis: “Our land does benefit from spirits, though they are decidedly different.”

1:43 P.P. A.: (her sheet is gone so I can’t remember her name ;_;)

1:43 Ken (GM): [Deloth Ainur}

1:43 P.P. A.: (aye, thanks)

1:43 Doc: I keep wanting to say “Dagoth Ur”

1:43 Ken (GM): GASP so vulgar!

1:44 Gray: “Thank you, memory. Did you see anything about the Marshall that is suspect? Is he spirit-ridden, or did he meet with anyone that sold him red powder?”

1:46 Memory: “He met with no agents, nor brokered any deals where I followed. His residence had spirits dwelling in the shadows, feeding on some sort of debauchery there. The scent of raw emotion was strong there. Like a musk. I tarried little to return to you”

1:47 P.P. A.: >magical nuclear fallout

1:48 Gray: “Decadent bastard’s run back to whores and hedonism.” He rubs a hand across his jaw. Gray currently isn’t wearing armor.

1:48  (To Roderick): Occultism roll! Raven speaks of things you think you recall

1:49 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 12(2+2+6)=10

1:49 Syviis: “Memory, is any of this because of the Weapon being activated? Could it be that the removal of magic southward has forced these spirits to come North to feed, much like we witnessed the Elemental doing?”

1:50 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Much as I loathe to recall that imagery… When we used the Ansible, there was… a tear in in the world, no? Deloth here said that IT came to our world from the Realm of Darkness or some-such and wreaked havoc. Maybe these are other beings that dwell in that realm, who slipped through the gate while it was open?”

1:51  (To Roderick): You recall, old tomes of magic you studied, there spoke of the planes and their denizens, and there was an obscure footnote you recall in detail now. “The deep dark, below the realm of spirits, has a gatehouse and a keep. When the darkness seeks to seep into the world, the gates will open, and HIS minions will crawl.” Several vague diagrams of Devilish folk followed. You remember red skin, horns and tails, and the described idea that they fed on human sin and emotions…

1:51 Gray: “Fuck” He says at Suðri’s idea, nodding and considering

Syviis nods

1:52 Syviis: “It does seem more than just natural movement of spirit and magic, doesn’t it?”

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t want to understand how this all works, he just pictures the realms existing next to each other but divided by an infinite wall, which they tore a hole into, briefly.

Suðri Skornbrekker also feels better thinking that all this shit doesn’t exist in their world, typically.

1:53 Memory: “To make an analogy; you take a bucket full of water from the river. Does it leave a hole? No. More water rushes in to fill the space. These things may simply have….rushed in”

1:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “How do we flush them out again?”

1:54 Roderick: “It would seem to be a purposeful incursion. It may not have been our doing, but it’s likely connected.”

1:54 Syviis: “That doesn’t instill me with much confidence that we have the power to fix it…”

1:55 P.P. A.: >the party re-invents Zen Buddhism, converts the populace, and the spirits starve to death amid the overall aloof detachment and spiritual tranquility

Gray nods and looks thoughtful, then ask Memory. “Can you see Falkirk? Is this Fae magic hurting or helping him?”

Memory regards the fairy circle. She tilts her head back and forth “He is obfuscated, but I believe he is well. There is a great and entwined working going on behind those roses”

Syviis sighs “No doubt, he would find this fascinating…or infuriatingly Fae.”

1:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That’s a most polite way of putting it, bird.”

Ken(GM) You hear the clomping of boots on the ceiling above, and the sudden cry of a man’s voice, in pain

Gray nods to the avian… then alerting at the cry, he looks to the others. “Weapons and armor, now!”

Syviis stands, bow and arrow ready

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly readies himself, armor and all

Gray goes to collect his own, putting the sword in reach, listening for more disturbances. Trying to judge if he has enough time to get his armor on.

Syviis covers the door, giving everyone time to prep, aiming[ not that she needs to at this range…but crit effects are fun]

Roderick moves swiftly towards the disturbance, sword at the ready

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a keg, a chair, or anything else suitable to prop up his musket, and places another two muskets next to him

2:03 Syviis: [Guns…Lots of Guns…]

2:03  (From Doc): Has the armor’s weight been adjusted at all?

2:04  (To Doc): It feels as light as before

Deloth-Ainur backs to a corner, hands up in a defensive guard. She looks worried

Ken (GM) a few moments pass, a tense minute as the sound above muffles, and you hear hushed voices

Gray pulls on his hauberk, belting it and tying the laces before the towering beast moves to stand beside the doorway leading upstairs.

Bomrek puts his back to the wall, pistols on his brace, long-arm nearby “This should be good”

Syviis moves around to maintain line of sight on the door.

Syviis whispers “Should we call up and ask what’s going on?’

Ken (GM) There is a rush of air in the room suddenly, like something MASSIVE rushing through past you all. The air howls a second, and the lamps all extinguish!

Then, a BOOM as the ceiling bursts in the dark, and boards clatter everywhere around you!

2:09 Ken (GM): WAT DO IN THE DARK?! [Reactions?]

Gray feels the air rush past, eyes blinking in the darkness, adjusting to the darkness, then lowering his face at the blast of wood. The beast looking to the hole, trying to see what is going on.

Suðri Skornbrekker waits for a moment, an then looks up.

2:10 P.P. A.: darkvision ftw

Roderick ignites a small flame in his hand to provide some illumination

Ken (GM) The flame illuminates three figures dropping in from above!

2:11 Ken (GM): I believe Suðri and Bomrek have the drop on them, not so inconvenienced by the dark
Initiative from you two immediately?

2:12 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6+5.25(3+6+6) 5.25= 20.25

2:12 P.P. A.: err just 1d

2:12 Ken (GM): lol rolling 1d6(2)=2

2:12 P.P. A.: so 8.25, taking the first one to land…

2:12 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(2)7= 9

2:13 Ken (GM): Elf vision for the win?

2:13 Joush M.: What do your elf eyes see?

2:14 Syviis: My elf eyes see jack all…until I light a spark at the tip of my arrow and spin around to face the intruders. Can I get off a shot?

2:14 Ken (GM): Fiss! you do the spark thing, and realize whats going on!

[rod/ gray gimme your init rolls too, I realize now just how much you’re all not inconvenienced by darkness]

2:16 Roderick: rolling d6+5.5 (4)5.5 =9.5

2:16 Ken (GM): Skornbrekker, your go! There are some shady looking elf types with ragged clothes and wild appearances, barging in the room!

2:16 Gray: rolling 1d6+7(5)7= 12

2:17 Ken (GM): [first, next turn for you two!]


Suðri Skornbrekker is a hardened and traumatized soldier now, he simply shoots first if someone looks dangerous (especially if they’re elves).

2:17 P.P. A.: range penalty for the first one?

2:17 Doc: >elves

2:18 Joush M.: Nobody ever uses a breaching charge to DYNAMIC ENTRY a room to give me a publishers clearing house check

2:18 Ken (GM): -3 for distance!

2:18 P.P. A.: He’s been aiming at the door, I suppose that aim is worthless now?

2:18 Ken (GM): ja

2:19 Joush M.: Unless you want to intimidate them by shooting the door with superb dwarven accuracy

2:19 P.P. A.: “h-he hit precisely into the keyhole!”

Suðri Skornbrekker fires his musket, braced as it is, not wanting to give the enemy any chance to react. 9v14

2:19 Ken (GM): Fick dir die Tür!

2:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 4d6+2(5+3+2+4) 2= 16 

2:20 P.P. A.: (oh sorry, rolled too early)

Ken (GM)  the elf twists in the dark, like a cloak about her, but to no avail, the shot lands in her breast! She cries out and gurgles!

2:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What do you want?” Suðri yells after the shot rings out, his turn over.

2:22 P.P. A.: I learned this tactic from Bomrek

2:22 Syviis: [Dwarves: Shoot first….then Ale…THEN ask questions later.]

2:22 Deloth-Ainur: “Warlocks! ” the elf yells out!

2:22 P.P. A.: we’re ‘locked on’ to them all right!

2:23 Syviis: [Witchalocks!]

2:23 Bomrek: “GIT YER ASS AWAY FROM ME GOLD!” Bomrek yells, blasting away with pistols
rolling 3d6(6+6+3)= 15 vs guns pistol
rolling 3d6(2+1+6)= 9 vs guns pistol

2:23 Doc: hopefully they can’t make wolfoids

2:23 Ken(GM) : rolling 3d6(4+2+6)=12 vs elf dodge
rolling 3d6(1+6+6)=13 vs elf dodge
failed dodges each!

2:24 Syviis: [PA meme game on point]

2:24 Bomrek: rolling 2d6 + 1(1+5)1= 7 pi+
rolling 2d6 + 1(1+1) 1= 3 pi+

Bomrek strikes the remaining two with lead bullets, blood in the air. They cry out in pain and madness, cackling!

Ken (GM) The room is lit with Roderick and Syviis’ magic; The mighty Gray’s turn!

2:25 Syviis: [Even though I know it’s only a damage roll, GURPS has trained me to get hard every time I see a 3]

2:25 Joush M.: Hopefully there’s a few more 1’s left for when we are rolling

2:25 Ken (GM): Jesus Christus, du schrecklicher Elf

2:26 Syviis: [learns walk-on-water, liquid transmutation, healing spells, becomes Elfjesus]

2:27 Ken (GM): GRAAAAAAY

2:28  (To Roderick): remember, youre in a dry timber room, surrounded by wine casks, and possibly gunpowder

2:28  (From Doc): I remembered but that’s very important information, thank you

2:28  (To Doc): Saw you measuring 😛 Just thought youd benefiet from a heads up

2:28 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage)(1+2+1)= 4

2:28 Ken (GM): whoa

2:29 Syviis: [HNnnnnnnnGGGnnn….4s are sexy too]

2:29 Ken (GM): 8==D

2:29 Doc: He actually becomes less angry now that he gets to kill something

Gray does not go berserk, and so instead will charge the closer of the pair and attempt to take that one ‘alive’. (All Out Attack (Determined; Grab, 2 Hands, Torso, Deceptive -2 defense/-4 attack)

2:29 Gray: rolling 3d6 to BRAWL vs SL 13(6+3+1)= 10

2:30 Joush M.: Hits, unless there’s envromental/target mods I’m unaware of.
Well, there was a one left by the time I was rolling an attack..

2:31 Ken (GM): you gots darkvision to mitigate light, should be good, so I
rolling 3d6(3+6+6)= 15

Ken (GM) Gray takes up the little elf thing with almost no effort, she squirms poorly, squealing in fear and weird rapture

2:32  (To Gray): She stinks like blood sweat and sex. She also has a loony look on her face

2:32 P.P. A.: this is just like my japanese doujins

2:32 Ken (GM): Rodrigo!

2:33 Doc: What kind of armor/gaps on the one that isn’t grabbed?

2:33 Joush M.: “Don’t think that being perverted will get you out of this, elf prostute!”

2:33 Ken (GM): Shes in robes, ragged clothing, and a kind of leather vest

2:34 Joush M.: Oh, Gray lacks darkvision, but he’s got Night Vision (5) so anything brighter then starlight he’s fine, and even then minimally impaired

2:35 Ken (GM): ruh roh; lucky youre a light source!

Roderick charges with a thrust to the vitals!

2:35 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 AOA (Determined)(5+5+6) =16

Roderick uses his Luck to not fuck up that bad

2:36 Roderick:rolling 3d6 vs 14 AOA (Determined)(2+2+2)=6

rolling 3d6 vs 14 AOA (Determined)(6+6+5)=17

2:36 Ken (GM): lol

2:36 Doc: I’ll take the 6

2:36 Ken (GM): not the 17?

2:36 Joush M.: Good call. Bit embarrassing to run in and stab Gray in the horn

2:36 Ken (GM): “horn” 😛
rolling 3d6(1+2+5)=8

Ken (GM) The wounded thing tries to twist to the side out of the way of the blade, retreating from the sword! She succeeds!

Ken (GM) From above, the sounds of more movement! A mans voice cries out from above “TAKE THEM! The master wants their HIDES!”

Ken (GM) Another woman in ragged leather streaked with red drops in, her hands alight with black smoky flames!

2:39 Ken (GM): She swings those magic hands at Rod!
rolling 3d6(6+5+6)=17

2:39 Syviis: hahaha

2:39 Ken (GM): FUCCCK these dice today

Ken (GM) You hear her leg go POP as she lands. She screams and falls

2:39 Joush M.: The dangers of dynamic entry

Ken (GM) The dead elf is dead, she bleeds.

Ken (GM) the one in Gray’s grasp squeals in anger and rage, and her hands burst into that same black flame!

Ken (GM) the dodgy wounded one claps her hands together, and a blade of dark shadows stretches out into hear grasp, like a greatsword…

2:41 Joush M.: Goddamn innate attacks

2:41 Syviis: [lol]

Ken (GM) Above, the crackle of flame, and the dark hole in the ceiling glows Lime green


2:42  (To Syviis): They’re half-elves, FYI. Ears are too short. 

2:42  (To Syviis): Also, you’re an elf, and you know these things

2:43 Syviis: Who do I have a shot on?

2:43 Ken (GM): swordy lady is the clear shot

gray == hueg

2:43 Syviis: Yep. Sworded lady is also going to be Arrow’ed lady.
Vitals, of course.

2:43 Ken (GM): kk

2:44 Syviis: 3 points of lightnin

2:44 Ken (GM): fuck

2:44 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+1+4)=9 vs Bows
I hit

2:44 Syviis: OR DO I

2:44 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(6+5+3)=14

2:44 Ken (GM): you dooooo. The shadows leap, but not fast enough

2:44 Doc: oosh, she would have been better off taking a sword to the heart. This gonna hurt!

2:44 Syviis: Arrow-dam: rolling 1d6 + 1(6)1=7 Imp
rolling 3d6(4+1+4)= 9 Burn
And lightnan
to the VITALS

Ken (GM) The woman turns, just too late, and an arrow sinks into her heart. Then she explodes into electric flames

2:45 Joush M.: Got to get her some Fine arrows. $6 a shot isn’t so bad for +1 damage

2:45 Ken (GM): s’truth

2:45 Joush M.: You kill her instantly, then restart her heart. Then make her catch fire

2:45 Ken (GM): meeeean


2:46 Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down his musket and picks up another!

2:47 P.P. A.: Next turn: more dead elves

2:47 Doc: hopefully they’re the right ones

2:47 P.P. A.: dead elves are always the right ones

2:48 Syviis: “Half elves,” – Racist Syviss

2:48 Ken (GM): Deloth dives in, and drop kicks the wounded elf on the ground, in the neck(hopefully)download.jpg
rolling 3d6(5+5+6)= 16

2:48 Ken (GM): FUCK

2:48 P.P. A.: she tried


Ken (GM) The kick lands to the side, Deloth cusses in elf

2:49 Ken (GM): Bomrek draws pistols, and fires them, screaming “YEEHAW WE aint eatin HORSE anymore!”
rolling 3d6 (3+1+5)= 9 fast drawan guns!
rolling 3d6(5+4+6)=15
rolling 3d6(6+4+2)=12
one miss, one hit! (fucking posture)
rolling 2d6 + 1(6+2) 1 = 9 Pi+


2:49 Joush M.: [Can I see from this angle, how many people are above them still waiting to assault? Or the commander yelling instructions to the elf cultist?]

2:50 Joush M.: Can Gray see the commander up there?

2:51  (To Gray): You can see one guy, lined in bright lime green, with a smoking rod in his hand. He’s humanlike, scarred up, and in a tight leather suit of armors

2:52  (From Gray): Is he within about 8 yards? The elf I’m holding weighs about 150 or so?

2:52  (To Gray): Hahahahahaha he is 4 yards away


Gray steps forward and makes an All Out Attack (Throwing, Determined) for +1, aiming at the commander. “No more servants! Come fight us yourself, coward!”

2:53 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs SL 12 for Throwing(6+1+1)= 8

2:53 Ken (GM): lol

Gray hurls his servant at the master. The lupine beast easily managing the weight.

Ken (GM) There is a scream, and a thump, and a shout of alarm as the woman is tossed up into the hole in the ceiling

Ken (GM) Then there is a green flamed explosion above!

2:54 Syviis: [I love you all by the by, lol]

2:54 P.P. A.: (this battle is pretty fantastic so far)

Ken (GM) Crackling flames leap about the room above, dripping green oily fire around you through the hole!

Gray seems surprised by that, the flames driving him back half a step after the hurled elf vanishes into the hole she’d jumped down though.

2:57 Adolf S.: Well shit, that timing didn’t go off well. What did I miss, amigos.

2:58 Doc: same tbh, I’m not entirely sure what just happened. Gray threw a woman into the ceiling and she exploded?

2:58 Adolf S.: The pinata women are our greatest foe

2:59 Joush M.: We were attacked by Elf Prostitutes. Bomrek went John Woo on them

2:59 P.P. A.: We were sitting in the basement when the ceiling exploded and three elves dropped in

Suðri, having learned the ways of the Bomrek, immediately killed one with his musket then Bomrek fired his pistols at the other two, injuring both then more dropped down from above to Gray, where he tossed one back upstairs

2:59 Syviis: [NOPE, BACK YOU GO]

2:59  (To Gray): You’re distinctly aware of how similar the bald scarred dragon-man in Gorgoth who got [REDACTED] looked like this scarred up pale guy who just exploded

3:00 P.P. A.: oh also Syviis killed one with an electric arrow to the heart

3:00 Doc: she gives love a bad name


Roderick steps back away from the fire, startled and slightly confused

3:02 Doc: [there weren’t any more living enemies we can see, right?]

3:02 Syviis: [begins humming Electric Feel as she reloads]

3:02 Ken (GM): [true, those five were it. And where they came has from exploded]

3:02 Joush M.: There was one that broke an ankle jumping down, but she’s on green fire now. We should make arrangements to run away or fight fires

Gray moves away from the flames, trying to get over to Falkirk. “Collect your things, friends. We can’t stay here.”

Gray wants to move Falkirk, but he isn’t sure it is an option. The roses menace with their bloody flowers and sharp thorns

3:05 Ken (GM): [waaaat doooo]

Deloth dances back from the flames, snatching up bags she can reach “Get back! That is no normal flame!”

Suðri Skornbrekker gathers up all the muskets around him and wraps them into his blanket for carrying.

3:07 Syviis: “What is it?!” as she rushes forward to help move stuff away from the flame

Suðri Skornbrekker also shoulders his backpack “Any way to put it out?”

3:07 Deloth-Ainur: “Fiend-fire!” she yells back “We must flee! it will consume us all!”

3:08 Roderick: “Grab anything valuable and flee, then!”

Deloth-Ainur does just that, and heads for the door outside

3:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Way ahead of ya.”

3:09 Bomrek: “What?!” Bomrek yells, scrambling to secure his table-loot. [Will there be any difficulty in doing this in time, y’think, GM?]

Suðri Skornbrekker glances at Bomrek and hopes he makes haste with his treasure, then shoulders his bundle of firearms and treads around the flame towards the exit, stopping to look back at Falkirk.

Syviis nods and helps best she can

3:09 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Can we carry the whole table Falkirk is on? Will those vines protect him?” Suðri Skornbrekker asks the first to Gray and the second to Syviis.

3:09 Deloth-Ainur: [some of the coins might scatter, but the bag is nearby!]

Roderick runs very slowly in his shiny new armor, but helps to the best of his ability

3:09 Syviis: “Use my cloak to wrap around the thorns if you need”

3:10 Ken (GM): Gray has Falkirk? Hefting the wad of magical roses?

Gray nods and lifts up the table, ignoring the thorns and the awkward weight. (Sounds good to him; he will just pick up the whole Falkirk bush if the table won’t fit)

3:10  (To Gray): you feel some scratches, but the weight is easy enough

3:11 Joush M.: We found the ways out, right? Pretty much only the steps, unless we are willing to go down to a root cellar that didn’t lead anywhere

3:11 Syviis: Falkirk-bush

Suðri Skornbrekker leaves the tent behind and carries the muskets and his equipment to safety

3:11 Bomrek: “My coins! Help me with my blasted coins!” Bomrek says, trying to tie his loot down to his body before scrambling for the coins as well.

Roderick helps with the coins

Ken (GM) The lot of you grab your things hastily, shoving away gold, hauling on your bedrolls, all while the green flame twists. A column of air rushes upward into the room above, and you feel the heat as well as the roar shaking the room. It sounds like a living thing

3:12 Bomrek: [Where’s the fire door in this place.]

Gray carries Falkirk and his own things back to the door, slamming it open with a massive hand. “Go! Out and up!”

Ken (GM) you all clamor for the door, Deloth swinging it open into the cool night!

3:13 Joush M.: It’s this doorway, the one Gray is next to

3:13 Syviis: swears in Elf, following

3:13 Joush M.: Oh! Other door, got it

Gray goes there then

Ken (GM) the rush of air swells into the room and cool night hits you with the heat at your backs

Gray makes sure memory reaches him safely and vanishes, not wanting to risk his Raven around the cruel green flames

Bomrek wheezes, carrying his full gear, and sets the items down safely wherever safe is at the moment, and bends over and starts coughing and breathing in heavily.

3:15 Bomrek: “Who in the hell ordered the prostitutes?” he asks

Ken (GM) outside the dark night is lit from behind by the lime colored light. You are outside in the yard of Timberwatch keep, and the screaming has just started

In the yard, people run, and a bell begins to clank; “FIRE! FIRE!” the call goes out into the militia around you! The sound of panic and half-asleep fear rumbles!

Gray carries the small bundle that would make an awesome thorny projectile outside, tender and careful with the fallen physician he sets the form down safely away from the flames. “Careful! This is no natural fire!”

3:17 Joush M.: [Don’t frown. I won’t really throw Falkirk.. though.. he would make a really good projectile.]

Syviis frowns. “I wonder if they keep their red powder in there…” eyeing the nearby buildings

3:18 Ken (GM): [next door is a building labelled “ARMORY”]

3:18 Gray: “They keep black powder and distilled alcohol there. This area may be ruined if the flames reach that.”

3:18 Joush M.: [Cue Bomrek tears. “All the booze and powder. Gone!”]

Bomrek stands up, though his hands are still propped on his knees. He looks around at the buildings, seemingly evaluating things, and then back at the others. “Well blast, we should be moving then!”

3:19 Roderick: “Stay wary, there may be more to come.”

Suðri Skornbrekker has all the firearms wrapped up but holds his bardiche in his free hand

3:19 Syviis: [damn Witchalocks…]

3:19 Doc: would it be a Leadership toll to try and organize/direct the militia?

3:20 Ken (GM): [yes! That would be helpful at taking control of the panic!]

Roderick quickly turns and shouts to the crowd. “Militia, with me!”

3:22 P.P. A.: circumstantial bonus from being clad in gorgeous shining silver armor, imho

3:22 Syviis: lol FOLLOW THE SHINY ONE!

3:22 Doc: actually yeah would he get a bonus from that or from the Voice advantage? His Leadership is 12 normally

3:23 Ken (GM): 2 from voice, and 2 from the regalia

3:23 Doc: wew

Gray nods and moves Falkirk out to a safe distance from the emerald flames and the burning building that may explode before setting down his things and coming back to help Roderick’s work crew fight the fire.

Syviis looks around for a vantage point to provide sniper-fire-cover should more Elf-a-locks appear.

3:23 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 16(4+6+3)= 13

Ken (GM) The militia responds to the call from the guy swinging his sword about and getting their attention; they scramble in and salute, lining up as best they can to accept orders!

Roderick tries to assemble a bucket brigade to see if water will even help

3:24 Bomrek: I hope it’s a grease fire effect and it scorches one or two to death.2khtdg.jpg

Ken (GM) the men respond to the orders, forming up and passing along buckets, a runner racing up the line; soon water begins to splashing into the roaring green flames!

Ken (GM) The flames die back a bit, but the Fiend-fire crawls along; the water slows it, but it is not extinguishing!

Ken (GM) The cloud of billious black smoke stretches over the Timberkeep; the smell of pine and sap crackles in the air as the tinderbox burns!

Ken (GM) however, more of the denizens of the keep are alert now, and fleeing the burning gatehouse into the city! You have bought them some time!

3:27 Bomrek: “Elf!” he calls up to Syviis. “This is magic, can’t you just throw magic at it to fix it?!”

Gray tries dirt next. The brute filling buckets with sand and earth for the men to throw on the flames.

Gray also tells Memory.. “Fly above. Watch for dangers and call to me if you see more attackers.”

3:29 Joush M.: UAV ONLINE

Syviis sighs at Bomrek “I don’t think so?….but….I’ll try.”

3:30 Syviis: [aims for some of the flames and sends out a 1 point lightnan bolt to see if it can “burn away the fire with lightning”?]

Memory caws loudly, and leaps into the air. As she swoops about the green licking flames…they STRETCH and reach for her!

Memory screams and disappears into the smoke and fire above you all

Ken (GM) Syviis’ arrow lances out, and a thunderclap follows; the yard echoes with the noise!

Gray snarls at that, growling and worried about the spirt!

Ken (GM) the flames twist around the path of the shot, but the lightning does not extinguish the flame. If anything, it licks back down the path toward Syviis, crawling along, hungry like an animal!

3:32 Gray: “Balefire, like the lightning. Magic feeds it!”

Bomrek whips his arm dismissively at Syviis, and turns toward the former vampire. “You, other-elf, do you have magic that’ll fix this shite?”2khtsi.jpg

3:33 Syviis: [“other elf” lol]
Preferably BEFORE the magical red dust explodes and lights it up.

3:33 Ken (GM): Deloth is nowhere to be seen…

3:34 P.P. A.: Are there any stone walls nearby?

3:34 Ken (GM): [Timberkeep is wooden; with shale roofs]

Ken (GM) the buckets pile on water and earth, but the green flames crawl up the wooden walls; there may be no way to stop them!

Gray considers, then shakes his head. “Let’s pull back and get a firebreak working. We can’t do more here.” A grim laugh. “The powder explosion might put it out.”

3:36 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What if we collapse the roof and bury the fire under the shale…? Though the timber framework of the roof would collapse with it and fuel them.”

3:37 Gray: “It’s a thought. I don’t know how to drop the roof without more explosives then we have”

3:37 Bomrek: “Don’t you ‘lot eat magic?” Bomrek yells up to Syviis. “Just- just go eat the damn stuff and lets be done with this!”

3:38 Doc: [Is this a fortress or an actual town with women and children?]

3:38 Ken (GM): [a fort on the edge of the city, up a hilltop from the main bits of town]

3:39 Syviis: “We’ve been over this, Bomrek! I’m not a Vampire!”

3:39 Bomrek: “Well I’m out of ideas then!”

3:40 Ken (GM): [fight or flee? If so, how?]

Syviis puts away her arrow and closes her eyes, trying to get a sense if something is feeding/controlling the flames from somewhere nearby

Gray goes to collect their things, shouting commands the Milita. “With us! We pull back and make sure to clear a firebreak around the fort!”

3:41 Joush M.: Should be easy, right? Clearing a firebreak so the enemy can’t burn you from the outside is S.O.P.?

3:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Tossing explosives into the fire to collapse the roof would be too dangerous since the flames can extend and reach out to people,” he muses. “…I agree, we will have to abandon the fort.” He grits his teeth. “Such a shame…”

3:42 Joush M.: poor Suðri , seeing more stuff Ruined By Elves

3:42  (To Syviis): You reach out with your magical senses, and Very much so, there is a presence in that fire. A being of some power crawling along the green flames. Like an elemental animal of rage!

3:43  (From Syviis): any chance she can single it out enough to target it? Can she reach out to it like the elementals or is it purposeful vs animistic?

Bomrek calls to Suðri in Dwarven “[A building made of wood is like a shield made of clay. They should have expected this to happen sooner or later].”

3:44 Roderick: “If there’s an explosion, it could send burning debris flying in all directions. This could go from bad to worse very quickly.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods in agreement.

3:44  (To Syviis): It feels like some big dumb yet sinister thing. Like a kind of elemental evil

3:44 Ken (GM): [certainly alert the folks as you retreat; there are people yelling about fire running out as we speak]
[organize the effort AWAY from the blast radius, much safer]

3:46 Joush M.: Get to a safe distance then start to make sure there’s a firebreak there, for if things get scattered around.

Syviis climbs down from her perch and rejoins the group

3:47 Syviis: “I wonder…if it follows magic, maybe I can bait it to somewhere less harmful.”

3:47 Ken (GM): Sounding the alert to the men to flee? Save each other?

3:48 Doc: ye
Roderick nods at Syviis. “Try that while I lead the men to safety, but be careful.”

Gray frowns to Syviis. “I don’t like the idea. But if you wish to.” He says, unhappy with the idea of how dangerous that might be

Ken (GM) Roderick sounds the retreat, calling for the safety behind the walls! The men follow, and those left fleeing the keep make for town. The licking flames climb into the sky, and inch closer and closer along the walls to the powder room

3:50 Ken (GM): Syviis, stands firm, contemplating the beastly flames

3:50  (To Syviis): whatcha got?

Syviis looks around for a neutral place to starve the fire out…. gravel/sand pit anywhere?

3:51 Ken (GM): [the yard is packed clay and gravel. Gonna taunt it out?]

3:52 Syviis: Pulls out her arrow, her power stone, and walks forward while throwing mana into a held shot

Ken (GM) The flames notice and crawl to a stop, the flames lick…and surge! toward syviis. The power of her magic attracts it!

Bomrek on the other hand will be safely away down the hill, carrying his loot. “I’ll go secure us some lodgings at an Inn!” he tells the others, happy to find an excuse to get away from the green flame.

Syviis nods behind her face-mask and runs toward the the courtyard

Ken (GM) a roar and hiss from the flames. The grumble of something mighty, and hungry!

3:54 Syviis: In Elvish: “Forget the wood of mortals, come…dine, you vile thing!”

3:54 Ken (GM): Roll concentrate for me! and then a dodge at +3!

3:54 Joush M.: Goddamn daredevil

3:55 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+5+4)= 13 vs 17(Will+Talent)
beat by 4 to hold the magic
and her wits
Dodge…will all out defend!
rolling 3d6(5+1+1)= 7

3:56 Ken (GM): neat!

3:56 Doc: noice

Syviis draws it back away from the consumable structures, carefully dodging the best she can as it lashes out toward her, but hanging herself just in front to keep it’s attention!

Ken (GM) The flames clamor for the magic of the elf, screaming at her taunting form as she draws it out. Behind the high walls of the keep, the bonfire seems to leap from the building into the very air after her! There is a crackle of thunder, and a flash of the limelight…and then the flames die back. Syviis emerges from the keep gate with a grin and not even a scratch!

Ken (GM) Behind her, the smoking ruin of the storehouse smolders, saved from devastation

Gray jogs closer to the elf, speaking to her in a worried voice. “That was a risk. You aren’t hurt?”

Ken (GM) a crackle like thunder cries from the night “I WILL RETURN FOR YOU” echoing into the dark skies

3:58 Syviis: “Only my regret I didn’t see it sooner…”

Suðri Skornbrekker sets down what he’s carrying for a round of applause.

Syviis turns to the thunder, annoyed that someone might be subverting her wheelhouse

Ken (GM) the militia whoop and cheer along with the dwarf; the men relieved at the whole escapade

Bomrek enjoys the pyrotechnics from halfway down the hill.

Ken (GM) the townspeople roused by the alarms mill about, and the militia return to the keep to extinguish the last of the flames that stubbornly smoke…

4:01 Ken (GM): NEXT WEEK



4:01 Syviis: Wooo

4:01 Roderick: “So, we’re being hunted by sentient demonic fire. Wonderful.”

4:01 Ken (GM): Joush, Adolph, Doc, Id love to see updated sheets when you can 😛

4:02 Bomrek: wew I have a total of… 22 points to spend

4:02 Syviis: FIRE BAD! FIRE BAAAD!

4:02 Gray: I’ll get on it, I’ve got plenty to spend now.

4:02 Bomrek: so update I shall.

4:02 Gray: Thanks for the game, it was a lot of fun

4:02 P.P. A.: I wonder if this has anything to do with the green moon

4:02 Ken (GM): no problemo boyos

4:02 Fiss: Yeah, that was a pretty awesome initial fight



4:02 Doc: I’ve got a long flight ahead of me so I’ll be able to get it nice and updated for you

4:03 Bomrek: Bomrek’s currently in gold-protecting mode. It was at risk there, so clearly it must be taken somewhere else, safer.

4:03 Ken (GM): He gonna eat it to keep it safe?

4:03 Bomrek: He’ll find an Inn. Surely this place has a couple, yee?

4:03 Doc: any word about Rod’s longsword btw, or just his armor?

4:04 Ken (GM): [ah yes, the longsword returned as well.]

4:04 Doc: wew neato

4:04  (To Doc): You were advised to keep the blade by your side. “For safety”

4:04 Fiss: Might have to RP some point-use with you later Ken.

4:04 Joush M.: No longer will he be known as Roderick the Nude.

4:05 Ken (GM): no erp

4:05 Fiss: Yarp?

4:05 Ken (GM): Youth action roleplay?
kay, gotta jet. Cranky baby and dinner making time

4:06 Bomrek: adios’


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