Grimwyrd: Den of Evil


12:16 Joush M.: Well, they stuffed us in a basement. At least you can tell it’s not a prison cell because it’s the same basement they keep guns in.

12:18 Ken (GM): Hah, you’re actually in the same place you first met Aachen, a few months back so yeah, the back room, but you’re in Timberkeep, in Oakway

12:20 Joush M.: Man, that’s a call back. Nice.

12:22 P.P. A.: They also seem to trust us still otherwise they wouldn’t put two dwarves in a room full of barrels

12:24 Ken (GM): Im sure bomrek is quite enthralled with the casks of fine wine all over the damn place

called fiss; hes not up/answering yet

I know Doc has a thing. Ive got notes for rodericks actions (they do not include seppuku)

12:29 P.P. A.: I wonder where Fiss and Adolf are
The latter said yesterday that he wanted to quit his job since it was too erratic and prone to making him sick

12:31 Joush M.: That isn’t a good thing. I hope he lands on his feet

its a fiss!

1:06 P.P. A.: Good things come to those who wait

1:06 Fiss: ohshit son. Sorry ’bout that. Well..I ain’t too sorry, but yeah… 😛
Elf Chick Mode is Active when ready.

1:06 Joush M.: Hey Fiss. We were just talking about Maid RPG and how nobody can remember what SuĂ°ri looks like, so now he’s Moe As Fuck

1:07 Fiss: lol

1:07 Ken (GM): hahah character sheet says blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned…..Did you make an aryan dwarf?

1:09 Fiss: Dwarf-ler….Hit-warf?

1:09 P.P. A.: I put that there now because I vaguely remember that’s what I said at the start of the campaign
but it’s more of a total guess
How far back do roll20 logs go?

1:10 Ken (GM): the entirety of the game until you dump them
Which I SHOULD do soon, just to improve performance

1:14 P.P. A.: “SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s head, visible as he holds his sallet in his hand, bears a very short haircut–but makes up for it with a voluminous beard, a bright reddish-brown in colour.’
oh ok, gonna fix that on the character sheet later

1:13 Ken (GM): trolling the logs…to remember what your character looks like
i cant tell if this is “what have we come to” or “FUTURE”

1:14 P.P. A.: I just went with “dwarf” all the time so I forgot the details

1:14 Fiss: Dwarf-kun or Dwarf-sama?

1:14 P.P. A.: arr rook same

1:15 Fiss: dat’s wacist!

1:16 Joush M.: Rod “I’m going to be honest, it took me about a week to realize there were two dwarves. I thought you were just the same person at different levels of drunkenness”

1:17 Ken (GM): Hah, wouldnt put it past rod

1:17 P.P. A.: Hm, would be nice aesthetics if in a Dwarven clan, the men all shaved their heads, and the women wore their hair in the same style as their husbands’ beards

1:17 Fiss: You know…I just realized…the original artwork for my elf is actually a centaur

1:17 Ken (GM): dafuk

1:17 Fiss: srsly, she got 4 hooves

1:18 Ken (GM): hahahah FUCK I see that now too

1:18 Fiss: Just never was a problem because we only used the bust, lol

1:18 P.P. A.: I knew elves were half animal, but not physically as well

1:18 Fiss: How many points would it be to convert her into a centaur? lol
I think the 2-arrows-a-round thing would pay for it
but I kinda like the arrows
So nevermind. 😛

1:19 Ken (GM): headdesk

1:20 P.P. A.: imagine a party where one is a centaur archer and the other is a horse archer
the two of them could shoot four arrows a round and remain mobile!

1:20 Fiss: I misread that as a Centipede Archer and got unnaturally excited/horrified for a second there.

1:20 P.P. A.: >one bow for every pair of legs

1:21 Joush M.: Goddamn, exposure to the Dark Kingdom does strange things to elves

1:21 Fiss: “Am I still pretty?” mandibles glistening in the moonlight

1:21 Ken (GM): soon reaching “kill it with fire” currently at “ick”

1:22 Fiss: lol

1:22 P.P. A.: Bomrek or SuĂ°ri: “can’t tell a difference, honestly”

1:22 Ken (GM): They might both suggest dinner! Dwarves eat mega-insects back home

1:22 Fiss: “Oh, hey, did you put your hair up?” – Dwarfs

1:24 Ken (GM): Right, well, Kev will showup when he can. Im a bit loathe to run so many NPC’s BUT I’m a seasoned GM.


[interior decorating intensifies]

1:25 P.P. A.: dorf mode activated!
[face explodes with facial hair]

Gray is ready

1:26 P.P. A.: we have transcended the Grid

1:26 Ken (GM): [dont make me turn it back on or so help me]



Ken (GM) The harrowing journey to Oakway is finally at some kind of end; the heat of summer stifles the small back room at Timberkeep tower, the stench of the gunworks nearby sulfurous as the volcanoes you fled. The dark ride in through the town battered you with the pleading sounds of the refugees outside the gates, and then the revelry sounding inside the walls. The people of Oakway are celebrating the news of the ruin of the Beastmen. They have yet to learn, it seems, of the ruin of their countrymen…

1:30 Syviis: [Have the Elves gotten in contact with me yet? Are there any here in Oakway? Can I send for the Elders?]

1:32 Ken (GM): [You met no elves on the escape from the South, and once on the road to Oakway you have been secluded in the carriage. You have heard reports the Eastern edge of their territory burned by a massive firestorm during The Happening]

1:32 Ken (GM): [Any word you wish to send back to the homelands can be carried by messenger, if you wish to send any]

1:32 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…do you suppose the higher-ups announced the kingdom’s… ‘victory’ to the people so they would take it better when they are later told of the cost at which it came?”

1:33 Gray: “They should be organizing work gangs. They will need all the labor they can get to prepare for winter.” The brute frowns as he listens to the sounds of the people beyond the cargo wagon they ride, the powerful beast taking off armor and considering the question. “That would make sense. It will be a blow to learn of the people lost when the weapon fired.”

1:33 Adolf S.: Gimme’ a rundown amigos?

1:33 P.P. A.: you barely need to scroll up since we only just started

1:34 Gray: ((Welcome back. Mostly we decided that SuĂ°ri is Moe now.

1:34 Ken (GM): Welcome back to the land of the living

Syviis wastes no time in sending messages to the Elder Council…and one to her family to let them know she is alive.

Gray makes sure Falkirk is comfortable when they get to the storeroom, checking on the man.  Hopefully a skilled healer can see to him.

1:35 Roderick: “The people will need to know what happened. The truth of it. It is my duty to them to at least tell that much” Rod has been grave the entire journey. Darkly brooding on the whole affair

Syviis then spends most of the downtime caring for the comatose wizard and recovering her strength from the flight through mana-less lands.

1:36 Ken (GM): [Falkirk has been asleep, but showing signs of better health throughout the journey. The militia men assigned to your carriage assured you he could be taken to a healer once you had met with the Lord Marshall here]

1:36 Syviis: “We don’t know the full story yet. I’d like to wait until I can conference with the Elder elves and…” she sighs “Maybe ‘answers’ is too strong a word…but I’d like to know some reasons of what happened. Hopefully the Lord Marshall will be able to fill in some of the happenings since we’ve been gone, and learn of the larger scale.”

1:38 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I wonder if the corpses we saw were those of the army that had gathered at Gorgoth. …and if not, if the devastation reached that city or not.”

1:39 Gray: “It’s not our choice how much, and how, to tell these people. We are militiamen.. well.. I, SuĂ°ri and Bomrek took that coin. The rest of you may say as you like. We however will make our reports and the commanders will chose to how to tell the people. I have to hope they are wiser then I am.”

1:39 P.P. A.: [didn’t Bomrek stay mercenary? I forgot]

1:40 Syviis: “True, true. The diplomacy off the battlefield is better left to the diplomats, I suppose.”

1:40 Adolf S.: >women wore hair in style of husbands beards
ayy that’s my idea, I’m suing you for copywrite.

Syviis blushes, thinking that’s a rather sweet tradition…elves usually plant trees for each other. It’s a slow courtship.

1:42 Ken (GM): >”Ill grow that bitch an elm. Bitches love them some elms”

1:42 P.P. A.: [phallic connotations]

1:42 Roderick: “I am a noble…” and he trails off, recalling his very recent past “I was a noble man and I am still an honorable one. The people will know, one way or the other, eventually”

1:42 Syviis: “Sir Roderick, from what lands do you hail from? I’m afraid I know very little of human royalty and court.”

Suðri Skornbrekker sits back and listens, his thoughts occasionally drifting away from the conversation.

1:43 Roderick: “Oh! The North, miss, the Duchy of Bandobras. My family …had….a home there among the noble houses. Fine land. Merchants and traders.”

Gray has taken off his heavy armor, setting it out on the top of a barrel and brushing it, oiling it lightly as the towering beast stands there in a thin shirt (patched several times) and a pair of dark trousers. It’s odd after so long to see the hard, powerful brute outside the armor and unburdened by weapons, hands working at the task of removing any rust or wear from the mail. He glances to Syviis, watching her blush a moment before his attention returns to his work.

1:44 Ken (GM): [we need to get gray a wench]

1:44 P.P. A.: [I think that blush was in response to Adolf’s OOC comment?]

1:45 Syviis: [4th wall breaking blush]

1:45 Bomrek: (I was wondering what that was in response to :O)

Syviis has also spent the day out of armor…. though not as dramatic of a change, she does look more relaxed and enjoying not being clad by boiled leather for a while.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sees Gray taking care of his armor, and decides to do the same. The uncertainty of their journey and the dangers they encountered on the way still lingers on the dwarf’s mind, and he’d feel uncomfortable going unarmored for a lenghth of time now; but they seem to be safe here, and it’s about time to get the dirty plate in order.

1:47 Ken (GM): [don’t forget the Dreugar groin plate you lifted; big brass face of a grimacing fearsome under-dorf]

1:47 P.P. A.: have we had a bath yet since we arrived? [how could I]

1:48 Ken (GM): [looks just like Zardoz]

Gray sets the depleted heart of the salamander on the barrel, the rust red stone streaked with lines once vividly glowing now mostly inert, drained of magic to feed Memory ad Syviis on the return from the ruined land.

1:48 Ken (GM): Ooh, good souvenir gray

1:48 P.P. A.: [I didn’t know if it was light, medium, or heavy plate, so I put it down as “angry plate”]

1:49 Ken (GM): [DR 4 or so plate]

Bomrek is a little less armed than normal, and certainly less armored. He’s got a gleaming silver pick hanging from his belt, a gleaming mail shirt with a sheen of oil covering it, and aside from that just his leather boots and underclothes on – all of dwarf make, and less worse- for-wear than most of your clothes and gear by this point, surely. You all know he’s got one of his large horse pistols tucked away under his shirt in his belt, just in case the peasantry feels like getting uppity. He stares, forlorn and dejected, at the casks of wine supposedly nearby, and seems to be spending more of his attention there than with anything else.

1:50  (To Bomrek): The barrels are branded wooden banded with iron. They bear the name “Vineson est.487.YK”, approximately 30 years ago

1:52 Ken (GM): [ah, alcoholism]

Bomrek sighs, and looks to SuĂ°ri, and speaks in quick Dwarven. “[Do you recall the terms of our hiring?]” his facial expression looks.. fallen, though not quite in the abject terror of the situation, or from the loss of life. “I need to know if I’m still bound so strongly to this cause.” he stares toward one of the casks again. “I have an.. ailment, I need to treat.”

1:52 Bomrek: (double chloride of gold here I come)

1:53  (From Bomrek): That is of course a joke, Bomrek’s not interested in getting his alcoholism AKA proof-of-life treated, he’s just inclined to return his taste that vanished.)

1:54  (To Bomrek): noted. Its certainly taken the spice out of life

1:55  (From Bomrek): Speaking of, I don’t think Bomrek ever became a knight or whatever, did he? P. sure he stayed a merc? What’ll that mean for his standing and, uh, duties right now?

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker tilts back his head and tries to remember, and he replies back in Dwarven: “[…not right away; so much has happened since. What kind of ailment—]” He looks at Bomrek, and sees where his eyes are looking. “[…ah, the bottle?]”

Bomrek shrugs, tilts his head as a form of mild agreement. “[In a .. sense, yes. I think I’ll need to see a blasted mage, or healer, and if this command throws us once more into the wastes that are Gorgoth, I doubt I’ll come by one I’d want to associate with.]”elf-vampire.jpg

Deloth-Ainur has been quiet the entire trip. Mostly exhausted looking, but she may be in a bit of shock as well since her Lord died. She assures you all she is fine. She has eaten when offered food, goes along where you have walked. But she seems lost in thought most always

1:58 Bomrek: That thing is still here? Ech.

1:58  (To Gray): You have noticed; she no longer carries the stink of death. Her reek has dissipated, alongside the wastes. Shes more or less an elf you can tell. Sweat, perspiration, bad breath.

Gray glances to the elven vampire.. or ex vampire.. and considers a moment. The beast speaking at last. “None would blame you if you wished to slip away now. The questions the commanders here have for you may be tiresome.” He scents the air thoughtfully, but stands by there working at the armor.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker replies, again in Dwarven: “[I could see that, sending us back to that hell so they are rid of us, and since we are the only ones who know it and survived it.]” He doesn’t show much emotion saying this.

2:01 Deloth-Ainur: “That’s a kindness Gray, but I will remain. You folks are probably the only people i know who arent…” and she trails off, a sad look on her face

2:01 Syviis: In Elvish, says “[He’s right. If you need time before discussing what happened, we will buy as much of it as we can. But it is time for questions and answers soon.]”

2:01 Bomrek: “What the beast means,” Bomrek says, turning toward her and slapping his hand very lightly on the table, “Is that if ye’ ain’t useful, hit the road and starve with the other elves. Go build yourself a nest out of twigs or whatever it is you do, eh?”

Syviis looks sharply at Bomrek, but says nothing, remembering he’s been through the shit too.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks a bit puzzled: “The only people who aren’t…?”

2:02 Gray: “As you wish.” He replies to the woman, frowning a touch to Bomrek, then explaining to SuĂ°ri . “The Weapon killed everyone she knew”

2:02 P.P. A.: not pulling verbal punches today OWO

2:03 Deloth-Ainur: “My entire order were….dedicated to the Lords. They empowered us with their magic, and we did works in their name. I cant imagine any of them surviving the Ansible’s effects”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks embarrassed, and returns his eyes to the floor, or maybe the armor in his hands. “…right, sorry.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is not really particularly liked for killing all those lords, but more on for killing everyone the dark elf knew on a more “abstract level”.

2:05 Ken (GM): lol Its not hate, just…complete distrust of your ideology

2:05 P.P. A.: aka “sorry for killing [everyone you knew], but not sorry for killing those actual people you kinow since they all deserved to die tbh”

2:06 Bomrek: (Just like the beastmen)
(Gray’s one of the good ones but all the others can die k?)

Gray nods to the woman, setting out his arming coat. The long sleeved felted wool examined and repaired. He’s glad he has no reason to wear it in the summer heat here.

2:06 Syviis: “The Ansible…I’ve never seen such a thing built on enslaving and consuming so much power…I can’t fathom the reasoning behind it, but I suppose that might be why they sent me…and not an elf more interested in it.” sighs

2:07 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What was it that you folks did all day? There were not a lot of settlements around, or much of anything.”

2:07 P.P. A.: [rubbing their hands and scheming 24/7]

2:08 Deloth-Ainur: “I was a scout, or ‘troubleshooter’ of sorts” she wiggles her hand for emphasis “What I did was messy stuff, but it was always for the cause. Often it was as simple as going out and coming home with a scroll, or an amulet, or a long buried tablet. Making sure the relics of the past were well kept and not forgotten. Kept in Sanctuary. Otherwise, I didn’t let anyone stand in my way” Her eyes harden, and she stiffens a bit at that last remark

Suðri Skornbrekker comments to Bomrek, in Dwarven: “[So she was just an errand-girl, eh? Sure put on airs].”

Bomrek chuckles quietly under his breath at the mention of items kept in sanctuary. Beastmen tablets and mud-carvings now certainly destroyed.

Gray nods, then ask out of curiosity. “You said we’d used the device incorrectly. What was the Ansible intended to do if it functioned “properly”?”

Deloth-Ainur sighs loudly, her face perplexed at the question “Well, for starters, your AIM was waaaaay off. Was Gray pointing the dials or did you have Bomrek on the controls up there?”

Roderick seems to retreat to the corner of the table. He seems to be blushing red…

2:12 Gray: “Does it matter now? I made the choice to fire it without understanding what would happen because it was the only path that seemed to offer a chance to survive. The Lords of Night backed us into a corner.” He stitches a weak seam.

2:14 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “The Ansible was the only one of its sort, right?… or was it?”

2:15 Deloth-Ainur: “An amazing device never before conceived or surpassed with wonder or magesty” she recites, as if quoting a musty tome. “And Gray, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fired it. I’m saying you just…had terrible technique. What were you doing with it anyway? You opened the gateway and then engaged NONE of the safeguards, wards or lenses!”images

2:18 Gray: “Judge us by the results.” He says grimly, dragging a needle and thread though the fabric. The dark haired man’s lips twisted in a frown. “So it was only ever a weapon?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes a break from tinkering with his armor with a disturbed expression on his face, and mumbles curses in Dwarven with the occasional “There were safeguards, wards…” in between.

Deloth-Ainur grimaces and sighs “Well, yes, and no. It was a tool and could easily be wielded to great effect as a weapon, yes…but its all a moot point now I guess. Just more ruins for the black lands of Gorgoth” She turns to her elfkin “Syviis did you see the weapon’s power bloom? Did you see our people’s work light up the skies? Was it at least glorious?” she sounds wistful, eyes twinkling.

Gray considers the question and shakes his head, though the question wasn’t to him. He saw little glory in the weapon fired.

2:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Next time include a damn instruction manual!” he barks at Deloth-Ainur, and shakes his head before returning to his armory work.

Deloth-Ainur scoffs, and waves a hand dismissively back “You dwarves: All you contributed was stone and metal. Gold and silver. Your runes were powerful work, yes, but your people were the first to succumb to the lesser Lords. Madness rotted them all from the inside out. I doubt you have enough mana in your whole body to resist a simple charm from Syviis here.”

2:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “And look, our kind still thrives unlike yours, and our metal never betrayed us by accidentally wiping us all out.” He takes his musket and demonstratively hits the floor with its butt.

2:26 Bomrek: “Who needs mana when I’ve got powder and lead, elf?” he spits out the last word, after turning sharply toward her. His hand is under his tunic, lightly touching the grip of his pistol.

Syviis raises an eyebrow but shakes her head. “And I wouldn’t be able to resist a shot from his fine canon. As you’ve said…tools demand intent to be lethal or protective.”

2:28 Bomrek: “Your magic brings nothing but ruination. It’s a blight, just as-” he stops abruptly, and seems to just decide to hold his tongue, but glares at Deloth-Ainur.

Gray frowns a touch. “They leave us waiting a long time. I think the Marshall is having a very long conversation about what they are going to do with us.”

Syviis sighs and stretches, laying down next to the cot

2:29 Bomrek: “Hopefully they decide to give us ample back-pay and access to some good healers. I know I could certainly use some help.”

2:29 Syviis: “Regardless…we shouldn’t be at anyone’s throats at the moment. We’ve all been through hell. I’d prefer to revel in something else” And yes…some healing…might help [stares knowingly at Falkrik]

Gray nods to Bomrek. “I hope you are better soon.” He offers, then looks around to find water and a bucket, using it to wash his face and hands after the work, splashing handfuls of cool water on his face in that warm basement.

2:31 Ken (GM): [there is a bucket of tepid water, but it seems clean enough]

2:31 Deloth-Ainur: “Whats wrong with you [Bodenbewohner], did you catch a cold under the mountain?”

2:32 Bomrek: (PPA, translate that for me, eh?)

2:32 Ken (GM): [translated from the german/dwarven]

2:33  (To Bomrek): bottom dweller

2:34 Bomrek: “I caught cold in your frigid, lifeless expanse of folly and evil.” he motions with his gloved hand for emphasis. “Which may I remind you is now nothing but glass valleys and the occasional wall with the scorched outline of a cowering beastman, at this point.”

2:34 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “It wasn’t much more than that when we arrived.”

2:34 P.P. A.: ground-dweller. though Boden is more like “floor”

2:34 Ken (GM): [her dwarven is rusty, it seems]

2:35 Joush M.: Floor dweller sounds like a kind of mouse. I like it

Gray finishes cleaning up and grabs a clean rag to dry his face, wishing for a moment for time for a proper bath and to wash all of his equipment thoroughly. The brute’s pack is wrapped with rope and neatly squared away, but worse for wear after the expedition.

2:36 P.P. A.: well, Boden is both ground and floor, depending on the context, but in this combination it’s rather awkward

Deloth-Ainur ‘s tone shifts, her posture changes to more interest than hostility. She sounds gravely serious “Bomrek. Were you…touched by The Darkness? Do you carry it within you?” Her eyes look hungry

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker turns to her, then to Bomrek, with open eyes.


Bomrek cocks his brow in confusion. “I’ve been struck by a few beastmen over my travels, aye”

2:38 Deloth-Ainur: “No Bomrek. Not the claw or blade or bow….Do you feel the power, within you? The icy dark. The infinite cold. Do you feel IT in there, with you?”

2:39 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I’m sure if he did, he’d have asked us to ‘freeee hiiiim’ already,” SuĂ°ri scoffs bitterly.

2:39 Bomrek: “Nay, what I feel is mostly gas and back ache, you filthy walking corpse” Bomrek draws his pistol and aims it her, a little under the center of her ribcage.

2:40 Ken (GM): ruh roh

2:40 Bomrek: “You come no closer, [Dwarven derogatory term for elf]

2:40 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “That reminds me… What was up with that trapped monster under the fort?” SuĂ°ri asks the elf. “It was chained there and seemed similar to the one in the Ansible.”

Bomrek turns his eyes sideways toward Suðri, and his lack of concern in this matter, and slowly lowers his pistol, taking the queue.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker isn’t worried by the fact that such a tedious journey would take its toll, but trusts Bomrek to be hardy enough to weather it with ease.

Deloth-Ainur stares down the gun, but relents, putting her hands up and out in a placating gesture

2:41 Deloth-Ainur: “That was no simple monster SuĂ°ri . He was once one of the greatest lords of change and power in the magical realm. He was put in his place.”

2:42 Ken (GM): [dwarven composure == victorian britain stiff upper lip?]

2:42 Syviis: pippipcherio

2:43 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “That he was, aye. …by ‘magical realm’ do you mean this other-plane stuff?”

2:44 Deloth-Ainur: “Yes! exactly. He was a powerful entity from the realm of spirits. The magic realm. Same as the Raven, Memory, actually.”

Gray frowns a touch, watching the confrontation and considering a moment, looking between them, the lupine brute tilting his head to the side.

2:46 Deloth-Ainur: “Oh! but shes much more subdued than he, of course. Much smaller….group of friends on the other side?” she says with a half smile “He was a king. She’s an ‘advisor’ ” she punctuates with hand quotes

2:47 Suðri Skornbrekker: “So your people just walked into all kinds of other realms to kidnap random creatures to use as fuel for your nonsense?” The dwarf, chuckles a little, admittedly impressed by the outrageous-ness of it. “Should have just built windmills and waterwheels like honest folk.”

Bomrek gazes off at the casks again, in thought, and sets his pistol down upon the table.

2:49 P.P. A.: [does that mean we should actually have FREEED THEEEM because they were at the very least neutral and just trapped there by the bad guys?]

2:49 Bomrek: (na, fuck’m.)

2:49 Deloth-Ainur: “SuĂ°ri, what do you mean. It is the same principle: Harnessing energy” she scoffs

2:50 Syviis: “If only people of all races would remember there is energy to spare without all this foolishness… but I suppose some ways look faster and better when one is ambitious.”

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Windmills and waterwheels are not going to destroy your kingdom twice, though,” he replies smugly; “Unless you let elves build your dams or something.”

Bomrek laughs a little at that.

Deloth-Ainur smirks as well

2:52 P.P. A.: In a lower-fantasy alternate GrimWyrd, our party just came back from The Elven Sea

2:52 Syviis: “We’d just let beavers build them. Of course, if you keep being so negative towards my kin, they may tell the beavers to build their dams to flood your ale-stores.” Syviis tries to look serious, but lets a smile crack after a moment.

2:52 Deloth-Ainur: “Touche. But please don’t lump me in with all the fools on the Elder council. They haven’t built anything of value since the Ansible. The Anhaern may as well be armed with sticks and rocks….”

2:52 Bomrek: “Hah. Leave the architecture to us, ‘Lass.”

2:53 Syviis: “Gladly,” smiles and pats him on the shoulder

2:53 Gray: “Maybe the creation of the Ansible humbled them. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing.” The lupine brute looks to the door that leads up the stairs, relaxing a touch as the tension drains from the room.

2:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Cutting spirits is a capital punishment for us, those beavers would have hell to pay,” he responds, letting out a small laugh.

2:55 Syviis: “I hope the Marshall comes soon…I feel a proper sit down and meal would do all of us good. We’ve been on the road for too long.”

Ken (GM) from above, you hear heavy boots CLOMP CLOMPing over to your room. Someone is coming to meet you, finally

Bomrek looks up at the rafters, then decides it may be best to stow his pistol, which he does.

Syviis hates that she instinctively spots her arrows and bow in the corner before remembering they are in a ‘safe’ place. In elvish: [“Far too long on the road….”]

Lord Marshall Geofferson unlatches and opens the door to the stuffy room; he is clad in his silver grey uniform, and his red sash gleams in the lamplight. He enters the basement, looks you all over, then wipes his sweating brow with a silken handkerchief “Ah good, you’re all alive. Splendid.” he says with some kind of dry attempt at wit


Gray scents the air and waits, the beast standing there beside the barrel and shifting his weight restlessly as the raven tattoo across his shoulder and arm seems to twist in the dim light. Maybe for a better view. “Good afternoon, Lord Marshall. Our task wasn’t without casualties.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s laughter disappears much quicker than it had taken to return to him, as soon as the sound of boots could be heard, and he puts his armor back on to receive the Marshall in due order.

Syviis stands and bows respectively before returning to her seat

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker stands up and salutes.

2:59 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Wait, no, who is this?” He points to Deloth “Shes not the elven Warden. Where is Aachen?” He waves a hand dismissively at all the saluting going on

2:59  (To Gray): To put it bluntly, the marshall reeks of sex. and wine. and other things. They tingle your nose

2:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “She is a stray survivor we picked up on our journey here, sir.”

2:59 Syviis: [pomp and saluting intensifies]

2:59 Bomrek: (what happened to male-elf again? Did he died?)

2:59 P.P. A.: what became of Aachen anyway

Bomrek stands up and salutes as is appropriate.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker becomes a bit pale, as he realizes the Lord Marshall probably doesn’t know of what went down.

3:01 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Sir, Aachen… likely perished with the rest of the allied army.” He presents this manner-of-factly, though he struggles to retain his composure.

Gray shakes his head as if to clear it the scents from it and speaks in a growl. “The Warden was injured, but in good health. We parted company after taking the Keep, with plans to proceeded into Gorgoth and find the Ansible of spirits. He is either patrolling the Southlands and assisting the Ro-haern, or as Skornbrekker says… dead.”

3:01 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Perished?” SCOFF “Then which one of you enlisted men is in command here?”

3:02 Gray: “We never worked that out properly. Roderick is Nobility. I gave commands and suggestions that were followed, and I bear the responsibility for the results”

3:03 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Roderick?!” he says, incredulously “What the devil has been going on down South? Why is the chain of command so undeniably broken here?”

3:03 P.P. A.: what was the fort called again

Lord Marshall Geofferson struts into the room, stamping his feet a bit in the dust, turning on a sharp heel to regard you all

3:03 Ken (GM): [Glardenfen]

3:04 P.P. A.: ah, right er sure? I mean the one we liberated

P.P. A. mis-remembered then

3:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We were sent on an expedition into Gorgoth to retrieve the Ansible of Spirits by the command at Glardenfen.”

3:05 Gray: “Falkirk was in command. He fell to Dark Magic in the quest to recover the Ansible. We never truly discussed matters of command after that, simply proceeding as best we could.”

3:06 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “We were deep in enemy lands at that point,” SuĂ°ri adds to Gray’s explanation

3:06 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Hells bells, you dont say. The Ansible? Truly?” He waves the hankie at himself in the hot dank room “Marvelous! And what of that? Do you have it? Can you show it to me?”

Syviis looks at the Marshall in detached wonderment at how little he knows…and how little they all knew just a few short weeks ago.

3:07 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We discovered the Ansible; it was in fact a fortress of great size, levitating in the air through twisted magic.”

Lord Marshall Geofferson runs a gloved finger along the demon-brass pick you recovered on your trip; one of Grays trophies.

3:07 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Levitating? Flying you say? A whole fortress? Mad! I absolutely love it!” He giggles “DO go on, please” A broad smile on his face now

3:08 Gray: “We recovered it only briefly before we were set on by the Lords of Night. In the battle, I told Roderick to unleash the Weapon. Doing so seems to have destroyed the artifact, Gorgoth’s magic, and everyone alive in the nation.”

3:10 Gray: “Save us, whom were insulated from the effects by being inside the fortress. Without Rodrick’s skill and instincts none would have survived the crash” The towering brute watches the odd, plump man that smells of sex and drink and smoke and rich food touch the weapons and equipment taken from that dark land, letting the man examine the sword.

3:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We managed to board it, and attempted to steer it back to Greyhold, as one would a ship. On our way back, we were set upon by dragons under enemy command.” The Dwarf pauses to rummage through their baggage, to produce the bits of dragon they had torn from the corpse.”With no other options to defend ourselves, we activated the Ansible. It killed everything in its surroundings, including the entire enemy and allied armies.”

Suðri Skornbrekker starts to shake, and slumps against a wall. “P-pardon, sir.”

Roderick stands up suddenly, sweating, un-composed, and nearly bursting with some kind of angry face “It was me sir! I did it! I killed them ALL! ALL OF THEM SIR!”

Gray looks sympathetically to SuĂ°ri , then to Roderick. “I gave the order. If you want to crucify someone for this I’m your man. You will need large nails.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks extremely distraught, but reacts quickly to Roderick: “SHUT UP! We were in this together! I agreed to fire that devil’s weapon!”

3:11 Roderick: “but it was ME SuĂ°ri ! I held the controls! My magic in the swirling eddy of power! MY CHOICE!” Roderick draws up his leafed blade, and stabs it deep into the surface of the table before you.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker grits his teeth and punches the wall.200.gif

Bomrek leans back in his chair, raising a gloved hand “I was drunk during most of this, I’d say I’m a bit less in than everyone else” very lightly, with a bit of stoic humor.

3:12 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “You wouldn’t even have BEEN on that thing if we hadn’t taken you along with us!”

Syviis clearly wants to stop this, but fears if she does it’s just going to fester to something greater later on.

Gray reaches out to rest a hand on Roderick’s shoulder. Attempting to sooth the man’s anger as the Fae blade sits there, bright and sinister in the dim light. “You two acted with courage and skill in an extremely trying situation. You made the best choice you could at the time, with what you knew.”

3:13 P.P. A.: fucking Bomrek 😀
(it is also true, though)

Syviis pulls out the pen and paper book she hasn’t had need of use for many weeks and begins writing

3:14 Bomrek: (“I’m a hero, and everything we did was right – a Bomrek autobiography”)

3:14 P.P. A.: (kek)

3:15  (To Fiss): Oh shit, paper in an elven hand.

3:15 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “My…what a story” He sniffs then, touching to his nose with a little vial. He perks up and wipes his face with the hankie again. “How very interesting” he says with a glimmer in his eye

3:16 Gray: “It is.” He hasn’t mentioned the ex-vampire. He hasn’t explained who she is or why she is there. “Falkirk requires attention from a professional healer. Everyone could use an examination, and plenty of rest”

3:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I can lead you, sir, or any scouts you may dispatch to the location,” Suðri adds emphatically. “Glardenfen Keep and another border post have been destroyed.”

3:17  (To Gray): You know that smell. That is most certainly the magic red dust in his vial

Suðri Skornbrekker looks to Falkirk, and calms a little. “Aye, poor fella has been out cold since before all this happened.”He  had tossed the dragon fangs and such on the table earlier.

Gray frowns, eyes narrowing and stepping closer. “What is that you are sniffing?” He says, looking to the bottle in the noblemen’s hand with suspicion. It’s easy to read Gray…he thinks it is something odd and sinister.

Lord Marshall Geofferson turns now, only seeming to notice Falkirks sleeping form once it was pointed out “Oh! My dear fellow. Yes we’ll certainly have him taken to the best of help. His family deserves nothing less”

Syviis finishes writing, then walks over to the Marshal and hands it to him.

3:20  (From Syviis): “Regardless of your orders. Ours are done. We require fresh steeds and passport to my homelands. Your cooperation is valuable to our alliance.”

3:20 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “What, this? Little pick me up. A gift from an elven diplomat. He assures me it’s nothing but the purest thaumatological contents” He holds out a little gold vial with a glass tube in it…filled with red Thaum dust “Care for a sniff?”

3:20  (To Fiss): You feel an incredibly strong urge to take that man up on his offer to sniff red dust. You feel it in your _magic_. You may have picked up a touch of addiction…

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s eyebrows rise as he recognizes the red dust. “…an Elven diplomat, sir. Are you absolutely sure?”

3:20 Bomrek: (It’s rude to deny such a generous offer, Gray)

Syviis bows and smiles, holding her hands open to the offer

Syviis calmly looks at the others with a ‘trust me’ gesture

3:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Not to question your judgement, sir, but we have seen dust like that deep in enemy lands, being mined there and used variously as a weapon or a drug.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker realizes he’s probably confusing the magic red dust with the stuff made form bloodroot, but doesn’t care now.

Lord Marshall Geofferson hands the vial to Syviis, a little flourish of a bow

3:22 Gray: “I’ve seen it before, Sir. Smelled it before. In a Dreugar mine. It’s a powerful stimulant that can have dramatic effects on elves. It also explodes” The brute says with a thoughtful frown, letting Syviis take the bottle.. and do a bump, if that’s her thing. [Damn elves and their magic cocaine.]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sigh and takes a deep breath, wiping some sweat off his brow.

3:22 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Pish posh, master Dorf, I’m sure thats nothing but a misjudgement on your part”

Syviis takes the vial, walks over to her bow, and promptly tosses the vial into the air. In a blink, an arrow and a shock of lightning goes through it.

3:23 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+1+6)=11 vs ?
I didn’t crit fail

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker reflexively covers his mouth and nose with his hands

3:24 Gray: “It bares a disturbing similarity to the blood-root of Gorgoth..” He shields his face as the arrow flashes out. If it strikes the bottle he expects a modestly sized explosion.

3:24 P.P. A.: aren’t there powderkegs everywhere

3:24 Syviis: Bah… 😛

3:25 P.P. A.: I demand a retcon if this is a TPK now

Joush M. Throws it under Falkirk’s cot and ragdolls him across the room


Ken (GM) The wine casks rumble all around you as Syviis detonates a vial of the explosive red dust. The thunderclap in the small space is deafening, but not deadly

3:25 P.P. A.: oh just wine, good

Bomrek calmly takes out his flask and sips a little from it, not fazed in the least by the noise.

3:25 Syviis: [Wine is like…dwarven decaf coffee. No big loss. :P]

3:26 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Madame, what are you MY GOD WOMAN MY WINE!”

Syviis glowers and storms over to him

Gray shakes off the stunning concussion in the closed space, animistic eyes tightened to  tiny slits by the glare then opening again. “You were inhaling that.” He observes to the man.

3:26 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE A BROKEN CASK ANYWHERE IN HERE” He ROARS, his voice trembling with something like an addicts desperation

3:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “As you can see, sir, they used this powder as a substitute for blackpowder. Whoever gave it to you had vile intentions.”

3:27 Syviis: “If you are QUITE done laughing at the pain and suffering these fine soldiers have suffered through, you WILL take me to this Elvish Diplomat immediately, or I will declare ANY and all treaties protecting you from my next arrow in annulment!”

3:27 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “GOOD GOD WHAT A WASTE” He straightens his coat, his ruffled bits, staring into the black sooty mess “I am perfectly aware how volatile it IS! THAT’S HALF THE BLOODY FUN!”

3:28 Syviis is angry: you hear the sound of her fist flexing on the leather of her bow punctuating her order

Bomrek leans across the table to SuĂ°ri , and speaks in Dwarvish “[Sounds like an Elven trick; Seems like they’re trying to get a slice of the roast here in the human lands.]”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks shocked by the Lord Marshall’s statement, but he is too exhausted from trying to remain formal and deliver his report without breaking into tears to get angry or to ponder what this could mean.

3:28 Bomrek: [I also figured slice of the roast fits better than slice of the pie, for dorf analogies.]

Lord Marshall Geofferson stiffens, reeling back at the woman’s order

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Bomrek, not overly amused. “[Yeah yeah, whatever,]” he replies in Dwarven, dismissively though not hostile.

3:29 Gray: “I think this meeting has gone on long enough.” He reaches out to rest a hand on Syviis’ arm reassuringly. “We need lodgings and healers. Could you arrange that, Lord Marshall? We will be available to answer any more questions you have or if you make some kind punishment for me.”

Syviis looks to Gray and shakes her head.

3:29 Gray: “I’d also like to meet whoever gave you that bottle. I think they may conspire with strange powers”

Gray removes his hand from Syviis’s arm. Doing nothing now to restrain the well armed elven archer.

Syviis turns to Gray, smiling grimly.

3:30 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Yes. I do believe the soft-spoken brute is right. This has gone on long enough. Tonight you will lodge here. In the morning, we shall see what High Lord Jadeite will have done with you all!”

Syviis watches the Marshal walk with dangerous precision.

3:31 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Ugh, such deplorable MANNERS” he waves his hankie at Syviis, heels clicking as he strides back up the stairs of the basement

3:32 Gray: “No matter what punishment you chose for me these people have earned their pay a dozen times over. Please see to it that they get it.” He speaks to the Lord Marshall, bowing his head almost respectfully then walking to the door to open it for the soft man.

3:32 P.P. A.:[>in before Ken has watched Babylon 5 and now we’re replaying that story where the Drakh infiltrate and take over the Centauri Republic]

3:32 Adolf S.: The answer is we need to kill all elves.

3:33 Joush M.: That was also Bomrick’s answer to “what should we have to breakfast” and “do you know where my comb is?”

Lord Marshall Geofferson turns to leave, and regards you all darkly for a moment

Syviis glares back at the Marshall

3:33 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Oh, he was so right about all of you” and he turns to leave “NO fun at ALL!”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks ever more appalled by the Lord Marshall’s erratic behaviour.

Gray speaks very softly. “Memory? Follow him”

Memory, the inky magic Raven, slips from grays shadow and boils up sifting through the rafters,out of sight above. She moves like water through a stream up into the building


3:35 Ken (GM): CLOMP CLOMP away his bootsteps go

Gray frowns deeply. “I’m sorry. I think we haven’t found refugee so much as a different place to fight.”

Suðri Skornbrekker slumps down on a chair and holds his head. “What the [Dwarven curse] was THAT?!”

Roderick wrenches his sword out of the table. The mark it leaves swells with green, and a little flower blooms there, white edelweiss.

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to the dark elf: “Are some of your folk still alive and trying to take over this country from within now?!”

3:37 P.P. A.: (despite the ?!, he asks this semi-calmly, though nervously)

3:37 Roderick: “I fear the men in power are just the same ones I left; frivolous, backstabbing, pompous, horses assholes who aren’t fit to LEAD A MARCHING BAND” He slams the sword home on his belt.

Syviis walks over to the wash basin, cleaning up fast, then finds her armor and begins to ready it

3:37 Deloth-Ainur: “Hey, don’t look at me. You guys killed all my friends”

3:38 Syviis: “I know not of this ‘diplomat’ but I suspect the worst. I suggest we leave before morning and seek our answers without a noose around our necks.”

3:38 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I… sorry, could well be that this is just some kind of twisted intrigue in the upper ranks. …but how did he get that powder, or rather who gave it to him?”

Gray looks to Roderick and resist asking what Fae whispers he hears in his mind. The man is tormented, and needs rest. He nods respectfully to Syviis. “Red dust. Strange elves. There’s something wrong here… For now. Let’s make this the best shelter we can. SuĂ°ri, can you set up camp here? I’ll venture up the steps and see if we are imprisoned here. If we are, or I can walk out. I’ll ask about healers and some fresh food.”

Gray then pauses and shakes his head. “No, that’s foolish.. Easy to forget most men don’t treat me like you all have. It would be better if Roderick was to ask, I suppose.”

3:39 Joush M.: When asking for favors.. maybe don’t use the guy with -4 to reactions

Syviis pauses, looking back to the group and suddenly looking ashamed. “No…you’re right…we should heal while we can…”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks blankly at Gray and nods. Despite the weariness he feels weighing upon his mind and body, he doesn’t want to take off his armor again yet, and keeps it on while he sets up a tend and lays out blankets and bedrolls.

3:40  (To Syviis): FYI if it hasn’t been clear, you’re back in a mana zone now. There’s twists to it, but you’re currently in a normal mana zone, and recovered your drained HP

3:40  (From Syviis): Yep, I got that.

3:40  (From Syviis): it’s more remembering the mental damage. 😛

3:40 Ken (GM): [hey, no metagaming Gray :P]

3:40 P.P. A.: not our fault if he’s the only one who isn’t at the brink of a nervous collapse, or a really rude and drunken dwarf

3:40 Ken (GM): lol

3:41 Joush M.: Gray knows damn well humans don’t, generally speaking, “like him”

3:41 Ken (GM): hence the 😛

Syviis washes up slowly and prepares her armor carefully instead of in a rush.

Gray begins to plan how to escape the basement if they must, making sure armor and weapons are ready for service.

Ken (GM) Syviis’ armor still has the gash in the belly that was repaired, from her altercation with the demon at the bridge. It is scuffed and singed here and there.

3:42 Syviis: “I will keep watch tonight.”

3:42 P.P. A.: by the way, if the Elven emissary or High Lord Jadeite look like this:morden.jpg

we’re in for one hell of a ride

3:43 Bomrek: “Sounds to me like the Elves are making a play at the lands of men. Perhaps they wish to go to war, and to grab some of the fertile southern lands of this country?” he says the last few words directly toward Syviis.

(I already imagine him to look like Jerry Seinfield, PPA)

3:44 P.P. A.: (suspicious that ken hasn’t answered if he’s watched Babylon 5 or not) 😉


3:44 Ken (GM): [“Whats the deal with half-elves? They arent human, and they arent elves; do they just go around, being immortal, eating all our mana? I just don’t get it!”]

3:45 Syviis: “While I don’t believe my people would do such a thing, I can’t ignore that there are powers and wills at work here that are alien to us all.” She smooths her hand over the damage to her leather and smiles at the memories.

3:46 Gray: “If I’ve learned anything it’s that elves are far from united in their plans or allegiances.” He looks to Syviis and the ex-vampire, thinking of the commander they’d had on the trip to the keep.

3:46 Syviis: “If I must fight the demons while they take the form of my own kin…it matters not. Evil is evil, regardless of the masks it wears.”

3:47 Ken (GM): [My GOD, are you people…being less than racist?]

3:48 P.P. A.: well, it just means that some elves are even worse than the average elf, no? and that there’s maybe two or three decent ones among them, including Syviis

3:48 Joush M.: We can say for sure that they have fragile limbs and should avoid melee combat. Poor Aachen ;_;

3:48 Syviis: “True…A thousand trees hold a thousand communities…even if they are of a single forest. Unless a great good or vile force is unifying my people, they would not have the numbers to attack the human-held lands. But that doesn’t mean subterfuge isn’t  taking hold.”

3:48 Ken (GM): hahah, how many times did the dice gods favor that sword arm of his? Three? Four?

Suðri Skornbrekker listens absent-mindedly as he continues to set up camp, lost in thought about what just happened and what might yet be to come.

Gray nods to Syviis. “The danger here may be a single, very powerful and respected Elder with dark designs. They could command others without making their plans clear to them and manipulate humans.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker hopes it’s just the elves being cunts, and not that they will have to mop up stragglers from the wastelands.

3:50 Bomrek: (It’s the elves, kill’m all! hang’m by their ears from the lamposts!)

3:50 Syviis: “Let’s hope it’s just that. I will not fail even if I must fight all of my kin…but my soul would rest easier if I don’t have to. “sighs “I wonder if my messages have even been sent…?”

3:51 Ken (GM): [you handed those off by The Old Mill, so likely they did get going form there]

Gray settles in the basement, setting up for camp in there as they have other places and asking  Roderick to go see about getting them fresh food, healers and maybe some more cots if they are going to be down in the basement long.

Bomrek perks up, “Oh, thanks for reminding me, I have some important post to attend to.” Bomrek gets up, stretches, and starts sorting through his bags.

3:52  (From Bomrek): Speaking of, just how much loot do I have, anyway? A good box full o’ gold, as I recall, yeah? What else?

3:53  (To Bomrek): Well, that bag weighs about a hundred pounds, all said. And the armored/relic looking bits have precious stones set into them. So…tons of worth there. Value out the ass


3:52 Roderick: “Ill see what I can do. Wish me luck” He tries the door, which remains unlocked, and clomps excitedly up the stairs “Bit of luck, that”

Gray nods, glad at least that they are’t locked in there. His attention goes to the doors of the basement, walking to check them as well. Seeing if other ways out are locked or barred.

3:54  (To Bomrek): You tossed a bag of the red dust to save your asses from the tainted earth elemental, but you have some vials of it left from a dreugar corpse. As well as various little golden brassy trinkets from their camps.

Syviis turns and looks at the powder-stains on the wall. “At least we know it’s the same vile dust…”

3:55 Ken (GM): [the other doors of the room are barred from your side, and locked in the handles. There are two doors leaving upstairs to the courtyard (you recall) and two that go back into the fort walls. As well as the stairs up into the next floor. The stairs down in the middle of the floor go into a cold rootcellar, which is not much too cool right now]

3:56 Gray: “Disturbing though. Did it come from Gorgoth, or are their more mines for that wicked crystal?”

Deloth-Ainur has slunk back, just in the shadows of the boxes. She stayed quiet in the tet-a-tet with the Marshall, and is now watching Bomrek, intently

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes off his armour at last, and lets himself fall onto a blanket.

Syviis walks over to Deloth

3:57 Syviis: “What say you to all this? Did your peers have designs on advancing to these lands in such a way? Who else uses that damnable powder?

3:57  (To Syviis): You have the distinct feeling you want to try the ashes, to see if there is any of that red dust left. The hooks went deep that time you bathed in magic cocaine

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks for something to drink in the room as he starts talking: “Either these are agents of the wasteland, who are now plotting their revenge; or the elves  somehow learned of…” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker pauses and strokes his beard, and then sits up upright.

3:58  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre surrounded by heavy casks of wine, of all vintages, FYI

3:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Syviis, have you been sending any reports while we were down there? Through, uh, magic elven mail or something/”

3:59 Bomrek: (Elv-Mail. E-Mail.)

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker eyes a cask of wine intently as he speaks.8318066abdd7d4db0ec8b87c45e88107--malt-whisky-scotch-whisky.jpg

Gray walks over to a scorched barrel and considers a long moment, then lifts the barrel. Massive muscles flexing and carrying it over, he taps the good Lord Marshall’s wine. “Looks like this one was damaged in the explosion”

4:00 Syviis: to Suori: “Nay…I send messages before we entered the camp, to the Elders who tasked me here…and to my family. But no reports. I prefer to do that in person…and I think now it is imperative that I do.”

4:00 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Most regrettable,” Suðri responds with a mischievous grin.

Bomrek pours bags and bags full of treasures onto the table, sorting through it all with practiced ease.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker replies to Syviis, then: “I see… so they couldn’t have learned of the powder from us… Strange.” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker goes to quench his thirst with wine

4:01 Syviis: noticeably reluctantly “That wine may be tainted now. I do not know if the magic lingers…it feels like it does.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks very disappointed and glares at Syviis with eyes asking ‘why are you doing this to me?’

4:02 Syviis: sits down heavily “Because I feel the pull of it even now…and I hate it. And I would rather waste wine in front of a Dwarf and risk his wrath than not warn you of the magic you and I both hate…admittedly for different reasons.”

4:03 Syviis: “There is another cask over in the opposite room I saw earlier anyway.” smiles

Deloth-Ainur sees the spilled golden treasures, and her eyes narrow “Bomrek, where did you get such wondrous things?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shakes his head with a smirk at the elf’s remark.

Gray pours wine for the others, setting glasses on the barrel and looking over to the pile, nodding to the dwarf. “Quite a fine collection.”

4:03 Ken (GM): [there are wooden cups, or Bomrek seems to have fine golden goblets]

Syviis walks over and concentrates, feeling out if the wine is indeed tainted with the powder

Gray considers that. “Didn’t the powder explode? The wine smells normal.. I think”

4:05 P.P. A.: (in response to the “there’s another cask”)

4:06 Syviis: “I don’t believe it burns and explodes as cleanly as the Brother Dwarves’ fine gunpowder. Maybe I am overly cautious…”

4:06  (To Syviis): No magic in the wine. The scorch marks have a tingle, but no dust left. Your ache for a hit subsides a touch

Syviis takes a cup and tries a sip

4:06  (From Syviis): anything?

4:06  (To Syviis): A fine cheeky vintage. Sweet but robust. Completely untainted. Very tasty

4:07 Ken (GM): [the paranoia I have fostered runs deep]

Syviis relaxes a bit. “Seems at least the wine is still pure here.” Syviis turns to our ex-vamp-elf.  “Would you like a cup?”

4:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What comrade would I be to let our dear elf take this risk all by herself,” Suðri says as he grabs a goblet himself and empties it.

Syviis turns to SuĂ°ri with a moment of weakness and emotion, looking like she wants to hug him…and resists only because it would likely piss him off. “I’m honored to drink with such fine Dwarves.”

Suðri Skornbrekker was half-joking of course as it was just an excuse to finally get a drink, but the sentiment is real.

Deloth-Ainur is staring intently at Bomrek, as he counts his coin and polishes his golden things

Gray mentions to Bomrek quietly. “The Lord Marshall may become greedy if he sees that.” He warns the dwarf, drinking from the cup of wine. Smiling a touch to SuĂ°ri and Syviis

Syviis helps distribute a round, offering a tankard to the disposed vamp-elf. “Who else uses the powder? Besides the deep dwarves we met and fought?”

Deloth-Ainur absentmindedly takes the cup, and answers “It’s thaum crystal Syviis. Anybody with any sort of magical talent would want it”

4:13 Syviis: “Why would the humans be using it as…well…’recreational herbals’? Healing and war magics are one thing, but is the effect that powerful for non-mages?”

4:14 Deloth-Ainur: “The Hells are you talking about girl? Didn’t you taste the magic on him? It was dark” she sips “Dark like a pool of cold water” she shivers, gooseflesh rising.

Syviis sits next to her, contemplating her cup

4:15 Gray: “Dark magic on the Marshall? What kind?”

4:15 Syviis: “I thought it was only the powder I felt…”

4:15  (From Syviis): any chance she can think back and remember the feeling?

4:18  (To Syviis): Nah you were definitely feeling the dust. Deloth may be talking about using her wizard senses more remotely than you. Shes probably a sensitive of some sort

4:18 Bomrek: >the lord marshal may become greedy if he sees that. “Aye, well, my guess is he’ll be gone a while in search of more red powder, I’ll have it all sorted by then.”

4:18 Ken (GM): [also, Deloth has been staring at you, openly, while you’re doin’ with your treasures]

4:20 Bomrek: (Nasty. Bomrek’s more concerned with the treasure than the elf for now, he’s not had a chance to count it proper like.)

Bomrek partakes in some of the offered wine absentmindedly. He makes no comment what so ever about it’s vintage, taste, or enjoyment, and instead just counts his coin as if he were drinking simple well water.

4:20 Syviis: “You seem fixated on Bomrek,” not unkindly “I’m afraid he may not take kindly to your affections.”

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over. “What did you mean, he could be touched by the darkness?”

4:22 Gray: “We might know more when Memory returns.”

Deloth-Ainur continues to stare at the items on the table while she speaks, holding her wine but not drinking “The Marshall has power there. Hes in the wellspring of the Altur I believe, but my skills are not what they were when I was enthralled.” She speaks louder and intently to the dwarf “Bomrek! Please do be careful with that scepter. Its precious”

4:23 Gray: “You don’t seem the greedy type. Is there something on the table that holds special attraction to you?.. Humm… ‘Altur’?”

4:23 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Don’t tell me ‘IT’ scattered to the four wings and nested ITself in random people,” he adds as he empties the rest of his goblet.

4:23 Bomrek: “Precious? Bah.” he sets it gently, though not quite as gently as the others, down in one pile of similar trinkets.

4:23 Bomrek: [I’d like to roll something – or just be given it, your choice – to determine the approximate value of the total of my loot. How many units of time could Bomrek live in the lap of luxury back home with this money, for instance.]

4:24 Joush M.: He could live in comfort for ten years, or one crazy weekend mad crunked on red dust cocaine and elf hookers

4:24 Ken (GM): [hah, well, its a fuckload of gold, and very pure stuff too. Youre looking at about 10 to 15 thousand GURPS dollars worth of loot]

4:25 Bomrek: Is there any of it that I’d rather sell, barter, or otherwise depart with here in the human lands rather than back home in the mountain-holm?

Deloth-Ainur winces a bit when the scepter goes CLUNK


4:25 Ken (GM): [depends on your compunctions about humans or dwarves becoming richer]

4:26 Bomrek: (I think we all know what Bomrek might think about that matter.)

4:26 Syviis: “Maybe you should explain about the scepter.”

Bomrek takes the least valuable of all the gold coins, eyes it for a moment, then slowly tests it between his front teeth with a shallow bite. Satisfied, he pops it in his mouth, and you see it under his cheek and thick beard, being worked between both sides of his mouth idly as he counts and scribbles down figures in dwarven runes.

4:28 Deloth-Ainur: “It’s….there were regalia worn by the high priests in the past age, when they revered the great spirits and masters of the dark realms. Bomrek seems to have found their holiest of pieces, including a priests blessed garb of smiting. It’s all a bit intellectual now, as the refuge is likely ashes and rubble”

4:28 P.P. A.: Bomrek confirmed for hamster

4:28 Bomrek: D-do hampsters do that?

4:28  (To Bomrek): its cold in your mouth, but the taste is gone. lucky, as cleaning it will be easier

4:29 P.P. A.: no, but they have massive cheek pouches which they stuff food into

4:29 Gray: “I’m sure that he’d sell it to you, had you the wealth to buy it.” He suggests to Deloth, nodding to the old vampire as the beast stays alert for danger.

4:29  (From Bomrek): He’s actually doing it as sort of a concentration tool, and because it’s a thing certain rich dwarves are like to do. He doesn’t mind a few scratches or bite marks in his coins, when he has so many, is the general idea of the practice.

4:29 Syviis: “Perhaps this is not the time…but I do wish we can have time to sit down and talk about these relics and all the tales you must know.” [urge to know intensifies]

4:30 Deloth-Ainur: “Oh that my tales were worth their weight in gold, so I may be as rich in this world as I am in my mind”

Syviis smiles kindly at that and nods, sipping her wine lightly, mindful she promised to keep watch tonight

4:31 Deloth-Ainur: “Arent you afraid I’ll take you down the thorny path [little sister]? My stories all involve blood, fire, and death of lesser beings”

4:32 Syviis: “Are you worried that I may listen willingly and still be so different?” smiles kindly back. “I have no doubt in the power of your words and your stories… and indeed, their value… but as we’ve both discovered, our ideas of power stem from very different ideals.”

4:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “She is returning to form and good spirits; I want to be happy for her, but I struggle to,” he comments with a bemused smirk.

4:33 Syviis: [accidentally talking in really good broken/accented common]

4:33 Gray: “Give it time, SuĂ°ri . You will be alright.” He assures the young dwarf.

4:34 Ken (GM): [holy balls lookit the time]

4:35 Joush M.: Good session everyone. Thanks Ken

4:36 Bomrek: (how much money did we start with, way back when, anyway?)

4:36 P.P. A.: aye

4:36 Bomrek: (trying to put it into perspective how much 10 – 15k of GURP$ monies is.)

4:36 Fiss: Yeah, lots of good RP and setting up the next bit. Feels good to be not-in-the-wasteland for a bit, anyway

4:36 P.P. A.: character development, an intriguing plot hook, and dwarven–elven banter
good times

4:36 Ken (GM): you guys started with ~2k gurp$

4:36 Bomrek: It feels good to be able to shit in a hole that you didn’t have to dig yourself. That’s how I felt when I came back from a 5 day mountain camping trip to Nevada.

4:37 Ken (GM): oh god bomrek is gonna shit in the fucking wine

4:37 Fiss: lol

4:37 Bomrek: (“IF I CAN’T ENJOY IT, NOBODY CAN”)


4:37 Joush M.: Bad dwarf. That’s a very bad dwarf

4:37 Fiss: Nah, they shit in Elf Wine. 😛

4:37 Ken (GM): rub his nose in it so he learns!

4:38 Bomrek: 2k gurps dollars? So I have 5 – 7.5 times more cash than we started with, here on this table. Neat.

4:38 Adolf S.: Maybe Bomrek’ll start a museum
“Here’s some Elf Shit, I got it when we killed a bunch of beastmen and elves”

4:38 Ken (GM): “The shit I stolled from Gorgoth, before burning it to the ground: a story by Bomrek”
so! 4 xp for the lot of you

4:39 Joush M.: Woo!

4:39 Fiss: “We stole it…then burned the entire civilization down to make sure it was worth more when we escaped with it!”

4:39 Ken (GM): and next week, “just what the fuck is going on in oakway?”

4:39 Adolf S.: Nothing that shooting won’t fix

4:39 Joush M.: Magic burd spies activate

4:40 P.P. A.: \o/

4:40 Ken (GM): in berdperson we call that a “totally dick move”

4:40 Fiss: BURDSPY
Dicks out till Rick’s out

4:41 Ken (GM): gonna need you to shove these Thaum crystals WAAAAAAAYup into your butthole URPSyviis

4:42 Fiss: “O-oh Geeze, Deloth…I, I dunno about this…shouldn’t I be back in Elf School?”


4:42 Joush M.: MAGIC™

4:42 P.P. A.: Let’s hope we’re not the last, best hope for peace.

4:42 Ken (GM): nah, not YOU guys

4:42 P.P. A.: Good, nor for victory

4:42 Adolf S.: I don’t get the reference fiss-kun

4:43 Fiss: Rick & Morty…well…a bad Rick & Morty reference.

4:43 P.P. A.: I like Deloth, she’s like our exposition-pet

4:43 Fiss: Involves Megaseeds up anuses

4:43 P.P. A.: If we nudge her she either banters with the dwarves, or gives us backstory

4:43 Joush M.: Well, so far we’ve made lots of corpses. Like.. a jumbo-pile of dead people. I guess that’s what we are good at

4:43 Adolf S.: Lets continue that.
until things get better here.

4:44 Fiss: Yeah, leave it to Sailor Moon to heal and purify all the monster-people. We’re here to stab.


4:44 Adolf S.: It’s like the soviet revolution, only it’ll work in the long run this time guys I swear

4:44 Ken (GM): totally

4:44 P.P. A.: says the kulak dwarf

4:46 Ken (GM): You see Suðri, when you kill all humans, elves, and beastman, there is no coming darkness, for you are IT

4:46 P.P. A.: It’s like playing tag

4:46 Ken (GM): Imagine SuĂ°ri sounds like Yuri

4:46 Adolf S.: We need to build camps to push all of these undesireables in. to get rid of them.

4:46 Ken (GM): somewhere cold, up norht?

4:46 Adolf S.: Yeah, that sounds about right.

4:47 P.P. A.: we have a perfectly hostile wasteland right here in the south though

4:47 Ken (GM): true, and it gets cold there
that, and the lack of mana will kill elves

4:48 Fiss: We’ll just learn to eat dwarves for mana.

4:48 Adolf S.: Perfect

4:48 Fiss: 😀

4:48 Adolf S.: Lets round’m all up and force’m in there.

4:48 P.P. A.: The elves can eat the beastmen for mana

4:48 Adolf S.: I’d like some new Elvish lampshades tbh

4:49 P.P. A.: and the beastmen the elves for food
it’s a perfect cycle


4:49 P.P. A.: we can create a whole ecosystem!


4:49 Adolf S.: Life, uh, uh, uh, finds a way

4:49 Fiss: Hey, they don’t have to “eat” them, just coax out magical essence! (?° ?? ?°)

4:49 Ken (GM): O LAWD


4:49 Ken (GM): DORF

4:49 P.P. A.: please don’t reinforce negative stereotypes about elf women

4:49 Fiss: Heheh

4:50 Adolf S.: this is a bully-free zone, Fiss.

4:50 P.P. A.: well, “negative” to some

4:50 Fiss: Anyway, have a good one folks! Great session

4:50 P.P. A.: See ya!

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