Grimwyrd: Rush of Red Power

12:07 DrExplosion: @Ken- Just emailed my character sheet

12:08 Ken (GM): I see that now DOCTOR EXPLOSION

12:08 DrExplosion: Also hello other people, I’m trying to join your game

12:08 P.P. A.: Gee, I’ve never seen you here before

12:08 Ken (GM): lol

12:09 P.P. A.: Welcome stranger whom I brought here

12:09 Fiss: ‘ello stranger!

12:09 Joush M.: It’s great to have another player join, Ken runs a great game

12:09 Ken (GM): ~basks in the affections~

12:10 Stranger: I’ve heard good things. And I’ve always wanted to play GURPS, this will be my first time. P-please be gentle

12:10 Fiss: be gentle sempai!


12:10 Ken (GM): luckily there is no rolling for anal circumference here

12:11 Joush M.: It’s much easier then it sounds if you’ve gotten though Character Creation. That part is kind of drinking from a firehose

12:11 Ken (GM): that is a perfect analogy for it 0_o

12:12 P.P. A.: Last time: Falkirk touched one evil object to many 

12:12 Ken (GM): hah, yeah, he seems to have succumbed to the darkness. Syviis is coming to the conclusion he may be lost to ~DARK POWERS~. Other than that, you guys dealt with a weird demon thingy (quite brutally) and dispatched that steel golem…thing 

Gray leaves his sword beside and tries to check on Falkirk, attempting to at least make him comfortable. He ask Syviis in a tight, worried voice. “There’s nothing we can do to help him right now, save waiting to see if this ends?” His worry isn’t just for the man he considers a friend, lost now to a nightmare. Suori could use his medical talents.

12:16 Ken (GM): [oh yeah, and the explosion his the dwarf in the dick. That was a thing 😛 gotta love hit-location rolls]

12:16 Joush M.: poor Area 11

12:16 P.P. A.: my codpiece will be gloriously gross and extravagant when we make it back to civilization

12:18 Joush M.: For now we will either use Gray’s sleeve or maybe check dead dwarves for something to make a skirt out of

Suðri Skornbrekker stands at the cannon uneasily. As much as he wants to check up on the doctor, there are still untold numbers of fallen Dwarves and another dormant steel golem lurking in the dark; and there is not much he could do anyway.

12:19  (To Fiss): Sorry we didnt get to the in depth of the Falkirk issues last week 😛 my bad. Long story short, hes quite dangerously being swarmed by dark energy you’re sure is being directed intelligently. Your Thaumatological skill is not as refined as Falkirk’s,but the conclusion is the same; he is swamped with the power and interfering could be worse than letting be

12:19 Ken (GM): ah makeshift crotch -area armor?

12:20 P.P. A.: as long as the dead dwarves don’t all explode into death/gore elementals

12:20  (From Syviis Adjeon): Is she able to damage the stone? Or is it looking pretty tough? IE, cut off the source of the power

12:20 Joush M.: Makes armor salvage harder

Suðri Skornbrekker chats with Bomrek as his eyes peer into the tunnel, telling him of the things they saw downstairs, how there is another golem waiting for them, and the mysterious smithy.

12:21  (To Fiss): The backlash could do one of any number of things, and you’re not sure it could be stopped by only that. Its a possibility, but…kinda drastic 

Bomrek, ever nonplussed, balks at the idea anyone would waste so much coin building more than one of those guardian statues… but looks down the tunnel fretfully, pipe in hand

Syviis Adjeon looks quite worried the more she meditates and focuses on Falkirk’s body, glaring between him and the stone he had been looking into

12:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Eh, seems like a wise investment. Clearly one of them wasn’t enough to keep us out.” He laughs to stave off the tension.

12:22  (To Stranger): FYI, Bomrek is one of the players (Adolph) but he’s been mired in a cross-country move recently and is just on NPC-mode for the time being

Gray spares a worried look at the stone, the box with salt sitting nearby to hold it and the bestial man rising, prowling as he wipes down the blade of his sword with a rag and watchesthe shadows. “One statue won’t stop Suðri the Dragonslayer”

12:24 Ken (GM): [The remains of the Derugar body are a mulched mess; his armor and belongings are unrecognizable in the pulpy mess of the …death elemental(?). Not a suitable source of armor for the dwarf’s 11 slot]

[Skimming Bomrek’s character sheet; he might be able to fashion something serviceable from a shovel-head, If you like. It would be roughly the right shape to start with, at least]

12:27 P.P. A.: I have a shovel too; we do use them a lot, maybe we should just see if we can loot something in the near future

12:27 Ken (GM): codpiece scavenging

12:28 Joush M.: Well, it’s your Area 11

12:28 Ken (GM): rpgs are weird


12:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: Impatience getting the better of the dwarf, after looking over his shoulder to make sure he isn’t tearing her out of a trance, he calls over to Syviis: “And? What is doctor’s condition?”

12:29 Syviis Adjeon: “Not well…he’s tapped into a stream of power…far larger and alien to anything I’m familiar with outside of the largest stormfronts.”

Suðri Skornbrekker mumbles to himself: “Touched one evil thing too many…” he shakes his head, and looks sad “Trying to break the crystal would be… bad, I assume?”

Gray wears a dark and unadorned surcoat over chainmail armor, the armor rustles softly with his movements. The surcoat, and the hauberk it  covers, reaches his upper thighs and provides reasonable protection for his own area 11. “We will insulate him from the stone and give him time. It’s all we can do for now.. Someone will stay with him while the rest of us explore the ruin?”

12:31 P.P. A.: show-off 😀

Gray nods to Suori “I’m tempted to do that too, but we don’t know if that would be safe for him. We can’t undo that if it turns out to be unwise.”

12:32 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We should let him rest, then—but tie him up, in case something possesses him.”

Syviis Adjeon nods: “Sounds wise…I’m afraid anything drastic would harm us all…”

Bomrek shakes his head, again, muttering about wizards and their fool ventures. “I’ll get the rope”

Gray helps with that. Trying to make sure that Falkirk is bound without harming him.

Suðri Skornbrekker peers into the darkness, again, waiting for his allies to be done over there.

Ken (GM) The darkness returns the dwarf’s gaze; in the depths….nothing stirs 

12:37 P.P. A.: I look the darkness deep in the eyes until something stirs inside the darkness’s heart

Ken (GM) the darkness remains unmoved by your overtures

12:38 Ken (GM): [between the two of you, falkirk gets his hands bound ‘comfortably’ behind his back, and his feet lashed too. Bomrek volunteers to hold vigil, but only promises to ‘make sure he’s still breathing’

12:38 Syviis Adjeon: nods elvishly

Gray reluctantly leaves Falkirk in the care of the older dwarf, returning to Suori. “Ready for another trip into the dark?”

12:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Before we go in there again, let’s try and lure them out here, where we have a better shot.”

12:40 Syviis Adjeon: goes to the horses and restocks her quiver

Suðri Skornbrekker fills his lungs, cups his hands, and shouts a taunt in Dwarven into the tunnels.

12:40  (From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Is that all? Send the other one too!”

Ken (GM) long moments pass as the voice echoes here and there down the long tunnel; no other sounds betray the presence of Dreugar or their minions. For now, you seem alone

Suðri Skornbrekker waits for a reaction, but there is none. “Maybe they retreated back into their tunnels,” he comments. “In that case… what do we do first? Demolish the other statue and explore the smithy we saw, or try to open that magic door?”

Gray waits, readying shield and taking up a torch in his right hand. “A good plan. It’s possible only the one has heard us so far and the statue woke on it’s own. In any case we can fall back here, should we face more than we can handle. Let’s go smash the other statue.”

12:44 Syviis Adjeon: “Agreed. Better to smash it now than to let it wake up at some inopportune time anyway.”

12:44 Ken (GM): [very good, back to the depths!]

Gray takes the lead, back into the depths. Protective of the others.

12:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let’s take one of the cannons with us then, and leave the other one here if they chase us out.”

Gray nods, stowing his shield and lifting the heavy gun to carry it over his left shoulder.

Bomrek nods along with the dwarven logic “Take the loaded one, ill repack this other beastie”


Suðri Skornbrekker agrees, takes up his weapons (and a spare), and advances once more. He also took the snake statuette again, in case it comes in handy.

Syviis Adjeon follows a short distance behind

Ken (GM) The great hall again looms before you. The third time plumbed today, now thick with the stench of burned rot. Black stains cover the ceiling, but the great hall seems quite intact otherwise.

Gray walks back into the great hall with the magic seal, then starts closer to the dark statue he remembers at the far end of the hall. Hopefully it’s still there.

12:48 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent.


12:48 Joush M.: Just in case.

12:49  (To Gray): You smell smoke, certainly, but much less than you would have thought. As well, a fresh scent here, blood, unfamiliar, near the seal to the south

Ken (GM) The statue footing still stands, but the thing you destroyed was definitely from the South of the room. To the North, the other statue stands tall in the dim torchlight. The rotten hall East, to the tomb, seems to have collapsed

12:49 P.P. A.: Is the footing tall enough to hide the secret doorway, or can we look over the top?

12:50 Gray: “We have sealed the dark Lady’s tomb well, now.. The air is fresher then I would have thought, it’s vented?.. Wait.. ” He turns and scents again, then prowls in the direction of the seal at the south. Walking to the symbol and examining it.

12:51  (To Gray): There is blood mingled in with the odd red from the statue. Different blood. A handprint mingled in with it? Small, dwarven or maybe Dreugar?

12:52 Suðri Skornbrekker: “So they came through here… I’m curious if there is another route through the portcullis we opened, though.”

12:53 Syviis Adjeon: “It seems this anchor is more of it’s own castle and keep than a simple ground base… Heavens…what have we stumbled upon?”

Ken (GM) On the South wall, the obvious outline of the door is now visible; the edges seem to have been cleared of a seal of dust?

Gray kneels beside the seal. “A print.. dwarven, I think. In blood.” He explains to the others. “A dark ruin, I think.. Should we try to open this secret door or go through the portcullis?”

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s chest swells with misplaced pride. “Wicked or not, Dwarves do make the best fortresses after all.”

Syviis Adjeon smiles and nods. “Never was there any doubt, good Skornbrekker…”

12:55 Gray: “Before that.. let’s go kill the statue at the north end of the hall.”

12:55 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let’s go north, first. We can see this door from across the room while we’re demolishing the other state.”

Syviis Adjeon turns to the statue

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard

12:56 Syviis Adjeon: “I can make short work of it if it reacts to my lightning the way the other did.”

Syviis Adjeon remembers to STAY BACK a bit this time

Gray heads north, gun and torch held ready.

12:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The portcullis was quite rusty though; doesn’t seem like they go through it very often.”

Suðri Skornbrekker carries his stuff north too

12:56  (To Fiss): Secret perception roll: You notice, smeared in the blood, something else! Red crystal dust?

12:57  (From Syviis Adjeon): mmmmm, okay, will mention it to the others after we nuke the statue

12:57  (To Fiss): On the slab where the statue stood, an outline near the foot print, like someone spilled large flakes of red crystal…you can taste their magic on the air…

Gray agrees silently with Suori, his reasoning sound.

12:58 Ken (GM): [so whats the plan for dispatching the statue?]

12:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It’s not coming to life yet,” he notes, meanwhile setting up the cannon, “so I’ll be taking my time aiming for the head straight away.”

12:58 Syviis Adjeon: aims at the statue’s head as well

Ken (GM) The imposing statue looms; the dark recesses of the helmet obscuring the face, the barbed sword held aloft, the wicked armor stained red with something too alike to blood

12:59 Syviis Adjeon: “Remember the explosion from before. Ready yourselves near cover!”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over to Syviis: “What you did last time also worked pretty well, please ready an arrow… but please give me time to run behind one of the columns before you loose it.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, his legs twitching once at the memory.

1:00 Syviis Adjeon: smiles “Of course. Try lead first…I would much rather disable it than risk an explosion anyway”

Gray nods and pauses, then goes to stand in the shadow of a pillar. “I was going to check it’s mask to see if it hides those bloody stones.”

1:00 Syviis Adjeon: “Gray, I would say check now…”

1:00 Ken (GM): [Suðri , drop a Gunner(cannon) roll please, at +4 and a long aim (which should be another +4 or so?)

1:00 Syviis Adjeon: “They may be part of the key to this place. Did you see the red ruby dust near the Southern door?”

1:01 Ken (GM): [when you shoot, I mean]

1:01 P.P. A.: 14+4+4-5 for targeting the head, so that’s 17 total

1:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It might just be a statue, but I’d rather not run any risks here.” He shrugs, talking while aiming the cannon. “…usually I would feel bad about demolishing such fine craft, but who knows what elven Lord of the Night it depicts.” He grimace, disgust.

Gray nods in agreement to Syviis. “I’ll let him shoot it for safety before I check.”

1:03 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Fire!” 13v17

Suðri Skornbrekker fires the cannonball at the statue’s head!

Syviis Adjeon lets out a little chuckle as the shot goes off. “Shoot it for safety…A dwarven maxim if I’ve ever heard one…”

1:05 P.P. A.: What’s the damage roll? (Unless the statue blocks or dodges, which would be baad)

Ken (GM) Suðri Lines up a shot with the cannon easily; its unmoving and simply takes the full brunt of the shot. The head collapses, and a good chunk of the chest crumples from the force as well. The sound is tremendous in the hall, reverberating for a few moments more. The severed head falls behind the statue, wrapped about the cannonball like a macabre steel candy

Gray yawns to clear his ears after the deafening concussion in the closed space. Blinking away the afterimages of powder burning in the air with a brilliant flare, then nodding, walking closer to the statue to take a look. Checking for any of that strange red dust or crystals.

Suðri Skornbrekker , as the smoke disperses, sees that there are no red crystals pouring out of this statue, and feels a pang in his heart.

Syviis Adjeon walks forward to cover Gray, watching the statue intently

Suðri Skornbrekker mutters a brief prayer asking whatever Dwarven god is in charge of crafting to forgive him, if the makers of this statue are not god-forsaken anyway.

Ken (GM) The interior of the statue hid a kind of hollow; within, strange gears and cogs sit, carved of brass and other shining metals as inset with odd runes…

1:12 Syviis Adjeon: smiles and turns to Suori “Ahh, Dwarven magic! I’m beginning to like it much better than the kind Falkirk dabbles in…”

Suðri Skornbrekker smirks and hefts himself up to take a better look at the cuts of the statue “…no crystals, but it seems it was wise to do this.”

1:14  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Certainly crafted by dwarven hands; a combination of articulated joints, timed clock gears, and some kind of magical power.

Gray looks into the clockwork then nods. “It’s.. strange. I can’t imagine what it might have done.” Admits the towering brute, looking into the ruined head of the strange statue. Gray is relaxing a bit though. Things go more or less smoothly while they explore and the statue seems less dangerous without a head.

Suðri Skornbrekker climbs back down and picks up some of the scrap that the impact produced “Something like the other one, I assume…” He throws the scrap inside the machinery, making sure that some nice big chunks wedge themselves between a few gears and joints on the off-chance that the statue still functions without its head.

1:17  (To Fiss): Certainly a foreign magic to what elves produce, but the internal workings look like they’re following simple magic circle rules, at least.

Syviis Adjeon turns her attentions to watch the rest of the room while the dwarf ensures sabotage

Gray sets aside the head and walks to the portcullis to open it up. “Suðri , when you’ve the time it might be wise to reload the heavy gun.”

1:18  (From Syviis Adjeon): curiosity and desire to learn are strong…will have to sit down with the dwarves and learn more

1:18  (To Fiss): The room is still. Black stains on the ceiling…and a faint tingle of magic, like before with the air. Seems those elementals have been hard at work containing the smoke.

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and gets to it immediately.

1:18 Ken (GM): [by my notes, this is the last of your recently carved cannonballs?]

1:18  (From Syviis Adjeon): realization strikes her There’s not so much ventilation…as there are ‘janitors’ huh?

1:19  (To Fiss): Probably; seems there are no real holes or vents. Just, things sweeping the air? Its a tall ceiling at least…

1:19 P.P. A.: We fired… two today? I think we carved a few more than that, but I’m not sure

1:20 Ken (GM): [call this one in the gun, and then another spare on you, but you’d have split the difference with Bomrek at least]

1:20 Joush M.: Have to get more ammo. It’s a Squad Goal

1:20  (From Syviis Adjeon): Would I be able to work on an advantage to allow her to use a point of FP to create a little spark / light at the end of her arrow? Basically a lantern? Say 1 FP per minute kind of thing?

1:21  (To Fiss): Certainly a fine use of the Storm power. Likely it would be a spark and fizzle a bit. Nuisance effect (noisy)

1:21 Joush M.: can Gray open the portcullis?

1:21  (From Syviis Adjeon): sounds good. Will chat about it later

1:21 Ken (GM): [so, after about a minute, Suðri is gun-packed. To theportcullis or the secret door?]

Gray is trying the portcullis, at least to start.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around and moves the cannon so that it can fire either at the secret passage, or at the portcullis.

1:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Now that we’re here already…” He feigns reluctance, when his eyes are full of curiosity.

1:23 Syviis Adjeon: tries not to grin “What’s next then?”

Ken (GM) The portcullis is still ajar from where you unlocked it previously; it squealed into place on old hinges and gears, and sits half up on the wall

Gray nods and ducks under the half open gate, stepping into the hallway beyond with the torch.

Ken (GM) in the distance, up the hall, dim light from a forge’s glow…

Suðri Skornbrekker looks back.

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up a small piece of debris or two, and puts it on the cannon so that they fall down if the cannon is moved. A booby trap! He quickly follows the other two

1:25 Ken (GM): [hah, canny, a simple ‘trap’. I like it]

Gray takes the lead and advances carefully into the dark, torch held up.

Ken (GM) The hallway beyond the portcullis is dank, smeared with greasy soot on the walls. The floor is well worn, as if travelled for years by the same feet, over an over. The far end of the hall is soon revealed; two statues flank a portcullis door. Again, a seal in gold and red is laid in the floor, the same ‘name’ as before. This rune, however, seems to gleam with its own light when you draw closer. When you reach about halfway across the floor, a voice rumbles through the air, all about you, in that not-dwarven

1:28  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): “[display][authority]”

Gray pauses and listens without understanding, gazing at the seal and statue, the beast ready as he watches the far end of the hall… looking back to the other side, making sure their retreat is ready.

1:29 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It’s the same as before,” Suthri explains to the others. He puts down the two muskets he’s carrying, and frees the serpent statuette from its awkward bind under his armpit. He hesitates for a moment. “…well, hopefully I won’t be befallen by the same fate as Falkirk…”

Ken (GM) The serpent’s black scales gleam in the red torchlight 

Suðri Skornbrekker slowly walks closer to the seal, statue in hand and bardiche in the other.

Ken (GM) when you reach the edge of the circle the rune sits in, it flashes to life, blue magic swirling in a torus of light

Gray moves up to watch, to let Suðri work. He trust the elven woman with her lovely bow to cover them from where she stands. The narrow hallway with gates at either end seems dangerous, easy to trap them in.. and he tenses as the magic flares to life.

Ken (GM) small crackles leap here and there, barely contained in the swirl 

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around to Syviis questioningly. “If you can sense anything bad, please say so.”

1:32  (To Fiss): You feel the tingle from a few feet away; lots of power being held here

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly puts the statue down in the middle of the circle,and hastily withdraws his hand, taking a step back as well.

1:32 Syviis Adjeon: “Power, lots of it…but bad? I cannot say. There are too many forces in this place for me to tell…”

1:32  (To Fiss): and it seems quite familiar, certainly a caged storm of some kind

Suðri Skornbrekker also says something in Dwarven at the circle.

1:33  (From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Authority enough for you?”

Ken (GM) The circle flares, and dissipates. A creak of iron and steel on stone, and the portcullis blocking your way retracts into the ceiling

1:33 Syviis Adjeon: “I suspect this keep is staffed more by the elemental spirits we saw roaming the land, and less of the deep-dwarves. It may explain how fresh air is so accessible here.”

1:34 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You’re underestimating Dwarven ventilation shafts.”

1:34 Gray: “I suppose that makes sense.” He admits, stepping forward, advancing into the grand forge.

1:34 Syviis Adjeon: smiles “I may be…but there are certainly elemental forces in the air here, and up ahead, I suspect much more.”

Ken (GM) The room beyond is revealed by torches on the walls, springing to life. Red light gleams  on anvils, blades and rusty tools in all corners. Dust lies thick on everything


the forge.pngSuðri Skornbrekker decides to leave the statue where is is, for now…He picks up his weapons again, though.

Ken (GM) A glowing crucible of molten stone sits against the North wall, churning as if alive, the surface a riot of red power. But you feel no heat from even as close as you are…doors to the east and south lie dark

Syviis Adjeon mutters something in elvish, clearly impressed

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around the room too, his inner dwarf delighted.

1:36 P.P. A.: His outer dwarf is still aching a little.

Gray looks to the strange crucible before his attention turns to the rest of the room. The anvils in their circles of power and the massive blade on a stone table. “This place…is strange. What is that thing to the south end of the room? A capsan?”

Ken (GM) The odd object looks like a miller’s wheel…but manacles lie clamped to the cross arm, empty. The worn furrow sits empty of anything resembling grain

Syviis Adjeon walks in slowly, bow at the ready, but marveling at the engineering and spectacle versus the shadows

1:38  (To Fiss): Big juju magic in here, from the North wall. A swirl of it like a big cloud of power. Muffling. Likely protecting from the heat of the molten stone.

Suðri Skornbrekker is suspicious of the not-hot lava crucible, and looks for any magma channels sometimes found in Dwarven fortresses (and sometimes unearthed from former Dwarven fortresses covered in pumice).

Gray walks closer to it.. “A slave driven grinder. To mill.. something.”

1:39 Syviis Adjeon: “My friends, I suggest we do not disturb the northern wall…whatever is holding that heat back is strong enough to be a force of nature all unto itself.”

1:40 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’ll trust you on that.”

Ken (GM) Nearby to the grinder, a large turn-wheel…with a skeletal occupant. The body is loooong dead, but the bones remain, covered with veins of red crystals, twined about it like coral…or bloodroot

Suðri Skornbrekker spots the spooky skeleton

Gray tries to wrap his mind around that. “So.. some magic keeps the heat.. in the crucible”  Thermodynamics are a hard subject for him, but he accepts the words. He kneels by the skeletal mutant body, studying it a moment. “Blood and death. Is this how those crystals are made?”

1:41  (To Gray): They crystals on the bones seem to creep up the manacles still on it’s ankles and wrists. The poor wretch died ages ago, but the red seems to have grown up and down the remains…

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a closer look at the weapon on the anvil however, although his eyes dart back and forth between that and the exit.

1:42 Syviis Adjeon: “It would not surprise me in the slightest… with what we’ve learned about the blood magic, combine that with dwarven brilliance for refining and smelting…”

Ken (GM) On the slab in the room lies an unfinished work; some mighty double scythed blade. The haft is partially formed of heavy brass and the work seems to have been left, mid-stroke.

1:43  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): The scale of the weapon is very much that of the statues. An incomplete third?

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard as he ponders, but keeps his thoughts to himself for now.

1:44  (To Fiss): Given some time in the room…the two circles about the anvils are definitely magical flame. Light to see by from the floor. They also seem to exude some power. Muffling, like the wall of fire…

1:45  (From Syviis Adjeon): she’ll walk close enough to touch the circles, but stand outside of them, and try to meditate to get a sense of their purpose and detail

Gray studies the crystals on the chains, frowning so deeply as he tries to consider what the crystals might mean. “They keep growing after he died. Maybe it’s what killed him, some magic cancer..” He dislikes the thought enough that he looks for another distraction. Reaching out to the wheel the skeleton had been chained to and turning it to see what it does.

1:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…like the bloodroot?”

Ken (GM) The wood creaks and squeals from disuse and age. In the next room more metallic groans as something clicks over. You hear the sound like rocks being spilled by the shovelful…

Suðri Skornbrekker peeks into the other room

1:46  (To Fiss): The aura is simple enough. Temperature control? A simple hot/cold balance. You’ve seen it enough in elven forges…or ovens. There is something still alive in it too. Something…aware of your presence?

1:46  (From Syviis Adjeon): she mentally offers a polite hello

1:47 Gray: “Just like.” He replies to Suðri . Gray turns it a moment more, trusting the dwarf to tell him what’s going on in the next room.

1:47  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): You see ahead in the darkness…an open vault door

1:48 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I hope Falkirk comes to so he can see this…” Suðri rambles as he makes out what’s inside the other room, aided by his dorf-vision.

1:48  (To Fiss): IT stirs…

Ken (GM) a rumbling shakes the room perceptibly, as dust falls from the ceiling.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks up

Syviis Adjeon’s eyes shoot open “I…may have done something foolish…”

Ken (GM) a voice booms over the forge, echoing loudly from the stone walls, the words unintelligible

Syviis Adjeon looks into the magic emanating from the circle “I…just wanted to see if it would respond to a hello…”

Ken (GM) A form emerges from the forge pool; hot and glowing, shimmering in a wave of fire

Gray stops with what he’s been doing, turning his attention to Syviis, nodding to the lovely young elf… then staring at the flaming element. “I hope it’s friendly…”

Syviis Adjeon smiles nervously and bows her head

Ken (GM) a roughly humanoid form rises from the surface of the lava, head and arms and torso aflame, pools of magma forming and flowing throughout it’s body.

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t reach for his musket but mumbles unfriendly things under his breath about elves and magic. Confident as he may be in dwarven weaponry, he doesn’t see a point in trying to shoot a thing made of fire and magma.

Syviis Adjeon walks to take center in front of the elemental’s “eyes” and tries to reach out mentally again to wish it peace

1:52 Gray: “Will the magic hold it in the forge there? This must be what keeps the stone hot and glowing. A volcanic spirit, enslaved to this place.. if I didn’t think it would tear down the building or kill us, I’d feel bad for it.”

Ken (GM) The thing stretches, lifting its arms of hot slag over it’s head, and bellows a wordless screeching noise into the room.

1:52  (To Fiss): FREEEEEDOM

1:52  (To Fiss): HATRED

1:53  (To Fiss): PRISON

Ken (GM) The room, previously comfortably warm, now seems to grow hotter

1:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I suggest we pick up our statue and try that other door we saw.”He nudges closer to the exit, waiting however for the elf to say something, or to react.

Syviis Adjeon steels her eyes shut hard, trying to focus against the onslaught of sound both real and in her mind

1:54  (From Syviis Adjeon): thinking “Can we free you? Will you help us to free you?”

Gray sets down the torch and watches the creature…letting Syviis work a moment, but stepping closer. “A fair thought, Suðri . The fire’s rage at being contained could shake the earth and make this place unpleasant.”


1:55  (To Fiss): FREEDOM

1:55  (To Fiss): FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE


Ken (GM) another scream, and the room draws ever warmer. Sweat breaks out on your brow and your skin

1:56  (From Syviis Adjeon): “Do the dark dwarves hold you here?”

Suðri Skornbrekker pushes that bucket(?) with tools out of the way to Syviis can dart straight for the exit, if need be.

1:56  (To Fiss): HATE DWARVES

Ken (GM) A plume of fire erupts in the middle of the room, like a literal ball of hate itself

1:57 Ken (GM): right beside Suðri

1:57 Syviis Adjeon: shakily, clearly trying to keep calm “The dwarves keep it here…it is in prison…I fear it may not know Suðri is not of them….”

Suðri Skornbrekker whispers to Gray: “Yell at me, shout at me angrily.”

Ken (GM) The swirl whirls on itself like an angry tornado, darting forward and back…at Suðri 

Gray tolerates heat well, but snarls and steps forward.. then roars at Suðri , grabbing him by the shoulder.. trying to drag him out of the way of the fire.

1:58  (From Syviis Adjeon): “This Dwarf does not chain you! Tell us how to free you!”

Gray is a poor actor. A human or elf could tell he’s trying to protect the dwarf, rather then berate him, but it’s possible he might fool an elemental.

Ken (GM) the ball hovers above the two, the thing in the pool turns to Syviis


1:59  (From Syviis Adjeon): “Show me lock. Show me chains. We will break!”

Suðri Skornbrekker pretends to be scared—not a very difficult task—and tries his best to look intimidated—raising his shoulders, tucking in his head.

Gray readies his shield and keeps it between them and the flame.

Ken (GM) the thing screams and presses forward; an invisible wall presses back, and a seal of bloody red glows in the air in front of the pool. Runes in scribbled gnarled language flare there, in the air. Ritual signs and sigils of rage!

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s original plan was to run away to make it look like Gray scared him away, but…looks up at the thing with some pity.

Syviis Adjeon turns to Gray and Suðri “He wants us to break him out. I can try my lightning…I don’t know if it will work, but…”she swallows back her fear “I don’t know if lava will fry us all the moment it is free…either…”

Gray looks to the wards burning in the air. “I don’t think freeing a volcano is wise. Free, it’s joy and pleasure would be ruin and flame to us made of flesh”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods.

Ken (GM) the thing screams again, slamming itself against the runes. Sparks fly from the circle against the titanic onslaught! The plume of fire in the room winks out, dissipating

Gray firmly believes that the place of volcano spirits is buried deep underground. “Let’s go! This isn’t a safe place to wait.”

2:02  (From Syviis Adjeon): focuses carefully on the words she sends “If you free…will you burn us?”

Gray keeps the shield ready and takes a step closer to the way they came.


2:03 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We know now that we do not have to worry about the Dreugar passing through here, at least.”

2:03  (From Syviis Adjeon): sadly “We do not want to burn…”

Suðri Skornbrekker nonetheless eyes the room for anything suspicious that looks like it might be linked to the magic—an out-of-place mechanism, suspiciously arranged furniture…elvish art?

2:04  (From Syviis Adjeon): takes a step backwards “Freedom only if you do not burn us.”

2:04  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Aside from the glowing runes in midair, nothing seems overly ‘wizardy’ to you

2:04  (To Fiss): ~unintelligible noises of rage~

Gray looks to the brutal, unfinished weapon across the table. “A huge blade. Too large for a dwarf to use?.. Who was that made for?”

Ken (GM) The room draws hotter, and in a moment, flashes quite hot indeed


2:05 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1  (6+6+6)18

2:05 Ken (GM): :O


2:05 P.P. A.: fug

2:05 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(1+1+6)8 vs Ht+1(fit)

Suðri Skornbrekker steels himself against the wave of heat 9v11

2:05 Syviis Adjeon: fuuuck

2:05 Joush M.: So.. 18 vs 13

2:06 P.P. A.: Note for the observer Doc: Gray is also weak to fire

2:06 Stranger: fug 😀

Ken (GM) there is a flash of heat, a pulse of intense energy. The air sizzles. You try to shield yourselves from it, flailing and raisin your arms, but the air itself boils! Gray seems to gasp at the wrong moment, and you hear him try to draw breath sharply and he sizzles

2:07 P.P. A.: I know I shouldn’t point this out, but wouldn’t the muskets burn or go off too?

Gray attempts to retreat from the room.. hopefully before he passes out.


2:07 Stranger: fug :DDDD

2:07 P.P. A.: :DDDD

2:07 Stranger: (this is actually part of why I wanted a flamethrower power)

2:07 P.P. A.: well, maybe it’s just hot but not hot enough, and not actually sparks/open flame…!

2:07  (To Gray): You’re suffocating, choking on blood!

2:08 P.P. A.: (besides, what’s the HT of a musket)

2:08 Ken (GM): ROLL!

2:08 Joush M.: The black powder should have a flash point of 430 degrees or we’d have worse to worry about..

2:08 P.P. A.: [6] [7] (carrying two muskets)

2:08 Ken (GM): nothing happens! luckily!

2:08 P.P. A.: wew

Gray can’t breath in the literally suffocating heat, turning to head back the way they came before the overwhelming heat drives him to pass out!

Ken (GM) Gray falls to his knees! He’s choking on his own breath, his lips scorched black and muzzle sizzled!

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around, sees Gray’s agony and runs after him!

2:09 Joush M.: oops! nevermind.. ah, try to stand? Or move?

2:09  (To Gray): You are at the mercy of your body; you’re stuck incapacitated, choking for the moment

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down his weapons and rushes to support him!

2:10  (To Gray): Take 1 FP damage and Try HT again?

2:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Fucking hell,” he shouts, “Syviis, get out of here!” The stelwart dwarf tries to lift Gray up and drag him towards the exit!

2:10  (From Syviis Adjeon): raging as best she can in her mind “Foolish spirit! Cool down or stay in your prison!”

Ken (GM) the thing screams again…and might be laughing gleefully too in it’s gravelly tones

2:10 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1(5+3+1)=9

2:10 Syviis Adjeon: grabs and helps push Gray out

Ken (GM) gray coughs up blood, but sucks in a deep agonizing breath

2:11 Ken (GM): [dragging Gray free of the room?]

2:11 Syviis Adjeon: yus

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up a musket and his bardiche with his spare hand, holding them awkwardly, and tells Syviis to do the same.

Gray spits out blood that sizzles on the hot stone and moves with the help of the others, dragged and pushed.

Ken (GM) You scramble for the exit, the pulsing flame following your steps…and as you cross the threshold of the forge, the cool air smacks you head on, like a wall of winter after leaving the hellish forge! The cackling follows, but the heat remains in the forge, the portcullis slowly closing to the floor as you pass


Portcullis 1.jpg

2:13 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Shit, my water is with the horses.”

2:13  (To Gray): You’re breathing poorly, and tasting blood everywhere. You need first aid

Gray moves slowly and toches his throat, coughing up a little more blood. He nods in agreement to Suðri , water sounds like a decent idea and he walks with the others. “Back to the entry hall…COUGH… please” He growls out painfully from a burned throat. “I could use some help.. Thank you.”

2:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: “One moment.” The dwarf runs over to pick the statue back up, being a bit annoyed at this point that they had to come here carrying all this crap. He tries his best to support Gray while still holding the statue and some weapons

2:16 Syviis Adjeon: helps carry Gray, clearly furious. “I will make this up to you, dear Gray. I should not have tried to speak to the wild things here…it seems even the elementals are under a blanket of bloodlust and foolishness…”

2:16 Ken (GM): PERCEPTION from all please

2:16 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception (Night Vision 5, +4 Discriminatory Scent.)


2:16 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(3+4+5)=12

12 on a 13

2:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v12

2:18 P.P. A.: [I see dwarves down south?]

Ken (GM) You stumble into the room, Gray’s bulk between you. As Suðri makes for his cannon and bits, you hear the two dark forms in the South shout in a alarm! Dreugar!


2:18 Ken (GM): INITIATIVE!

2:18 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 1d6 + 60



2:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+5(5)+5=10

Gray shakes his head to Syviis. “I will heal.. Thank you..” He’s happy at the kind words, but it’s time to fight.

2:18 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 1d6 + 6.5 (5)+6.5=11.5

2:19 Gray: rolling 1d6+6 with (Combat Reflexes +1?)(1)+6=7

Gray is going slow.. makes sense.

2:20 Ken (GM): The one armed with a crossbow shouts something in not!Dwarven, and looses an arrow down the hall!

rolling 3d6(1+6+2)9

it streaks towards your group, sparks mid-flight into dazzling red light…and EXPLODES in your midst!

2:21 P.P. A.: that’s got to be a hefty distance penal— oh. fuckers

2:22 Ken (GM): if anyone wants to dive away from the burst, that’s an extra -2 for your pre-turn stun but, its some kind of burst of light and such

2:22 P.P. A.: the alternative is not diving and just eating it, right?

2:23 Ken (GM): nod

2:23 P.P. A.: would we have to spend the next turn getting up if we dive now?

2:23 Ken (GM): nod likely

2:23 P.P. A.: hm well, they’re far away enough

2:23 Joush M.: I’ll try the dive and drop

2:24 Gray: rolling 3d6 to Dodge vs 12(6+5+6)17

2:24 Ken (GM): FUG

Joush M. is not having a great day

2:24 Syviis Adjeon: She’s more worried about Gray. Can she do a sacrificial dodge?

Suðri Skornbrekker , alerted to the Dwarves and their projectile, tries to dive away from the burst. 10v8-2

2:24 P.P. A.: 10 v 6, it was worth a try

Suðri Skornbrekker sure hopes Bomrek heard the yells and things exploding

2:24 Ken (GM): double fug

A sacrificial dodge not gonna help, you cant cover him completely from the blast

2:25 Syviis Adjeon: K then, Acrobatic Dodge, but not diving

2:25 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(6+4+2)12

2:25 Syviis Adjeon: fail acro, damn

dodge: rolling 3d6(2+2+4)= 8

2:25 Ken (GM): yay! another -2!

2:26 P.P. A.: I say we ignore the 6 and take the 2 from the first roll 😀

2:26 Syviis Adjeon: So yeah…would have missed but she got cocky. 😛 lol

Ken (GM) the red burst goes off in your midst, and as you all dive for cover, you all seem to be splattered with…red dust?


2:26 Stranger: I’m new to GURPS but this seems like it could be bad

2:26 Fiss: Yeah. 😛

Suðri Skornbrekker REALLY wishes Falkirk was with them right now

2:27 Fiss: Failing dodges is generally a bad thing.

2:27 Ken (GM): so youve all dove for cover, failed, and landed prone,

covered in sparkling red shimmer

gray landed directly on top of it all

gray, roll me 3d6 for a location?

2:28 Gray: rolling 3d6(6+5+5)16

2:28 Joush M.: That’s.. foot?

2:28 Ken (GM): foot!

rolling 1d6(1)=1

Left foot!

rolling 1d6(2)=2

2 crushing to the left foot as you land bad. Thank god for DR or you might have broken an ankle on that spill!

SYVIIS starts your turns!

2:30 Fiss: Stands up and begins to brush the dust off of herself “You’ve picked a hell of a bad time to fight me! Stand down!”

2:30 Syviis Adjeon: she does that too, brushing dust off

2:31 Ken (GM): you stumble back up to a knee, but the red sticks to your everything!


Suðri Skornbrekker gets back up, and extends his hand to help Grey up as well 

2:31 Ken (GM): kay to a knee for you as well

Ken (GM) the Derugar bellows a wordless challenge, hefting a big two handed mace on a long haft, his metal armor clanking and rattling in the hall!

Gray gets back up, the beast aching and battered and covered in red.

2:32 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage)


2:32 Ken (GM): keeping a lid on the hate?

Gray holds the rage in.. for now.

2:33 Ken (GM): kk

2:33 P.P. A.: I’m more worried about the red dust than Urist Musket-McLightningvictim.

2:33 Ken (GM): The crossbow dwarf draws out a new arrow, with a crackling yellow gleaming head.

SYVIIS! wat do?

2:34 Syviis Adjeon: Try to shoot it! How far away is this bitch, 32 yds?

2:35 Ken (GM): ya, so -8 penalty

roll perception for me?

2:35 Syviis Adjeon: K

rolling 3d6 vs perception (3+5+3)11

Beat by 2 for Per

2:35  (To Fiss): You’re covered in magically charged red dust…just like the stuff spilled out of the golem. The same stuff that exploded when you shot it with magic, last

2:36  (From Syviis Adjeon): yeah, I get that much…I’m thinking “Parry missile weapon” might not work in this case though…

2:37  (To Fiss): Dude. More like “Youre covered in gas, dont light a match!”

2:37  (From Syviis Adjeon): yeah, was thinking that too

2:37 Syviis Adjeon: Okay

2:38 Ken (GM): [so fiss, wat do?]

2:38 Syviis Adjeon: She pulls back, aims and lets loose, no crackle of energy this time 😉

2:38 P.P. A.: oh, I see. Thanks Syviis for not electrocuting us all by accident

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: *target: 12 rolling 3d6(1+3+6)10

2:39 Ken (GM): woo!

2:39 P.P. A.: \o/

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: FUCK I KNEW I should have aimed for the arm… 😛

2:39 Ken (GM): he seems surprised at the rapid response, and tries an awkward dodge

2:39 P.P. A.: 12 at a -8? What’s your skill in archery?

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: 17

2:39 P.P. A.: oha

2:39 Ken (GM): ‘heroic archer‘ as well!

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: + 3 accuracy to “Heroic Archer”

2:39 Ken (GM): so like, bonuses from the wazoo area

2:40 P.P. A.: they’re worth it, evidently

2:40 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(5+4+3)=12 vs dodge

The Derugar fails to dodge! The arrow sinks deep!

2:40 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 1d6 + 1(2)+13 Imp

2:40 Joush M.: Right in the wazoo

2:40 Syviis Adjeon: Damn, not awesome, but not minimum Random hit location? 😛 chants ‘brain pan!’

2:40 P.P. A.: e-lev-en! e-lev-en!

2:40 Stranger: What hit location number is the wazoo?

2:41 Syviis Adjeon: 11

2:41 Ken (GM): (you gotta declare that before rolling!) the arrow punches into his leather in his chest

2:41 Syviis Adjeon: lol OK 😛

2:41 P.P. A.: >leather armour

he fell for the meme

(unless it’s lamellar)

2:41 Ken (GM): boiled leather chest piece, looks poorly made

2:41 P.P. A.: ah, well, boiled leather is sturdy enough

2:42 Syviis Adjeon: probably soaks in most of the damage, though :/

2:42 Ken (GM): Skornbrekker! you have a knee and the enemy!

2:42 P.P. A.: Would standing up fully take up my whole action?

2:42 Ken (GM): nope, part of a step if you’d like, you’re crouching at a knee right now

2:42 P.P. A.: hm

2:42 Ken (GM): charge?

Suðri Skornbrekker decides to… push the cannon so it no longer aims right at Grey, but southwards.

2:43 Ken (GM): cool! You heave and the thing rolls. It is also spattered with red dust

Suðri Skornbrekker noticed the cackling in the distance and doesn’t want the cannon to spontaneously fire, much less at Gray.

2:44 Ken (GM): the armored dwarf marches forward, roaring in his voice 


2:44 P.P. A.: can I have aimed the cannon at the crossbowdwarf?

2:45 P.P. A.: won’t hit at this distance anyway, but if it does go off “accidentally”…

2:45 Ken (GM): [it is big and weighs many pounds, you can aim next turn!]

2:45 P.P. A.: o ok

2:45 Ken (GM): [its at least pointed south now]

Gray rises to his feet and walks forward, leaving a trail of red dust as he roars in return

2:46 P.P. A.: (By the way, if a cannon ignited by itself, would the roll be untrained default for gunner, since nobody is firing it?)

2:46 Ken (GM): Roll HT for me Gray!

2:46 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1  (3+2+6)11

2:46 Ken (GM): Gray roars, coughing blood the whole time, spraying from his maw!

2:46 Syviis Adjeon: cue Evangelion music

2:47  (To Gray): You are not healing! Fire damage to the breathing!

2:47 P.P. A.: Pattern: Blue! or red, in this case

2:47 Syviis Adjeon:download.jpg

Gray isn’t exactly comfortable right now, but pain that would stop most is an old friend to the wicked beast. He doesn’t regenerate from flame. It could be days recovering from the burns, or longer. He will have to recover from this human-slow. 

2:48 Ken (GM): The crossbow dwarf yells something out , seeing the arrow in his chest, and turns for the open door, panicky! He ducks into the darkness there. His compatriot looks over his shoulder, and turns back to you, resigned to the combat

Fiss! Syviis!

2:49 Syviis Adjeon: drawing fresh arrow rolling 3d6(5+6+3)14


2:50 Ken (GM): -7 distance penalty now, FYI

2:50 Syviis Adjeon: Step and fire. Same deal, no power. 13 to hit

rolling 3d6(6+4+1)=11

2:51 Joush M.: Random location or chest?

2:51 Syviis Adjeon: Random plx!

2:51  (To Stranger): Fiss bought heroic archer, essentially gunslinger for bows. He he always gets a bonus to hit, has a bunch of lesser penalties with a few special skill, lots of fun bow stuff. Very legolas, much wow

2:51 Syviis Adjeon: Let’s see if the dice want to have fun. 😛

2:51 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(4+2+4)10

he fails to duck your whistling shot!

2:51 Syviis Adjeon: OK, location?

2:51 P.P. A.: Oh, I didn’t know you could declare that you want to hit a random body part, at no penalty

2:52 Syviis Adjeon: Do you roll or do I? Or…?

2:52 Ken (GM): You do fiss!

2:52 Syviis Adjeon: Chest? I can’t remember…I may be thinking Rules for 3rd Ed

rolling 3d6(3+5+5)= 13

I think that’s a leg, is it not?

2:52 Joush M.: In general you can shoot/hit ‘whatever target presents itself’ with no penality. Otherwise, attacks default to the Torso hit location, at -0

2:52  (To P.P. A.): Yeah, you can just declare the blow ‘lands where it may” at a-0 penalty. could hit the hand, or the face, or the torso

2:52 P.P. A.: Ah, I see

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: Ahh, perfect description

[I understand now this might be at a -2 by RAW, however, the limited amount of times it appears in the game, I’m confident it didn’t really benefit or detract from anyone’s play -Ken]

2:53 Ken (GM): left leg!

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: Damage!

rolling 1d6 + 1(3)+14 Imp

Well, average

2:53 Joush M.: It’s not always an advantage. In this case, Syviis loses her x2 to IMP damage for a torso hit, for the X1 in the limb

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: Can’t complain

2:53 Ken (GM): thunk! You hear it slam home punching through more leather! he cries out!

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: Woo!

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: done


2:53 P.P. A.: Oh the other hand, the torso seems heavily armoured 

2:53 Joush M.: Limbs take x1 from IMP, after all. Still hurts, -2 next turn if he’s not running H.P.T.

2:54 P.P. A.: How far can I push the cannon, if at all?

2:54 Ken (GM): its on a flat block, and the floor is okay here, = to your move

Suðri Skornbrekker pushes the cannon five feet ahead

2:55 Ken (GM): [5 yards ?]

2:55 P.P. A.: ah yeah, sorry

2:55 Ken (GM): the sound of wood and metal scratching against the floor, squealing in the dark. Roll 3d6 for me?

2:55 Suðri Skornbrekker: [15] [!]

2:56 P.P. A.: in before sparks fly. a-at least I got trips

Ken (GM) the block of wood and metal housing the cannon scrapes along the floor; a spark shoots out AND THE RED DUST IGNITES

2:56 Fiss: Awwshitson

2:56 P.P. A.: I’m so sorry



2:57  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): HT roll!

2:57 Fiss: salutes Gentlemen, it’s be an honor playing with you LOL

2:57 Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v11 HT

2:57 P.P. A.: WEW

2:57 Syviis Adjeon: elf gasps as the ball of fire *foots*  noice!

Ken (GM) choking red smoke erupts in a plume over Suðri , and you hear him coughing loudly from inside the cloud, hacking and choking

2:58 Ken (GM): The dark hammer-dwarf advances still, laughing…and limping


Gray steps forward and pulls Suðri back out of the cloud, then challenges the hammer-dwarf.

2:59 Joush M.: Move here, pull Suðri here? [indicates on map]

2:59 Ken (GM): yep, but you’re gonna have to plunge into the red smoke to do it!

3:00 P.P. A.: hah, good thing he can’t breathe anyway!

Gray risks the red smoke!

3:00 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1 


3:00 Ken (GM): oooh

3:00 Joush M.: Oh come on!

3:00 P.P. A.: situational bonus for coughing up blood just as he enters the smoke, pls

3:00 Fiss: ffs, the dice are catching up on us today…

Ken (GM) Gray plunges into the smoke, and mis-judges the distance, breathing in at the wrong moment, choking on the red smoke! He flounders trying to suck in a breath!

Gray should have held his breath. In retrospect, that would seem to be a better idea.


Syviis Adjeon bolts toward the approaching dwarf, (full move) and draws an arrow

3:01 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(1+3+6)10


or can I do a double-move?

3:02 Ken (GM): [no such things fiss! this is gurps!]

SKORNBREKKER! you are in choking, painful, thick red smoke! Roll HT for me!

3:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: 17v11

3:02 P.P. A.: ffs

3:02 Ken (GM): lol FUCK NOW Suðri  is choking as well! ~INCAPACITATED~

3:02 P.P. A.: can I at least stumble backwards while choking?

3:02 Ken (GM): take 1 FP damage! you flail and choke! roll DX+1 to fall as intended!

3:03 Suðri Skornbrekker: 10v13

3:03 Ken (GM): you manage to choke backwards, falling to the floor out of the cloud, kicking wildly!

The derugar screams a challenge, picking up speed, aimed at Syviis!

GRAY! You are choking! roll HT!

3:04 P.P. A.: if I knew he could suddenly move this fast I wouldn’t have bothered moving the cannon and killing us all

3:04 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1 (6+3+2)=11

3:04 Ken (GM): huzzah! you suck in a breath of bloody air!

Gray manages to breath and shakes his head to clear it, then charges the hammer-dwarf. he wouldn’t want Syviis to get into close combat with the armored fiend.

3:05 Ken (GM): woo, dashing into the way

3:06 Joush M.: That move okay? I think she’s still got a clear shot with a step

3:06 Ken (GM): ya, L.O.S. for her is maintained


3:06 Syviis Adjeon: Damn, lol okay, step and TWACK

3:06  (To Fiss): You can see from here, clad in leather boots gloves and pants. Plate on his arms and chest, and a pot helm on top (carved like a toothy maw)

3:07 Ken (GM): aiming for? [-4 distance btw]

3:07 Joush M.: Close enough you might risk a vitals (-3) shot

3:07 Syviis Adjeon: How’s his neck look?

3:08 P.P. A.: beardy, presumably

3:08 Syviis Adjeon: AIM FOR THE BEARD!

3:08 Ken (GM): beardy, definitely

3:09 Syviis Adjeon: -9 total, aiming for Neck/Beard at target: 11

rolling 3d6(2+2+2)6 vs bows 11


3:09 Ken (GM): year! Rolling 3d6(6+4+1)11 vs dodge

he fails to dodge! damage!

3:09 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 1d6 + 1(3)+14 Imp

I’m OK with that

3:09 Stranger: rip

3:09 P.P. A.: who’s laughing now at being unable to breathe?!

3:10 Stranger: me

3:10 Ken (GM): me

3:10 Syviis Adjeon: Oh hell yes laughs in elvish

3:10 P.P. A.: >girly giggle

Ken (GM) the arrow plunges into his bristly beard and hits home, a wet THWACK in the air

3:10 P.P. A.: way to ruin the mood

Ken (GM) he gurgles

3:10 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(2+4+4)10 vs HT(major wound)

3:10 Fiss: Unfortunately…DWARVEN BEARD DR IS 5 😛

3:10 Ken (GM): but he is still up!


SKORNBREKKER! You’re choking still! Its in your mouth! Roll HT!

3:11 Suðri Skornbrekker: 12v11

3:11 P.P. A.: I’m buying HT after this session

3:11 Ken (GM): You’re still coughing and retching at the red; take 1 FP damage, and you are still incapacitated

3:11 Joush M.: Fucking dark dwarves shooting cheeto dust at us. Dangerously Cheesy

3:12 P.P. A.: we have walked into the lair of Glenn Beck and his rogue delegates

3:12 Ken (GM): The Hammer-dwarf runs to Gray, and swings his mace in a mad arc!

rolling 3d6(6+2+5)13 vs Twohanded Axe/mace, All out, Move and attack (strong)

and its wide!


Gray attempts to Ready Sword with Fast Draw 

rolling 3d6 vs 13(6+1+4)11

Gray slashes at the dwarf’s right arm with the same motion

3:14 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword (2+5+29

rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash(1+4+5)+212 Cut

3:14 Joush M.: He does get to defend, of course

3:14 Syviis Adjeon: the elf makes an impressed whistle

3:14 Ken (GM): he has no response, he is caught unawares!

Suðri Skornbrekker remembers whistling, he misses it

3:14 Ken (GM): the blade cuts deep into plate metal and there is a rending of steel, and lots of blood 

rolling 3d6(2+2+3)=7 vs HT(major wound)

but the mangled blade comes free and the arm is a mess. He slumps from the blow


Gray spits a mouthful of blood from his fanged mouth and snarls, standing with the sword in hand and covered in crimson dust. His gaze on the fallen dwarf, then looking past to where the other fled to.

3:15 Stranger: Is his damage seriously 3d6+2?

3:16 Joush M.: It’s a SM +1 Broadsword in the hands of a man with ST 18

3:16 Ken (GM): sagely nod its the EXTREEME


3:16 Stranger: Gray must be a big guy

3:16 P.P. A.: –>

3:17 Ken (GM): HUGE GUTS


SYVIIS’ turn tho

3:17 Syviis Adjeon: re-arrowing, fast draw

3:17 P.P. A.: should have linked Forces instead, Blood and Guts takes too long to wind up

3:17 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(5+5+6)16

3:17 P.P. A.: also missed a “for you” prompt

3:17 Syviis Adjeon: Fails, but pulls one out and runs toward the door

3:18 Stranger: Yeah but you gave a better setup for the Huge Guts combo

3:18 Ken (GM): That takes a ready Fiss, all you get is a step!

3:18 Syviis Adjeon: OK

3:18 Ken (GM): 😛 so eager!

3:18 Syviis Adjeon: ELF SMASH!

3:18 Ken (GM): SKORNBREKKER! You’re choking! roll HT!

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to stop trying to breathe, and to instead expel every bit of air he has left in his lungs to exhale the red dust. 14v11

3:18 P.P. A.: REEEEE

Gray is, Baneposting aside, is a massive figure. Thick across the shoulders and heavily muscled and massively armored in small links of fine wire, the sword in his hand a bronzy blade of ancient cyclopean Gorgoth make, too large for most humans to use.

3:19 Ken (GM): Your dwarf is dying. He takes another FP of damage

3:19 Joush M.: Going to have to give Suori CPR

3:19 Suðri Skornbrekker: down to 9 FP

3:19 Ken (GM): The hammer-dwarf twitches, and groans on the floor, clutches his ruined arm, groans

P.P. A. reads up on FP rules because he’s never encountered that before

3:19 Ken (GM): Gray!

3:20  (To P.P. A.): You run out? it turns into HP damage

3:20  (To P.P. A.): but read up specifically on suffocation

3:20  (From P.P. A.): ok, thanks

Gray makes sure the hammer-dwarf won’t rise, looking to Suðri then to Syviis. “Aid him, please.” The words painful from a burned throat. “I’ll stand guard.”

3:21 Joush M.: Gray’s default for first aid is.. pretty terrible, as we have established

Syviis Adjeon snaps out of her hunting-focus, seemingly flustered for a heartbeat, then nods and runs to Suðri! First aaaaaids!

3:22 Ken (GM): cool! He seems to be choking on red dust in his mouth, roll your best F.A., but specifically at -2 to “clear the air passage”

3:22 Syviis Adjeon: Target is 10 rolling 3d6(6+2+2)10


3:22  (To Gray): The Dreugar seems to be bleeding out, and trying to slowly crawl away. He’s mewling in his foreign tongue, quietly, meekly, like a beaten animal.

Ken (GM) You scoop out a handful of red crystals from his mouth, they crumble in your hand. Suðri Sucks in a life-giving breath

Syviis Adjeon seems daunted a moment as she checks the much sturdier and compact Dwarven throat-meats for trauma, but manages to scoop out the crystalline dust without much difficulty

Gray takes a length of rope and leans over the wounded dwarf, reaching out to the arm. Binding above the wound a tourniquet to slow or stop the bleeding. It’s not a pleasant process, to stop blood that way, but might save the dark dwarf’s life.

3:25 Ken (GM): First aid @+1!


Suðri Skornbrekker breathes, his dilated pupils contracting again as his state of panic quickly wears off.

3:26 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs modified 5 (3+3+3)9

3:26 P.P. A.: trips for the 4th time

Gray did that less badly then he might have, but might have done more harm then good.

Ken (GM) there is a sickening SNAP noise as Gray closes the loop of the rope, and the arm twists under it’s weight. The dwarf shudders, and lies still

Gray has done what he can and leaves the dwarf in the hands of whatever gods he believes in. He turns to watch the shadows where the other one ran.

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a few more shallow breaths, and finally a deeper one. It takes him a few moments before he feels it safe to speak again.

Suðri Skornbrekker eventually brings out a raspy “Thank you,” and a faint smile.

3:28  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): This tastes like the worst cooking youve ever had. Overly salted and obliterated in spices. Just like mom used to make

3:28  (From P.P. A.): lel

Syviis Adjeon nods happily “Not necessary, but very welcome. Catch your breath, we’ll show that coward how little we enjoyed his trick soon enough.”

3:29  (To Fiss): You feel a tingling sensation, wherever the red dust lies on your skin…

3:30 Syviis Adjeon: stands up, and begins to try to brush the dust off in earnest

3:30 P.P. A.: Are we out of combat time now?

3:30 Ken (GM): Yes! Just back to polite declarations

3:30  (To Fiss): The dust isn’t wiping away. As you push at it…its sticking to your skin…and wriggling under it!

Syviis Adjeon looks suddenly panicked

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a deep breath and holds it. He gets up, quickly shakes and brushes and residual dust out of his beard, and takes another step back before he breathes out and in again.

Gray tries to get the dust off himself and remembers the painful ache in his throat and the blood on his tongue. He still could use medical attention too, but there’s little available with Falkirk out of commission. He ignores his own wounds and pain the best he can.

3:32  (To Fiss): Roll HT+1!

3:32 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(6+3+3)12

3:32  (From Syviis Adjeon): Match with Fit!

3:33  (To Fiss): GOOD 😀 You feel a rush, exhilarating, like you just drank every jolt ever bottled in existence, at once. You also feel damn good… And you taste blood. And it is GOOD

3:34  (To P.P. A.): You taste blood where you were choking on the crystals

3:34  (From Syviis Adjeon): curiosity intensifies?, or anger at own reaction

3:34  (To Gray): All you can smell is blood….but not yours. As if the dust was…like the bloodroot?

3:34 Ken (GM): [whispering intensifies]

Gray growls. “Bloodroot? The dust.. it’s made from the same corrupted blood of the earth they so love in this hellish place.”

3:35  (To Fiss): All of the above, think 90’s anti drug PSA cocaine hit

3:36 Gray: “A man might wish for a bath and balm to drink..” He studies the fallen hammer-dwarf, then starts to strip away armor.

Syviis Adjeon looks very…conflicted. And jittery.

3:37 Syviis Adjeon: “Foul power…I’ll burn that dust off my own skin next time….” She doesn’t seem so convinced of her own words

Suðri Skornbrekker nods at Gray’s observation, and looks at Syviis, whose pained expression he notices.

Ken (GM) Oh you do notice, where she was splashed with the powder…theres none on her skin, at all anymore. Clean as a whistle

3:38 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What’s wrong?” he asks, his voice not quite back to form yet.

Ken (GM) just her clothes, and armor are dirty redAFP_Getty-164231613.jpg

3:38 P.P. A.: >looking at an elf’s skin

pls, I’m no horny human

3:39 Ken (GM): lel

Suðri Skornbrekker does notice, tho, the pertinent details

3:39 Ken (GM): like, her face, her hands, etc

Gray studies Syviis, then her skin.. tilting his head to the side and remembering how swiftly it’s effected Elves in the past. “Easy. We will make sure you aren’t exposed to more. Just think of something else.”

Syviis Adjeon nods quickly “Agreed.”

3:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Oh, so… you absorbed it through your skin?”

Gray taste blood, his own and others, and finds himself hungry.

Suðri Skornbrekker is a little confused, many things on his mind, while his brain is still refilling its oxygen supply.

3:40 Joush M.: Any decent armor able to take from hammer dwarf?

3:40 Ken (GM): [yeah, he seems to have a slab of metal attached to his breastplate, hanging down in the crotch area. It’s carved like an angry face]

3:41 Syviis Adjeon: “It seems the insidious addictions of this land do not need one to wait to choose to succumb to them…they are much more active in the participation than ale or pipe-weed.”

3:42 Gray: “You are strong willed, but if you need help ask. We will try to keep you from more of it.”

Suðri Skornbrekker feels his throat. The thought of being addicted to something other than alcohol seems like racial heresy.

3:42  (From Syviis Adjeon): how long would it take for her to strip off her armor, light a spark to destroy the rest of the dust, then don it again?

3:43  (To Fiss): Not long, but you’re getting…janky. Roll DX for me

3:43 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(6+3+4)13

Fail by 1

Gray calls to Suðri . “A skirt of plate.. a tasslet, I suppose. Is it acceptable to you?”

3:43  (To Fiss): If youve ever washed a dog, and dried it in a towel, and it got angry and excited …? Youre getting smeared with more red

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at it and squints. “It looks angry. Suits me very well right now.” He makes sure the red dust has dissipated, and inspects the cannon.

3:44 P.P. A.: er, after the tasslet thing

3:44  (From Syviis Adjeon): when the crystals ignited, it seemed more to be a problem of the smoke than the flame?

3:45  (To Fiss): Yeah, the smoke chokes you out somehow

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a closer look at it and sees if he can easily attack it to his armour

3:46 P.P. A.: How much does it weigh? It’s going to increase his encumbrance, but he always carries some ammunition with him; he’ll just dump some of that to make up for the difference.

3:46  (From Syviis Adjeon): so, assuming proper prep, should be able to burn off the crystals…. if she can make the HT roll not to gaspSudri Portrait.png

3:46  (To Fiss): Dont be right near it?

3:46 P.P. A.: (dwarven armour is very light because of the x0.5 thing for SM-1)

3:46  (From Syviis Adjeon): depends…is it getting all over her? 😛

3:47 Joush M.: Oh yeah, where as I’m over here wearing SM+1 armor

3:47  (From Syviis Adjeon): regardless, will do her best…won’t get rid of it all I’m sure, but hopefully she’ll be able to use her power next time without blowing up

3:48 Ken (GM): it weighs about a pound, but is sturdy and shaped well. it has a belt and provides DR5 in the groin

3:48 P.P. A.: given that it would be very metagame-y to say “oh, I suddenly feel a magnitude heavier. Here, please keep these bullets for me to balance the additional weight” can we say that his encumbrance remains the same until he gets a chance to dump the excess ammunition i.e. the next time they’re at their horses

Ken (GM) Syviis is wrestling with her clothes…somewhat angrily, she has a heap of her armor and red streaked cloak off to the side, and she looks….exasperated

Syviis Adjeon takes a few minutes to strip down out of her armour and gear, piling it into a heap on the floor. Any modesty she may have been worried to protect is gone in the angry high of the crystals coursing through her bloodstream. Then, when ready, she holds her breath and, snaps her fingers on the edge of her arrow.

Gray watches Syviis a moment, then looking away from her and giving her what privacy the area offers to strip down and get rid of the dust that clings to her clothing.

3:50 Ken (GM): fiss! good news!

you snap your fingers to summon your power…

3:50 Syviis Adjeon: Do i asplode!?

3:50 Ken (GM): roll 3d6 to see!

3:50 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(1+5+3)=9

3:51  (To Fiss): You feel AMAZING and when you call your power, you feel AMAZING reserves in it’s depths. You spark up an arrow, the effort thoughtless,  but remain in control of these new DEPTHS of power

3:51  (To Fiss): Unless…youre curious…

3:51  (From Syviis Adjeon): >.< I’d better roll Self Control on that one, yeah

3:51 Syviis Adjeon: Curiosity – 12 rolling 3d6(3+3+6)12

3:52  (From Syviis Adjeon): match!

3:52  (From Syviis Adjeon): +/- whatever that means while being high as fuck

3:52  (To Fiss): probably a minus 😉

P.P. A. adds “Tasset, angry” to his inventory at 1 lbs. and 5 DR

Gray isn’t watching the magic elf summon lightning to burn away the dust. He does want to, even in this strange place and setting.

3:52  (From Syviis Adjeon): will roll with it then. 😛

Suðri Skornbrekker is busy getting geared up himself, and his attention is focused rather on the door in the distance when it isn’t on his Armour. [Also elves have cooties; who wants to see a naked elf?!]1496476610423.jpg

3:53  (From Syviis Adjeon): will still be focused on burning away the offending crystals…her mission IS still important…but now is no longer worried about collecting some of it later for study

Ken (GM) There is a crackle of thunder, distant, far off…then much closer. Syviis stands, with a bolt of caged lightning in her hand, crackling up and down a length about a yard long. The air above her swirls like a tornado of back clouds, an arms length from her. Her eyes sparkle with red lightning

3:54  (From Syviis Adjeon): I HAVE BECOME THOR, DESTROYER OF ELVES…er…

3:54  (To Fiss): Your voice sounds like Gozer, from ghostbusters 1

3:55  (From Syviis Adjeon): dang…. 😛

Gray dose look at that, watching the raw power the elf gathers, the brilliant arc of electricity nearly too bright to watch in the dark place.. then the crimson light in her eyes, rising above her. “The power from the bloodroot.. you seek to burn it away?” Gray hopes that is the case. The looks fearsome and dangerous and wild. The beast wonders if she controls the storm or the other way around.

3:56  (To Fiss): so, youre nearly naked, holding lightning in your hand, and at the heart of the storm…wat do?

3:57  (To Stranger): welcome to the strangest days that are Grimwyrd, btw

3:58  (From Syviis Adjeon): “I would learn of you…but I cannot risk it being now. If I cannot contain this…I must burn it away!”

3:58  (To Stranger): I realise, today is an odd session to sit in on. 

3:58  (From Stranger): I can dig it

3:58  (From Syviis Adjeon): Grimacing “And I will not allow another mindless FORCE to harm my friends today…”

Ken (GM) there is a FLASH! and clap of thunder; your ears again painfully ring. A rush of air, ASgrit flies in all directions, and a plume of red smoke quickly blown away…

…and then syviis stands there…a bit bewlidered looking

4:00  (To Fiss): The high is gone, and all the power is expended!

4:00 Ken (GM): Roll HT-8 Fiss!

4:00 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(4+6+1)=11 

Nope! 😀

ken (GM) Syviis looks at you, and then collapses to the floor in a heap

Suðri Skornbrekker sees this and runs over.

Gray rushes to Syviis beside Suðri , looking to the other with concern and kneeling, reaching to touch her throat, to make sure she’s breathing and her heart beats.

Ken (GM) she appears to be breathing, but IS collapsed, unconscious

Suðri Skornbrekker checks if she is still breathi—

4:02 Ken (GM): breath-ception

4:02 P.P. A.: Do I need to roll First Aid to remember to put her laying sideways or can I do that without a roll? I’m afraid of another critical failure. ;_;

4:02 Ken (GM): lol

nope, thats good memory on your part

4:02 Fiss: When in doubt, PINKY OUT! But yeah, Recovery Position is good to know

4:03 Ken (GM): [also stop crit failing everything]

Suðri Skornbrekker remembers to place her in the recovery position, at least.

Gray nods to Suðri , relaxing and breathing out. He looks to their equipment, her armor, and the elf. Too much to carry in one trip. “Should we move her back to the entry hall or stand guard here?”

4:03 P.P. A.: [5+6+6], Suðri steps on her throat3P6dj9H.jpg

4:03 Fiss: lol

4:03 Ken (GM): again?

Suðri Skornbrekker thinks.

4:04 Fiss: If you kill me I’ll come back as a Healer…but one inspired by Dr House MD.

4:04 P.P. A.: that was a joke :p

4:04 Joush M.: Full points for Fiss though, for a moment though she was like the guy on heavy metal album cover.

4:04 Ken (GM): and this seems liek a good place to wrap for the day; Dreugar defeated and untold phenomenal cosmic power tapped into!

4:04 Fiss: Any session that includes Heavy Metal Album covers gets 5 stars in my book

4:05 Ken (GM): DR.Explosions! Whadja think?

4:05 P.P. A.: GURPS: every roll is scary

4:05 Fiss: Let’s just hope the elf lives. 😛

4:05 Doc: That was pretty intense

4:05 Joush M.: Thanks for the game! The elf had better live, that was fucking metal


4:06 P.P. A.: I love how intense everything is in GURPS

4:06 Fiss: Yeah, even with high skills, there’s always a challenge. I think  those were the longest ranged shots she’s done so far

4:06 P.P. A.: failed rolls actually have consequences, even if the threat seems minor

4:07 Ken (GM): yeah, I pushed a bit today, but you guys are definitely knocking on the door of fate here…

4:07 Joush M.: Gray got pretty battered, but it feels fair.

4:07 P.P. A.: not really, he just bore the brunt of the other two characters’ fuckups

4:07 Fiss: Yeah, no complaints. 😛 This is all part of the fun and we’re cocky fuckers anyway

4:07 Joush M.: Next time: Get some of those damn mask from Falkirk

4:07 P.P. A.: >Syviis says hello to angry lava demon

>Grey burns his throat


4:08 P.P. A.: >Suthri pushes a cannon and ignites the dust


4:08 P.P. A.: >Grey tries to save him and chokes

4:08 Fiss: Well, it’s true, everyone DOES like Lava. Only once, though…

Joush M. laughs

4:08 Fiss: Hehe

4:09 Joush M.: Yeahh.. that’s a good point PPA

Gray did play with the mystery wheel though. He tempted fate

4:09 Fiss: Well…who else is going to tempt fate if not us? 😛

4:09 Joush M.: Apparently it’s attached to the dice roller. That messed him up

4:09 P.P. A.: remember how he moved the wheel and there was the sound of stuff falling out somewhere? clearly all the good dice fell out with that

4:10 Ken (GM): god the RNG today.. there were a TON of badly timed big fails…

4:11 Joush M.: Ooh yeah. Good for Gray to remember to be humble. Did we get delicious points for today?

4:12 Ken (GM): ah! yes, 4 for everyone! Tasty tasty points

4:12 P.P. A.: in the vein of “what doesn’t kill me makes me tougher”, these plus 6 more will go into HT

4:12 Joush M.: More HT sounds pretty good

4:12 Ken (GM): thumbs up

4:12 Joush M.: I’ll let you escape man, thanks again for the game, it’s great

4:13 P.P. A.: Indeed, I really look forward to every session

4:13 Fiss: Better run and see how the kid & dawg are doing. Thanks again Ken, and fellow insane folks! Always a blast! Ken, I’ll bug you about that power-idea thing later.


[Another 25 nods to the count. Is that the running average now?]



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