Grimwyrd : Succumbing to Darkness

12:09 Ken (GM): I AM alive

12:10 P.P. A.: How do we know you’re not a lich?

12:10 Ken (GM): YOU DON’T; that’s half the fun


12:11 Joush M.: Glad to hear you are alive. How are you feeling?

12:11 Ken (GM):  just poking gandalf here


good bad news. Gandalf is running a bar now, full time job dropped in his lap which means his now-time is dead 😛 zero free saturday evenings, his time so yay! but BOOOO

12:15 Fiss: YABOO

12:16 Joush M.: I’m glad he’s got full time work. That sucks though. Is there a better time for him?

12:16 P.P. A.: :)|(

12:16 Ken (GM): not from what he tells me atm; bar work is busy weekends 😦 good to hear from him at least. (unlike a certain mr Horsa)

12:18 Joush M.: I hear that. It’s too bad to lose him but I hear you about  that. I hope he does well, I’ve enjoyed playing with him

12:19 P.P. A.: Aye, best of luck to him. Hopefully Adolf comes back some time soon, it’s almost getting lonely

12:20 Ken (GM): yeah, he moved cross-country, so likely he’s just in that weird zone of no-internet, working hard etc. devils advocate; you guys good with continuing with GrimWyrd for now? when 3/5 of the party disconnects for a length of time… makes me nervous

12:21 P.P. A.: I’m enjoying it

12:21 Fiss: Aye aye, capitan

12:21 Joush M.: I’d like to. I feel like the party balance is a little off. Gray’s.. not a thinker, so it leaves us without Falkirk to analyze things. On the other hand, I am having fun and I’d love to keep going

12:22 Fiss: It would be nice if we could grab a proper mage or two back into the party

12:22 Ken (GM): says the magic elf

12:22 Fiss: the missus would love to play I’m sure, but she’d only be available 50% of the time at best.

Bah…elf magic is like saying water is damp. 😛

12:24 P.P. A.: A friend of mine is into GURPS, and from what I’ve seen from him in another campaign, he could probably do Falkirk pretty well. Could ask him if he can and wants to join, if you’re open to it?

12:25 Ken (GM): can he handle the time slot, on the regular?

12:25 P.P. A.: I’d have to ask

12:25 Ken (GM): kay, if he can get him in touch with me. roll20 or such

12:26 P.P. A.: He’s a retired vet and might take up civil engineering, so neither now nor in the near future is he occupied with a job, so his schedule ought to be flexible though. he also tours around the country a lot; we’ll have to see

12:26 Ken (GM): huh, neat.

12:27 P.P. A.: I’ll relay him to you later

12:27 Ken (GM): well! where we last left off!

You three had bartered with the strange vampiric elven woman, exchanged info for her coins, and now know there is a key to the keep above you somewhere down in these depths. You explored a tomb, encountered a Dreugar, and got in an explosive fight with him!

12:28 P.P. A.: What are the chances of the derugar surviving! [11]Seems about right

12:28 Ken (GM): You had absconded with him to safety, and so far, his battered form is still breathing, despite your best efforts 

so; whats the plan?

Gray is carrying a viciously battered derugar, arm roughly severed by the blow from a razor-glaive and bound now with cord soaked with blood. The torniquete holding in lifeblood, perhaps long enough for the dwarf to answer questions. He will take the Fallen dwarf back to Falkirk and Bomrek in the atrium of the grand complex, glad to be free from the stygian darkness a while.

12:30 Ken (GM): so, scooby-doo back to the healer then?

12:30 P.P. A.: Carrying him to the one party member who can maybe make him less kill, then extract some information from him if he isn’t too traumatized 

Suðri Skornbrekker will help carry all that needs to be carried. The dwarf glances over his shoulder as they make their way towards the others, though; worried that the Dreugar’s many loud and pained cries have attracted more of his kind.

Gray lets the one person that can see in the dark carry a torch in the interest of irony. “I’m glad we survived that. Hopefully the smoke will have dispersed by the time we return.”

Ken (GM) The sound of roaring flame licking at the keep around you muffles as you run back to the forechamber; the smoke from the conflagration disappears into vents in the ceiling, and the air clears in only a few long steps from the hall. The Dreugar is burned, bleeding, but secure in the group’s hands for now

12:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Once you have dropped him, can you drop me the cannon? I’d like to set it up pointing at the corridor, in case he summoned reinforcements.”

Suðri Skornbrekker glances at the dwarf and winces a little. “If Falkirk can fix that, I’ll gladly forget his reaction when we fought the lady.”

Gray nods to the young dwarf. “It hit him like a hammer: The Rot is important to him somehow, and learning it’s impossible to cure…” The beast looks sad, setting down the wounded Dreugar and then putting the BFG on it’s tripod down for Suðri to ready facing the hall. He walks to Falkirk, studying the man’s body language a moment as the physician sits there in his raven’s head mask, then explaining what they’d heard from their second encounter with the elven vampire and about the Dreugar. He emphasizes the hunt for a Key.

12:36  (To Syviis Adjeon): Your magic senses get to tingling; something in the air has woken up with the fire, and you can feel it sweeping through the corridors around you as you head back up the hall. Large masses of…something…sweeping through the corridors, pushing away the smoke? Its odd. It feels like the elementals you met in the bog outside

Gray doesn’t hold back about the Rot. He tells Falkirk that according to the elven witch that the only cure is in the hands of the lord of Goroth, the Horned King.

12:37 Syviis Adjeon: The elf looks around at the halls, clearly feeling something off in the air.

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down the muskets he was carrying, all in reach, and prepares the cannon.

Ken (GM) Falkirk barely seems to notice you all coming back up the hall. Bomrek is quick to assist with the dark-skinned dwarf, but the mage sits, perched on the magic circle in the hall, his raven mask pouring over his tomes.

Syviis Adjeon readies a fresh arrow.

Suðri Skornbrekker often glances over his shoulder to listen in on what Falkirk and the others are doing, but the looming threat from the dark insides of the ruins keep him alert and on guard

Ken (GM) Falkirk sighs a long tired breath, and sets his book aside. “It is as I feared then Gray. All this work, for nearly nothing.” He closes his book with a final-sounding THWUMP. Puling off his mask, he looks at you, blinking in the dark “Why are you all so sooty? and bloody?”

Gray considers that. “I tried to prevent this Dreugar’s death. It’s bloody work, being a pretender to your profession. He might have some useful information, but his wounds are too much to question him.”

Syviis Adjeon nods. “He may even have access to the key we need to go further.”

Gray rubs a hand across his jaw. “As to the soot.. we found a room filled with rot. It burned fericely.”

Falkirk: “There are wounded?!” Falkirk springs up, looking about, a bit confused, but he spies the crimson stained body on the floor. He rushes over immediately

Ken (GM) The dull sound of the fire, far down the hall, seems to be dying away. You hear a crash, and a thin plume of dust falls from the ceiling as the tremble in the walls reaches you up here.

Gray looks to the hall. “It might have collapsed that room.”

12:43 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…that would be good. It would block off the tomb; and whatever they used that room for, dragging bloody corpses into it, is better prevented.”

Suðri Skornbrekker does not add anything to Gray’s story; his summary was good, and made the whole thing sound much less messy than it had really been.

12:43  (To Syviis Adjeon): Again, the feeling of those mindless air beasts pushes past you. Something big and invisible to your other senses is reacting to the fire down there

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s attention is immediately jerked back to the sounds from within. His eyes peeled, and making sure that they align with the aim of his cannon.

12:44 Syviis Adjeon: shivers “I keep feeling the air itself is alive here….does anyone else feel as if we are being watched by more than just the ghosts of spores?”

Gray scents the air like a beast, drawing his attention away from Falkirk. Watching the dark and hunting for anything to fight as a hand rest at his sword’s hilt. “I don’t sense anything. It might be something you are more sensitive to.”

Falkirk’s hands pour over the dark dwarf’s wounds, and he raises his voice to the elf’s question “Syviis, if you’re worried about the elementals, they are nothing more than slugs. Quickly though, assist! Put pressure here on his wound! He’s bleeding fiercely” 

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Syviis, a little surprised. “When we stood in front of the gate, a voice was talking to me, bidding us… welcome. We’re definitely being watched.”

Syviis Adjeon sighs “Slugs or not… I suppose a bit of paranoia is only natural…”

12:46 Gray: rolling 3d6 for Perception, just in case.


12:46  (To Gray): The air here is crystal clear, swirling with nothing more than the smells of the party around you. Clean, immaculate here. Nothing stirs in the dark corners here.

Gray kneels then, to assist Falkirk

Suðri Skornbrekker isn’t sure what to think about Syviis sensing that they’re being watched; it’s comforting to have someone else notice, but it also confirms it.

Syviis Adjeon lowers her arrow and tries to help with the first aid-ing

Suðri Skornbrekker does not, he did enough damage last time. T_T

Bomrek, grim, begins reciting in dwarven something dark and foreboding over falkirk’s work

12:47  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): He’s intoning a prayer to the allfather, to guide this dark dwarf to his kin. Seems he thinks the fellow might not make it

Suðri Skornbrekker seems to slump a little, and joins Bomrek in his muttering.

Falkirk invokes his power, and white light gathers at his hands, flowing in soothing waves over the broken black skinned dwarf “Oh would the two of you not be so melodramatic when i’m working!?” Falkirk moans


12:49 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(1+6+4)11 vs Healing IQ roll

rolling 3d6(6+6+6)18 vs ???

12:49 Joush M.: Falkirk is slightly distracted..

12:49 Fiss: oooh shit

12:49 P.P. A.: I accidentally the whole dreugar

Ken (GM) Just as falkirk speaks, there is a flash of bright crimson light from the Dreugar!


And in a furiously expressive clap of thunder, he explodes into a pile of gore! SPLORTCH


Gray attempts to drag Falkirk back to protect him from splinters of bone and steaming blood that burst away from the Dreugar.

Ken (GM) a fountain of blood sprays in all directions form the body, which seems to curl up on itself impossibly, crushed by some unseen force, squeezed like a ripe orange

Suðri Skornbrekker is fortunate to have turned around sluggishly, the blood and gore mostly hitting hsi back and his side, rather than his face. “…what…?” he asks in disbelief

Syviis Adjeon blinks in honest surprise and shock…glad she still has her scarf around her mouth

Suðri Skornbrekker grabs his musket and aims it at whatever is going on, anicipating a blood demon or something to emerge.

Gray drips with steaming gore and offal, drops falling from his body as he checks Falkirk for injury, examining the man only a few years older then him with those amber eyes.

Falkirk says nothing. He sits, in shocked disbelief at the mound, his hands steaming with sizzling blood

12:53 Syviis Adjeon: “Are…you alright?”

Ken (GM) The gore pile is a tangled mass of unrecognizable features. Nothing of the dwarf remains but for a twitching finger, or a tooth, the rest all red ruby chunks

Ken (GM) and then…

Ken (GM) The mound burbles, and an eye pushes out from the edge of the ball, blinking, staring. It’s cross-pupil, like that of a goat, all golden and strangeB58_EyeGlobe.png

Suðri Skornbrekker hates this place.

Suðri Skornbrekker aims harder

Gray draws Falkirk back from the mess pushing him away, staring at the thing. “Like the Blood Deamon!”

12:56  (To Gray): Exactly like the blood demon’s form

Syviis Adjeon pulls out her bush-knife, glaring at the eye

Ken (GM) smaller eyes, each blinking, moving of their own accord, press out from the surface of the thing. It CROAKS and a maw, nearly the width of it, opens up all barbed teeth punching out every which way from lips of bloody meat.

Gray makes sure the physician’s clear from the mess and looks to what twisted thing remains of that horrifying vision, staring at the demonic eyes that gaze around from the ruined body of the dead Dwarf. He readies his sword.

Suðri Skornbrekker only hesitates to pull the trigger because he’s not sure something that came from a mangled corpse can even be killed that way.

Bomrek curses darkly, and dashes for his pack and big gun (much more sure that violence will help)

12:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Doc. What?” he asks Falkirk quietly in as few words as possible.

Ken (GM) The thing’s eyes all turn to stare at Bomrek’s sudden movement, and a long tentacle pushes out of it’s side!


12:59 Fiss: tentacoool!

12:59 P.P. A.: Slowly, or quickly?

12:59 Ken (GM): insidiously

12:59 Joush M.: I choose you, fucking sword!

12:59 Ken (GM): [sword of fuck]

Gray steps up with a growl to slash at the thing. “Unnatural beast!”

1:00 Syviis Adjeon: Stabbity Stabbity, Stabbity Stabbity!

will stab

Ken (GM) gray’s sword lashes out, plunges into the thing, and it crumples. Blood gushes, and it deflates like a hideous party balloon

1:01  (To Gray): You feel your sword connect inside with something…fragile? like you hit glass? much unlike other things made of flesh that you’ve struck

Gray watches as blood pours out to lap at his boots.. looking down to the creature then to the ruin. “Something inside broke when I struck it. I don’t know if it’s dead or not. Do we burn it?”

1:03 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Yes.”

Falkirk finally moves from his seat. he leans forward, and plunges a hand into the heap of gore. He pokes about, and draws his hand back…grasping a chunk of ruby red crystal…”a heartstone, as I suspected. Just like the demon root

Bomrek spits at the sight “I’ll get the black powder and some wood…”

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes opened wide when he saw the doctor plunge his hand into the doubly-dead demon dwarf, but his worries that the doc has gone insane are alleviated by his apparently intentional discovery.: “So it was inside the Dreugar all this time?”

Falkirk tilts his head, and stands up, considering his gory prize “No…I dont think…its odd. Almost….” and he trails off

1:06  (To Syviis Adjeon): The thing is pinging magical. Like a bright candle in a dark room

Gray stands there, tenseing when Falkirk probes the wound. He dislikes the danger the man exposes himself to.. frowning. Letting the man think. The front hall beyond cleaning, but at least he can take the ruined.. bag.. of Dark Dwarven flesh from the floor to drag outside. Blackpowder and wood to burn it. Once it burns he will return to Falkirk to ask him what the hell is going on.

Bomrek shouts back into the hall “Suðri ! We got those shovels still? I think he’ll need it!” chuckling to himself

Suðri Skornbrekker sighs and points Bomrek to the horse that carries the shovels. He returns to stare into the abyss, keeping watch.

Ken (GM) The abyss stares back. Dark, and uncompromising

1:09  (To Fiss): Also; you wanna elf-lore the ‘heartstone’? The name Falkirk used is familiar

1:09  (From Syviis Adjeon): yus rolling 3d6(5+5+1)=11

1:11  (To Syviis Adjeon): The great spirits of the world, the powerful beings who have crossed from other veils, they live in bodies fashioned of the world around them. Elementals make bodies of stone, water, even fire. Their hearts are pure focused points of their essence, and many tales spoke of their “hearts of stone”.

1:11 Gray: “Could the crystal be some manner of key? Is that horror what the vampire referred to?”

Falkirk turns the stone in his hands, looking at it from different angles, brushing off stray bits of meat from it’s surface. “No, this item’s auras don’t…quite…match what we should be looking for. Funny, it reminds me of the blood demon a bit” he says, an absent smirk on his face

1:14 Gray: “Horrors born of blood and death.. You don’t know anymore about it?” He asks, growling at the questions without answer. he wonders if he’s asking the right ones.

Syviis Adjeon sighs and nods. “According to the tales I know, this is likely the heart…like a focused point of elemental power that great spirits and beings use to anchor themselves to this world.

Falkirk “no it’s less like that and more pure. like…a natural formation? if those are the words”

Syviis Adjeon nods.

Falkirk stares at Syviis, eyes wide “YES! like an elemental being!”

Gray nods to Bomrek and frowns. Unhappy with the elf and physicians discussion of the horrors. He looks around alert for danger. “An.. elemental? What is a great spirit?”

Bomrek returns, a bundle of mossy wood under one arm, smelling of the swamp, and a shovel in the other

1:18  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): In the darkness, down the chasm of the tunnel, you hear something echo back up to you form the dark. Voices?

1:18  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): A voice? Calling a name? It is faint, reverberating. “Krall?” it sounds like?The door.png

1:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “A death elemental?” Suðri scoffs, his sarcasm masking the chills running down his spine.

Suðri Skornbrekker instantly turns back to the tunnel whirling weapons drawn: “I heard something!”

Syviis Adjeon stands slowly and re-draws an arrow at the ready

Falkirk snaps his fingers, blood splattering from the uncleaned gore “YES! exactly Suðri! That’s what it must have been! Brilliant! Some kinds of elemental of pain, suffering, or possibly death. Coalesced into this …. form” He gestures around himself, the blood and guts. His wide grin belies the nature of the conversation

Suðri Skornbrekker ponders. “…might be a comrade of Mr. Mushpile who’s come to look for him. He seems to be calling out a name.”

Falkirk continues excitedly muttering to himself, pocketing the red stone absentmindedly while shuffling off to his books, wringing his hands.

Suðri Skornbrekker is kinda happy that this is distracting him from Falkirk’s ramblings, he really didn’t need that confirmation.

Bomrek stops arranging a funeral pyre at Suðri hushed outburst, and picks up his double barrel musket. The blade rings a bit as he snaps the bayonet into place.

Gray calls to the doctor, unnecessarily. “Wash up before you study.” Then turns to join Suðri. “We’ve drawn attention. The other Fallen Dwarves will come for us.”

1:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That… might be for the better. They know these tunnels better than we do; if they come to us, they lose that advantage.”He picks up his musket, not willing to fire the cannon unless a whole host of dwarves starts pouring out of the dark. “Let’s hope not all of them explode int Death Elementals,” he jokes grimly.

Gray shivers “A fresh horror to consider. We will have to be ready for that.” He agrees with Suori, though the blood-drenched beastman smiles faintly as he stands there beside the door.. calling down the hallway, powerful voice echoing from the stone. “We are the Grayhold Militia! We challenge you!”

Suðri Skornbrekker #yolo

Bomrek checks his powder, and mutters in dwarven

Syviis Adjeon chuckles. “Don’t tell them that. Now they’ll know who to curse.”

Bomrek backs up to a pillar and takes a knee, aiming down the tunnel mouth

Suðri Skornbrekker counts the muskets next to him. “Bring some more guns if you can.”

Bomrek points to the spare muskets and a barrel of powder, tucked by the wall nearby

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around to see whom he actually yelled that at, and his eyes fall on the idle Falkirk. “Falkirk?”

1:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah, okay,” he responds to Bomrek.

Suðri Skornbrekker wonders if they should pull back any, but this is a nice bottleneck.

Falkirk seems lost in thought. He’s staring deeply into a thick tome…and in his one hand a small glowing golden rune on a red gem sparkles

Suðri Skornbrekker isn’t sure whether to have hope or fear that Falkirk can figure out how to summon a Death Elemental himself, so that then the pile of Dreugar corpses pile up, they will coalesce and fight the reinforcements.

1:31  (To Syviis Adjeon): You can feel the obvious magic coming from the item in Falkirks hand. Deep and flowing. Like standing by a dark river of black water. It’s swirling all about him over there…

Ken (GM) From down the tunnel, you hear a voice, clear and sharp, calling up to you. It speaks in a dark tongue

1:32  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): It sounds like the nearly-dwarven. Something like “[friend][foe][interrogative?]”

Gray can’t understand, looking to the others to see if anybody else dose. “I don’t speak Golroth”. Anyone know what he’s talking about?” Gray does spare an occasional worried look to Falkirk.

Suðri Skornbrekker is a bit surprised.

Syviis calls to Falkirk in elven…but he neither moves nor lifts his head. The gem twinkles

1:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “He’s asking if we’re friend or foe…”

Suðri Skornbrekker cups his hands and shouts back in Dwarven: “We want to the fortress. Friend or foe—your choice!”giphy.gif

Syviis Adjeon looks between the tunnel and Falkirk, then begins to move back to the physician, clearly concerned at the magic machinations he’s working on.

Gray is glad when Syviis goes to check on Falkirk, trusting her to see to the physician and keep him from doing anything too reckless with that wicked crystal. The beastial man stands guard at the tunnel mouth, sparing an occasional look to the doors at the other end of the chamber.

1:38  (To Syviis Adjeon): The man has nothing in his eyes. Swirls of black float on the surface of them, like black pools of water stirred by a dark hand. He stares at the tome as if enraptured. His jaw is slack. His grip on the gemstone is tight and white-knuckled

Ken (GM) From the depths of the tunnel, you hear Sudri’s challenge echo. And then nothing…

Suðri Skornbrekker goes back to aiming as he waits for a reply—of whatever kind it may be.

….Then a sharp noise; the grating of metal and stone. A crashTHUD as something hits the floor of the place, the sound echoing up to you from the dark depths and then…a metal SCREAM

Syviis Adjeon mutters something clearly distressed in elvish as she tries to get Falkirk’s attention

Suðri Skornbrekker grows a little pale.

Gray growls at the intense, painful sound, settling in beside the hall. “Closing the portcullis to hold us out?”

1:42 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I seriously hope that’s not the damned statue coming to life.”


1:42 Syviis Adjeon: in elven “Doctor, this is not the time to risk drowning in the darker powers…” glances back at the horrific noises “In fact, I’m more certain of that than ever!”


1:42 Gray: “You killed a dragon. A golem should be just another day to you.”

Ken (GM) massive booming noises start at a regular pulse, something heavy crashing against stone and dirt. Drawing methodically nearer

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down his musket and clings to his cannon. He yells back at Bomrek in Dwarven about [more cannons] and [more firepower]!

1:43  (To Syviis Adjeon): His voice comes quietly, barely a whisper over the noise “I can draw some out Syviis…I can grasp The Darkness here…its such a deep pool! Bottomless…power…”




Gray sheaths the sword and takes up a Cheap musket, setting it balanced on top of his shield and aiming down the hallway after drawing the weapon to full cock, flipping open the pan to check the priming.

Suðri Skornbrekker is ready to fire as soon as this thing gets in reach…

1:44  (From Syviis Adjeon): she grabs his shoulders and kneels down “Then let me help, or pull you back, but do not risk diving in alone!”

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t even feel fear anymore, pumped full of adrenaline. If fate wants to fuck him over, with escalating horrors, bring it on, his firearms are stuffed with powder!

1:45  (To Syviis Adjeon): His eyes look up to you for a moment. He blinks once. Then collapses, unconscious. The red stone falls from his hand, and the light winks out. 

Suðri Skornbrekker makes sure to shout some insults and threats in Dwarven towards whoever is listening down there.

Ken (GM) Falkrik, collapses beside Syviis, the stone in his hand clattering to the floor between the crashing noise of the thing approaching

Syviis Adjeon swears loudly in elf, lowering Falkirk carefully to the ground




1:47 Gray: “Falkirk!.. Damn.. Is he alright?” He worries for his friend, more than for the horror that seems to draw ever closer with every crashing footfall.

1:49 Syviis Adjeon: to Gray “I pray he is…give me a moment to check”

Suðri Skornbrekker recalls the height and built of the statue, aiming the cannon in such a way that it would hit either the head or the centre of gravity of the thing once it comes up [unless the legs were big enough t be an easy target?]

1:50 Syviis Adjeon: checks him over for breathing/first aid if needed, and quickly finds a scrap of cloth / leather if she can to secure the magical trinkets as well


Ken (GM) …BOOM

Ken (GM) ……boom

… The steps slow a bit, still loud, still from the dark of the tunnel beyond your sight

Suðri Skornbrekker …?

Ken (GM) And then they halt, altogether.

Suðri Skornbrekker is getting a bit angry, having gotten so pumped up and ready to shoot, now only to be deprived of his target.


1:52 P.P. A.: Initiative, I take it.

:53 Ken (GM): INITIATIVE Suðri!

1:53 Syviis Adjeon: +1 for combat ref?

1:53 Ken (GM): yus!

1:53 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 1d6 + 6(3)+69

1:53 Ken (GM): no surprise on youse guys!

1:53 Syviis Adjeon: 9.5

Suðri Skornbrekker 10

1:54 Gray:rolling 1d6(2)=2

1:54 Joush M.: Doh! Well, it’s +7

1:54 Ken (GM):rolling 1d6(2)=2

8.5 for Bomrek; Syviis and Gray got decimals on basic speed?

1:56 Syviis Adjeon: She’s 5.5 basic speed now…yay HT! 9.5 total

1:56 Ken (GM): right, that breaks your tie

rolling 1d6(6)=


IT ends up at the top!

1:57 P.P. A.: Good, then it can get a bit closer before I blow it up! The size modifier on that thing must be tremendous

1:57 Joush M.: Nope, I spent to round up to 6

1:57 Syviis Adjeon: ( ?° ?? ?°)

1:57 Ken (GM): which reminds me! The dwarves have SM-1 from dwarfism! and Gray is +1 as well! cant keep forgetting that!

1:58 Joush M.: Is it Dwarfism, or just Race?

1:58 Ken (GM): so you will note, Ill take a to hit penalty against Sudri and Bomrek, and a +1 bonus against whacking Gray

Gray is relatively easy to hit, given his massive size.

1:58 Ken (GM): yus he is

1:59 Joush M.: Dwarves also buy armor at .5 or .62 (depending on Low Tech Companion 2 or Basic Set rules) cost and weight.

Ken (GM) The thing clamours into view; the statue from the South of the great hall has come to life! red glows in it’s eyes behind it’s helmet slits. It bears it’s jagged edged axe and it’s bloody armor gleams in the red magic light; it also has a slab of steel, in the shape of a battred and spike edged shield welded in place on it’s mechanical arm

Gray speaks to Suori. “I owe you. You were right.”

2:00 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Alas.”

Ken (GM) it barrels down the tunnel, striking sparks where it’s metal limbs brush the stone walls! It is charging ahead recklessly to the fray! [it is size +4 for reference]

2:01 Ken (GM): SKORNBREKKA you’re up!

Suðri Skornbrekker bellows: “[YOU WANT LOUD AND SCARY I’LL GIVE YOU LOUD AND SCARY]” in Dwarven, and he fires his cannon!


2:03 P.P. A.: Aiming at its head… which should be -4, +4 for size, -? for distance, and +? for aiming? He’s been aiming for some time and already in such a way that it would aim high, based on how tall he remembered the statue to be. [I also don’t know the stats of the cannon, though]

2:05 Ken (GM): face is a -5, size is +4 acc on that gun should be…2, distance is 8 so another -4, net -3!

2:06 Suðri Skornbrekker: uh

2:06 P.P. A.: ^



Is there something that’s close to the head but incurs less of a penalty

2:07 Joush M.: You could try for a limb shot at -2. Taking out a leg might end the thing’s threat and let us pound it while it crawls around.

2:07 P.P. A.: Yeah, I’ll aim for the leg instead 

2:08 Ken (GM): kk, turns into a shot against gunner(cannon) +0 then!

2:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v14

2:09 P.P. A.: phew, (that would have hit the head too, but too risky 😛 )

2:09 Ken (GM): BOOM! you swivel the massive gun at his leg as he clambers up!

rolling 3d6(4+3+3)10 vs Dodge

he jukes, fails, and his knee bursts into a spray of metal and stone fragments!

2:10 P.P. A.: how long is the reload time on that cannon?

2:10 Ken (GM): awhile, damage however is 7dpi++

2:10 Joush M.: 40 seconds, IIRC

2:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: [29]

2:10 Ken (GM): JESUS the leg EXPLODES

rolling 3d6(2+2+6)10 vs HT(major wound)

parts of it spray in all directions!

rolling 3d6(5+5+2)12 vs DX to stay standing after losing a leg

and it stumbles!

Gray drips with blood, lit by the brilliant muzzle flare of the heavy, tripod-mounted gun as the massive beast bares down on them, the statue staggering forward and stumbling. “Fall, damn you!” He growls.

2:12 Ken (GM): it trips forward! caught up by its momentum and the hit to the leg!

Suðri Skornbrekker watches with a maddened grin, fuelled by excitement and dread, as the shot connects and the leg crumbles, taking the colossus with it to the ground.

2:12 Ken (GM): SYVIIS!

Syviis Adjeon rises and re-arms herself, then turns from Falkirk to face the new challenge, praying he’ll be safe until this is sorted.

2:12 Fiss: And also: That was fucking rad as fuck.

2:13  (To Fiss): falkirk is limp on the floor :X

2:13 Fiss: Damn good job, dwarv-guns!

2:13 P.P. A.: Firearms are much more fun than magic 😀

2:13 Ken (GM): GRAY!

2:13 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Bomrek, another!” he calls out as soon as the din of the cannon firing and the mountain of metal hitting the ground has rung out.

Gray aims at the Right Arm of the animated statue with the musket he holds braced on his shield.

2:14 Joush M.: End Turn! Yeah, great shot PPA

2:14 Ken (GM): BOMREK! The dwarf cusses about big metal beasties, and scrambles to setup the other big gun 

back to IT!

Ken (GM) The massive thing picks itself up, the metal leg nearly ruined, but it gets it’s stump underneath itself, and slowly begins to get up!

2:15 Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!

2:16 P.P. A.: Begins to get up as in it can’t immediately move again next turn?

2:16 Joush M.: looks like it made 2 posture changes. I’d expect it to move next turn

2:16 Ken (GM): it’s at the position “kneeling” right now. It can move again next turn

2:16 P.P. A.: Hm

2:16 Joush M.: Ooh, yeah

2:17 P.P. A.: it moved 6 hexes or so on the first turn

I’m 8 or so away



Suðri Skornbrekker quickly grabs his main musket and braces it against the cannon, aiming at the giant. He had hoped it would stay down for longer, what with only having one leg to stand on now.

Suðri Skornbrekker ends his turn with that, btw

2:18 P.P. A.: Is it going to hop on one leg or hobble on a stump?

2:18 Ken (GM): ~handwiggle~

2:19 P.P. A.: :V

Syviis, a giant metal thing is coming atcha!

Syviis Adjeon is more worried about it coming at me through my friends

Gray needs a harpoon.

2:19 Syviis Adjeon: running up to join the fray! [shoves token dangerously forward]

2:19 Ken (GM): Gray! You have aimed a turn on the thing! 7 yards is a -3 fyi

Gray fires, trying to take the right arm. -3 Distance, +4 Size, +1 Acc, -2 target (R. Arm) for 0

total modifers vs SL 12

2:21 Gray:rolling 3d6(3+3+2)=8

2:21 Ken (GM): BOOM, the shot strikes true against it’s steely arm!

2:22 Gray: rolling 4d6+2 for pi++ damage from overpacked bomrek-special Musket

(4+1+2+2)+211 Pi++

2:22 Ken (GM): augh!

2:22 Joush M.: Somebody did a bad job of loading that one

2:22 Ken (GM): the shot leaves a dent in the skin, barely punching into the armor!

Gray discards the gun and roars, reaching for his sword as the musket, still smoking, clatters to the stone.

Ken (GM) dwarven cursing in the distance from bomrek, about the care of guns

2:24 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It’s getting back up, hope you have that cannon ready soon!”

2:23 Ken (GM): BOMREK! hauls on the other gun, swiveling it on it’s casing, pulling at the mechanisms “I don’ have a line on it!” he bellows

2:24 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Wait until it comes closer…”



2:25 Ken (GM): it braces it’s shield arm on the wall, and pulls itself forward! Hauled itself up 3 hexes, shield arm is holding itself up against the wall

[measure length from just in front of it’s helm there, if you could please]


2:27 P.P. A.: so now the distance penalty should be… -2?

2:27 Ken (GM): -3!

2:27 P.P. A.: hm -3 for distance, +2 accuracy, +4 size… so +3, -5 would be against 13… any bonuses or penalties I’m forgetting? oh, +1 from bracing, right?

2:29 Ken (GM): no darkness issues, thanks to the lighting in here and your darkvision

2:29 Ken (GM): ah yeah, +1 bracing

Suðri Skornbrekker decides to fire a shot at the head, however unsure if there’s even anyting vital to hit in there.

2:30 Suðri Skornbrekker: 7v14

2:30 Ken (GM): well, it is a big metal monstrosity, but it’s red glowing eyes are the only vulnerable looking target there

the shot flies true!

rolling 3d6(4+2+2)8 vs dodge

and the thing fails to dodge! It does try to move it’s head out the way, but takes the shot to the face!

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s shot connects and deals [18] pi++ damage!

2:32 Ken (GM): awesome!  the helmet-clad head rings like a gong!

rolling 3d6(6+6+4)16 vs HT(major wound)


2:32 Joush M.: It’s almost like he loaded his own gun more carefully than the one he gave me

2:32 Ken (GM): haha

2:33 P.P. A.: nah, you just took one of the cheap ones issued to the army; this one’s his personal one

Ken (GM) the faceplate on the thing shatters open, bits of metal flying everywhere! Red light pours from the wound, as well as red gems! falling like sand from an hourglass!

Suðri Skornbrekker oh good, a giant death metal elemental

Ken (GM) the thing screams, dropping it’s massive axe to the floor, clattering loudly

Gray can’t help but think that’s pretty fucking awesome, even as his head rings from the concussion of repeated gunfire in a closed space. “That’s why you don’t fuck with Suðri of the northern holds, Monster!”

2:36 Ken (GM): SYVIIS! its still up! screaming!

Syviis Adjeon takes a long pull of her bow and lets loose with a pulse of bright lightning covering the arrow, [hoping if the tiny metal point cannot pierce the metal, the energy will have better luck.]

2:36 Syviis Adjeon:  rolling 3d6 vs 15 for bow


2:36 Joush M.: took you a bit but you got there. Just shooting whatever presents itself?

2:36 Ken (GM): that was just torso shot, ya?

2:36 Syviis Adjeon: Yep Could have gone for the face, should have, but oh well. 😛


2:38 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(3+1+4)= 8

Hahahah NOPE

rolling 1d6 + 1 + 4d6 (1) +1+ (1+5+6+6= 2 Imp, 18 Burn

2:38 Ken (GM): ah!

2:38 Syviis Adjeon: yes

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: glad that 8 is a bad dodge

2:39 P.P. A.: I’m sure the giant, missing one leg and stuck in a cramped tunnel, will have better luck dodging next time

Ken (GM) Syviis’ arrow flies true, punches into the metal, then a THUNDERBOLT flies after! The lightning trails along it’s limbs in blue arcs and then the red gems pouring from it’s ruined face EXPLODE!

2:40  (To Syviis Adjeon): Hitting magic elemental gems with electrical magical blasts? 😛

Gray wonders how well lightning will damage metal as he stands dazed from the brilliant bolt that flew from Syviis’s elegant bow… then the gems the thing was bleeding explode. He lifts his shield to shelter from the flying crimson dust and blast.



Ken (GM) chunks of metal fly in all directions! showering you with molten shards of hot steel!

2:41 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(1+3+1)5 vs Shrapnel!

Gray! better dodge! or block!

2:41 Syviis Adjeon: oh shit fam

2:42 P.P. A.: last session: enemies were a vampire and a dwarf, most dangerous encounter was an accidental fire

this session: enemies are a giant metal golem and probably more dwarves, most dangerous encounter is flying scrap metal

2:43 Gray: rolling 3d6 to block vs 13


2:43 Ken (GM): woo!

Gray really got lucky there

2:43 Ken (GM):rolling 1d6 + 1(1)+1=2

A chunk of metal slams into the shield for 2 impaling damage!

rolling 3d6(5+5+1)11 vs Shrapnel!

Suðri ! Dodge!

2:44 Joush M.: Better not get decapitated by a bit of metal now. That would just be embarrassing.

2:44 Syviis Adjeon: >_<

Suðri Skornbrekker dodges, diving behind the cannon for it to shield him. 9v8

2:45 P.P. A.: reeeee

2:45 Ken (GM): you are hit in the rolling 3d6(1+5+5)11


rolling 1d6 + 1(3)+14

4 impaling to the dick-like area!


Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s face distorts and he exclaims a Dwarven swear, his voice of a slightly higher pitch than usual

2:46 Syviis Adjeon: o____o

2:46 P.P. A.: There wasn’t a codpiece on the equipment list

rolling 3d6(2+1+3)=6 vs Shrapnel!

2:46 Ken (GM): fiss! dodge!

2:46 P.P. A.: do the breastplate or the leggings shield tha area?

2:47 Syviis Adjeon: ….shrapnel is hitting from 15 hexes away??

2:47 Ken (GM): just barely fiss, ya, and I rolled a 6

2:47 Syviis Adjeon: Cool, okay

Acrobatic dodge attempt! + diving

2:47 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(5+4+2)11 vs 11 acrobatics

2:47 Ken (GM): ppa, you have at least cloth armor on underneath right?

dodge +2+3! : rolling 3d6(4+3+6)13

Eh… nope, even with bonuses I think

2:48 Ken (GM): dodge 8 +2 acro+3 dive ya?

2:48 Syviis Adjeon: Oh, then yeah!

Gray has on a sensible chain hauberk that covers the whole of the torso and groin. And lots of sympathy for a poor dwarf.

2:48 P.P. A.: ooooh wait I forgot that I have combat reflexes now! that’s +1 to dodge, right?

2:48 Ken (GM): yay!

2:48 Joush M.: Yep, Combat Reflexes gives +1 to all defenses

2:48 P.P. A.: 😀

2:48 Syviis Adjeon: + Combat Reflexes, hell yeah!

2:49 P.P. A.: argh nevermind I didn’t factor in Encumbrance which puts me at 7 dodge

so 7+1 is still just 8 ;_;

2:50 Ken (GM): and finally vs bomrek

rolling 3d6(5+3+3)11 vs Shrapnel!

2:50 Ken (GM): a piece goes whizzing just past him

2:50 Fiss:  Sorry for blowing up the party…. o_o

Gray pulls the fragment of hot metal from his shield and tosses it aside, the unadorned rectangle of wood with an iron boss unharmed by the impact and the towering brute’s chainmail rustles under his leather surcoat as he turns. “Well fought, I’m glad nobody was closer.. Suðri!” he winces “Are you hurt badly?”

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The damage isn’t lethal, but… ugh…”

2:52 Ken (GM): bleed bleed

Suðri Skornbrekker drags himself up and braces himself against the cannon, one of his hands covering his manhood

2:52 Ken (GM): First aid I hope!

2:52 P.P. A.: Is the Doc still out cold?

2:52 Ken (GM): like a rock

2:52 P.P. A.: fug

Syviis Adjeon rushes over to help with First Aid

2:53 Ken (GM): Bomrek knows how to fix a dwarf!

Gray nods and winces again, coming over to check the injury and looking to Falkirk before looking around. Despite his luck with the dark dwarf, he knows little of how to heal others and tends to simply trust his own unnatural vitality to heal himself.

2:53 Syviis Adjeon: Ahh, even better

2:53 P.P. A.: If we’re not immediately rushed by dorfs, I’ll put some points into it after this session

2:54 Ken (GM): lol kk

so Bomre, vs 10 First Aid

rolling 3d6(4+5+3)12


2:54 P.P. A.: …

2:54 Ken (GM): he pulls out the chunk without killing you, and packs the wound with gauze. Splashes it with whiskey

2:54 P.P. A.: >bring down a giant metal golem and blow open his face

>get hit in the balls and fondled by an incompetent drunkard dorf

2:55 Bomrek: “Just for that, I’m not sharing this” and he pockets his whiskey

2:55 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Arrghhh… well, thanks.”

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to drag himself back on his feet, but the pain jolting through his pelvic area makes that a bit too uncomfortable.

Gray nods to the others, then turns back to the hall to watch for danger, seeing if more will try to face them. That and looking to the crimson gems. “Strange they burst like that. What the hell are they?”

2:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Please reload the cannon, I’ll reload the muskets. They’ve got another one of those statues down there.”

2:56 Bomrek: “Bah! its only a flesh wound. You’ll heal in a few days. More bruises than anything!”

Gray nods, returning the shield to his back and reloading the heavy cannon carefully.

Bomrek Sets about checking the guns, and assisting repacking the cannon

2:57 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs Gunner 12 to reload (5+1+2)=8

2:58 Ken(GM): takes about a minute, nice and clean and refilled

Suðri Skornbrekker does get up, finally, after he indulges in a bit of self-pity whilst reloading his muskets.

2:58 Ken (GM): so! What next 😀

2:59 Syviis Adjeon: “I’ll see to Falkirk, he collapsed”

2:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Grey, give me yours, I’ll reload it too,” and inspect it for damage from being dropped so carelessly, but he won’t hold it against the Beastman.

2:59 Ken (GM): hah

Gray slams the butt to the ground, runs a clean patch down the gun, then reloads and primes the gun before rigging a sling with a length of cord to sling it across his back, picking up a torch with his hand and walking to go check on Falkirk. He dose let Suðri check the crudely sling- attached Cheap military musket for damage or loading errors.

3:00  (To Fiss): Falkirk is cold to the touch. Slack jawed, staring. His eyes are still swirling with black magical energies. He is unresponsive 

Suðri Skornbrekker checks up on the mechanism and inspects it; finding nothing, he hands it back to Gray. “We should move the other cannon here as well. If they don’t sent the other giant after us, they themselves might be coming here in force soon.”

Suðri Skornbrekker is going to buy a big, obscene codpiece if they ever make it back to Greyhold in one piece

Gray puts a blanket on Falkirk and swears softly at the physician’s condition. Studying his eyes a moment then trying to speak to him, no positive response.

3:03  (From Syviis Adjeon): this is pretty much beyond her magical expertise, but she’ll try to reach out to the powers and auras, focusing on them, mediating if needed, trying to read more / break through. If nothing works, she has a plan B, but this is more likely atm.

3:03 Gray: “The dark magic of this place seems to have overwhelmed him. Filled him, even.. I trust him to be strong enough, but I wish I could ask Falkirk what to do about someone in Falkirk’s condition.”

3:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “He was playing with that crystal, wasn’t he?”

3:04 Gray: “He touched the broken crystal, and last was touching this coin and reading this book.”

Syviis Adjeon nods, though keeps her focus inward, trying to reach Falkirk with her own limited magical talents

3:05  (To Fiss): Drop me meditation to start

3:05 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(5+5+2)=12

3:05  (From Syviis Adjeon): damn, fail by 1

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard, but as he knows nothing of magic, there is nothing he can contribute..

Gray will pack the crystal and coin in salt, risking touching them to keep the Dark Magic well insulated from who it might harm, then turns his attention back to Falkirk.

3:06  (To Fiss): not a great start: there are swirls of energies here, but they seem quite likely focused on the magical stone he was fucking about with

3:09 Syviis Adjeon: turns to Gray “Let me try. He spoke of power flowing from the stone, perhaps I can coax it to flow back.”

Gray hates the idea of risking another with the stone, but removes it from the salt and holds it out to her.

Syviis Adjeon steels herself mentally and plucks the stone from the salt, then sits at Falkirk’s head, eyes closed and focused with it in her lap/hands

3:11  (To Fiss): Roll vs will + talent [14]

3:12 Syviis Adjeon: Rolling 3d6(1+3+5)9


Gray believes that salt provides some protection from dark and corrupting influences. This may or may not be true.

Suðri Skornbrekker trusts these two to take care of the doctor. He walks over to the other  cannon to move it closer to the tunnel entrance.He goes to his horse to chug some water, maybe help himself to a little of the communal liquor, and then resumes guard duty at the maw of darkness.

Ken (GM) Syviis stiffens visibly when taking the stone form Gray, but recovers. Not unlike the reaction HE had when gray first plucked this stone from the sorceress at Glardenfen

Gray hesitates and almost takes it back when she stiffens. “It’s.. dark. Powerful.”

Syviis Adjeon smiles at Gray briefly. “If this job were easy, I’m sure fate would have sent others”

3:14  (To Fiss): The stone is charged with power, deep wells of it. When you touch it, the source of it all makes itself known; a Malevolent presence. You see him in a clear visage in your mind. A pale elven face, scarred countlessly on his skin. No eyes, only carved runes and bloody chasms. He is exerting his will here. This is HIS power Falkirk toyed with

3:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If I can help somehow, please tell me.”

3:15  (To Fiss): You don’t succumb to it, you are not washed away, but it is if you are standing near a freight train barrelling past! Falkirk is wrapped up in this power, stuck deep in it’s passage. You don’t know the details or the intricacies of the spells, but you see them, certainly, writhing

3:16  (From Syviis Adjeon): Syviis will first try to see if she can ebb some of her own power into it. Can she consciously pull out her own Power-Stone? IE, trying to siphon off a point or two into the raging water, letting the current carry it away ?

3:17 Joush M.: Damn, I’ve got to go. I think I’ll be gone at least an hour!

sorry, Great game as always Ken, thank you very much

3:17 Ken (GM): no worries! see ya next week at least! take 4 xp and run!

3:18 P.P. A.: Regarding GM whispers: when I yell something in Dwarven (like to the Dreugar), should I write it out here in the chat, or should I just emote that I’m yelling something Dwarven, and whisper the actual speech to the GM?

3:19  (To Fiss): Your power stone is just a charged block of power; the rune carved ruby is a focus, or a fetish. The scarred wizard is certainly exerting his will in the world through it like a conduit.

3:19 Ken (GM): feel free to keep things wrapped up in dwarven, and let the GM know/relevant parties know what ya said in whispers

3:19 P.P. A.: I look forward to next week’s dwarf zerg rush

3:20 Fiss: Should we end it for today?

3:20 P.P. A.: uh

3:20 Fiss: Ken, I can send you some back and forth just so the whispering isn’t holding anyone up

3:20 Ken (GM): yeah, should be a good place finish for the week. There’s gonna be a bit of invisible wizardry, i think

so take your 4 xp, the both of ya 😛

3:21 P.P. A.: \o/ 

3:21 Ken (GM): and buy first aid

3:21 Fiss: Coolio

3:21 P.P. A.: Yes :DDDDD

3:22 P.P. A.: Well then, see you next week. And I’ll send the guy I  mentioned your way Ken. Bye!

3:22 Fiss: o/

3:23 Ken (GM): 0/


[Only 9 nods this session, goes to show how hot and heavy combat and horror can get]


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