Grimwyrd: Moldering Rage

[The party enters in media res, the elven vampire Deloth-Ainur poised to strike and they eager to combat her. We get right down to it]

Syviis Adjeon sighs as the vampire-elf rages in, muttering something in elvish about cockroaches.showdown.png

Gray settles ahead of them, left hand holding a torch as his right draws the massive sword of bronze colored metal, the well balanced weapon resting in his hand as the savage Scorned hears the well-oiled sound of the gunlock drawn to full cock behind him and catches the faint ozone sharpness and clean waxed string of the elf getting ready. He feels the oppressive weight of the stone around them, of the deep darkness, but he isn’t afraid as he faces the pale, exotic vampire.

12:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Mortal as we are, and clinging to life as mortals do,” Suðri excuses the party, “we had more to lose by giving you the chance to strike first, so I took the offensive.”

12:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Inconsiderate as it might have been: seeing how you are alive… ish and in one piece, we did minimize long-term harm, didn’t we? I must point out that Grey here merely tried to restrain you; and the elf and the other dwarf just rushed to my defense, so I’m the one you should be mad at for firing the first shot.”

Suðri Skornbrekker honestly isn’t sure if he will survive this encounter, so if he dies, maybe she’ll spare the others, or at least consider it. Also if she rushes at him, that gives him a better shot with the cannon.

Gray doesn’t interrupt Suðri as the dwarven man speaks to the wicked vampire, not stepping between them… leaving Suðri’s shot clear as the vampire stands far back at the shadow of the stone pillar.

Ken (GM) : The elven woman looks furious; her face is a rictus of rage, long fangs glinting in the pale light, bared in hate. Her clawed hands glint with a metallic sheen, ending in knife-like bladed fingertips. She crouches in the doorway, her pale white skin visible in the dim torchlight only due to the stark white of it all. She is wrapped in dark robes, but seems unarmored. She screams! “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH IT HURTS TO BE BURNED ALIVE?”

12:27 Syviis Adjeon: “One should choose their words and actions with a bit more care to avoid such a fate, then.”

12:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…no. I did admit to being inconsiderate; in our defense, we didn’t know to what extent you were able to feel pain. It seemed as though you were about to inflict similar hurt on us, however.”

Gray shakes his head and waits, watching as his gaze rest on the vampire. More bestial now, death seems to have stripped away some of the mask of civilization from her.

The Woman:  “Are you joking?! DWARF, I SHOULD EAT YOUR EYES!” She points her clawed hands at Suðri, stalking forward a few steps into the light. Her movements are dangerous, and angry

Syviis Adjeon pulls back on her bow, aiming.

Suðri Skornbrekker keeps his hands on the cannon, and his aim steady as she moves; He wants to wait until she either gets closer, or tries to dissolve into fog or somesuch.

12:31 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Case in point, milady!”

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t purposely taunt her.

12:31 Syviis Adjeon: “That’s quite enough of threats. If you wish any form of peace, you’d better humble yourself before we return to violence.”

Gray shakes his head. “Your armor is spent. Your rage will not replace your lack of numbers.” He tells her in that savage voice, then simply nods in agreement with Syviis and Suðri.

She stops at Syviis’ words; scowling still, but stopping in her tracks. Her posture relaxes a bit, and you can see her visibly trying to hold back her anger. “Give me back the coins” She says, not quite demanding, more of a pleading tone “I need them”

blood elf

Syviis Adjeon looks a bit surprised that her tone has shifted so quickly. While she keeps aim, her bowstring relaxes the smallest of fractions.

Suðri Skornbrekker stares at her intently—tunnel vision, in the face of a threat of unknown prowess—and is surprised to see her attempt to regain her composure, or to make an effort to pretend, at least. “Given that they were your defense against our attacks, and quite potent at that, you will understand that we’re reluctant to make you invulnerable again; but is there something else you need them for?”

Suðri Skornbrekker’s tone is serious, but polite. He doubt she’ll be able to convince him, but they did simply blow her up and steal her stuff, after all.

Gray looks around a moment for other dangers that might approach…then lowering his sword a little. He waits for Suðri’s reply, knowing he might be fooled by the woman. Too fast to be sympathetic in the face of a pretty face and a plea. The towering scorned nods a touch.

Suðri Skornbrekker is still prepared to blow her up a second time at a moment’s notice, but at least wants to hear her argument—the Beastman has seen right through him.

The Woman: “Yes, Dwarf, I do need them. They have purpose beyond simply buying you your next ale” She scoffs “I’d have thought at least you’d realize that

12:38 Suðri Skornbrekker: “A purpose beyond making it easier for you to strike us with impunity, I mean.”

Gray asks, unable to resist… “What did you pay for them? What did they pay you that coin for? I imagine it was something quite precious” The savage scorn says thoughtfully as he watches the pale vampiric elf.

She looks at Gray, her angry face now visibly splashed with something uglier, like regret. She speaks in a hushed yet very intense tone “If you don’t give them back, I will take them from you. And nothing in this world, mortal or god, will stop me”

Suðri Skornbrekker notices that something about her is different; it’s less conceit but rather desperation.

She takes a step forward, and assumes a battle-ready stance, hands up in a martial arts pose

Gray nods. “Taken as a prize in war. You would try to reclaim them the same way.. I would offer instead that you bargain for them. There is considerable information we need. How do you cure the Rot?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Gray, surprised by his wise suggestion, and nods in agreement. “Would you agree to an arrangement wherein we hold the coins hostage until we are done here, and then leave them behind for you before we depart from this land? I cannot speak for my bearded companion, but I intended to keep them only as necessary to prevent you from using them against us again.”

12:48 Syviis Adjeon: nods “We value information over trinkets. I’d much rather bargain with coins and words over blood and arrow again.”

Gray speaks softly aside to Suðri. “I’ll compensate Bomrek for their loss from my share of the other treasures. I expect he won’t like the plan.”

Suðri Skornbrekker acknowledges Gray and shrugs dispassionately, as if to say ‘eh, whatever, he’ll have to deal with it’.

The Woman looks you over, considering. She stays poised to strike, but finally speaks”Fine. Information. I don’t know everything you seek, I’m sure. But we can talk”

Gray speaks in that growling, primal voice that rumbles though the still air of the dark Dwarven ruin. “The Rot. There must be some power to cure it in this fallen land.”

She smirks at that, relaxing with a small chuckle “The Rot? How trivial. You seek a cure for it?” She composes herself, regarding you all weapons still drawn “It’s a disease, brought into this world by the new Horned King. It spreads as he wills, and he wills it upon his enemies”

Syviis Adjeon lowers her bow, raises her eyebrow

The Woman: “It’s quite good, you know, at what it does. Feeds upon its hosts, drains them, makes them seek out more life, and then it spreads again. You can’t contain it, you can’t hope to draw it out of its victims. It is a living thing. An unstoppable force of nature…well…maybe not Nature” she says, amused by some inside joke

12:56 P.P. A.: told ya we need to build a big, beautiful wall

Gray nods and listens to the elf. “Where would one find the Horned King then? It seems if I want to stop this Rot he is the one that I need to find.”

She laughs, again in that musical elven tone. Jarringly beautiful compared to the horrid surroundings and fearsome owner of the voice “You would go to him then, Scorned? Put your pretty sword into him? Demand he take it all back and go running off, tail between his legs?”

Gray shakes his head. “No. When he’s taken it back he gets to End.”

She smiles, wolfishly “Oh! How exciting. Very savage of you” she mews “He sits upon his throne, in the old court, in the great city of Gorgoth. The empire about him turned to dust and blood, but he rules there still”

1:01  (From Syviis Adjeon): anything not meshing with my elvish lore, I’ll ask her, but for the most part, letting Gray and the others handle the ‘negotiations for info’

1:02  (To Fiss): Matches what you know from the histories; The capital of the Kingdom is on the map (generally), But the Horned king was killed in the final battle of Horns, so who is she talking about?

Gray nods at that, seeming to consider the words and the impossibility of such a quest. The very heart of the old kingdom. Still, he doesn’t seem terribly deterred by the thought.

1:03 Syviis Adjeon: “From what I’ve been told, the Horned King perished in the battles long ago…is it the same king, or someone new that took up his mantle?”

The Woman: “One and the same, Sister. He lives again. Risen from The Dark


Syviis Adjeon smiles at that. “I suppose you were correct…our ideas of mortality seem to be a bit…misguided in these lands.” Despite her quip, though, the implication that the horrors of war were wrought for less and less gain is clearly worrying her. She shakes away her darkening mood “Who rules this keep that floats above? You and the Lords of Night? Or are we again hearing folk tales and rumors instead of the truth?”

Gray looks thoughtful, the idea that it’s the same horned king leaves the horned beast thoughtful as he stands by, blade in hand and torchlight flickering across him as he gazes to the elven vampire. Glad for the others, he would find it difficult to come up with good questions for the coin.

The Woman: “You hear the truth; The Lords reside there, drawing power, building their wards and magics. The keep is a fortress and you will find it quite the challenge to reach it without any help. But there are ways…”

Gray frowns thoughtfully at the clever tone in the woman’s voice.

Syviis Adjeon hops down from the statue, bow and arrow slack “Such information, I think, would be worth the coins. What say you, comrades?”

Suðri Skornbrekker is disheartened by what he hears; to defeat the rot, Greyhold’s armies will have to conquer this whole land, battling against enemies undying—and find a way to keep them The stalwart dwarf does not let go of his cannon, but looks the lady in the eyes for once not with utter suspicion. “You’ve kept your part of the bargain, and we will keep ours—but you will understand what if we returned all your coins to you right now, you could take revenge on us at any time. Would you be alright with it if we returned to you part of your scales now—enough maybe to block one blow from us, but no more—and the rest of it we will lock away or bury near the border, and give you the key or the location before we depart? You have my word that we will take not one of them with us, regardless of our fellow Dwarf’s protestations.”

Gray nods in agreement with Syviis. “What ways, though, to reach the Keep?”

She grimaces, a look of disgust on her face “The coins are worth nothing in part Dwarf, they are all returned or our bargain is moot. Discuss it amongst yourselves how you wish to proceed”

Syviis Adjeon whispers to the party “Information…and lack thereof is more likely to kill us if we are going to the keep uninformed. We know she is dangerous, but perhaps she knows now not to cross us without reason.”

Suðri Skornbrekker rises from his cannon, but doesn’t walk from it, and turns to the other two: “Can you think of a way to give her the coins now, but to delay her access to them?” he says quietly “A solid chest to which we have the key, or something like that…”

Gray shrugs. “We can beat her with her coins, and we agreed to give her them. I would simply return them and trust her reason to keep her from testing us again…she knows we will not return the coins a second time”

1:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “She definitely wants revenge on us no doubt, but you have a point too.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods.

Suðri Skornbrekker announces to the vampire “very well; come with us, you will have them back in full.” He looks over his shoulder into the dark of the supposed smithy. It would make sense to explore these parts now that a fully armed vampire is less likely to spring from the darkness, but her patience seems worn thin enough already, so they should just get it over with.

Gray stays ready, looking around and scenting the air like some animal. Half sure this will prove to be some elaborate trap…then ready to walk with the group, keeping an eye on the vampire. “How would a person reach the Keep above?”

Suðri Skornbrekker packs up the cannon and makes it ready to take with them.

The Woman points behind her to the floor “The magic circle here. You’ve seen it, and the runes engraved in the stone? The wards of the keep are built to allow passage magically. The circles open a way, and you can step through as easily as if it was the next room”


“of course, that is if you have the key” She steps out of the gloom, closer to the torchlight, but hands down, no longer ready to pounce. She is more relaxed, one hand cocked on her hip. Her robes are flowing, attached at the wrists and ankles, and they billow as she walks. She maintains a distance

1:26 Syviis Adjeon: “And obtaining this key…?”

Gray nods and considers with a frown. Walking, prowling as he scents the air like some animal. Listening to Syviis.

The Woman: “The Lords trust an emissary with it. He resides here with the Dreugar. Deep in their keep here, you will find him. Take it to the gateways, any of them, and you may open The Way.”


Syviis Adjeon tries to hide her curiosity and fails

Suðri Skornbrekker offers to take Grey’s torch for a moment so he can pick the cannon back up

Gray nods and passes the torch, then lifts the massive gun and rest it across a broad shoulder as he walks. “Thank you. I am Gray. I have not heard your name.”

She smirks again “Oh, I know who you are, Scorned. Introductions are not required” She steps to the side, allowing you to pick up your equipment, staying in view, but stepping well out of your way. She gestures, somewhat impatiently “Shall we go collect my coins now? Are you satisfied yet?” She eyes Syviis

Syviis Adjeon nods, eager to put their newfound direction to the task “More than satisfied. I hope we can choose words instead of lightning more often.”

1:38 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Yea; let’s go.” Suðri picks up his weapons and leads the way. “I would like to apologize for the pain we’ve caused you.” Suðri does not think that their course of action was particularly rash or unwise, but it’s still regrettable.

Gray ask a final question. “What did you pay for them? It must have been something precious, to buy such a treasure.” He ask as he walks with the others, alert for danger as they make their way back to the first chamber, and the others.

The Woman walks along with you, the narrow tunnel only allowing her to step as far as the tunnel wall.  Eventually she replies to Gray “I paid in blood Gray, as we all have. In exchange I received so much more…and so much less”

Suðri Skornbrekker goes ahead to warn the others so Bomrek doesn’t shoot her immediately

1:41 Ken (GM): [a noble and rational thought]

Gray walks with the others, alert for dangers and waiting to make sure the exchange goes as planned.

1:43 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I will go ahead and tell them not to be rash,” he says to the other three, and paces ahead to meet with Bomerk and the doctor

Ken (GM) Ahead the entranceway is awash in red light from the burning runes in the floor; Gandalf is deep in study of them, checking a journal, making notes, and muttering to himself as always

1:44 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You two,” he shouts, “we brought a guest. Bomrek, don’t shoot.”

Ken (GM) Suðri has jaunted ahead and is speaking with Bomrek, who is now hearing the news that you have brought back the Elf and have bartered for her release

Suðri Skornbrekker does his best to convince Bomrek that it is only just and fair to return her coins, that he can have a larger share of the rest of their loot if he wants, and that if she double-crosses them at a later point and gets blown up again, they will keep the coins for good.

1:46 Bomrek: “Suðri, if you weren’t a dwarf, I’d shoot you where you stand” Bomrek says, gun cocked and ready “But you make a good point about how I’m getting a bigger share of your loot. S’only fair, after all, that you’d trade your coin in. Like any sane dwarf”

Gray chuckles softly at that, then nods. Not sure if he’d care to keep the blood-silver in any case, he stands guard over their exchange and listens to the conversation.

Ken (GM) Bomrek produces the sack of silver, but keeps himself armed

Suðri Skornbrekker goes along with it and placates Bomrek, dealing with one dangerous hothead is enough for one day. He returns the sack to the vampire.

Gray asks the vampire. “If you aren’t a Lord of the Night…if you don’t serve the horned king…why oppose us? Did you simply seek to see if we would make easy prey?”

She squints her eyes at that, and her ever present smirk widens to a grin “I serve myself Gray. As should you all. Noble causes will only get you nobly killed.” She stalks forward to Suðri hand out to receive the bag “Give them to me and I will leave immediately.”

Suðri Skornbrekker holds the bag out to her, addresses her: “This is all of them. I’d advise you against seeking revenge—and hope that you might find it in you to excuse us, so that the next time we meet it needn’t be as enemies.”

Gray nods in agreement with the dwarven man’s words as he holds out the bag heavy with enchanted coin.

1:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: The feelings he expresses are mixed: a hesitant threat, uttered with remorse.

Suðri Skornbrekker this party really has a habit of shooting first and asking questions later, himself no exception.On the other hand, this is usually wise, and tends to work out in the end.

The Woman takes the offered bag, and immediately dumps it over end, spilling the coins out…but instead of clattering to the floor, they fly about in a cloud, swirling around her, glimmering in the light! They cling to her, forming the scales of her armor, cladding her in the shining scales she wore before

Ken (GM) When the final piece falls into place. She drops the bag…and melts into shadow; her form darkens as if the light was drawing away, but the shadow form remains standing before you


2:01 Syviis Adjeon: reluctantly admits to herself that it was pretty cool

Gray waits tensely to see if the bargain will be honored…then relaxes, slowly, as the vampire fades away. “I don’t think I’ll ever grow used to that. We did learn much from this.”

Ken (GM) the shadow flows forward, to the doors, and slips past Falkirk. He doesn’t even notice, bent to his work

Gray walks close. Making sure the shadow doesn’t pause near the older man, and holds the sword tight… then again, there’s an easing of tension as it continues on her way

2:04 Bomrek: “Goddamn magical bullshit”

Syviis Adjeon lets out a little sigh of relief and nods

Suðri Skornbrekker says nothing as the shadow makes its way out of the ruins. He waits until she’s gone for good, and voices his thoughts to his party: “From the words of the Minotaur, it seemed that the vampire lords were all part of a hierarchy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

2:05 Suðri Skornbrekker: “For all of her boasting when we encountered her earlier, she did not seem all that content with her state either.”

2:05 Syviis Adjeon: “It would be nice to imagine that not all our enemies are allied into one front… let’s hope that’s the case.”

2:07 Gray: “She said she works for herself only. A dangerous thing.. I imagine you are right. She seemed unhappy.” He puts away the sword at last, careful motions as he sets the fine blade away then nods with determination. “We need to find the Dugar key. Otherwise we would be free-climbing to that citadel, at the mercy of the Avians.”

“…If she wasn’t lying to us.” He adds thoughtfully.

2:08 Falkirk(GM): “Aha! thats it!” calls out the old wizard, clamping his book closed with a flourish “We need a key!”

Syviis Adjeon laughs

Gray speaks to Falkirk, voice respectful. “She spoke of a Key among the Dreugar, and a Seal deeper in the ruin demanded our Authority. The Key is to allow passage to the Keep above.”

2:09 Falkirk: “Makes sense, makes sense…” He trails off, wandering in the room a bit “These wards. Theyre all tightly woven like neat little knots. But they all have a glaring spot left in them. Keys! We just need the right key to open them….wait, who said you needed a key? The vampire?”

2:11 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah, right,” he remembers the rune, “Falkirk, we need to borrow your snake statue.”

Gray nods. “She might have lied, but she smelled truthful. Sad and a little nervous. Angry. But not deceptive.”

Falkirk rummages about in his sack and produces the snake statuette. “If anything whispers to you from another realm, just say you don’t want any”

Gray frowns and nods in agreement, walking closer. “Should I carry that?” He ask Suðri. Unhappy with the idea of someone touching that evil thing.

Suðri Skornbrekker chuckles, and takes the statue off from him. “I’ll be fine, probably,” he assures Gray.

Bomrek lights his pipe, and leans on a pillar, prodding the magic flames on the floor with his bayonet “So did you find anything down there other than that witch? Gold? Silver?”

2:14 Gray: “Mold. Statues of Scorned. A seal that spoke with a magic voice. If we find anything of value, you will receive a fair share.”

2:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, we did find magic shit, rusted mechanisms, mangled corpses, and horrible spider-rat-lizards.” He shrugs, counting the encounters off on one hand “Didn’t they come here, by the way?”

Gray lets his friend take the evil looking snake statue, though he frowns a bit at it. “Uhgh…yes. Those creatures.” His fur bristles.

Ken (GM) Bomrek shakes his head “madness. Should we keep guard on the door then? or just seal it off and band together? Maybe just leave the horses…somewhere?” He shrugs “Though we could just get them cooked and get it over with…” he trails off, looking at the horse meat wistfully

Gray shakes his head. “I’d prefer to keep the horses, and keep guard in this room. If we find something hard we can fall back here, join with you and fight in an area we know.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “Should we head straight to the rune, or first investigate that smithy area to make sure nothing creeps up on us from there?”

2:19  (To Fiss): NODDING INTENSIFIESelf intensifies

2:19 Syviis Adjeon: “It couldn’t hurt to investigate and explore now that we have a moment”

2:20 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aye.”

Gray nods in agreement then turns to head deeper into the ruin again. “Let’s get to it. Despite my distaste we should explore the mold room as well. The vampire came from there. There might be information there.”

2:21 Ken (GM): [alrighty, Bomrek and Falkirk have the antechamber guarded. Moving us back to the keep]

[so, you three have the mundane torch, and the magical one. Same loadout as before?]

Gray walks back to the grand chamber with its disturbing altar. The massive brute carrying the BFG and torch

Suðri Skornbrekker still has two muskets and his bardiche on it

2:23 Joush M.: Gray has his sword and shield stowed and gun and torch equipped, at the moment

2:24 Ken (GM): [So Gray is hefting the wall gun?]

Syviis Adjeon follows within the light as before, arrow ready, curiosity guiding her a bit eagerly, though

2:25 Ken (GM): [ah, gotcha]

2:26 Joush M.: Yep. Wall Gun on the right hand right now

Ken (GM) The creeping darkness parts to your torch, and the Dreugar keep is silent but for your footsteps. You come again to the great hall, the moldy room gaping from the wall like a hole in the Earth. In the torchlight, you see spores and must in the air


Suðri Skornbrekker sets down the statue and rifles in order to put his mask back on, which he had removed earlier

2:28  (To Gray): You can smell the mold, ripe on the air. It has been disturbed, and is pouring out of the room, apparently

Gray wrinkles his nose. “Careful. The air’s fetid with the mold from the room. She disturbed it when she moved through.” He walks to the doorway and looks deeper into the room, the heavy scent of the rot in the air.

Ken (GM) The torchlight reveals much as before; the dark continues further in, but the floor has a fresh and bloody corpse on it, torn unrecognizably. The walls and floor are coated with a fuzz of mold, and the stone floor is slick with moisture007

Gray risk stepping into the room itself, looking for where the elven woman might have come from despite the water damaged room. “Stay back. This place is filthy.” He warns the others.

Ken (GM) The torchlight reveals more winding passages; this may have once been an apartment or barracks? It is now shredded with black veins and green spores and fat capped mushrooms

2:35  (To Gray): You see there is a trail here, where someone tread straight East-west through the mushrooms and spores

Gray is reluctant to go farther, gazing into the room then to the floor. He watches the marks left by someone’s passage…the elf, he expects. Steeling himself, he follows her trail.

Ken (GM) The mold is everywhere, like a massive tumor you are treading in. The slimy growths climb up the walls and across all the surfaces. To the south, a large portion of the room is taken up with an ossuary of bones, heaped as tall as Gray himself! Yellow and green bones molder under the slime and green

Ken (GM) The trail continues, due East, into more of the same; waist high mushroom caps grow here, bleeding black ichor from where they have been stepped upon

2:38 Syviis Adjeon: “Is it strange that I am glad to see fungus reins in some areas, instead of just the blood root?”

2:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “In a land as strange as this… not really.”9

2:39 Ken (GM): [man, I’m itchy just describing this]

Gray calls back to the others, describing what he’s found and frowning at the pile of bones. “That doesn’t seem like how other dwarves treat their dead… The moisture has leaked into this place for ages. It rots and ruins.”

Ken (GM) the trail ends at a massive stone door set in the wall. Inches thick, it sits agape, wide enough for the elf to have pushed through. Black veins are torn here, as if she pushed through the mass to escape the hall behind the door

2:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Though you can probably tell by yourself, Dwarven caverns are usually much cleaner and more proper than this.”

2:41 P.P. A.: #NotAllDwarves

Suðri Skornbrekker reluctantly follows inside, curiosity getting the better of him. He tries not to breathe too much, even with the mask on

2:42 Fiss: #UnderdarkLivesMatter

2:42  (To Fiss): The smell of this place is horrid. Breathing it in is like inhaling a wet blanket you found under a rock

2:42  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): The stench is terrible, but muted from the mask. The herbs and flowers make it more like terrible soup is under your nose. Which might almost be worse…

Syviis Adjeon holds tight to her face-scarf, breathing carefully and shallowly to avoid sucking in spores

2:43 Ken (GM): [pressing through to the door?]

Gray walks closer to the door. “She came through here. Do we continue our search?” He asks reluctantly. Part of him would prefer to simply leave it aside, but curiosity compels him to walk to that stone door and work it open.

2:43 Syviis Adjeon: “This may be simply a back-way, but we could be sure and rest easier.”

2:45 Ken (GM): [pressing through to the door?]

2:46 Joush M.: Yep

2:46 Ken (GM): kk

Syviis Adjeon nods in spooky, elf ways

Ken (GM) the mold shrugs aside, but it warm and wet to the touch. Once you reach the door, the cool keep halls are now warm and oppressing, as if you’re being constantly caressed by the heaving masses around you. The stone door is agape, but moves easily when you pull the handle. Past the edge of the door, the mold abruptly stops, and the air is clear

Suðri Skornbrekker raises his musket, in case there are more revived vampires up ahead.

Ken (GM) the hallways is cool, clear aired, and starkly contrast. The walls are a luminously polished white marble. The torchlight gleams here, revealing the tomb beyond. A mausoleum of polished stone, it is bright and nearly cheerful.1466193301762.jpg

Gray relaxes a touch when he steps from the filthy room filled with mold…looking around a moment, then starting forward again. The clean, gleaming tomb so different from what came before.

Ken (GM) A raised casket carved from the same stone sits at the end of the room, with a woman’s visage carved on the capstone. To the edges of the walls, you see the butted ends of other resting places. Steps lead down to the mausoleum floor from your hallway. From the top of the stairs, the torchlight reveals a brilliant example of craftsmanship. A light dust lies in a film here and there, but otherwise the tomb is beautiful. Flowing lines of sculpture depicting abstract designs cover the walls. The floor is rough, made from slate tiles, but the tombs are flat grey stone, polished neatly, revealing an inlay of veins of shimmering flecks. Gold maybe? The polished walls glow with the torchlight, and illuminate the room very well.

Gray looks around thoughtfully then walks closer to the great raised casket at the end of the room. “Someone made this with respect for the dead.”

Syviis Adjeon nods appreciatively at the decor. “Much more bespoke of the dwarven skill we’ve seen elsewhere…I wonder why some rooms are so…rotten and others are not?

2:56  (To Fiss): You feel a ~magical tingle~ in the air

Suðri Skornbrekker investigates the ornate coffin, after standing for a long minute at the entrance, marveling wordlessly at the craftsmanship all around him. He expects the woman depicted to bear a striking resemblance to a certain vampire elf.

Suðri Skornbrekker also looks for any visible ventilation shafts, in the hopes of being able to answer Syviis’ question

Ken (GM) the woman depicted bears a striking resemblance to a certain vampire elf.

2:59  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): You notice the hidden vents, tucked behind the ornate ceiling buttressing. Very typical design, but there, nonetheless

3:00 Syviis Adjeon: “This explains why she came from this direction upon re-forming…”

Suðri Skornbrekker notices some vents. Maybe the ones in the mushy-room got clogged? Either way: “Well, well…” he says in a hushed voice, filled with respect for this place.

Gray nods and considers a moment, then turns away, looking around the room. “I hope every casket here isn’t a Vampire’s refugee.. but.. I do not wish to disturb the peace of this place.”

3:01 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I wonder if all vampires come back from their grave like that, and what it is that brings them back. Can they be killed for good if their resting place is destroyed? I wouldn’t want to try it with this one though; it’s too gorgeous.”

Ken (GM) close-up, you notice the coffin has a well sculpted surface, but on the footing an ugly section of the stone is defaced. A rough chiseled out section is missing, under a passage etched Here lies…

Gray nods. “She protects her name. Perhaps afraid of the power it might give someone over her.”

3:03 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I wonder who she was in life, for Dwarves to fashion her such a marvelous tomb in their own abode.” The dwarf steps back from the coffin and looks around the room, his eyes finding delicate carvings and masterful masonry wherever they fall. He has forgotten all about the terrible place they are in and the tension of before, and for this brief moment, his heart is at ease.

Gray walks though the room, studying the place, scenting the air and touching the gleaming marble.

Syviis Adjeon looks to the other coffins, checking to see if they are anyone / anything of note

3:05  (GM To Suðri Skornbrekker): The coffins on the walls are simple, polished but bare of much adornment. On the foot of each is a name written in that strange not-dwarven rune script. They are carved very differently from the woman’s though. Definitely a different sculptor for hers. And placed here afterwards; the floor tile is flush to the walls, but not hers

3:06  (To Gray): You smell nearly nothing here, save some dust. It is incredibly clean

3:06  (To Syviis Adjeon): You feel a distinct magical presence here after passing the threshold. Its as if the air itself is alive with magic, swirling about unseen

Gray speaks in that feral voice. “Clean. A little dust. It was very carefully preserved then sealed.” He says to the others. Then simply the beast waits, holding the light and letting Suðri have time to recover from the stress of the exploration.

Suðri Skornbrekker squints a little as he looks over the other coffins, and some worry returns to him. Are they the Dreugar’s? More vampires?

3:09 Syviis Adjeon: “There is definitely magic in here…alive and moving…I wonder what eyes if any are watching us? Perhaps these tombs are not so unguarded.”

3:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “These coffins stand out. I hope they don’t host more vampires, or that the Dreugar can return from the dead as she can.”

Gray considers that, then shrugs. “I would not know. Falkirk did speak of Wards.. We shall seal the door as we go. Leave this place in peace, but fit to trap anyone that might try to escape it.”

3:11 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The names sound a bit like Dwarven, but also not, so my bet is on the Dreugar. If we expect to fight them, maybe we should seal this room, so that if they do return here after we slay them, they are trapped here.”

Suðri Skornbrekker is pleased that Gray had the same thought as him.

3:12 Syviis Adjeon: “Sealing the room may not prevent much, but I like the idea better than damaging anything here and evoking wrath outright.”

3:12 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You’d evoke my wrath, for one,” Suðri half-jokes.

Gray nods in agreement, glad to leave the place without damaging it. The towering brute turning. “Let’s go. Plenty more horrors to see.. we won’t find the Key here.”

Syviis Adjeon nods, not at all disagreeing. “I’m sure we’ll perform many dark deeds in the name of the light, but I for one am happy not to need to desecrate anyone’s final rest.”

Syviis Adjeon smirks “As…restless…as it might be.”

3:15 Ken (GM): [so heading straight back, through the mold room?]

3:15 Syviis Adjeon: nods

3:16 Joush M.: Yep! Going to close and seal the door as we go. Suori can make a plan for that, Gray will do the heavy lifting?

3:17 Ken (GM): sounds good; investigating the doorway, it seems the stone latch is still intact, and the door handles should clasp shut properly once you close the door. A very nicely crafted lock, all stone.

Gray sets the heavy latch and nods. The task simper then he’d expected.. he stays alert, half expecting horrors to attack them in the shadows of the moldy rooms while they walk though. “Do we look to the south, while we are here? The room of bones?”

Gray frowns at the mask and the spores drifting in the torchlight. “Or perhaps I will? You two could go back to the Hall?”

Syviis Adjeon shrugs. “I can still breathe…as off-putting as the smell is, it’s not a concern.”

3:20 Syviis Adjeon: *promptly dies of stinkydeath*

3:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “This place might not be inviting, but we’re inside already, so…” He sticks along too, but hopes it doesn’t take long

Gray nods. The beast going into the ossuary, exploring the alcove to the east where the torchlight hadn’t reached.

Ken (GM) You three step through the doorway, and quickly close and latch the door. The handles click into place with a THUNK, and stay closed securely. You quickly press to the ossuary around the corner…


…where you are met by a strange dwarf, hauling a bloodied corpse! He stands there, as surprised to see you as he! He squints in your torchlight, and holds up a hand to shield his eyes, hissing. He blurts something in a dark guttural language

3:25  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): It kinda of sounds dwarven, but really complicated. You get the gist of “who you?!” but there is a lot more to it

3:25 Ken (GM): WAT DO!?

Syviis Adjeon blinks in surprise, then raises a hand in a friendly gesture.

3:26 Syviis Adjeon: ie, no arrow

Gray steps forward, trying to step past the others and get between them. Massive gun slung across his shoulder, not at the ready, and light held high. He examines the dwarf, studying his weapons and equipment.

Suðri Skornbrekker replies in Dwarven, hoping he’ll get the point across: “[Visitors of that lady.]” He points at the tomb they emerged from. “[We’re lost, though. Who are you?]”

Ken (GM) He looks between the three of you, hears the dwarven words, and a look of dread and terror crosses his face! He screams in alarm, drops the corpse, pulling a long hammer from his hip!

3:28 Ken (GM): INITIATIVE!

3:28 Gray:rolling 1d6(4)=4

3:28 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 1d6 + 7 (4)7 = 11

3:28 Gray: (6 speed and Combat Reflexes is +2?)

3:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+5 (1)5 =6

3:28 Syviis Adjeon: 11.25

3:29 Ken (GM): Combat Reflexes only giving a +1 here, youre not leading a charge/attack 😛

3:29 Joush M.: Ahh, gotcha

3:29 Syviis Adjeon: 10.25 then:P

3:29 Ken (GM): GRAY reacts first to the shout and motion!

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly draws his bardiche, and attempts damage control: “[I was lying, we

fought her! We really are lost though.]”

Gray charges, determined to stop the alarm from being raised [much]. (Attempting a Charge attack)

3:31 Gray:rolling 3d6 vs 13(4+4+6)=14

3:31 Joush M.: Doh!

3:31 Ken (GM): [ so moving in and then hitting him with what? A kick, the torch? a tackle?]

3:31 Joush M.: Just a Slam

3:33 Ken (GM): ah, k. just bowling him over?

3:33 Joush M.: Attempting to.. Failed the Brawl roll to hit

3:34 Ken (GM): ah! I see

SYVIIS! Gray charges in, but fails to bash the guy!wat doo

3:35 Syviis Adjeon: Do I have a clear shot past the mushrooms?

3:35 Ken (GM): gray and sudri both interpose :/

Gray should have thought this through before attempting a charge on slick stone, the beast acting on impulse.

3:35 Syviis Adjeon: OK, will move forward so I’m not completely risking shooting everyone. To here [moves token] OK?

3:36 Ken (GM): lol fast drawing an arrow?

3:36 Syviis Adjeon: yep 😛

rolling 3d6(2+5+6)=13

i do

3:36 Ken (GM): woo

HIM! on a 9

He bellows wordlessly and baseball swings for Gray’s face

rolling 3d6(1+1+4)=6

3:37 Joush M.: Oh god damn

3:37 Ken (GM): gray! defend!

Gray rolling 3d6(5+4+4)=13 vs dodge 9

3:38 P.P. A.: [actually, Suðri drawing his bardiche would have required him to drop his muskets and to pull it from his back, while he was holding his muskets already]

3:38 Joush M.: me shakes head sadly

3:38 P.P. A.: so it’d have made more sense to just take one of those

unless you say that reading the bardiche is why he went last

also RIP grey

3:40 Ken (GM): oh dude

rolling 1d6 + 4(5)4=9 crushing to the face

3:40 Joush M.: No major wound, but still, ouch

3:41 Syviis Adjeon: Dayum

Gray spits out blood, nose cracked, maybe broken and blood running down his face as the beastial scorned snarls down at the dark dwarf

3:41 Joush M.: that’s.. 7 after DR?

3:42 Ken (GM): ya, just your mask there, right?

3:43 Joush M.: Ooh, so.. DR should be 6 not 2. Gives 3 damage

3:43 Ken (GM): ah right, you rejiggered the DR. nice helmet

3:44 Joush M.: Wait, doh.. coif. So.. DR is -2 vs CR

3:44 Ken (GM): so thats 3 wounding after DR, and a roll vs stun/knockdown, at -8(3 for damage, 5 for headshot)


3:44 Joush M.: Sorry. I normally don’t take this long

3:44 Ken (GM): lol how often do we face-smash ya?

3:44 Gray:rolling 3d6 for knockdown

(4+2+2)= 8 vs HT-8

3:44 Ken (GM): yeah, you’re down and stunned 😛

3:45 P.P. A.: So if I aim at a certain body part and I miss by the penalty of targeting that body part, does the attack miss entirely, or does it just hit something else?

also what is this dorf wearing in terms of armor

Ken (GM) The Dreugar bashes Gray in his face, knocking him silly. The torch and musket go flying from his hands as he falls in a heap

3:46 Fiss: What’s the dwarf wearing…( ?° ?? ?°)

3:47 Ken (GM):  1. the hit tables have rules for miss by 1, mostly face-> torso, etc.
2. he’s wearing some leather over simple clothes, nothing to extravagant. Looks like DR only on the torso/legs

3:47 P.P. A.: ah, good


3:49 P.P. A.: one sec can’t decide whether to strike the arm for -2 (12) or to just attack the torso.

eh, I’ll go for the arm; no risk, no fun

Syviis can just fry him anyway

3:50 Ken (GM): kk, so step up and bardiche-shank?

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step forward and slashes at the arm holding the hammer: 11v14-2

3:52 Fiss: I’mma gonna need your copy pastas. That’s a handy way of doing it.

3:52 Ken (GM): ditto 😛

3:52 P.P. A.: nah

3:52 Ken (GM): so! the deurgar fails to defend at all (he all out attacked to smash Gray-face)

3:52 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+5  (5)5= 10 Imp

3:53 Ken (GM): daaang

rolling 3d6(6+4+6)= 16 vs HT(major wound, arm)images

His arm comes off!

3:53 P.P. A.: that was the plan!

3:53 Joush M.: Went full Kill Bill on him!

3:53 Fiss: Disarm’ed! 😀

3:53 Ken (GM): he screams, flails

rolling 3d6(3+2+2)= 7 vs HT(stun, knockdown)

mostly in anger

Suðri Skornbrekker would feel bad about mutilating a fellow dwarf, if said dwarf hadn’t dragged an even more mutilated corpse around.

GRAY! your turn passes, then you can roll HT vs stunning at the end to recover!

3:54 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 (2+1+3)= 6

3:55 Ken (GM): you shake the cobwebs off! You’re on your back, but aware of the bloody wound to your face


Syviis Adjeon Aims for the Dreugar’s other hand, hoping to ensure no more attacking.

[Am I still shooting through my friends to do so? Or do I finally have Line of Sight here?]

3:56 Joush M.: Pick up his arm and slap him with it. Tell him to get a hold of himself.

3:56 Ken (GM): nah, hes laying down; penalties galore fiss. -4 for a hand, -3 for darkness, -1 for distance

3:56 Syviis Adjeon: Take a step to negate distance, then attacking

3:56 Ken (GM): and stepping up makes that -4 for a hand, -2 for darkness, -1  for distance


3:57 Syviis Adjeon: Target:Bows 14

rolling 3d6(3+3+3)= 9

3:57 P.P. A.: darkness with the torch r— o ok



check ’em

3:57 Ken (GM): bam! the arrow strikes through the hand, to the hammer with a PING!


3:58 Syviis Adjeon: Regular arrow’d and 1d of Electricity

rolling 1d6 + 1 +1d6  (3)+1+(1)= 4 Imp, 1 Burn

3:58 Ken (GM): lol

3:58 Syviis Adjeon: But that means he’ll have to roll vs stun…hence why I bothered. 😛

3:58 Ken (GM): yep! many rolls

rolling 3d6(3+6+5)= 14 vs HT(major wound, hand)

his hand mangles(crippled)

rolling 3d6(5+5+1)= 11 vs HT(major wound/knockstun)

He grits through the pain!

rolling 3d6(6+6+3)= 15 vs HT(electro-stun)

3:59 Ken (GM): and fails hard vs electrostun

3:59 Syviis Adjeon: Electro-stim ( ?° ?? ?°)

3:59 Ken (GM): he collapses in spasms

on HIS turn…he twitches


Suðri Skornbrekker walks past Gray, trying to catch a glimpse of his wounds in passing, and stands next to the dwarf, his bardiche raised menacingly. “[Quiet. Silence. Be still.]” he says in Dwarven (he doesn’t know which words they have in common, so he tries different ones to make sure he gets his point across.)

Suðri Skornbrekker ends his turn with that.

4:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If he cries out again, we silence him,” he says coldly.

4:03 Ken (GM):GRAY!

Gray shakes off the injury and rises to his feet, looking around to see if more are coming.

4:04  (To Gray): A quick scan of the room and hall; there are no other shapes or shadows looming. And aside from the blood in the air, you only smell him

4:04 Joush M.: Two posture changes with a step and a normal action

4:05 Gray: “I’ll heal” He assures Suori

4:05 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That’s good. He hit you pretty hard.”

4:05 Ken (GM): lol k SYVIIS!

Syviis Adjeon draws another arrow and aims on the dwarf, waiting to see what he does.

4:06 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(4+3+1)=8

quweek draw

4:06 Ken (GM): on his turn, the dwarf continues to twitch, stunned from Syviis’ magical attack


Suðri Skornbrekker continues to stand above the dwarf, ready to strike down with his bardiche immediately. “Should we close the door and hole up if he alerted his allies, or do outside?”

Suðri Skornbrekker done with his turn. so basically “reading to strike if he squeaks”

4:08 Ken (GM): at the end of the turn,( at 0) the floor covered in mold catches fire where the torch fell


4:08 Ken (GM): GRAY!

4:08 P.P. A.: oh fug

Gray winces and picks up the gun. “We should fall back to the main hall and the others. Leave the room to burn.. But take the captive back with us.”

4:09 Ken (GM): [gun received] step at all?

Joush: [nudges token]

4:09 Ken (GM): gotcha

Gray steps away from the fire, so he stands over the fallen dwarf

4:10 Ken (GM): Syviis!

4:10 Syviis Adjeon: Can I grab the torch? Or kick it to the side and pick it up out of the fire

4:11 Ken (GM): might be easier to grab by hand, roll DX?

4:11 Syviis Adjeon: Sure, target 12!

rolling 3d6(6+6+4)= 16


4:11 Ken (GM): hah! you do get the torch, but it is sticky with mold and as you turn it over, that ignites too! keep it or drop it?

4:12 Syviis Adjeon: -_- dropping

4:13 Joush M.: “So we burned down the ruins…”

Gray doesn’t look forward to explaining this to Falkirk.

4:14 Syviis Adjeon: Will drop it hopefully on bare stone, and try to grab a  cloth or something to smother it next round

4:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, it’ll purge the corpses and the mold…”

4:14 Fiss: FIRE: Solves more problems than Math ever could!

4:15 Ken (GM): rolling 1d6(5)= 5 vs floor or more mold?

It lands in the mold!

HIS turn! The dark-dwarf ceases his twitchin, and comes-to; bleary, disarmed, and unhanded


4:16 Syviis Adjeon: -_- “I set fire to ONE sacred ruin, and suddenly I’m labeled as a Firebug!”

4:16 Ken (GM): [Gray was the one who dropped a torch…]

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up the musket that Gray dropped, and looks over his back to the spreading fire. He’ll make it out of here next turn, unless he has to pick up the dwarf too.

4:17 P.P. A.: actually wait, retcon! he had to set down the musket to draw his bardiche

so he… shit! leaves that to Syviis!

4:17 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Pick up my muskets, Syviis!”

4:17 Joush M.: Gray’s got the BFG, so that’s good.

4:18 Ken (GM): lol right, so your guns there [marks on map]

4:19 P.P. A.: if they are there, can I recton and go to pick them up myself? assuming I can walk around the fire!?

4:20 Ken (GM): ja, np

4:20 P.P. A.: all right (phew!)

Suðri Skornbrekker runs back past the flames to save his guns med_1479196636_00005.jpg

Suðri Skornbrekker makes sure they aren’t aimed at anything important, what with this heat

4:20 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(5+3+1)= 9 vs FIYAH

4:20 Ken (GM): the fire spreads, onto syviis and sudri, and the floor [Spreads fire friggin everywhere]



4:21 Syviis Adjeon: o_o

4:21 P.P. A.: I’m wearing full plate tho, I doubt it burns so hot that it immediately set the padding on fire

Gray swears as the fire spreads across the mold to where the others stand. “No stopping it now! hurry, Suori! We’ve got to go!”

4:22 Joush M.: Going to move here, pick up Syviis. should still have 3 move left with the extra encumbrance, so move to the door?

4:22 Ken (GM): assuming she lets ya, yeah

4:23 Syviis Adjeon: Yep

4:23 Ken (GM): about there? [nudging ever further from death]

4:23 Joush M.: Yeah, otherwise I’d have to make a damn grapple check.. Yep!  Well, she should be in Gray’s space because of CC/carried, but that works

4:23 Ken (GM): right, loving embrace

4:24 Joush M.: Well, one step more away from the dwarf fire

4:24 Ken (GM): SYVIIS! youve been YOINKed to safety

4:24 Syviis Adjeon: continues to be Yoinked 😛

4:25 Ken (GM): ze dwarf, he screams

in fear

crawls bloody stumps along the floor, dying

4:25 Joush M.: Wise choice, new friend!


Suðri Skornbrekker dashes through the fire, holding his firearms high

4:25 Ken (GM): med_1479196636_00005.jpg

Suðri Skornbrekker assures the Dwarf in passing, in Dwarven: “[No fear! We’ll get you out!]”

4:26 P.P. A.: I mean we might still kill him anyway, but he won’t be burned alive, at least

Ken (GM) the fire builds in the moldy air, crawling as if alive!

4:26 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(2+1+2)= 5



You may: dive and dodge (@+3) for the door! a success means being 1 yard further from the blast’s point of origin!

4:27 Fiss: And that, kids, is why you clean out your fridge and pantry more than once a decade!

4:28 Gray: rolling 3d6 to DOGE! (5+5+1)= 11

Suðri Skornbrekker leaps towards the door 12v11

4:29 Ken (GM): [facepalm]

4:29 Joush M.: The +3 from Dodge and Drop saves the day?

4:29 Syviis Adjeon: I assume Syviis is too busy being carried to do anything acrobatically?:P

4:30 Ken (GM): youre being carried by Gray, so really you’re his encumbrance. He could chuck you?


4:30 Ken (GM): lulz rolling 5d6(2+1+4+6+4 = 17 EXPLODING FIRE


4:31 Syviis Adjeon: that’s the number of bonus XP we get, right? 😀

4:31 P.P. A.: :DDDDD

4:32 Joush M.: That’s so many dice. Suori’s going to fly out of the hallway like a shot out of a cannonball

4:32 Ken (GM): no, but point of origin isnt too close

~Does a bunch of ominous ruler measuring~images.jpg

sudri ends up with 3 burn damage hitting across a lot of average DR, so he’s just singed

4:33 P.P. A.: ah, phew

4:33 Ken (GM): the derugar on the floor takes a bunch more; is on fire, screaming

the rest of you are…fine

I rolled shit

4:33 Syviis Adjeon: Yay for shit!

4:34 P.P. A.: poor guy

Ken (GM) The backdraft explodes into the mold room, bursting the air with a thunderclap of fire. The roar consumes the air, and inside, the crackle and pop of bursting mold is all you hear. Choking black smoke rolls across the ceiling

4:34 Ken (GM): you guys saving him in the next few moments?

Gray releases Syviis gently and helps her to her feet as he rises, turning his attention to Suðri to make sure he’s okay. The other dwarf.. well, he doesn’t immediately think of the terribly wounded captive.

4:35 P.P. A.: I’ll try

4:35 Syviis Adjeon: Yeah, letting him burn to death is slightly higher on the “dick move” list than messing with tombs anyway

4:35 Ken (GM): cool! he’s trying feebly to crawl out the room. he’s literally engulfed in sticky mold flame

4:35 Ken (GM): whaddya do?

Suðri Skornbrekker tosses his muskets onto Grey hoping he’ll catch them, and desperately tries to drag the other dwarf out of the room

Gray catches them.

4:36 Ken (GM): cool, he’s dragged free

and on fire


rolling 1d6(4)=4 BURNING

sorry, he stops screaming

4:36 Ken (GM): but is still on fire

4:36 Joush M.: Anybody want to try and put him out?

4:37 Syviis Adjeon: “Stop, Drop, Roll!” she shouts at the dwarf

4:37 Ken (GM): lol DX roll vs patting out the flames?

4:37 Syviis Adjeon: All of us? rolling 3d6(1+1+3)= 5

I do if I can!

4:37 Suðri Skornbrekker: 12v12

4:38 Ken (GM): lol, nice. between the two of you, you smother the flames. He’s charred and bleeding freely. Someone wanna intervene and save his life with first aid?

4:39 Syviis Adjeon: I’ll try , but my F.A. is for elf, so I’m at negatives I believe

4:39 Ken (GM): lol riiiiiiiight

Gray suggest in that deep voice. “Better to take him back to Falkirk”

4:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aye, if movement doesn’t make the bleeding worse.”

4:39 Ken (GM): [he will likely not last the minutes of journey]

4:40 P.P. A.: [whoa, I don’t have a First Aid skill]

Syviis Adjeon tries her best to apply her knowledge to the poor dwarf’s blistering skin

4:40 Syviis Adjeon: (-4 right?)

Gray attempts to tourniquet the wound at the dwarf’s missing arm. Tightening a length of rope around it

4:40 P.P. A.: gotta fix that between sessions, that should be essential

4:40 P.P. A.: lemme see what the default is

4:40 Ken (GM): [good use of the dorf-points getting First Aid, ya]

4:41 Joush M.: No first aid. He might do more harm than good

4:41 P.P. A.: IQ-4, huh That’s… eight. What’s the penalty for failing?

4:42 Gray:rolling 3d6 vs 4 (4+1+1)= 6

4:42 Ken (GM): hah! bam

4:42 Joush M.: Holy shit! I almost did it! Any bonus from.. anything?


4:42 Ken (GM): (at least +1 for the description) you cinch off the wound, and the bleeding stops

4:42 Suðri Skornbrekker: 16v8

4:42 P.P. A.: shieeeet

4:42 Ken (GM): sudri steps on his neck


4:42 Syviis Adjeon: -_-

4:43 P.P. A.: I’m laughing so hard right now. That poor bastard

4:43 Ken (GM): so, the beastman stops the bleeding, while the dorf helps him choke on his own blood while the elf just looks on in disbelief

Gray tightens the rope as everyone works with the best of intentions and minimal skill.

Suðri Skornbrekker immediately lfts his foot back up, still dazes from the heat he was caught up in, and he looks aghast

Gray picks up the maybe still alive dwarf to carry back to a real physican. “It’s harder than Falkirk makes it look.”

4:45 Ken (GM): [wah waaahhhhh ~sad trumpet noise~]


Gray glances into the crimson flames and oily black smoke that fills the room of bones and death. “I didn’t think it was that flammable. Was it wet with oil?”

4:45 Ken (GM): thats a good place to throw 5 xp at you guys… UNTIL NEXT WEEK

4:45 Joush M.: Yay!

Suðri Skornbrekker grabs whatever Gray was carrying, probably some muskets, and follows

4:45 P.P. A.: \o/

4:45 Ken (GM): skedoodling intensifies

4:45 Syviis Adjeon: Just out of curiosity…are Dwarves similar enough physiology for a -2 or are they alien enough to elves for the full -4 or -5?

4:45 Ken (GM): elves are weird so Ill call it -3 defaulting. Magic soul meat etc.

4:46 Syviis Adjeon: Humans and elves can do First aid to each other with -2,  so that sounds about right.

rolling 3d6(4+1+5)= 10 vs First Aid-3


4:46 Ken (GM): you got in there and were all “wheres his friggin aura?”

4:46 Syviis Adjeon: I would have made the FA roll 😛 Oh

4:46 P.P. A.: I like how we resolved things with the vampiress peacefully, despite how easily this could have erupted into another battle, with her mood being less that favourable

4:47 Ken (GM): and then BLEW UP A ROOM

4:47 P.P. A.: Remains to be seen whether she’ll return, but I have my doubts

4:47 Joush M.: “Just got to sprinkle some sulfur on the wound to crystallize the blood and stop the bleeding”


FIRE…. we all asplode

4:47 Ken (GM): hahaha

4:47 Fiss: lol

4:47 Ken (GM): friggin MADNESS

4:47 P.P. A.: Well, without spooky armour this time 😛

4:47 Fiss: Ken! upping my HT to 10

4:47 Ken (GM): kk

4:47 Fiss: I AM NOW AVERAGE!

4:47 Ken (GM): more humanlike levels of not-suck

4:47 Joush M.: Thanks for the game man, that was great

4:48 P.P. A.: also the fire becoming a sudden and much more dangerous enemy than the other actual enemies convinced me utterly of how great GURPS is

4:48 Fiss: Heh, yep

4:48 Ken (GM): always a pleasure. look up “grain silo explosions”. same concept

4:48 P.P. A.: well, and of our GM’s ability to create dramatic effects suddenly 😛

4:48 P.P. A.: thanks for the session

P.P. A. will do

4:48 Joush M.: Goddamn, I’m suprised we survived if it was like a grain silo. That’s scary shit! It’s like a fuel-air bomb!

4:49 Ken (GM): that and decomposing methane gasses, but a wet environment so ~handwiggle~

4:49 Fiss: Makes me wonder how much fun a firestorm in Nausicca of the Valley of Wind would have been…

4:49 Ken (GM): 0_o

4:50 P.P. A.: oh dear

4:50 Ken (GM): kerblewie

4:50 Fiss: Yep.

[Another 30 nods. What are we building towards?!]


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I'm an avid gamer, computer troubleshooter, and all around dashing fellow. I blog After Action Reports on my gaming, running as the GM for several GURPS 4e games
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