GrimWyrd: Enter the Dungeon (Chapter 3)

[Adolph still out, Gandalf flakes as well stuck for the same reasons: moving a household of crap about. We get underway with Fiss/Syviis, Joush/Gray, and PPA/Suðri ]

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes…

Ken (GM) The nameless vampire’s ashes drift slowly to the floor. The charred silver coins of her armor scooped into a bag by avaricious Bomrek. The crackling of the fiery runes on the floor breaks the stillness of the antechamber; the Deurgar lair looming in the dark ahead of you. A faint cawing of crows drift down to you from the cliffs abovederugar keep entrance

Syviis Adjeon takes a moment to collect herself and any recoverable arrows from the dust, then moves to the entrance of the dark unknown

Gray scatters the ashes, spreading them more across the floor and looking around, keeping guard as the silver coins are collected by the dwarves…watching the runes crack. “I don’t understand them. I’d thought they were another summoner’s trap.” He says with some unease, then looks deeper into the gloom. “We should investigate this place.”

Ken (GM) Bomrek collects the coins, cinches closed the bag, then offers one of the coins to the wizard. “Odd lookin one, this. What do you make of it mage?”

Ken (GM) Falkirk studies the coin, and holds it up to the light. A bright rune on one face smolders in red light, much like fire. “It’s definitely magic, and definitely demonic at that. Best to keep it secured away for now. I’ll need to check against my tomes.”

12:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “This is a good, defensible position,” the dwarf notes, stretching his back as he ties together a bag full of magic silver scales. “I say before we advance any deeper into this place, we should fortify this hall—block the gates except for a small gap, no bigger than a horse is broad; set up barricades behind it, and do the same on the other side.” He looks the chamber up and down, admiring. “It would be bad if we ran into enemies ahead, and from outside flooded in these bird-people we were told of.”

Gray comes closer out of curiosity, looking to see the coin there, the strange one. He frowns at that then nods, trusting Falkirk and Bomrek to restrain the demonic magic as his attention falls on the runes. “As you wish, Suðri. I’ll get started on that. I don’t know if I trust this place to be safe”

Bomrek gathers the horses, pulling them inside, then digs about for the shovels and picks

Suðri Skornbrekker leaves the looting to Bomrek and looks around for useable materials. Shoveling a lot of dirt inside would work, of course; but they could also fell one of the bleak trees, bring it inside, and then just pile dirt on it.

Bomrek: “Could make do felling these pillars at the door too. They’re old, but we could tip one against the doors” testing the stone with his tool. It’s old but solid. Granite likely

12:23 Syviis Adjeon: The elf wisely decides to leave the engineering to the dwarves.

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t feel comfortable destroying such grand Dwarven work, but it’s a good idea.

Suðri Skornbrekker will try to topple it in such a way that breaks as little as possible, or leaves it repairable

12:25 Ken (GM): [right, definitely gonna need to ask for an engineering check there. Civil or combat works, whichever you’ve got higher atm]

12:27 Suðri Skornbrekker: 8v12

Gray nods and works to help Suðri with that. Following his instructions and lending his strength to the task.

12:28 Ken (GM): Nice; so between the two dwarves, massive Beastman, and some rope, you should be able to anchor the line and tip the top part of the pillar off, straight at the door. Even if it crumbles, you’ll still end up with a nice heap to work with.

Gray hauls away at the line as commanded and holds as commanded, tremendous muscles flexing as stone grinds on stone and Suðri plays foreman to the complicated task to attempt to preserve the fine stonework of the fallen dwarves in the Old Empire.

12:31 Ken (GM): with a creak and groan of shifting earth, the pillar topples directly as planned! The closest door is pinned shut, and the second has enough room to squeeze through, but not much more than that (and definitely a defensible gap)

Suðri Skornbrekker is pretty satisfied.

Falkirk, ever-watchful, doesn’t even notice the work until the granite slams into the earth. He looks up from his book, huffs once, then goes back to the tome “You should all know” he says, without looking up “those runes on the floor are harmless. Magical torches. Illusiory fire. Nothing to worry about”

12:34 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That’s a relief.” Good to know he didn’t just trap the party in a hall full of demon-summoning circles!

Gray almost wants to speak to Falkirk, looking to the raven mask and remembering the shock of the older man at the vampire’s words. His heart goes out to the man that just heard black rot may be impossible to cure without killing. Then speaking softly, letting him focus on the work. “That puts me more at ease, Physician. Thank you.”

Suðri Skornbrekker asks Gray to help him carry in a bit of dirt so they can pile up two waist-high barricades [points on roll20 Map]

Gray does as asked, hauling several bags of heavy dirt there. Old ration sacks filled with sandy loam piled facing the entryway. “Bags of sand for defense? I’m not sure I’d trust them, but better than nothing.”

12:37 Suðri Skornbrekker: “They go a good enough job absorbing arrows and gunshots.”

Suðri Skornbrekker hauls as well

Bomrek: “More of a heap, really Gray, just gotta make it hard to charge at us in here” Bomrek says, almost happily, heaping earth about and getting dirty.

12:38 Ken (GM): [so, after an hour or so’s work, youve got the front door nearly shut, and quite safely closed off. ]

Gray is handy with a shovel and willing to work, though he often looks to the beautiful elf with the bow at the back of the room. Hoping she doesn’t venture too far into the shadows and darkness, and doesn’t have any trouble as she stands watch over the Dreugar tunnel. He finishes the work without complaint.

12:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Thanks, that should do. Now if something comes crawling out of the interior, we simply jump to the other side of these barricades.”


12:39 Ken (GM): Syviis! Perception check!

12:39 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6

(3+1+1)= 5

Awww yisss Like…beat by…8?


12:39 Joush M.: Goddamn, what do your elf eyes see?

12:39 Syviis Adjeon: WHAT DO MY ELF EYES SEEEE

Ken (GM) as the work carries on, The horses are sniffing the walls and puttering about, and seem to be quite interested in Falkirk’s saddlebags….

12:39 Syviis Adjeon: lol

12:40 Ken (GM): WAT DO Syviis?

Syviis Adjeon takes a moment from guarding the entrance to mention the horses are being weird

Gray checks to make sure the horses can’t get at the physican’s samples of bloodroot and dark magic.

12:41  (From Syviis Adjeon): Does she get any fatigue back while guarding or is it still too much of a stressful situation to rest like that?

12:42  (GM To Fiss): Yeah, you got a bit of rest there, at least an hour while they were working? Nothing happened, so it was quiet.

12:42 Joush M.: Come to think of it, man dose Falkirk carry a lot of things that should have a skull and crossbones on them.

12:43 P.P. A.: If you’re known to carry a bunch of that stuff, people will keep their hands off it anyway though

12:43 Syviis Adjeon: “It seems strange that the horses are suddenly so interested in the saddle bags now. I wonder, if whatever addiction or power in the blood has finally taken hold now? Or if this is amplified by something in this place…?”

Syviis Adjeon walks over to her horse and tries to lead it away to see if it behaves with her command

Ken (GM) The horses seem quite intent on getting under the saddlebag flaps, but a bit of tugging on their leads does get them to relent. They seem…off. Slobbery? [do horses do that? You wonder]

Gray nods to Syviis, the idea troubling as he works to remove the packs and tack and equipment from the horses, to brush them down then hobble them. [Horses salivate quite a bit, in order to make cud (mashed grass and fiber) wet to eat. Without food they can work up a fine drool.]

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at this, and wonders which outcome would be the worst: the horses are drug addicts, the horses are ill with a disease, or the horses are faintly magic.

Gray speaks softly. “It’s like they smell sugar and apples… I’d thought I was the only one that was hungry at the scent of blood.” He takes Falkirk saddlebags and a bit of line, trying to tie it up out of reach of the horses, beyond where they could get it like he expects bears to try and steal it.

12:48 Ken (GM): [the pillars have a bit of metal decoration up high [a flame motif? or are those jagged bolts of lightning?] A line can be tied up above the horses reach on the pillars

12:48 Joush M.: Falkirk in battle mode? plague-doctor.jpg

12:49 Ken (GM): hah! likely 😀

12:49 Fiss: Nice!

Ken (GM) the horses get dressed down well enough, and calm a bit as well. They seemed quite interested in the bag until Gray hefted it out of reach

Gray turns to the opening at the end of the room. “Shall we scout deeper? Falkirk and Bomrek might stay behind to stand guard.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods

Syviis Adjeon nods as well

12:53 Syviis Adjeon: “We didn’t come all this way just to silence overconfident vampires”

Suðri Skornbrekker grabs his musket, and takes another musket with him. He notes, he should get one that can fire two shots, like Bomrek’s, whenever they make it back to civilization

Gray takes a musket as well after inspecting it. He could fire it, but more likely will hand it off to Suðri if trouble comes. The Cheap weapon is good enough, assuming it doesn’t misfire.

12:55 Fiss: Need to speak to the Kolt or Gloc clans of dwarves. I hear they have assault-muskets that can fire over 5000 led balls per minute!

Bomrek checks the horses, and shoves a wooden crate at Gray “forgetting this?” The dwarven runes on the cannon glaring red in paint.

12:55 P.P. A.: 😀

Gray considers a moment, then nods and takes up the Wall Gun, the massive flintlock weapon carried rather than a musket. He keeps it slung over a huge shoulder like an oversized gun.

12:57 Ken (GM): nice having STRONK about to heft those things 😀

Suðri Skornbrekker acknowledges this and goes over the motions to set it up in his mind, in case they need it.

12:58 P.P. A.: indeed it is

1:00 Joush M.: [Speaking of that, I was considering Lifting ST as an advance. If that would be okay?]

Gray looks into the shadowy darkness, then nods to the others and takes the lead, scenting the air like an animal.

1:00 Ken (GM): oh! yeah, lifting ST is fine. Go to town. So, the three of you down into the dark? Leaving behind extraneous packs, but hefting spare guns/shot?

1:01 Syviis Adjeon: Elf follows a few steps behind, arrow nocked and ready but not aiming at anything particular

1:01 Joush M.: Yep, sounds good to me.

Suðri Skornbrekker is carrying his musket, a second musket, and his bardiche on his back. [ or on his shoulder in the same hand as the cheaper musket, either works]

1:04 Ken (GM): hah, armed for bear; noted dwarf-man

1:04 Syviis Adjeon: +4 vs bears

Ken (GM) the tunnel is dark, and twists downward and northward in to shadows

Gray has his shield hanging by its gauge across his back, gun in his left hand and resting across the shoulder. He advances slowly, staying in the lead and alert for dangers in the deep darkness.

1:05 Ken (GM): [I recall the dwarves have darkvision. As has Gray(?) what about Syviis’ light?]

1:06 Syviis Adjeon: Lemme double check, I think I haz low light vision one sec

1:07 Ken (GM): ah yeah, and gray only has nightvision. You guys will need at least a small torch]

1:08 Joush M.: Gray has Low Light 5, but not dark vision

1:08 Syviis Adjeon: Nothing on mine, so yeah, will have to grab a torchwasn’t sure if there was something in the racial template, but guess not

1:08 Ken (GM): y’all gonna need a torch 😛

Gray will rig a torch. He’s used to being able to operate by starlight but the stygian darkness under the Old Kingdom is impenetrable to even his lupine eyes.

Gray holds it high, light flickering and stalking slowly forward. He tries to remember to collect a lamp for later.

Suðri Skornbrekker walks ahead a bit and turns around when he notices that the long-legged losers need a light source to see

1:10 Ken (GM): hah! ZING

Suðri Skornbrekker decides to play vanguard since he can see through the darkness beyond the flicker of the torch

Gray won’t protest, though he dislikes letting Suðri ahead of him, to face the dangers first.

Ken (GM) Your trio delve into the deeps. The torch held high, the musty air stirs slightly, flakes of ages past and motes of night flickering in the shadows. The tunnel heads down into the cold earth, and your footsteps are muffled in the dusty ground below your feet

1:14 Ken (GM): [map change!]


Ken (GM) You trek into the tunnel, and slowly, it levels out, and becomes more defined. The roughed out stone walls give way to slabs of heavy quarried rock, chiseled down to near-smoothness. The curve of the ceiling is above you, and soon, the dusty earth gives way to a cobbled stone floor below you. Mortared flat topped stones echo your footsteps faintly. Aside from the jangle of your armor and weapons, the air is still…and cold. Your breath illuminated in torchlight.

Gray prowls into the deep dark after Suðri, watching for danger. He also breathes in the cold, still scents of the place. “Little moves here.”

1:17 Ken (GM): ahead, the tunnel levels off and straightens. You can see torchlight! Through a gauzy gloom. Golden red.

1:17  (GM to Gray): Scent description The place smells of a musty tomb. Stone and earth. Mold. Not much else

Suðri Skornbrekker turns straight ahead after having inspected the floor, walls, and ceiling thoroughly, and sees the torch. “If Falkirk was here, he could discern if that is some kind of magic, ever-burning torch,” he says in a hushed voice; “if not, then there must be someone here…”

Gray walks forward slowly, carefully. “Magic, like when we found the Maralith? I can’t imagine anyone has been here to tend a fire… Nothing to do but advance.”

1:20  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): Your dwarf eyes can see ahead in the tunnel; there is a thick mound of …webbing(?) blocking the torchlight ahead. Which is likely why it looks odd

Syviis Adjeon tries to reach out with her feelings and familiarity of magic, hoping to catch the edge of any auras of power before stumbling upon them directly, but knowing she’s limited compared to the physician

Gray walks forward, keeping an eye on the dwarf in the lead.

1:21  (GM to Fiss): You don’t notice anything strong right away. The whirl of air here is nearly dead-still. Only your passage and the others seems to have any sort of tangibility here. No magic auras so far

Suðri Skornbrekker slows down and stops. “Careful.” He edges a bit closer. “Something isn’t right. There is a kind of web that blocks the torchlight.” He peers ahead, squinty like “A web, or… I don’t know, mold?”

Gray pauses and nods. The bestial Scorned gazing into the darkness. He tries to see what Suðri sees, holding the torchlight ahead of them.

Syviis Adjeon raises her scarf above her mouth at the mention of mold

Ken (GM) you all edge forward, until the torchlight reveals the border of a cloud of thick silvery webbing. It spins off strands in all directions, coating the hallway

1:30 Syviis Adjeon: whispering “Either purpose built…or very optimistic spiders are at play here…”

Gray relaxes a touch. “The work of spiders. We should burn it away… more sign that nobody’s come this way in a long time” He says, not considering the possbility of giant spider-dwarves scuttling in the darkness.

Suðri Skornbrekker is considering exactly that.

1:32 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Yea… although I’d feel better if two of us laid in wait with muskets or arrows aimed at whatever might lie behind. Given the kind of land we’re in, the spider to have made this web might be about as large as us, or bigger.”He ponders…“We could also set up the cannon if we want to play it absolutely safe.”

Syviis Adjeon draws back her arrow and waits, aiming patiently for either advancement or flame to make a path

Gray nods and advances ahead, giving Syviis and Suðri time to prepare their weapons as he walks to the web and touches it with the flame of the torch.

1:33 Syviis Adjeon: aiming at the forward hexes

Suðri Skornbrekker lays the cheaper musket beside him, and braces his other musket on his bardiche

Ken (GM) As the torch meets the web, there is a crackle and a WHOOSH as the flames catch near-instantly. The webbing bursts into flame, racing down the tunnel and along the ceiling!

1:34 Ken (GM): Gray! Wat do?

Gray takes a step back from the flame and watches warily as the webs are consumed.

1:35 Syviis Adjeon: walks calmly up to follow gray’s advance, aiming all the while to the front, listening for skittering

1:35 Ken (GM): haha, right well then GRAY! Roll HT for me!

Ken (GM) As the flames explode down the hall in a rush, the air is sucked from the tunnel in a

whoosh, further feeding the flames ahead in a backdraft!

1:35 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT + etc.

(2+6+3)= 11

Ken (GM) The air sizzles and the heat intensifies in less than a moment against Gray’s flesh!

Gray winces at the intense heat, not expecting that, or the way the air rushes past and sets the torch flickering in his hand. He draws back from the heat another step.

Ken (GM) Gray’s exposed fur and skin is left hissing in the dark as the light explodes outward then vanishes as suddenly. As little shards of web drip flame from the ceiling, his breath returns to him in gulps

1:37  (GM to Gray): No damage, but you’re lucky you described backing away 😛

1:38 Syviis Adjeon: concerned “Are you alright, Gray? That was a bit more energetic than expected”

Suðri Skornbrekker waits something like half a minute to see if something jumps our startled by the fire, before he relaxes and picks up his arsenal again

Gray shakes it off and pants a moment, then speaks to Syviis. “I’ll be fine. Should be more careful of fire though. It’s one of the few things that can scar me or force me to heal human-slow.”

Gray seems pleased at the concern, treated as a valued companion.

1:42 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah, that’s good to know. Perhaps we should always take a spare waterskin with us, in case you ever catch fire.”

Syviis Adjeon nods, relieved “Regardless…we should be mindful of the air here. I doubt it’s very fresh to begin with…if we begin to feel faint, we should retreat”

1:42 Syviis Adjeon: nods “A good idea…”

1:43 Syviis Adjeon: “For anyone, really…I suspect I’m not fireproof either.” She grins

Suðri Skornbrekker chuckles. “Ah, I’m not so worried about the air here. ’tis a Dwarven structure after all, we usually make sure our tunnels are well-ventilated. Although something could have clogged up the airshafts, of course.”

Gray chuckles softly at that and nods. “Always good to know. Lupine Scorned fear fire as much as any other man.. Humm.. The flame drew in new air from outside. Is the rest of this tunnel sealed?”

1:44  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): Automatic Engineer (civil) Based on the fire’s behavior? Air tunnel/vents are working nicely. Air is safe

Gray advances down the hall as the ashes from the burned webs drift on the air, allowing Suðri to come ahead and watch for trouble with his dwarven eyes.

1:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Seems to be fine, though.”


1:45 Ken (GM): [so you three delve ahead?]

1:45 P.P. A.: Slowly and carefully

1:46 Syviis Adjeon: Yus


Ken (GM) Inching forward, weapons ready and eyes wary, you move through the scorched ruin of webs. The darkness retreats as you advance (coward!) and reveals ahead…a door leading into a greater hall

Ken (GM) To your left, a massive iron statue looms. A wicked and jagged poleaxe in one hand, an inscrutable helmet shielding his severe gaze below

Gray ask Suðri. “A dooger?”

1:48 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’ve never seen one before myself. This state though…” Suðri Skornbrekker carefully keeps through the door, trying to get a better look of the statue to see if it resembles any typical Dwarven heroes or mythical figures

Ken (GM) The metal glistens as if oiled, and as you draw closer details reveal; it is barbed and jagged, standing nearly ten feet tall. The features are imposing and fearsome. A terrible creature. The figure is manlike…excluding the ram-like horns on it’s forehead. Upon your closer inspection, the gleam appears to be…red. Like blood

Suðri Skornbrekker yikes

1:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “That’s no dwarf however you look at it.”

1:51 Fiss: Gotta keep the walls wet!

Suðri Skornbrekker is worried it might spring to life, but fortunately the tunnel seems too small for it

Gray gazes at the statue, wondering who it might be… his own horns gleaming dully in the light, hard horn drawing back across his head from his brow. “Magic? Or some strange paint? Let’s go in, ready for anything.”

Suðri Skornbrekker goes in, his musket raised and sweeping the room

Ken (GM) the torchlight reveals a vaulted ceiling, nearly lost in the torchlight to darkness. The torch on the wall is smokeless, the flame low, but ruddy red. Back behind the statue, on the floor, a rune (of the same nature as the front doors) gleams on the floor in gold and red

1:54  (GM to Gray): The statue looks familiar. You have met scorned before with horns of the same like. And you have seen similar on the Beastmen you have fought.

Syviis Adjeon wonders briefly if their deaths will be due to blood-loss from opening too many rune-guarded doors

Gray steps into the room, holding the torch high and looking around. He can’t help but think the torch in the wall is better than the one he holds. “The statue is of Scorned. Not my kind, but I’ve fought ones that looked much the same. An important dead man, I suppose… unless he remains as a Lord of the Night.” The bestial man thinks most statues are of people that are important or dead.

1:58  (From Gray): Any chance Gray can smell blood on the statue?

1:59  (GM to Gray): there is no new scent in the air; the blood may not be ‘real’. Or at least, a very old fresh looking stain

Suðri Skornbrekker is relieved to see a wall to the south, so danger can only lurk in one direction.

1:59 Syviis Adjeon: “I may want to switch to my blade if carrying a second torch. I can dispatch evil easier with bow, but cannot do much if I can’t see…”

Suðri Skornbrekker it’s a very nice wall too, solidly round.

Gray nods to Suðri. “I’ll carry the light. I can hold it in my left and still have a hand free for the sword. Should we try blood on the rune behind the statue? It looks like the one we used to enter.”

2:00  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): you notice, on that smooth round wall, there seems to be a flatter section to it. Right near the rune. Too flat to be properly part of the architecture. A hidden door perhaps?

Suðri Skornbrekker’s eyes linger on the wall. “Hold on…”

Syviis Adjeon holds on

2:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: “See that part of the wall? It doesn’t match the curvature of the rest.” He points, and steps around the rune to take a closer look at it [looking for a handle, a secret lever, or anything of the sort.]

Ken (GM) as Suðri steps to the wall, the rune on the floor alights with a dim glow, and speaks in a foreign tongue

2:03  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): In clear dwarven, it says “Present your [authority]

Suðri Skornbrekker is startled by the rune and seems about to leap back, but relaxes a little when he hears the words. He strokes his beard and ponders.

Gray starts when the rune speaks to them, the beast waiting, watching it then looking around as he scents the air like an animal and looks for danger again. “What did it say?”

2:05 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It said ‘Present your ‘authority’.”

2:06 Ken (GM): certainly something lost in translation

2:06 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Now, I don’t really know what authority that’s supposed to be. An artefact belonging to some royal line? Blood again?”

Gray nods. “Some… magical lock. It waits for ‘authority’? Perhaps we should look around before we test it.

2:07  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): The way dwarven grammar works, the word is often used in conjunction with others in a more refined or specific definition. Like a descriptor, not so much a noun. Is this an old grammar perhaps?

2:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let’s hope we do not need to fight that guy to prove it,” he points at the statue and laughs, however with a hint of nervousness. “…‘authority’ isn’t the right translation though.”

Suðri Skornbrekker again ponders. “I have trouble explaining this, but the word used can also be an attribute, rather than a thing.”

Gray nods and turns to walk to that magic flame.. or maybe-magical flame. He scents the air near it, seeing if anyone’s been by to tend the flame in a long while. He calls back to the dwarven man. “Hard to tell what the key might be then.”

Syviis Adjeon takes a closer look at the statue, grabbing a scrap of cloth and seeing if she can dab it in the ‘blood sheen’ on it

2:10  (GM to Fiss): The blood comes off the statue to the rag. It doesn’t smell, but is sticky, like sap or syrup. The cleaned bit is soon covered again by the gleaming red fluid

2:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “…well.” The dwarf carefully steps closer to the flame, ready to leap back if the flame leaps at him, but checking to see if it’s actually consuming any fuel.

Ken (GM) the torch is high up on the wall. A sconce holds it out from the stone. The metal rod it sits on it brassy and gleams in the low light. It has barbed details, and fearsome flaming designs embossed in the surface

2:11 P.P. A.: Ah, high up? So much for trying to hold his hand into the flame for a moment, to see if that’s a proof of courage or something

2:12 Ken (GM): yeah, up above your heads. Gray could reach it, but a man or dwarf would need a ladder/step up

2:13 Joush M.: can the torch be removed from the wall?

2:13  (From Syviis Adjeon): walks back over to the symbol on the floor and touches the blood to it, seeing if this ‘authority’ is in any way related to the blood-lock earlier


2:14  (GM to Fiss): Nothing happens…

Gray doesn’t pick up Suðri to give him a better look at the strange torch, Just thinks about it a moment.

Suðri Skornbrekker abandons that idea then. He shrugs, and looks around the room. “We should see what’s up ahead before we spend too much time trying to solve this riddle. Maybe there’s a hint, or any enemy who is just waiting for us to let our guard down.”

Ken (GM) reaching up, Gray pries at the torch. It comes free from the wall with a metallic rasp…and glows brighter! And further down the hall, MORE lights burst to flame!

2:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Nevermind.”

Gray holds the magic torch, offering it out to let Suðri see it’s fearsome details. “Let’s go see what is down the hall then?”

2:15  (From Syviis Adjeon): Syviis is strangely relieved by this, but saves the scrap of bloody cloth for later just in case

2:15 Suðri Skornbrekker: “As much as I am wary of magic, I must admit, that was an impressively atmospheric effect.”

Syviis Adjeon walks back over to the group, arrow ready

Suðri Skornbrekker accepts the torch and looks at the details; they’re probably not dwarven though, from what he’s seen; but a second look can’t hurt.

Ken (GM) There doesn’t seem to be enough torches to light the hall properly. The two on the walls reveal heaps of rubble in doorways, and further on, a closed portcullis gate at the far end of the hall

2:17  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): The torch is certainly dwarven, but… off. The typical tooling and embossments are all present, just hideously infernal. Flames, burned out skull visages, hooks and barbs, and grasping claws. Like art deco hell


Gray advances into the dark after Suðri, holding the new torch high, letting the strange, barbed, cruel thing cast its magic light.

Suðri Skornbrekker cringes. “…my bet is Dreugar, or however they’re called. Clearly Dwarven work, but the imagery is, well…” he shudders

Suðri Skornbrekker advances, peering into the darkness between the flames

Ken (GM) you plunge again in to the dark. The hall is revealed in steps. Ahead, a slab of stone on the floor resolves into the details of the same seen above, in the antechamber. Pentagonal and magically encircled. Odd arcane runes are scrawled around the outside this one on the floor, in dark red brown stains.

Ken (GM) To the right, a large block of granite protrudes from the floor like a rotten tooth. Atop it, a blood stained altar sits, full of broken bones, a skull, and other gristly offerings

2:21 Syviis Adjeon: “We really must bring the decor sensibilities of the North to bear here…”

Gray scowls at the altar and the massive space. The strange runes and great table. “A dark Temple? This place is not a holy place”

2:22 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aye… Is it wise to advance without our magician? So far it’s quiet enough, but I don’t want to step on a magic circle and accidentally get dragged to the netherworld.” he says, but still advances, however slowly

Gray nods in agreement to Syviis. The altar offends him, with the disrespect it seems to show for the dead. The beast follows Suðri. He doesn’t touch the runes or altar. “They physician should see all of this.”

Suðri Skornbrekker as he looks around, more than worry about whatever demonic powers might have been evoked here, and is angry that such fine Dwarven craftsmanship would find itself employed by forces to obviously evil—and tasteless, at that.

Ken (GM) the torchlight reveals a dark hole in the wall where a door has burst inward. The rotten old timbers seem to move…but then you see the odd insects scuttling back into the dark from the light. A body is revealed as the scrabbling bugs retreat! Newly dead and bloodied, …Dwarven? Beastman? The features are all…gone. Eaten away.

2:25  (GM to Gray): You smell death here. Sulfurous and rank. And mold; Tons of it

2:25 Syviis Adjeon: “There are many sins of this land…and while we may not be able to repair all of them, I feel we are certainly going to know the source of many of them before our mission is over.”

Suðri Skornbrekker wrinkles his nose, but says nothing.

Gray scents the air. “The room smells of death and decay. The air is fetid with rot…mold. They haven’t been dead long.”

2:27 P.P. A.: [Did we bring the doc’s masks?]

Gray flexes his wrist, looking around a moment. “Fresh death. Someone’s been back here recently.”

2:28 Ken (GM): [yep, you all should still have one of the doctors beak masks]

Suðri Skornbrekker puts on his beak mask

2:28 Syviis Adjeon: “With the talk of vampires around, I’m reluctantly glad this poor fellow is picked clean.”

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t like to hear that, but it’s not exactly surprising. “They can’t have taken the passage we took, covered in spider webs as it was. So that means there is another entrance…”

2:29 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Or many; there are probably a lot of tunnels branching off of this area.”

2:30 Syviis Adjeon: “This seems a strange place for such a hub of activity…Perhaps some of the magics that feed the floating fortress’ ability to stay airborne require regular sacrifice at these altars.”

Gray nods, walking forward to get a better look at the room of horrors. “Stay back. If something’s waiting I will want the cover, and someone who gets sick should avoid breathing this bad air.”

Syviis Adjeon stays back, but within the torchlight, less she be blind and useless

Suðri Skornbrekker sticks around, but keeps his eyes peeled on the not-so-darkness

Ken (GM) the room is clouded with motes of green and black dust. They float lazily on the air. The scuttling little things retreat as the light reveals them. They are small, mouse-like things. But with far too many legs. And shells.

2:34  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): You see further into the hall with your Darkvision, read as above, but as well you see the outline of a large statue on the curved end of the hall. This statue holds aloft a sword, but most of the other features are muddled. Except the obvious horns again…

Suðri Skornbrekker , while his haze still sweeps the room, mentioned to Syviis: “there is another big statue on the other end of the room. Seems similar, though it holds a sword.”

Ken (GM) the corpse is naked, and covered with small red bites. The body has nearly nothing left to it but red flesh. The skin a pale patchwork, rags for clothes.

Suðri Skornbrekker wonders if the two different weapons have some relevance to the ‘authority’ thing.

2:36 Gray: “Unfamiliar creatures. Unpleasant things.” He says as he looks into the room, then shakes his head. Unable to think of any reason to go inside he turns to the rest of the room. “Let’s go see this statue then.”

Ken (GM) The darkness retreats again at your advance. The statue is revealed to feature much the same as its counterpart. Fearsome barbed armor, a helm-cloaked face, but massive ramlike horns. This one holds up a sword, triumphantly forward, its jagged blade vicious. The wounds from such a thing would be agonizing. To the right, more rubble from a collapsed entranceway, the door shattered.

2:38 Syviis Adjeon: “Not much for humane, quick deaths here, are they…?”

Ken (GM) to the left, a portcullis closed down to the floor, solidly locked in place. A bar across the front as well. There is a hallway beyond the portcullis, but it is barred shut and closed. The heavy rods of iron are old and dusty, and inches thick. The gaps are barely wide enough to allow an arm through

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a look behind this statue

Ken (GM) no runes behind this statue. Just more cobbled floors

Gray looks to the sealed portal, then walks after Suðri to keep the dwarf in sight. He still expects danger here. “This is a brutal place, and cruel.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. He is a bit sunken in thought, trying to figure out what the rune was speaking of.

Syviis Adjeon peers through each portcullis, looking for switches or activation levers [and imagining hitting one with an arrow would not go as well as in the cartoons]

Suðri Skornbrekker hopes they don’t have to sacrifice a defeated enemy to demonstrate their “authority”

Ken (GM) @ Syviis; the hall beyond the portcullis looms, back all the way to another grate! Though, there, beyond the second one, looms some ruddy red light.

Gray walks to the portcullis, gazing into the dark. “Humm..”

2:47  (GM to Gray): You see the hall stretch out to the next portcullis. Flanking the door are two statues of dwarves, holding low braziers of glowing coals. Beyond that, a dim glow of red light illuminates a room cluttered with things. You see the edge of blades, tools, slabs of stone. A forge maybe?

2:45  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): Roll IQ for me?

2:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: 7v12

2:46  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): You recall now. The way that word is used. It often would describe the great and austere things, and their ‘items of authority’ like a crown, a scepter, or the badge of office an elder wears. Maybe it needs you to show it some kind of item like that.

2:48  (From Suðri Skornbrekker): well, that was my and Suðri’s initial thought, but they didn’t have anything like that on them. He intended to have the doctor offer the snake statue once they would come back to show him the place.

2:48  (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): a very sound theory to test!

2:49 Gray: “It’s a working area… dwarven statues and tools. A smith’s space?” He ask as he gazes into the dark, then to the heavy portcullis. “We might be able to open it.”

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a look too

Ken (GM) You see the hall stretch out to the next portcullis. Flanking the door are two statues of dwarves, holding low braziers of glowing coals. Beyond that, a dim glow of red light illuminates a room cluttered with things. You see the edge of blades, tools, slabs of stone.

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Curious as I am to see what lies behind, it might be better to keep the portcullis shut for now. If it’s just a single room that’s fine, but if it branches off into other halls and tunnels, we are just opening more weak spots. It does look like a kind of smithy, though.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks up to the torch.

2:52 Suðri Skornbrekker: [to Grey] “Could you try picking up that one too?”

Gray nods, setting down the cannon to take the other torch from its sconce

Ken (GM) The torch lifts up, but some hidden latch behind it releases! You hear the grinding of gears in the wall, and a shudder as something goes THUNK behind the stone!

Dust falls from the wall and ceiling nearby

The whirring of old gears, long neglected, squeal to life as they spin behind the walls….

Syviis Adjeon tenses slightly and readies herself


Suðri Skornbrekker smiles smugly.

Suðri Skornbrekker also readies his musket, though. 

Gray watches for trouble, looking around restlessly and waiting to see what the old machines might do. “Dwarven engineering.” He snarls, respectfully.

Ken (GM) There are two quick THUUNK noises in the dark, and the portcullis jumps up a half inch from the floor, dust shaking from it. The noises then immediately stop

Suðri Skornbrekker feels a shiver run down his spine.

2:56 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let’s hope the mechanism is just rusty and broken, and that there isn’t a lever in the other room that someone activated to stop the gate from being raised.”

Gray waits a moment to see if it will rise more, then sets down the torches. Standing in the light while he reaches out to grasp the heavy gate, seeing if he can lift it more now that it seems to have unlocked.

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down his weapon and helps

Syviis Adjeon covers the two, aiming down into the hall/past the portcullis

Ken (GM) with some effort, the portcullis rises. The metal squeals a bit, the mechanisms not used in a long time. You can lift it over your heads, and the portcullis holds itself in place, likely counterweighted. After the echoes of the shrieking metal die down….you hear another noise in the dark hall

Ken (GM) a kind of…hissing? Rattling?

2:59 Syviis Adjeon: “I worry that if these are so disused that they may not be the way we wish to…go….” stops talking as she hears the sound, looking around quickly


Gray works the gate higher… then pausing, he turns to the sound and reaches for his blade. “Weapons at the ready!”

Suðri Skornbrekker likes the underground, ruins, and dwarven structures, but altogether he does not like this place.

Ken (GM) The sound rises and lowers, and rises again. Like a rush of the tide. Or a wave.

Suðri Skornbrekker readies his musket. “Cannon?” he asks hastily

Gray listens to the sound and holds a torch in his left hand, setting up the heavy gun with his right for Suori. “We aren’t anywhere close to the sea. Strange.”

Ken (GM) the sound gets louder…and in a rush, the black THINGS you saw in the rotting room come pouring out! Like a tide of scuttling beetles!

Suðri Skornbrekker answers his own question: “…cannon.” He quickly sets up the cannon.

Gray snarls. “I hate those things.”

Ken (GM) the tide flows out of the room, milling in place, glistening in the light of the torches

Gray impolitely lifts up Syviis, lifting her and walking over to hold her so she can sit on the statue’s arm, well out of reach of the scarab-mice on the floor. “I thought them carrion eaters. But they may be predatory.”

Ken (GM) the things mill about, the heap growing larger and larger, but not venturing further into the lit room

3:05 Syviis Adjeon: balances gladly at Gray’s assistance and watches the beetles with worry…but also curiosity. What ancient workings here are traps…and what ones are simply utility left to decay?

Suðri Skornbrekker is aiming at them all this time btw

Ken (GM) After a few moments more, the mound of things suddenly grows very still, very quiet. They hold, in their heap, moving very little. Listening? A few heartbeats pass loudly in your own ears, and then…


…they explode out the door, South, to the entry hall! Scuttling in a cloud of black slick bodies

3:08 Ken (GM): and then as soon as they appeared, their noises disappear down the tunnel

Gray nods in agreement to Syviis… then swears. “The others! We can’t leave them to face those things alone!”

3:08  (GM to Fiss): Survival check!

3:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Shit!”

3:08 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(1+4+1)= 6 vs 13 Survivial(Woodlands)

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the cannon and doesn’t want to leave it behind here, especially not aimed at the direction from which they will be re-entering the hall…

3:09  (From Syviis Adjeon): beat by 7 on Woodlands, minus whatever changes to the environment

3:09  (GM to Fiss): Something chased them out of their hole. That was classic flight/flight for a swarm of stupid insect things

3:09  (GM to Fiss): Something ELSE is coming

3:09 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Can you carry the cannon?” he asks Gray, otherwise he would disable it by taking out the load or something

Syviis Adjeon gasps “Hold fast!”

Syviis Adjeon raises her bow

Suðri Skornbrekker fug, what if they fled from something

3:10 Syviis Adjeon: “They were running away…not heading to the others to attack…”

3:10 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I didn’t want to consider that possibility.”

Syviis Adjeon nods grimly

Suðri Skornbrekker grabs the cannon and aims it at the doorway from which they burst.

3:10 Syviis Adjeon: aiming intensifies

elf intensifies.gif

Ken (GM) As the dwarf levels the cannon at the door, through the frame steps a familiar face

Suðri Skornbrekker hahaha we’re fucked

Gray helps the dwarf adjust the weapon, then turns… watching where the mouse-scarabs had escaped

The pale elven woman looks directly at you three “YOU. BLEW. ME. UP!”

Syviis Adjeon sighs. “Seems like it was the right thing to do at the time…”

3:12 P.P. A.: What does she look like?


3:12 P.P. A.: As in, does she still have her scaly armor? Or just clothes, or something?

Gray replies, incongruously polite. “I apologize for that; You did lose your temper”

3:13 Ken (GM): and HERE is where I gotta leave you guys on a cliffhanger this week! :p

3:13 Syviis Adjeon: Heh

3:13 Joush M.: Laughs! It was a good session! I’m sorry the others missed it

3:13 P.P. A.: My next line is probably going to be “Twice!” followed by him firing the cannon straight away

Also this session was fantastic!

3:13 Fiss: Well, you know, getting blowN up DOES generally leave you feeling under the weather. 😛

3:13 Joush M.: Those damn scarb-mice freak me out

3:13 P.P. A.: We didn’t even get very far, nor did we encounter anything too grisly (until the end) but it was thick with atmosphere!

3:14 Joush M.: I wonder if she inhabited that fucked up body in the mold room

3:14 Fiss: Agreed. Very cool session, especially considering how constrained it was

3:14 P.P. A.: Delving deeper and deeper into the darkness, worrying about the unseen corners from which enemies might creep up on us, all without our healer in tow to interpret magic things

3:14 Fiss: We all get the other party member’s XP, right? 😛

3:15 Ken (GM): hahah

3:15 P.P. A.: By the way, my first impulse when we came across the rune thing was for Suðri to turn around and sneakily pull out the old dwarven coin he nabbed when we liberated the fort

3:15 Fiss: Or at least their negative horse points.

3:15 Ken (GM): im glad you liked it! Torchlight exploration always leaves nice dreadful atmosphere. 4 xp for the each of ya

3:15 P.P. A.: and to hold it against the wall, since coins usually have an image of the ruler minted on them, so that might equate “authority” of some kind

3:15 Fiss: wewt

3:15 P.P. A.: but it’s probably the snake statue that activates it

3:16 Joush M.: Thank you very much. Man, this was tense. The atmosphere was quite oppressive.

3:16 P.P. A.: Yeah, it was great

3:16 Fiss: Will probably wait until next session to change anything…might buy up my HT to 10 finally. She’s pretty tough for a stereotypical elf.

3:16 P.P. A.: Thanks very much, I thoroughly enjoyed it

3:17 Fiss: explodes

3:17 Joush M.: HT under 10? That poor fragile elf

3:17 Fiss: Heh, yep.

3:17 Ken (GM): jeez, yeah, HT 9 wtf

well, if it goes up, thats a free FP too, for your magic EXPLOSION powers

3:18 Fiss: YUS Also, I double checked, she’s at 11 FP right now assuming an hour of rest. 1 per ten min

3:19 Ken (GM): –>Combustion_Man's_attack.png

Joush M. almost lost fur

3:19 P.P. A.: so

3:19 Fiss: Hahaha

3:19 Joush M.: Ha!

3:19 Fiss: Yes.

3:19 P.P. A.: is there any reason I shouldn’t open the next session by firing the cannon at her


3:19 Joush M.: Well, you’d likely miss? I mean, the range is long and all

3:19 P.P. A.: Hm, that’s a reason alrighton the other hand, right now it’s nicely aimed at her, and she hasn’t turned into fog yet

3:20 Fiss: Alternatively, she may be receptive to not-being-exploded-again.

3:20 Joush M.: Aim for 3 seconds and let her charge us. Close range, you could aim for her pinky toe and take her out with a foot injury

3:21 Ken (GM): stall with talkey talkey, make with the boom boom?

3:21 Fiss: We’ll see…she seems a bit angry at me specifically….Might override the whole “Won’t get ‘splode again”

3:21 P.P. A.: Suðri fired the first shot though :DDD

[Nod count +21; dear god how many is that?]


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