Grimwyrd: Chapter 2, Electric Boogaloo

[time has passed; the players have received details about the comission offered form the Greyhold army. If they sign on for a year’s service or the end of the war(whichever comes first) they will be issued a uniform and new arms worth 1000 GURP$. Falkirk turns it down, too focused on his arcane studies for a new obligation. The rest take the offer as it stands, requisitioning new armor and arms, cut to fit for their dwarven and beastman sizes.
Otherwise, the entire group has received a new reputation, free. +2 for being “the Heroes of the South”]

[Adolph is absent ATM, but returns later on in the session]


12:27 P.P. A.: [it’s just like my Swedish map painting games]

Ken (GM) It has been two weeks since the fall of the Beastmen here at the keep. The army has consolidated it’s presence in the area, erecting watchtowers and patrolling the old highway. The army has been quick to rebuild the keep, and the surrounding area is abuzz with work. Ramparts and palisades carve the hilltop to a new defensible perimeter, and a new timber floor sits atop the old ruined flagstones.

Gorgoth detail 3.png

Suðri Skornbrekker has been helping out with the rebuilding of the keep, and also learned new things in the process, as reflected in his updated skills

12:29 Ken (GM): [as well, the kings highway reaches into Old Gorgoth, but no living record exists of the cursed land since the last war, telling of where it leads.]

Ken (GM) Each of you has earned some notoriety among the army, and while some of you have taken a commission and officially joined up, others have not. Regardless, the men see each of you as living examples of heroism, and you have all been plied to tell your tales around dinner campfires.

Gray has put his strong back to good use repairing the keep and maintaining their vigil over the edge of the waste in Gorgoth, waiting, watching for danger. He enjoys the recognition but sometimes finds himself unconformable as the center of attention.

Ken (GM) The question now is “When will the enemy strike?”

The lands have been safe for days now; no scouts have encountered enemy Beastmen behind the skirmish line, no plague stricken orcs or gnolls have appeared in the area. All is quiet.

Falkirk has divided his time between secluding himself in his quarters, the door bolted – often not coming out for days, and training with the soldiers in simple martial forms. He has taken to walking with and carrying a quarterstaff.

Suðri Skornbrekker feels a little uneasy with the peace. After all the bizarre things they have encountered, it feels like a calm before the storm, with much worse things brewing in the lands beyond. His work rebuilding the keep and the storytime with the soldiers fortunately kept him distracted from such thoughts.

Ken (GM) News today breaks the torpor of work and watch duty; the elves will be arriving soon, and with them, their High Shaman! The grand holy elf from the lands of The Anhaern ventures to face the dark wizards of Gorgoth himself!

Each of you have been summoned to the keep this morning, from your various comings and goings. A page asking you each to report to the Lord Commander Whent, in his office at the Keep.

Suðri Skornbrekker makes his way to Whent immediately after emptying the mug of ale before him.

Gray lopes easily into the office, the beast ducking though the arched doorway and into the keep. He nods down to Suðri as they meet there, responding to the summons. “This is about the elves, you think?”

12:38 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I could imagine that we are to escort some of the elves as they scout the area, or investigate traces of the magic we have encountered.”

12:39 Gray: “Aye. That makes sense.”

12:39 (GM To Syviis): You are a member of the Elven troupe, venturing in with your High elder. He has been in communication with the Army of men as you travelled to the old ruins, and has advised you that you will be part of several important “spirit quests”.

Ken (GM) Whent makes his office in the ground floor of Glardenfen Keep. You recall that this room was once the den of several gnolls, but the smell hardly remains, overshadowed by fresh woodwork and tar sealing. The office is decorated with simple furnishings; a desk, a feather bed, trunks and lockboxes. The center of the room is overtaken with a round table, surrounded by chairs.

12:41 (GM to Gandalf G.): making your way there as well?

12:41 (From Falkirk): I’m thinking I’ll be a little late, in character 😛

Falkirk is conspicuously absent, but he hasn’t been around for the last few days.

Ken (GM) Bomrek attends, having brushed his beard and cleaned his armor as best as possible. “Where is our fine Lord Marshall gents? I dont want to disappoint the leadership but we’ll be making him look bad if hes late to his own meeting”

Gray looks around the room at the drastic changes from the last time they were inside, his gaze falling on the new furniture and bed before he looks to the Bomrek. He stands attentively, scenting the air like some animal. “He shouldn’t be long.”

12:46 (GM to Syviis): Your group marches to the keep with an escort of human highwaymen; armored horses and lances with banners. All very strange and officious from the humans. You are after all, obviously the elves. Why announce what is clear as rain?

12:47 (GM to Syviis): When you reach the camp, some men in clean silver-trimmed uniforms speak with your high elder in common, asking him to attend with them to meet with the Men’s Elder: Whent. The Great Sage also asks you come with him, crooking to you his aged and bent arm to walk together.

12:50 (GM to Falkirk): You seem to have beaten the commander to his own meeting?

12:50 (From Falkirk): Seems it

12:50 (From Syviis): Despite the unusual pomp, Syviis finds it hard to hide a smile and excitement, only barely keeping within expected levels of enthusiasm for someone assigned to what is basically a front line

12:51 (From Syviis): think Leeloo Dallas from 5th Element, with slightly less verbalization of “Multipasses”

12:51 (GM to Syviis): The elder seems to read you excitement, and smiles warmly at your apparent enthusiasm. “Find joy, young one, in the coming times. They will be full of wonder and excitement”

Falkirk enters the room, beard bedraggled and eyes bagged. He taps a thick wooden staff on the hard floor as he walks, scanning the room.

12:51 Falkirk: “I’ve not missed it, have I?”

12:52 Bomrek: “No, not yet Falkirk. But if you’re here, I fear for the Commander. Who could be this late to attend that you beat them here?”

12:53 Falkirk: “I have far more important concerns than the comings and goings of the commanders. I do hope this is quick.”

12:53 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Where went Whent, and when will he be here, one is left to wonder.”

Gray looks to Falkirk with some concern, looking to the tired eyes and the way the man leans on the staff. “You look like you could use sleep and food. What keeps you so busy?”

12:54 Falkirk: “Oh, this and that. There is no cause for concern. We’ve all faced much worse than any workload here can produce.”

12:53 (GM to Syviis): The guards march you into the camp, past wondering stares of men who seem just as awestruck to see elves in the flesh. Some dwarves are seen here and there, with their guns of blackpowder and cannons of hellfire.

12:53 (From Syviis): to the elder: “I’m sure there will be much darkness as well, but I cannot help but admire the way they shine and glitter with promise.”

12:56 (GM to Syviis): He smiles at that. He seems confident in your response. The men lead you into their stone and wood keep, to a dark room behind a heavy closed door. Just outside, you are met by a man with an eyepatch, wearing a gold-embroidered sash. He is old, for a human, with wrinkles and scars on his grim face. He salutes your Elder, and thanks him for his presence. He barely recognizes you are there, even when the elder introduces you to him.

12:57 (From Syviis): Does her best to sober up and returns to a determined, if slightly excited gaze forward

Ken (GM) You all hear a small commotion outside the door, then, it is swung open to reveal Lord Commander Whent as well as a very old and frail looking elf, swathed in green and brown robes. As well, a much younger looking elven woman enters the office with them.

Whent strides in, flush and a bit angry looking. “Men! Take a seat!” he barks the order, though with little malice, just officiousness

Falkirk frowns slightly and slowly takes a seat, leaning on his staff

Bomrek rushes through an official salute before slamming quickly into his chair at Whent’s command

Suðri Skornbrekker salutes and sits down.

Gray might have thought to say something more to Falkirk, to suggest the man get more rest, when the commander and elven guest enter. He walks to the table and draws out chairs for the elf, waiting to help the frail and old one sit before he joins the others.

Falkirk nods at the commander. “Commander.” He then turns to the elves, greeting them in their own tongue. “Salutations”

1:00 Ken (GM): The old Elf beams happily, thanking you in a soft voice as he takes his seat.

Syviis is unable to hide a joyous smile at the greeting and nods politely, but does not speak out of turn.

Whent seems to pace about the room, snatching this and that from cupboards and chests, collecting papers and items in his arms. He bareley takes notice of you all at the table

1:02 (GM to Falkirk): “Thank you, honorable outsider. I am the High Elder of the Anhaern, and this is my young friend, Syviis” He motions to the young elven woman beside him. “You will find she is dutysworn to the elven tongue, but should not find trouble with you here to speak with her”

Ken (GM) The old elf speaks for a moment to Falkirk, quietly indicating to himself and the young excited elf woman beside him

Suðri Skornbrekker eyes the two elves with some skepticism; the old elf might be a shaman or sage, but the younger one doesn’t look like one, nor like a warrior.

Suðri Skornbrekker then again he hasn’t seen any elf who looks like a warrior, even ones who actually were such.

1:04 (From Falkirk): “It is an honour, Elder. My name is Falkirk, assuming the commander hasn’t made that known. It is always a pleasure to meet someone from foreign lands.”

Falkirk replies in the tongue, though his language is clearly somewhat accented and a little stilted.


Gray nods to the elder Elf and sits, waiting while the commander collects the items for the meeting. His gaze falls to the elven woman, studying her.

Syviis takes time to note each face in the room, nodding to each politely. She seems very at home in her intricately worked leather armour which clearly was designed for hiding through shadowed forests. Her fair skin is covered with elaborate, but not overly distracting, lines and patches of blue wode, less as camouflage and more as someone might wear medals of honour to a military function. On her back rests a capable-looking and intricate bow, and her hips sport a rapier and a covered bundle of arrows

1:11 Syviis: Woad? BLUE STUFF

1:11 Falkirk: woad

1:11 Syviis: Got it

1:11 Ken (GM): bright blue dye. very woad


1:11 Ken (GM): lol

Suðri Skornbrekker can’t tell if that’s a woman, or just an elf.

1:12 Ken (GM): vague sexual dimorphism for the win

Suðri Skornbrekker returns the nod anyway

1:12 P.P. A.: also >leather armour

1:12 Falkirk: hushush
its a buff coat

1:12 Syviis: aaarrrrmurrrr

1:13 Falkirk: let it happen

1:13 (GM to Gray): The old one smells of the deep woods; Nothing but. Very hard to discern the elf from the forest. She smells more like leather and polished steel. And she’s a she. [GM’s Note: Gray has at this point invested in ‘Discriminatory Smell’ leading me to describing to him extra features of scents.]

1:13 P.P. A.: unless that’s like cuir bouilli, or leather scale armour. oh buff coat works too!

1:13 Syviis: Hey, elves in trench coats are totally Shadowrun… but that’s a different game.

1:14 Ken (GM): banded and scaled leather guys, its all very kosher.

Gray studies the delecate patterns of blue on the pale elf, observing her a moment then looking away to keep from troubling her with the intense gaze, a nod in return. The huge, rough beast wearing well broken in dark trousers and a black shirt, the gray skinned beast scarred, marked. He dosn’t bring his sword to this meeting but even sitting there without armor he looks dangerous and tense. Considering the scent’s he has caught.

1:14 Ken (GM): casual gray, still deadly much horns, very big. yes

Whent seems to finish up his work, and deposits his armload of maps and books uncerimoniously on the table before you. Pages spill out over the table, but he moves things about until a large map is spread out before you. The top half, a detailed topographical relief of the Southern Reaches. A long jagged line bisects the map and below, a mostly blank area, vaguely outlined is labelled “Gorgoth”.

He sets some books to the edges of the map to prevent curling paper form springing back, and makes sure it is on clear display. “This is the problem we face, men.” He meets all your eyes, going about the table “We’re effectively blind, and we have no idea where they’re coming from”

Suðri Skornbrekker assumes they were called to remedy this, but doesn’t want to interrupt his superior. He nods, though.

Gray nods in agreement, looking to the blank map. “We don’t know the roads.”

Falkirk nods slowly, not belying any obvious emotion

Whent: “I know each of you are here for your own reasons. Some of you have joined the cause; while thats honorable, It doesnt make a lick of difference at the moment, because we’re at the mercy of the enemy we don’t know.” He sweeps a pointing hand about the table “You all however, know the enemy. Youve met him in battle. Several engagements, all successful.”

“You, I can trust, to get us more information”

“You, I can trust to not die in the wastes”

“You, I can trust to succeed in your mission”

Bomrek raises his hand, and then salutes hastily “Apologies commander, but beggin your mind. Who are these two?” indicating to the elves “And why do we trust them?”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods in agreement, although he was not going to ask the question until he knew what role they were going to play.

Gray rubs a rough hand across his horns. He looks like he would be at home in the waste of Gorgoth, if nothing else the monster would blend right in there among the beastmen.

Whent looks a bit puzzled by the question for a moment, then a look of resignation comes accross his face “Apologies. You are right Bomrek. I have rushed into things and forgotten proper decorum.” He stands, and presents the guests to you

“Please may I introduce to you all the High Elder of the Elven Kingdom of Anhaern, and…” He trails off, apparently not knowing who the second elf woman is “Someone…else. Who is she Sire?” he asks, perplexed.

1:25 (GM to Suðri Skornbrekker): The high elder of the elves? Thats their king!

1:25 (GM to Gray): The high elder of the elves? Thats their king!

1:25 (From Suðri Skornbrekker): fug

Syviis looks to the Elder

Ken (GM) He looks back

Suðri Skornbrekker raises both eyebrows upon learning the identity of the elderly elf, and adjusts his posture in the seat to be more upright and dignified

Gray is suprised by that, his attention falling on the elven elder and looking to the old, fragile man with new respect and curiosity. His posture subtly shifting, but the beast clearly impressed…then thoughtful. This means matters are not as simple as he’d thought.

The elder motions to Syviis, then the group

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t have much respect for elves, but the ruler of a nation still deserves to be treated accordingly, (unless it’s the king of goblins or something).

Syviis takes that as her duties of politeness are answered and clears her throat. “Syviis Adjeon,” and then in her native tongue, a brief greeting, doing her best to gesture the same with open hands

1:28 Syviis: Anyone who knows elf languages gets the full effect, but she’s clearly avoiding the common tongue.

Falkirk nods slowly

1:31 (From Syviis): “I give my bow, my will, and should the need arise, my blood. I am at your command, fine friends.”

1:31 Gray: “Well met, Syvils Adjeon.” Gray says in that deep, rough voice then looks to Falkirk.

1:31 Falkirk: “So, we’re to scout and map. What specific role is there to bring elves?”

Whent seems to get his train of thought back, nods to Syvis and the High elder, and then returns his attention to the map. “You will be our secret weapon; a quiet, unseen group, venturing into old Gorgoth, and returning with something they dont even know they have…The Ansible of Spirits


1:33 Syviis: I’m calling it now….the stealthy woods-savvy elf shall fail every stealth roll from here on in.

1:33 Falkirk: naturally


1:34 Joush M.: Ooh yeah. Just crashing around everywhere and yelling “SNEAK ATTACK!” while shooting people with arrows

1:34 (GM to Falkirk):The Ansible of Spirits; A fabled ‘device’ lost in the last war, used by grand mages to communicate with spirits…or something

Gray frowns at that, the massive beast leaning forward and listening closely without knowing just what they will hunt.

Falkirk perks up slightly as an eyebrow elevates

1:34 (GM to Falkirk): It was last used by the high sages of the Elves, to work the curse that destroyed much of Gorgoth. Kind of a “Nuclear football” that went missing after it was last used to nuke the Kingdom…you think

Syviis listens intently, ignoring a strange daydream about stumbling around though the bushes

Suðri Skornbrekker listens closely, saving his questions for when Whent has finished his explanations.

1:35 (GM to Syviis): A fabled device lost in the last war, used by the High Council Mages to communicate with spirits. It was last used by the Council of the Elves, to work the curse that destroyed much of Gorgoth. A grand weapon and working, lost to the ages after it’s fabled use

Whent looks around the table “I take it only Falkirk here, and the Elves, have any idea what I’m talking about?

1:36 Suðri Skornbrekker: “’tis the first I have heard of it, I’m afraid.”

Gray agrees with the commander. “I’ve no knowledge of spirits.”

1:36 Falkirk: “I’ve heard of the Ansible; It has been found?”

Falkirk seems somewhat invigorated

Whent: “Well…thats where you all come in, naturally”

Gray ask in that deep, rough voice. “What is this device?”

The marshall continues “The elves used it once to work some terrible magic. The whole reason we call old Gorgoth ‘the forbidden Kingdom’ is because of what they did two hundred years ago with the Ansible. He gestures to the High elder “They tell us, however, that it was not lost in the Battle of Horns. But rather, where it was, was lost”

The Old elf seems to have a sadness creep accross his face. Or some old shame. He speak in a soft old voice, in clean common, with no accent “We did only what was required of us. The lands of the dark ones were cursed long before we ever reached them.”

1:45 (GM to Syviis):[ELF LORE] The history speaks of the magics wrought on the Day of Darkness some 211 years ago. The elves know it well; it is a lesson in ‘get what you ask for’. The Beastmen traded in black magic and darker spirits in the old days, and the elves simply advanced the sickness they had purchased in blood. They gave them exactly what they asked for; a dark kingdom over which to rule. The Ansible disappeared that day, not seen since.

The high elder reaches across the table, with some effort, and he places a small marker on the Western edge of the map

1:47 Gray: “I pass no judgement on the past. It’s not my place.” He says, the beast sure that he isn’t clever enough to understand why things happend as they did. He looks to the map, watching what the elder places there.

1:47 Ken (GM): “Here is where the Ansible should lie. Here is the resting place of the First Order of Spirits. Their home, and their tomb” [the marker matches the tower on the west edge of the overland map]

1:47 Falkirk: 1sec roll20 is being shit

1:48 Ken (GM): lol midway down the west border with Anhaern. In the wasteland there

1:48 Gandalf G.: I see it

Ken (GM) under the marker on the map, the area is described as “hostile wasteland” and is marked with symbols for fire, desert, and broken rock

1:49 Gray: “Hard land. It won’t be easy to reach. Will it be hard to move?”

1:50 Ken (GM): The high elder continues “Those lands what once bordered the Anhaern are now a hellscape. A burning cursed wound on the land. The world itself ripped open there. But the histories indicate the tower held. And the Ansible should remain within, housed in the inner sanctums, the holy places there.”

1:51 Falkirk: “Aye, sounds like a lovely place.”

Gray nods to the elven king, watching as he explains. He paints a grim picture of the challanges involved in recovering the ansible.

Suðri Skornbrekker nods to all this. Hearing of the calamity that befell Gorgoth following the Ansible thing confirms his negative stereotypes of both magic and of elves, but…he glances at Falkirk…he suspects that powerful magic would seduce people of any race to make grave mistakes.

Bomrek looks like he needs a drink

Whent chimes in “So, pretty straightforward then men? You head in here with the help of the elves, and stride back out with the Ansible!” He seems almost cheery with himself and the plan.

“Only Syviis and these four shall go” Says the high elder in a quiet voice

Syviis smiles, albeit while also looking like she needs a drink.

Gray blinks in surprise. “I mean no offense to the high elder, sir.. You are sure the small one… Syviis.. is prepared for the dangers inherent to this mission?”

Syviis Adjeon laughs at that, amused, not angry at the slightest.

[Suðri Skornbrekker slightly raises a finger and opens his mouth, wanting to ask “Is it wise to take a woman with us to the front?”; but, still not being quite sure what sex she is, (although he deems “Is it wise to take an elf with us to the front?” to be just as justified a question) and Gray already having asked something to that effect, he relents.]

Falkirk stays quiet throughout, deep in thought since the ancient relic came up in conversation

2:00 (GM to Falkirk): Anything specific youre pondering? knowledge checks you wanna dig in on?

2:00 (From Falkirk): Let’s go with journey itself. What roll would I need to try to picture the terrain?

2:00 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I need to ask—you are a woman, are you not?”, he finally asks Syviis directly. “None of you have beards, so it’s difficult to tell; and your men don’t even have jaws like human men do.”

Syviis Adjeon finally does seem a bit offended at that, says something simple in elvish, and gestures… well… an inny, not an outie, vaguely in the direction between her legs.

The high elder chuckles at that, then quickly composes himself

Whent blushes madly, but from anger or shame you cant tell. He blusters

Syviis Adjeon suddenly remembers the High Elder is there and blushes terribly, assuming a straight-and-narrow ‘attention’ stance

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. Though still skeptical of the wisdom of having her around in enemy lands, he avoids embarrassing her any further (after that answer).

2:03 (GM to Falkirk): Navigaiton(Land) for your personal take on the terrain/best plan of travel. This is a great map hes got, but it is unfortunately poorly charted land beyond the old border

2:04 (From Falkirk): 9v7 +/- modifiers

2:05 (GM to Falkirk): Best guess says to stay on the charted land as much as possible, then break south and beeline it for the old keep. Probably skip anything in the badlands, skirt the territory, stay to the black woods.

2:05 (From Falkirk): Sure thing

Gray considers a moment, blinking in suprise again at the question and gestures. He assumed everyone could tell by scent.. then speaking to the elder. “Lord, if you belive she can withstand the rigors of this trial.. I would be glad to have someone with us that knows the elven ways.”

2:05 (From Fiss): I assume I’ll change up the amorphous Hidden Lore skill to be specifically “Elf History”?

2:05 (GM to Fiss): Yes; thats definitely what youre versed in

The elder finally stops chuckling to himself, and addresses Gray “Yes, she will be one of your band, and together you shall overcome the darkness of Gorgoth. That, I am sure of”

Syviis Adjeon tries not to smile, but clearly is flattered by his confidence in her

“But dont you think it wise to send them with more trackers? Or scouts M’lord?” Whent implores, but The elder simply looks at him and shakes his head “She is all who shall go. As the spirits speak”

2:08 (GM to Fiss): “As the spirits speak” isn’t just a turn of phrase. He means a literal spirit told him.

2:07 Falkirk: “A small band moves faster and quieter. There is wisdom in the elder’s decision.”

Falkirk seems to reappear from deepest thought

2:09 (From Syviis Adjeon): “Don’t send too many…less experience that way. Don’t fuck up their CR!” :V

2:09 Falkirk: “There is no route that will be easy. We’ll need every advantage we can have. The terrain isn’t suitable to a large party either.”He nods, as if admiring the wisdom of his own words.

Gray nods in agreement. “Call it a month either way. We will need to carry heavy supplies and be prepared to survive off the land.”

Gray is being pessmistic about the ground they can cover. Assuming the harsh, unmapped terrain will be hard to cross.

Suðri Skornbrekker is unconvinced, but, being in the military now, can’t go around questioning orders. “Do we know anything at all about the kind of terrain we will be passing through?”

Whent nods along with Gray “Yes, it will be difficult, but with a small group you should be able to circumvent anything large in your way. like an army” He addresses Suðri’s question “This is the best map we have, and it’s based on scattered reports, secondhand at best, thirdhand otherwise. Those who venture South into Gorgoth tend to be criminals and vagabonds, so the historians dont have much to go on. Just old tales and lost histories.”

[the overland map on the gamespace is the best they have, and even then, the notations indicate the camps and towers and cities were written in hundreds of years ago]

Gray rubs a hand across his jaw, the savage looking beast considering. “We will try to remeber to keep good notes.”

2:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We ought to travel without any large carts then, in case we need to navigate swamps or dense woods.”

2:15 Falkirk: “Aye. That I can agree with. No carts.”

“You will note, the Blacktooth Camp, down South” Whent points out the simple totem. “The tribe of orcs named there were infamous in the histories. They defined the brainless tusked brutes you met at the keep. Other than that, reports are all but nonexistant on the forces ahead”

The elder nods along “yes, the Orcs have been seen by our scouts before, but our lands tolerate no stain of evil. The orcs will be there, hiding in their black woods”

Gray speaks grimly. “We can handle orcs.”

Whent: “Gray, Skornbrekker; you two will be in charge of requisitioning for your party. Keep it simple and quiet; this mission is not to be communicated publicly ot the army at large. Falkirk, I will have our aides deliver you a package of maps and our reports, what we have been able to transcribe for you”

2:19 Falkirk: “I’m no cartographer, but I’m sure we’ll manage.”

Whent: “and Bomrek, be sure to take a ready supply of powder and shot along, just to be sure”

Bomrek salutes again, flustered as he was addressed directly “Yessir! Bombs at the ready, SIR!”

Suðri Skornbrekker smirks.

Gray nods firmly to the Marshall as the hard, bestial man waits. Sharper now, ready to go to work. The human army is imperfect, but the elven Elder proves this mission is vital and important.

“Any questions men?” Whent asks

Gray waits to see if the others will come up with any clever questions. He knows there is something he should ask but can’t imagine what.

Suðri Skornbrekker salutes as well, and begins thinking about what they might need. Shovels, definitely, for ad hoc trenches—eager to try out the things he learned from a couple of combat engineers he met at the keep.

Falkirk sits back and nods slightly, seemingly content with the orders.

Whent: “DIIIIISMISSED” He rattles off, the bravado of military drill carrying his voice through the room. We salutes you off, “High Elder, a word” as he stops the aged elf, waving out Syviss with the rest of you.

Gray rises from the table and offers a hand to help the elven Elder from his seat.

Gray withdraws the hand, realizeing a moment later the elder is staying.

The elder smiles warmly back at gray, and waves him off politely

Falkirk slowly rises, and heads for the door in no hurry.

Gray ask Syviss. “Is there anything special you will require for the trip, beyond arrows and provender?”

Syviis Adjeon responds in elvish, then makes a quill/parchment motion with her hands and a hopeful shrug

Gray nods, understanding the gesture. “Aye. Writeing desk.”

Syviis Adjeon raises an eyebrow, wondering how practical hauling a desk through the wastes would be

2:27 Falkirk: “Aye, if we’re to map then parchment and a quill won’t be amiss. Be sure to bring spares.”

Gray walks from the room and heads to go collect what promises to be a large set of supplies. A portable writeing desk is a bit of weight, but the box of paper, ink, sand, wax and a writing surface on top will be useful for Falkirk and Syviis.

2:28 (GM to Falkirk): Roll on Thaumatology, please?

2:28 (From Falkirk): 13v11

2:29 (GM to Falkirk): Youre not quite sure, but something seems amiss, magically speaking. The Ansible is a fabled engine of destruction, and the elves are quite hush hush on it. No living human wizard has studied it directly, only through historical heresay

2:30 (From Falkirk): I will be sure to bear that in mind

Falkirk seems struck by a thought but shrugs it off as he turns to his quarters for the arrival of the documents, his staff clacking.

2:30 Ken (GM):rolling 3d6(6+1+4)=11 Availability check

2:31 Ken (GM): And the dice gods are with you; there should be a writing block in camp available to take with. The owner asks for 100 GURP$ to cover its replacement, though it will be packed full of clean sheets and ink

Suðri Skornbrekker follows Gray, formulating a list in his head. “How many days do you think we should take provisions for? There should be game to hunt out there, but we don’t know if there are edible plants or untainted water.”

Gray agrees to the expense, though he makes sure to get the man to fill out a receipt so he can report the expense to the army. “Thirty days food per person. So.. one-hundered-twenty days of food. Call it two hundred and forty pounds. We can’t carry enough water to last more then a few days”

2:34 Ken (GM): (youre a party of 5! two dwarves, a human, a scorned and the elf!)

2:35 Joush M.: You put the guy with IQ 8 in charge of provisioning

2:35 Ken (GM): lulz

2:35 Fiss: Elves don’t eat. They just photosynthesize 😛

2:36 Joush M.: (My mistake though, Yeah, someone should correct Gray’s math)

2:36 Suðri Skornbrekker: “One-hundred-fifty,” Suðri corrects him after he realised what felt off about that. “Beer would be as good if not better than water-but it’ll weigh about the same, so that remains a problem. Perhaps take large but light buckets and bowls with us to collect rainwater.”

Gray nods. “Beer, yeast, some barely. We can refill the cask and brew more on the march.. if you don’t consider brewing beer to be women’s work. My beer isn’t.. safe, for humans.”

2:37 Bomrek: “I’m packing my own whiskey, so we’re covered on that” Chimes in Bomrek, sipping from a flask. “Ive gotten pretty good at cards with these humans; they keep losing their private stock to me”

Gray nods. “Distilled sprirts can make water safer. We should take a few gallons, for medicine, fire and drinking.”

2:38 Joush M.: Wasn’t sure if we were whisky= yes or no

Bomrek visibly perks up at the word “Gallons”

Suðri Skornbrekker agrees enthusiastically. Medicine and fire. Yeah.

Syviis Adjeon follows, equally enthralled at the fortress as at the talk of the exotic trail-brews

Syviis Adjeon sees if they have any snares and hunting implements to add to the lists

Gray prepares a list and presents it to Syviis and Suori, seeing if they agree.. 300 pounds dried foodstuff (5 person-months of Average quality rations)

2:43 Gray: 3 gallons whiskey
5 gallons beer
4 muskets
40 pounds gunpowder
80 prepared rounds for muskets
5 sets warm-weather clothes

2:43 Gray: 1 portable writeing desk
1 spyglass
5 oiled canvas tarps
100 yards 1/2” rope

2:45 Ken (GM): warm weather as in desert chic? Loose robes and wind-friendly clothing?

2:46 (GM to Fiss): Roll Survival woods for me?

2:46 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(1+1+5)=7

2:47 (From Syviis Adjeon): beat by 5

2:47 Joush M.: Yeah, light, long covering, shade hats/hoods

2:47 (GM to Fiss): You recall, based on the map, that cold weather cloaks might be a good idea too. Icy rains blow in from the SouthWest this time of year

Syviis Adjeon clears throat, mimes ‘shivering’ and pulling a cloak around herself.

Gray nods to the elven woman, watching as she shivers and looking thoughtful. He almost reaches for his own cloak before realizeing she means she needs colder weather gear. “Desert nights are cold. Aye. Heavy cloak. Blanket?”

2:49 (GM to Falkirk): A roll versus Alchemy? please

2:50 (From Falkirk): 11v11

Suðri Skornbrekker nods.

Syviis Adjeon takes the request sheet and writes in ‘traveling cloaks – oiled against cold rain and snow’

Gray feels a touch embrassed at that. Reminding himselves that others feel the weather more then him, and lose heat faster in the cold.

2:51 (GM to Falkirk): If the lands are truly a “fiery hellscape” that likely means volcanic in some manner. Sulphuric, full of brimstone gasses. You’ll want to put together something to help you breathe in bad vapors.

2:52 (From Falkirk): A water-soaked cloth should do it, right?

2:53 (GM to Falkirk): ‘should’ but if its intense, you might want to pretreat/prepare filter masks/breathing cones. Like plague doctor masks? stuffed with straw/cotton cloth

2:54 (From Falkirk): Alright, where would I likely be able to source something like that?

Suðri Skornbrekker looks unconvinced. “Snow? Down south? I doubt we’ll be scaling any great mountains.” He hesitates for a moment. “Or is the climate strange because of the magic?”

Syviis Adjeon nods and on a little strip of paper: “Both. Harsh weather comes from the hills and mountains as well.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods.

2:54 Fiss: nods at all the nods

Gray nods, reading slowly. “We all already have good boots. We may have to make compromises. Take less weapons.. This is already two hundered.. ah.. sorry. About one hundered and twenty pounds a person. It won’t be that much. I can take more then that, but there are limits.”

Bomrek: “Maybe drag in some mules? spare packhorses?”

Gray nods. “They will let us move faster, but harder to move in stealth. I’ll differ to your wisdom there.”

2:54 (GM to Falkirk): Here and there in camp. A visit to the doctors/apothecaries might be in order. Youre the resident alchemist, you find, but the ingredients to your work are all over camp

2:56 (From Falkirk): Alright. I’ll wait for the documents to arrive, then collect some masks and basic medicinal herbs.

2:57 (GM to Falkirk): Very good. The documents are delivered as Whent promised. Theres a single weather-locked tome packed full of clippings and transcribed notes. its a bit heavy (5lbs) but you can lock it closed and sealed against water! As well, a map on tough wax-sealed vellum of the south, in a locking scrolltube

2:57 Bomrek: “One or two should spare the load quite a bit. Shouldnt need more than that to pack lightly on each of us. And if one of them dies, it doubles as provisions!”

2:57 Joush M.: Loading everyone down to move 3 vs taking pack animals and being move 4 is pretty much the trade off here. A couple mules could let them distribute the weight to keep light and fast

Syviis Adjeon laughs…then looks slightly curious as she realized Bomrek is serious

Gray nods somberly to Bomrek. “Once we’ve used the provisons one carries we will have little other use for it.”

3:00 Bomrek: He nods in the elf lady’s direction “Ever had it then? Nice and tough, like good dwarf cooking should be. I like it boiled out too, nice and dry that way”

3:00 Ken (GM): a horse in the stables nearby has a nervous look about himself

Syviis Adjeon glances at the horse, wondering how much garlic and butter would be needed…

Gray likes it raw, but doesn’t say that. People don’t talk about that, and it makes them unconformable when you say you prefer warm, bloody and fresh. Instead he turns to the work of requesting supplies, thinking to ask the quartermaster, or whomever is in charge of supplies, for any advice or suggestions.

3:02 Gray: 300 pounds dried foodstuff (5 person-months of Average quality rations)
3 gallons whiskey
5 gallons beer
4 muskets
40 pounds gunpowder
80 prepared rounds for muskets

3:02 Gray: 5 sets warm-weather clothes
1 portable writeing desk
1 spyglass
100 yards 1/2” rope
5 oiled canvas tarps
30 arrows

3:02 Gray: 5 waterproofed traveling cloaks
3 blankets
1 cooking pot

Suðri Skornbrekker comments that 30 arrows might be a bit too few, seeing how bows have a higher firing rate than guns

Ken (GM) The quartermaster has no qualms about supplying your list. He taps his nose and says “Whent spoke to me too”.

3:05 Syviis Adjeon: The Elf makes a few scribbles for twine, needles, feathers and a few other things that seem to lend to the fact she intends to be able to make arrows in an emergency, but also changes the ’30’ to ‘150’

3:05 Adolf S.: Truly, family is terrible in concept.

Gray nods, looking blankly at the man, then nods as a fletcher’s supplies and more arrows are added to the list. He seems suprised, then nods in agreement to the lovely elf and the dwarf. “I am not familair with the other side of a bow. That’s a good point.”

3:06 Adolf S.: What’d I miss, friendo’s?

3:06 Syviis Adjeon: Elves apparently cannot convert sunlight and water into food internally. 😛

3:06 Joush M.: We got a new mission, a pretty elf to replace our pretty actor, and Bomrek posed for a painting

3:06 P.P. A.: Female elf (redundant, I know) joined the party, Suðri joined the army, and we’ll go out into Gorgoth to look for the Ancient Elven Trinket of Oops

3:06 Joush M.: The rest of us are gathering supplies while he sits around in the art studio with a cat in his lap and his portrait being done

3:07 Adolf S.: Oooh. Should I catch up on the log right away GM?

3:07 Ken (GM): yeah, as the chat log indicates, The Elves did a thing years ago, and the GreyHold Army wants you guys to go in quietly and get it back. Most of today has been nods

3:08 Adolf S.: >Quietly
Do they know half our armament is based around explosions?

3:08 Ken (GM): lol 5 people versus 5000

3:09 Joush M.: I was lying about the painting too.. We are supposed to sneak in and theoreticly get the spririt ambasiel back. Then we went to collect supplies.

3:09 Adolf S.: >Bomrek didn’t pose for a painting

3:09 Ken (GM): “Ansible of the Spirits”

3:09 P.P. A.: explosions

3:09 P.P. A.: but not MAGIC explosions

3:09 Joush M.: Gray sucks as math, like me. Luckly the elf that doesn’t speak Grayhold and Suori is checking on his math

3:09 Ken (GM): hahah

3:10 Ken (GM): yeah, the new girl has been only speaking elf or making hand-jive/notes for people

3:10 Falkirk: see
this is why buying languages works

3:10 Ken (GM): nods*

3:11 Adolf S.: Who would want to speak Elf? Truly a sub-dwarf language.

3:11 Fiss: Elvish: It’s Dwarf with more sighs and less growls.

3:11 P.P. A.: Also yeah, the new girl understands and writes common but doesn’t speak it. Suthri asked to make sure that she is female btw and not just an elf

3:12 Fiss: The elf responded by miming her junk.

3:12 Joush M.: Gray’s only elven is ‘you are a whore'(perjorative), ‘you are a whore?’ (innterogative), ‘how much?’, and ‘My hovercraft is full of eels’

3:13 Ken (GM): hahahahah

3:13 P.P. A.: kek

3:13 Fiss: Well…that’s what you get. Always eel-proof your hovercraft.

3:13 Ken (GM): in that order?

3:13 Adolf S.: Probably so.

3:14 Ken (GM): lulz

3:14 Ken (GM): HOKAY so the party has been sworn to shush on the mission, and have been given an elf woman. Provisons are being planned and found

3:14 Adolf S.: Neat, slavery.

3:14 Fiss: It’s dangerous to go alone: Take an Elf

3:14 Falkirk: elf slave what do

3:14 Adolf S.: pack mule

3:15 Joush M.: Those too

3:15 Ken (GM): Any other specific things you guys want to take with you? People you wanna rob before leaving? cows you need to tip?

3:15 Joush M.: Gray dosn’t plan to ride on this trip, If you want to take horses you’d better mention it to him/say so IC

3:15 Falkirk: Well I’m hitting up the apocarthery for stuff I already went over in whispers

3:15 Adolf S.: Er, where are we exactly right now, and how long has it been since we last fought for our lives?

3:16 Fiss: She’ll take a moment to practice on the butter/herb horse – Riding skill – just to ensure she has the basics of human/common riding gear and doesn’t make a fool of herself by jumping on bareback / with elf-hooks / whatever elves have

Gray is in the storehouse at the keep they seized, prepareing for their trip into the blasted and burned lands of Golgotha. Huge piles of supplies are nearby, being inspected and reviewed before being loaded into pack frames for the mules.

3:16 Ken (GM): (Vaguely gestures to overland map) Big red X is sitting on Glardenfen; you guys have been here two weeks since shooting a wizard socrceress and dragon in their faces. The army loves you guys, and such.

3:17 P.P. A.: Bomrek can decide whether to join the army or remain a mercenary. everyone else sans Falkirk joined though, ja?

Gray is taking a remarkable amount of booze on the trip. Just in case.

3:17 Adolf S.: Why’d Falkirk not join?

3:17 Ken (GM): ‘reasons’

3:18 Adolf S.: Bomrek supports gray’s decision.

3:18 P.P. A.: so he can continue to wizard as he pleases

3:18 Joush M.: He’s old as shit and an evil sorcerer?


3:18 Falkirk: Wizards cant be tied down, they’re not into that shit

3:19 Adolf S.: Anyway, I feel like I need to read up the logs to properly figure out what I both should buy, and what Bomrek’d probably buy considering his personal experiences while I was absent. That’ll probably take a while, so a retcon in this regard might be necessary before next game, assumin’.

3:19 Ken (GM): no worres there, mate

Gray packs amber bottles of high proof whisky after checking them, gallons of the stuff. The cask of beer will serve as water cases when emptied, or with a bit of hops, yeast and mash can be used to make more beer on the road. Gray did warn the others that the beer he makes isn’t human-palitable.

Suðri Skornbrekker will buy yet unspecified equipment that he’ll add to his inventory by next session

3:20 Adolf S.: ^

3:20 Joush M.: Yeah, good time to do some off screen shopping

3:20 Ken (GM): @bomrek: one consideration is that youve been gambling as if you almost died for a week straight, and now you have a nice collection of human-made whiskeys and a nice flask to drink from

3:20 Gray: When you scroll up you can see the list of supplies they are getting from the army for the job

3:20 Adolf S.: >40 pounds gunpowder

3:21 Joush M.: Fuck those stumps

3:21 Fiss: Fuckstumps

3:22 (GM to Gray): Almost forgot; joining up to the army means being fit for 1000$ worth of armor and weapons of your choice

3:23 Gray: w ken Fuck yes. I’ll update Gray’s sheet

3:23 Falkirk: hueh

3:23 Joush M.: Orr.. you know, whisper that to ken

3:23 (GM to Bomrek): Almost forgot; joining up to the army means being fit for 1000$ worth of armor and weapons of your choice

3:23 Ken (GM): lol

3:23 Gray: At least it’s not one of my dirty PMs


3:23 Adolf S.: Grassy gnoll, grassy gnoll


3:23 Adolf S.: knoll*

3:23 Ken (GM): who gave the gnoll beans?

3:24 Adolf S.: I wonder what I should buy.. More gunpowder related weapons might be a good idea.

3:24 Joush M.: Some quick match would be good. Give more options to do demoltion work

3:24 Ken (GM): dont forget you were eyeing steel plate back in the day


3:25 Adolf S.: Mmhmm, I’ve got that on my mind as well. Er, just to be clear, this’ll take a while, so don’t wait in any respect on my account. At this point I’m mostly reading the backlog trying to get a good angle on what I ought to do.

3:26 P.P. A.: We haven’t encountered any enemy guns yet, so plate armour might actually be worth the investment

3:26 Falkirk: but plate armour was designed to stop bullets

3:26 P.P. A.: well full plate

3:27 Adolf S.: “stop”

Gray examines the army mules and makes sure they are healthy and hale for the trip.

3:27 Adolf S.: I mean

3:27 Falkirk: stop The word bulletproof


3:27 P.P. A.: Suthri already has a steel breastplate, but no gauntlets or anything

3:27 Falkirk: bulletproof came from armourers shooting their breastplates with handguns to demonstrate it didnt penetrate

3:27 P.P. A.: shooting every newly made armour with a gun to show how awesome it is, yeah

3:28 Joush M.: Deflect, mostly. They’d leave a smear of led and had a nasty tendency to cause injuries to the deltoids and brachial artery. Funny way to die, a bullet off your chestplate hits your upper arm

3:28 Ken (GM): sudden heart attack from arterial damage/clots thrown in the body

3:29 Fiss: Blood Clots due to Lead Poisoning….very aggressive lead poisoning

3:29 Ken (GM): lol

3:29 Adolf S.: Slap an EPA warning sticker on the side of my musket

3:29 Ken (GM): The alchemists should be tapped to help pack lead balls with sodium

3:30 Fiss: I just put a “Unleaded bullets only” sticker next to my vital organs.

Gray loads and fires each musket they are getting from stores, carefully performing the drill and proofing them with a slightly hot charge. The smoke drifts on the air and the huge beast handles the weapons with care.

3:31 Adolf S.: If I recall right, sodium is turbo expensive.
er, well, whatever that particular mix is, in that particular amount, that is.

3:31 Ken (GM): “careful with that one, it kicks…” Gray barely moves, firing a .81 load

3:32 Adolf S.: when in doubt, assume Bomrek shits on inferior human craftsmanship in both materials and execution, of firearms and related items.

3:33 Ken (GM): Gray/Adolf, you two do find the guns are servicable, but the human designs are, well, inferior to dwarven
[They only have cheap quality muskets, bonuses to malf]

Gray nods to the man in thanks at the warning, studying the guns. “They will do.. We could hope for better, but there are few dwarves here.”

3:35 Ken (GM): You do note, there are dwarves here. But they are each armed with wildly intricate and beautiful weapons. You haven’t seen anything less than a piece of art among them


3:36 Joush M.: We aren’t buying them, we are requisitioning them. If our good guns get damaged, we have these.. and we can fire one, pick up the next, until they are all gone.

3:37 Adolf S.: African safari style, nice.

Gray wonders a moment. “Do dwarves not sell their fine weapons to the army? Or does the army refuse to pay the high price of such weapons?”

3:41 Bomrek: Bomrek raises an eyebrow, a look of surprise and mild confusion on his face. “Each of these weapons is specially made for the soldier who uses it, by master craftsdwarfs of unparalleled skill. Even a relatively simple one probably costs as much as one human soldier’s entire armament.” Bomrek runs his fingers lightly down his guns stock as he’s saying this.

Syviis Adjeon marvels at the beauty of the firearms, the interesting types of armour and gear, and generally looks like she’s on a field trip VS a war camp.

Gray nods to Bomrek, accepting the explanation and turning back to the work of loading the weapons and preparing for travel. He looks to Syviis, suprised at how innocent the elf looks. Almost like she’s lost here. He frowns a moment as he remembers again his worries about bringing the young-seeming elf along.

Suðri Skornbrekker notices Syviis’ amazement and feels proud of dwarfdom. “Have you ever seen a gun fired?”, he asks, trying to ignore that this girl scout is going to be accompanying them into the land of dragons, dark magic, and orcs.

Syviis Adjeon shakes her head, excited to watch

3:46 Adolf S.: Bomrek’s Goals: Gold, Honor, Adventure, Gold, (now) making sure his traveling companions don’t get gutted.
Meta Goals: For Bomrek to fall in love with a prostitute, for Bomrek to become best shooter, for Bomrek to actually get into melee combat for once

3:46 Ken (GM): lulz show her your “private stock”

3:47 Adolf S.: I read that one, apparently stolen from a bunch of humans in a card game

3:47 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Bows cannot even compare to them! They punch straight through light armour and can fell even an orc or a minotaur in a single shot!”, he boasts. “Be sure to cover your ears though, their thunder rivals that of the heavens.”

Gray notices the conversation between Suori and Bomrek. He reloads the muskets and sets them out on a table in a line, then sets up a target to let the Dwarf demonstrait his skill and the weapons. With four of them, the elf should even be able to give it a try.

Syviis Adjeon happily joins in the enthusiasm and watches intently

Suðri Skornbrekker eagerly accepts that invitation. “Perfect, thank you!” He takes one of the guns, rests it on a stick (assuming he doesn’t have his bardiche on him right now), and takes aim for two turns.

3:50 Syviis Adjeon: The Elf will gladly partake in Teach the Elf cool Guns day: She has no skill in it, but she’ll learn for emergency preparedness

3:50 P.P. A.: Formula was Skill + Musket’s accuracy +1 X turns aimed, right?

3:51 Adolf S.: If I recall, yup. My brain pushed out most of my GURPS knowledge the last few weeks due to job, but it sounds about right.

3:51 Ken (GM): yep, capping that last one at the acc of the device in question. (so you could aim on a +2 acc gun up to another +2)

Suðri Skornbrekker fires! 10v14+2+2

3:52 Ken (GM): BOOM the shot rings true, and blasts a hole in the sandbag on the firing range! the elf’s ears are definitely ringing

Gray watches the work, nodding in approval at Suori performing the drill and fireing properly as the smoke rolls away.

Syviis Adjeon claps excitedly, then motions to see if she can try

Suðri Skornbrekker fans away the smoke with his hands to reveal what looks like a grin underneath his beard.

3:53 Adolf S.: Yeah! Tinnitus for everyone!

3:53 Syviis Adjeon: YAY!

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and shows her how to hold the gun

Suðri Skornbrekker demonstrates it with the empty one first so she can learn how to pull the trigger and all

3:54 Adolf S.: roll dx to not fall on ass.

Syviis Adjeon does her best to learn at least not to explode herself

3:54 Syviis Adjeon: rolling 3d6(5+3+2)=10
And manages to stay upright while operating the boomstick
Probably not enough to aim well.
Not sure what the default is…

3:55 Ken (GM): DX/E, so -4 (?)

3:55 Syviis Adjeon: Yeah, that’s a fail then

Syviis Adjeon frowns deeply, not at the firearm, but her own skill and motions to try again

3:56 Ken (GM): between unfamiliarity and such though, so you do manage to put it downrange

3:57 Ken (GM): its just the whole “aiming down the sights” and such

3:57 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(1+4+6)=11

3:57 Ken (GM): wholly unlike a bow

3:57 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It takes some time to aim well, but with enough practise it’s easy to learn. On a large battlefield the enemy army is packed together densely, so your shot might well have hit someone in a formation.”

Gray nods. “I missed my first shot as well.”

3:58 Bomrek: “Aye, if you’re at range, aim at the tops of their hats to hit their gullets. Tends to work for me, I’ve found.

3:58 Ken (GM): wasnt Gray holding a cannon his first time shooting?

Syviis Adjeon sighs and nods, still looking frustrated, then angrily pulls out an arrow to make good on her threat to the target.

4:00 Bomrek: Bomrek stands nearby smiling, readying his double barreled musket.

Syviis Adjeon closes her eyes for a moment, and a crackle of…something…sounds as she lets the arrow fly.

4:00 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 3d6(5+4+2)=11

4:01 Bomrek: Rice Krispies, oh no


A bolt of lightning looses from her bow and blasts downrange, striking dead center in the sandbags!

4:01 Bomrek: Has Bomrek seen this trollop use magic before?
If not, he lets out a startled gasp and jumps back.

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes open wide, certainly not expecting this.

4:02 Syviis Adjeon:rolling 4d6(6+2+1+5)=14 Burn damage

Gray steps back and watches the flare of light, turning to the effect it’s had on the target. “Powerful”

4:02 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It would seem that we have got the thunder, and you have got the lightning!”

Ken (GM) the sandbag target explodes sand in all directions, and the sack burns freely, an arrow in it’s belly.

Syviis Adjeon looks much happier, but bows and mimes that she will continue to practice with the guns.

Gray is put at ease by the demonstraion of supernateral might. The eldrich power of the young elf beauty speaks to the ability to survive the hell they will face.

4:03 Adolf S.: THUNDER – Duna dun duna dun dun Spooky.

Suðri Skornbrekker offers to keep tutoring her whenever he’s free.

4:04 Bomrek: Bomrek curses in dwarven, initially in shock and then very quickly in anger. “MORE magic?”

4:04 Syviis Adjeon: If GM is willing: Will put one point into the skill after this session

4:04 Gray: “We live in a time of magic and power, Bomrek. Just be glad it has a place for simple creatures like us.”

4:05 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It’s not my thing either, but the results do speak for themselves.”

4:05 Ken (GM): sounds like a plan fiss. good job on freaking out bomrek

4:05 Fiss: Rifle skill?

4:05 Ken (GM): musket

4:06 Bomrek: Bomrek scoffs at that “Bah, Simple? You’re talking to a Dwarf who can shoot a potato off the head of a running horse at 50 paces, with a weapon that has had more hours of craftsmanship put into it than an average human house.”

4:06 Ken (GM): Consarnit and tarnation intensifies

4:07 Bomrek: “Simple is a word you use for elven art and those who have had too many head wounds, not on a skilled warrior like myself.” he taps his breastplate stoicly.

Suðri Skornbrekker cleans and reloads one of the muskets. “Nothing bears the smell of burnt gunpowder and the lingering cloud of smoke, created not by magic but by minerals torn from the bowels of the earth summoning thunder louder than that in the sky, though.”, he muses aloud and proudly.

4:07 Ken (GM): dwarven conniseur skill

Syviis Adjeon emphatically nods excitedly at the mention of the quality and beauty of the muskets.

Gray nods to Bomrek somberly. “I don’t mean to give offense.”

4:08 Syviis Adjeon: range-day intensifies

Gray opens his mouth and closes it again, thinking better not to talk of what the gunpowder’s made of.

4:10 Bomrek: Bomrek waves his hand dismissively in the air, “Bah, no offense Gray, just clarifying how honed a Dwarven Guardsman really is. Dwarven gunpowder is made out of hard work, determination, and hatred.”

4:11 Ken (GM): finely crafted hatred. Aged a thousand years. filtered through prejudice and finely tuned stubbornness

4:11 Bomrek: So… Salt Peter, Charcoal, and Dung, respectively.

4:11 Syviis Adjeon: Seems legit.

4:11 Ken (GM): hahah alright, well, lets wrap up here then. Buy your ‘tings, provision yourselves. We leave on the ‘morrw for the dark kingdom! take 4xp each for being kooky roleplayers who made me fall out of my chair today and made my wife wonder why I did that laughing

4:12 Bomrek: Time to spend several hours sorting out my char sheet, surely.

4:12 Fiss: Laughing? This is a GAME, there is no room for laughter and joy!

4:12 Ken (GM): yes! dont forget to send a newly audited sheet for Bomrek!

4:12 P.P. A.: again I don’t know what I actually wanted to write instead of “breas”, probably “rivals”

4:12 Bomrek: PPA, what pistol are you aimin’ at gettin’, if you’re given any choice at all.

4:13 Ken (GM): blunderbus spistols! loaded with fish!

4:13 Bomrek: Bomrek probably imagined a pile of sticks and leaves on a dirt floor when he mentioned Elven art, incidentally.

4:14 P.P. A.: I asked Ken if I could create a custom Perk and he agreed

4:14 Bomrek: Oh? Which?

4:14 P.P. A.: “Dwarven Beard: +1 DR to any slashing attacks aimed at the throat; can store a single small item (no bigger than the size of a thumb)”

4:15 Fiss: Hahaha, nice

4:15 Bomrek: Also, Fiss, you’re playing Elf Lady right?

4:15 Fiss: Yes I just finally figured out the “Post As” /em thing

4:15 Bomrek: What’s her description n’ such? Asking now, just incase you didn’t give one previously, so I won’t have to wait a week to imagine that.

4:15 P.P. A.: >Bomrek: Bomrek probably imagined a pile of sticks and leaves on a dirt floor when he mentioned Elven art, incidentally.
>sticks and leaves

4:16 Fiss: Haha.

4:16 P.P. A.: >implying elves would ever hurt trees and bushes

4:16 Fiss: She’s young, fair, but covered in purpose-ready leather armour and woad

4:16 Adolf S.: All of them safely harvested from the forest floor after they’ve naturally fallen off.

4:17 Fiss: Seems excited to be here, excited to learn the non-elfy things of the world, but doesn’t speak common…though she seems to understand it fine.
OOC: Vow not to speak non-elf tongue. RP impact only, no spooky secret magical vow or anything.

4:18 Fiss: Also…everyone knows Elves only use humanely harvested vegan wood. Organic free ranged

4:18 P.P. A.: free ranged trees

4:18 Fiss: Yep

4:18 Adolf S.: Hm. What an odd vow. I wonder if she promised her weird elf gods that one time in exchange for not having her bean sprouts die, or something.

4:19 Fiss: It was more of a “to appease the family, worried she’d come back with a Jersey accent” kind of deal. Heh

[The group comisserates a while, mostly on local gun restriciton laws, but compares shopping lists for the coming adventure. Next week, they put their money where their mouth is…]

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I'm an avid gamer, computer troubleshooter, and all around dashing fellow. I blog After Action Reports on my gaming, running as the GM for several GURPS 4e games
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