Grimwyrd: The Scorned and Ro-Haern Rovers

The dark ages of Grimwyrd do not paint an idyllic portrait of life across the Kingdoms. The struggle to survive is an ordeal, from the lowest of the hordes of Gorgoth to the most vaulted rulers of Greyhold; every day good and evil clash in a violent show of power, a victor uncertain.


In the Southern Reaches, this has been true for all it’s inhabitants. In the first age, it was the battlefield of the invasion of demons, the chaos spreading throughout the rich steppe like wildfire. In the rage of the Horned king, the beastmen tore along the plains on hoof and claw, boot and steed, sowing war and strife throughout. The sun dappled lands have since been the refuge of those not hidden away in the Kingdoms of Men, Dwarf and Elf. Greyhold draws its boundaries along the King’s Highway, not daring to claim more lands than it can control. Since the great walk, the elves have not dared step from their vaulted canopies of the Anharen Forests, biding their lives in the shelter of the canopy. The reach of the Dwarves is even less so than the others, geographically, having only a handful of acres nestled in mountain passes and hilly valley, secreted away to the West.

Thus the Southern Reaches finds itself trapped, squeezed between the cursed lands of Gorgoth and the myriad Kingdoms. Here is a mingling of savagery and civilization. No settlements have grown beyond a well or mill, each eking out a life independent of armies or law.  The citizens scrape by, sons of no king or regent, outlaws all. Men, elves and discarded dwarves live mingling with the whelps of the horde; stunted ogres and runt wolfmen, ibixians of low stock and goblins of no fine heritage. Castoffs from each war, they banded under one banner; The Scorned.


Over time, the sons and daughters of the Scorned grew and mingled, raising more to struggle in obscurity together. Their children, a mix of several bastard lines, now found a new lineage emerging alongside the misshapen half-breeds: the tiefling. Whether the victims of some cosmic joke or personifications of the great curse of the Ansible, these red skinned and horned creatures grew fast and strong like weeds. With little care or nuturing, one could find in half the years of a man they grew to adulthood, horned, clawed or worse. Some called it a majestic beauty. Others regarded their visages with unbridled terror. Regardless, they commanded a powerful magic, sorcerers each, and in time found their stock bred true with each other, regardless of the parentage of either mother or father. Tieflings now sired more of their kin without the quirky luck of their forefathers. Today, they are found in nearly every village, the seers and mystics.


Other pairings have been found to be more acceptable, or at least, tolerated with less fear and more openness. Specifically, the Rover clans of half elf/half men Ro-Haren. Their lineage is much more easily traced and less mysterious; the long lived elves living among the human kingdoms found their lives mutually compatible, and romances were abound. When a relationship brought forth a child, the sharp-eared offspring was a combination of the two races in balance. Not as mystically tuned as the original elves, they lacked the spiritual tie with the spirits of the land. This, as well, granted them mortal lives like their human parents, mundane as they are.

After the troubles of the dissolution of the Alliance, the Ro-Haern found themselves trapped between the two kingdoms; Greyhold expunged it’s borders of the mixed couplings, a royal decree naming them “unnatural and inhuman”. As well, without the blessings of the earth to guide them mystically, the Anhaern would not allow them into the homeland. Sons and daughters turned away from the borders, they continued the great walk started by their forefathers, and they formed great caravans of other displaced souls. The half-elves took to the travels with a resigned fury. Unwelcome in any lands, criminal acts of survival became almost the norm, and wherever their wagons rolled towns would push them to the outskirts, only tolerating them so long as they could be put to work. The self-serving cycle would continue, with each new rover clan building upon the deeds and rumors of the previous, a reputation of sorrow and crime in their wake. Taking to decorating their caravans lavishly, and their personages as distinctly, they dressed to kill. The rivalries of the clans was fierce, competing for the scarce hospitality extended at each stop, and duels between rovers were grim and terrible displays of sword and spell.  All along the Kings highway, one can hear their bawdy music and lively song, sorrowful may their history be.


Racial Templates for GURPS 4th edition

Ro-Haern Half-Elf     [-5]
Attribute Modifiers : –
Advantages : Claim to Hospitality (Rover clans) [5]
Disadvantages : 
Social Stigma(Minority, Ro-Haern) [-10]

Scorned    [-15 to 30]
Attribute Modifiers : up to 30 chosen from ST, DX, HT
Advantages :  up to 15 chosen from Claws (Varies: Any) DR (Varies: tough skin only), Gigantism, Regeneration, Regrowth, Striker (Varies : Horns, Tail), Teeth(varies: Any)
Disadvantages : 
up to  -15 chosen from Appearance, Bloodlust, Distinctive Features (varies; horns, ears, fur, eyes, etc), Vulnerable(Silver only)

*There is no typical scorned; descended from the Beastman horde, their lineage is as varied as the stars in the sky. The template represents this variation with the plethora of choice allowed. 


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