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Grimwyrd: The Ansible of Spirits

The ultimate weapon of destruction. The most sophisticated arcane device. The most cursed object ever devised. Final redoubt of the last line of the ogre mages. Den of festering evil, hole in reality, gravestone of the veil of magic. The … Continue reading

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Grimwyrd: Magic

The world of Grimwyrd is one of wondrous and accessible magic powers; sorcerers, shamans and eldritch warlocks wield the weapon arcane, and many of the mightiest works in the land are powered by some kind of working of magic. Whether … Continue reading

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Grimwyrd: The Scorned and Ro-Haern Rovers

The dark ages of Grimwyrd do not paint an idyllic portrait of life across the Kingdoms. The struggle to survive is an ordeal, from the lowest of the hordes of Gorgoth to the most vaulted rulers of Greyhold; every day … Continue reading

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