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Grimwyrd: Gorgoth and the Beastmen

Savages. Brutes. Untamed hordes. A dynasty of relics and a kingdom of the accursed. The Kingdom of Gorgoth was once a mighty Empire of Titans. It transformed into the horde of Demons, then to the savage tribes of the Horned … Continue reading

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Grimwyrd: Hearts of Stone

The legacy of the Progenitors is one of fantastic technology as well as terrible strife. Their enemies of elemental evil invaded the Grimwyrd hellbent on the destruction of their creations, and faced mortal beings armed with devices capable of wondrous … Continue reading

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Grimwyrd: Humans

Between progenitor scions armed with devastating technology, thaumatologically charged undying immortals tied to the spirits of the Earth direct, and hellspawn born of the ultimate elemental blackness of the universe, Humanity seems to have been dealt a bad hand. The … Continue reading

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Campaign Seed; Shattered world

A shattered world, steeped in a modern war, the fury of industrialized nation’s focused on each other’s eradication. Bombs. Bullets. Bloodshet on a scale never seen before. Then, innovation, discovery, and forbidden power. The mightiest weapons are built, turned upon … Continue reading

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