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Grimwyrd: Elves

Mystic druids, enigmatic stalkers, inhuman immortals: The Elf of Grimwyrd carries many titles and many misconceptions. The Race of Elves have lived as long as the Dwarves, created by the Progenitors hot on the heels of their older brothers, but … Continue reading

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Grimwyrd: Dwarves

Dwarves (singular: Dwarf ) are a race of sturdy, resolute, and stubborn people. The first creations of the Progenitors, they one wielded the mighty elder technology and weapons of their fabled forefathers. It has been a long fall since those mighty … Continue reading

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GrimWyrd: A Campaign Primer

GrimWyrd is a campaign setting for the GURPS tabletop role-playing game. TL 4; Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy, Cinematic, High Adventure The setting was originally envisioned as the backdrop for a simple one-shot throwaway adventure. In the years since it’s inception, the … Continue reading

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