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GrimWyrd, Session 1: Introductions

“Is the elf a boy or a girl?” “I strut in a mocking way” “Why’d he lick it?!” Introductions are important. As they always about first impressions; you only get one. The cast of characters for this game were brought … Continue reading

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GrimWyrd: Session Zero

“Can I play a Gypsy? And can the Half-Elves be like, super persecuted too?” I must admit; I may have recruited on 4chan for players. I may have mentally braced myself for the weird and the eccentric to apply. I might … Continue reading

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GrimWyrd:A dark fantasy

  GrimWyrd is a Roll20 GURPS campaign I have been running for the last few months. The game has a hundred hours under its belt, over more than a dozen sessions, with 5 core players and a slew of in-jokes … Continue reading

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