Grimwyrd: Den of Evil


12:16 Joush M.: Well, they stuffed us in a basement. At least you can tell it’s not a prison cell because it’s the same basement they keep guns in.

12:18 Ken (GM): Hah, you’re actually in the same place you first met Aachen, a few months back so yeah, the back room, but you’re in Timberkeep, in Oakway

12:20 Joush M.: Man, that’s a call back. Nice.

12:22 P.P. A.: They also seem to trust us still otherwise they wouldn’t put two dwarves in a room full of barrels

12:24 Ken (GM): Im sure bomrek is quite enthralled with the casks of fine wine all over the damn place

called fiss; hes not up/answering yet

I know Doc has a thing. Ive got notes for rodericks actions (they do not include seppuku)

12:29 P.P. A.: I wonder where Fiss and Adolf are
The latter said yesterday that he wanted to quit his job since it was too erratic and prone to making him sick

12:31 Joush M.: That isn’t a good thing. I hope he lands on his feet

its a fiss!

1:06 P.P. A.: Good things come to those who wait

1:06 Fiss: ohshit son. Sorry ’bout that. Well..I ain’t too sorry, but yeah… 😛
Elf Chick Mode is Active when ready.

1:06 Joush M.: Hey Fiss. We were just talking about Maid RPG and how nobody can remember what SuĂ°ri looks like, so now he’s Moe As Fuck

1:07 Fiss: lol

1:07 Ken (GM): hahah character sheet says blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned…..Did you make an aryan dwarf?

1:09 Fiss: Dwarf-ler….Hit-warf?

1:09 P.P. A.: I put that there now because I vaguely remember that’s what I said at the start of the campaign
but it’s more of a total guess
How far back do roll20 logs go?

1:10 Ken (GM): the entirety of the game until you dump them
Which I SHOULD do soon, just to improve performance

1:14 P.P. A.: “SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s head, visible as he holds his sallet in his hand, bears a very short haircut–but makes up for it with a voluminous beard, a bright reddish-brown in colour.’
oh ok, gonna fix that on the character sheet later

1:13 Ken (GM): trolling the logs…to remember what your character looks like
i cant tell if this is “what have we come to” or “FUTURE”

1:14 P.P. A.: I just went with “dwarf” all the time so I forgot the details

1:14 Fiss: Dwarf-kun or Dwarf-sama?

1:14 P.P. A.: arr rook same

1:15 Fiss: dat’s wacist!

1:16 Joush M.: Rod “I’m going to be honest, it took me about a week to realize there were two dwarves. I thought you were just the same person at different levels of drunkenness”

1:17 Ken (GM): Hah, wouldnt put it past rod

1:17 P.P. A.: Hm, would be nice aesthetics if in a Dwarven clan, the men all shaved their heads, and the women wore their hair in the same style as their husbands’ beards

1:17 Fiss: You know…I just realized…the original artwork for my elf is actually a centaur

1:17 Ken (GM): dafuk

1:17 Fiss: srsly, she got 4 hooves

1:18 Ken (GM): hahahah FUCK I see that now too

1:18 Fiss: Just never was a problem because we only used the bust, lol

1:18 P.P. A.: I knew elves were half animal, but not physically as well

1:18 Fiss: How many points would it be to convert her into a centaur? lol
I think the 2-arrows-a-round thing would pay for it
but I kinda like the arrows
So nevermind. 😛

1:19 Ken (GM): headdesk

1:20 P.P. A.: imagine a party where one is a centaur archer and the other is a horse archer
the two of them could shoot four arrows a round and remain mobile!

1:20 Fiss: I misread that as a Centipede Archer and got unnaturally excited/horrified for a second there.

1:20 P.P. A.: >one bow for every pair of legs

1:21 Joush M.: Goddamn, exposure to the Dark Kingdom does strange things to elves

1:21 Fiss: “Am I still pretty?” mandibles glistening in the moonlight

1:21 Ken (GM): soon reaching “kill it with fire” currently at “ick”

1:22 Fiss: lol

1:22 P.P. A.: Bomrek or SuĂ°ri: “can’t tell a difference, honestly”

1:22 Ken (GM): They might both suggest dinner! Dwarves eat mega-insects back home

1:22 Fiss: “Oh, hey, did you put your hair up?” – Dwarfs

1:24 Ken (GM): Right, well, Kev will showup when he can. Im a bit loathe to run so many NPC’s BUT I’m a seasoned GM.


[interior decorating intensifies]

1:25 P.P. A.: dorf mode activated!
[face explodes with facial hair]

Gray is ready

1:26 P.P. A.: we have transcended the Grid

1:26 Ken (GM): [dont make me turn it back on or so help me]



Ken (GM) The harrowing journey to Oakway is finally at some kind of end; the heat of summer stifles the small back room at Timberkeep tower, the stench of the gunworks nearby sulfurous as the volcanoes you fled. The dark ride in through the town battered you with the pleading sounds of the refugees outside the gates, and then the revelry sounding inside the walls. The people of Oakway are celebrating the news of the ruin of the Beastmen. They have yet to learn, it seems, of the ruin of their countrymen…

1:30 Syviis: [Have the Elves gotten in contact with me yet? Are there any here in Oakway? Can I send for the Elders?]

1:32 Ken (GM): [You met no elves on the escape from the South, and once on the road to Oakway you have been secluded in the carriage. You have heard reports the Eastern edge of their territory burned by a massive firestorm during The Happening]

1:32 Ken (GM): [Any word you wish to send back to the homelands can be carried by messenger, if you wish to send any]

1:32 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…do you suppose the higher-ups announced the kingdom’s… ‘victory’ to the people so they would take it better when they are later told of the cost at which it came?”

1:33 Gray: “They should be organizing work gangs. They will need all the labor they can get to prepare for winter.” The brute frowns as he listens to the sounds of the people beyond the cargo wagon they ride, the powerful beast taking off armor and considering the question. “That would make sense. It will be a blow to learn of the people lost when the weapon fired.”

1:33 Adolf S.: Gimme’ a rundown amigos?

1:33 P.P. A.: you barely need to scroll up since we only just started

1:34 Gray: ((Welcome back. Mostly we decided that SuĂ°ri is Moe now.

1:34 Ken (GM): Welcome back to the land of the living

Syviis wastes no time in sending messages to the Elder Council…and one to her family to let them know she is alive.

Gray makes sure Falkirk is comfortable when they get to the storeroom, checking on the man.  Hopefully a skilled healer can see to him.

1:35 Roderick: “The people will need to know what happened. The truth of it. It is my duty to them to at least tell that much” Rod has been grave the entire journey. Darkly brooding on the whole affair

Syviis then spends most of the downtime caring for the comatose wizard and recovering her strength from the flight through mana-less lands.

1:36 Ken (GM): [Falkirk has been asleep, but showing signs of better health throughout the journey. The militia men assigned to your carriage assured you he could be taken to a healer once you had met with the Lord Marshall here]

1:36 Syviis: “We don’t know the full story yet. I’d like to wait until I can conference with the Elder elves and…” she sighs “Maybe ‘answers’ is too strong a word…but I’d like to know some reasons of what happened. Hopefully the Lord Marshall will be able to fill in some of the happenings since we’ve been gone, and learn of the larger scale.”

1:38 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I wonder if the corpses we saw were those of the army that had gathered at Gorgoth. …and if not, if the devastation reached that city or not.”

1:39 Gray: “It’s not our choice how much, and how, to tell these people. We are militiamen.. well.. I, SuĂ°ri and Bomrek took that coin. The rest of you may say as you like. We however will make our reports and the commanders will chose to how to tell the people. I have to hope they are wiser then I am.”

1:39 P.P. A.: [didn’t Bomrek stay mercenary? I forgot]

1:40 Syviis: “True, true. The diplomacy off the battlefield is better left to the diplomats, I suppose.”

1:40 Adolf S.: >women wore hair in style of husbands beards
ayy that’s my idea, I’m suing you for copywrite.

Syviis blushes, thinking that’s a rather sweet tradition…elves usually plant trees for each other. It’s a slow courtship.

1:42 Ken (GM): >”Ill grow that bitch an elm. Bitches love them some elms”

1:42 P.P. A.: [phallic connotations]

1:42 Roderick: “I am a noble…” and he trails off, recalling his very recent past “I was a noble man and I am still an honorable one. The people will know, one way or the other, eventually”

1:42 Syviis: “Sir Roderick, from what lands do you hail from? I’m afraid I know very little of human royalty and court.”

Suðri Skornbrekker sits back and listens, his thoughts occasionally drifting away from the conversation.

1:43 Roderick: “Oh! The North, miss, the Duchy of Bandobras. My family …had….a home there among the noble houses. Fine land. Merchants and traders.”

Gray has taken off his heavy armor, setting it out on the top of a barrel and brushing it, oiling it lightly as the towering beast stands there in a thin shirt (patched several times) and a pair of dark trousers. It’s odd after so long to see the hard, powerful brute outside the armor and unburdened by weapons, hands working at the task of removing any rust or wear from the mail. He glances to Syviis, watching her blush a moment before his attention returns to his work.

1:44 Ken (GM): [we need to get gray a wench]

1:44 P.P. A.: [I think that blush was in response to Adolf’s OOC comment?]

1:45 Syviis: [4th wall breaking blush]

1:45 Bomrek: (I was wondering what that was in response to :O)

Syviis has also spent the day out of armor…. though not as dramatic of a change, she does look more relaxed and enjoying not being clad by boiled leather for a while.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sees Gray taking care of his armor, and decides to do the same. The uncertainty of their journey and the dangers they encountered on the way still lingers on the dwarf’s mind, and he’d feel uncomfortable going unarmored for a lenghth of time now; but they seem to be safe here, and it’s about time to get the dirty plate in order.

1:47 Ken (GM): [don’t forget the Dreugar groin plate you lifted; big brass face of a grimacing fearsome under-dorf]

1:47 P.P. A.: have we had a bath yet since we arrived? [how could I]

1:48 Ken (GM): [looks just like Zardoz]

Gray sets the depleted heart of the salamander on the barrel, the rust red stone streaked with lines once vividly glowing now mostly inert, drained of magic to feed Memory ad Syviis on the return from the ruined land.

1:48 Ken (GM): Ooh, good souvenir gray

1:48 P.P. A.: [I didn’t know if it was light, medium, or heavy plate, so I put it down as “angry plate”]

1:49 Ken (GM): [DR 4 or so plate]

Bomrek is a little less armed than normal, and certainly less armored. He’s got a gleaming silver pick hanging from his belt, a gleaming mail shirt with a sheen of oil covering it, and aside from that just his leather boots and underclothes on – all of dwarf make, and less worse- for-wear than most of your clothes and gear by this point, surely. You all know he’s got one of his large horse pistols tucked away under his shirt in his belt, just in case the peasantry feels like getting uppity. He stares, forlorn and dejected, at the casks of wine supposedly nearby, and seems to be spending more of his attention there than with anything else.

1:50  (To Bomrek): The barrels are branded wooden banded with iron. They bear the name “Vineson est.487.YK”, approximately 30 years ago

1:52 Ken (GM): [ah, alcoholism]

Bomrek sighs, and looks to SuĂ°ri, and speaks in quick Dwarven. “[Do you recall the terms of our hiring?]” his facial expression looks.. fallen, though not quite in the abject terror of the situation, or from the loss of life. “I need to know if I’m still bound so strongly to this cause.” he stares toward one of the casks again. “I have an.. ailment, I need to treat.”

1:52 Bomrek: (double chloride of gold here I come)

1:53  (From Bomrek): That is of course a joke, Bomrek’s not interested in getting his alcoholism AKA proof-of-life treated, he’s just inclined to return his taste that vanished.)

1:54  (To Bomrek): noted. Its certainly taken the spice out of life

1:55  (From Bomrek): Speaking of, I don’t think Bomrek ever became a knight or whatever, did he? P. sure he stayed a merc? What’ll that mean for his standing and, uh, duties right now?

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker tilts back his head and tries to remember, and he replies back in Dwarven: “[…not right away; so much has happened since. What kind of ailment—]” He looks at Bomrek, and sees where his eyes are looking. “[…ah, the bottle?]”

Bomrek shrugs, tilts his head as a form of mild agreement. “[In a .. sense, yes. I think I’ll need to see a blasted mage, or healer, and if this command throws us once more into the wastes that are Gorgoth, I doubt I’ll come by one I’d want to associate with.]”elf-vampire.jpg

Deloth-Ainur has been quiet the entire trip. Mostly exhausted looking, but she may be in a bit of shock as well since her Lord died. She assures you all she is fine. She has eaten when offered food, goes along where you have walked. But she seems lost in thought most always

1:58 Bomrek: That thing is still here? Ech.

1:58  (To Gray): You have noticed; she no longer carries the stink of death. Her reek has dissipated, alongside the wastes. Shes more or less an elf you can tell. Sweat, perspiration, bad breath.

Gray glances to the elven vampire.. or ex vampire.. and considers a moment. The beast speaking at last. “None would blame you if you wished to slip away now. The questions the commanders here have for you may be tiresome.” He scents the air thoughtfully, but stands by there working at the armor.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker replies, again in Dwarven: “[I could see that, sending us back to that hell so they are rid of us, and since we are the only ones who know it and survived it.]” He doesn’t show much emotion saying this.

2:01 Deloth-Ainur: “That’s a kindness Gray, but I will remain. You folks are probably the only people i know who arent…” and she trails off, a sad look on her face

2:01 Syviis: In Elvish, says “[He’s right. If you need time before discussing what happened, we will buy as much of it as we can. But it is time for questions and answers soon.]”

2:01 Bomrek: “What the beast means,” Bomrek says, turning toward her and slapping his hand very lightly on the table, “Is that if ye’ ain’t useful, hit the road and starve with the other elves. Go build yourself a nest out of twigs or whatever it is you do, eh?”

Syviis looks sharply at Bomrek, but says nothing, remembering he’s been through the shit too.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks a bit puzzled: “The only people who aren’t…?”

2:02 Gray: “As you wish.” He replies to the woman, frowning a touch to Bomrek, then explaining to SuĂ°ri . “The Weapon killed everyone she knew”

2:02 P.P. A.: not pulling verbal punches today OWO

2:03 Deloth-Ainur: “My entire order were….dedicated to the Lords. They empowered us with their magic, and we did works in their name. I cant imagine any of them surviving the Ansible’s effects”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks embarrassed, and returns his eyes to the floor, or maybe the armor in his hands. “…right, sorry.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is not really particularly liked for killing all those lords, but more on for killing everyone the dark elf knew on a more “abstract level”.

2:05 Ken (GM): lol Its not hate, just…complete distrust of your ideology

2:05 P.P. A.: aka “sorry for killing [everyone you knew], but not sorry for killing those actual people you kinow since they all deserved to die tbh”

2:06 Bomrek: (Just like the beastmen)
(Gray’s one of the good ones but all the others can die k?)

Gray nods to the woman, setting out his arming coat. The long sleeved felted wool examined and repaired. He’s glad he has no reason to wear it in the summer heat here.

2:06 Syviis: “The Ansible…I’ve never seen such a thing built on enslaving and consuming so much power…I can’t fathom the reasoning behind it, but I suppose that might be why they sent me…and not an elf more interested in it.” sighs

2:07 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What was it that you folks did all day? There were not a lot of settlements around, or much of anything.”

2:07 P.P. A.: [rubbing their hands and scheming 24/7]

2:08 Deloth-Ainur: “I was a scout, or ‘troubleshooter’ of sorts” she wiggles her hand for emphasis “What I did was messy stuff, but it was always for the cause. Often it was as simple as going out and coming home with a scroll, or an amulet, or a long buried tablet. Making sure the relics of the past were well kept and not forgotten. Kept in Sanctuary. Otherwise, I didn’t let anyone stand in my way” Her eyes harden, and she stiffens a bit at that last remark

Suðri Skornbrekker comments to Bomrek, in Dwarven: “[So she was just an errand-girl, eh? Sure put on airs].”

Bomrek chuckles quietly under his breath at the mention of items kept in sanctuary. Beastmen tablets and mud-carvings now certainly destroyed.

Gray nods, then ask out of curiosity. “You said we’d used the device incorrectly. What was the Ansible intended to do if it functioned “properly”?”

Deloth-Ainur sighs loudly, her face perplexed at the question “Well, for starters, your AIM was waaaaay off. Was Gray pointing the dials or did you have Bomrek on the controls up there?”

Roderick seems to retreat to the corner of the table. He seems to be blushing red…

2:12 Gray: “Does it matter now? I made the choice to fire it without understanding what would happen because it was the only path that seemed to offer a chance to survive. The Lords of Night backed us into a corner.” He stitches a weak seam.

2:14 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “The Ansible was the only one of its sort, right?… or was it?”

2:15 Deloth-Ainur: “An amazing device never before conceived or surpassed with wonder or magesty” she recites, as if quoting a musty tome. “And Gray, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fired it. I’m saying you just…had terrible technique. What were you doing with it anyway? You opened the gateway and then engaged NONE of the safeguards, wards or lenses!”images

2:18 Gray: “Judge us by the results.” He says grimly, dragging a needle and thread though the fabric. The dark haired man’s lips twisted in a frown. “So it was only ever a weapon?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes a break from tinkering with his armor with a disturbed expression on his face, and mumbles curses in Dwarven with the occasional “There were safeguards, wards…” in between.

Deloth-Ainur grimaces and sighs “Well, yes, and no. It was a tool and could easily be wielded to great effect as a weapon, yes…but its all a moot point now I guess. Just more ruins for the black lands of Gorgoth” She turns to her elfkin “Syviis did you see the weapon’s power bloom? Did you see our people’s work light up the skies? Was it at least glorious?” she sounds wistful, eyes twinkling.

Gray considers the question and shakes his head, though the question wasn’t to him. He saw little glory in the weapon fired.

2:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Next time include a damn instruction manual!” he barks at Deloth-Ainur, and shakes his head before returning to his armory work.

Deloth-Ainur scoffs, and waves a hand dismissively back “You dwarves: All you contributed was stone and metal. Gold and silver. Your runes were powerful work, yes, but your people were the first to succumb to the lesser Lords. Madness rotted them all from the inside out. I doubt you have enough mana in your whole body to resist a simple charm from Syviis here.”

2:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “And look, our kind still thrives unlike yours, and our metal never betrayed us by accidentally wiping us all out.” He takes his musket and demonstratively hits the floor with its butt.

2:26 Bomrek: “Who needs mana when I’ve got powder and lead, elf?” he spits out the last word, after turning sharply toward her. His hand is under his tunic, lightly touching the grip of his pistol.

Syviis raises an eyebrow but shakes her head. “And I wouldn’t be able to resist a shot from his fine canon. As you’ve said…tools demand intent to be lethal or protective.”

2:28 Bomrek: “Your magic brings nothing but ruination. It’s a blight, just as-” he stops abruptly, and seems to just decide to hold his tongue, but glares at Deloth-Ainur.

Gray frowns a touch. “They leave us waiting a long time. I think the Marshall is having a very long conversation about what they are going to do with us.”

Syviis sighs and stretches, laying down next to the cot

2:29 Bomrek: “Hopefully they decide to give us ample back-pay and access to some good healers. I know I could certainly use some help.”

2:29 Syviis: “Regardless…we shouldn’t be at anyone’s throats at the moment. We’ve all been through hell. I’d prefer to revel in something else” And yes…some healing…might help [stares knowingly at Falkrik]

Gray nods to Bomrek. “I hope you are better soon.” He offers, then looks around to find water and a bucket, using it to wash his face and hands after the work, splashing handfuls of cool water on his face in that warm basement.

2:31 Ken (GM): [there is a bucket of tepid water, but it seems clean enough]

2:31 Deloth-Ainur: “Whats wrong with you [Bodenbewohner], did you catch a cold under the mountain?”

2:32 Bomrek: (PPA, translate that for me, eh?)

2:32 Ken (GM): [translated from the german/dwarven]

2:33  (To Bomrek): bottom dweller

2:34 Bomrek: “I caught cold in your frigid, lifeless expanse of folly and evil.” he motions with his gloved hand for emphasis. “Which may I remind you is now nothing but glass valleys and the occasional wall with the scorched outline of a cowering beastman, at this point.”

2:34 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “It wasn’t much more than that when we arrived.”

2:34 P.P. A.: ground-dweller. though Boden is more like “floor”

2:34 Ken (GM): [her dwarven is rusty, it seems]

2:35 Joush M.: Floor dweller sounds like a kind of mouse. I like it

Gray finishes cleaning up and grabs a clean rag to dry his face, wishing for a moment for time for a proper bath and to wash all of his equipment thoroughly. The brute’s pack is wrapped with rope and neatly squared away, but worse for wear after the expedition.

2:36 P.P. A.: well, Boden is both ground and floor, depending on the context, but in this combination it’s rather awkward

Deloth-Ainur ‘s tone shifts, her posture changes to more interest than hostility. She sounds gravely serious “Bomrek. Were you…touched by The Darkness? Do you carry it within you?” Her eyes look hungry

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker turns to her, then to Bomrek, with open eyes.


Bomrek cocks his brow in confusion. “I’ve been struck by a few beastmen over my travels, aye”

2:38 Deloth-Ainur: “No Bomrek. Not the claw or blade or bow….Do you feel the power, within you? The icy dark. The infinite cold. Do you feel IT in there, with you?”

2:39 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I’m sure if he did, he’d have asked us to ‘freeee hiiiim’ already,” SuĂ°ri scoffs bitterly.

2:39 Bomrek: “Nay, what I feel is mostly gas and back ache, you filthy walking corpse” Bomrek draws his pistol and aims it her, a little under the center of her ribcage.

2:40 Ken (GM): ruh roh

2:40 Bomrek: “You come no closer, [Dwarven derogatory term for elf]

2:40 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “That reminds me… What was up with that trapped monster under the fort?” SuĂ°ri asks the elf. “It was chained there and seemed similar to the one in the Ansible.”

Bomrek turns his eyes sideways toward Suðri, and his lack of concern in this matter, and slowly lowers his pistol, taking the queue.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker isn’t worried by the fact that such a tedious journey would take its toll, but trusts Bomrek to be hardy enough to weather it with ease.

Deloth-Ainur stares down the gun, but relents, putting her hands up and out in a placating gesture

2:41 Deloth-Ainur: “That was no simple monster SuĂ°ri . He was once one of the greatest lords of change and power in the magical realm. He was put in his place.”

2:42 Ken (GM): [dwarven composure == victorian britain stiff upper lip?]

2:42 Syviis: pippipcherio

2:43 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “That he was, aye. …by ‘magical realm’ do you mean this other-plane stuff?”

2:44 Deloth-Ainur: “Yes! exactly. He was a powerful entity from the realm of spirits. The magic realm. Same as the Raven, Memory, actually.”

Gray frowns a touch, watching the confrontation and considering a moment, looking between them, the lupine brute tilting his head to the side.

2:46 Deloth-Ainur: “Oh! but shes much more subdued than he, of course. Much smaller….group of friends on the other side?” she says with a half smile “He was a king. She’s an ‘advisor’ ” she punctuates with hand quotes

2:47 Suðri Skornbrekker: “So your people just walked into all kinds of other realms to kidnap random creatures to use as fuel for your nonsense?” The dwarf, chuckles a little, admittedly impressed by the outrageous-ness of it. “Should have just built windmills and waterwheels like honest folk.”

Bomrek gazes off at the casks again, in thought, and sets his pistol down upon the table.

2:49 P.P. A.: [does that mean we should actually have FREEED THEEEM because they were at the very least neutral and just trapped there by the bad guys?]

2:49 Bomrek: (na, fuck’m.)

2:49 Deloth-Ainur: “SuĂ°ri, what do you mean. It is the same principle: Harnessing energy” she scoffs

2:50 Syviis: “If only people of all races would remember there is energy to spare without all this foolishness… but I suppose some ways look faster and better when one is ambitious.”

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Windmills and waterwheels are not going to destroy your kingdom twice, though,” he replies smugly; “Unless you let elves build your dams or something.”

Bomrek laughs a little at that.

Deloth-Ainur smirks as well

2:52 P.P. A.: In a lower-fantasy alternate GrimWyrd, our party just came back from The Elven Sea

2:52 Syviis: “We’d just let beavers build them. Of course, if you keep being so negative towards my kin, they may tell the beavers to build their dams to flood your ale-stores.” Syviis tries to look serious, but lets a smile crack after a moment.

2:52 Deloth-Ainur: “Touche. But please don’t lump me in with all the fools on the Elder council. They haven’t built anything of value since the Ansible. The Anhaern may as well be armed with sticks and rocks….”

2:52 Bomrek: “Hah. Leave the architecture to us, ‘Lass.”

2:53 Syviis: “Gladly,” smiles and pats him on the shoulder

2:53 Gray: “Maybe the creation of the Ansible humbled them. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing.” The lupine brute looks to the door that leads up the stairs, relaxing a touch as the tension drains from the room.

2:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Cutting spirits is a capital punishment for us, those beavers would have hell to pay,” he responds, letting out a small laugh.

2:55 Syviis: “I hope the Marshall comes soon…I feel a proper sit down and meal would do all of us good. We’ve been on the road for too long.”

Ken (GM) from above, you hear heavy boots CLOMP CLOMPing over to your room. Someone is coming to meet you, finally

Bomrek looks up at the rafters, then decides it may be best to stow his pistol, which he does.

Syviis hates that she instinctively spots her arrows and bow in the corner before remembering they are in a ‘safe’ place. In elvish: [“Far too long on the road….”]

Lord Marshall Geofferson unlatches and opens the door to the stuffy room; he is clad in his silver grey uniform, and his red sash gleams in the lamplight. He enters the basement, looks you all over, then wipes his sweating brow with a silken handkerchief “Ah good, you’re all alive. Splendid.” he says with some kind of dry attempt at wit


Gray scents the air and waits, the beast standing there beside the barrel and shifting his weight restlessly as the raven tattoo across his shoulder and arm seems to twist in the dim light. Maybe for a better view. “Good afternoon, Lord Marshall. Our task wasn’t without casualties.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s laughter disappears much quicker than it had taken to return to him, as soon as the sound of boots could be heard, and he puts his armor back on to receive the Marshall in due order.

Syviis stands and bows respectively before returning to her seat

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker stands up and salutes.

2:59 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Wait, no, who is this?” He points to Deloth “Shes not the elven Warden. Where is Aachen?” He waves a hand dismissively at all the saluting going on

2:59  (To Gray): To put it bluntly, the marshall reeks of sex. and wine. and other things. They tingle your nose

2:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “She is a stray survivor we picked up on our journey here, sir.”

2:59 Syviis: [pomp and saluting intensifies]

2:59 Bomrek: (what happened to male-elf again? Did he died?)

2:59 P.P. A.: what became of Aachen anyway

Bomrek stands up and salutes as is appropriate.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker becomes a bit pale, as he realizes the Lord Marshall probably doesn’t know of what went down.

3:01 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Sir, Aachen… likely perished with the rest of the allied army.” He presents this manner-of-factly, though he struggles to retain his composure.

Gray shakes his head as if to clear it the scents from it and speaks in a growl. “The Warden was injured, but in good health. We parted company after taking the Keep, with plans to proceeded into Gorgoth and find the Ansible of spirits. He is either patrolling the Southlands and assisting the Ro-haern, or as Skornbrekker says… dead.”

3:01 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Perished?” SCOFF “Then which one of you enlisted men is in command here?”

3:02 Gray: “We never worked that out properly. Roderick is Nobility. I gave commands and suggestions that were followed, and I bear the responsibility for the results”

3:03 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Roderick?!” he says, incredulously “What the devil has been going on down South? Why is the chain of command so undeniably broken here?”

3:03 P.P. A.: what was the fort called again

Lord Marshall Geofferson struts into the room, stamping his feet a bit in the dust, turning on a sharp heel to regard you all

3:03 Ken (GM): [Glardenfen]

3:04 P.P. A.: ah, right er sure? I mean the one we liberated

P.P. A. mis-remembered then

3:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We were sent on an expedition into Gorgoth to retrieve the Ansible of Spirits by the command at Glardenfen.”

3:05 Gray: “Falkirk was in command. He fell to Dark Magic in the quest to recover the Ansible. We never truly discussed matters of command after that, simply proceeding as best we could.”

3:06 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “We were deep in enemy lands at that point,” SuĂ°ri adds to Gray’s explanation

3:06 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Hells bells, you dont say. The Ansible? Truly?” He waves the hankie at himself in the hot dank room “Marvelous! And what of that? Do you have it? Can you show it to me?”

Syviis looks at the Marshall in detached wonderment at how little he knows…and how little they all knew just a few short weeks ago.

3:07 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We discovered the Ansible; it was in fact a fortress of great size, levitating in the air through twisted magic.”

Lord Marshall Geofferson runs a gloved finger along the demon-brass pick you recovered on your trip; one of Grays trophies.

3:07 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Levitating? Flying you say? A whole fortress? Mad! I absolutely love it!” He giggles “DO go on, please” A broad smile on his face now

3:08 Gray: “We recovered it only briefly before we were set on by the Lords of Night. In the battle, I told Roderick to unleash the Weapon. Doing so seems to have destroyed the artifact, Gorgoth’s magic, and everyone alive in the nation.”

3:10 Gray: “Save us, whom were insulated from the effects by being inside the fortress. Without Rodrick’s skill and instincts none would have survived the crash” The towering brute watches the odd, plump man that smells of sex and drink and smoke and rich food touch the weapons and equipment taken from that dark land, letting the man examine the sword.

3:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We managed to board it, and attempted to steer it back to Greyhold, as one would a ship. On our way back, we were set upon by dragons under enemy command.” The Dwarf pauses to rummage through their baggage, to produce the bits of dragon they had torn from the corpse.”With no other options to defend ourselves, we activated the Ansible. It killed everything in its surroundings, including the entire enemy and allied armies.”

Suðri Skornbrekker starts to shake, and slumps against a wall. “P-pardon, sir.”

Roderick stands up suddenly, sweating, un-composed, and nearly bursting with some kind of angry face “It was me sir! I did it! I killed them ALL! ALL OF THEM SIR!”

Gray looks sympathetically to SuĂ°ri , then to Roderick. “I gave the order. If you want to crucify someone for this I’m your man. You will need large nails.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks extremely distraught, but reacts quickly to Roderick: “SHUT UP! We were in this together! I agreed to fire that devil’s weapon!”

3:11 Roderick: “but it was ME SuĂ°ri ! I held the controls! My magic in the swirling eddy of power! MY CHOICE!” Roderick draws up his leafed blade, and stabs it deep into the surface of the table before you.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker grits his teeth and punches the wall.200.gif

Bomrek leans back in his chair, raising a gloved hand “I was drunk during most of this, I’d say I’m a bit less in than everyone else” very lightly, with a bit of stoic humor.

3:12 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “You wouldn’t even have BEEN on that thing if we hadn’t taken you along with us!”

Syviis clearly wants to stop this, but fears if she does it’s just going to fester to something greater later on.

Gray reaches out to rest a hand on Roderick’s shoulder. Attempting to sooth the man’s anger as the Fae blade sits there, bright and sinister in the dim light. “You two acted with courage and skill in an extremely trying situation. You made the best choice you could at the time, with what you knew.”

3:13 P.P. A.: fucking Bomrek 😀
(it is also true, though)

Syviis pulls out the pen and paper book she hasn’t had need of use for many weeks and begins writing

3:14 Bomrek: (“I’m a hero, and everything we did was right – a Bomrek autobiography”)

3:14 P.P. A.: (kek)

3:15  (To Fiss): Oh shit, paper in an elven hand.

3:15 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “My…what a story” He sniffs then, touching to his nose with a little vial. He perks up and wipes his face with the hankie again. “How very interesting” he says with a glimmer in his eye

3:16 Gray: “It is.” He hasn’t mentioned the ex-vampire. He hasn’t explained who she is or why she is there. “Falkirk requires attention from a professional healer. Everyone could use an examination, and plenty of rest”

3:16 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I can lead you, sir, or any scouts you may dispatch to the location,” Suðri adds emphatically. “Glardenfen Keep and another border post have been destroyed.”

3:17  (To Gray): You know that smell. That is most certainly the magic red dust in his vial

Suðri Skornbrekker looks to Falkirk, and calms a little. “Aye, poor fella has been out cold since before all this happened.”He  had tossed the dragon fangs and such on the table earlier.

Gray frowns, eyes narrowing and stepping closer. “What is that you are sniffing?” He says, looking to the bottle in the noblemen’s hand with suspicion. It’s easy to read Gray…he thinks it is something odd and sinister.

Lord Marshall Geofferson turns now, only seeming to notice Falkirks sleeping form once it was pointed out “Oh! My dear fellow. Yes we’ll certainly have him taken to the best of help. His family deserves nothing less”

Syviis finishes writing, then walks over to the Marshal and hands it to him.

3:20  (From Syviis): “Regardless of your orders. Ours are done. We require fresh steeds and passport to my homelands. Your cooperation is valuable to our alliance.”

3:20 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “What, this? Little pick me up. A gift from an elven diplomat. He assures me it’s nothing but the purest thaumatological contents” He holds out a little gold vial with a glass tube in it…filled with red Thaum dust “Care for a sniff?”

3:20  (To Fiss): You feel an incredibly strong urge to take that man up on his offer to sniff red dust. You feel it in your _magic_. You may have picked up a touch of addiction…

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s eyebrows rise as he recognizes the red dust. “…an Elven diplomat, sir. Are you absolutely sure?”

3:20 Bomrek: (It’s rude to deny such a generous offer, Gray)

Syviis bows and smiles, holding her hands open to the offer

Syviis calmly looks at the others with a ‘trust me’ gesture

3:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Not to question your judgement, sir, but we have seen dust like that deep in enemy lands, being mined there and used variously as a weapon or a drug.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker realizes he’s probably confusing the magic red dust with the stuff made form bloodroot, but doesn’t care now.

Lord Marshall Geofferson hands the vial to Syviis, a little flourish of a bow

3:22 Gray: “I’ve seen it before, Sir. Smelled it before. In a Dreugar mine. It’s a powerful stimulant that can have dramatic effects on elves. It also explodes” The brute says with a thoughtful frown, letting Syviis take the bottle.. and do a bump, if that’s her thing. [Damn elves and their magic cocaine.]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sigh and takes a deep breath, wiping some sweat off his brow.

3:22 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Pish posh, master Dorf, I’m sure thats nothing but a misjudgement on your part”

Syviis takes the vial, walks over to her bow, and promptly tosses the vial into the air. In a blink, an arrow and a shock of lightning goes through it.

3:23 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+1+6)=11 vs ?
I didn’t crit fail

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker reflexively covers his mouth and nose with his hands

3:24 Gray: “It bares a disturbing similarity to the blood-root of Gorgoth..” He shields his face as the arrow flashes out. If it strikes the bottle he expects a modestly sized explosion.

3:24 P.P. A.: aren’t there powderkegs everywhere

3:24 Syviis: Bah… 😛

3:25 P.P. A.: I demand a retcon if this is a TPK now

Joush M. Throws it under Falkirk’s cot and ragdolls him across the room


Ken (GM) The wine casks rumble all around you as Syviis detonates a vial of the explosive red dust. The thunderclap in the small space is deafening, but not deadly

3:25 P.P. A.: oh just wine, good

Bomrek calmly takes out his flask and sips a little from it, not fazed in the least by the noise.

3:25 Syviis: [Wine is like…dwarven decaf coffee. No big loss. :P]

3:26 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Madame, what are you MY GOD WOMAN MY WINE!”

Syviis glowers and storms over to him

Gray shakes off the stunning concussion in the closed space, animistic eyes tightened to  tiny slits by the glare then opening again. “You were inhaling that.” He observes to the man.

3:26 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE A BROKEN CASK ANYWHERE IN HERE” He ROARS, his voice trembling with something like an addicts desperation

3:26 Suðri Skornbrekker: “As you can see, sir, they used this powder as a substitute for blackpowder. Whoever gave it to you had vile intentions.”

3:27 Syviis: “If you are QUITE done laughing at the pain and suffering these fine soldiers have suffered through, you WILL take me to this Elvish Diplomat immediately, or I will declare ANY and all treaties protecting you from my next arrow in annulment!”

3:27 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “GOOD GOD WHAT A WASTE” He straightens his coat, his ruffled bits, staring into the black sooty mess “I am perfectly aware how volatile it IS! THAT’S HALF THE BLOODY FUN!”

3:28 Syviis is angry: you hear the sound of her fist flexing on the leather of her bow punctuating her order

Bomrek leans across the table to SuĂ°ri , and speaks in Dwarvish “[Sounds like an Elven trick; Seems like they’re trying to get a slice of the roast here in the human lands.]”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks shocked by the Lord Marshall’s statement, but he is too exhausted from trying to remain formal and deliver his report without breaking into tears to get angry or to ponder what this could mean.

3:28 Bomrek: [I also figured slice of the roast fits better than slice of the pie, for dorf analogies.]

Lord Marshall Geofferson stiffens, reeling back at the woman’s order

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Bomrek, not overly amused. “[Yeah yeah, whatever,]” he replies in Dwarven, dismissively though not hostile.

3:29 Gray: “I think this meeting has gone on long enough.” He reaches out to rest a hand on Syviis’ arm reassuringly. “We need lodgings and healers. Could you arrange that, Lord Marshall? We will be available to answer any more questions you have or if you make some kind punishment for me.”

Syviis looks to Gray and shakes her head.

3:29 Gray: “I’d also like to meet whoever gave you that bottle. I think they may conspire with strange powers”

Gray removes his hand from Syviis’s arm. Doing nothing now to restrain the well armed elven archer.

Syviis turns to Gray, smiling grimly.

3:30 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Yes. I do believe the soft-spoken brute is right. This has gone on long enough. Tonight you will lodge here. In the morning, we shall see what High Lord Jadeite will have done with you all!”

Syviis watches the Marshal walk with dangerous precision.

3:31 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Ugh, such deplorable MANNERS” he waves his hankie at Syviis, heels clicking as he strides back up the stairs of the basement

3:32 Gray: “No matter what punishment you chose for me these people have earned their pay a dozen times over. Please see to it that they get it.” He speaks to the Lord Marshall, bowing his head almost respectfully then walking to the door to open it for the soft man.

3:32 P.P. A.:[>in before Ken has watched Babylon 5 and now we’re replaying that story where the Drakh infiltrate and take over the Centauri Republic]

3:32 Adolf S.: The answer is we need to kill all elves.

3:33 Joush M.: That was also Bomrick’s answer to “what should we have to breakfast” and “do you know where my comb is?”

Lord Marshall Geofferson turns to leave, and regards you all darkly for a moment

Syviis glares back at the Marshall

3:33 Lord Marshall Geofferson: “Oh, he was so right about all of you” and he turns to leave “NO fun at ALL!”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks ever more appalled by the Lord Marshall’s erratic behaviour.

Gray speaks very softly. “Memory? Follow him”

Memory, the inky magic Raven, slips from grays shadow and boils up sifting through the rafters,out of sight above. She moves like water through a stream up into the building


3:35 Ken (GM): CLOMP CLOMP away his bootsteps go

Gray frowns deeply. “I’m sorry. I think we haven’t found refugee so much as a different place to fight.”

Suðri Skornbrekker slumps down on a chair and holds his head. “What the [Dwarven curse] was THAT?!”

Roderick wrenches his sword out of the table. The mark it leaves swells with green, and a little flower blooms there, white edelweiss.

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to the dark elf: “Are some of your folk still alive and trying to take over this country from within now?!”

3:37 P.P. A.: (despite the ?!, he asks this semi-calmly, though nervously)

3:37 Roderick: “I fear the men in power are just the same ones I left; frivolous, backstabbing, pompous, horses assholes who aren’t fit to LEAD A MARCHING BAND” He slams the sword home on his belt.

Syviis walks over to the wash basin, cleaning up fast, then finds her armor and begins to ready it

3:37 Deloth-Ainur: “Hey, don’t look at me. You guys killed all my friends”

3:38 Syviis: “I know not of this ‘diplomat’ but I suspect the worst. I suggest we leave before morning and seek our answers without a noose around our necks.”

3:38 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I… sorry, could well be that this is just some kind of twisted intrigue in the upper ranks. …but how did he get that powder, or rather who gave it to him?”

Gray looks to Roderick and resist asking what Fae whispers he hears in his mind. The man is tormented, and needs rest. He nods respectfully to Syviis. “Red dust. Strange elves. There’s something wrong here… For now. Let’s make this the best shelter we can. SuĂ°ri, can you set up camp here? I’ll venture up the steps and see if we are imprisoned here. If we are, or I can walk out. I’ll ask about healers and some fresh food.”

Gray then pauses and shakes his head. “No, that’s foolish.. Easy to forget most men don’t treat me like you all have. It would be better if Roderick was to ask, I suppose.”

3:39 Joush M.: When asking for favors.. maybe don’t use the guy with -4 to reactions

Syviis pauses, looking back to the group and suddenly looking ashamed. “No…you’re right…we should heal while we can…”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks blankly at Gray and nods. Despite the weariness he feels weighing upon his mind and body, he doesn’t want to take off his armor again yet, and keeps it on while he sets up a tend and lays out blankets and bedrolls.

3:40  (To Syviis): FYI if it hasn’t been clear, you’re back in a mana zone now. There’s twists to it, but you’re currently in a normal mana zone, and recovered your drained HP

3:40  (From Syviis): Yep, I got that.

3:40  (From Syviis): it’s more remembering the mental damage. 😛

3:40 Ken (GM): [hey, no metagaming Gray :P]

3:40 P.P. A.: not our fault if he’s the only one who isn’t at the brink of a nervous collapse, or a really rude and drunken dwarf

3:40 Ken (GM): lol

3:41 Joush M.: Gray knows damn well humans don’t, generally speaking, “like him”

3:41 Ken (GM): hence the 😛

Syviis washes up slowly and prepares her armor carefully instead of in a rush.

Gray begins to plan how to escape the basement if they must, making sure armor and weapons are ready for service.

Ken (GM) Syviis’ armor still has the gash in the belly that was repaired, from her altercation with the demon at the bridge. It is scuffed and singed here and there.

3:42 Syviis: “I will keep watch tonight.”

3:42 P.P. A.: by the way, if the Elven emissary or High Lord Jadeite look like this:morden.jpg

we’re in for one hell of a ride

3:43 Bomrek: “Sounds to me like the Elves are making a play at the lands of men. Perhaps they wish to go to war, and to grab some of the fertile southern lands of this country?” he says the last few words directly toward Syviis.

(I already imagine him to look like Jerry Seinfield, PPA)

3:44 P.P. A.: (suspicious that ken hasn’t answered if he’s watched Babylon 5 or not) 😉


3:44 Ken (GM): [“Whats the deal with half-elves? They arent human, and they arent elves; do they just go around, being immortal, eating all our mana? I just don’t get it!”]

3:45 Syviis: “While I don’t believe my people would do such a thing, I can’t ignore that there are powers and wills at work here that are alien to us all.” She smooths her hand over the damage to her leather and smiles at the memories.

3:46 Gray: “If I’ve learned anything it’s that elves are far from united in their plans or allegiances.” He looks to Syviis and the ex-vampire, thinking of the commander they’d had on the trip to the keep.

3:46 Syviis: “If I must fight the demons while they take the form of my own kin…it matters not. Evil is evil, regardless of the masks it wears.”

3:47 Ken (GM): [My GOD, are you people…being less than racist?]

3:48 P.P. A.: well, it just means that some elves are even worse than the average elf, no? and that there’s maybe two or three decent ones among them, including Syviis

3:48 Joush M.: We can say for sure that they have fragile limbs and should avoid melee combat. Poor Aachen ;_;

3:48 Syviis: “True…A thousand trees hold a thousand communities…even if they are of a single forest. Unless a great good or vile force is unifying my people, they would not have the numbers to attack the human-held lands. But that doesn’t mean subterfuge isn’t  taking hold.”

3:48 Ken (GM): hahah, how many times did the dice gods favor that sword arm of his? Three? Four?

Suðri Skornbrekker listens absent-mindedly as he continues to set up camp, lost in thought about what just happened and what might yet be to come.

Gray nods to Syviis. “The danger here may be a single, very powerful and respected Elder with dark designs. They could command others without making their plans clear to them and manipulate humans.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker hopes it’s just the elves being cunts, and not that they will have to mop up stragglers from the wastelands.

3:50 Bomrek: (It’s the elves, kill’m all! hang’m by their ears from the lamposts!)

3:50 Syviis: “Let’s hope it’s just that. I will not fail even if I must fight all of my kin…but my soul would rest easier if I don’t have to. “sighs “I wonder if my messages have even been sent…?”

3:51 Ken (GM): [you handed those off by The Old Mill, so likely they did get going form there]

Gray settles in the basement, setting up for camp in there as they have other places and asking  Roderick to go see about getting them fresh food, healers and maybe some more cots if they are going to be down in the basement long.

Bomrek perks up, “Oh, thanks for reminding me, I have some important post to attend to.” Bomrek gets up, stretches, and starts sorting through his bags.

3:52  (From Bomrek): Speaking of, just how much loot do I have, anyway? A good box full o’ gold, as I recall, yeah? What else?

3:53  (To Bomrek): Well, that bag weighs about a hundred pounds, all said. And the armored/relic looking bits have precious stones set into them. So…tons of worth there. Value out the ass


3:52 Roderick: “Ill see what I can do. Wish me luck” He tries the door, which remains unlocked, and clomps excitedly up the stairs “Bit of luck, that”

Gray nods, glad at least that they are’t locked in there. His attention goes to the doors of the basement, walking to check them as well. Seeing if other ways out are locked or barred.

3:54  (To Bomrek): You tossed a bag of the red dust to save your asses from the tainted earth elemental, but you have some vials of it left from a dreugar corpse. As well as various little golden brassy trinkets from their camps.

Syviis turns and looks at the powder-stains on the wall. “At least we know it’s the same vile dust…”

3:55 Ken (GM): [the other doors of the room are barred from your side, and locked in the handles. There are two doors leaving upstairs to the courtyard (you recall) and two that go back into the fort walls. As well as the stairs up into the next floor. The stairs down in the middle of the floor go into a cold rootcellar, which is not much too cool right now]

3:56 Gray: “Disturbing though. Did it come from Gorgoth, or are their more mines for that wicked crystal?”

Deloth-Ainur has slunk back, just in the shadows of the boxes. She stayed quiet in the tet-a-tet with the Marshall, and is now watching Bomrek, intently

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes off his armour at last, and lets himself fall onto a blanket.

Syviis walks over to Deloth

3:57 Syviis: “What say you to all this? Did your peers have designs on advancing to these lands in such a way? Who else uses that damnable powder?

3:57  (To Syviis): You have the distinct feeling you want to try the ashes, to see if there is any of that red dust left. The hooks went deep that time you bathed in magic cocaine

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks for something to drink in the room as he starts talking: “Either these are agents of the wasteland, who are now plotting their revenge; or the elves  somehow learned of…” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker pauses and strokes his beard, and then sits up upright.

3:58  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre surrounded by heavy casks of wine, of all vintages, FYI

3:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Syviis, have you been sending any reports while we were down there? Through, uh, magic elven mail or something/”

3:59 Bomrek: (Elv-Mail. E-Mail.)

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker eyes a cask of wine intently as he speaks.8318066abdd7d4db0ec8b87c45e88107--malt-whisky-scotch-whisky.jpg

Gray walks over to a scorched barrel and considers a long moment, then lifts the barrel. Massive muscles flexing and carrying it over, he taps the good Lord Marshall’s wine. “Looks like this one was damaged in the explosion”

4:00 Syviis: to Suori: “Nay…I send messages before we entered the camp, to the Elders who tasked me here…and to my family. But no reports. I prefer to do that in person…and I think now it is imperative that I do.”

4:00 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Most regrettable,” Suðri responds with a mischievous grin.

Bomrek pours bags and bags full of treasures onto the table, sorting through it all with practiced ease.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker replies to Syviis, then: “I see… so they couldn’t have learned of the powder from us… Strange.” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker goes to quench his thirst with wine

4:01 Syviis: noticeably reluctantly “That wine may be tainted now. I do not know if the magic lingers…it feels like it does.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks very disappointed and glares at Syviis with eyes asking ‘why are you doing this to me?’

4:02 Syviis: sits down heavily “Because I feel the pull of it even now…and I hate it. And I would rather waste wine in front of a Dwarf and risk his wrath than not warn you of the magic you and I both hate…admittedly for different reasons.”

4:03 Syviis: “There is another cask over in the opposite room I saw earlier anyway.” smiles

Deloth-Ainur sees the spilled golden treasures, and her eyes narrow “Bomrek, where did you get such wondrous things?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shakes his head with a smirk at the elf’s remark.

Gray pours wine for the others, setting glasses on the barrel and looking over to the pile, nodding to the dwarf. “Quite a fine collection.”

4:03 Ken (GM): [there are wooden cups, or Bomrek seems to have fine golden goblets]

Syviis walks over and concentrates, feeling out if the wine is indeed tainted with the powder

Gray considers that. “Didn’t the powder explode? The wine smells normal.. I think”

4:05 P.P. A.: (in response to the “there’s another cask”)

4:06 Syviis: “I don’t believe it burns and explodes as cleanly as the Brother Dwarves’ fine gunpowder. Maybe I am overly cautious…”

4:06  (To Syviis): No magic in the wine. The scorch marks have a tingle, but no dust left. Your ache for a hit subsides a touch

Syviis takes a cup and tries a sip

4:06  (From Syviis): anything?

4:06  (To Syviis): A fine cheeky vintage. Sweet but robust. Completely untainted. Very tasty

4:07 Ken (GM): [the paranoia I have fostered runs deep]

Syviis relaxes a bit. “Seems at least the wine is still pure here.” Syviis turns to our ex-vamp-elf.  “Would you like a cup?”

4:08 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What comrade would I be to let our dear elf take this risk all by herself,” Suðri says as he grabs a goblet himself and empties it.

Syviis turns to SuĂ°ri with a moment of weakness and emotion, looking like she wants to hug him…and resists only because it would likely piss him off. “I’m honored to drink with such fine Dwarves.”

Suðri Skornbrekker was half-joking of course as it was just an excuse to finally get a drink, but the sentiment is real.

Deloth-Ainur is staring intently at Bomrek, as he counts his coin and polishes his golden things

Gray mentions to Bomrek quietly. “The Lord Marshall may become greedy if he sees that.” He warns the dwarf, drinking from the cup of wine. Smiling a touch to SuĂ°ri and Syviis

Syviis helps distribute a round, offering a tankard to the disposed vamp-elf. “Who else uses the powder? Besides the deep dwarves we met and fought?”

Deloth-Ainur absentmindedly takes the cup, and answers “It’s thaum crystal Syviis. Anybody with any sort of magical talent would want it”

4:13 Syviis: “Why would the humans be using it as…well…’recreational herbals’? Healing and war magics are one thing, but is the effect that powerful for non-mages?”

4:14 Deloth-Ainur: “The Hells are you talking about girl? Didn’t you taste the magic on him? It was dark” she sips “Dark like a pool of cold water” she shivers, gooseflesh rising.

Syviis sits next to her, contemplating her cup

4:15 Gray: “Dark magic on the Marshall? What kind?”

4:15 Syviis: “I thought it was only the powder I felt…”

4:15  (From Syviis): any chance she can think back and remember the feeling?

4:18  (To Syviis): Nah you were definitely feeling the dust. Deloth may be talking about using her wizard senses more remotely than you. Shes probably a sensitive of some sort

4:18 Bomrek: >the lord marshal may become greedy if he sees that. “Aye, well, my guess is he’ll be gone a while in search of more red powder, I’ll have it all sorted by then.”

4:18 Ken (GM): [also, Deloth has been staring at you, openly, while you’re doin’ with your treasures]

4:20 Bomrek: (Nasty. Bomrek’s more concerned with the treasure than the elf for now, he’s not had a chance to count it proper like.)

Bomrek partakes in some of the offered wine absentmindedly. He makes no comment what so ever about it’s vintage, taste, or enjoyment, and instead just counts his coin as if he were drinking simple well water.

4:20 Syviis: “You seem fixated on Bomrek,” not unkindly “I’m afraid he may not take kindly to your affections.”

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over. “What did you mean, he could be touched by the darkness?”

4:22 Gray: “We might know more when Memory returns.”

Deloth-Ainur continues to stare at the items on the table while she speaks, holding her wine but not drinking “The Marshall has power there. Hes in the wellspring of the Altur I believe, but my skills are not what they were when I was enthralled.” She speaks louder and intently to the dwarf “Bomrek! Please do be careful with that scepter. Its precious”

4:23 Gray: “You don’t seem the greedy type. Is there something on the table that holds special attraction to you?.. Humm… ‘Altur’?”

4:23 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Don’t tell me ‘IT’ scattered to the four wings and nested ITself in random people,” he adds as he empties the rest of his goblet.

4:23 Bomrek: “Precious? Bah.” he sets it gently, though not quite as gently as the others, down in one pile of similar trinkets.

4:23 Bomrek: [I’d like to roll something – or just be given it, your choice – to determine the approximate value of the total of my loot. How many units of time could Bomrek live in the lap of luxury back home with this money, for instance.]

4:24 Joush M.: He could live in comfort for ten years, or one crazy weekend mad crunked on red dust cocaine and elf hookers

4:24 Ken (GM): [hah, well, its a fuckload of gold, and very pure stuff too. Youre looking at about 10 to 15 thousand GURPS dollars worth of loot]

4:25 Bomrek: Is there any of it that I’d rather sell, barter, or otherwise depart with here in the human lands rather than back home in the mountain-holm?

Deloth-Ainur winces a bit when the scepter goes CLUNK


4:25 Ken (GM): [depends on your compunctions about humans or dwarves becoming richer]

4:26 Bomrek: (I think we all know what Bomrek might think about that matter.)

4:26 Syviis: “Maybe you should explain about the scepter.”

Bomrek takes the least valuable of all the gold coins, eyes it for a moment, then slowly tests it between his front teeth with a shallow bite. Satisfied, he pops it in his mouth, and you see it under his cheek and thick beard, being worked between both sides of his mouth idly as he counts and scribbles down figures in dwarven runes.

4:28 Deloth-Ainur: “It’s….there were regalia worn by the high priests in the past age, when they revered the great spirits and masters of the dark realms. Bomrek seems to have found their holiest of pieces, including a priests blessed garb of smiting. It’s all a bit intellectual now, as the refuge is likely ashes and rubble”

4:28 P.P. A.: Bomrek confirmed for hamster

4:28 Bomrek: D-do hampsters do that?

4:28  (To Bomrek): its cold in your mouth, but the taste is gone. lucky, as cleaning it will be easier

4:29 P.P. A.: no, but they have massive cheek pouches which they stuff food into

4:29 Gray: “I’m sure that he’d sell it to you, had you the wealth to buy it.” He suggests to Deloth, nodding to the old vampire as the beast stays alert for danger.

4:29  (From Bomrek): He’s actually doing it as sort of a concentration tool, and because it’s a thing certain rich dwarves are like to do. He doesn’t mind a few scratches or bite marks in his coins, when he has so many, is the general idea of the practice.

4:29 Syviis: “Perhaps this is not the time…but I do wish we can have time to sit down and talk about these relics and all the tales you must know.” [urge to know intensifies]

4:30 Deloth-Ainur: “Oh that my tales were worth their weight in gold, so I may be as rich in this world as I am in my mind”

Syviis smiles kindly at that and nods, sipping her wine lightly, mindful she promised to keep watch tonight

4:31 Deloth-Ainur: “Arent you afraid I’ll take you down the thorny path [little sister]? My stories all involve blood, fire, and death of lesser beings”

4:32 Syviis: “Are you worried that I may listen willingly and still be so different?” smiles kindly back. “I have no doubt in the power of your words and your stories… and indeed, their value… but as we’ve both discovered, our ideas of power stem from very different ideals.”

4:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “She is returning to form and good spirits; I want to be happy for her, but I struggle to,” he comments with a bemused smirk.

4:33 Syviis: [accidentally talking in really good broken/accented common]

4:33 Gray: “Give it time, SuĂ°ri . You will be alright.” He assures the young dwarf.

4:34 Ken (GM): [holy balls lookit the time]

4:35 Joush M.: Good session everyone. Thanks Ken

4:36 Bomrek: (how much money did we start with, way back when, anyway?)

4:36 P.P. A.: aye

4:36 Bomrek: (trying to put it into perspective how much 10 – 15k of GURP$ monies is.)

4:36 Fiss: Yeah, lots of good RP and setting up the next bit. Feels good to be not-in-the-wasteland for a bit, anyway

4:36 P.P. A.: character development, an intriguing plot hook, and dwarven–elven banter
good times

4:36 Ken (GM): you guys started with ~2k gurp$

4:36 Bomrek: It feels good to be able to shit in a hole that you didn’t have to dig yourself. That’s how I felt when I came back from a 5 day mountain camping trip to Nevada.

4:37 Ken (GM): oh god bomrek is gonna shit in the fucking wine

4:37 Fiss: lol

4:37 Bomrek: (“IF I CAN’T ENJOY IT, NOBODY CAN”)


4:37 Joush M.: Bad dwarf. That’s a very bad dwarf

4:37 Fiss: Nah, they shit in Elf Wine. 😛

4:37 Ken (GM): rub his nose in it so he learns!

4:38 Bomrek: 2k gurps dollars? So I have 5 – 7.5 times more cash than we started with, here on this table. Neat.

4:38 Adolf S.: Maybe Bomrek’ll start a museum
“Here’s some Elf Shit, I got it when we killed a bunch of beastmen and elves”

4:38 Ken (GM): “The shit I stolled from Gorgoth, before burning it to the ground: a story by Bomrek”
so! 4 xp for the lot of you

4:39 Joush M.: Woo!

4:39 Fiss: “We stole it…then burned the entire civilization down to make sure it was worth more when we escaped with it!”

4:39 Ken (GM): and next week, “just what the fuck is going on in oakway?”

4:39 Adolf S.: Nothing that shooting won’t fix

4:39 Joush M.: Magic burd spies activate

4:40 P.P. A.: \o/

4:40 Ken (GM): in berdperson we call that a “totally dick move”

4:40 Fiss: BURDSPY
Dicks out till Rick’s out

4:41 Ken (GM): gonna need you to shove these Thaum crystals WAAAAAAAYup into your butthole URPSyviis

4:42 Fiss: “O-oh Geeze, Deloth…I, I dunno about this…shouldn’t I be back in Elf School?”


4:42 Joush M.: MAGIC™

4:42 P.P. A.: Let’s hope we’re not the last, best hope for peace.

4:42 Ken (GM): nah, not YOU guys

4:42 P.P. A.: Good, nor for victory

4:42 Adolf S.: I don’t get the reference fiss-kun

4:43 Fiss: Rick & Morty…well…a bad Rick & Morty reference.

4:43 P.P. A.: I like Deloth, she’s like our exposition-pet

4:43 Fiss: Involves Megaseeds up anuses

4:43 P.P. A.: If we nudge her she either banters with the dwarves, or gives us backstory

4:43 Joush M.: Well, so far we’ve made lots of corpses. Like.. a jumbo-pile of dead people. I guess that’s what we are good at

4:43 Adolf S.: Lets continue that.
until things get better here.

4:44 Fiss: Yeah, leave it to Sailor Moon to heal and purify all the monster-people. We’re here to stab.


4:44 Adolf S.: It’s like the soviet revolution, only it’ll work in the long run this time guys I swear

4:44 Ken (GM): totally

4:44 P.P. A.: says the kulak dwarf

4:46 Ken (GM): You see Suðri, when you kill all humans, elves, and beastman, there is no coming darkness, for you are IT

4:46 P.P. A.: It’s like playing tag

4:46 Ken (GM): Imagine SuĂ°ri sounds like Yuri

4:46 Adolf S.: We need to build camps to push all of these undesireables in. to get rid of them.

4:46 Ken (GM): somewhere cold, up norht?

4:46 Adolf S.: Yeah, that sounds about right.

4:47 P.P. A.: we have a perfectly hostile wasteland right here in the south though

4:47 Ken (GM): true, and it gets cold there
that, and the lack of mana will kill elves

4:48 Fiss: We’ll just learn to eat dwarves for mana.

4:48 Adolf S.: Perfect

4:48 Fiss: 😀

4:48 Adolf S.: Lets round’m all up and force’m in there.

4:48 P.P. A.: The elves can eat the beastmen for mana

4:48 Adolf S.: I’d like some new Elvish lampshades tbh

4:49 P.P. A.: and the beastmen the elves for food
it’s a perfect cycle


4:49 P.P. A.: we can create a whole ecosystem!


4:49 Adolf S.: Life, uh, uh, uh, finds a way

4:49 Fiss: Hey, they don’t have to “eat” them, just coax out magical essence! (?° ?? ?°)

4:49 Ken (GM): O LAWD


4:49 Ken (GM): DORF

4:49 P.P. A.: please don’t reinforce negative stereotypes about elf women

4:49 Fiss: Heheh

4:50 Adolf S.: this is a bully-free zone, Fiss.

4:50 P.P. A.: well, “negative” to some

4:50 Fiss: Anyway, have a good one folks! Great session

4:50 P.P. A.: See ya!

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Grimwyrd Chapter 4: What evil lurks in the hearts of men

The withered Kingdom of Gorgoth is no more. After The Happening the land is despoiled of all life and not even mana flows on the rock and vale. Charred tendrils of the ruined place jut Northward like the fingers of a dying man clutching to the living, desperate to survive. The Southern Reaches are now a wasteland as Gorgoth; where the magic weapon touched land only ash remains. All traces of the Alliance army and the Gorgoth Beastmen are destroyed. Twisted metal and wretched corpses are all that remain. A grim reminder of a short and bloody war.

The fleeing Scorned and Ro-Haern flooded into the land like a tide, with the remainder Alliance army trickling in between them. Order has been maintained through immediate and decisive response to any lawlessness. The shanty towns springing up around Old Mill and Oakway have nearly doubled the populations already there, and the fields lay fallow and untended in all directions as dissident refugees and local landowners clash daily. Where the militiamen were conscripted from the workers and farmers of the land, the farms are left to grow unharvested, soon nearly to rot in the sun. The Scorned are not invited to work, and the Lords of the land do not invite them to sup on their stocks. The people are hungry and the heat boils tempers.

The caretakers of the caretakers are the aristocrats left behind at the war call. Those unfit for the front lines; training, provisioning, building up the home defenses. These men rule now, uneasy, their mettle tested like the forges hungry for iron and gunpowder. They are flush with new income as inheritances free up land once ruled by now dead men. With little to no direct orders coming from Greyhold and the Court, they opt to wallow in hedonism, wine, song, and women. Locals blame the Elven dignitaries and “their wild ways”. Others blame the Scorned’ infernal touch. Others simply blame human frailty. Regardless, the parties wane into the night, and the people hear the songs of revelry late into the dawn.


The Heroes of the South are no more. The recognition earned for liberating Glardenfen has fallen away like so many of the bricks in it’s shattered walls. As the group returned to living land, they joined the stragglers who also fled for the safety of the Kingdom. Some remains of the militias, and scattered officers survived and kept some order heading Norht; no Beastmen were found moving on the trek. Those who would listen to the terrible tale of the Dreugar Keep and Ansible of Spirits were rapt with attention of the tale. But when it came to the telling of The Happening, none were glad to listen.

The Commander moving the survivors North, a young man named Hale Dorn, he hushed your tales and implored your silence. He warned of their effect on the shaken morale of the people, and ushered the Party to more private sections of the exodus. Once in Old Mill, past the hungry masses and trampled fields, he ushered them to a carriage and caravan moving man and materiel to the more beleaguered Oakway Eastward. The carriage windows were shuttered, and the passenger quarters packed with supplies, but at least they were finally not walking anymore. The cries of beggar Rover children and starving Scorned echoed up and down the highway as the disgraced heroes returned. Hungry voices, tired voices, those without hope or homes left in the world cried out, and were left behind.

Under cover of night the carriage made it through the guarded gates of the city, past ramparts fresh with pine sap stinking in the heat, keeping out unwashed masses of citizens instead of beastmen hordes. Under cover of night, the carriage opens up and you are pressed to rest in the somewhat familiar barracks of Timberkeep. In the morning, they are told, “you will meet with Lord Marshall Geofferson, and submit your report to the acting Commander of the City Garrison and Watch”.

The night is hot, and rest does not come easy.

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Grimwyrd: Resolutions

So, Where last we left you, the battlefield stretched out below your feet, blood and rot soaking the blasted earth. Leagues of dead lay in the chill sunlight, their corpses charred and wasted. The land whispers no secrets of mana, and the Keep of Glardenfen lay another day away by foot


12:19 Doc: I wanted to add points into Survival and Hiking btw
Wasteland and Woodland are the two terrain types we’ve been doing, right?

12:20 Ken (GM): much practice has been had on that; sounds good for Rod. Either choice works, as you have demonstrators in the elf and beastman

Gray shakes his head to clear it, the savage brute studying the corpses as he scents the air. He guesses the time from death, putting it around the time the great fortress that has fallen from the sky, then ask in that rough, deep voice of his. “No scavengers. No ragpickers. It’s like the world is empty.”

12:21  (To Gray): You smell death and the Rot in all places here. As well, the undercurrent of the putrid water nearby. Nothing fresh, nothing alive but your party

Syviis says nothing in response, but a flash of fear in her eyes clearly shows she’s thinking the same thing. “We must learn how far this has spread.”

Gray turns from the battlefield and begins to walk. “We won’t find out by staying here. There’s nothing we can do for them.”

12:24 Syviis: Did we find any pack animals? Surely if there were some marching with the armies clashing here, we would see signs of them.

12:24  (To Roderick): thaumatology roll plx; you’re struck by the devastation THE WEAPON caused, and with the presence if the magic BlackRot, you’re pondering whats happened here

12:24 Ken (GM): there are many corpses here, and several of them are mules and horses. Some were barded and under small squads of knights with pike and lance, but all deceased.

12:25 Syviis: Well, so much for that idea…

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker says nothing, worried as well that this is not the only trace of destruction they will come across.He prays to the Allfather for hope that Gladenfen Keep was spared at least, and that the devastation doesn’t reach far beyond the border.

12:27 Ken (GM): Truly, the massive superweapon was a work of wondrous power 😀

12:28 Syviis: Yep, let it be known to history that we don’t fuck up in half measures. 😛

12:28 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13 Thaum (6+6+3)= 15

12:29  (From Roderick): gonna use Luck

12:29  (To Roderick): Well, aside from the certainty that you pulled the button, the specifics of the weapon’s work again elude you. The bodies are burned out, certainly, and the rot seems to have taken hold everywhere. But how?

12:29 Roderick:(To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13(1+5+2)= 8
12:29 Roderick:(To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13(2+3+5)=10

12:29 Joush M.: Well, we did get the bad guys

12:29 Syviis: We did. And the good guys. And most of the neutral guys. o_o
Daylight is ours for a little longer, we should use it.

Gray moves under the remaining food and equipment of the group, heavy frame lashed with ropes that hold the supplies in place as he walks. “Yes” The brute makes for Glardenfen Keep.

12:30  (To Roderick): And then inspiration hits you; The weapon must be attuned to the spiritual planes…and if it was directed at a human target, a mortal target, but not tuned and ‘aimed’ specifically enough….it would pour its power into that place. Like opening a flood gate on a dam.

12:31  (To Roderick): You unleashed the veil of darkness between worlds, and gave it a channel into the mortal realm. Like a curse, but less personal. You targeted…”mortals” with the darkness of THE WEAPON


Suðri Skornbrekker looks again upon the heaped corpses, and vows to honor their memory after the war is over.

Bomrek absently prods corpses as he marches on, using his bayonet on his gun to keep distance from the charnel-house remains. He makes sure his apothecary plague mask is secured.

Roderick studies the corpses in deep thought, then blanches as a realization hits him. He doesn’t say anything.

12:34 Doc: btw I forget if you mentioned this but how ‘fucked up’ is all the equipment here? weapons, armor, etc

12:35 Syviis: Ahh, true. If I see any quivers of a usable arrows, I will replenish my stock while giving a prayer of thanks.

12:35 Ken (GM): Oh! The beastmen seem to have crude but wicked looking axes, hammers and long knives. The Alliance forces were mostly pike formations surrounding musket groups

12:35 Doc: Looting a battlefield is distasteful but I mean
This shit’s expensive

12:36 Ken (GM): The elves seemed to arm themselves with mixed swords/spears/shields and shortbows

12:36 Syviis: Yeah. I think we’re a little beyond “taste” at the moment.

12:36 Ken (GM): Prodding at things; everything looks…in terrible repair

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks at the equipment.

12:37 Ken (GM): armor looks bent or beaten, much more damage than a single battle could have caused. Swords have large dents, or cracks. Picking up a musket…the barrel has cracked down the length! Impossible!

12:37 Joush M.: Very fucked up. Normally infantry would be assigned to parties to collect the bodies, dropped equipment and get everything sorted. Everything left after a day or two would be stolen by ragpickers

12:37 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “What… what happened here? …though the dragon’s corpses were twisted and rent as well…”

12:37 Joush M.: And of course, ravens and savengers would be eating the bodies..

12:37  (To Roderick): The dark curse…it had supremely powerful physical manifestations. Like a statistically impossible amount of bad luck

12:38 Syviis: “Let’s hope we meet someone ahead who witnessed the event and can put some answers to our questions.”

Gray pauses and looks to them. “The power ruined steel and wood as surely as it ruined bodies. It seems to have a special hate for tools and weapons.”

12:39 P.P. A.: Are the horses in as bad a shape as the people, or were they simply crushed under the weight of the dead?

12:39 Ken (GM): The flesh of the horses is as burned and rotten as the soldiers; the barding has snapped leathers and rent holes. They died in painful and loud waysa64f60be5528b316760a8c649874b386

12:39 Roderick: “Let us pray that there is someone ahead to meet.”

12:41 Syviis: “While I enjoy all your company dearly, I pray for all our sake’s we are not all that’s left in the world.” smiles nervously behind her mask

12:42 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…let us not entertain the notion that there might not be. I mean…” He swallows, and grows a bit pale. “Even in the case that we.. created another wasteland like that of Gorgoth… it would be limited in reach.”

12:43 Gray: “We aren’t all alone. Magic creatures resisted the power, things of Spirit. The elemental of stone and the wyld wolves were alive.” He says to reassure them as he moves across the ruined landscape. He offers around the bottle of whisky to fortify them as they go.

Bomrek accepts the bottle readily; He refills his flask, and takes a swig for good measure.

12:43 Syviis: “Agreed. No matter the scope of power held by the demons or artifacts themselves, it is still limited by the workings or mortals.”

Syviis seems to be at least pretending the peptalk is working, and marches a bit faster despite a slight ragged cough once in a while

Roderick politely accepts the whisky. “Such a thought does not reassure me, but the whisky is worth a shot.”

Suðri Skornbrekker holds out his hand when Roderick is done. “I could use some liquid comfort too.”

Gray nods to the others and resist the urge to make a grim joke about at least having monsters for company as he goes. “We should reach the keep tonight.”


12:51 Ken (GM): The grim march continues…
As the day wanes, you pick through the battlefield to the other side; the forces deployed here must have been the bulk of the garrison. You see man after man, dwarf, elf and beastmen. All in tortuously pained expressions of death, all felled in a terrible heap of violent conflict. With some comfort, you find the beastmen outnumbered the Alliance here, and their midden piles of dead are that much larger.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is looking down at the ground, the horrors around him taking a toll on him.

12:52 Ken (GM): the whiskey helps

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker thanks the whiskey

Bomrek seems to take a nip and cuss quite regularly as you march along; a distressing habit with such ready supply

Gray strongly dislikes leaving the bodies there, yet shakes his head and keeps walking. They’d be at it for weeks trying to bury the dead if they stopped here.

12:55 Ken (GM): The sun climbs in the sky, and the chill air is competing with a strong heat from the light. Mists climb up from the ground as the day moves on, and as you seem to reach the border of the carnage, behind you is many foggy banks clouding the view. Such small graces, the vision of the dead now hidden.

Once free of the mess, you’re still up in the hills, but the land slopes toward your target; Glardenfen Keep

12:57  (To P.P. A.): Youre very sure that the forces you saw deployed there may have been the ENTIRE force from Glardenfen, and possibly the Alliance. A small saving grace the dwarves sent so few reinforcements, but the human army and militias might be entirely devastated now

Gray watches for the keep ahead, but also for danger. He often scents the air and looks around them, seeing if anything else might be shadowing them in that heavy mist.

12:57 Syviis: Any signs of life?

Suðri Skornbrekker has been very silent, even given the situation, for a while and looks very much under the weather.

12:58 Ken (GM): once clear of the battlefield, the crows have returned, and perch in the black trees. They do not explore the dead.

12:59 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I tried to count the corpses as we passed by them… well, estimate the number. I also recognized more than a couple of faces… I fear Glardenfen Keep might be rather empty now.”

1:00  (To Gray): you havent noticed any other signs of life while in the field; youre likely safe from pursuit at the moment

1:01 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…maybe they left behind a few men to keep watch,” he tries to reassure himself and the party, though the tone of his voice betrays how little he himself believes in that.

Gray lifts his head to look at the crows, studying the black birds there on the animals with a thoughtful frown across the rough features. “I’m sorry, SuĂ°ri .”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shakes his head and marches on, as that is all he can do right now.

Roderick remains silent, visibly apprehensive and uncomfortable with the idea of being acknowledged.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker may notice Roderick, but assumes he feels much the same as him, and so doesn’t bother him.

1:07 Ken (GM): And everyone marches on, silent, ill, unwell…


Ken (GM) The black earth moves along below you, the sickly river nearby, stinking, the hills are uneven, but the way is clear. By the graces, a wind climbs up from the steppes ahead, with clear air twisting the death stench away from you, the foul vapors now staying behind. The weather is still chill, and as the sun begins to set, the temperature wanes. Luckily, as you press on, you crest a hillside, and see Galrdenfen keep.

…Or rather, whats left of it

Gray pauses at the crest of the hill, kneeling to studying the keep and growling to himself. The relief from the oppressive scent of the contaminated river is a pleasant change.

Ken (GM) Cradled in the deep red sunset, the keep cuts a line on the hilltop, through the shining evening sky. The keep’s tower should punch up higher, but all that you see is a dusty ruin of heaped stones and timbers, burned to char, a massive crater in the middle of the walls. The putrid flow of brown mulch crawls around the keep; where the hillside should turn white-gray with the steppe, instead the blackness creeps out into the North.
The keep is again a ruin. A literal wound in the earth. The outer walls barely stand


Suðri Skornbrekker does not need to rely on his knowledge of masonry to determine that this damage is not the result of siege engines, or any other mortal means of destruction.

Ken (GM) from your vantage point on high, you see movement in the hole. Red glowing embers… but they move about like animals. Some kind of creatures of fire move about in the ruins

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker slumps down and seats himself on a rock.

1:14 Syviis: “Is that just an illusion…or is the fire moving for your eyes as well?”

1:14 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…where do we go now?” he vocalises the thought that crosses his mind.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks up. “No… that fire is moving in ways mere fire does not.”

Gray ask in that rough voice. “We can bypass the keep and go north. It’s four or five days to the next settlement and we should have the supplies for it.. The keep is… in poor condtion. And it seems inhabited by creatures with skin of flame.”

1:15 Suðri Skornbrekker: “But I doubt there is aught to be gained from investigating.”

1:15 Gray: “I think we should. We have need of magic.” He looks at the elf, worried

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks at Syviis. “If we slay one of these, could you… well, consume its mana?”

1:16 Ken (GM): [elf starvation intensifies]

Syviis shakes her head. “We’ve met magical creatures on our journey back here. But I have neither the means nor the will to feed on it. How the elemental learned to do it, I do not know.” She shrugs, and shivers  “Regardless…while I do think we should slay monsters, I wonder if this is yet another one called out of the wild and not set upon the keep on purpose.”


1:21 Gray: “I’ll tear a heart out and devour it. That should feed Memory enough to answer some questions and might provide clue enough in how to continue from here.” He looks around, finding a place to stash their supplies and Roderick’s horse. “Ready yourselves for combat.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker slowly gets up and inspects his musket and his bardiche’s blade.

Roderick will ride his horse

Bomrek is bleary and tired “Lads theres no gold to be had in a fight with monsters. Canne’ we jus make camp and shoot them if they come t’us?” [Bomrek also smells like he finished his flask of whiskey]

1:24 Gray: “Their might be enough of the ruin left to make a better camp then hard ground tonight, or even a survivor… More, I’m not fighting them. I’m hunting them.” He pauses, then speaks again. “But I’m not in charge here. I’ve no right to command you if you chose not to join me”

1:25  (From Doc): Do I know if swords and guns will even work on these things?

1:26 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “If you believe that there is a point in it, I will follow you; but what’s left of our cause won’t be helped by dying here, either.” The dwarf squints down at the ruins “How many do you think there are?”

Gray nods to SuĂ°ri and the wisdom of those words, turning to the keep and trying to ‘count’ the prowling ember-wolves.

1:27  (To Doc): They look like…crawling lizards aflame. Maybe fabled salamanders? They should be myths, not real

1:27 Ken (GM): Half a dozen or so slow lizard-like things move about the ruin. They’re a bit smaller than a horse, but their flaming bodies are bigger than a man

1:28 Syviis: “Perhaps we can use the river to our advantage to split them up and put out their flames…”

1:28 Gray: “Six or so. Big.. But slow. Let’s set up a gun line and shoot them down.” Gray looks to the water and winces. “I don’t care to try and cross it, though that could work well”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker nods. “Sounds good to me. Bomrek?” He begins to inspect the other muskets and check how much ammunition they’ve got left

Bomrek sighs heavily, slowly puffing away a this pipe (which he JUST lit) and goes about inventorying the powder and shot with his battle-brother

Roderick remains mounted and draws his sword

1:30 Ken(GM): [you’ve still got all your spare muskets, one cannon, and plenty of reloads. Bomrek has a brace of pistols, and a bundle of premade shots for those as well.]

Gray finds a dead tree, dragging it to make a shooting rest and barrier after hacking off awkward limbs and setting it up. The spare muskets loaded and inspected by Suðri are lined up for a marksman to take one after the next rather than reload, the cannon lifted and settled in place, stones pulled over to help brace it.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker proposes using the cannon, its spread shot possibly coming in use here.

Gray nods to Suori. “Open with the cannon, or save it for any that get close. I’ll stand ready to keep any that get near off you”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker nods, planning to save it for later.

Roderick points at the others. “You four can assemble together in a skirmishing formation, with Gray in front serving to defend the marksman as a focus for the enemy’s counterattack. I can ride out at at the flanks. Harry them at will”

Gray nods to Roderick. “Any you can skirmish with that don’t join in a charge at our gunners would take pressure off us. It’s a good plan, Roderick.” Gray looks to see if their preparations are noticed by their foes.

1:35 Roderick: “The guns and arrows should do most of the killing, but I will do my best to pick off any who are unprepared or encourage them to chase me instead.”

Syviis prepares her bow. “Until I can either wean myself to this new barren land, or recover, my lightning may be limited. But I will still fight.”

Roderick looks at the gunners. “You are far more skilled than most. How close do you need to be? You may wish to prepare out here whilst I bait them into an ambush.”

1:40 Gray: “Save your magic” He says harshly to Syviis, then shakes his head. “That is… steel will serve tonight. You don’t need magic to fight when you have your skill with a bow” The beast worries about her, about the constantly ebbing reserves of power in her little crystal

Suðri Skornbrekker crosses his arms and thinks. “The closer they are the easier it is to hit them, but the more dangerous it is if you miss. Given that we have quite a few shots prepared, we should keep them at distance.”

1:41 Ken (GM): [map magic; y’all are down south here, overlooking the place]

Syviis nods and checks the arrowheads in her arsenal

Bomrek “Hopefully theyre just dumb animals. Big flaming… dumb… lizards…” he trails off as he describes them, shrugging at the description

1:45  (From Doc): Can I use my Rapier skill on horseback or do I need to use the Broadsword skill? its never occurred to me till now

1:45  (To Doc): No reason you can’t from horseback. you wont be able to do retreats, mind, but you can still shank a fucker form a horse

Syviis cracks a smile at that

Gray nods. “I’ll introduce us then. Stand ready.” He says in that savage voice, rolling his shoulders, then turning to the keep he howls. The sound echoing, carrying across the chill air like some savage wolf. (Piercing Voice perk and relatively high HT.. Should be audible. Not sure it will acutely pull them, though.)

Ken (GM) The howl echoes off the barren hills and into the keep; the lizards notice immediately! They lick the air, little jets of fire from their mouths as their tongues dart in and out

A large one, more crusty and bulky than the others, hisses a scream in reply. A jet of fire sprays from it’s maw, roaring back at Gray. The lizard things dart side to side nervously as they notice you on the hillside

1:48 Gray: “Come and die, monsters!”

Roderick rides out to the right flank


1:48 Syviis: “Now we see how intelligent they are…if they have brains, they’ll probably run.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker begins aiming in their direction

Syviis aiming as well

Ken (GM) As Roderick and his gallant white horse plow down the hillside, the things become even more agitated. They spit fire here and there, and the jets send up smoke from the ruins. They seem to be getting angrier, but more panicked too

Ken (GM) one of them clambers into the hole in the earth, on top of a spur of stone there, and begins to TRILL letting out a kind of shrieking hiss

Syviis lets loose an arrow at the one on the meteorite/stone there

1:51 Ken (GM): [neat; long aim here so up to double your ACC]
[he did kinda make himself a big target]
[he’s SM+2 and just under 50 yards away(-8) ]

1:52 Syviis: OK, -8 for distance, +6 accuracy, +2 Size, -3 for Vitals.

1:52 Ken (GM): skill -3 to shoot it in the heart, neat.jpeg

1:52 Syviis: Target is 16
rolling 3d6(3+6+5)= 14
No lightning damage, of course

1:52 Joush M.: Good call. We don’t even know if these things have an area 11 to target

1:52 Ken (GM): The salamander utterly fails to notice the incoming projectile, and does not defend

1:52 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 1(1)1=2 Imp
2 whole damage!

Ken (GM) The arrow flies true and hits it in the breast under the neck; the trilling stops immediately, and turns into a SHRIEK of panic and pain

Suðri Skornbrekker will fire a shot too after he sees Syviis loose hers, using one of the weaker muskets

Ken (GM) the thing tumbles off the rock, and the salamanders all start panicking

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker oh or not

1:54 Bomrek: “Hah! we got em on the run!” and bomrek lets loose a shot from his longarm
rolling 3d6(1+2+1)= 4 vs Guns(musket)

1:54 Syviis: AWWW YUS BOI

1:54 P.P. A.: the drunken master

1:54 Bomrek: drunkenly
from way too far away
rolling 3d6 + 1(6+1+1)1= 9 Pi++

1:55 Syviis: [ooc: what’s the “range increments” on the firearms?]

1:55 Ken(GM): half damage falls off on a muske at ~75 yards

1:55 Syviis: [Ah, that’s not bad at all]

1:55 Ken (GM): your bow at ~200

1:56 Syviis: [200 yards… that’s only a -12 to hit. I can do it. :P]

Ken (GM) Bomrek nails one dead center, an it squeals, rolling madly in the dirt, spewing fire in all directions

1:56 Ken (GM): SuĂ°ri taking a potshot too?

1:57 Joush M.: Remeber, the guy running around on the white horse is on our side

1:57 Ken (GM): [fanfare trumpets along as he rides valiantly down the hillside]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shoots one as well, the nearest one that is in sight

1:58 P.P. A.: 40 hex is -8?

1:58 Ken (GM): yeah, and theyre +2 size modifier

1:58 P.P. A.: and 2+2 ACC for long aim…

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker fires! 8v14

1:59 P.P. A.: does it dodge or do I hit the thing?

Ken (GM) Another shot flies true and another salamander shrieks in pain and fear; the morale of the squad of things in broken, and they begin dashing out of the keep!

2:01 Ken (GM): Rod; you charging at them? driving them off? or just herding them?

2:01 P.P. A.: (h-hey, I haven’t rolled damage yet)

2:01 Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6+1(1+1+3)1= 6 Pi++

2:01 Doc: gonna charge, then pursue (within reason)

2:02 Ken (GM): neat; roll me riding +4?

2:03 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 21(3+6+3)= 12

2:03 Ken (GM): JFC 21?! nearly a beat by ten

2:03 Doc: He gets a +1 for riding gear and then another +5 because his horse knows and likes him, etc.

Ken (GM) Roderick masterfully drives off the creatures, leaking fire and cowardice along the way. He shines like a knight of a fallen kingdom in the setting sunlight. The salamanders disappear into the hills, screaming and slithering

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker finds this scene very picturesque

Gray frowns. “We diden’t get one.” He says with disapproval, then shakes his head to clear it. “More work to do. Very good shooting.”

2:05 Syviis: “Well…that was slightly less terrible than I thought it would be. Shall we go in and check for survivors? Or at least find a place to sleep with a roof over our heads tonight?”

2:05 Doc: Do I get to roll any attacks?

2:06 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “There’s nary a roof left there nopw, is there.”

2:07 Syviis: “True, true…”
looks sad

2:07 Ken (GM): Doc! If you’d like, you can charge one down as it retreats. You can feel the heat of their flaming bodies tho [aka, ARE YOU SUUUUURE? ( ͥ° ͜ʖ ͥ°) ]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s Dislike for fresh ruins is kicking in and he really doesn’t want to look at this heap of misery

2:08 Syviis: will try for a Leg on one how far away?

2:08 Joush M.: [Take that one down! We still need to eat it!]

2:08 Ken (GM): fiss, same target but another -2 for expediency

2:08 Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+4+3)= 9

Roderick has a weapon with a reach of 2, so he’ll give it a shot

Ken (GM) you harry the last whelp, wounded already from Sudri’s shot!

2:09 Ken (GM): an arrow flies into it from above!

2:09 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 1(5)1= 6 Imp
Fuck your LEG!

2:09 Ken (GM): It sinks DEEP!
Rod! you charge it down!
Skill +2 to hit(ignoring locations)

2:11 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to slash at the neck (unless relative speed is more than 7, then -1) (1+6+6)= 13
(all out attack)

2:12 Ken (GM): Neat

Ken (GM) Roderick rides in, harrying the lamed thing, slashing in a clean arc through it’s neck. The head is lopped off!
The fire extinguishes!

2:13 Doc: >The severed part sails off in an arc!

2:13 Ken (GM): >it strikes bavieca in the [left][brains]!
>the tendons tear!
>the horse screams!
>why do you guys know what that sounds like, so intimately?

Gray nods in approval at the well executed attack, the beast starting down the hill after

As burning blood stains the ground, Roderick slows to a halt after slaying the creature, satisfied at being able to vent his frustrations in some small way.

2:15 Ken (GM): [so, the flaming things are gone, and youre left with the ruins of a keep you once fought to hold from the beastmen horde. Now what?]

2:16 Syviis: will do a quick cursory check through the ruins [Curious]

Suðri Skornbrekker watches the wild hunt in the distance, giving Syviis a pat on her shoulder for her excellent shooting.

Syviis smiles and nods back.

Gray draws his knife on the way down to the salamander and tears it open, breaking it apart and attempting to ignore the heat and likely burns inflicted by the task. Hunting for the heart in the body.

Suðri Skornbrekker decides to stay behind to clean and reload the muskets, though he intends to take a look at the corpse too.

Roderick sighs with a smile and trots back to the rest of the group. “Excellent marksmanship, as always.”

2:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It was a pleasure to see you hunting down your pray on horseback,” Suðri returns the compliment.

Ken (GM) the charred thing comes apart like dried wood, snapping into ember-ridden pieces. Once gray is left with it, it is quickly in pieces…and one big red glowing rock in his sizzling hand remains

2:20 Gray: “Memory” He commands in that savage voice, summoning a raven of shadow and magic to perch on his shoulder. “Is there magic in this you can use? Could Power be harvested from this?”

Memory bubbles up from the Aether, forming of a shadow of the approaching night. She appears perched on Grays shoulder, and murmurs in that faraway voice “Yes, this will sustain me for a time. Good hunting Gray”

2:21 Adolf S.: ayy what’s up errybody,.

2:21 Ken (GM): hahah he aint dead

2:21 Doc: HI ADOLF

2:21 Ken (GM): GUESS WHAT

2:21 Joush M.: Hey Dolf!



2:22 Syviis: How much experience points do we get for “the Entire Biosphere”? 😛

2:22 Adolf S.: what will this do to the eco system?

2:22 Joush M.: Let’s just say the Jedi really felt this one

2:22 Doc: lel

2:23 Syviis: [Lookin for Magic in Alderan places.]



image_400x400.jpgGray ask the raven quietly. “Could it sustain an elf? How do I harvest it?”

Memory breathes in deeply, and some of the color ebbs away from the jewel-like salamander heart. “Draw her close to me, and I might breathe some mana into her”

2:23 Syviis: [RavenCPR]

2:23 P.P. A.: I’ll remind you that if we’re the only people left alive there is a female among us. so the whole population of the planet is going to be half-elf

Gray nods and rises to his feet, the ‘blood’ of the salamander leaving burned marks on his armor and arms as the beast puts away the dagger and walks to Syviis, faintly glowing Salamander heart in hand.

2:24  (To Adolf S.): The battlefield was a horrible place, and it looks like the Alliance lost most of it’s army there. Some dwarves, lots of elves dead. You are drunk and spent the day in your bottle due to circumstances/penalty to self control there.

2:24  (To Adolf S.): The party just cleared out the ruins of Glardenfen again, this time it was full of fire breathing salamanders. Gray is eating one of their hearts and feeding it to his magic bird and the Elf

2:24 P.P. A.: if there is going to be one after we’re gone

2:25 Ken (GM): [Fiss-elf! the beastman comes bearing gift!]

2:25 Joush M.: Let’s explore a little more before we go all Adam and Eve with Roderick and Syviis.

Syviis sees Gray approach with the heart and closes her eyes, silently hoping something will work, buy at this point, not willing to feed optimism with what little magic she has left. “I trust you Gray, and your Raven. Do what you think is best.”

Gray ask the elven woman. “Breath deep. Memory, please do what you can.”

Memory does so, and a red glow suffuses the elf; the ember thing kindles in Gray’s big burnt hand.

2:26 P.P. A.: I think us dwarves will be happy to rather spend the rest of our lives carving a giant monument to make the half-elf world remember our kind, rather than thinning our bloodline and risking having beardless children

2:27  (To Syviis): You feel magic tingling on your skin; its as if you’ve had nothing to drink for days and are sprayed with water

2:27 Joush M.: I wonder if she’s going to get fire powers from this

2:28 P.P. A.: new questing goal: kill one of every elemental type of creature until Syviis has collected all the elemental powers

2:29 Adolf S.: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Heart

2:29 Raven: [wakka wakka]

2:29 Syviis: [Captain Planet Pentafecta confirmed]

Suðri Skornbrekker watches the elf and the beastman, hoping that the former will regain some vitality.

Gray stands by, rough features at lit by the glow of the heart and the power in the failing light of the day, the lupine beast watching Syviis quietly.

Syviis breaths out a long sigh of relief. “That certainly feels better…”
[mega understatement of the year]

2:30 Gray: “If a stupid stone elemental could manage being a mana-vore then a brilliant woman and raven can do so as well.. Memory, can you tell me when we see more things that could be Harvested?”

Syviis pulls her necklace out and checks to see if it also was able to benefit or not

2:32 Ken(GM): [not quite Syviis; your manastone needs to be bathed in mana all day long to charge :P]

2:32 Bomrek: (So, has it been shown to be for-sure that all everything is deadified? Fully, errywhere?)

2:33 Doc: we haven’t been everywhere yet, but everything’s been dead everywhere we’ve been

2:33 P.P. A.: there were some crows left alive!

Memory the raven is once again a solid creature, having feasted on the heart of your cowardly enemies “Bring me the hearts of those who are built with the Power of The Word, and I can sustain myself upon them, for a time”

Syviis slides her magic stone back in her tunic and sighs. “Let’s look through the Ruins quickly. If there’s anything left here, it shouldn’t be hard to find with the walls blasted apart.”

2:33 Ken (GM): The blackness of Gorgoth has spread quite a bit Northward, especially right around Glardenfen

Gray nods to the avian before he starts in. “Thank you, Memory.” He says to the bird, deep voice thankful as he starts into the ruins. “Not everything is gone. Magic creatures, some ravens… I’m sure we will find others.” He says as he starts inside, moving into the keep walls to search the ruins.

2:35 Ken (GM): Definitely some critters around, but you’ve just spent all day walking through a field of dead bodies tho, so they’ve been far and away from you.

Bomrek does an offensive Dwarven hand gesture at the bird, and says, Drunkenly but not too unintelligibly, “Fuck you bird”

Memory tilts her head back and forth at the gesture from Bomrek “Gray, it has been days since I was beside you. Have you let him drink the entire time Ive been gone?”

Ken (GM) The blank walls of heavy stone kept the blast contained, but the rubble filed inside is  rife with charred flesh and timber and stone. The keep rebuilt by the alliance has been laid flat, and in the center of it all lies a misshapen blob of blasted stone. The pockmarked rock is solid and foreign, with a bluish sheen to it. The ruins stink of half burned everything from the salamanders

2:37 Bomrek: (It’s a Jellyfish artifact. This whole time Ken was setting up for a Stalker, Shadow of Chernobyl gurps game. It all makes sense now.)

2:38 P.P. A.: (cheeki breeki)

2:38 Syviis: Dungeons and Chernobyls

2:39 Bomrek: Presumably Bomrek has an empty bottle, or near-empty at any rate at this point, so he attempts to chuck one at the bird. What’s my penalty, like, 3? 4?
I assume it’s just a DX roll minus size and distance.

2:39 Gray: “I haven’t kept him from drinking.” He says to the raven, the tone thoughtful and looking around the ruined place as he looks to the crater. “Do you know anything of this? It dosn’t look like the work of THE WEAPON

2:40 Joush M.: I’m pretty sure the bird has body of air and can’t be damaged by anything, so if you want to hit I don’t mind a rock flying though the shadow bird.. but the Bird Will Remember This

2:40 Ken(GM): >roll to see how poorly it is hucked
>and how many families are ruined by it


SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sees this commotion and tries to hold back Bomrek’s arm

Bomrek says many dwarven curse words, abandoning common tongue completely for the time being. Most of them aren’t that difficult to say while drunk, though that’s surely just coincidence.

2:41 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(1+4+5)=10

Ken (GM) the bottle flies through the air, but nobody is in it’s path. The glass shatters in the approaching night, and the sound is lonely against the crackling ruins of the keep

2:43 Bomrek: Fuck magic m8

2:43 Ken (GM): [I can only assume Bomrek’s lack of “people to buy his loot” is taking a toll on his psyche]
[That, or the whole WMD aftermath thing]

2:44 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Save some drink and bottles, my friend, we don’t know when we will come across a tavern or brewery again.”

Gray looks to the older dwarf with a frown, gaze hard a moment then simply nodding to his companion before he walks to the crater. “Someone check the fountain. See if that water is drinkable.”

Syviis goes over and checks

Ken (GM) The water no longer bubbles through, but the pond is still and clear

2:45 Syviis: Survival?

2:45 Ken (GM): Survival!

2:46 Syviis: rolling 3d6(6+6+3)= 15
well…glad it’s a fail now vs one later.
Fail by 2

2:47 P.P. A.: party dies of water poisoning, we reroll a party or raven mutants 500 years later

2:47 Ken (GM): Well, youre not sure if its contaminated with anything, but its certainly not got anything in it that could be poison…

2:48 Joush M.: [“You nay can drink water. Fish fuck in it”]

2:48 Syviis: fills up her water-skin after a few test sips “Should be usable, at least, our best source until we find an uncontaminated portion of the river.”

Bomrek would be happy to mix up some Grog later, he knows the ingredients by heart.

2:50 Doc: [booze, other stuff]

2:51 Adolf S.: That’s what he’ll write on the back of the flask in the nutrition section, Doc’.

Suðri Skornbrekker really hesitates to descend to the ruins, saddened greatly by the sight of what he helped to build mere weeks ago lying collapsed, and all the ones this fort was meant to protect being dead


Gray examines the crater, then works on putting together a proper shelter. Stone stacked on stone, an intact stretch of walls, a tent’s tarp stretched overhead to make a roof. It’s a rough place, but safer and more secure then they’ve had in weeks. “I’ll hunt around and see if any supplies survived the destruction here.”

Ken (GM) Some hollows of stone remain, enough to lean tents against and be out of the wind. As the sun sets, red climbs across the sky….and a bright green moon rises again

2:52 Bomrek: (We need to capture and breed the lizards with intent to make them larger over multiple generations, so we can then tame them and ride them out)

Gray worries for the state of their food, powder and shot stores. They had not expected to need to travel this far, and still have more to go.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sees Gray getting to work, and overcomes his autism to go and help him.

2:53 Ken (GM): Gray, Perception roll; you have no scrounging skill but you have a fine nose

2:53 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent. (6+6+2)= 14

2:53 Ken (GM): whew lad

2:53 Joush M.: It’s good that he is really good at that

2:53 Ken (GM): truly

Ken (GM) The rubble eventually gives up some edible food caked with dust and ashes; a cask of some kind of dried meat, and even some dirty bread

2:55 Bomrek: (My favorite)

Suðri Skornbrekker busies himself by preparing a shelter, depressing as it is to him to create less than a hut with rubble of what were until a few days ago walls, towers, rooms housing hundreds of men.

Gray moves shattered stone and frees the sealed cask, carrying it over to the others, then the trail bread. The beast at last washing up after the day, cleaning his armor and hands after the work with the salamander. “Who wants to take first watch tonight?”

2:57 Syviis: “I will. It’s the least I can do.”

2:57 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I’ll take the shift after that.”

2:58 Memory: “The Curse has worked here thoroughly” speaks the Raven. Her black beak clicking on the words

Bomrek drunkenly makes a crude bed against something solid, and falls asleep without much further discussion. “Gotta sleep off this booze.” he mumbles

Gray nods. “Thank you. Wake me after and I’ll take over.” He nods to SuĂ°ri and Syviis. “Careful if you climb the walls for a better look around… Humm.. What do you know of the ‘curse’? He asks the raven. “I hope you can tell us more. We have worked blind for days”

2:59 Memory: “The Darkness; That Which Man Cannot Know. ” she says

Suðri Skornbrekker wants to ask “What have we done?” but he fears the answer and would rather keep wandering and clinging to hope

2:59 Memory: “IT worked this destruction. The world is a place of men and rocks and trees and things. Above it, the world of magic. Below it, the spirits and the Souls. What happened here, the chaos sown here. It was all the work of The Darkness

3:01 Gray: “It seemed at the time we had no choice.” He says, knowing it’s a lame excuse, then falls silent and listens to the raven. “The Darkness is a creature of the world bellow?”

Memory clucks, wark wark wark, and you realise it is a kind of laughter “IT is not a creature, Gray. You are a discrete individual. as it is said. And Syviis, a thing touched by magic, but a thing but still.
IT….simply IS.
Where IT comes into the world, the world bends and forms …chaos” she spreads a wing and gestures, points to the ruins around you. “The Darkness comes, and your world suffers for it”

3:04 Bomrek: (I hope all elves are dead.)

Syviis watches from the top of a remaining wall, but nods to herself at the Raven’s words.

3:04 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Is The Darkness a… is its home in the world of Souls or of Magic? Or is it outside of these all?”

3:05 Doc: Is Rod in earshot of this?images

3:06 Joush M.: I think so Doc. Everyone should be in the fort together now

Gray nods to SuĂ°ri’s question, the shadowy raven perched on his massive shoulder. He wears the black felt arming coat but his armor is off, being brushed and cleaned to prevent rust or damaged, those massive hands working steadily as they sit beside the fire in their meager shelter.

3:06 Memory: “The realms of souls and spirit are infinite veils of existence. The Darkness is what lies between them. The primordial dark: The Space Between

Gray nods, unhappy with the new information. They can’t punch IT.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker certainly not being attuned to magic or metaphysics, tries to wrap his heard around this. “So… like the stars in the night sky, the realms exist inbetween the dark, and we opened a hole that made this Darkness crash down and flood into our world?”

3:08 Memory: “Yes” she says. Simple and to the point, nodding.

Roderick [brooding intensifies]

3:09 Memory: “The Ansible was a great work by you mortals. Certainly the greatest thing ever built by your hands. To see it work was like watching fire being used for the first time…”

Gray strokes a hand down the raven’s back, smoothing glossy feathers. “It wasn’t the first time it worked”

3:09 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Is… IT gone now? ,…from our realm, and we are only seeing the devastation IT has left behind? Or does it still roam our plane?”

3:09 Bomrek: Rod “Unload the magic to cause the most havoc” Garrison.

3:10 Ken(GM): [SURELY this will defeat mine enemies; BLOW UP EVERYTHING]

3:10 Bomrek: (Kill’m all, let god sort’m out)

3:10 P.P. A.: Rod-“Nuke the plane, may life wane”-erick

3:12 Memory: “IT is still there, I am sure. If IT has been banished, I cannot say for sure. I have no memory of the event” the magic raven stares into the fire, looks at you all “But certainly, the touch has been felt before. The Darkness crept into your world once by the hands of the Beastmen, and the Horned King worked his warlocks to the cause of IT too. Your world may yet survive again”

3:12 P.P. A.: Rod-“I’ve had my fun, the world is done”-erick

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker muses. “Can IT enter our world if not summoned into it, as was done so long ago, and as was… done by… us?”

Memory stares at SuĂ°ri , long and hard. “IT is always there, young thing. Always in the darkness, IT will be”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s voice grows weak, and he rests his head in his hands as he truly starts feeling the weight of their sin.

3:14 Ken(GM): >PTSD, the game

3:15 Syviis: GURPS: PTSD Edition

3:15 Gray: “Can you tell how far the power reached? Will we continue to see damage like this traveling north?” He asks the raven.

3:17 Memory: “I am no oracle, but this is truth; the darkness spread from where it was into where it was not, but the world remains. You will find life again soon Gray. You are near enough to not yet be lost. ”

3:17 Gray: “Thank you, Memory.” He says in that rough voice, falling silent.

Suðri Skornbrekker raises his head upon hearing this, feeling very relieved in at least this aspect.

Roderick sighs with relief to hear that some life remains

3:19 Memory: “I must rest again. The beasts heart was filling, but not ever-full” The raven shimmers, drifting downward like spilled ink.

The green moonlight casts sickly shadows as she bonds again with Gray. Sparks trail up from the fire and the chill sets in. In the distance, the night thickens.

That night, you are all awoken by a singular sound.

A very familiar voice screaming in rage “WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

Syviis stands and draws, searching for the voice.

Gray growls, an inhuman sound, and speaks softly to himself. “I didn’t kill you enough the first time?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker opens his eyes but doesn’t stand up yet. “What did we do…”


Ken (GM) The elven woman stands up on the wall, lined in green moonlight.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at her, in a way moved to see someone other than them—if not alive, at least sentient and sapient.

Roderick awakens and grabs his sword

Gray rises to his feet, sword taken from nearby, looking to the vampire and studying her there in the moonlight. “Good evening to you, Lady. I see you endure, despite what’s come to this land.”

Syviis frowns and aims the tip of her arrow at the ‘elf’

3:24 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let us not fight. Your grave probably lies buried under half a mountain; you could not come back from it again.” He grasps his musket and bardiche just in case, but does not become hostile.

3:25 Gray: “We might also have flooded it with lava.” He adds to SuĂ°ri’s comments.

3:26 The woman: “What the hell are you all talking about?! You blew it all up! you crazy bastards!” She seems distraught, She pulls her hair as she screams at you into the night. “You took the single greatest invention ever built by elven hands and CRASHED IT INTO THE EARTH!”

3:26 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “We… we were atta—” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s mime sours when he realizes she’s talking about the Ansible, not the world.

3:27 Bomrek: “FECK OFF I’M TRYIN’ ‘TA SLEEP!” Bomrek yells groggily from his bed.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker gets up and shouts back at her angrier and louder than Bomrek over there: “If that’s the greatest invention built by elven work, Elves are even more despicable than I thought! What a piece of shit! Can’t defend itself without destroying itself, and everything around it!”

3:28 Syviis: “Greatest elven work?” pulls down her mask and spits on the earth “You mistake might and destruction for greatness.”

3:28 Suðri Skornbrekker: “What twisted evils could trap an unholy Darkness from out of this world in a flying death machine?!”

3:29 Bomrek: “Aye, fuck the elves, point-eared sots” Bomrek says, starting a little loud and then going only loud enough for the others to hear him.

3:29 The woman: “It wasnt evil! It was just math! magic! By the same logic your GUNS are pure evil!”

3:29 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I can AIM my guns! Nor do my guns become unusable after one shot!”

Roderick is very confused but he thinks she called his landing a “crash” and is vaguely offended, given how hard he worked to not die when it happened.

3:30 P.P. A.: credit where credit is due

Syviis walks across the top of the wall, keeping her arrow ready. In Elvish: “[Were not the millennia of kind tenure with the natural world enough for you? You mock your ancestors by wrenching your power unnaturally from death!]

3:31 Gray: “The machine reached into the power of the void. Why did you create such a thing? Why leash such power?”

3:32 The woman: “You call that AIM?!” her voice peaks, cracking. She slumps onto the wall where she stood “You killed EVERYTHING. All of them! The Giants, the dragons. Hell, I think it’s safe to say the Beastman threat has ended!” she scoffs

blood elf

3:33 Syviis: “Then help us, or leave us to peace. Either way, your screaming only attracts a headache!”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker cannot come up with a retort, finding the death of giants and dragons and Beastmen to be good news overall.

3:33 Gray: “I told him to fire it. It was my mistake. I thought it worth the cost in the face of death and the Weapon falling into the hands of a Lord of the Night”

Bomrek agree’s, the Beastmen are nothing but a scourge, generally speaking. Erasing them from existence is as fixing a leaky roof, or oiling a squeaky door.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks over to Gray. “I agreed with it as well… We were fools, not knowing what we were doing, or its consequences.”The dwarf shakes his head. “Because we were mortals, and worried about our lives and our mission.”

Roderick feels kind of proud when she puts it like that, which leaves him even more confused as to whether she is friend or foe.

3:34 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Perhaps you were right after all!” he shouts at the immortal, undead elf, mad at himself for saying this.

3:35 P.P. A.: [if we had been immortal we could have been like “nah, let’s just die and see if we can get it back rather than press this scary button”]

3:36 The woman: “Why the HELLS do you people keep thinking I’m immortal?! YOU. BROKE. ME. TOO! You imbiciles! When you killed my Lord.” she trails off there, getting quiet…

she sniffles

3:36 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…eh? We killed you once, and you came back from that grave.”

3:36 Bomrek: Wassis’ lady look like, exactly? Does Bomrek remember her, or was he drunk the last time she showed up too?

3:37 Gray: “I didn’t mean to kill you. Or thousands of men, dwarves and and elves on the battlefield. I didn’t mean to break the connection to what keeps you alive.”

Suðri Skornbrekker already pieced together that the guy who attacked them was her lord and she derived her immortality from him, but he still wants to hear it from her.

3:37 The woman: [this is the woman you battled with about the Dreugar keep; she originally warned you away, you fought her in the keep, and she came back. You bartered with her for her coin armor.]

3:37 P.P. A.: >Ken measures her distance to us


3:37 Bomrek: That was me

3:38 P.P. A.: ah, good

3:38 The woman: lol

3:38 Bomrek: Have a plan to kill everyone you meet, PPA-kun

3:38 P.P. A.: naturally

3:38 Gray: “Or the innocent beast that lived in this ruined land. Or the blood mage elf and his bride spoke to at the base of the fortress that I almost certainly killed.. If you mean to try and kill me for what I’ve done, I’m here.”


The woman is muddy, and in disarray. She still has her robes, but not her scales of silver. She looks frail, and tired. And now…shes crying

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes a step towards her. “I’m sorry for what we’ve done.”

Gray looks to Suðri , then nods in agreement. He has little reason to think the vampire is a good woman, but he feels for her in her current condition.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker recognizes that she too is a victim of the cataclysm, and in a way is happy that there is someone alive he can apologize to.

Syviis huffs, but tries to let a bit of her anger fade.

3:40 The woman: “Thank you, I guess” she says, wiping back some tears

3:40 Bomrek: What time of the day is it? Is the accursed sun awake?

3:40 P.P. A.: middle of the night under the clear green moon

3:41 Bomrek: How enchanting.

3:41 Doc: Does Roderick know anything about her?

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks behind him to see Bomrek aiming at her, unsurprisingly. He takes a step back and holds his hand out before him. “Not unless necessary…please.”

3:42 Doc: i.e. if she’s a vampire like Gray says, can he tell?


3:43 Ken (GM): [if you can use your mage senses to check, you’d have to touch her at least. Offhand, she had some spoopy powers revolving around her coin armor, but that seems to be gone for now]

Bomrek isn’t aiming at her, he’s lying in his bed trying to get the noise to fuck off.
He’s sleepin’ off the heavy drinking, mostly.

3:43 P.P. A.: oh ok retcon that then

3:44 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Anything we can do to… make things better?” He does not want to say ‘fix’, for too much damage has been wrought, to many lives erased for there to be anything left to ‘fix’.

Roderick produces a handkerchief and approaches the woman, sword still in hand but lowered.

Gray considers a moment, then nods to the muddy woman. “Do you need supplies? Food or a blanket?” The beast asks the vampire, Considering what he can spare.

Syviis lowers her aim and crouches back down into a watching huddle in her cloak

3:45 Bomrek: “Tell’er to fuck off, she’ll steal my coin, greedy Elf. Can’t trust’m to.. to not try to steal it.” Bomrek says, slurred, a little closer to sleep than earlier.

3:45 Roderick: “It was I who unleashed this destruction. This apology is all I can offer.”

3:45 The woman: “I hate to admit it, but food would be lovely. Thank you” She plods down the rampart wall stairs

3:45 Doc: tfw Code of Honor

3:46 Bomrek: Bomrek has a sense of duty to Dwarves, not to disgusting Elves who are also dead.

3:46 Doc: yeah but she’s a LADY

3:47 Ken(GM): on that note, Rod, you’ve never been introduced

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sits back and ponders. He is too emo right now for introductions

Gray nods to Roderick the savage brute putting food and a cup with watered down whisky on it to serve as something to drink. The beast speaking in that rough voice. “He is Roderick. I am Gray. Falkirk sleeps there, Syviss is on the roof. Bomrek would like it if we spoke quietly, and SuĂ°ri rests there.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks up and nods in acknowledgement.

3:50 The woman: “I was once called Deloth-Ainur. The ‘breaker of magic’ ” She offers, weakly, taking the cup and sitting with you at the fireside

Roderick offers the handkerchief to the woman and bows slightly. “Once the scion of a noble house, now a mass murderer, it seems.”

Deloth-Ainur laughs, a pretty sound, in a dark night; she takes his outstretched hand, and curtsies back as she can in her tattered robes

Syviis smiles grimly behind her face-mask at the irony of her name

3:52 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…I guess we’re all ‘breakers of magic’ now,” SuĂ°ri chuckles slightly.

3:52  (To Syviis): Technically, the translation is “Breaker of the [sanctity and spirit of all life]” which elves see as religion of a sort, but the poetry is nice

3:53  (From Syviis): yeah, it’s kinda funny how we and the WMD did a better job than her namesake. 😛

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker can’t really find his own black humor funny, it is too bitter on his tongue.

3:53 Bomrek: “My name is Bomrek, I shoot off heads, proud shooter for the MezumdĂšstik home guard. Don’t touch my gold or I’ll shoot you, Elf.”

3:53  (From Roderick): Rod is in the process of overcoming his Obsession[restore his kingdom] btw. Gonna spend the points on it after this session if it’s okay. The guilt of what he’s done is changing his perspective a bit

3:53  (To Roderick): Neat; coming to terms with it then? Seeing the scope of the world and all it’s grasp?

Gray bows his head to the elven woman. He sets his blanket out, adding some personal basics, cloth wrapped food, some spare clothes… the thin tunic and trousers will be far from the right size, but are at least clean. A bottle of whisky, then he rolls up the bundle and ties it with rope. Enough supplies to travel with, at least…



3:54 Ken (GM): I would have to say, this was a pretty good conclusion to the chapter

3:54 Ken (GM): or at least an anime-tier chapter end

3:54 Joush M.: Nice. We got to a place that isn’t a horrifying ruin, just a normal ruin

3:55 Ken (GM): setting goals and meeting them

3:56 Bomrek: I spy two elves still alive.
If my goal is to exterminate all elves, I’m not yet done.

3:56 Joush M.: And now SuĂ°ri has a girlfriend

3:57 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: pff

3:57 P.P. A.: ^

3:57 Ken (GM): are we talking classic tsundre relationship? Shinji Evangelion style?

3:58 P.P. A.: elf is elf though

3:58 Adolf S.: I-It’s not like I w-wanted to h-hang out with you while you cleaned your musket, b-baka! I-I just needed to sit down!

3:59 P.P. A.: now that we know that there is life yet (unless the Raven was referring to her and nobody else), you can’t even bring the “can’t be picky when there is a grand total of two females left alive worldwide” argument!

3:59 Joush M.: Hey, there’s at least 3. If we count sprirt ravens as alive

3:59 Fiss: Excuse me…but there are THREE females. Half-Magical-Raven folk populate the Earth

4:00 Doc: Rod had a problem with banging elves but he’s about to buy off that disadvantage FOR COMPLETELY UNRELATED REASONS

4:00 P.P. A.: GrimWyrd 2: The Crowlands

4:00 Fiss: lol

4:00 Ken (GM): Grimwyrd 2: the porn remake of a series

4:00 Adolf S.: Disgusting. Why would anyone want to lay with an Elf?
Their ears would poke out your eyes on accident.
Truly sickening.

4:00 Doc: Seriously though I’m about to buy off the Obsession disadvantage

4:00 Fiss: Contrary to popular belief, the ears don’t poke out to the front or back upon arousal.

4:01 Joush M.: They are however razor sharp and eye seeking

4:01 Fiss: Well, of course! How else do Elves fish?

4:01 Adolf S.: What, Rod was obsessed with Elves?
Sounds like /tg/

4:01 P.P. A.: SuĂ°ri is only Chauvinistic, not Bomrek-tier racist

4:01 Doc: Obsessed with becoming a nobleman like he was supposed to be

4:01 Ken (GM): he was obsessed with retaking some level of status/wealth

4:01 Adolf S.: Bomrek doesn’t /hate/ elves.
He just hates Elf culture and most Elves in general.
and Magic.
That’s not Dwarven.

4:01 P.P. A.: so elves suck no doubt but some elves can be tolerable and be good at some things, like Syviis and shooting bows

4:01 Ken (GM): I assume Roderick has had a rude awakening to the nature of the universe

4:02 Doc: Yeah this whole episode has made him kinda stop giving a shit
He’s still Chauvinistic and has his Code of Honor and whatnot

4:03 P.P. A.: Suðri was just a mason who wanted to serve his coutnry and get an opportunity to help build all sorts of new castles and towns ;_;
instead he depopulated entire areas and nuked everything

4:03 Adolf S.: Bomrek wanted money and some more adventure. He got that, sort of.He’s really unhappy he hasn’t seen a Dwarven latrine in months, though.
Also he hasn’t seen near enough intact roofs.

4:03 P.P. A.: well he got lots of money and lots of adventure

4:03 Ken (GM): a literal sack of gold

4:03 P.P. A.: just noweher to spend it and nobody to tell them to

4:04 Adolf S.: Is that valued at real-life standards, or standard-fantasy-land standards?
Because the former, I can buy an Island
the latter, I can buy a sword.

4:04 Ken (GM): lol

4:04 Joush M.: GURPS gold is generally more “real world” then “50 coins to a pound”

4:04 Ken (GM): somewhere in between
definitely not DnD level inflation

4:04 P.P. A.: Maybe the reason for all the inflation in fantasy games and TTRPGs is the dwarves. They dig up a ton more gold than any human could

4:05 Adolf S.: Will it pay for his alcohol, and stock his family’s communal coffers enough to warrant a new statue of him be erected back home?

4:05 Joush M.: A D&D sword can cost a pound of gold

4:05 Doc: I autismed it out when rolling my character and Rod has 5 gold pieces worth $400 total

4:06 Joush M.: The old statue is of him drunk on duity, getting into a fist fight with a seagull

4:06 P.P. A.: noice

4:06 Joush M.: So he really wants a new one

4:06 Ken (GM): hahah

4:06 P.P. A.: new stature is him drunk, hurling a bottle at a raven

4:06 Ken (GM): I can see that fitting true

4:06 Doc: lel

4:06 Ken (GM): maybe punching a horse instead of a gull tho

4:06 Adolf S.: I like the idea of Bomrek punching a seagull.
Fuck Seagulls, they’re shitty
they’re the irish of the sky

4:07 Ken (GM): “disagreement on dinner plans”

4:07 Adolf S.: fuck them
and fuck the Irish

4:07 P.P. A.: That said, today was the betst TTRPG session I’ve ever had

4:08 Joush M.: “And Fuck the Irish: A history of the British Empire”


4:08 Ken (GM): ppa, I love you too bro

4:08 P.P. A.: a real rollercoaster of emotion, with very dense atmosphere and heavy mood, ups and downs, the battle against the fire lizards, etc.

4:08 Adolf S.: screamful terror.

4:08 Doc: there were a lot of serious ups and downs

4:08 Joush M.: I really liked this too. Thanks Ken, it was very nice


4:09 Doc: yo is the elf woman hot btw
(this is something I always ask, but there haven’t been many females in this game)

4:09 Ken (GM): lol

4:09 Doc: PPA can confirm, this is a thing I do


4:09 P.P. A.: (can confirm)
(the one time he forgot to the NPC was super -hot)

4:09 Fiss: lol

4:09 Doc: That also happened
I was so mad

4:10 Ken (GM): I will say this; she has lecherousness

4:10 Doc: Just because my character doesn’t care about if a girl is hot doesn’t mean I don’t need to ask

4:10 Adolf S.: I had intended Bomrek to fall in love with a prostitute
Odd that I’ve never had a chance to do that at all thus far.

4:11 Ken (GM): about a year ago I put half elf rover women in front of you, but
I also did throw a dragon at you right after ward so thats my fault there

4:11 Adolf S.: Was that at the uh Gypsy camp

4:11 Joush M.: Horsa almost got rover-lucky

4:11 P.P. A.: half-elf is half an elf too many
also ew gypsies

4:11 Adolf S.: ^^^^^

4:12 Ken (GM): lol I really hit a nerve with the European sensibilities didnt I

4:12 Doc: our autism is POWERFUL

4:13 P.P. A.: I do like our interactions with this NPC

4:13 Ken (GM): [insert physical autism]

4:13 Adolf S.: Anyway, I was hoping the prostitute would be an Elf, for the irony

4:13 P.P. A.: We killed her because she acted as much like a stereotypical villain as conceivable, even though she’d never actually hurt us or otherwise obstructed us but we didn’t want o risk that, so we did a pre-emptive strike then we killed her but she came back five minutes later

4:14 Ken (GM): shot her in the goddamn head, IF I do recall

4:14 Fiss: Yep. With explody!

4:14 P.P. A.: and we calmed her down though she was understandably angry and then sent her off after we gave her her armour back

4:14 Doc: Rod’s Code of Honor demanded that he do SOMETHING nice for her since he’d clearly wronged her and she wasn’t visibly about to kill them all

4:15 Ken (GM): very honorable, truly

4:15 P.P. A.: We don’t have a code of honour, so we shoot first and ask quesitons later.
She provided us with the rare opportunity to actually get answers to those questions!

4:15 Doc: Unlike his Obsession, he’s not likely to buy that one off

4:15 Ken (GM): even after you shot her!

4:15 P.P. A.: Yes! (actually that happened before with what Minotaur Bomrek shot and Falkirk saved from certain death and patched back up)

4:16 Adolf S.: He’s… probably dead now.

4:16 P.P. A.: RIP ;_;7

4:16 Adolf S.: Don’t feel too bad, PPA, Beastmen aren’t people.
They’re like Parrots, animals that can kind of talk.

4:17 P.P. A.: kek

Gray is standing Right There

4:17 Adolf S.: You heard me, boy.

4:17 Fiss: The Elf has enough points to buy off her Mana Dependency… but honestly, that doens’t make sense…like a Dwarf buying off Beard-Addiction.

4:17 P.P. A.: Is the Mana Addiction part of the Elf template or a Disadvantage you bought?

4:17 Fiss: Yep Dependency basically

4:17 P.P. A.: ah

4:17 P.P. A.: yeah, doesn’t seem like somehting to be bought off easily
maybe after a month of cold turkey

4:18 Adolf S.: Oh, how many points today? Bomrek’s got a good handful

4:18 Joush M.: They’ve got a way to get mana, in any case

4:18 P.P. A.: I’m creating a character for a different GURPS campaign that introduced me to more advanced things like Talents

4:18 Adolf S.: Also, Bomrek has some really kick ass bayonet / spear skill, but I’ve never, ever used’m.

4:18 Ken (GM): its not even addiction! its physiological dependency! jesus

4:18 Fiss: na na na na na…snooop dee-oh-double geee

4:18 Ken (GM): elf 101

4:18 P.P. A.: might actually put my points to use soon and restructure Suðri a little

4:19 Fiss: Mana is totally Elf Weed lol

4:19 P.P. A.: that GM is also forcing me to use GSC so I might redo SuĂ°ri’s sheet in that too

4:19 Adolf S.: On the four-hundredth and twentyth day of the Elf calendar…

4:19 Ken (GM): Take a goodly bunch, say 6,

4:19 P.P. A.: ;_;

4:20 Adolf S.: 6 points? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

4:20 Joush M.: It’s a great idea, PPA. The GCS is a great utility

4:20 Ken (GM): Im gonna do a thing, write a touch of stuff up and call this next chapter a bit of a timeskip in broad terms , you guys ended the beastman threat with certainty. You also managed to kill everything involved, after a fashion.

4:21 Fiss: Sounds good. As much as I enjoy walking through the ruins of the world, eventually we should come across something else. 😛 Or die.

4:21 Ken (GM): It caused HAVOK with mana in the lands here, but sufficed to say it was only localized on Gorgoth

4:21 Joush M.: See? We won!

4:21 Adolf S.: Yeah!

4:21 P.P. A.: We prevented a war!

4:21 Ken (GM): I’d imagine you all are headed toward civilization etc?

4:21 Adolf S.: KKKill all beastmen!

4:21 Fiss: Any battle you can walk away from is a win, right? 😛

4:21 Adolf S.: Indeed we are. Where’s the nearest civilization that isn’t an Elf, Ken?

4:21 P.P. A.: On one hand this scene is great to fade to black, on the other hand there’s a lot of stuff we could ask her still

4:21 Adolf S.: Because we can probably assume they won’t be happy, firstly,

4:21 P.P. A.: then again

4:22 Joush M.: That was Gray’s idea. He wanted to take the group North, until they could at least link up with the Grayhold Militia

4:22 Adolf S.: and secondly they don’t have anyone Bomrek gives enough of a shit about to buy.

4:22 P.P. A.: it might be more appropriate to just learn about one another on the way back to civilization

4:22 Joush M.: Failing all else, they can go all the way back to Oakway. I might be remebering that name wrong(?)

4:22 Fiss: Yeah…I’m thinking the elves are probably waiting for me to report…possibly so they can crucify Syviis. Like…on a cross, only more elfy…maybe a tree.

4:22 P.P. A.: so that could be hand-waved and we just known anything important after the timeskip

4:23 Joush M.: In Elf Cruifiction they make you sit on a chair and listen to Dwarf Poetry

4:23 Ken (GM): certainly, you guys are gonna be seen in a stark light; is what you did evil? Was it good? Necessary?


4:23 Ken (GM): Was ending the war today more important than doing ‘the right thing’?

4:24 Joush M.: Gray makes no value judgement about it, but takes responsibility. He mantaines that while Rod hit the switch, he’s the one that said to. He will also admit when he gave the order he did not understand what effect it would have

4:24 Ken (GM): all that aside; theres definitely trouble brewing. The majority of the the human army got wrecked. Hundreds if not thousands of men died in Gorgoth and on the frontier. alongside the elven scouts and dwarven mercenaries

4:24 P.P. A.: SuĂ°ri doesn’t remember what he said or didn’t say, but he agreed with the course of action at the time, and considers himself just as responsible as Roderick or anyone else

4:24 Fiss: Syviis will defend that they sent in a hammer and found a nail. And that if they want a swiss-army-knife, they’d better train her the fuck up in some magical shit.

4:25 Ken (GM): lol well put fiss
“I shoot LIGHTNING at things, I don’t do ‘diplomatic niceties'”

4:25 Fiss: Seriously, though, they went in, resisted the “let out the demons” but the only magical folk were zombified before instructions were read out. We had very little options.

4:25 Adolf S.: Dwarf Poetry? Heavy may be the rich man’s purse, but heavier still is the poor man’s stomach.

4:25 P.P. A.: once scouts arrive at the front they will see that the coalition army was in some areas outnumbered by the beastmen and their allies

4:25 Doc: Rod’s code of honor will require him to take full responsibility

4:25 Adolf S.: Your deeds may make you feel bad, but it’s better than going hungry.

4:26 Joush M.: Grayhold’s going to be in chaos. I can’t wait to see what happens next

4:26 Fiss: I’d be happy to throw some of her points at proper magical training, but I’m not sure how that works other than the talent and power thing we set up.

4:26 Ken (GM): and Rod will be dragged kicking and screaming away from those folks who would incriminate the LOT of you, I’m sure
@Fiss; talent is a flat +1 bonus/5 points on relevant skills and uses. Thaumatology skill is the calculus of magic. That just about covers it until you get into specialized training

4:27 Fiss: nods
She’ll definitely want to seek that out.

4:27 Ken (GM): hidden lore and thaumatology are your refined tools. Storm/thunder talent is your speciality

4:28 Joush M.: I’m also super curious about our chance to get paid, sell stuff and buy new gear

4:28 Doc: I think Rod can teach Thaumatology

4:28 Ken (GM): nods

4:28 Doc: Need at least a 12, which he has

4:28 Fiss: Mmm, between Rod and letting the Raven sip on her Power-Stone, she might be able to lean some on the trip.

4:28 Adolf S.: Pssh, we got rid of all the beastmen and some assholes who were probably going to destroy the world. We lost some men, but it’s an acceptable loss. Why only one Ansible, America?

4:29 Joush M.: Bomrek is going to be writing a book in the down time “I Did the Right Thing” with a dwarf flag on the cover. Super racist stuff inside

4:30 P.P. A.: Where will we pick the game back up? I really don’t know what SuĂ°ri is going to do, that’s something that’d be decided by the outcome of any trials, how the reactions are by veeryone, what happens to the rest of the party, etc.

4:30 Ken (GM): lol

4:30 Adolf S.: Bomrek will as always try to make more money.

4:31 Ken (GM): PPA; simple enough, you wanna keep playing him? or is this his walk off stage left?

4:31 P.P. A.: He’d love to atone by helping to build a giant monument to all the fallen but if he’d be shunned from any such work, he’d probably wander a little while before eventually going hermit and doing it anyway all by himself
well, it depends on what comes next

4:31 Adolf S.: What he ought’a do first is build a monument tot he fallen dwarven mercenaries, somewhere back home.

4:31 P.P. A.: If there’s an opportunity he can otherwise redeem himself, or help limit the fallout of their actions (like rebellions popping up and such,) he’d seize the opportunity

4:31  (From Adolf S.): Speaking of, has his inability to taste gone away yet? He’ll likely seek out a good doctor for that.

4:32  (To Adolf S.): congrats, you have earned the disadvantage: no sense of smell/taste! during play

4:32 P.P. A.: if not, he would probably retire to go dwarf autism and make a nice big monument out of some mountain

4:32 Fiss: I’m pretty sure “Minecraft” is just: Dwarven Heaven Simulator.

4:32 Ken (GM): hmm, sounds like a solid case for him to ‘retire’ for the time being

4:33  (From Adolf S.): I do not get points for that, correct? I’ll make it as 0 in gcs.

4:33  (To Adolf S.): affirmative

4:33 Joush M.: Gray still needs to find a cure for blackrot once he has Falkirk back in the care of healers

4:33 Adolf S.: Maybe I’ll invest all 14 points I have currently into writing,

4:34 P.P. A.: what of vampire elf btw

4:34 Joush M.: Though that’s likely irrelevant now. I think everyone with rot is dead

4:34 Adolf S.: and write a persuasive book on how what we did was totally right and justified, and that we’re actually heros ps. give me gold

4:34 Joush M.: Bomrek is going to go on a book tour around collages talking about his book, fall in love with an elf whore, lose all his money and have to go back to working as a mercenary

4:35 Ken (GM): PPA: she gets to rework her life after losing 84 points worth of pact-limited powers

4:35 P.P. A.: hah SuĂ°ri’d be willing to take her in when he goes hermit, if she doesn’t have any place to go,; a hand to help with things that aren’t 24/7 autistic dwarven things would be welcome

4:35 Ken (GM): I smell sitcom! you just need a nosy human neighbor!

4:36 Doc: And elf and a dwarf? How ZANY

4:36 Fiss: omg….

4:36 Joush M.: Given they will be reporting/operateing out of Grayhold or Oakway for a while they could all rent or buy a house together for the time while things get settled and any new gear they order is prepared

4:36 Ken (GM): ?

4:36 Fiss: Can Syviis take Extra Attack?

4:36 Joush M.: And of course, Bom writes his book and drinks himself crazy

4:37 Adolf S.: I imagine Dwarven society would look rather kindly to our actions. The threat is stopped. The loss of Dwarven life was not insignificant, but the human army was also quite heavily chopped up, as were some portion of Elves. So not only were the beastmen stopped, the potential human encroachment was also made less likely.

4:37 Fiss: and would it allow 2 arrow’ed?

4:37 Ken (GM): Fiss, that way lies madness; but sure

4:37 P.P. A.: (would actually be in-character since she’s the most immediate victim of the catastrophe that’s actually alive, so he’d feel responsible for her somewhat; and if he was allowed to hermit all alone he’d probably forget eating all the time because there are statues to be carved etc.)

4:37 Ken (GM): buy it at -20% “bows only” but sure. Youre a heroic archer

4:37 Fiss: FUCKIN SOLD.

4:38 Ken (GM): I thin kthe tagline for chapter 4 will be “What evil lurks in the hearts of Elves”

4:38 P.P. A.: if the dorfs would receive SuĂ°ri kindly he’d be more than happy to help build as many monuments to the fallen as need be

4:38 Doc: Gonna buy Combat Reflexes, I think

4:38 Fiss: Combat Reflexes is always nice

4:38 Ken (GM): update your shiznit, email me the sheets, we’ll go from there. Ill send you guys some time warp backstory

4:39 Fiss: Cool.

4:39 P.P. A.: all right

4:39 Adolf S.: I wonder what race has the most advanced book making at this point.
Clearly not the Elves.
or the Beastmen.

4:39 Joush M.: Weirdly, it’s the spider people
We just haven’t met any yet
But damn, they have some great adhesives for book binding

4:40 Adolf S.: Well I guess Bomrek will just have to contact them on the web

4:40 Doc: pls

4:40 Adolf S.: Every day until you like it, ‘Doc.

4:40 Joush M.: I can’t afford Extra Attack and Ambidextery yet

4:41 P.P. A.: I’ll use the opportunity to generally overhaul SuĂ°ri’s sheet, both with fluff and with additional combat features

4:41 Doc: Rod has Ambidexterity but Extra Attack isn’t probably going to be worth it

4:42 P.P. A.: I never looked into Techniques before, for example

4:42 Joush M.: Good luck man. Ask any questions you have on the discord

4:42 P.P. A.: some talents for stoneworking/architecture-related skills would also be good

4:42 Adolf S.: We have a discord?
Not for this game we don’t, I think.

4:42 P.P. A.: no, but I met Joush in the discord of another /tg/ GURPS campaign

4:43 Joush M.: Or on 4chan. GURPSGEN could use more to focus on that isn’t people being assholes

4:43 P.P. A.: true

4:43 Doc: if we’re all on discord we might want to make a server for this game

4:43 Joush M.: Ahhh.. Yeah, I guess we don’t have a discord for this

4:43 Adolf S.: Agreed.
Get to it doc-kun.

4:43 Joush M.: That wouden’t be a bad idea Doc

4:43 Doc: I’m about to go for a walk so I’ll get to it later
Probably bounce it off Ken to see if he wants to do it

4:44 Fiss: o/ later folks. Feel free to add me too if you set it up

4:44 Joush M.: Later!

4:44 Doc: o/

4:44 P.P. A.: See you


4:45 Adolf S.: Bye

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Grimwyrd: Entering Limelight

12:11 Doc: I meant to ask about what kind of survival skills Rod could be learning right now
He isn’t really doing anything but he’s paying attention

12:12 Ken (GM): wasteland/forest

12:13 Joush M.: Survival (Woodland), Observation, Increased HT to represent surviving on Dwarf cooking

12:13 P.P. A.: Rude! Are you eating that horse btw

12:14 Doc: No, the horse is not for eating!

12:14 P.P. A.: “I have perfectly good food right here but ‘it’s not for eating’”
that’s not how you survive

12:15 Doc: That’d be like a dwarf eating his bread instead of keeping it as a backup weapon
“I have a perfectly useful implement of war but I’m going to eat it instead”

12:17 P.P. A.: I feel like that’s an insult but I see nothing wrong with the crisp crunchiness of Dwarven baked goods


12:24 Ken (GM): Beers?

Joush M. hums the rest of that song. Goddamn Donny Osmond

12:25 Fiss: Silly GM….Dorfmen ARE beers! They are Beer Elementals!

Syviis pushes the crazy man pulling her strings aside and assumes the Adventuring Stance

Ken (GM) A RAGING TEMPEST CUTS AN ICY SWATH THROUGH THE BLACK HILLS OF GORGOTH. Our heroes have hunkered down in the sheltering roots of a tree, a cave just large enough to house them (and a horse). Mere feet away, in the raging winds, lime green lightning throws eerie shadows as it crackles through the sky, illuminating the cold black, showing the drenching rain in stark tableau


12:28 Ken (GM): IT GON’ RAIN TUDAY


Suðri Skornbrekker looks around the cavern if there are any deeper depths to explore, otherwise he aims outside into the storm.

Ken (GM) The sandy hillside only seems to have given way under the tree. Silty walls are held up by the dead tree’s roots. A trickle of water falls in here and there from above but it seems solid. Thunder rolls, and sand trickles down in response, shaken loose.

Syviis spends her time at the mouth of the cave, just behind the rain, watching the storm for signs of unnatural nature, magic, and mostly just to feel comforted by a power she recognizes in lieu of magic.

12:33  (To Roderick): When the lightning flashes, youre getting a distinct feeling it’s magically charged…

12:33  (To Syviis): When the lightning flashes, youre getting a distinct feeling it’s magically charged…

Gray digs in the sandy soil, creating a path for water that is the lowest point of the lean-to and leads out of the cave under the old tree, the scent of rain and earth around them as the bestial man watches for danger in the storm. “Too harsh to move out there. We will stay here tonight and see if it’s improved by the morning.”

12:34 Syviis: “I suspect this very storm may be from Gorgoth… there is definite magic at work here.”

Roderick calms Bavieca. Little is worse than being trapped in a small space with a spooked warhorse. He turns to Syviis and nods. “Aye, I had noticed the magic as well. It could simply be the effect of magic rushing in to fill the void created by the Ansible.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks surprised, and listens to both magic-users’ speculations. “So it is not something conjured by the enemy, and more of a natural… or unnatural magic phenomenon?”

12:37 Syviis: “It could be either, but I hope Roderick’s idea is true. Certainly the void left is big and deep enough, if this were an ocean, a tidal wave would be needed to fill the space.”

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “If it is deliberate though, could it be to secure them free passage to the Ansible, or to conceal their advancing towards the border?”

Ken (GM) Lightning flashes outside, nearby, and as the blinding flash leaves your vision a strange afterglow of green light continues through the rain. A nearby hillside now has a bright green scar on it…

12:39 Syviis: “I’m afraid without our physician’s help, I am at a loss to know which is happening for sure.”

12:40 Gray: “Tidal wave? That sounds as if it could cause quite a lot of damage.” Scorned shakes his head to clear it, the flash leaving him dazed a moment.. then looking to the scar. “Burning the land. What makes it that color?”

12:42 Syviis: “Could be mana. Could simply be the heat scorching the elements found in the soil here…” trails off, looking more and more frustrated at her lack of certainty

Gray nods to Syviis. “I’ll stay up and watch the storm a while. Get some rest if you like.” He offers gently before turning to look out of the hollow where they shelter from the worst of the heavy weather, watching the already ruined land ripped by emerald lightning.

Syviis sighs and nods, finding a dry spot away from the entrance and setting up her bedroll

Syviis ‘casts sleep” whump


Ken (GM) The storm rages on. The wind howls and the lightning flashes, and the skies churn above you. The cold continues as well, and soon you can see your breath in the air of your hovel

Suðri Skornbrekker looks out into the storm, suspicious at all these forces well beyond his ken, and worried that with every passing day in this twisted land, he learns of new ways in which this magic surrounds him, affects the entire world. He decides to stay up a little more to watch the storm with Gray before getting some shut-eye, though not before telling Gray to wake him later so he can do the second shift.

12:49 Ken (GM): [~map magic~]

Gray shakes out his wool blanket and puts it over Falkirk and Syviis before he returns to the mouth of the cave to watch the storm and wait. Holding out until the shift change and staying alert for danger.

Ken (GM) outside, the howling continues. Rising and falling. Twisting with each flurry of the storm. More lightning strikes, minute after minute, lime green holes punched into the earth like some monstrous tantrum of an invisible titan. The dark recesses of the hills pockmarked with the eerie green light.

Gray dislikes that, but can’t say why. There’s something unnatural about the storm that seems to promise worse is coming.

12:53  (To Gray): Gray sees out in that light, through the water and dark, something is moving and twisting in the hole in the earth

Roderick knows he’s no match for the forces of nature even when they’re not magically-charged, so he simply hopes for the best

Gray looks to see if anyone else is awake, then simply says quitely in the dark. “There’s something out there. In the hole the lightning left”

Syviis stirs with a slight wince, then makes her way forward. “What do you see?”

12:57  (To Syviis): Squinting in the dark and rain…its like a snake underwater, a twisting glimmering see through…something. Like a ribbon in the wind. But twisting against the actual wind

12:58 Gray: “Motion. There.” He points into the dark, rough voice soft. Something disturbed by the lightning.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker has fallen asleep already, as he couldn’t resist the cosiness of this cramped little cave, a dwarf’s natural habitat

Bomrek snores as if resting in a down mattress in a kings bedroom. Sound asleep and happy

Syviis slides an arrow free and aims quietly at the snake/ribbon “We should investigate regardless…but if it is stationary we may have the luxury of investigating it in the morning after the storm.”

Gray nods. “I’ll watch a while longer. See if more comes of this..” But he’s tense. Waiting, expecting to see what the lightning’s disturbed.

Ken (GM) the evening rolls along. Twisting against the night, the vitriolic light dances, defying wind and weather, twisting up and aside in undulating patterns. Snaking this way and that…

The storm rages for nearly half the day and night, but the water eventually lessens its deluge from the sky, and the lightning passes on to the far distance. Eventually only a light grumble from the night sky is left. The chill stays, and heavy mist rolls on the earth in a soft white. The sky remains dark, showing little sunset as last days light recedes, the only illumination now from the twisting green thing


1:04  (From Doc): Is there mana in the air again?

1:07  (To Doc): No, still void of magic

Gray watches the strange storm and breathes in the scent of it before he gets some rest, handing off the watch to the next person. Waiting out the vicious storm.

1:08 Syviis: Is the green thing under water still?

1:11 Ken (GM): hah, when I said underwater, I mean “shitloads of rain” but, sufficed to say as deep night falls, the rain dissipates, but the green rend in the earth remains, as does the thing

1:12 Syviis: [just wondering logistics here, if an arrow is going to be worth anything vs her sword]
Syviis approaches cautiously

Roderick follows, cloak and sword in hand

1:13 Doc: or wait, is it the middle of the night?

1:14 Doc: I might have misunderstood, if it’s midnight he’s probably gonna stay sleeping

Syviis hovers on her tiptoes, ready to move back if needed, checking if anyone else wants to poke at it first

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker would still be sleeping unless someone woke up him

Gray will come along, unless Syviis waited until he was asleep to go.

1:15 Syviis: [nah, she’s cool with not being too silly and having no backup]
Syviis turns to Gray “Should we poke at it?” grins

Gray moves close and examines the strange light from close. “Be ready. The lightning might have woken up the dead.”

Ken (GM) Through the thick mist you tread, the earth cool and muddy slick from the long day of rain. The sandy black loam here is split with bright glowing green light. As if a flame were burning, but icy cool. The tingle of magic obviously alights on your senses as you draw close.

Syviis pulls back and fires a relatively low-powered arrow into the middle of it, seeing if it reacts. No magic charge.

1:19 Syviis:rolling 3d6(4+4+1)= 9

Ken (GM) writhing within the glowing light is a thing; roughly man sized, and somewhat man-shaped. A face in drawn torment sits on a featureless flat body, twisting this way and that, like a fish on a line. It seems to try to pull itself from the earth itself

1:19 Syviis: [didn’t crit fail]
[redac based on the new info?!]

Ken (GM) The arrow flies true, and as it passes into the light, it burns up! As if caught in a bonfire!

1:20 Syviis: Ahh cool
[redac-redac, that is good]

1:20 Ken (GM): lol

1:20 Syviis: “Soooo, let’s not touch the green flame…”

1:21  (To Syviis): Definitely some kind of wellspring of magic. But the power here is cold. and the feeling leaves you numb on your exposed skin after a while

1:21 Gray: “There’s dark power here. It feels strange.” He says with a growl, reaching out to feel the lack of heat, looking at the tormented visage and nodding. “This won’t get better. We should warn the others before this thing breaks free”

Syviis pulls her senses inward and sees if she can make contact like the other elementals, but nods to Gray’s suggestion. “Wake them. At the very least, we need to be ready.”

IT turns to gray’s voice, clawing forward, but tethered to the earth. It drags its arms up and down, back and forth, reaching for Gray.
IT it lets out a looooong loooow moan “~Freeeeeee meeeeeee~”


Gray draws back slowly and starts back in the direction of the cave… then pauses. “You can speak.”

1:23 P.P. A.: not this fucker again unless there’s an entire range of species of these IT’s

1:24 Syviis: “Friend or Foe? We will not free you if only to destroy you.”

1:25 IT: “freeeeee meeeeeee” the long notes of it’s voice are like cold nails down your back

1:25 Syviis: “Form thoughts, not demands, and we will consider it.” grumpy elf face

1:28 Gray: “It’s imprisonment or nature might have driven it to madness. Even if it can talk, it might not be capable of sense”

1:28 Syviis: to Gray “I know…I’m just tired of all evil under the sun asking for us to free it…” sighs

1:29 Ken(GM): old elf shakes fist at cursed lands of Gorgoth

Syviis shakes fist at cloud

Gray looks close to the strange wrath. “I won’t free you if you can’t answer my questions. How would we free you? At least answer that.”

1:31 IT: “FREEEE MEEEE” It’s voice rising, the timber of it cutting along you like a physical thing. A wash of numbness hits your face.

1:32 Syviis: “Very well.” turns and walks away

1:32 P.P. A.: Is the voice telepathic or can it be he— oh whatever, Suðri is a Deep Sleeper anyway, and in a cave

1:33  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): your dreams are harrowed by chasing spirits. White wispy things that pursue you to the edges of your slumber. Their touch brings cold and numbness.

1:33  (To Roderick): your dreams are harrowed by chasing spirits. White wispy things that pursue you to the edges of your slumber. Their touch brings cold and numbness.


Gray draws that heavy blade and growls, but doesn’t step forward. He remembers the fate of the arrow, and withdraws from the green light slowly. “It won’t stay trapped forever.”

1:34 Syviis: “True. But I refuse to play the games of this land…especially if it is coming from the so-called ‘Lords’ of this place.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s face looks uneasy, and he moves a little in his sleep, when he usually sleeps solid like a rock.

1:35 Syviis: “If it is to attack us, I would prefer it do so without our help.”

Roderick shifts and jerks restlessly in his sleep

1:36 Gray: “I was considering throwing the grenade we recovered from the Dreugar at it”

1:36 Syviis: smiles “Might not be a bad idea, really.”

1:36  (From P.P. A.): enough to make him jolt awake?

1:36  (From Roderick): is it bad enough to wake him up?

1:37  (To P.P. A.): Certainly

1:37  (To Roderick): Quite

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker jolts awake, stifled screams on his lips and gasping for air.

Roderick finally bolts upright, swinging his fist at the air and panting heavily

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker pats his checks to wake himself up, and notices Roderick.

1:39 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…white ghosts chasing you?”

Roderick sees the dwarf doing the same and what color remained in his face leaves him. “That wasn’t just a dream, then?”

Syviis’ smile fades as she notices Roderick and the other’s reactions back in the camp behind them

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shakes Bomrek awake just in case, and also looks worriedly at the comatose doctor.

1:40 Syviis: “Perhaps a good offensive is a good idea”

Bomrek wakes, swearing and swinging wildly with his arms. He draws a pistol, pointing it this way and that in the dark

Roderick scrambles to don his armor

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes the pistol away from him before waking him fully… -_-

Gray nods and doesn’t bother considering the possible consequences any longer, taking the explosive from his bag and simply throwing it at the wraith trapped in the earth.

Ken (GM) Gray lobs the grenade into the pit; it flies through the air and when it passes into the limelight POOF there is a crackling of fire but no explosion! The canister flies into the light and seems to burn away, as if sandblasted with force, disintegrating into absolute nothingness. The ghostly thing inside howls again, clawing at nothing, furious

1:42 Gray: “Disappointing.” He says in that rough voice, considering a moment. “The coldfire provides excellent defense.”

1:42  (To Syviis): THAT is some powerful magic. And that is certainly DARK magic. Necromancy. Bale-fire. Youve heard of it, and it is spoken of in hushed voices. It is anathema to life; undead flame. Power from the hells themselves

Suðri Skornbrekker, after having woken up the other dwarf, grabs a musket and crawls out of the cave, looking for the missing two party members.

1:43  (From Syviis): the explosion or the green flame?

1:44 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hey,” he calls out to them, still a little dazed: “what happened? Did anything happen?”

1:44  (To Syviis): The entire LACK of explosion means it was coldfire/balefire that ate the container. Think magically extreemely cold fire, that burns up life force. Thats balefire

1:44 IT: FREEEE MEEEEEEE the thing howls

1:45 Syviis: “I don’t think we should feed it any more power…” Syviis pauses to consider her own words

1:46 Gray: “Ghostly green wrath, protected by flame.” He says in that rough voice, turning to walk in the direction of the others. “I don’t know if we have any chance to sleep more tonight. Staying here seems unwise.”

1:46 Syviis: “I wonder now if this IS a natural migration…things swept into the vortex and now starving for mana…”

Ken (GM) Over the night air, you hear the chilling call of the specter echoing….until you realize, instead, that there are more voices responding to his call. They all howl the same refrain over and over




1:47 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We will not sleep more tonight for sure—all three of us were hounded by ghastly white spirits in a nightmare!”

1:47 Syviis: [I’m marking this WHOLE land 2 stars on Yelp. It’s just terrible!]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s face pales and he holds his ears. He is a hardened soul, but to awaken from a nightmare only to find it real is enough to make even him afraid.

1:49  (From Doc): Is it safe to say that he’s had a full minute to equip his armor?

1:49  (To Doc): yep

1:49 Gray: “Fuck” He says as he seems to realize the land cries in many different voices. The wicked beast rubbing a hand across his jaw. “Let’s collect our things.”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “My thoughts exactly.”

Roderick exits the cave, armor equipped and weapons in hand

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker comes past him, back inside to gather up his bundle.

1:50 Bomrek: “fucking wizard bullshit” He resists the urge to kick the wizard Falkirk in his temper

1:51 Roderick: “I’ll keep watch while the rest of you get ready. As hostile as this land is getting, I think a forced march is our best bet at this point.”

Gray goes back in and collects his things, packing up and helping Falkirk up onto the horse.

1:52 Syviis: “There is an Elvish saying…” speaks elven very rapidly for a very long time “But we sometimes shorten it to the common acronym…Let’s GTFO.”

1:52 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I will be glad to leave this shithole behind us along with its twisted souls and cursed magic,” he mumbles in agreement.

Ken (GM) The howling rises and falls like the storm winds, but here, the tingle of magic crawls up and down your spines as you hear the chorus. You stuff bags and roll together as quick as you can, and your hearts race despite your conscious efforts to calm yourselves. As you set out, the moon punches through the clouds of black, and the moonlight itself is tinged lime green. The sound rises to answer the visage of green


1:58 Ken (GM): [who’s navigating :D]

1:58 Syviis: Elf can / has map
rolling 3d6(3+4+2)= 9

Gray watches for danger, wary and tense as he feels the darkness of the land and the danger around them. He helps with keeping a steady track though the night. (Nightvision and Scent)

1:59 Syviis: beat by 3 + map bonuses

1:59 P.P. A.: overworld travel BGM

Ken (GM) Syviis puts on a brave face, clutching her map and mana crystal, and leads the way. As you crest hillside after hillside of green-lit mist, you see bale-fires and trapped spirits all across the misty land. The trees of flailing claws alight from below with the spectral flame. Syviis swallows loudly, and presses on, guiding you by the night sky

Ken (GM) the hours press on, but eventually the hills rise higher and flatter, and the trees collect closer, and you are up out of the green flames and simply into mist shrouded, dead, blasted forest

Ken (GM) The green moonlight, however, continues as the howling has been left behind

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks up at the sky, worried by the colour of the moon. He recalls from the fog upon his memory of that night the imagery of the sky being rent, and worries what the consequences of that might have been.

Gray moves at that easy pace under the heavy burden, watching the night and relaxing a touch when they leave behind the trapped wraiths and their bale-fire.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is slightly less concerned with the world possibly having been screwed up than with having stooped to the level of ancient magic elves, though.

Roderick keeps a close eye on Bavieca’s health, ready to dismount if it seems his horse is having trouble bearing his weight.

2:08 Ken (GM): [y’all pressing on through the evening?]

2:08 Syviis: yeep fuck this spoopiness

2:08  (To Syviis): Day two of mana drain. Still no ambient gain here

2:10 Adolf S.: fuggg

2:10 Doc: I dunno how the rules for forced marching work but I would imagine we can make it the rest of the way without keeling over dead

2:10 P.P. A.: Adolf!

2:10 Adolf S.: ayy I’m turbo sick forever, howsit goin’ errybod

2:11 P.P. A.: Doing well, hope you get better soon

2:11 Ken (GM): AYYYY dolf aint dead

2:11 Joush M.: Sounds good. Keep moveing until fatiague starts to slow people down then hunt for a place without emerald specters to torment our dreams

2:11 Doc: Coming down with a cold right after I recovered from the flu myself

2:11 P.P. A.: we’re currently on a forced march back to Glardenfen since we probably broke reality and now we’e being hounded by restless spirits or at least were during a thunderstorm earlier

Ken (GM) The cold night wraps it’s misty hands around you. As Syviis guides you along the dim light of her mana stone, she checks against the map where she can. Eventually, the treeline ahead breaks open, and you find yourselves on a high bluff, overlooking a moonlit swamp below. In the far distance, in the scrub on a hill, you see a familiar sight; the lookout post you set out from, so many weeks ago!


2:11 Ken (GM): yeah, errbody roll HT for the trek

2:11 Adolf S.: Restless spirits? Hm.

2:11 Ken (GM): relevantly, I need your margins

2:12 Joush M.: Hey Dolf. Glad to see ya

2:12 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: 15v12 HT

2:12 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 HT with Fit for +1 (6+1+3)= 10

2:12 P.P. A.: I could Luck this what would a failure mean, FP loss or slowing down?

2:12 Adolf S.: rolling 3d6(6+3+3)= 12

2:12 Ken (GM): (it’s fatigue :P)

2:12 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 (11 HT, +1 Fit)(2+1+4)= 7

2:12 Adolf S.: Fail by 1 :OOOOOOOOOOO

2:13 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+1+4)= 9

2:13 P.P. A.: bah, Luck it is

2:13 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: 11v12 10v12

2:13 Doc: the horse has 11 HT, I dunno how you want to handle her

Ken (GM) Bomrek seems exhausted by the time you reach the bluffs, and his panting rasps in the night. He’s coughing and spitting a bit and seems quite happy to stop and see the sights below

2:14 Ken (GM): sombody better roll for dat horsie den

2:14 Roderick: rolling 3d6(5+2+5)= 12

2:14 Ken (GM): Oooh, the horse also has taken a fatigue point in damage here. very tired horsie and dorfie

2:15 Doc: Rod was going to dismount if the horse started to get too tired so he’s probably on foot by now

Roderick has never walked this far before but he is filled with DETERMINATION

Gray shifts more of the weight to himself, carrying the heavy items and watching for danger. Even he is glad when they see the outpost. “At last.”

Suðri Skornbrekker was starting to feel tired, but the sight of a man-made structure and the border of his homeland takes some of the weight of the journey off of him already, though a certain feeling of unease prevails as he musters the outpost for any signs of anything unusual.

2:18  (To Syviis): There are no watch fires burning in the camp. No movement in the tents or towers….

2:19  (To SuĂ°ri ): There are no watch fires burning in the camp. No movement in the tents or towers….

Gray advances, but like Suðri keeps alert for the danger that enemies might occupy the outpost now.

2:19 Syviis: “On Guard, friends…this seems far too quiet.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s unease does not go away. “…let’s be careful, the camp seems… unusually quiet.”

2:20 Ken (GM): problem the 1. Youre up on bluff/cliffs about a hundred yards above the swamp edge
problem the 2. You has a horse and tired dorf and its like, exhaustingly late at night

2:21 Joush M.: Ah!.. Fuck, bluffs

2:21 Syviis: “Shall we rest and scout ahead with a bit of rest in our bones?” [rest intensifies]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker nods.

Gray considers a moment, then nods. “Let’s rest here in sight of the keep. Daylight should let us hunt a path down. We can hardly rig ropes and climb with our current company.”

2:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “It might be too dangerous for the night-blind and the horse to try and descend here at this hour and in our sorry state.”

Bomrek is somewhat unusually quiet, and is leaning quite heavily against posts or rocks or structures whenever he can. He doesn’t seem to look up at his surroundings much, either.

2:22 Ken (GM): [the night blind/eg/ ONLY roderick and falkirk :P]

2:22 Doc: eg ONLY the guy respondible for guiding the horse
what could possibly go wrong

2:22 Bomrek: “If the allfather wanted me to walk this far, he would have given me four legs.”

Suðri Skornbrekker sits down, mutters a small prayer into his beard, and takes off his leg armor to massage his weary legs.

Gray nods to Bomrek then turns his attention to the work at hand. The beast setting up a rough camp for the rest of the night.

2:27 Ken (GM): [fire?]

2:27 Syviis: “A fire might be a good idea to signal that life is approaching. On the bad news…then anything waiting for life will know we’re here.”

Gray considers that, then works to start a fire.

2:30 Ken (GM): gotcha, back from the bluffs at least in the cover of the trees?

2:31 Syviis: Survival roll needed? Or just common sense? 😛

2:32 Joush M.: Sure. Built down where it’s not showing at a distance

2:32 Ken (GM): common sense; you wanna be warm, but not like, ambushed

Suðri Skornbrekker helps with finding a good location and maybe heaping up some dirt to hide the fire better

2:33 Ken (GM): see? smarts 🙂

Gray will sometimes build a large, warm, inviting fire… far away from where he’s waiting and watching. Gray doesn’t bother with that sort of deception tonight, however. They are all tired

Bomrek stumbles over to the fire area, sets himself down gently on his knees, and stares straight at the kindling until somebody lights it.

2:34 Ken (GM): lol

2:34 Adolf S.: (Y’ever been proper exhausted? It’s a bit like that. You turn from a human into Rob the Robot from nintendo)

Syviis pulls out an arrow and is about to light it with a spark of magic…then remembers sheepishly she should save it.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker feels the sleepiness catching up to him as he leans against a rock.

2:35 Syviis: “I think I have a tinder kit in my pack…”

2:36 Ken (GM): amazing, the tools you leave behind, when youre working with magic always

Roderick attempts to summon fire at his fingertip (roll 3d6?)

2:39 Ken (GM): yus v 12 plx

2:39 Roderick: rolling 3d6(2+4+5) = 11

Gray makes the motions to light a fire the old fashioned way… with a gunlock and a heavy pinch of priming powder.

Ken (GM) Roderick struggles for a moment, then a guttering flame leaps from one hand into the kindling. The fire starts, but he’s broken a sweat doing so

2:39 Adolf S.: Bomrek has a traveler’s kit with some flint and steel, but, y’know.

2:41 Joush M.: We have a bunch of guns that also have flint and steel Nods sagely

Gray nods to Roderick, suitably impressed by the work

Bomrek tries to warm himself against the fire seemingly having to put all his concentration on not getting his hands too close to the flames.

2:43  (To Bomrek): you cant smell the smoke, and you cant taste anything, you still notice

Syviis rests but keeps her eyes to the South, then to the North as she wanders a bit.

2:44  (From Bomrek): Just like real life right now then, perfect. My immersion is through the roof.


SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s sleepiness isn’t helped by the warm radiance and lulling flickers of the fire. He manages to wrap himself in his blanket before he nods off, leaning against the slope.

Bomrek lays down and tries to cover himself with whatever’s handy, and tries to fall asleep.

Ken (GM) night falls

Syviis dodges

2:46 Syviis: voluntary dive-dodge fail into sleeping bag

Ken (GM) As dawn rises in the East, the sickly limelight of the evening fades into another blood red smear. The mingling colors are like an infected wound. The heavy clouds still claw across the sky, and the light is muddied. Here and there, you see stirrings of life. Insects crawl and birds fly in the swamp. And here and there a flicker of splash in the water belies fish and other life. To the north, the greens sprawl away on the far horizon

Gray relaxes, seeing the world beyond Gorgoth isn’t the poisoned wasteland eases the tension. He stays close to the camp but walks to the bluffs to see if he can see a path down.

Ken (GM) From this height, you see a darkness though, in the land, the water, the forest. Like a great claw mark, a black line climbs down the blasted cliffs into the water and through the Alliance camp. In the morning light it is evident now why the place was so still; The tents lie in rags and the towers are all scorched black. Palisades are smashed and the barricade walls in disarray. The place looks like an army marched through it

Ken (GM) The black smear claws East, and in great sweeping strokes, out from Gorgoth into the healthy lands beyond

Syviis looks visibly enraged, but silently packs up.

Suðri Skornbrekker slowly wakes up, the light and the discomfort of sleeping against a rock speeding up the process. His back is a little sore and he feels the forced march in his legs, but to hear the sounds of life and to see the green grass paints a faint smile onto his face. He realizes that this is a pretty elven sentiment though, and thus hurries to get up and ready and back into a more appropriate mood.

Bomrek stands, takes a few nips from his flask, and begins to mill about, checking his gear.

Gray frowns, watching the ruins long moments then nodding to the others. “No reason to climb down here. We make for Glardenfen Keep. If there’s any alliance there we might be able to find out what happended back here.”

2:51  (To Bomrek): Gonna resist the urge to finish the flask? Your body cries out for the sweet soothe of booze

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sees the claw mark now, and hangs his head.“Perhaps it was the Ansible’s doing… It has been a few days, I guess whatever survivors there were would have made for Glardenfen Keep by now too.”

2:52  (From Bomrek): I shall. Bomrek’s under the impression that maybe he’s just sick, or something. Clogged nose is’all.

2:52 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(6+5+1)= 12
…I don’t recall if that’s a pass or fail.

2:52 Ken (GM): match 🙂

2:53  (To Bomrek): Ya cant taste it, but youre sure its doin its job

2:54  (From Bomrek): It’ll chase the cold out, surely.

2:54 Ken (GM): [of all the things Bomrek could have left behind, he kept a sack of gold and a bag of liquor bottles ]

2:55 Syviis: [well, we didn’t QUITE have the backpack space for the Keep…]

2:55 Bomrek: No matter how battered and destitute a man is, if he has the seeds to his future success and the will to plow the ground, there is hope.

2:55 P.P. A.: and the booze to ruin his future

2:56 Syviis: “That’s nicely poetic, Master Bomrek.” She nods with determination

Gray loads equipment and gets ready to move, lifting the gear and starting out. “Just a few more days back to the keep.” He tries to keep their spirts up, but it’s clear that things have gone badly wrong.

2:59 Bomrek: “A few more days with few horses and no shelter. I’m sure I’m catchin’ a cold, even. Lets hope for some sun and warmth.” Bomrek says simply, looking out toward the direction they’ve got to go.

2:59 Syviis: “Nothing to do here but lament anyway. I’m ready when you fine fellows are.”

3:00 Gray: “Look on the bright side: We are in Ghoul country and could be attacked at any time.”

3:00 Ken (GM): hahahah yeaaaaah

Syviis laughs and mutters something in Elvish that is very likely “Promises, Promises…”

3:01 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Not to tempt fate, but a good old-fashioned encounter with a normal-sized foe of flesh and blood would be a welcome respite from all the horrors we have had to slay.”

3:01 Ken (GM): [cue zombie dragons]


3:02 Ken (GM): [riding necromancer gnolls]

3:02 Doc: >gnolls being ridden by dragons

3:03 Ken (GM): aaaaanyways

Gray nods to Suori and starts to march.

Ken (GM) You packup camp, have a quick meal of jerked meat and dried crusts of bread, and head out

3:03  (From Syviis): damage? am I down 3 hp or just 2 from the prev nights?

3:08  (To Syviis): Just the two so far; this is day three, more damage at the end unless you get mana

Gray is glad they retained more food then seemed necessary when deciding what to take back at the fallen keep.

Ken (GM) The life of the land is not entirely stifled here. The bloodroot plants you recall clinging here and there have all withered or burst. The trees are still dead and the earth black, but the green swamp to the North is alive. As you hike along the cliffs East, you begin to encounter the headwaters and springs of the Glardenfen river….and thats where the troubles begin anew

Ken (GM) the waters are black, and tarry. They boil and spew white gasses tinged with the smell of sulfur. Here and there green bubbling slime spews up as well. The whole of the effect is that of vomit and tar. And the smell is riotously bad. The springs of fresh water have been fouled most utterly here


3:10  (To Bomrek): you cant smell it, thank god

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker turns away and holds his nose.[Did we keep the plague masks?]

Bomrek Walks calmly over to the edge, and stares into the slime and muck. “I would bet you there is magma under this land, judging by this bubbling.”

Syviis checks her face mask and breathes through her elf gills mostly

Suðri Skornbrekker puts on his mask since he never discarded his own “We must quell the flow of water from here, or else redirect it. This water would pollute the rivers downstream.”

3:12 Adolf S.: Elves are disgusting. Why do we abide their existence?

3:12 Syviis: Because they’re hot 😛

3:13 P.P. A.: well, half-elves need to come from somewhere

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks around to see if there are any large boulders that could be placed in the water’s path?

Roderick is visibly disgusted and distraught. “Must we travel through such a place?”

3:13 Bomrek : “What, are you scared of a little muck? This is nothing, Roderick.”

Gray shakes his heat at the overpowering scent. The massive lupine brute kneeling and examining the land before he rises. “We have to press on, we can hardly stay somewhere with poor water… Damming the flow, redirecting it seems… very hard.”

3:13 Syviis: [“I ain’t sayin Humans are sluts…but you don’t hear of anyone calling anything a ‘half human’ now do ya?”]

3:14 Ken (GM): [“We must grieve for our tainted land FUCK ELVS UR HAWT”]

3:15 Syviis: [“We must save my land…after all, that’s where all the elf orgies are.”]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker won’t press the issue of damming the flow, that can be done further downstream with more manpower, but if an opportunity does present itself, like large loose boulders waiting to be toppled into the stream, or easily felled trees, he’ll seize it.

Gray nods to SuĂ°ri. “The river passes the keep. That’s where we can try to dam it.”

3:17 Roderick:rolling 3d6 vs 12 to avoid getting ANGERY (4+6+4) = 14

3:18 Ken (GM): ruh roh

Roderick lashes out at the dwarf “You may be accustomed to filth, but not all of us are savages.”

3:19 Gray: “I’m the only savage here, Roderick. None of us control what is required.”

Bomrek doesn’t react too negatively to the comment, and smiles instead “Savage? I was a member of the best guard troop in the dwarven homelands. What you’re seeing there is willpower and self-control, something your kind isn’t known to have in spades, eh?”

3:23 Syviis: “Civilization is that way, Good Roderick. I understand your frustration, but let us not forget our path.”

3:24 Roderick: “Common soldiers are only kept in line by fear of the lash. Hardly self-control.”

3:24 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We are all in deep shit right now, and in savage lands.”

Gray laughs, a rough, uncivilized, animal sound as he nods a touch and starts to move. Working though the dark and primal forest. “We should cross the road soon. From there going will be faster.”

Syviis nods and heads for the road

Bomrek laughs a little, clearly amused. He gestures ahead of us with his hands, painting a scene as it were, and says “We were the hand that held the lash, the stick that kept the criminals in line. No better-drilled group can be found in this age than ours.”

3:26 Syviis: “Regardless of what is ahead…we are late, and the road is our chance to make up time.”

3:27 Roderick: “And mine was the voice that commanded men to be whipped. Know your place.”

Syviis sighs and mutters something in high elvish about dick waving contests. It’s VERY accented.

Bomrek ‘s lip turns up in a grin, “Ah, and there’s the important piece of information, Men. Your like had no authority over the Dwarves.”

3:29 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “It was your duty and your reason that commanded your voice; and our duty now calls for us to report to Glardenfen Keep with haste, please” following Gray ahead, hoping that the argument doesn’t escalate.

Ken (GM) In your walk through the hills of oozing tar, this is about the time when you notice the bodies.


3:30 Bomrek: Are they elves, or Humans?

Ken (GM) Over the next rise, there are heaps here and there. Gnolls, orcs, ogres, minotaur. men and elves, and dwarves. Dozens…no…

hundreds of them

Ken (GM) their bodies stained with the earth, their flesh blackened, charred. Gaping screaming faces frozen in time, picked at here and there by crow and raven

3:31 Bomrek: >Dwarves

Gray turns his attention to corpses. Catching scent of them before he sees them then prowling to them to examine them. He doesn’t know what to expect… but he finds a battlefield. Or maybe just a slaughter. He examines the bodies, trying to judge how long dead they are.

3:32  (To Gray): the stench of plague, and dark magic death

Gray speaks to the other. “Careful. Black Rot infest this area”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes open wide in horror. He takes special note of the Dwarves, and looks among the faces of men if any of them are soldiers they’ve encountered before.

Ken (GM) the bodies seem fresh, a few days at most. They lie together as if struck down in battle with each other. Ragged lines of soldiers facing the jagged hordes of Gorgoth

3:33 Bomrek: Hm. Does it look like a total route, and destruction of their forces, or did some large chunk get away? Big distinction, ‘that

3:33 Ken (GM): roll soldier/tactics? something similar?

3:33 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 soldier(3+1+2)= 6

3:34 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(6+5+1)= 12 vs 11 soldier

3:34 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 Tactics (2+1+1)= 4

3:34 Fiss: dayum nice 4

3:34 Ken (GM): dayum

3:35 Syviis: Elf will Tactics too: rolling 3d6(3+5+3)=11 vs 10
fail by 1….

3:35 Ken (GM): Bomrek and Syviis look at the battlefield chaos “What in the hells happened?”
Gray points out the lines “They came here, to face the beastmen”
and roderick points out “and they all died together. Not from each other…but from me

3:36 Bomrek: >From me
I should have known! It was in front of my face all along!


3:36  (To Roderick): You know this to be true; your use of the weapon did this. You killed them all. The magic unleashed did…something here. You feel it in your wizard guts, this place has your mark all over it

Gray tightens his jaw. “The power you unleashed. You could not have known.”

3:37 Bomrek: Oh, legitimately, you mean. Right.
I’m a little out of date on what happened. :X

3:37 Joush M.: Roderick killed the world

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks downcast, feeling guilty for these mens’ death. “…at the very least, the invasion force was surely wiped out as well…”

3:37 Ken (GM): [long story short, Rod used the big bad weapon to stop the dragon attack, but its had “unintended consequences”]

3:38 Doc: >tfw you destroy all non-evil life on the planet

3:38 P.P. A.: tell the tl;dr is such

3:38 P.P. A.: >the ansible was the whole flying fortress with a giant evil thing in it
>Roderick piloted it using the simple controls
>managed not to crash land
>on the way back to Glardenfen we were attacked by a swarm of dragons
>Roderick presses the “weapon” button
>giant evil nukes reality, all the dragons around us fall out of the sky, dead
>fortress is powered down and doesn’t turn back on, so we now trek back on foot

Gray shakes his head. “We can’t help these people now. It would be months burying them. Let’s move on”

3:39 Ken (GM): but you guys were okay
didnt nuke you guys
just….everyone else you’ve met so far

3:40 Bomrek: Did you guys try spraying ether into the starter? I hear that helps.

3:40 Ken (GM): one of the major side effects was that all the mana stopped flowing

3:40 Syviis: [“I called AMA, but when I got on the line all I heard was them dying.”]

3:40 Ken (GM): everywhere youve been

3:41 Bomrek: So what, Mana is dead?

3:41 Joush M.: Yeah, so far. We have a plan B for elf support that involves tearing magic out of living beings. Sort of, uh.. evil vampire thing.

3:41 Ken (GM): well, so far, you havent encountered any GOOD mana

3:42 Syviis: A small sliver of panic crosses through the elf’s eyes as she goes to the dead elves and checks them over.

3:42 Bomrek: H-has there been bad mana?

Bomrek side-steps over to SuĂ°ri , and leans in near him and whispers “Say, don’t the elves make a habit of eating their dead?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker raises his eyebrows and strokes his beard. He says nothing, but glances nervously towards Syviis. “We shall observe.” Eyes narrowing  “What an unbecoming resting place for our brothers though, piled upon one another next to orcs and gnolls and el— …we don’t have time to give them a burial though, nor for a proper pyre… Any ideas?” SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker addresses Bomrek thus

3:45  (To Syviis): The elves were decked out in human armor and armed with human swords. Their bows were nearby, but their arrows all thrown. They all have boiled faces, full of rot. Their flesh like dried jerky. You sense no mana flowing through their corpses

Syviis doesn’t turn around to the dwarves but her whispered prayers become a little harsher and angrier for a moment.

Gray nods to the others. “We can’t do more then say a few words for them and hope their gods take them home. We don’t have what we need to take care of them.”

Bomrek looks around the field, at the Dwarf corpses – AKA the only ones of any value at all -and ponders. “Well we can’t take them back.. and we can’t build a pyre for them, as you mentioned. And burial is out of the question. So the only thing left is to dedicate a great work to their deeds and lives.” he says the last bit very simply, like he’s going to the next thing down a list.

Syviis calms down a bit and begins standing over the nearest dwarf pile, says a prayer, then the next human and does the same.

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. His eyes move over the many corpses, strained with sadness, but eager to burn their faces into his memory.

3:48 Syviis: “Let us advance. If there is wildlife, perhaps we can find fresh horses to ride”

Ken (GM) and so, with Grim determination against the Wyrd, the party soldiers on..


3:50 Syviis: YAY!

3:50 Joush M.: Goddamn puns

3:50 Bomrek: (“How inclusive of you, miss elf. Truly your virtue is signaled strongly to us all”) Come to think of it,

3:50 Doc: wew didn’t even notice the time

3:50 Bomrek: all these assholes had to get to this field somehow. So maybe they’ve got horses tied up a few miles out?

3:50 P.P. A.: Me neither, last time I checked it was an hour ago

3:50 Joush M.: Man, they should start rationing. There aren’t going to be places to pick up extra whisky and good food for a while

3:51 P.P. A.: Even water might become a concern, unless it keeps raining often

3:51 Joush M.: I admire the horse optimism

3:51 P.P. A.: and it rains water and not soul fragments or something

3:51 Adolf S.: >Suðri is from the weird ethnic subgroup of dwarves that actually /bury/ their dead

3:51 Ken (GM): “Maybe when we killed everything forever, the horse were spared?”

3:51 Adolf S.: Bomrek respects his friend so doesn’t mention nor mock it.

3:51 Doc: dwarves use sky burials
they bury their dead by leaving them above ground where the worms won’t get them

3:52 Adolf S.: Dorfs use entombment, mostly. Or Pyres.

3:52 P.P. A.: The Skornbrekker clan has this tradition of a Dwarf who feels that his life is nearing his end going and starting to dig a tunnel or a shaft into nowhere

3:52 Adolf S.: >lore we created a long, long time ago

3:52 P.P. A.: then when he dies, he is entombed there

3:53 Adolf S.: wew anyway,

3:53 Joush M.: Scorned eat the hearts of honored dead. Keeps them living on in others and takes their power.

3:53 Adolf S.: so, what, the magic nuke killed ERRYTHING? Surely it was only a relatively localized thing.

3:53 Ken (GM): a year old lore point

3:54 Doc: good game, thanks for running it, looking forward to next time, etc

3:54 P.P. A.: well, we saw some birds and bees and whatnot

3:54 Doc: o/

3:54 Ken (GM): NP 😀

3:54 P.P. A.: so it only killed EVERYTHING in a certain radius



3:54 Ken (GM): maybe

3:54 Joush M.: Hopefully

3:54 Ken (GM): hopefully


3:54 Adolf S.: jinx

3:54 P.P. A.: Aye, thanks for the session, it’s been a good one

3:54 Ken (GM): 4 XP before I forget@!

3:54 Fiss: We’ll look for cockroaches and ride them. Surely they survied.

3:54 P.P. A.: Adolf: what’s the usual dorf burial here?

3:54 Adolf S.: I’m lookin’ forward to the next one, as well as the ‘verse game. I’d like to get less-sick and properly get in character.

3:54 Joush M.: Kidding about Scorned. I don’t know if they have real tradtions about death. Gray is, culturaly, from Grayhold

3:54 Adolf S.: and in some respects properly form the character.
define here dude

3:55 Ken (GM): the massive field of dead in battle?

3:55 P.P. A.: in the majority of dorf forts in/near this corner of the kingdom


3:55 Adolf S.: Probably a pyre, but generally Dorfs stayed around their home land as I recall, so it’d be more appropriate and somewhat expedient to just ship the corpses to their respective mountain-homes or forts for their kin’ to decide what to do with.

3:55 Ken (GM): I think he was right in the first assessment; too many to bury, too many to burn(not enough workforce) cant do much right other than make a monument befitting. Carve a hillside? or a rock face?

3:56 Adolf S.: Something like that. I was thinking something back in the dorf homelands

3:56 Ken (GM): Blow up something huge

3:56 Adolf S.: Bomrek said make a monument – he didn’t say make a monument in a timely manner.

3:56 P.P. A.: so pyre was appropriate, and burial is his clan’s thing, that works out

3:57 Adolf S.: Mmhmm. I always considered most dorfs to consider general burial to be very crude. Something akin to us humans leaving our dead strung up in trees or just on the ground. So, some peoples do it, most consider it taboo

3:58 P.P. A.: I thought the “dig your own tomb” was kind of appropriate given the mining ethos

3:59 Adolf S.: Agreed. Though, what kind of entombment are we talkin’?

3:59 P.P. A.: Some families might prefer small tombs but richly decorated with carvings, others would try to dig a tunnel as long as they can still dig

3:59 Ken (GM): For these guys, an army buried together in a sufficiently honorable and massive battle, you could do a simple ossuary pyre

3:59 P.P. A.: There’d be a dedicated direction or sector that would be reserved for such tombs (away from mines and living quarters)

4:00 Adolf S.: Oh, I think I recall some of the lore I memed up in the past, in instances where a pyre is necessary for an individual, they might take the ashes back and mix them with the appropriate materials and make a lifelike statue of them out of casting, or mix their ashes in with a statue in some other manner.

4:01 P.P. A.: ah, nice idea too

4:01 Adolf S.: I suppose in the instance of a mass pyre, they’d do something a little different. Divy up the ashes evenly among the kin, and perhaps they’d do the same as above, or perhaps they’d take all the ashes together and make an appropriate statue befitting the group as a whole. I’m a little out of it right now so I’d prolly tweak this different later if I had the cogentness to do it.

4:01 Ken (GM): Right, time to go unpack more boxes. Catch you guys next week!
Adolph, get better you

4:02 Adolf S.: Adios

4:02 P.P. A.: See you

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Grimwyrd: Unexpected Triggers

12:02 Ken (GM): where the nuts is adolph

12:03 P.P. A.: no idea

12:05 Ken (GM): hilariously typical of him; super hyped to play, but forgets he has like, work. fun guy, terrible scheduler

12:06 Fiss: When Humanity masters time control…large, epic gaming groups will be the first to benefit.
Oh, and like…other things too…but mostly gaming.

12:07 Ken (GM): hah makes me really miss the folley of youth, where we would game through two meals and into the wee hours fuelled by ALL THE JOLT

12:08 Fiss: I miss those days… Another use for a Time Machine I think…bringing back a truckload of Jolt at a time.

12:09 Joush M.: Nice Fiss. Not going to send your younger self the Big Book of Regrets?

12:10 Fiss: My only regret is not being able to buy the formula for Jolt. All the rest are minor character building things that I would need to keep to maintain my identity.

12:11 Ken (GM): which identity?

12:12 Fiss: THE SHADOW

12:12 Ken (GM): THE SHADOW?!

[THE SHADOWKen, Circa 2007]

12:12 Joush M.: Aww, that’s sweet. I’d seriously go back and tattoo DO NOT TRUST HER LIES on my younger self momento style

12:12 Fiss: lol just to troll yourself? or for actual reasons? Either is valid

12:14 Ken (GM): DANG; how bad WAS she?

12:15 Joush M.: Oh, younger self would figure it out. Too late, probably

12:16 Fiss: I take solace knowing if I saved myself from one fuckup, I’d probably fuckup in a completely unique way I didn’t plan for. Best not to fuck with time tooooo much

12:16 P.P. A.: the most important lessons in life one always learns the hard way

12:17 Joush M.: That’s a sanguine outlook. Healthy too, given the inability to change the past means it’s best to make peace with it

12:17 Ken (GM): y’all gettin too philosophical for noon on a saturday. Its barely beer o clock

12:18 Fiss: That, and I’m saving my 1 time travel attempt for either Jolt, or going forward in time to check out the stars.
Teenaged Fiss can continue being a cringey-lovesick idiot for all I care. 😛

12:19 Ken (GM): dont forget INSUFFERABLE WEEABOO as we all were

12:19 P.P. A.: I’d ensure that Germany wins WW1 or that WW1 doesn’t even start

12:19 Fiss: Oh, being a Weeaboo is fine. 😛

12:19 P.P. A.: Nothing wrong with being a weeaboo

12:19 Ken (GM): so say we all

~continues furiously writing about talking moon-cats~

12:21 Ken (GM): well, where were we last?
Right! Shooting the Hate-Smith between the eyes

Ken (GM) The wastes of Gorgoth cling to your spirits and bodies; the dust caking your boots tastes bitter in the air. The contents of the Hate-Smith’s mind are unknown to you, but the contents of his head now spill into the dust. The fire crackles as Bomrek toasts some more bread and warms jerky broth for Falkirk

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shrugs.

Syviis wonders if the lack of her empathy in the Hate-Smith’s death is due to her slow starvation or his job title.

Gray considers a moment, looking to the dying or dead giant. “Is that corpse a source of magic?” As a beast, it’s not so odd to him to be the first to suggest Harvesting the dying to make up for the world’s shortfall of mana.

12:25 Syviis: smiles and shakes her head “I’m not a vampire…I can’t take magic from someone…at least not in any way I know how. It’s the lack of it in the air and earth that is harming me.”

12:26 Gray: “Falkirk or Memory might know. I’ll ask later.” He says to the lovely elf, nodding to her before he turns to collecting the heavy equipment and getting ready to move again after their meal. As as afterthought he walks to the Hate-Smith, searching his body and equipment.

Syviis fusses over her maps, trying to get a better sense of how far the Keep traveled, and how much further until they see kinder lands

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker briefly considers digging a shallow grave, but given the size of the Hate-Smith, it would not be worth the effort. Instead he helps packing up after the break so they can continue on their journey.

Roderick paces restlessly, thinking to himself

12:29 Joush M.: Anything of note on the giant?

12:30 Ken (GM): [the Hate-Smith had a bandaged arm, a belt pouch that jangles with glass, and his massive hammer. As well, some brass jewelry on his fingers and neck that seem to have been screwed in place by hooks into his black stony skin]

Gray hews and drags down a dead tree. Rolling the body onto the piled branches for a pyre and lighting it, though he doesn’t know if the stony giant will properly burn. It’s more consideration for the dead then the Hate-Smith would have given them. He checks that pouch of glass, wondering what it might be

Ken (GM) the pungy wood of the nearby trees nearly tips over from the first blow. It takes little work to begin a quickly building fire.


Ken (GM) The hatesmith’s bag is a thick and heavy kind of leather. Easily the size of a horses saddlebag, it nonetheless has some mundane contents. A fine brass comb with zigzag teeth, a fork and knife of the same metal, and the shattered remains of what seem to be glass balls. Red and black flakes of shimmering dust are spilled in the bottom of the bag

12:37 Ken (GM): [you do remember, the device he used to un-summon the shadow demons involved one of those glass ball devices]

Gray nods, then frowns at the way it’s ruined, considering a moment then leaving the bag near the fire. Burning it seems wasteful, but he has no use for the personal effects and ruined magic he doesn’t understand. The beast returns to the others, lifting the massive frame onto his back. “I aplogize for the delay. This seemed appropriate”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker shakes his head. “’tis a good deed.”

12:40 Syviis: “Agreed. We are not in such a rush as to forget ourselves.”

Bomrek shrugs off the apology “A fitting end if any”

12:41 Ken (GM): [so, you guys have a meal in you and about an hour of rest under your belts. anything else to do before setting off?]

Syviis stands up, rolling up her map “The season waits for nobody. I am ready.”

12:43 Joush M.: We’ve still got a navagational fix and all that? If so, I think Gray’s ready to go

12:44 Ken (GM): [Yeah, you guys still have a heading. no weirdness calling for a another new roll there]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is geared up again and has packed his belongings

Roderick hadn’t unpacked anything but food, so he simply mounts his horse silently

Bomrek helps heft Falkirk back on the horse with Rod “He had a few mouthfuls of broth. Might be something left in the wizard after all” he smirks

Gray carries the massive pack, boots digging into the sick dust of the old kingdom. He looks with worry to the physician, but in truth Falkirk seems better now then he’d been before.

12:46 Ken (GM): [~map magic~]


Ken (GM) You press on through the edge of the wood, Northward. The slope of the hills appear on your right, but the path plotted out by Syviis is low and level. Weaving through the trees, you again see the ruins of Bloodroot plans; their withered husks seem to have turned on themselves. Some seeming to have boiled over from within. All are dead and unmoving.

Ken (GM) the plod of heavy packs and soft earth beats a steady pace. As the sky brightened, it now drains of color slowly. The trees thin more, and gaps of sky become the norm, stitching together into the tapestry of evening colors. Ahead, the rolling dunes of grey-black sand lie still. Barely a gust of wind twists them.

12:51 Ken (GM): Afternoon has waned into evening… And you hear something other than your own labors, for a moment. The caw of a raven, crooked laughter of an animal

Gray starts to hunt for somewhere to stay tonight. Defensible with water would be nice…then pausing, he tilts his head at the raven’s call, looking for the animal as he scents the air to catch any unfamilair scents.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker feels relieved to hear the sounds of another living thing.

Ken (GM) a stark contrast on the horizon; the massive black bird flutters into view, coming up out of the dunes. It swoops overhead

12:55 Syviis: readies her bow but doesn’t aim. Does it look like a species familiar to her?

12:55 Ken (GM): yes; Raven. Big thing, about a yard of wingspan?

12:56 Syviis: “Friend of yours, Gray?”

Gray nods to it. “Evening, brother raven” Before the brute looks to the animal long moments. “A stranger to me, but a good omen I think”

12:58 Ken (GM): “WAAARK CLUK CLUK” the thing chirrups, as it flies overhead. It banks in the evening sky, catching the first rays of a sunset

[Gray, rolling for a campsite?]

1:00 Joush M.: Sure, Survival?

1:00 Gray: rolling 3d6(2+1+5)= 8

Ken (GM) the raven eventually flies off, South, winging it’s way back to the trees you’ve left. As sun falls and night trails with it, Gray points out a rocky outcropping of bone-grey stone. Testing for a moment, he find what he suspected, a spring of fresh water!


1:04 Ken (GM): [Crashing here then?]

1:04 Joush M.: Sounds good to me

1:05 Syviis: sleepan

Roderick doesn’t actually have a tent but is too proud to mention it

Bomrek curls up against a sack of gold, his brace of pistols in hand

Gray settles the things down at the outcropping, building camp near the water and checking for any dangers drawn to the water. He streches canvas to make a shelter and builds a small fire.

Syviis offers to help Roderick build a quick lean-to for shelter

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sets up his tent and spreads his bedroll inside, sleeping next to the bundle of muskets and powder.

1:08 Joush M.: I think our supplies included a big tarp. Should be enough ‘shelter’ for everyone

1:08 Bomrek: hah, snuggle buddies

1:09 Syviis: Yeah, we has tarps, and the Elf will keep first watch anyway, so it’s not like we’re slumming it.

1:09 Ken (GM): Roderick have much trouble slumming it in the dirt?

Gray makes sure to get an agreement on watch rotation before they settle in for the night, so everyone will get enough rest.

1:11 Fiss: I was about to say the nightly camp routine should be pretty solid by now, but we gained a new character and it’s only been like…2 in game days. lol

Syviis lets her elf-eyes see things

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker proposes that Syviis gets her rest since she’s low on magic, while he will keep watch in her stead.

Roderick thanks the others for the shelter. He hadn’t anticipated how unpleasant it would be to go without it on his way here.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker doesn’t know how elves work and thinks that the rest from sleeping might compensate for the lack of magic

1:13 Syviis: “Thank you SuĂ°ri , but I’m afraid the rest I need isn’t going to come any time soon. Thank you though. You all get some sleep. I’ll wake the next watch in a few hours.” She climbs and hides in the remnants of the trees to keep a better look-out as night falls around them

1:13 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Very well.”

1:13 Ken (GM): [the rocks climb a bit, so you can get a little height 😛 ]

1:15 Syviis: [OOC Rock-Elves typically make their burrows 4-5 meters above the plains in order to provide protection for their party-members, and also to nest their 3-5 hatches of Elf-eggs, who will grow up to be either great archers…or interior decorators]

Gray settles, but sleeps only shallowly. Alert as some great beast, he lifts his head and listens sometimes, or scents the air before settling again.

1:18 Ken (GM): [map magic]

Ken (GM) night drifts in , and with it a cool wind from the South. The dust picks up a bit, but you are sheltered here, your fire warm.As night wanders in, it settles about you with the rustle of the airs. On that dark wind, you hear them.


Ken (GM) trailing off, but a new one picking up the call, and another far off, answering

Syviis smiles and listens to the almost-normal sound of wildlife again, hope and determination recovering

1:23 Syviis: [OOC and then promptly gets eaten by a wolf]

Gray sleeps though the first calls, then lifts his head at the songs when they continue. The lupine beast considering long moments then getting back to sleep for a short while at least. It will be his turn soon enough.

Ken (GM) The howling continues. A pack of wolves at least, hunting, braying out into the black. Something certainly in a flight for it’s life tonight as they pursue.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sleeps tight.

Ken (GM) Then the howling abruptly stops, and the sound of a wolf crying out in pain and fear, yipping like a dog


(or was that goblins, and “Wolves hate fire!” was the one for wolves?)

1:26 Joush M.: Don’t make me pick you up and throw you into the brine.

1:26 Doc: “Fire works well”

1:26 P.P. A.: Ahh yes

1:27 Joush M.: “You’ll nay hit them swinging blindly!”

1:27 P.P. A.: “Wolves hunt in packs!”

1:27 Ken (GM): GM stares blankly at lack of connection
What in balls name are you quoting?

1:28 P.P. A.: Pawns! There’s this RPG called Dragon’s Dogma that lets you make a Pawn and hire other players’ Pawns. They’re NPC companions that learn as you travel with them, remembering the weaknesses of enemies, locations of hidden treasures, etc. and they’re also fairly talkactive and often comment on things in and out of battle and their phrases tend to be quite memorable
“Goblins ill like fire.”

1:29 Ken (GM): hahahah oh okay, I havent played that one yet at all

1:30 P.P. A.: It’s very good, give it a try if you find the time anyway, sorry for the interruption

1:30 Doc: The duke could stand to commission some new roads

1:30 Joush M.: “Aught”

1:31 Syviis: So, do the Elf Eyes Witness the epic wolf pack in the distance, or do they keep to their side of reality?

Ken (GM) The wolves have not yet strayed into sight, and by the time their pained yells appear, they still have shown neither hide nor hair.

1:32 (To Fiss): Your magic senses tingle (which is great, that means theyre still there!) Something big and magic is headed closer.

1:32 (To Fiss): Your first instinct is it’s something quite anathema to your own aura

1:33 (From Syviis): definitely coming closer?

1:35 (To Fiss): Definitely. Your wizard senses feel like theres a bigass hole in the world walking closer to you, step by step

Syviis slips down from the rocks and quietly wakes the party. “Apologies, friends…but something approaches.”

Roderick grabs his cloak, sword, and helmet, assuming that he won’t have time to don his armor

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes a little effort to rouse, but when he awakens, he quickly readies himself and his guns.

Gray wakes swiftly and rises to his feet. Unburdened by armor or weapons he stretches and watches the night, then takes up his sword.

Ken (GM) The elf has pointed out to the dunes, and as you ready your weapons, like prophecy there comes from that direction




1:37 Roderick: (might un-grab the helmet, need to check my tables to see if he’s still unencumbered with it equipped)

Ken (GM) The noise of something MASSIVE pounding into the sand, approaching, growing louder with each booming step

1:38 Syviis: climbs back up on the rocks for tactical view
also too lazy to move my token back and forth

Gray takes up a musket. Examining it a moment he draws it to full cock and readies it, trusting the others to be steady.

Ken (GM) the moments pound out in time with the plodding sound BOOM… BOOM… BOOM it grows louder. The pool of water nearby rippling with the steps

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker dons his sallet, but it seems there is not enough time for the armour. He regrets not having dug any defenses earlier, and so plants his bardiche into the ground in front of the tent, using it as a rest to be able to shoot the other muskets, lined up next to him as they are, from.

Bomrek rolls falkirk to the stone, taking up a knee to protect him. He begins hauling on the cannon to point it at whatever approaches

1:42 Gray: “What manner of behemoth is this?”

Ken (GM) Then, one plodding BOOM and IT steps into a view; a massive heaping wall of stone, shaped roughly like a man! Arms, a torso, legs…and in one hand the bloodied form of a massive wolf!


1:42 Roderick: Is there mana in the air? (also I checked the tables, the helmet is fine)

1:43 (To Roderick): Mana is still missing; the air is dead to you

Ken (GM) As it crests the dune, it seems to stop, regarding you all with an eyeless, featureless face.

1:44 Bomrek: “What the HELL is THAT?! ELF! DO WE SHOOT IT?” Bomrek seems a mite panicked at the sight of it

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker pokerface

Gray considers a moment and shakes his head. “Hold fire. I’m not sure gunshots will stop stone.”

Syviis swallows back the worry in her voice “I…I don’t know….” Syviis slides down the rocks again and approaches it slowly bow and arrow down(not dropped though) “Hail there. My name is Syviis. Are you friend?”

1:46 (To Roderick): That is certainly an elemental. Earth, if youre books taught you well

1:46 (To Syviis): That is certainly an earth elemental. You are a patron of the storm. Just a reminder

1:46 Gray: “Careful..” He trusts her, but he dislikes her approach to the unknown creature.

Syviis nods briefly to Gray

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker whispers to Gray: “Do you think as a mason he’ll regard me as some kind of butcher?” half-jokingly

1:47 (From Roderick): Are they friendly?

1:47 (To Doc): You’ve never met one in person. Your tutors advised that they’re personified forces of nature and that only the elves had ever tamed them. Even then, the ones they tamed were…smaller

1:47 (From Syviis): and it feels like a hole in magic? Or is it just the opposite side of it?

1:48 Gray: “I hope he doesn’t simply regard us as food” He replies to the young dwarf, the brute’s muscles tense under gray fur, gun held at the ready but not aimed.

1:49 (To Syviis): It certainly is the source of that feeling. Like a well, or a pit. You’re on the edge of a deep abyss

1:50 Roderick: “An earth elemental, if I’m not mistaken. We should avoid a fight if we can, but… I have no idea what would start one.”

Ken (GM) The thing stands there. It turns a bit, seeming to regard you all, your camp. The ‘hand’ holding the wolf twists a bit and you hear bones and meat snapping

1:51 Syviis: [OOC: Quick tactical questions: Is it moving in the same direction we were traveling?]

1:51 (To Gray): You smell blood now…but its odd.

1:51 (To Gray): You can see where it killed the wolf. broken neck. blood on the muzzle….but it’s not spilling onto the ground?

1:52 Ken (GM): [it came out of the North West. You guys were headed North by North East]

1:52 (To Syviis): Perception!

1:52 Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6(3+1+2)=6

1:53 (From Syviis): beat by 7 lol

Gray frowns a moment, the massive beast tense and speaking softly. “The wolf’s blood isn’t falling.. and there’s something strange here. Something wrong.. What is that thing?”

1:53 (To Syviis): The bloody wolf in his hand…the blood is dripping UP along the things arm…. toward its body!


Syviis walks south, seeing if the beast tracks her motions “Something is indeed very wrong here… Earth Elementals…as far as I know…don’t absorb blood.”

1:56 Gray: “Can we talk to it? Are they simple beast?”

Ken (GM) the thing turns and follows syviis. It takes a step toward her


1:56 Syviis: “A force of nature…if it can understand us, I don’t think it really cares.” steps back!

Ken (GM) It stops, twisting up the wolf thing in it’s hand, pushes it up to it’s chest…which opens up slowly, like a crumbling hillside.

Ken (GM) It starts to shove the wolf into the hole. There are cracking noises

1:58 Syviis: Does she see anything INSIDE the chest?

Ken (GM) The stones of it’s body churn and twist. There is a trickle of vibrant lime green light

1:58 Roderick: “A force of nature in such a malevolent place…”

Gray starts to circle around the other side. “It won’t walk away, we will have to defend ourselves.”

Roderick leads his horse away from the cannon

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker quickly takes aim at the hole in its chest, hesitant to shoot immediately for fear it might agitate the monster, but his finger on the trigger.

2:00 Syviis: “The wolves in this region are most likely dire and twisted by magic…I can’t tell if it’s eating their flesh or the magic they had in them…”

Bomrek takes aim on the torso “I dinna know how well grapeshot will do hurting this ‘ting. We got a better plan?”

2:00 (To Fiss): Good point; youre theory might be right. Elementals don’t consume flesh, they eat mana, just like you! Its looking for food! also: Thaumatology!

2:00 (To Roderick): Thaumatology!

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker is holding his main, heavier musket and waits for the rock-man to devour the wolf, hoping to get a shot in before the hole closes again.

2:01 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13(3+6+3)= 12

2:01 (From Syviis): does Thaumatology have a default? -_-

2:01 (To Roderick): What the elf said makes sense! It wont be eating MEAT if it wants magic!

2:01 Gray: “I’ve got nothing like a plan or wisdom here.” He admits.

2:02 Roderick: “That could be it… with the mana nearby depleted, the elemental must feed on magic.”

2:03 Syviis: “I fear…it’s hunting. And we have enough magic even without me here to light up the night sky like the moon in this desolate place.”

2:03 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “It is abosrbing the wolf’s blood; mayhap it fed on the bloodroot, but with them drained, it is starved.”

2:03 Bomrek: “The hell you say? so what does it want with US then wizard?”

2:04 (To Roderick): You checked the wizards things; he has magic stuff in his bag! Falkirk had bloodroot samples, and other baubles!

2:04 Syviis: looks to Bomrek “Even if you refuse to believe in your own magic, you’ve been to the Keep…don’t you think some of that vile power still lingers on us like dust?”

Ken (GM) the Elemental churns; the green glow dims as the wolf’s form disappears into the twisting maw of it’s belly

2:05 Gray: “I think it wants to eat us like it did the wolf.” He aims the musket.

2:05 Bomrek: “fuck me, the DUST” Bomrek abandons the cannon and begins digging through his bags frantically

Syviis tries to focus inward to make contact with the Elemental like she did before in the Forge Room (Magic-Psyyyyyychic powers?)

2:05 (To Syviis): You poke the well of emptiness; you feel the overwhelming hunger of an empty soul

2:05 Bomrek: “godddamn WIZARD SHIT” he yells, hauling up a bright red leather bag


Syviis stares dumbfounded at Bomrek for a heartbeat “There’s…that too…”

Bomrek throws the bag, full arm toward Syviis

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker waits one more moment in case someone wants to try something else, but otherwise he will fire a shot at the green glow ere it fades.

2:06 Roderick: “Do we need anything he has in there?”

2:06 Bomrek: rolling 3d6(3+5+4)= 12 vs Throwing(aiming for ground)

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker takes notice of what Bomrek and Syviis are doing and holds.

Syviis runs over and grabs the bag

2:07 Bomrek: [fuck, someone at the door. BRB]

2:07 P.P. A.: don’t open, it’s a stone golem

2:08 Joush M.: It’s a Jehovah’s witness stone golem.

Fiss [totally forgot about the dust…but that makes for a fucking hilarious metaphor turned clue.]

2:08 P.P. A.: wait, when did we pick that up




2:10 Roderick: Are there any vials of that red dust or anything?

2:10 Fiss: Yeah, we got plenty of samples

2:11 P.P. A.: oh, from the mines

2:11 Roderick: “The dust… then the cannon…”

2:11 Fiss: See, the elf was just trying to be poetic. Leave it to the Dwarves to make it literal. 😛
Welp. It’s been like 5 minutes. Ken has been eaten by an Earth Elemental for sure.

2:17 P.P. A.: I warned him!

2:17 Fiss: You did. THE TRUSTING, NAIVE FOOL!


2:18 Doc: f to pay respects

2:18 Fiss: I hear they really roll….

2:20 Ken (GM): Back (I forgot we were babysitting nephews; theyre just unpacking stuff now :P)

2:20 Fiss: We’re glad you were not eaten by dirt-monsters, Ken

2:20 P.P. A.: We were so worried!

2:20 Ken (GM): SPEAKING of which

2:20 Syviis: [OOC] speaking of which…I hope I’m not about to get eaten by dirt monsters.

2:21 Joush M.: Welcome back! Good luck with the tiny humans

Ken (GM) The stone elemental has mashed the wolf into pulp, and the lime light from it’s chest wanes. Syviis holds a bag of magical red dust from the Dreugar keep!

2:22 Ken (GM): WAT DOOOooOOO

Syviis slowly holds the bag of dust up in front of her like a Doggy Treat

Ken (GM) The elemental turns to her…and charges forward!


2:23 P.P. A.: h-hayai!!

2:23 Ken (GM): reactions!?

Syviis throws the bag up into the rocky thing’s chest

2:24 Ken (GM): DX!

2:24 Syviis: rolling 3d6(5+6+3)= 14

Gray swears and takes aim, ready to shoot the elemental.

2:24 Syviis: FAIL BY 1

2:24 Ken (GM): thank god for size bonuses!

2:24 Syviis: YES! 😛

2:25 Ken (GM): POOF

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker will shoot at the bag once it enters the chest cavity!

2:25 Syviis: “SHOOT IT!”

2:25 Ken (GM): JESUS

2:25 P.P. A.: modifiers?

2:25 (From Roderick): I can still use magic, I just need to roll for it, right?

2:25 (To Roderick): yep! activates on a 12

2:26 Roderick: “Get back!”

2:26 Syviis: will use any/all remaining movement to either go under the Elemental’s legs, or away from it, whatever is smarter
divedodge if needed

2:26 Ken (GM): -5 distance, -1 size PPA!
noted fiss!

Bomrek moves to re-aim the cannon

Suðri Skornbrekker yells: “Down!” as he pulls the trigger and looses his shot (at the hole which he has been aiming at for a while, from the musket braced on his bardiche, so +2 and +1)


2:27 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: 3v13

2:27 P.P. A.: >

2:28 Doc: :DDDDDDD

2:28 Bomrek: :O


2:28 P.P. A.: 3d6 for crit effect?

2:28 Fiss: [ooc: and this is where we learn the dust no longer has any magical effect and doesn’t do anything]

2:28 Fiss: 😛

2:28 Ken (GM): dude its a 3

2:28 Syviis: Yeah. 😀

Ken (GM) The dust pouch sails for the elemental, the beast opening it’s toothy magical maw for the prize. SuĂ°ri has been aiming for the entire exchange, cool, collected. “Dorfy” He pulls the trigger, and a lead ball trailing flame flies true

there is a WHUMP noise that follows

2:29 Ken (GM): SuĂ°ri ! roll 15d6 for me please

2:30 Joush M.: That’s a lot of dice

2:30 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: [54]

2:30 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(5+1+4)=10 vs HT(death)

Ken (GM) there is an eruption of flame as the thing closes it’s chest-maw. A jet of green flame erupts through it’s BACK and the sound is massive. Small stones rain in all directions. The elemental discorporates into a heap

Roderick covers his eyes and staggers back before gazing in awe at the rubble

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker has turned a giant of living stone into rubble.

2:32 Ken (GM): [rod and Syviis both feel the thing’s obvious magical termination]

2:32 Roderick: “Why even bother with the cannon when such marksmen are with us?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker feels an awful lot of pride as a dwarf and as a mason right now.

Gray nods. “Well done. That shot was incredible.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker stands up triumphantly and takes his time cleaning his musket with a proud smile under his beard.

2:33 Bomrek: “Sonofabitch. THAT ONLY COUNTS AS ONE!” he hollers, madly excited


Syviis rises from the dust, eyes wide. “My truest compliments, Master Dwarf…that was the finest shot I’ve seen in years.”

Syviis walks over to the pile to see if any magic lingers…mostly out of curiosity, but suspecting the death-throes were absolute.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker laughs. “Without you remembering that we had the bag, and the two of you throwing it into the monster’s weak spot, the shot might just have bounced off rock, though. Well done all.”

2:35 (To Syviis): The stones are heavier than they look. They stick to your hands like magnets…?

Ken (GM) Syviis examines the stone of the dead elemental. The rock she picks up surprisingly stick to her hand!

Gray nods and walks over to examine the rubble with Syviis, chuckling a touch. “You were good, SuĂ°ri . Everyone did well.”

Syviis is delighted, curiosity taking the forefront from adrenaline.

2:37 Syviis: “I wonder if this is a property of the stone itself, or lingering magic?”

2:38 Roderick: “Are you sure touching it is wise? It just ate a wolf, then exploded.”

Syviis considers it for a moment and nods “Perhaps a bit more caution is warranted.” She uses a scrap of spare leather or cloth from her cloak and uses it to ‘clean’ off the magnetic stone from her skin, wrapping it up for future investigation.

Ken (GM) It peels away as if her skin were iron

2:41 Syviis: “This worries me greatly, though…I suspect anything lacking magic and hungering for it will seek us out…” she pauses “But…”

Gray nods. “Will we see more magical creatures turn to predatory behavior?”

2:42 Syviis: “It seems possible, if not inevitable…. even more worrisome, will be the boundary where magic returns to normal. Hopefully, up North…but that creates a tempting, fertile land for normally neutral creatures to attack as well.”

2:45 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We ought to make haste then—both to warn the garrisons of a new threat, and to escape from it. On the other hand, if these creatures run wild in the borderland, they might also stave off raids from the troops of Gorgoth.”

2:46 Syviis: “Much of this is still unknown…we know only that it has happened, but not the extent, or range of the effect of the fallout. For all we know, Gorgoth is immune, outside the influence, or is now magical-starved rubble itself. Regardless…we should hurry to report. ”

Gray nods to the others, the beast considering a moment and prowling around. “Not so much haste we ignore rest. Sleep. I’ll take watch for now”

2:47 (To Syviis): before I forget; take 1 hp drain from lack of mana

Syviis smile fades as the adrenaline and excitement fades, then nods to Gray…before wincing slightly as she turns to bed “In the morning, then..”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks into the darkness for a moment, but nods at the suggestion, and returns to his tent once his musket is loaded again.

Syviis walks past the dwarf and gives him a huge grin and a pat on the gun-arm

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker appreciates it despite the elf cooties

2:48 Ken (GM): heh

2:49 Syviis: ELFCOOTIES!

Roderick removes his helmet and nods. Getting to sleep will prove difficult as he thinks about the potential greater consequences of what he’s done with the Ansible.

Gray stands guard over the others, watching for danger in the night

2:50 (To Gray): The ruined wolf corpse is pungent and reeks of blood


2:50 Ken (GM): [sadwizard.jpeg]
SIGH ~magical genocide~

2:51 Doc: tfw you accidentally genocide all the magic in an area and the elementals attack your country for lebensraum

Gray examines the wolf corpse when he stands guard, considering the animal a moment.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s adrenaline rush, after some time of reminiscing on the sudden encounter, eventually subsides. Sleep catches back up to him, having been so rudely separated, and draws him back into the world of dreams.

2:52 Fiss: [OOC: All the blood is gone from the Wolf…easy skinning/Wolf-Jerky!]

2:52 Ken (GM): [the corpse looks as if it was dragged behind a horse for a day. whatcha gonna do with the wolf burger?]

Gray considers a moment, then leaves it be. The scent is distracting but they have no pressing need for extra food.

2:57 Ken (GM): gotcha

Ken (GM) and so, the night returns with its quiet. Eventually the familiar noises return: the hush of wind,the hiss of sand, and the trickle of water in the spring. A long time later, a long ways off, the howl of wolves returns. Mournful.
Night passes into morning. Watch changes hand to gray, to Bomrek, to SuĂ°ri, to Rod. And as the sun rises, a rush of wind comes up as well from the South. Cold. wet, and clouds obscure the red sunrise to the East. In the distance, thunder rolls

Gray nearly joins the howl a bit in the night. Then it’s off to get some rest until the morning comes. “We’ve got rough weather coming today. We should make the best progress we can.” as they break camp

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker wraps the bundle of muskets in his blanket before handing it to Gray so that they do not get wet.

3:01 P.P. A.: unless we still have the crates, I forget (?)

3:01 (From Syviis): 2 things, in the light of the morning, will see if the Elemental Chunk is still magnetic to her, and also to her Powerstone Necklace?

Ken (GM) in the morning light, you find the wolf corpse has been swallowed up by the shifting gray sand

Gray collects the guns, tying the bundle to the frame pack then tarping the whole thing.

3:01 (From Syviis): and also, does the storm feel normal? Magical? Meh?

3:02 (To Syviis): Magnet chunk still magnet. Powerstone not charging. Funny enough, manastone stuck to magnetstone in pack!

3:02 (To Syviis): Your storm senses are a tingling; its gonna be a BIG one

Syviis gets up looking not so much bright eyed or bushy-tailed but refreshed and good to move “It’s going to be a storm for the ages…we should move quickly but also seek real firm shelter.” Syviis walks over and picks up another few shards of the elemental for later experimentation, using cloth and leather to separate it.

3:04 Gray: “We aren’t so far from some of the ruined buildings we passed. A few should be intact enough for shelter”

Syviis nods at Gray

3:04 (To Syviis): They dont stick to each other. Only to your skin, or your powerstone

3:05 (From Syviis): figured. She’ll also be meditating a bit each night to see if they’re just attracted to her magic…or actually draining it faster

3:06 (To Syviis): They only seem attracted. They’re like magical lodestone. how neat

3:05 Ken (GM): [the burned out village where the elf scouts got ambushed? its West of here, bit of backtracking, but a good place to head I would think]

3:06 Joush M.: Hell, that’s right. What do you guys think? Good place to head?

3:06 (From Syviis): will obtain 4 samples including the one from last night, surely they’ll make for some cool Magic Compass for the dwarves if nothing else.

3:07 Ken (GM): [map moving magic]


3:07 Syviis: “So long as there is high ground and a bit of shelter. Even staying in the trees would be acceptable, so long as we aren’t caught in the open when the storm reaches us.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “The one where we found the heap of horses and corpses? Hmm. The surrounding terrain wouldn’t give the enemy a lot of directions to attack from, but we would be going in the opposite direction.”

3:08 Ken (GM): [yeah, the open hexes of gray are just dune desert. Black sand. You’ll need some kind of shelter when that storm hits.]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks around, finding that his height doesn’t let him see all that far. “I shall follow where you lead us.”

3:09 Ken (GM): [East of you guys should also be hilly woods]

3:09 Joush M.: Just stay in the forest today, work our way east?

3:09 Ken (GM): [and its a lot closer]

3:09 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We could look for a cave in the hills of course, or an overhang under which to rest.”

3:09 Bomrek: “I would feel plen’ne safer under stone and timber, rather than out in the dunes n dust”

3:09 Gray: “If we don’t find somewhere by late afternoon we will stop and build a proper shelter”

3:11 Ken (GM): [So, East then?]

3:13 Roderick: “The sooner we return with our report, the better. But I’ll follow your lead, unfamiliar as I am with this region.”

3:14 Gray: “East back to the keep. We won’t try to cross the dunes today, with the storm coming, but instead stay in the forest and hills”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker agrees with this plan.


3:16 Syviis: Me? Gray? Both?

3:16 Ken (GM): somebody!

3:16 Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+6+5)=15

3:17 Ken (GM): lol

3:17 Gray: rolling 3d6 for land nav(3+5+2)= 10

Ken (GM) As the wind rises, you trek into the rockier hills dotted with dead trees. Syviis seems to lose direction a few times, but Gray turns her back Eastward, and the rolling rocky hillsides fall away beneath you. The clouds build and the wind twists. Soon, black dust devils are collecting on the hilltops, and branches shed from the trees with frightening regularity. The storm is fast approaching!

3:19 Ken (GM): Survival rooooll! from anyone with hills or woodlands please!

3:20 Syviis: rolling 3d6(3+1+6)= 10
Woodlands: Beat by 3!

3:20 Gray: rolling 3d6 for survival(3+3+3)=9

Ken (GM) The two have kept eyes peeled all morning as you trekked; the hills have been breaking into ravines and cliffsides, and they head upriver in a dry gully to what seems to be a safe bet; an old tree root cave, dug out of a sandy flaked rocky slide but shelter enough. With little maneuvering, you’re underground, out of the wind, and Bavieca can even fit in the hovel with you!

Ken (GM) The storm breaks within the hour of securing the hole; SCREAMING winds begin to tear at the earth, and the dust devils whip up into a full blown duststorm!
After a short while the rain joins in, and thunder breaks the sky in two. Green lightning begins to arc through the darkened skies, illuminating the black sand and grey stone like a ghoulish hellscape! The muffled winds are still deafening, even underground.

…The rage of Gorgoth has returned…


3:24 Ken (GM): [and here should be a good place to kill it for the week; my nephews are rambunctious and my wife outnumbered :/

4 points for all!

3:24 Joush M.: At least we got somewhere safe. Thanks man! Good session

3:24 P.P. A.: \o/

3:25 Syviis: Yus, lots of fun!

3:25 Doc: The elemental had me worried

3:25 P.P. A.: Me too


3:27 P.P. A.: Good thing that it had that glowing weak spot, but I was worried that if it closed its “mouth” after eating the wolf, it wouldn’t expose it again until it had caught and was gobbling up one of us

3:27 Ken (GM): That surprised me. I didnt forget the red dust explodes, it just escaped me that youd SHOOT THE BAG

3:27 P.P. A.: and sacrificing the horse would have triggered Rod

3:27 Gray: Rod loves that horse

3:27 Ken (GM):


3:28 P.P. A.: nobles are sensitive like that

3:28 Ken (GM): GOOD GAME

3:28 Doc: That horse costs more than the rest of the party tbh


3:28 P.P. A.: Bye! Thanks for the session!

3:28 Doc: o/

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Grimwyrd: Withered Prospects


12:25 Joush M.: So  Roderick gets to keep his “world’s best pilot” mug because we all survived a crash landing a mountain

12:25 Doc: *world’s only pilot mug*

12:25 Ken (GM): right! Doc, do you wanna refund/respec that piloting point?

12:26 Doc: hmm I kinda like it being there tbh, if I can afford to waste a point on Bird Law I can afford to remember the time I flew a mountain

12:29 Ken (GM): hahahah neat
I only asked, as I realized “wow, I pushed him to buy the pilot skill, then the mountain crashed the next session over. FUN”

12:30 Doc: I only spent one point on it so it’s fine

12:31 Ken (GM): usually the best parts of a PC end up being the 1 point things
like that time I took “likes explosives”
on an impulsive pyromaniac

12:32 Doc: wew

12:34 Ken (GM): yeah that was a fun game. Rolled a critical 18 failure on a mission, ended up detonating everything I was carrying at the time. Blew two floors of a skyscraper out, halfway up. 9/11’d the city, essentially took the party out with me 😀

12:35 Joush M.: RIP party. At least they went out with a bang?

12:36 Ken (GM): we ALL had a good laugh. I got a few punches in the shoulder for that one

12:36 Doc: If you’ve gotta TPK, hope it’s entertaining

12:45 Ken (GM): right, well, enough waiting on fiss here; he’ll be on when hes on

Ken (GM) where last we left our heroes….

Ken (GM) the Ansible of Spirits has crash landed in the wilderness of Gorgoth; in all directions, ruin lies under the rubble. The forest is red with the dawn of morning, dragon carcasses falling from the sky. The Weapon was used to terrible effect, and now the hum of Mana cannot be heard. The pool of living magic missing from the land

Gray forces a path out of the damaged control room once the massive structure has settled, looking out into the red dawn for new dangers and threats before his attention turns to the others. “Should we wait here and try to guard this thing, or go to report what’s happened?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks up from inspecting the firearms and gathering what luggage was scattered by the impact of the fall.

12:53 Ken (GM): [You guys have Rodericks horse Bavieca, and several packs worth of food, water supplies and loot ]
[remember: the horses got eviscerated by the mindflayer back at the Dreugar keep entrance, but you salvaged your things]

Suðri Skornbrekker crosses his arms. “I would hate to leave this thing unguarded in case its magic returns to it, as anyone could come and seize it then. We do not know when—or if—this is going to happen though.” He looks around and concludes: “We should try to seal the entrance, report to the nearest outpost, maybe ask for some supplies there, and then return.”

12:54 Roderick: “What do we have in the way of provisions? I would prefer to wait and see if any magic returns before we leave.”

Gray nods to the young dwarf, acknowledging SuĂ°ri’s points then at Roderick’s question he goes to do a quick inventory. “We should still have supplies for a few weeks. Plenty of beer, whisky, more oats then we can eat with only one horse.”

12:56 Ken (GM): [you guys packed for what, 3 weeks of food? And you’ve consumed maybe 5 days worth?]

12:56 Joush M.: Oh wow, yeah.. Here I thought we’d taken much longer than that

Gray seems surprised, but nods. “At least fifteen days left of supplies” He assures Roderick. “We could stay here and wait for a short while to see if things change”

12:58 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah,” he realizes “no doubt there are going to be scouts coming here to see what happened—there was that slaver city nearby, no? We could stay here waiting for the fortress to re-awaken, and also capture or kill any enemy scouts.”

Syviis Adjeon blanches at the suggestion of staying “I don’t mean to startle anyone, but I dont think I could make it that long…without the magic”

12:59 Suðri Skornbrekker: “If the forces of Gorgoth come here in force, we are going to be in trouble, but with all the dead dragons lying around, I doubt they can mount another major offensive within just a few days.” Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Syviis, a puzzled look on his face.

12:59 Gray: “The greatest danger would be that Dark Lord. If he survived the dragons..” He turns to Syviis and nods after a moment, a hand rubbing across his jaw. “You will suffer without magic?.. How long can you endure? Is there anything that can be done about it?”

1:01 Syviis Adjeon: “I have never really gone without it. I would imagine its much like eating…or water. Elves are funny that way” she says with a half hearted smile. She looks absolutely terrified

1:02 Doc: So there’s no mana here, meaning none of our magic works? do they know about the water cycle yet?

1:03 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “Wait, uh… Are there sources of magic that you go to replenish it? Like springs of water? Or are you saying that there is magic everywhere?”

1:04 Ken (GM): You can probably still fire off your powers, but the sustaining mana isnt there. [You can pay FP costs and use the power, but a if it didnt have an activation roll it does now; you need to roll vs 12 to use it]


Gray rubs a hand across his rough jaw again. “We will do our best to find you more magic. Bloodroot.. well, another used it as a source of magic in this blasted land. If it’s still out there and we can find some that is less corrupted.” He shrugs. Unhappy with that idea, but there are limited sources of mana here.

1:05 Ken (GM): FP and HP used to pay costs dont replenish until your back in a mana zone. Just like starving without food…

1:07 Roderick: “There is magic in the air just as there is moisture in the air. The Ansible turned this area into a desert.”

1:08 Gray: “Seems like we can’t stay then. We should move on and report this, as well as getting Syviis out of the desert”

1:08 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 (Obsession)(3+1+2)=6

Roderick looks at the Ansible and grimaces. “As much as I detest the thought of leaving empty- handed, her health is more important. I will go if we must.”

1:10 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I see…” The dwarf doesn’t look pleased learning that there is magic EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME [except here now]

1:10 Ken (GM): hahah, youre really fostering a deep paranoia now, arentcha?

Gray tries to see if he can summon Memory, or if the missing magic makes that impossble

1:11 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to summon Ally (Raven)(1+6+6)= 13

The Raven appears, seeming to draw herself out of Gray’s back like an inky cloud. Her form is fuzzy, like she’s smoking in a fire. As she emerges, you hear her groan loudly, as if in pain

1:13 Raven: “What… have…you….done…here?!” she gasps

1:14 Gray: “Magic sustains you as well? Would it be best not to summon you here? Roderick used the Ansible as a weapon, with little choice given we were hard pressed by a score dragons.”

1:14 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I think reality broke for a short while.”

1:15 Raven: “I am….a being…of magic!” she rattles and coughs, sooty black trailers of her feathers escaping from her form “I cannot stay….among you….for long”

Gray nods. “I won’t ask more of you then. Until next time, rest.” He unsummons the shadowy avian, allowing it to return to him with a frown of worry.

Raven melts through the air, settling over Gray like a stain of shadow. She blends with him again, gasping as if drowning.

Suðri Skornbrekker mental note: try and find out how to drain an area of magic to make anti-elf moats/chambers

Gray touches the dark tattoo on his back, patting it a moment reassuringly before his attention turns to the others a moment and he walks over to start loading Falkirk and some of the supplies onto Roderick’s horse.

Roderick grasps the hilt of his magic sword to see if it has been affected

1:21  (To Roderick): There is a dull feeling, like your hand is numb, but the force is still in the sword. You can’t pinpoint the exact emotion, only that it is there.

Bomrek moves to help gray, sorting through the packs, setting aside the dry packed food that can be left behind. The dwarf makes sure, again, that the gold heap you collected is still safe in a big bag, which he hefts

1:24 Joush M.: Not saying he’s a gold digger. Just that, given the chance, he’d really enjoy digging gold

Syviis Adjeon moves as if in a daze. Stiff limbed and tired looking. She helps where she can, making sure everyone has a day of food and water packed on hand form the stores.

Gray loads much of the remaining supplies onto a frame to carry himself, lashing them to poles.

1:25 Ken (GM): [kind of a skid thing? drags behind you, laden with packs?]

1:25 Joush M.: Strapped to the back rather then dragging. Aiming for Move 3 for the group once we divide things up. He wants to stay under 582 pounds on his back, he has 172 pounds of gear now, so there’s a decent amount of slack there

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks at the tools they have available[Did we have axes? Any trees nearby?]

Roderick has no backpack but his saddlebags have enough provisions for a few more days

1:30 Ken (GM): You have seemed to touch down the mountain in a black wood, so yeah, there are trees down the hillside of rubble, cracked and broken. Theres quite a bit of rubble down to it, but you can source some good wood, I’d think. I recall you packed shovels and such. Was there at least a single axe between y’all ?

1:31 P.P. A.: I’m not sure but didn’t we fell some trees earlier already? when we barricaded the doors of the Dreugar fort?

1:31 Ken (GM): benefiet of the doubt, I’ll say Bomrek packed at least one in that bundle of your ‘tools’ you took

1:32 Joush M.: Thanks, an axe is a really useful camp tool

1:32 Doc: Someone probably has a hatchet at least

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker proposes fashoning a crude wagon with large wooden wheels

Gray nods in agreement. “There’s worth to the idea. I’m no carpenter though, I could not fashion axles or a wheel worth using.”

1:34 Ken (GM): lol

Gray looks to the others, seeing if anyone can handle that part. His own craftsman skills were limited to tying poles and supplies together to carry on his back.

1:34 Roderick: “How much do we truly need to carry?”

1:35 Suðri Skornbrekker: “I would not want to leave the cannons or any firearms behind, but I suppose we could do away with half of our rations.”

1:35 Ken (GM): Youre about 2 or more days hike back to Glardenfen from here, but that’s approximate. [Someone might roll navigaiton (land) to check the GM’s math]

1:35 Gray: “Fourty two pounds of food, weapons, powder, water, Falkirk, Sixteen pounds of oats” Gray makes a quick estimate. Retaining enough food for about a week.

1:36 Roderick:rolling 3d6 vs 12 Navigation(4+6+4)= 14

1:36 P.P. A.: default is INT?

1:36 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 for Land Nav(4+1+2)= 7

1:38 Ken (GM): Hah, So Gray and Rod take a lay of the land, and using Falkirk and Syviis’ maps, re-plot where you landed the mountain.
Seems you landed quite a bit further West, but once you spotted the tar pits on the horizon, you triangulated a bit better

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker tries to understand the method 14v12 IQ
SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker doesn’t really learn how to effectively navigate on land but mentally retraces their route and recognizes some parts of the landscape, so he concludes that Gray is probably right.

1:40 Gray: “It should only be a few days. We will play it safe and retain a week of provisions?”

1:42 Bomrek: “seems reasonable, considering I’m not leaving the good guns behind in hostile territory” he pats the working cannon, and spare muskets bundled in a tarp “We may as well not drag the broken cannon along though. It’s slag until it gets rebuilt anyways”

Gray nods “Care to spike it?” He offers Bomrek a chance to make sure the weapon can’t be captured or used on them, though it seems unlikely anyone in Gorgoth would have the skills to service and repair the weapon. He doesn’t bother torching excess booze and food though.. May as well leave those provisions there, in case they come back or some poor soul needs them.

Bomrek laughs off Gray’s suggestion “If they can get that cannon re-hammered, we deserve to be shot with it”

1:45 Roderick: “I could carry perhaps a musket or two, but not much else. I simply rode in with what I could wear as armor or carry in my saddlebags.”

1:46 Ken (GM): Falkirk will be safest carried on the horseback, tied down. Or on some poor soul’s back.

Roderick would definitely prefer to ride rather than walk

1:47 Gray: “Thank you. I think if we can put Falkirk on your horse that would be best. I’ll carry the tools, food and powder. You could ride double and steady Falkirk, or walk”

1:47 Joush M.: Can everyone make move 3?

1:48 Bomrek: if you leave behind that much? Yeah, with everyone hefting a pack or two. Leaving behind the shovels and such as well?

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks over his backpack’s contents.

1:49 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Only essentials here, but I could use the rope to bundle up some muskets, or to tie a saddlebag to my backpack.”

1:51 Doc: Rod can carry 24 lbs more and still be Move 3, but he’s also not even used to walking at all so he’ll probably bitch a lot

1:51 Joush M.: If we have to drop the tools, yeah those are the first on the chopping block

1:51 Ken (GM): If he rides on Bavieca with Falkirk it should probably gag his whining 😛

1:52 Joush M.: Gray has about.. uh.. 400 more pounds while staying 3+, so they should be fine

1:52 Doc:  >can carry another 400 lbs
you’re a big guy

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker with his backpack is at Heavy encumberance (Move 2.4), but if he’s going to be Heavy anyway he can shoulder another 90 lbs.

1:53 Joush M.: Might make more sense for Gray to take Suori’s backpack then
Yeah, Gray is huge, and has huge lifting ST

1:54 P.P. A.: backpack weighs 43 lbs.

1:54 Ken (GM): yeah he’s like, half a horse
it’s hard to grok, but he can shoulder an immense pile of crap. Assuming you lash bags together

Roderick is less than 0.5 lbs away from Medium encumbrance and can carry another 24 lbs before going Heavy, also he has no backpack

Suðri Skornbrekker could either give Gray his backpack and carry muskets and other stuff instead, or give Grey one item from his backpack, and carry it himself, but nothing else

1:55 Ken (GM): RIGHT So that fixes y’all. I’d suggest eating a meal from the stuff left behind before setting out, but the day awaits!

Gray does just that. He suggest Suðri go with a combat loadout and be ready to fight, and transfer his pack to Gray or the Horse.

1:56 P.P. A.: well
I could be combat-ready with my backpack (minus one item)
but then I couldn’t carry anything other than my usual equipment
(musket, bardiche, never-used falchion)

1:56 Joush M.: That sounds good

Roderick rides Bavieca while keeping an eye on Falkirk

1:56 Ken (GM): GURPS: Oregon trail edition


1:57 Doc: >caulk the wagon and float it

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker leaves behind two flasks of oil
Medium encumbrance, ho!

1:58 Joush M.: Everyone has Drowned. What would you like on your tombstone?

Gray walks, massive boots digging into the broken stone as he climbs from the fallen mountain and down into the half crushed forest, sparing a worried look for Syviss and Falkirk, then scenting the air like an animal and looking around for danger.

Roderick is going to feel incredibly foolish at night when he realizes everybody else has a tent

1:59 Ken (GM): hahah
>huddles with horse, for warmth
>”wtf the beggars make this shit look so easy”
>”they don’t even have pants”

Ken (GM) Bomrek and Syviis clamber down. Ration-fed, and scanning the dusty air for enemies. The air is very still, no sounds but for the occasional falling stone or rush of gravel down the new hillside

2:01 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Wait up.”The canny dwarf realises something “Can we chop off any parts of those dragons and sell them?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Bomrek, expecting him to know the market value of dragon claws and fangs, off-hand

Bomrek scoffs “We’ll, cross that bridge when we get to it Lad; theres gonna be dragon corpses in the woods here, around the fallen mountain”

Gray considers and looks around for fallen dragons as they move. “As long as we don’t spend very long doing it. An hour or two at most”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker nods

Bomrek shrugs, “The last one we boiled and skinned was dead-heavy. I canne think it will be worth trading that weight for my gold, or your water ”

2:04 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Those damn merchants would rip us off anyway,” the dwarf complains, “but eh, if there is a claw loose, might as well cut it off.”

2:04 Doc: tfw Rod has the Finance skill but not the Merchant skill
how to manage money, but not how to make it

2:04 Joush M.: Sounds like family money to me

2:04 Doc: ;_;

2:05 Ken (GM): >”So when the peasants are done mining corn, or whatever it is they do, we take that sum of gold here…”

2:05 Joush M.: He knows how to go from $10,000 to $12,000 in two years, but has no idea how to go from $0 to $10

2:06 Doc: >”mining corn or whatever it is they do”
this is genuinely not far off, he’s pretty autistic about normal people stuff
also he doesn’t really comprehend that $10 is money

2:10 Ken (GM):


2:12 Joush M.: Roderick’s mom is Lucielle: I can’t think of it as anything else now

2:12 Ken (GM): lol

Gray watches for dragons as he marches. “Roderick could use it for a trophy. Something to mark the victory.” The giant brute suggest as he works though the morning forest.

Roderick perks up a bit. “A dragon trophy would be worth at least some renown. Far better than returning completely empty-handed.”

2:13 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We should pick aught that dragons only have one or two of. Eyeballs might not be a good idea, but a specific tooth perhaps.”

Ken (GM) The black stone of the mountain has broken away in sheets and stones, but the mountain fortress is surprisingly intact (due mostly to a soft landing). As you clamber down, you can see above the devastation the dragons wrought before the weapon was used. Smoking ruins of towers far above burn in the morning light, black smoke trailing on high winds.

Down to the forest floor your group makes time well with the help of gravity. Once to the forest floor the dead land meets you like an old friend. Soft gray dusty earth hushes your bootsteps, and dead black trees stretch away in all directions. The dawn breaks way to a ruddy orange light, and the clear skies above are muddied with gray smoke from the ruins around you

2:15 Roderick: “Perhaps we ought to try and find their leader?”

2:15 Ken (GM): You do recall you broke reality to kill him right? There was a hole in time and space when you were finished with him….he was [REDACTED]

2:17 Doc: yeah but the loot

2:17 Ken (GM): lol

2:17 Gray: “I’d like to face him in a place with no magic to aid him, but we have a more pressing mission and our companions to consider.” He clenches a clawed fist. Gray doesn’t look at Syviss but worries for the elf in this magic-less place

Syviis Adjeon hikes along with you, keeping pace. She labors a bit, but clasps to her magic stone like a lifeline. She keeps one hand on her bow and an eye into the woods

2:21 Ken (GM): Its a fiss!

2:22 Fiss: >_< Many apologies my friends. Caught up in Dad/Husband stuff all morning. Anyway. I  LABOURING

Syviis Adjeon puts on a strong face

2:22  (To Fiss): Long story short, youve left a bunch of tools and food behind and are hiking back to Glardenfen. You are personally terrified of starving from mana, but it hits you with HP drain once a day so its a bit like starving.

2:23  (From Syviis Adjeon): 10-4 got it, I’ll read the backlog and play along

Ken (GM) The woods are dead, and full of corpses. The trees died ages ago. The moss and lichen itself is gray, clutching like dead hands to tree limbs. When you come to the first red bloodroot, it lies lifeless in the black dusty earth. The red limbs seeming squeezed of all jices, crushed as if by giant hands. A dark pool of wet earth surrounds it.

2:26 Syviis Adjeon: “How long have we been in the Keep?” She realizes she doesn’t really know and looks slightly worried by the fact, looking to the sky

2:27 Gray: “We were in there about a day and a half” He says in that deep voice, sounding relatively confident of the answer.

Syviis Adjeon nods unsteadily but hopes/accepts the answer “It seemed so much longer…”

2:30 Suðri Skornbrekker: “A lot happened,” the Skornbrekker notes stoically.

2:30 Ken (GM): oh which reminds me guys, Happy anniversary

2:30 Ken (GM): weve been playing Grimwyrd for a YEAR

2:30 P.P. A.: wait what Already?
no way

2:30 Ken (GM): I know, right?

2:32 Gray: ooc Damn! That’s amazeing. Great game Ken, it’s been a heck of a ride

2:33 Ken (GM): pats self on back

2:33 Doc: tfw latecomer

Fiss sends virtual high-five-pat

2:33 Doc: congrats though

P.P. A. thumbs up

2:35 Ken (GM): But anyways, back to the story at hand…


A dead bloodroot at your feet, pressing on North-East to civilization?

2:36 Joush M.: Yep! onward to civilization. Watching out for any easily harvested dragon bits for Rod’s hat

Gray studies the BloodRoot a moment then starts to march again. “Did the lack of magic kill it?”

2:37 Roderick: “It would seem possible that it needs magic like a normal plant needs water.”

2:38 Syviis Adjeon: “It certainly seems like it. The rot and the powers controlled by the Keep must have grown together like a vine and a branch. But the withering…it’s so quick. It’s more like the magic source was…sucked out. Even if they could subsist on water like a regular plant, I think it may have grown too accustomed to the vile fertilizer to survive the shock.”

Ken (GM) The dark forest looms; as Gray treads on leading a winding path between the trees, you see a shape materialize out of the dim morning light. One of the aforementioned dragons! Crashed through the withered canopy, it’s broken form in a crumpled heap.
A heap, the size of an elephant

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker approaches it carefully

Ken (GM) the dragon was MASSIVE, easily forty paces long. It’s hide was a twisted sheet of scales, each ending in a barbed hook. It’s wings were leathery and wide, with horned hooks on the joints. The head, (buried at an obviously broken angle) is a bleeding mess of exposed bone and flesh. it looks as if it’s head exploded from the inside out.

2:43 Ken (GM): [this thing is about four or five times bigger than the one you killed in Glardenfen, way back when]
[Gray would fit in it’s maw]

Syviis Adjeon sighs softly, feeling drained in more ways than one. “Well, I’m glad we didn’t have to fight them individually….”

Gray makes a low sound like a growl and nods in agreement. “Our situation was hopeless. Roderick’s choice saved us, no matter what the consequences were”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, in awe at the sight of the creature.He investigates, if there are any loose fangs or spikes peeking out of the flesh that could be cut off easily?

2:46 Ken (GM): The face is shattered. A bit of prying could net you a tooth the length of your forearm. Hard as steel too. Barbed backs, smooth faces. Nothing this thing bites down on escapes

Suðri Skornbrekker gets out his falchion and works on prying out a tooth, hacking away some flesh if necessary

Roderick helps


2:49 Ken (GM): You notice, the sword doesn’t even chip the bone. but one of the teeth eventually knocks loose, broken at the base

Syviis Adjeon looks it over and grabs scales/smaller teeth, or anything that could be used for her arrowcraft?

Gray watches the dwarf dentistry, studying the size of the monster. “I had no idea they grew this large.”

Bomrek takes a short respite with his pipe. “Ah dinna know they existed until we shot one in the face last month”

2:51 Suðri Skornbrekker: Between shaking at the fang and stemming his legs against a jaw into which he could fit at least twice, he adds: “Likewise.”

Roderick looks for any smaller teeth which could form a matching set for the party

2:51 Ken (GM): The scales are segmented, twisted together like armor. Syviis finds they easily separate from the wounds though, and pries off a bag full. They’re light, but incredibly hard.
The smallest teeth are about a foot long, at the back of the jaw. But there are many to go around 🙂

Syviis Adjeon runs her hands over the wounds and the dragon’s body, seeking something she knows will likely not find, eyes closed, feeling for magic.

2:53 Doc: wew that’s… bigger than I thought

Gray assist with the work, interested in seeing it done quickly

2:54  (To Syviis): Hey guess what; this thing’s soul is gone. No magic, no aura. It barely even feels like flesh

2:54  (From Syviis Adjeon): she is terrified that she guessed that to begin with, but not surprised.

Syviis Adjeon looks up from the corpse and turns to the lifeless trees, finding a spot to keep watch while the salvage continues.

2:55 Roderick: “Perhaps we should take a handful of the scales as keepsakes. Or maybe it would be better not to be reminded of this place.”

2:55 Syviis Adjeon: “I don’t believe I’ll ever forget this place…let’s take what value we can from it.”

2:56 Ken (GM): so, harvesting bits n bites, then soldiering on?

2:56 Doc: ye


2:56 Ken (GM): heh

Gray! Some kind of navigation yo; youre leading the group into the dark woods with your nose, like last time?

2:59 Syviis Adjeon: The elf can also assist, as she has been the map-folk

2:59 Joush M.: Yep, that should work.. Hopefully.
Perception or Navigation roll? We figured out where we were at the start of the day, now just got to hold the course right?

3:00 Ken (GM): your choice; gray can keep the path with either, so pick your higher

3:02 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent. (2+1+1)= 4

3:02 Joush M.: Well damn

3:02 Fiss: YOU ARE GPS

3:02 Syviis: Gray Positioning System

3:03 Ken (GM): hahah!

Gray finds and keeps the path like some manner of savage animal, nose sharp as a bloodhound and  the brute tirelessly breaking a path though the dark forest.


Ken (GM) The morning passes easily, even with the heavy loads. By midday, the Scorned has wound a safe path straight and true, with a comfortable stride for all. Judging by the  thinning of the trees, you’ve made good time North

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks forward to treading on green grass again

3:05  (To Syviis): Even after all these miles, you still dont feel any mana in the air

3:06  (To Roderick): Even after all these miles, you still dont feel any mana in the air

3:06  (From Syviis): she’s worried, but not panicing – mostly because she know it won’t help, but also she knows that most of the wastelands is due to the power and radius of the Keep, and is hoping that a bit of travel will fix that..OR WILL IT DUN DUN DUN

3:07 Ken (GM): so, break for a meal now? or press on?

Gray keeps an eye on the others, calling a rest if they seem to need it and staying alert for dangers, though he relaxes noticeably as they near the edge of the forest. “We could stop here, or try and get clear of the trees.”

Roderick glances at Syviis. “I still don’t feel any mana. How do you fare?”

Syviis swallows back the dryness in her throat and shakes her head sadly.

3:08 Syviis: Survival for camping-site knowledge?

3:09 Ken (GM): Yeah, survival for a suitably useful site, if there is one

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks around for a defensible position that provides some cover

3:09 Syviis: rolling 3d6 vs 13 (5+4+4)= 13
That’s a match unless there are neg modifiers

3:11 Ken (GM): Syviis eventually points out a clearing with some felled trees nearby. Theres a nice high spot for a fire and at least some cover/seating

Suðri Skornbrekker leaves the cooking to the others as he sets down his backpack, gets out his shovel, and digs out a few small sandwalls to crouch behind, perhaps using the felled trees and pushing them around a bit

Ken (GM) you unburden yourselves, and break for a meal. The water is life-givingly refreshing, and you realize how much the dust caked your mouth and throat as you drink.

Bomrek fashions a small cook fire immediately so you can all enjoy some charred bread.

Gray settles in with the others, nodding to them and unloading the pack then looking  around while the food cooks. The beast eats the food on offer and nods his thanks for it.

3:16 Syviis: On the trek through the woods, have we seen ANY signs of life? Even distant/sky stuff?

3:18 Suðri Skornbrekker: “The journey hither was rather barren too, was it not? We did sometimes see birds or game, but not frequently.”

3:19 Gray: “Yes.. it’s brutal country here. Few things can survive in Gorgoth” He agrees with the young dwarf.

3:20 Ken (GM): nothing flies through the air or crawls the earth; much as before, the land of Gorgoth is dead. The bloodroot vines you see are quashed of life. Only lichen moss and mud

3:20 Syviis: “Perhaps I’m just imagining it more lifeless than usual… My opinion of the poisoned land hasn’t changed much, but at least with magic it was alive…even if only a parody of the life we enjoy up North.”

3:21 Ken (GM): [movie map magic!]


3:21 P.P. A.: if that’s what the situation looks like, Suthri would have made a small earthen wall here [indicates on map] about waist-high

3:23 Ken (GM): Hahah, ever the paranoid

3:23 Doc: Aren’t we just stopping for lunch?

3:23 P.P. A.: Wherever I go, I must also dorf
wouldn’t be a work of art, very shoddy work

3:24 Syviis: I think even dwarven sand-castles actually have DR. 😛 I’m sure it will be fine.

Gray settles the massive piles of supplies and prowls around a moment while staying alert, though he expects to find little alive in this ruined and twisted forest.

3:25  (To Gray): Perception!

Suðri Skornbrekker chews on his bread, thinking that it tasted better without all the dead sand between his teeth and the hairs of his beard

3:25 Ken (GM): ewww

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker combs his beard at some point

Syviis eats gratefully, carefully blowing away ash and sand as needed, hoping to keep up her strength the best she can without mana….though her glowing necklace never leaves her free hand as she eats

Roderick eats quietly, recent events having left him more sullen than usual

3:27 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent.(3+4+2)= 9

3:28  (To Gray): You were followed! Something is lumbering up on your trail! Something big! Plodding steps are beating the ground headed closer!

3:29 Ken (GM): Falkirk remains steady and asleep. Bomrek gets him to take some water, and sees about heating up a jerky-stick broth too

Gray steps away a moment and goes silent, gazeing back the way they’ve come. “Something follows. Large, at least as big as a horse.” He draws his sword as he warns the others.

Suðri Skornbrekker stuffs the piece of bread he was finishing between his teeth and gets out his musket

Roderick stands and dons his helmet, wrapping his cloak around his hand and drawing his sword

3:30 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Which direction?!” He picks up his bardiche as well.

Syviis slips an arrow down from her quiver and stands in one smooth move


3:30 Ken (GM): A great broken Giant strides into the clearing edge! He clutches a slung arm to his chest, and has a massive hammer over the other shoulder

3:32 Krall: “YOU!” he bellows breathlessly “BASTARDS!”

Gray points to the massive beast and steps forward. “Pain-Smith.”

3:33 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hate-Smith,” Suðri corrects him

Ken (GM) It is indeed the Black skinned giant who swore fealty to Roderick in the keep; his face is slick with sweat, and his chain armor torn in a dozen places. The arm he holds to his chest is bandaged, a stump where his hand might be!

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sticks his bardiche into the ground to use it as a rest for his barrel, just in case. “What happened to you? Did any dragons get inside ‘ere the lot of them fell?”

3:35 Krall: “END ME YOU COWARDS! FINISH THE JOB!” He screams into the wood, his voice booming in all directions “WHAT AM I NOW BUT SPOILING MEAT!?”

Gray nods to SuĂ°ri, the correction taken well then nodding at the questions before he looks to the giant. “I have no use for your wrath or meat.”


Roderick steps forward and raises a hand. “Was is the dragons or the fall that crippled you so?”

Krall juts his stump of an arm forward “IT WAS YOUR TREACHERY WHAT DID THIS! YOUR HAND O LORD” he inflects in a mocking tone “YOUR DOING! YOUR HAND!”

Bomrek sights on the giant, taking a knee, leveling his gun on the giant’s face

3:40 Gray: “There was no choice, no chance to do anything else. All would have died when the dragons attacked”

3:40 Roderick: “How is it treachery to slay the dragons you could not?”

3:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Roderick did what he could to defend the fortress against the assault it faced from all sides. It lies broken, but unlike the enemy, who is broken also, it may be repaired.”

Krall chuckles to himself “You think we will survive this? ” he sweep his hammer to the dead wood around you “The Horned King will surely ride in now at our moment of weakness. His dragons may be slain, but they are not his only tool to dispose of traitors!” he spits on that word like it was distasteful to speak “Following you was a fools errand, Foul wizard!”

3:44 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Temper your hatred, Hate-Smith! To fling it about raw is befitting of brutes, not masters of their craft.”

Gray considers a moment, then puts his sword away. and stands there. “Nobody promised it would be easy, Giant”

3:44 Suðri Skornbrekker: “You have forged chains that bound demons from beyond this realm, and you cower in fear from some dark lord whose forces fell from the sky like flies?


3:45 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “So repair it! Take back with your own hand and your skill and your might what they have tried to take from you.” He stands firm “Make it better, make it harder, that the next time the dragons come, their fire will do naught! ‘Tis a mighty fortress still, and the land around it is barren and offers no shelter. It fell, but it has not fallen. You are a Hate-Smith! Make it so that when it does fall, it will drag down hundreds, thousands of attackers with it!”

Gray stands there, the beast finding he has little to say here. His attention turns from the giant to hunt for dangers around them, for anything that might use the brute as a distraction to sneak up on them.

3:49 Krall: “I would have JUSTICE DONE and paint the halls with RODERICKS BLOOD”

3:49 Roderick: “Your terms are unacceptable.”

Syviis aims square at the giant’s eye

3:49  (To Gray): You scan the trees, but the horizon seems clear of any but for the giant

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker starts aiming at this point.

3:50 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Dig a moat and fill it with the blood of any besiegers instead, if you have a shred of honour as a guardsman and as a craftsman left in you!”

3:50 Bomrek: “Right, take it down” he mutters (Bomrek is taking a shot, so if anyone wants to react to /that/)


Roderick evaluates the giant in case he charges forward and still lives

3:51 Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(4)7=11

3:51 Roderick:rolling d6+5.5(4)5.5=9.5

3:51 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker:rolling 1d6+5.25(3)5.25=8.25

3:51 Gray:rolling 1d6+7(6)7=13

3:51 Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(3+3+6)= 12 vs Guns(long aim, all out, Skull)
A hit! But does the giant dodge?
rolling 3d6(1+5+6)=12 vs dodge
rolling 3d6 + 1(6+3+1)1= 11 Pi++


Ken(GM) The conversation falls to a quick conclusion; Bomrek fires his musket, and a lead ball slaps into the Giants cheek. A wide welt opens, and Krall falls flat on his back with a thud

Gray frowns, but he doesn’t say more as he watches Bomrek take decisive action. “Your words were reasonable, SuĂ°ri . The ‘man’ wasn’t”

Bomrek wipes the musket barrel clean, and begins cleaning the barrel, whistling a bit to himself as Krall bleeds.

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head. “It was inevitable.”

3:55 Roderick: “Well done, Bomrek. Put him down swiftly.”

3:55 Doc: it is terrifying

Syviis relaxes slightly and lets her arrow drop

3:56 Bomrek: “Neat thing about magic I learnt;  doesnt seem to do too well against bullets to the brain” Bomrek goes back to brewing a jerky broth for Falkirk, setting his rifle to sling

Roderick moves up to investigate the corpse of the fallen Hate-Smith

Syviis covers Roderick as he approaches

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker keeps his musket aimed at the giant, dead as he may or may not be

Ken (GM) The Hate-Smith is bleeding freely from a hole in his face. The back of his head is a mess of broken bone and brains. His leg spasms once

3:57 Joush M.: Humm! I had a lot of fun today. I think I’ve got to head out though, I’ve got something I need to take care of over here. I’ll see you all next week though?

3:57 Fiss: Absolutely. Hopefully with less pre-game travel time for me

3:58 P.P. A.: aye

3:58 Doc: ye

3:58 Ken(GM): sounds good joush!

3:59 P.P. A.: Good session
farewell Krall, may he rest in angery

3:59 Ken (GM): lulz

4:00 Doc: F to pay respects


4:00 Syviis: nods and slides her unspent arrow away
Rest in Anger? 😛

4:00 Ken (GM): 4 xp for everyone certainly!

4:00 Doc: woo

4:00 Ken (GM): I’m still baffled its been a year

4:01 P.P. A.: 31 unspent points :DDD
me too

4:01 Fiss: I think I joined what…April-ish?

4:01 P.P. A.: it felt much shorter

4:02 Doc: I’ve got exactly 25 points, not sure what I should spend it on

4:02 Ken (GM): jesus you guys

4:02 Doc: How fast can he learn to use a musket?

4:03 Ken (GM): hahah well, retcon-powers are always fun. it would be plausible for him to have been familiar with them before, and you just spend points on it now
totally within the realm of possibility at least, musket and pistol

4:05 Doc: I do have things I want to spend my points on but it just hasn’t been long enough in-game for that kind of personal growth imho
like this isn’t going to be where he stops being angry
Maybe he’s seen enough combat to justify Combat Reflexes?
but he also literally fainted after his first combat less than 24 hours ago

4:08 Fiss: I’m thinking Syviis is going to save up some points for some proper magical stuffs…and possibly suffer through mana deficiency and learn to sip it slower. 😛
The latter is situational relevant, but for mage-stuffs she’ll probably have to wait till shes Home.

4:09 P.P. A.: I’m probably going to put a few points into Diplomacy since that’s something SuĂ°ri often ends up attempting/doing even without rolling

4:10 Fiss: Diplomacy is always good.
Saves you from the occasional “I REALLY shouldn’t have said that in Character.” …Well…maybe.


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Grimwyrd: [REDACTED]


[Some personal upheaval put a month hold on the game; Moved to a new place, got a new job, got everything arranged. ]

12:29 Ken (GM): well, so, Where last we left our heroes… a whole bunch of activity had gone on. You guys had struck into the depths of the Midnight keep, below the Ansible Controls,  and run into the Hate-Smith Fire giant Krall as he was clearing out a rookery of the Aven. You had parleyed, and discovered that due to Rod highjacking the wizardly controls, he was now the defacto ruler of this place!
The shadow demons got called off from their hunting, and you got yourselves a feast/audience arranged with the masters of the “Legions of Doom” living in the mountain. The giants were going to go about their orders, clearing out the mountain-keep of the Aven, and you guys headed back into the machine for a nights rest, finally.

The keep is currently on a course headed back to Glardenfen and the alliance army.

Any major housekeeping I’m missing?

12:31 Joush M.: We’d been vaugely planning to rest, eat, sleep, recover. It had been a pretty long day for the crew

Syviis Adjeon tries to remember the last time she slept, but gives up after her memories brush past the third or forth horror.

12:33 Ken (GM): lol yeah you guys powered through the whole of the Dreugar keep in, technically what, a day and a half?

12:33 P.P. A.: might have been less than a day

12:33 Doc: this is my character’s first day

12:33 P.P. A.: to be fair, while we did a lot of things, they wouldn’t have taken much time in-universe

12:34 Joush M.: It’s true

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker sits down to rest a little, but the relaxation that sets in makes it difficult for him to keep his eyes open. He yawns and gets up again, walking around to stave off the sleepiness until the party has set up camp and assigned shifts for the watch.

12:37 Ken (GM): Well, The Raven is certainly going to take the opportunity to tuck in with Gray and go back to being unconscious for awhile. I know Bomrek is gonna go over all his pistols and his gun, to make sure they’re all fine, seeing as he was nearly dead for so long in the Mindflayer cold storage

Roderick is restless, but after a few minutes the fatigue of the day’s events overtakes his need to process them

12:38 Syviis Adjeon: While not particularly needing sleep immediately, Syviis will indeed take some downtime…oh..and she’ll see about if her pendant is recharging in this strange castle…ie…ambient mana.

Gray coordinates with the others to watch, the dark raven that accompanies the bestial man preening it’s feathers, then seeming to fade into shadow and return to being a tattoo on the brute. He isn’t sure if the spellcasters or Bomrek will be up to taking a watch alone, they’ve been though a lot, but worst case he and SuĂ°ri can trade off so there’s always someone awake that hasn’t had that bad a day.

12:40 Ken (GM): Ah! good point. Yes, the crystal is charging up fiss! Concentrating for awhile and holding it reassures you it’s running like a reverse hourglass, trickling in mana1516541989374.jpg

12:41 Syviis Adjeon: [OOC: what is it, 2 points recovery for High Mana areas?]
[or 1 for the night?]
[*might be old rules, let me pull up the magic book]
Low 1 point/week Normal 1 point/day High 1 point/12 hours Very High 1 point/6 hours

12:45 Ken (GM): this feels like High mana so its charging up a point pretty fast. You last used it in a fight with the alien-shadow-demons yeah?

Syviis Adjeon spends a moment during her watch to pull out and examine her necklace. The tiny crystal on the end glows dully, but steadily and she nods, satisfied it is able to imbibe on this castle’s ambiance.

12:48 Syviis Adjeon: [OOC: assuming it’s been 12 hours since the fight, it’s got a point back]

12:49 Ken (GM): mmm, eldritch evil mana
so tasty

12:49 Fiss: Considering the Elf is ALSO technically powered by Mana…. 😛

12:51 P.P. A.: Never trust wizards, never trust elves


12:51 P.P. A.: even on the off-chance that they are not evil they will just absorb atmospheric magic evil
*around elves, watch yourselves


12:52 Fiss: DUN DUN DUNNN

Ken (GM) The weariness of the day overtakes you all; the long terrifying fights. The horrible creatures. The horrors of battle and magic. Demons. Raw flesh. Pestilence. Dark magic. Your  friend falkirk, lost to the darkness. Your ally Bomrek, nearly taken the same but recovered. Tentacled horrors found and dispatched. Armies of slaves discovered and released. Mind bending powers of teleportation, bound beings of elemental fire, giants, birdmen…and good old gnolls.

Today has been taxing

12:53 Ken (GM): But the sweet caresses of night falls around you. The weariness leaves you as your eyes close, your mind wanders back into itself, the bliss of nothingness floating about you. The jagged edges of the awake times falling back into the soft velvety ichor of sleep…
you drift…
you fall softly…

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker ‘s last thought before drifting off is ‘I hope this otherwordly abomination doesn’t send nightmares into my head’

12:55 Ken (GM): funny you should mention that…

12:56  (To Roderick): Your deep sleep is broken by visions of HELLFIRE and DRAGONS!

12:57 Doc: whatever happens next is SuĂ°ri’s fault

12:57 Fiss: Agreed lol

12:58 Joush M.: We all blame SuĂ°ri

12:58 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13(5+2+6)=13

12:58  (To Roderick): The visions are alien, too fast and too disconnected to make much sense to your sleeping mind. You wake up, screaming about fire and fang!

Ken (GM) Roderick wakes, screaming, gibbering about hellfire and dragons!

Suðri Skornbrekker has the perk Deep Sleeper and is only lightly disturbed in his sleep by this, but turns around and stays in dreamland

1:00 P.P. A.: unless he screams REALLY loud?

1:02 Ken (GM): [fuck this, imma sleep now]

Roderick grips his head and reminds himself that he was asleep but is now awake

1:03  (To Roderick): Your head clears, and you’re back to the world of the living. You have a persisting…buzzing in your ear you don’t quite understand, but the dream visions come back to you. Thanks to your editic memory, you start piecing them together in a logical order

1:03 Gray: “Calmly now. No need to wake the others.” He speaks softly in a low, powerful voice as he sits near the door, watching for trouble with the sword nearby. Understandable to have troubled dreams after the day you’ve suffered.

1:04  (To Roderick): The keep is under attack…by dragons breathing flame…dozens of them. Black thorny scaled things. At their head is a man covered in pale white skin and glowing red rune-shaped scars. They flew at the keep out of the dawn sunlight, and are breaching the mountain wherever they can!

1:04  (To Roderick): The…Keep?… sent you visions while you sleep!

1:05  (From Roderick): Any idea who the man leading them is?

1:09  (To Roderick): Youve never seen him before, but again, you have a had clear view of him. No hair on his head, or his body really. He was wearing black robes that billowed out, showing the red runes up and down his arms and chest. He lead the dragon charge, but seemed to be riding a massive black horse with raven wings…and it also had fire in it’s mouth!


Ken (GM) the room trembles with a distant thunder. From deep within the walls a rumbling jolts the room.

1:10 Gray: “A storm outside?”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker mumbles something and scratches his beard, but isn’t really woken up either

Syviis Adjeon cocks her head, looking to the air, trying to sense if it’s a thundercloud…or something else

Roderick: What color remained in Roderick’s face drains from it as the walls shake. He stands and grips his sword. “No dream, a vision. Dragons attacking. Make ready for battle!”

1:13  (To Syviis Adjeon): Certainly not a thunderstorm. The skies are clear and the storms are far and away from here…

1:13 Gray: “Blight and damnation.” He says softly, grabbing his gear and readying. Pulling armor on with haste and looking to the others, calling over. “Time to earn our pay, SuĂ°ri. On your feet!”

Syviis Adjeon turns to Roderick and nods. “I believe you…that’s certainly not a storm!”

Suðri Skornbrekker rolls over and finally opens his eyes, if just a little: “Mhmwhat, huh?”

1:14 Bomrek: “Oh well, dragons you say” he says sarcastically, strapping on his pistols “We’ve killed one of those before…no trouble”

1:14 Syviis Adjeon: SUITING UP MONTAGE


The Ansible of Souls.jpg

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around: “Whuh, dragons?” He sits up as his mind shakes off the sleepiness and processes the word. “Dragons?!”

Roderick quickly dons his brigandine and helmet, thankful to have chosen such simple armor

1:15 Syviis Adjeon: Of course there are Dragons. As inevitable as Dungeons, it seems… 😛

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly dons his armour and inspects his weapons, albeit interrupted by a few yawns. “The cannon is still jammed, is it not?”

1:16 Bomrek: “What wizard bullshit is this then Rod? how do you know its dragons?”

Gray looks to the second gun then nods to SuĂ°ri. “No chance to fix it. I think we intended to in the morning.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker tries to remember if the other cannon was still loaded, and what with.

1:17 Syviis Adjeon: “I’m slightly less concerned about Dragons, and more concerned that Dragons are attacking a giant flying fortress with intent. Exactly what did you see in your vision?”

1:17 Roderick: “They were in the vision which woke me before the rumbling started. Dozens of them, led by a pale man clad in black robes and red runes.”

1:18 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker stops what he’s doing, and asks Rod carefully “Did your vision include any large, fire-breathing, flying steeds?”

Roderick nods at SuĂ°ri. “It did. The man was riding it.”

1:18 Syviis Adjeon: “I never thought I’d be glad to hear the Dragons were being ordered or controlled…at least they aren’t hunting castles for sport.” She laughs nervously

1:20 Ken(GM): [one cannon borked from the squib, other one is loaded with grapeshot, never fired]

Gray nods grimly, considering the rune marked man and checking what equipment he has. “We should go to the upper floor. The controls and windows.”

Syviis Adjeon nods as well

1:21 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Tch, we should have shot him back when he stood before us to deliver his ominous warning.” Suðri Skornbrekker doubts the grapeshot will do an awful lot against the dragons, but motions Bomrek or Grey to help him carry it upstairs.

1:21 Roderick: “If we make it out of this, you’ll have to teach me to use those muskets of yours, or at least how to load them for you.”

1:22 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “When we’ve made it out of this, sure,” the dwarf replies with a confident grin.

1:22 Ken (GM): [movie magic drags your troupe to the control room]

Ken (GM) outside the cathedral-high windows of the helm, the sky is awash in red. The dawn’s glory is rising up over the blasted wasteland below, reflecting off misty land and showering into the room. Sweeping into view past the windows, circling the keep in a flight, are dragons.

Gray walks to the windows, staring out into the dark and rubbing a hand across his jaw. “Many of them”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker approaches the windows to try and assess their thickness.

1:25  (To Suðri Skornbrekker): Thick, but still breakable. Very clear glass, leaded panes. You could bash out individual panels with anything, without difficulty.

1:25 Syviis Adjeon: “I think I’m going to need more arrows…”



Roderick steps up to the console and readies himself to take the controls

1:27  (To Roderick): Many little warning lights floating about the console, dancing up and down in the orrery of floating orbs. Lots of reds, oranges and other angry colors

1:27 Roderick: “I expect my spells and sword to be useless in this fight, but I may be able to help from here.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker does not expect the windows to hold. He positions the cannon near the middle of the floor so that it can turn and fire at any one of the windows, and he assembles the muskets next to it.

1:28 Gray: “I expect the true foe is the man marked with runes. Where will we find him?” He ask as he looks for the rider.

Bomrek sets about helping Suðri setup to defend the room, getting all the loot in one easily reached heap, if required

1:30 Ken (GM): Gray Perception check!

1:30 Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception (3+1+2)= 6

1:30 Ken (GM): GODDAMN

1:30 Syviis Adjeon: Nice!

1:31 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Our best bet will be to shoot whatever enters the castle the moment it comes through these windows; unless we can get a clear shot at the gloomy fellow in red.”

1:31  (To Gray): You scan the skies, tracking the flying beasts and looking for your quarry. You find him, his mound flying in a slow arc through the sunlight. The profile of his steed different enough to spot in the skies against the dragons.

1:31 Roderick: “I don’t suppose anyone here can fly?”

Syviis Adjeon chuckles.

1:32 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “I never tried, and I cannot say I’m eager to.”

Gray points out a figure among the company, one on a dragon unlike the others. “There.. There he is, like you said Roderick. On his horse” He says in that deep voice.

Ken (GM) Another booming explosion shudders through the mountainside, and an accompanying plume of smoke and fire gouts into view, sending debris off to the edge of the keep!

1:34  (To Roderick): the controls are steady, but when you grasp them a hundred little points of energy leap into your mind, dozens of alarms sounding at once. The buzzing in your ears becomes more insistent, like a whispering voice speaking in a foreign tongue

Ken (GM) the keening shrill screech of the dragons echoes on the flying mountainside. Their metallic howls cutting through even the thick walls and windows, sending your bones on edge, just as before!

Roderick examines the controls to see if there are any defensive weapons he can use without blowing up the party9d84965d3f0a9f6ed21b44557146d986


1:39 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Does that mean you have any relations to the man outside, or the beasts he commands?” hE asks without particular enthusiasm, but if IT is going to talk anyway, it should at least say something interesting



1:40 Gray: “I hate that damn thing.” He says as he stands by the window, watching the storm lash them. “We need to do something soon, if those attacks are damaging the castle” He keeps his eye on the flying hooded man while he waits.

1:40  (To Roderick): IQ based pilot roll!

Ken(GM) *ominous faraway explosion noises*.
*Rockslide down the nearby mountainside*

1:41 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs12(5+6+4)= 15

1:41 Suðri Skornbrekker: “We could take out a window pane and shoot at them, but we are not like to hit anything. Any ideas to lure one of them inside?”

1:42 Roderick: rolling 3d6 gonna use luck on that one(6+6+1)= 13

rolling 3d6 pls(6+3+6)= 15

1:42 P.P. A.: wew

1:42 Doc: f

1:42 P.P. A.: It was not meant to be

1:44 Ken(GM): ffff hilarious

1:44 Doc: At least I only failed by 1!

1:45  (To Roderick): You use your wizard senses on the controls, probing them for anything useful. It’s a tangle of magical threads, confusing because of all the alarms. There is a big obvious button available, under a lock. It seems to be the only obvious [weapon] you find in there

1:47 Roderick: “Shooting at them may lure them to us.”

1:48 Ken (GM): [wat dooo]

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker gets one of the lighter muskets and walks to the window. “Bomrek, come. Let’s shoot a dragon out of the sky.”

1:49 Syviis Adjeon: “Can the windows be lowered through your commands?”

1:50 Gray: “A door to the outer battlements would be good too. At least if the dragons try to enter from underneath the giants will fight them.. unless they turn traitor already”

1:52  (To Roderick): Theres nothing so sophisticated as ‘power window controls” here. Just the big [navigation] console, and the big [weapon] button…

1:52 Syviis Adjeon: Aye, I’d rather trust our own skills than the bloodthirst of fairweather allies.”

1:53 Roderick: “If such controls exist, I can’t find them. Only how to steer it and… The Weapon.

1:55 Syviis Adjeon: “Then l let’s search for a balcony. Surely the designers of this keep had need for fresh air?”

1:57 Roderick: “I wouldn’t be so certain.”

1:57 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…try ‘The Weapon’ if you will, but I’d rather rely on my own.” He hesitates a moment, but finally knocks a small panel out of the window with the butt of his musket.

Syviis Adjeon considers it for a moment then nods.

Gray watches SuĂ°ri , curious to see if that will work.

Suðri Skornbrekker rests the barrel on the intact parts of the window and aims into the darkness, waiting for a suitable target to pass through the sights.

1:59 Syviis Adjeon: Best test it now, I suppose…

Ken (GM) Whistling wind twists into the room from SuĂ°ri’s makeshift musket rest. As the cold clear air flies through the room, Roderick presses his hand into the controls, arming THE WEAPON

2:00 Fiss: THE WEAPON ™

2:01 Gray: “Ready; If this lures them the dragons may smash though the windows in turn.”

Ken (GM) Another altogether different rumbling begins, deep within the keep. Behind the controls, the runes of power surrounding IT begin to twist impossibly along the stone, crawling as if themselves animate.

Syviis Adjeon watches with grim fascination at the mechanics of the place

2:01  (To Roderick): As THE WEAPON powers up, the control you activated grasps back onto you. You feel it implore to you, to see through your eyes. Do you allow it?

Suðri Skornbrekker ignores the goings-on behind his back and stares out into the dawn, hoping that the biggest threat lies outside and not with whatever Roderick just did.

Ken (GM) The tingle of magic in the air surges, and you feel your skin crawl with the POWER this entire place exudes. Slithering along you like a living thing. It’s cloying touch leaves inky marks on your souls

2:04  (From Roderick): I’m gonna try to fight that…

2:04 Roderick: (To GM) preemtpively rolling 3d6 vs 13 Will (3+6+5)= 14

Gray growls faintly at that feeling, a shudder running down his spine and hand tightening on the sword. “I hope it feels as unpleasant to the people it’s attacking”

Syviis Adjeon tries not to shiver in disgust…not really noticing if she succeeds of fails

2:05  (To Roderick): The controls push on you, and you try to resist, but they crawl along your magical veins. You feel them slither up to your eyes. Your view is cloudy, then it shifts… to something else entirely. Youre not seeing the control room anymore. Youre seeing… everything around the Keep of Midnight!

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker [gets angry about magic but suppresses his anger]

2:06  (To Roderick): And you’re not seeing with light anymore… you’re seeing magic! You can see the bright red points of light flitting up and down the keep. The little black ones crawling up and down inside it. And deep on the footings, the base, you see yourself (your body!) , right beside the dark magical heart of the machine

2:06 Doc: fug :DDDDDD

Ken (GM) outside, the tone shifts. The flying shapes dip as THE WEAPON powers up; each and every dragon flutters in the sky, but they right themselves after a few heartbeats. The sunlight, the red brilliant dawn, dims. Blackness begins to crawl in from the corners of the universe. Slithering tendrils of night seem to press in from the right angles of reality

2:08  (To Roderick): One thought presses in from THE WEAPON

2:08  (To Roderick): WHO?!

Suðri Skornbrekker yells angrily: “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO?!” He is additionally upset that the light which would have helped him aim is gone again.


Roderick focuses his thoughts on the pale man leading the charge


2:09 Gray: “The last time this device fired it turned Gorgoth into a hellscape” He observes as he stands by, scowling at the darkness. “This is likely unwise… but I don’t know what choice we have”

2:10 Doc: 4772795__e188297988ce060ed77289f0d306731a

Suðri Skornbrekker hopes he at least gets to shoot down a dragon before he meets his end along with the surrounding 50 miles

Ken(GM) A sound rises up from the bottom of the world, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. As it rises to a crescendo, your bones vibrate and your brains shiver, and the world twists to the left a quarter turn. Reality weeps, and light retreats from all places. A single fleshy tendril of nothingness reaches out and the [REDACTED] is no more.

Relief washes over you as the world colors itself real again around you. You realize you’ve been screaming. Your ears are bleeding.

Ken (GM) Behind the controls, IT has turned away, the flesh eyes closed, and no longer probing at the edges of it’s cage. Retreated.

Ken (GM) Outside, in the dawn, the dragons fall from the sky like stones. They tumble lifeless, falling to the earth.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker looks outside, making sure the world above and below them is still intact.

2:14 Ken (GM): Directly in front of the flying fortress, a hole in the sky shows an infinite blackness beyond that gapes like an unrelenting maw of hatred. Slowly, it begins to crawl closed, the edges of the world stitching themselves around it.

Gray pants like a beast, gasping to drag in breath as blood trickles, dark and rich and swiftly stopping as his eyes catch the light and fangs shine, for a moment just a feral beast after the horrors then shaking it off, spitting out some blood and saliva onto polished stone before he calls over to Roderick. “You did what you had to do. Without killing the rest of us. I hope it didn’t cost you too dearly.. Come on. Just a bit more. Close that..” He lets out a breath. “No more empty night staring back at us from a wound in the sky.”

Suðri Skornbrekker lowers his musket and sits down for a moment, catching his breath and ordering this thoughts, scrambled as they are by the incomprehensible horrors he has seen.


Ken (GM) A single loud clarion note starts blaring from the console beside rod. At the same time, the floor dips sharply out from beneath you.

2:16  (To Roderick): The Keep is losing power and cannot continue to stay aloft!

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker stops catching his breath as the fortress plummets.

Gray looks over to see if Roderick’s still alive.

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker gets up and likewise tries to walk over to Roderick

2:18 Ken (GM): [Rod appears to still be alive ;P ]

2:18  (To Syviis): The magic is gone! Everywhere aorund you. Just…dead. No mana!

Roderick struggles to keep hits wits (such as they are) about him and keep the descent from becoming a crash!


2:19 Ken (GM): Piloting rooooooooll!

2:19 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 11(1+1+1)=3

2:19 Doc: YOOOOO

2:19 Ken (GM): DAMN SON

2:19 P.P. A.: >


Ken (GM) The alarm continues to squeal as the mountain drops; shuddering stone rumbles and metal screams around you as Roderick hauls back on the controls, deftly twisting his hands in arcane motions on the floating orbs of magic. As the horizon rises up to meet you at an alarming rate, the literal mountain of the earth you are flying atop slows down. As gently as it can, the great behemoth bumps into the ground. You’re tossed a bit on your feet, but it is a miraculously soft landing.

Ken (GM) As the mountain slams home, the control lights all die out, guttering. The runes along the walls slither into darkness as well. IT slides from view, back from the invisible prison.

2:23  (To Roderick): Roll PER+2 for me

2:24 Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 15 (2+6+6)= 14

Suðri Skornbrekker waits until everything has calmed down, then stomps up the rest of the stairs.

2:24  (To Roderick): Once the controls power down you realize…theres no magic in the air. The Mana is gone from this place.

2:25  (To Syviis): And just a reminder, you will slowly starve and die without magic

Gray braces himself and waits, then lets out a breath as the great bulk settles into the ground without shattering… watching the lights fade and fail and the strange creature slide from view. He nods. “Well done, Roderick. We could not have survived if the dragons had aggressively attacked”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker jabs his finger at Roderick’s chest: “Now litsen up; right now, I want to shoot you,” he turns around and points into the darkness where IT lies slumbering, “I want to shoot that thing, and I want to blow up this whole godforsaken castle!”

2:26 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “But by Urist rocks’s, those were a LOT of damned dragons, and I’m mad you saved our asses by breaking reality.”
“I am angry now.” Suðri Skornbrekker stomps off to vent his anger and drink alcohol.

Gray nods in agreement with SuĂ°ri

2:27 Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 (Bad Temper) (1+4+4)= 9

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker didn’t see how many where were exactly, but the number that dropped out of the sky was a good deal higher than he expected

Roderick stands silent and motionless, staring at the controls “Gone…”

2:29 Syviis Adjeon: “Roderick…where did the magic go?”

2:30 Roderick: “It’s gone.”

2:31 Gray: “I don’t mind you speaking in riddles, but once you’ve composed yourself I’d like it if you could explain what happened in a manner I can understand.” He grabs a bottle of amber liquid, walking to Roderick and opening it, offering him the whisky.

2:31 Ken (GM): 1ijcih.jpg

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker has been chugging down some spirits too, and calmed his spirit in turn.

Roderick walks away from the controls and heads back to the magic chamber where they had spent the night

Ken (GM) the shadowy veil over the stairs is gone. The stairs simply end in a blank wall of stone now

Gray looks at the blank wall, then to Roderick. “That explanation?”

Syviis Adjeon sighs and walks over to the busted out window. “I never thought I’d be so happy to not feel magic in the air…though I must admit it is a bit worrisome.”

2:37 Roderick: “The magic is spent. Or the creature was released.”

Suðri Skornbrekker joins Syviis: “Does that mean that monster has exhausted its power, or is it gone?”

2:39 Syviis Adjeon: “I don’t know…” She pulls out the Key stone and checks it over

2:39 Gray: “Let’s hope it was the first. If it’s simply discharged and drained all power around to fire that terrible weapon this thing might recover enough for us to deliver it to someone that knows what they are doing.”

2:41 Roderick: “If not… I don’t know what I’ll do. This was my chance.”

2:41  (To Syviis): The keystone is cold and powerless to your touch. You feel no channel to anything greater through it. Like an empty vessel.

2:42 Bomrek: “Rod, were you going to bootstrap a kingdom to a flying elven death fortress?”

2:42 Syviis Adjeon: “Looks like the portals are going to be useless as well.”

Syviis Adjeon gasps in realization!

2:43 Syviis Adjeon: “Check on the Physician…”

2:43 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “…meaning that, if we want to get out of here, we will have to ask the Hate-smith to show us the way to the back-door.”

SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker oh right! Falkirk!falkirk

Ken (GM) Falkirk is cool to the touch, but breathing shallow. He has a bit more color in his cheeks than he did last you saw. And no deathly magical power about him now.

Syviis Adjeon breathes a long sigh of relief. “I worried whatever was severed might have also cut what little is still linked to his body…perhaps this is the one blessing we can hope to get from this all, that the power has retreated he might be closer to life again.”

Gray nods to Syviss, relaxing noticeably and looking to her, then to the physician. “I’m glad for that at least. We have quite a bit of other things to worry about, but this is not all bad.”

Syviis Adjeon grins and nods. “Indeed. Though I wonder why the weapon took out its toll on the keep as well as the dragons…it seems strange that it would be so self-destructive.”

2:51 Roderick: “Perhaps I just failed to control it.”

2:51 Ken (GM): ‘a sword cuts both ways’

2:52 Gray: “You did as well as anyone has. This thing killed a country the last time someone used it”

Syviis Adjeon looks to Rod “Maybe, but then I wonder how final this void of magic is…will this Keep sit dormant until another demon or outsider can be ensnared to power it? Will it bait a creature in by offering it’s very void? Or…have we accidentally succeeded in destroying the very thing we came here for?”

2:54 Suðri Skornbrekker: “Aye, sorry for the outburst before. What you did might have been stupid, but it was also the best and only option we had.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks towards the window. “The sun is shining still, and there was solid ground to land on. Could have been worse.”

2:54 Roderick: “I’d rather have died than failed this mission.”

2:55 Ken (GM): :O

2:56 Syviis Adjeon: “I’d rather you’d live, personally. All of you. Even though I know we’d each give our lives for this cause…”

2:57 Gray: “We don’t know yet, Roderick. Let’s assess the situation and see if we can find a way onto the surface of this rock for a look around. If our attack didn’t kill that Lord of Night we may be under attack soon.”

2:57 SuĂ°ri Skornbrekker: “It’s too early to say we’ve failed, too. Who knows? Give it some time and we might hear pleas to be set free and reunited with the flesh again.”

Syviis Adjeon smiles nervously “And won’t that be nice?”

Gray searches for a way out of the room that doesn’t involve shattering the windows.

Ken (GM) outside the broken panes of glass, the dim light of dawn has begun to creep through the mists and rubble-smoke of your landing. From your vantage point, the cloying tendrils of fog and dust are settling as the morning light breaks through. The blackened woods and gray dusty dunes stretch away to the East, toward the sun. In the distance, far on the horizon, a mountain range cuts a jagged line the sun creeps over.

Ken (GM) For now, it seems, the room is otherwise sealed. The arcane mechanics and runes of the Ansible retreat into the walls, and on the other side of the room, the windows stretch. No other doors in or out exist in here.


3:03 Fiss: *gents, I’m afraid I must be off to do Dad things. The Daddening awaits.

3:05 P.P. A.: You must secure the existence of your people and a future for your children, after all. ’tis fine

3:05 Joush M.: Should we call it a day for now? We managed a helluva session at least.

3:05 Ken (GM): Actually, you guys wanna halt it here for the week? Safe to say you guys have a way out into the world via the windows, and such

3:06 P.P. A.: It’s a good place to end the session

3:06 Doc: Yeah. Better not to end it on too much of a cliffhanger

3:07 Ken (GM): take 4 points, the lot of you, for showing up on such short notice and giving us three hours of awesome but yeah, next week, “Escape from the Ansible!”

3:08 P.P. A.: \o/

3:08 Doc: woo

3:08 Fiss: Hehe. Later folks!

3:08 Doc: o/

3:08 P.P. A.: Till next week o/

3:08 Joush M.: This week: Doc breaks the damn thing
Take care! See ya next week

3:09  (To Doc): Dont worry, Rod will get a kingdom eventually 😛

3:09  (From Doc): he’s just being a big baby

3:10  (To Doc): Hah, I thought as much. I only had like, a 1% riding on ‘docs gonna kill me for this’

3:11  (From Doc): I’ve gotten into the mindset with Rod that I want to see where his story goes, rather than being invested in it having a happy ending

3:12  (To Doc): *fingerguns* have I got good news for you then!

3:12  (From Doc): :DDDDDDDDD

3:12 Ken (GM): See you next week; time to go change diapers!

3:12 Doc: Hopefully not yours o/

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