Grimwyrd: Grim Trail

[So by this point the players have levelled up and spent a copious amount of backlogged XP earned in the game; In particular, Suðri has invested heavily in his dwarven paladin armor as a source for Modular Abilities (physical only) that are little constructs of his metal hide. A few moments of focus and he can reshape them, but he’s doubling down on the ability to pull rabbits-out-of-hats with his new Power. He embraced it with a solid 50 spare points from unspent XP in the last few weeks of play, so the narrative adaptation to the new armor fit with the sudden burst of ability. It was also lots of fun to detail, out of game.

Joush explored a new Alternate Form ability for Gray with his spirit elemental, Memory, and it is explored a bit below. It does get some spotlight but I lament, it got so little focus 
by the end of this game, it is my one regret about Grimwyrd. 
(A lycanthropic wereman going feral in the middle of big showpiece battles? How could I mess that one up?!)

Roderick focused on leveling up core skills, alongside Bomrek and Syviis, and all of them saw a bit of a ‘bump up’ around this time in the game -Ken]

Fiss: rolling 1d20 ( 1 ) = 1
P.P. A.: Was Hoddleton there before?
Ken (GM): woop woop
Fiss: Sup all my bad hombres?
Joush M.: Getting caffinated

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes, the next obstacle had thrown itself in their path; a mighty storm churns over the town of Academ, and in it’s black clouds, elemental green lightning dances ruinous!

The Quicksilver spirit is secure, guarded by a handful of scouts (with orders not to draw near). The great crystalline growths abated. Your army is secure on the road, having traveled on without you, they stood back from the town while the elemental hazard gathered. Your communion with the Silver-seeking-powers showed you a vision of a great evil there; another of Jadeite’s minions, performing great acts of profanity

Ken (GM): [so youve had a short ride to camp and set out, with an assumption of about an hour’s downtime organizing your men and checking on things. The storm swirls, but does not advance, the obviously magical black thunderheads blasting the city with lime green lightning bursts]
[the last consensus was get your men secure and then head in to face the wizard, yeah?]

Suðri Skornbrekker took a nap on a cart to recover a few more FP so he doesn’t keel over as soon as he exerts himself the next time
P.P. A.: although that won’t be possible if we alone ride to the town on horseback and leave our entourage with the carts behind
but yeah, basically
Ken (GM): [an hours rest at least, to catch wind back, makes sense]
Joush M.: ((Sounds good to me))
Syviis: I believe an hour covers Syviis’ rest-up so yeah, she’s cool
Doc: That’ll bring Rod’s FP back up as well
Bomrek’ll find a comfortable position and probably smoke a pipe, drink a bit of water, wishing it were grog instead.

Ken (GM): good good; so youre taking a breather, getting some water and a quick bite…

The dwarven captain has your men in order so far, they’re keeping rank, staying alert, ready to go. But the shamans are spooked and take a word with Syviis direct about things
(To Syviis): Mostly theyre concerned with the spirits they sense in the storm, how theyve been bent to foul works.
(To Roderick): Nothing to report about the journey; your men are taking orders well, “might even be real soldiers one day”
(To Gray): Memory is relieved to be safe from the void; she recovers from her panic and apologizes for the loss of control there. Had you not broken the void-gate immediately she feared she would have been sucked in and consumed…

(From Syviis): I’ll do my best to relay some past experiences, at how we’ve met angry spirits, elementals, and souls powering these terrible machanations and powers before – and that it is important we focus not on their total destruction, but instead, their release from the darkness. That the spirits will return to their own selves once they are free of the magics being used. We are performing a Jail-Break more than a Cleansing. 🙂
(To Syviis):
nice; they’re relieved to hear it. They will focus then on keeping the errant spirits at bay and ‘hold down the mystical fort’ over the army. Quite an easier task than facing lightning serpents without you…

Gray pulls an oilcloth cloak close and watches the coming storm, speaking quietly to the night and rubbing a hand across a tattoo on his arm. “It scared me too. Such reckless embrace of the dark here.. and more ahead. Are you ready for another fight?”

Suðri Skornbrekker stretches. “I’m rested and ready!” Suðri gets up and is about to mount his horse, but takes a look first if there aren’t any spare weapons or other spare metal ‘lying around’
Ken (GM): [Suðri certainly finds some scrap to lug about; there was a standing order to the men, to collect some for you after you got your Gizmo power]
Suðri Skornbrekker scoops some up and takes it with him as he mounts his horse. If he gets hungry.

Bomrek blows a few wispy shoots of smoke down toward the ground. “As ready as I can be. I’d feel more ready with a hundred cannon, ready to soften the enemy before we even march in.” he finishes his sentence in murmurs.

Roderick: “Even a hundred muskets would be welcome,” Roderick adds.

Syviis finishes prepping her arrows, whispering prayers of hope that each one makes the world a little less dark, then nods resolutely.

Gray nods to the others and checks his equipment, a pair of blades slung and ready, dagger. He feels half naked without the shield but shakes off those thoughts, touching a place where he used to keep a mask and wondering when he lost that. The Scorned nodding to the others. “Look on the bright side, the magic they call may have killed them by the time we get there. We might just have to clean up Horrors and Deamons.”
Syviis smiles at Gray “Always the optimist…”
(To Gray): Oh derp; the mask
(To Gray): Totally meant to touch on that. Memory presents it to you, the token of the greater spirits she parleys with in the Aether. They have been grateful and their token will allow you to tap into your more primal powers.

Bomrek: “The fools, that may very well be true.” Bomrek taps his pipe clear and puts it away swiftly, not carelessly, and makes his way up and onto his horse.
Roderick: “If only our foes could be trusted to stay dead.”

Gray looks thoughtful as he takes something from his pack, unwrapping midnight black velvet from around smooth, well polished wood and looking down at a mask a moment before he chuckles. “That’s our job then. To help them with that.” His eyes go from the mask to the pyre, some glowing coals remaining of the fire that burned the fallen respectfully to ash.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’ve given up on trying to think in terms of ‘dead’ or ‘alive’, personally. Either they are already dead and we have to kill them anyway, or their bodies die and a demon is born, or what have you. ‘There’ and ‘gone’ is more practical at this point.”
Bomrek nods to Suðri , and adds in Dwarvish “[I’m just glad this blight is happening here, in the Human lands. Better a fire in your neighbor’s store room than yours, aye?]
Suðri Skornbrekker replies in Dwarven: “[I doubt it is limited to these lands. The mountianhomes might be spared for now, but if this taint isn’t stopped, it will probably envelop the whole world.]

Witchblade style-dorf

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Whats your ‘default setting’ on your modular power gonna be then? some Extra armor? Extra move?
(From P.P. A.): some extra armour would make the sense for a default, I guess
(To P.P. A.): Passive defense; very dorfy to turtle up 🙂

Gray doesn’t wear the new mask, not quite yet, instead strapping it down at his chest over his heart where it’s in easy reach. The brute gesturing to the storm. “We wouldn’t want to keep them waiting, would we?
Syviis: “Any plans? I can try to get whatever powers are in the storm to focus on me like back in the tinderbox town?” Syviis taps her elven elder staff against her forehead gently, pondering if it would be ideal… or terrible… to invite that much power down with it.
Gray: “Not yet. If we get closer we should have a better understanding of what they are doing. Reaching into that storm would risk too much until we know more.” He seems to agree with Syviis’ idea, though, the beast is always conservative and careful when it’s his friends at stake.

Ken (GM) The storm ahead rumbles on; every few moments another thunderbolt tearing a green flaming hole in another part of town…

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I assume he won’t be alone, and that he won’t die if we kill him.”
Syviis: “We need not kill every vile thing in the grand multiverse… only send them back where they belong.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ah, I rather meant that we need to be prepared to shoot him again quickly after we’ve hit and killed him once.”
Syviis: “Well… yeah… I think the tentacles exploding out of someone is pretty much a cheap trick by now” laughs
Gray: “Bound in chains and circled in salt will serve if they want to surrender. Let’s go.”

Ken (GM) Syviis speaks with her mystics; the priests of the spirits confer with her and leave with obvious relief and hope on their faces. The scorned and elves mingle among the troops, making sweeping signs of their rites, a kind of elation spreading throughout the men in their passing. They feel more secure, protected now.

Syviis commands the priests and mystics in the group, to take up spots among the soldiers – “…we are all to fight together, to guard each other, to show our solidarity….”

(To Roderick): Anything extra you wanted to get up to as well?
(From Roderick): Nope, nothing outlandish; just making sure the troops are handled and his FP is recovered. The basics.

Ken (GM) Bavieca takes up Roderick easily, the mighty mount unfazed by the horrors he faces alongside his master

Ken (GM) The dwarves mount their steeds, the Magitek armory box hovering alongside their elemental-crystal armor-clad forms.

Ken (GM) the Sergeant salutes you as you ride out; your musketmen a wary line watching you approach the storm.

Suðri Skornbrekker returns the salute.

Ken (GM) The storm rages as you ride up. Like many impossible things you have seen before, this continues to astound; the wind and water swirl ahead in a fine wall, ending abruptly on the road ahead in a line. The fallow fields along the highway have creeks bursting with fresh stormwaters, backing up along the road like a new marsh, but the skies directly above are clear and cool. The sun shines in an odd rainbow, distorted by the magical maelstrom.
As you approach, the lightning rages, striking rooftop and steeple, the skyline ahead awash with rain and conflagration. Spot fires of lime green demon-fire burn, the waters not containing them. A goodly amount of Academ is already in ruins, blown apart by the wind and lightning and ceaseless storm. The churning cloud wall slithers with the serpentine forms of the storm elementals above

Ken (GM) the most uncanny thing; the roadway is clear into the center of town. The road switches back and forth a bit, but the rubble all seems to have blasted away from the cobblestones. A very inviting path seems open to you in the wet town…

Suðri Skornbrekker furrows his brows and clutches his weapon; such wanton destruction and death!

(To Syviis): You feel and see the magic here, there is a very definite wall of effect containing the storm, and the elementals are contained within it. They are bound by rings of some kind of magic, like collars or chains. As you ride into view, they become clearer to your eye. There is a demonic influence about them, all right

Syviis smiles and points up at the storm raging in front of them

(To Roderick): Perception + magic talent roll plx
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 16 ( 3 + 5 + 3 ) = 11

(To Roderick): Youre quite sure, the circular wall of the storm is related to the ritual that binds it. Basic thaumaturgy: Everything tends to work in circles and spheres

Syviis: “The Storm itself is bound… another tool… with terrible powers and purpose, but in chains like so many of our foes. We need only bring freedom to it. Don’t lose faith or hope.”
(To Syviis): You feel and see the magic here, there is a very definite wall of effect containing the storm, and the elementals are within it. There is a perceptible presence of magic here, radiating louder than the winds blow. There is a demonic influence about the elementals, all right, and it seems to be binding them somehow

Bomrek gawks up at the huge swirling mass, cursing the color green somewhere in the back of his mind.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “So they enslave even the elements; pah! What foul pride, to think they can make the whole world their enemy and get away with it!”

Gray watches the storm, cloak drawn close and the massive scorned still scowling at the sheer intensity of the storm, watching the road and instantly thinking of a trap before the eleven woman’s gesture draws his attention. Turning to see what she’s pointing to. “If we break the tethers the storm will disperse?”
Syviis nods at Gray “When we find the slave masters holding the chains, we will free much of the danger and let it return to the world as natural energy.” laughs “It might rain a bit harder but I suspect they won’t want to send lightning our way out of spite.”

(To Gray): You can see, the invisible aetheric spirits are caught up in an invisible wind as well; the storm swirls and drags them along like flotsam and jetsam, but they are free to fly mere feet from the edge of the storm

Ken (GM): [unlike last time, when you shot it in the face to shoo it away :P]
Syviis: [Well, it wasn’t behaving… lol]
Gray: “Right.. Makes sense. Let’s go hunt our slave-masters. Memory, you’d best stay with me. The storm binds and tosses spirits as easily as it does anything else.”
Memory takes little urging to hide away among Gray’s tribal marks. She disappears into the aether

Gray: “Do we take the road or crawl amid the ruins to advance? The road feels too easy. Like a trap”
Roderick takes care to note his horse’s reaction to the storm. The last thing he needs is for his mount to panic.
Bomrek: “An Ambush in ruins is all the more deadly, though.” Bomrek says, eyes still glancing toward the storm above them.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “They are usually too full of themselves to set traps; this seems more like a ‘come and get me’ kind of thing; but you can never be too cautious.”
Ken (GM) Bavieca is nonplussed; she seems interested in the tasty wet grass nearby, but responds lightly to the reins.
Syviis: How wide is the ‘invitation’ path? Can we enter the town spread out? or is it indeed a killing-canyon?

Ken (GM) the path ahead is as wide as the roadway; a highway through town, its wide enough for two or three carts to pass easily. The buildings facing it all seem to have collapsed away from it, inwards.
Ken (GM): tactics roll?
or a parallel kind of check?
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Tactics ( 5 + 5 + 2 ) = 12
Syviis: rolling 3d6 vs 10 Tactics ( 2 + 3 + 4 ) = 9
[yes, Syviis has Tactics…wow]

(To Roderick): Considering the foes you have faced before; single pompous demonic wizard types, this is much more likely to be an invitation than a trap….
(To Syviis): Considering the foes you have faced before; single pompous demonic wizard types, this is much more likely to be an invitation than a trap….

Syviis looks at the path onward and nods

Ken (GM) KRAKOOOOM A burst of power flies down, slams into a building in town, and the rooftop erupts into the licking flames of hellfire…

Syviis: “This is a challenge. An invitation. They are showing off, not setting a trap.” turns to the others “Unless, of course, this is something ‘new’…” Syviis
shrugs, puts away her bow and arrows (knowing they can be out in a moment anyway) and steps forward.

Suðri Skornbrekker keeps his eyes on his surroundings and his hands on his weapons, and advances cautiously.

Gray: “Right.. Damn, with the storm chained to strike the town the ruins are hazard enough to convince me to take up their gauntlet. Down the road to face them” He joins Suðri, walking with the dwarven man and his sharp senses reaching out to find any ambush before they walk into it.

Bomrek has his musket in place and ready, keeping a little bit of distance between him and the front of the line, ready to take a few shots.

Ken (GM) thunder rumbles and the air quakes… but the winds twist and tumble away from you. The rains abate. The roadways clears and the maelstrom parts before you. Like curtains drawn from a stage, the worst of the driving rain falls back and the path into town drizzles clear and calm by comparison

Ken (GM) rapid fire! BOOM BOOM BOOM

Ken (GM) Lightning flashes quickly, three times, three dagger-points of the storm, reaching for the center of town!
(To Roderick): The academy of wizards. The middle of town, you recall

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I loathe to admit, but this is rather theatrical.”
Bomrek: “Evil is rarely pragmatic” Bomrek says quietly
Roderick: “The center of town will be our goal. The academy itself.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, ’tis usually ‘Muahaha, look at how evil I am’ or ‘free me or join me or die!’ or somesuch; this is… not tasteful, given all the destruction around us, but it’s… carefully constructed, I suppose.”
Gray: “Humm..” He nods, watching the wicked, emerald lightning lash the city as rain drips from his cloak, advancing down the road with a feeling of inevitability. “They call out to us. Summon us. Challenge us… we shall make them regret it.”
Suðri Skornbrekker holds his musket in one hand and his bardiche in the other. Such thunderous welcome ought to be returned in kind.

Ken (GM) You stalk into town, and Academ echoes with the power above and around you. The wet stones underfoot glisten with rain and the creak and grumble of the devastation mixes into the hush of the wind and rain.

You notice something easily; there is nobody else here.
No wounded, dead, or refugee. No hidden voices, no hiding huddled masses. The town twinkles with the remnants of the crystal thing you banished, and the hauntingly empty ruins are topped with spikes of shattered remains. But you are alone.

The road twists and turns a bit, one avenue completely blocked but a clear path turning round it. You see it is a kind of display; trees ripped up from gardened blocks, uprooted and slammed into the buildings behind them. The road in front, untouched, barely wet as you pass.

Gray looks at the spikes. It’s new and different. The heavy boots thumping on the road, walking forward, prowling. Advanceing into the stage the magic has set for them.

Bomrek: “Where are the people, the corpses?” Bomrek says, peering through bits of rubble and over mounds of brick, whenever possible.

Ken (GM) as you walk on through to the middle of town, those empty buildings pass by; built by men and mages, smooth wizard stone and timber beam. The whole place looks like the victim of a titanic rage. A barely contained fury of spite.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks around, barely daring to; all those buildings, the fruit of much arduous labour and love, homes and hearths, wasted for the momentary glory of wicked men. His heart aches, and he trembles with anger. “Yea, their absence is strange,” he notes in passing. “…I fear my hope is futile that they escaped the city, and that we are not greeted with some gruesome sight at the end of this road.”

(From Doc): this is where Rod learned magic, yeah?
(To Roderick): Some of your youth spent here yeah; most practical teaching starts in Academ, moves on to the university in Greyhold after aptitude is gauged. You got your elements down, the basics of your studies, here

Roderick remains coldly silent as they march through the wreckage of his memories, trying not to think too hard about anything except the task at hand.
(To Roderick): Hopefully you don’t find anyone you knew. Dead or alive…

Syviis watches for the telltale spike of magic power on the ground… and is interested if the storm is running ‘chains’ to a point or many points here with the ground?
(To Syviis): The storm above is a swirl of energy, but it follows very definite paths, almost like a triskelion. The ‘center’ of it is ahead, where Rod leads. Theres definitely a thing there projecting to the storm above. A central Axis

Gray shakes off the impulse to be impressed by the power of the chained storm and the way they guide it around the path, the beast loping forward. “Tell me if you see the tethers we need to destroy. I don’t know I’d recognize them.”
Syviis: “The patterns of the storm lead us forward….everything stems from the same point. Rod is on the right path”

(To Roderick): As you ride closer, you get the distinct feeling of a faraway whisper, like a voice yelling across a great distance. Your experience with the Fae sword and other things tells you this voice is inside your head
(From Doc): is it intelligible?

(To Roderick): You focus on it, letting Bacvieca ride on, looking inward. The voice grows somewhat louder, but you can still barely hear it. It sounds like a voice you knew, from a long time ago. Like the memory of a friend long forgotten…

Ken (GM) As the path leads on , the devastation lessens some. Here, only specific buildings seems destroyed. A home here burned to ashes and rubble, but the neighbors untouched. The spikes of the clear crystal are fragmented here and seem broken off from everything, like an odd frosted coating of gemstone.
The road narrows, and you see the spire of a tall temple or library ahead. The eye of the storm looms directly above

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I guess we have arrived…”

Bomrek takes a moment to check doors, see if they’re unlocked, and peek inside. Completely desolate and empty, or are there some hidden villagers in here?

Ken (GM) Checking a few doors, Bomrek knocks loose some rubble and opens a nearby door, somewhat intact. The house is in disarray; the insides a shambles as if a riot broke loose inside. Crystal lies in broken heaps inside… and is stained with red. Smears of blood lead back to the doorway, like bodies were dragged through a butchery…
Syviis sighs grimly
Bomrek shakes his head from side to side, and doesn’t give any more mention to the scene, continuing on instead.

Ken (GM) the path twists again toward the building, through a narrower thoroughfare. The stones here are unmistakably blood-soaked, despite the rain, and marked with other signs of violence
Ken (GM): [map magic, top right/center]

Suðri Skornbrekker notes the blood on the ground: “I wish we did not have to see what I fear we are about to see. Let us avenge these poor souls, friends.”

Ken (GM) the road leads to a kind of commons or square; a stockade is scorched with brimstone black. A building behind it charred out. To either side, the homes are untouched, but shuttered and quiet.

Gray advances, walking forward and drawing one sword, then the other. “Nothing to it but to see what waits for us now.”

Ken (GM) round the bend is a scene of terrible carnage; bodies lie askew in blasts of fire and smoking rubble. Horrible bubbling foreign earth pushes up through the stones, soaked in red blood, the trail leading up to a large stone building with a gaping mouth of an entryway. The battlefield of dead still trembles as crawling among them are ghoulish forms, feasting on dead flesh and bodies
Doc: [wew wtf my connection died for a few minutes and suddenly there’s blood everywhere]
Ken (GM): lol
Suðri Skornbrekker cringes
Ken (GM): [~yep, thats map magic!~]
P.P. A.: yea Doc everyone died

Gray knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant, but even he finds himself shocked by the horrors here, growling as he touches that mask. Stern and resolved, he lifts it and settles it over his features before taking up the sword again. “Ghouls. Careful, the last ones we fought were dangerously flammable.”

Ken (GM) the crunch and crackle of the ghouls is audible from a distance, as they snap bone and limb to reach fresh blood and meat. Their gray skin is smeared with red, even in the rain

(To Roderick): The voice is calling for you, louder now, more distinct “Help! Please! I need you! I’m trapped here!”

they feast

Syviis dismounts and readies her bow and arrow “I guess the magical light show will have to wait until after the re-killing.”
Suðri Skornbrekker dismounts as well. “I hope we needn’t waste much ammunition on these.”
Syviis: “Cleansing the land of these poor creatures is never a waste of ammo.” Begins aiming
Gray walks forward. “Come die, monsters!”
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 3 )+7 = 10
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 6 + 2 + 3 ) = 11
Ken (GM): Gray takes the surprise round!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+1+6,25 ( 4 )+1+6 = 11
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 1 )+7 = 8
Roderick does not dismount
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 4 )+6+1 = 11
Ken (GM): Bomrek! rolling 1d6+7.5 ( 3 )+7.5 = 10.5

Ken (GM) Your party lunges forth like the battle hardened maniacs you are!

Ken (GM) You have the surprise! The ghouls preoccupied with their meal!
Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!
Suðri Skornbrekker moves to get a good aim!
Suðri Skornbrekker spends the rest of his turn finding a gap to stick his bardiche into
Ken (GM): thunk

Roderick moves forward
Doc: top speed in one round is… 8?
Ken (GM): [rotates horsie]
[9 if loaded down to medium]
[there? or sharper turn?]
[we can nudge if need be]
Doc: (yeah that’s good)

Ken(GM): GRAY!
Gray advances at a run, ready to sprint next turn and the heavy footfalls of the towering beastman echoing as he stalks forward with swords ready

Gray runs forward, haveing previously jumped the gun before Doc was done
Ken (GM): [madness]
Move 8 now, right?
Joush M.: Move 6 right now, given the armor and equipment on board. Move 8 if he had no armor, move 16 if he’d been in monster form.. humm.. should’ve used the mask

Ken(GM) Bomrek! Armed with his dwarven death pistols, he marches grimly through the rain!
the armory box hovering close
Bomrek: Yup, that’s about where I was going to put it~
Ken (GM): ayyyy
pistols? [i assumed multiple shots = more better]
Bomrek: (We need to invent Dwarven Gatorade so Bomrek can fire these things using FP, and not have to worry about sleeping for hours afterward)
Ken (GM): lol
[you have a box of blood-fueled powerstones. Those might help :P]

Syviis: How far is the nearest meatgoul?
Ken (GM): 12 or 13 hexes
Syviis: Okey, do I have a clear shot?
Ken (GM): to the one on the left!
and then the ones behind him, 20 yards out
Syviis: Deal. 2 1FP Lightinin arrows ready
I’ll go for the longer range one.
Trusting Rod and Gray to nuke the nearer ones.
Ken (GM): kk
first shot!
Syviis: -6 range, -3 Vitals ++3 Archerfuckery + Aiming… how long did I have?
Ken (GM): a round
Syviis: So basically… don’t crit fail.
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 2 + 1 ) = 7
That would be a hit.
Ken (GM): they are surprised, so yeah, damage!
Syviis: arrow: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 )+2 = 7
Ken (GM): O.o
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + ( 1 ) = 1
Hahhaaha, and 1 pt lighting to the vitals
Ken (GM): thwip

Ken (GM) the arrow sinks in and it’s heart bursts into fire!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 3 + 1 + 5 ) = 9 HT vs Fragile(explosive/combustible)
it doesnt explode! but it expires!
Syviis: Cool. Is that a 2nd one right next to him? 😛
Ken (GM): yus
Syviis: Cool. Same thing then. Assuming I only get the aiming bonus on the first shot/target, target roll is 15
Ken (GM): kk
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 4 + 4 ) = 11
Ken (GM): hit! damorge!
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 2 )+2 = 4
rolling 1d6 + ( 1 ) = 1
Ken (GM): jfc
Syviis: Damn, lightning sucks lately, lol
Still, thats 5 to vitals
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 3 + 3 + 2 ) = 8
yeah he collapses and burns, but doesnt quite erupt
Syviis: I guess that’s okay… 😛

Ken (GM) the Ghouls turn, aghast at your charge! There is a HOWL
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6+6 ( 4 )+6 = 10 initiative

Suðri Skornbrekker takes aim at the vitals of the large ghoul in the middle.
Ken (GM): kk, aiman!

Roderick rides in and slashes at the nearest ghoul, keeping to the edges of the fight
Ken (GM): [I have nudged token controls, you should have the horse under your power too now]
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to hit ( 5 + 3 + 1 ) = 9
Ken (GM): choo choo! all aboard the ‘fuck you’ train!
Doc: so how does the height advantage work? ghoul is at a defense penalty?
Ken (GM): you get a +1 flat to hit for height! so 9 vs 15 for you!
Ken (GM) the ghoul opts not to dodge against a modified 5 (-2 stun, -2 runaround)
Ken (GM) The blade bites deep!
Ken (GM): Damage!
Roderick: rolling d6+5 ( 3 )+5 = 8 Cut
Ken (GM) the blade bites deep! The ghoul expires! (12 wounds, no DR)

Gray charges and attempts to Slam the enemy, intending to knock them down and break them!
Ken (GM): to hit!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 for Slam ( 2 + 4 + 6 ) = 12
Ken (GM): WHAM
Joush M.: no dodge right?
Ken (GM): nope, back hex, etc
Gray: rolling 3d6 for Slam damage (speed 7, HP 20, Hard) ( 3 + 3 + 2 ) = 8
Ken (GM): 😮
oh right, doubled for a push tho?
Gray hits hard enough his own bones nearly crack under the impact. He will feel that for an hour or two and the pain only seems to spur him on.
Ken (GM): oh shit
like a slam but without shield
Joush M.: Gray takes 4 from his own slam, but Ghoul takes (8-DR) and needs to roll to avoid knockdown. (I think that’s right, anyway)
Ken (GM): hmm, I get a seperate calculation; ghoul HP, total velocity 7 vs you. So I roll 1d
rolling 1d6 ghoul bump ( 1 ) = 1
rolling 3d6 vs 11 knockdown ( 6 + 6 + 2 ) = 14
Doc: rip
Ken (GM) the ghoul goes flying, squealing, and tumbles. Broken
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 major wound ( 1 + 2 + 6 ) = 9
Ken (GM) it whimpers!
(To Gray): from here, you can smell the building is a den of rot and evil. the howling and barking of the ghouls has awoken some number of voices inside as well!

Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek: Wew
Bomrek’ll take one step ahead, and then fire a shot off at the enemy near the corpse
Riiight, here [points]
Ken (GM): 15 hex shot! pew pew!
Bomrek: What’s the penalty?
Ken (GM): -5 !
Bomrek: I need.. a 12 or less!
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 4 + 3 ) = 12
Ken (GM): pakew!
Bomrek: No dodge then?
Ken (GM): back shot, you’re clear for damage!
Bomrek: rolling 4d6 ( 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 ) = 14 burn
Ken (GM) the ghoul erupts, like kindling, the volatile body a gout of flame, then nothing but bones
P.P. A.: fug 😀
hey Rod wanna play with fire

Ken (GM) a HORDE of the ghouls erupts from the doorway, howling and gibbering!

[GM add like, twenty tokens to the map out of the doorway of the building]

Ken (GM): One leaps for gray!
Bomrek: Ho-lee-crap
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 14 brawling bite/leap torso ( 5 + 1 + 6 ) = 12
gray! defend?
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to parry ( 6 + 3 + 5 ) = 14
Joush M.: Nope. Fuck
Gray snarls, nearly intercepting one with a sword but his timing missed, the beast growling as the ghouls swarm.
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 bite! ( 5 ) = 5
Ken (GM) the ghoul latches down with big fugging teefs, fangs crunching into metal and leather!
Ken (GM) it holds on!
Ken (GM): some kind of super awkward grapple with the face!

Syviis: Going to try to light them up a few rows behind Gray, do I have a shot at any of them or should I get moving?
Ken (GM): clearest shot is the ones in front
first two on the left side
including mr.bite-grapple
Syviis: How much of a penalty to hit one or two back in the middle of the crowd?
Ken (GM): -4 per rank, its steep
Syviis: OK, going for 4 FP 1 rank in. Target to hit will be 15 again
rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 4 + 6 ) = 11
(From Syviis): this will be my last round, sorr man!
(To Syviis): No worries mang, sorry for dithering

Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 9 dodge! ( 4 + 6 + 6 ) = 16
damorge to mr potentially explosive?
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 )+2 = 7
Syviis: rolling 4d6 + ( 6 + 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 20
You’ve been….THUNDA STRUCK
FFS thats a lot of burning
okay HT roll
rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 2 + 3 + 3 ) = 8
and vs immediate death
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 11 ( 4 + 4 + 2 ) = 10
okay then, nothing too bad there
last shot?
(To Fiss): Sorry, taking your last shot assuming you afk’d
Ken (GM): assuming AFK fiss? gonna take another shot VS 19 at the closer/easier
rolling 3d6 vs19 ( 4 + 6 + 4 ) = 14
rolling 3d6 vs 9 ghoul dodge ( 6 + 4 + 5 ) = 15
rolling 1d6+1d6 arrow / fire ( 4 )+( 6 ) = 10
Skornbrekker! top of the round!

(To Roderick): HELP ME! The voice pleads, louder here, you can’t pinpoint the source, but its close

Suðri Skornbrekker shoots at the big ghoul next to Gray, aiming for the vitals!
Suðri Skornbrekker: [8v12]
Ken (GM): nice
rolling 3d6 vs 7 grapple/dodge ( 3 + 6 + 2 ) = 11
HIT pew pew
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 4d6+2 ( 3 + 1 + 2 + 4 )+2 = 12 Pi++
Ken (GM): NANI?! (regular musket damage!?)
P.P. A.: (aye, pi++)
Ken (GM) flesh parts and the body breaks! The grappler is shot off Gray!
Suðri Skornbrekker enjoys the whiff of burnt gunpowder.
Ken (GM): [so fresh and so clean!]
P.P. A.: Cover up the smell of dead civilians with the smell of death to your enemies
Ken (GM): Roderick!
(To Roderick): You can see from this angle on your steed, there are even MORE behind them! A dozen at least in the entrance-way!
Roderick rides closer and unleashes a gout of flame into the doorway
Ken (GM): yeah, youre good just about anywhere
Joush M.: AoE dude getting a perfect target. Do it
Doc: haha FUG
Ken (GM): ?
Doc: this is probably close enough, what’s the move and attack penalty?
Ken (GM): riiight
-2 unless your bulk is worse (I dont think it is)
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 1 + 5 + 4 ) = 10
rolling 4d6 burning/fwoosh damage ( 4 + 5 + 1 + 5 ) = 15 Burn


Ken (GM) There is a SERIES of WHUMP-BOOM noises
and a lot of screaming
Bomrek: (fwoosh~)

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray shakes off the dazzling afterimages of the intense flames and spares a heartbeat to nod in Suðri’s direction when the ghoul is shot off of him before turning on the others, slashing with that massive sword. (At the one still standing as he steps forward.)
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 2 + 2 + 2 ) = 6
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 3 + 4 + 6 )+2 = 15 Cut
Ken (GM): 6!
Joush M.: Critical vs standing one. Stab with the other sword at the one that is down
Ken (GM) the Ogre blade flares with Green flame; The sword swings true and two ghouls drop from the sword stroke. One in twain, the other aflame and crumbling
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 for Thrusting Broadsword. ( 1 + 5 + 6 ) = 12
rolling 1d6+4 for IMP damage from broadsword thrust ( 4 )+4 = 8
Joush M.: (OOh, neat crit effect)
Gray flicks his wrist and looks around, seeing if there’s more to kill
Joush M.: (Of course, the unneeded roll was good)

Ken (GM) the square is now quiet but for the rain and sizzle. Magic clings to the air like smoke, but the enemy has been routed, charred, and broken
Inside the building, the darkness reigns…
The sky rumbles, but does not rage

(To Roderick): You think you saw something in the afterimage of the flames of your attack. Something big, pink, and fleshy, lit for only a moment, but with a hundred eyes to reflect the light

Gray howls like some beast behind his mask and calls out. “Come face us! We are out of ghouls to kill!”

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly reloads his musket.
P.P. A.: assuming we’re out of combat-time

Bomrek reloads his pistols as well, assuming there’s time.
Ken (GM): [yus, imminent threat passed
Joush M.: Next Wave Begins in 30..29..
Ken (GM) Gray lurches for more targets, here and there a moment, but everything is unmoving, dead and re-dead

Bomrek jogs up to the battle, keeping an eye out for more of these things

Ken (GM) the smell of carnage rises from the stones now. The bodies of the ghouls like ephemeral alcohol and rot mingled into a heady stink atop the blood and fire

(To Gray): inside the building, you hear the thrum of magic, and feel the tingle of it emanating from the open doorway

Suðri Skornbrekker tries not to tread on too much gore

Syviis stalks, breathing heavy but in control, eyes wild with excitement

Gray looks around a moment from behind the Warden’s mask, eyes flashing, deep, rough voice rumbling. “Inside. There’s some magic working inside.” He gestures to the building. “And well fought.. Roderick, you did brilliantly!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I concur; you even put our rifles to shame there.”
Syviis nods with Gray “Yes, be careful, its the focus of the storm, likely”
Bomrek makes his way over the slippery blood, closer to Gray. “Aye, the fire gout helped.”
Roderick nods curtly, squinting as he tries to look down the hallway through the smoke.
(To Roderick ): You see in the room, lit by candlelight of glowing runes, a slowly swirling lump of spherical flesh….taller than even Gray


Gray crushes bone to dust under his boot as he walks forward over the bodies of dead ghouls. “We come to cast you back into the darkness”
Bomrek: (eyeball smoothie)
Suðri Skornbrekker peers inside, past Grey; he swaps his musket for his laser-rifle.

IT swirls into view; lit from below in near-darkness, only the glow of blue and yellow magic about it.
As your eyes adjust, the horrifying lump of flesh becomes clearer; the room once some sort of temple or library, now, shattered and scarred with magic and combat.

Bomrek clambers onto and over some corpses, and peers in at the eye. He points his pistol at it and holds it there. “Is it… a creature? or some sort of portal?”

Ken (GM) the pillars hold up a vaulted ceiling. Runes in a circle on the floor empowering something containing IT. The eyes following you each, twisted pupils of every kind you’ve seen, and many you wish you hadn’t.

Suðri Skornbrekker advances slowly, a steady aim on the abomination
“Where did the man we saw go? though?
“Wait, why am I asking that?”
Suðri Skornbrekker quiets down and concentrates, trying to locate the nearest silver sword with Quicksilver’s power
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The wizard is in torturous pain, agonized. He clutches the silver sword, swirling in a tempest of electricity, unable to die. Gutteral laughter nearby. He is deeper inside, through the veil
Suðri Skornbrekker staggers. “What the—”



Gray: “Magic binds it. Another circle filled with evil to power evil.” He snarls behind the mask, looking around and putting away one sword then the other. “Do we smash the pillars? Or banish the boil of corruption some other way?”

Bomrek turns to Suðri, concerned, and then looks back at Syviis, questioning.

Ken (GM) the four pillars mark the outside of the circle. Behind IT though, is an archway with a pale golden veil across it, misty and wafting. Like a gateway…. but part of the circle?

Syviis: “IT is trapped, don’t worry. I can see the circle of power has it contained. Much like at the Ansible….”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks slightly pale, but the weapon in his clutches helps him recover. “…how are we going to get that sword out of… ugh, there?” He asks himself.
Syviis: “Roderick, I dont understand the fifth pillar, the circle is weird, isn’t it?”
Suðri Skornbrekker steps inside
Roderick dismounts and approaches
Bomrek: “Did you bring a fishing pole, Suðri?” Bomrek comments, walking in slowly.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I thought you would be one to prefer blast fishing, Bomrek,” the dwarf replies with a chuckle.
Gray: “The wizards that made this are idiots, but they didn’t do this with total foolishness. This arrangement is also made to drive the filth back out after they are done stealing it’s power. We find the way to Banish it, then collect what we need”
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13 thaumatology? ( 2 + 3 + 2 ) = 7
(To Roderick): The whole affair, seems to be set up around a series of pillars of power and the Gate is acting as one. Like…they’re tapping into some far-off place and using it as another fundamental block. Holding up the spell with something very, very unstable…
(To Roderick): Gray’s theory might be true. You’re no gate-wizard, but they might have the whole thing setup like a kind of box-spring trap, siphoning the entity off if the circle breaks…regardless, they worked into the whole storm-spell a working Gate. It goes somewhere else, and something there is part of the spell.

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to avoid eye contact with IT
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You recall how the feeling of slithering flesh caught you up last time you encountered IT. Here, the armor seems to deflect a bit of IT’s presence
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): Suðri
quietly thanks his trusty crusty ally

Gray walks forward, searching the room. Looking for anything that looks magical and controllable about this place.
(To Gray): The walls and floor are decorated with runes and sigils, and patterns with precious metals worked in. The whole place seems to tingle with magic, but you don’t see any spirits here, just mortal human magic workings. Aside from the pillars and the circle and IT, there is the portal with golden veil.
Gray looks around. “Roderick and Syviis might be able to make sense of this, but it’s meaningless to me.”

Ken (GM): [oh balls, 4 o clock]
[good place to leave you guys pondering and speculating?]
Bomrek: (yee)
Adolf S.: I’ve gotta go get rid of a bunch of old crab anyway
Ken (GM): oh lord that must smell
Adolf S.: I hope not, but will prepare for the worst.
Joush M.: Sounds good to me. I’m going to try not to contemplate old crab Ken (GM) next week! What machinations have the wizards of jadeite done now?
Adolf S.: kill all wizards
Ken (GM): 4xp for our heroes! and the possibility of CHAOS with IT
P.P. A.: o ok
P.P. A.: something evil to do with demons, probably
P.P. A.: Thanks for the Dynasty Warriors session!
Doc: lel
Ken (GM): I always aim to oblige for CARNAGE AND MADNESS
send me a discord ping if ya need anything
Doc: thanks for the game

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Grimwyrd: Impossible Elements

Ken (GM): alrighty ya silly gits…where was we.?
oh yeah, gunpoint diplomacy with a demon
P.P. A.: The best kind of diplomacy.
It’s very straightforward because the cards are on the table already

[Author’s Aside: You will notice today a lot more transparent rolling from the GM with descriptors on the rolls as they are being rolled by NPCs ; a bit of ‘in front of the screen’ rolling with the players was done this session, with the exact values rolled against not obfuscated.

It’s a bit jarring to see, but it becomes very apparent very quickly to affect “in-character-knowledge” and “out-of-character-knowledge” -Ken]

Gray stands at the end of the hall watching the daemon and knight, the beast of a man studying the creature thoughtfully as if he’s seen her before. Trying to tell if it’s the same one they fought in the ruined shrine in the South.

Suðri Skornbrekker glances at the snake-demon. The memories of Syviis at the brink of death arouse anger in him, but that must wait. He has made his ultimatum to the wizard-man—he lays down his armor, and they may leave; and a Dwarf stands by his word.

Ken (GM) The Marilith’s scales shimmer in the grey light of the portal; the swirling mists of the gate glow across the room, shining over the silver armor of the mage as well. His luminous blue cloak of mist clouding the details of his face, but not his unmistakable surprise at the demonic transformation of the elf. She coils, poised to strike in any of six ways, bulging with taught muscle and savage features

The Blue Wizard steps away from her, hands still raised, glancing back and forth between her and your group. He raises his voice, and shouts “I’m not with her!”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Whatever…” Suðri grumbles. “Lay down your armor made of the Crystal’s silver!” he repeats his demand, “and you may go—or run, if you prefer.”

Gray: “Why the deception? Who is this man that you were concealing your nature from him?”

Suðri Skornbrekker had aimed for the Blue Wizard’s face, but now shifts his aim to the demon, which seems more prudent.

The Marilith turns, shifting in response to the dwarven guns, a massive scimitar poised to skewer the blue knight
P.P. A.: Now THIS is gunpoint diplomacy
“He was a means to an end” she hisses, her unnatural voice seeming to twist out of her like a cacophony of hissing snakes “The wizards of Greyhold are still required by Jadeite; as delicious as they may be”

Syviis scoffs at the Mexican Standoff, wondering if there are tacos in GURPS
Doc: >roll to check for doves

Gray: “Why aid the usurper?” His voice rough and deep, the beast watching as she holds the man at sword-point. “What are you attempting to do?”

The Marilith laughs, a weird clucking throaty noise: “You still can’t tell? We’re using him. Jadeite has no idea the power of Darkness he’s unleashed”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “How long as this been going on; and how did your people contact him before the war with the South? Through the dark Elves of Gorgoth?”
The Marilith’s grin spreads wide “Jadeite contacted US; he bartered souls and lives like they were endless, promised us a harvest that would stain the lands black and red…”
She shivers in apparent delight, grinning widely “But you, oh, you HEROES did the greatest work. You broke the Veil with the Ansible. Tossed it aside like nothing. Glorious CHAOS in your wake” The Marilith shudders, whipping her tail; she drools, excited

Suðri Skornbrekker grinds his teeth, a mix of anger and shame swirling inside him, but he tries to suppress his feelings and stay resolved. “I hope you will return Jadeite’s hospitality, then, when we send him to your realm soon.”
Gray: “You know we will put it right. The usurper will die and your kind will be banished.” Gray says in that rough voice, nodding to Suðri with that same grim resolve. “There’s a reckoning coming”
Roderick: “And on that note…” Roderick mutters, glancing at the dwarf with the musket.

[Bomrek’s player, Adolph, makes a rare appearance! Entering Stage Right as if on cue -Ken]

(To Bomrek): Youve had a gun trained on her for a few minutes of parley
(To Bomrek): Aim++ etc.

Suðri Skornbrekker glances over at the wizard. He returns his eyes and aim to the Marilith, and speaks: “It would seem your companion might have second thoughts about returning with you. To slay you here and now might be worth the sacrifice,” (he lies, for ’tis now how he feels), “but as we are all reasonable people, how about you retreat through the portal and leave the man here. That way, nobody here will have to die… today.”

The Marilith considers, tilting her head, weighing a mace over the blue wizard’s skull”But… glorious savagery is so delightful

Syviis: “How many of your eyes do you enjoy using, Marilith?” smiles. “Out of curiosity…”

Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 4 )+7 = 11
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 2 )+6+1 = 9
The Marilith: rolling 1d6+8 ( 3 )+8 = 11
Syviis: Tch…
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6.25+1 ( 6 )+6.25+1 = 13.25
Bomrek: rolling 1d6+5.5+1 ( 4 )+5.5+1 = 10.5
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 5 )+7 = 12
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 5 + 5 + 5 ) = 15

Ken (GM): Skornbrekker see’s the movement! Poised to strike!
P.P. A.: I think it’s fair to say that he’s been aiming at her for a few seconds now
Ken (GM): Yeah, minutes worth
P.P. A.: 22 hexes, lemme check… -7

Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t hesitate, and pulls the trigger, gunning for her head! He knows not if that is enough to kill her, but it should at least give the wizard a moment to escape. [17v13]
P.P. A.: aand Luck
Ken (GM): yes please!
Suðri Skornbrekker: [15v13]
[ 5v13]
Ken (GM): ayyy
so 5?
P.P. A.: yep
Ken (GM): lol
The Marilith tries to dodge!
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 10-2 ( 5 + 6 + 4 ) = 15
Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s laserbeam hits its mark! [30] burning

The Marilith: :O

Syviis: [AC/DC’s Thunderstruck begins playing as ghostly bards rock out somewhere in the background]

The Marilith twists to strike, bucking as the beam lances at her face! BUT THE BLOW IMPOSSIBLY STRIKES TRUE
P.P. A.: RIP wizardguy, I tried
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 14 HT for major wound ( 3 + 1 + 1 ) = 5
rolling 3d6 vs 14-5[headblow]+2 vs stun ( 2 + 2 + 2 ) = 6
Joush M.: That’s one tough snek
The Marilith is still poised to strike! WITH HER FACE BURNED OFF
P.P. A.: The Dice decided to balance my Luck with genuine luck

(From Syviis): thaumatology question before Syviss’ turn in combat. Would zapping the portal with a lightinan-arrow close it? Or is it unknown?
(To Syviis): The portal is a delicately balanced gate, easily disrupted by powerful magic. More than 5 magic-damage would pop it like a balloon!

Ken(GM): Gray!
Gray readies a harpoon and watches, but doesn’t charge down the hallway. Rage barely restrained, he doesn’t want to block anyone’s shot.
Ken (GM): crazy

The Marilith screams and writhes!
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 16-4-7 [skull hit on mage, move and attack] ( 3 + 6 + 1 ) = 10
The Marilith slams the wall just over the blue wizard’s head, and barrels down the hallway towards you!
The Marilith: REEEEEEEEE
Gray watches the hideous figure come at them, impossibly still alive after the ruby light of the Dwarven weapon burned away the flesh to expose the skin underneath.
Doc: Gray’s shield is busted, right?
Joush M.: Yep, that’s right. Shield got trashed last battle

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis frowns and fires twice, both at the Marilith
Syviis: 9 hexes away, what’s her size mod?
Ken (GM): +1
[in the blue popup now, FYI]
Syviis: Cool. First attack is going to be max lighting to the Vitals. Next will be an attempt at one of her eyes, same power.
Syviis: Target to hit is 18. rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 3 + 2 ) = 11
Ken (GM): nice
Syviis: Assuming it hits and she doesn’t snek-dodge: Damge is arrow + lightnin in sequence:
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 10 dodge ( 5 + 3 + 1 ) = 9
Syviis: Ahh fuck
The Marilith: dodged!
Syviis: Any chance the arrow keeps going and hits the portal? 😛
Kidding. Next one: TO THE EEYYYYEEEE
Adolf S.: ooh
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 9 portal hit? ( 1 + 3 + 6 ) = 10
Syviis: Haha, np.
OK, EYEBALL ATTACK: Target is…uhm… (calculator) do I still get my aiming bonus?
Ken(GM): heroic archer gives you ACC, but only first attack gets the long aiming bonus
Syviis: Ahh, got it. Target drops to 9 then
rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 6 + 3 ) = 12
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 9 portal hit ( 6 + 4 + 1 ) = 11
also misses the portal
Syviis two massive blasts of power follow the arrows through the air, but it’s not enough to stem the tide of snek-lady
Bomrek: Her hair is ruined, at least.

Ken (GM): lol BOMREK
youre up! similar amount of aim time for you, mage gun loaded
Bomrek: Ayy, yee.
Alright, what’s the penalty for distance? and do I get a bonus to hit Mrs. Cobra Commander because of her size?
Syviis: -5 to hit due to distance +1 for her size, I believe
Ken (GM): yep. +6 for dorf-gun ACC, +6 for max aim on that
Bomrek: Nice, a net +5 for me from all this aiming then.
I think I’ll go vitals shot.
Oh, is it capped at +6? My memory’s gettin’ real foggy rules-wise. I need to do another refresher sometime soon.
Ken (GM): you can aim for +ACC, and then aim for seconds = to that for the same bonus again, total
Bomrek: Ah, well that’s quite a bit better then. What’s the penalty for snake-lady vitals, again?
Ken (GM): -3
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 5 + 5 ) = 13
That’d be vs base 18, so, yup, that’s a success on my end.
Syviis: noice
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs [10] ( 1 + 1 + 1 ) = 3
Syviis: Ahh…fuck
Bomrek: hah!
Joush M.: Snek ladies dodging.
>X-Com 2 flashbacks

The Marilith narrowly slips to the side as the beam blasts down the hall
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 9 portal hit ( 3 + 3 + 1 ) = 7
Bomrek: “Snake women, why did it have to be snake women?” Bomrek grumbles low after his shot.
Ken (GM): rolling 6d6 ( 5 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 1 ) = 22 Burn

Ken (GM) the portal takes the beam of fiery magic dead center, and the portal GLOWS RED HOT TOO
Doc: oh no!
Ken (GM): OH YES!
(To Syviis): Your magic vision tells you: ITS GONNA BLOW. The portal is overloaded with power, and will critical-mass detonate!

Bomrek: Eesh, nothing that glows red is ever good.
Doc: how many weapons does she have
P.P. A.: As many as she does arms, minus the silver sword, I imagine?
Ken (GM): 6!
Doc: can I move, use fire, and then fast-draw?
Ken (GM): a mace, double headed dagger, a thrusting sword, a spear, a scimitar
oh, 5
more than a step is a move and attack tho
Doc: right-o
Roderick moves to the middle of the hallway and casts FIRE
Ken (GM): its super effective!
roll to line that fucker up!
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 minus whatever ( 5 + 2 + 6 ) = 13
Ken (GM): lol
bulk, which seems to be zero for you
bang on!
The Marilith has nowhere to dodge an area attack!
The Marilith is washed with flames!
Roderick: rolling 4d6 ( 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 ) = 14 Burn
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 14 HT ( 2 + 2 + 1 ) = 5
The Marilith screams! Her charred body, pitted with scorched flesh, crackles, blackened and smoking!
The Marilith still stands!
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Fast-Draw ( 3 + 2 + 2 ) = 7

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
Suðri Skornbrekker swaps out his spent lasergun for his old conventional musket. He eyes the red glow of the portal with some concern.
P.P. A.: and that’s this turn
Roderick is standing ready with a sword in each hand
Ken (GM): fast drawn!
[ruh roh, BOTH swords?! ]
and musket swappage!

Gray looks with some concern as Roderick steps past him into the hall, confronting the daemon that seems to drip flames and wicked ichor from her wounds… He readies to throw that heavy spear and draw his sword as the beastial shaman draws on the Raven spirit for help!
Gray: Raven’s Blessing (Free Action, +1d to DX for 3d6 seconds)
rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats) ( 3 ) = 3
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats) ( 5 + 2 + 3 ) = 10
Ken (GM): Ten seconds of 3 DX!
Gray: rolling 3d6 for Fast Draw (Sword) vs 16 ( 6 + 3 + 1 ) = 10
Joush M.: Ogre Sword left hand, Harpoon right
Ken (GM): [harpoon and SWORD?!]
Gray throws the harpoon at the Malarith’s tail
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 to Harpoon vs Tail ( 4 + 2 + 2 ) = 8
Ken (GM): GASP
Joush M.: Diden’t work in the range, called shot or size mod. I don’t think it’s worse then -8 though
Gray: rolling 1d6+10 IMP if Malarith fails to dodge ( 1 )+10 = 11 Imp
Ken (GM): yeah thats -6 or 7, so
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 10 dodge ( 6 + 6 + 4 ) = 16


Syviis: noice!
The Marilith: rolling 3d6 vs 14 HT ( 6 + 5 + 5 ) = 16

Gray growls as rope plays out across his hand, then he catches the cable as the heavy spear bites deep into the scaled hide, free hand holding that massive ogre sword.

The Marilith ‘s voice screams UP and UP and in the crescendo she POPS like a red ripe fruit

(To Syviis): its gonna blow, end of this turn!

Gray snarls in frustration as gore sprays the hallway, pulling the spear back with a pull at the rope. “Banished but not dead, I’m sure.”

Suðri Skornbrekker blinks.

Syviis: “Anyone who doesn’t want to be caught in an exploding portal should take cover NOW!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Sir Wizard, you might want to get away from that portal!” he shouts.
Bomrek: “Damn! Get behind the walls!”
Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek ‘ll take the Elf’s advice and skedaddle’ over to the left.
That’s my turn.

Ken (GM): Roderick!
Roderick runs for cover
Ken (GM): sanity!

Ken (GM) on initiative count zero…


Suðri Skornbrekker dive-dodges to the right, if need be.

Gray misses his shield about now
[GM begins measuring distances, ominously]
P.P. A.: Looks like need is.
Doc: F
Suðri Skornbrekker: [14v8]+the bonus for diving
Ken (GM): 😮
P.P. A.: But, as it were, it has been an hour since I used Luck
Ken (GM): its +3!
vs 11!
Suðri Skornbrekker: [13v11]
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to dodge and drop to cover ( 5 + 5 + 2 ) = 12
P.P. A.: It was not meant to be.
Doc: fug :DDDD
Ken (GM): 😮
Suðri Skornbrekker ungracefully stumbles over his bardiche+musket setup in his attempt to dodge the blast of magic.
Ken (GM): average DR on Suðri looks like 3-ish for an area effect
distance is… 30 from point of origin
rolling 10d6 ( 4 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 4 ) = 39 Burn Ex
Joush M.: Oouch
Ken (GM): doing math… 2 damage!
P.P. A.: Phew.
Ken (GM): (I just like throwing a lot of dice around :P)
P.P. A.: 39 would have been -2xHP :DDDD
Doc: I about shit myself

Suðri Skornbrekker staggers, not very badly injured but a bit terrified. As he regains his composure, he hastily puts out the little flames on his beard.

Ken (GM) the void in the wall up ahead now smokes with the residue of the blast… and you hear an odd susurrus… like air whistling over a vast canyon expanse…

Bomrek stops himself from falling over from the last few steps of his short sprint, and checks himself over. Finding that he isn’t wounded, he assesses the others. “What in the nine hells was that? Did we accidentally drop a match in the AllFather’s powder room?”
P.P. A.: >RIP wizardguy
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I reckon… Dwarven light-beams and demonic portals are an ill match.”

Syviis coughs in the dusted air, looking up to see the magical plumes shifting and fading
(To Syviis): Theres… nothing there. As in it is a void of magic. A black hole
Syviis walks over to check

Gray gathers himself, rising to his feet and dusting himself off as he considers a moment. “Or a good match used with forethought next time. Remember that… if we could exploit it later”

Roderick quickly glances around to see that everyone is alright, then peeks around the corner to see that the same cannot be said of the wizard
(To Roderick): The portal…its not there anymore…and theres a void of magic left in it’s wake… A hole into nothingness…
Syviis: “The portal is gone…but… so is the magic.”
Syviis peers down the hall
Syviis: “Like before…another void.”


Bomrek coughs a few times, and takes several deep, long breaths. “Careful Elf, your kind aren’t used to the rigors of underground miasmas.. Be sure your lungs can take the air after a fiery blast like tha-” Bomrek stops mid-word at the noise.

Suðri Skornbrekker was looking over to the Wizard, but now turns to his left, to the Crystal, worried.
Gray: “Let’s see what that sound is.” He says thoughtfully as he gathers himself, looking to the others, nodding as he sees Suðri has suffered little from getting caught in the edge. “We should seal the breach if we can.”


Suðri Skornbrekker stops looking around and quickly reloads his laser musket if he has any red dust left, else mounts his conventional musket.


Suðri Skornbrekker doesn’t think his conventional musket will do here.
Ken (GM): [red dust is available, magic musket a go!]
Suðri Skornbrekker mounts it!

Syviis: “I suspect this might be what the demon spoke of… these portals might be Jadeite’s useful tool, but they are growing from something much more sinister and dark.” Syviis steadies herself and calls upon her righteous anger [Holy Power Investiture] in the face of the dark void

Gray snarls as he looks down the hall, looking at the tendrils pressing at the dark. “Reckless magic, running out of the control of an ambitious fool.”

Ken (GM) Ahead, in the room beyond, the VOID grows, pressing on our world like a river overflowing its banks, ichor and emptiness lapping at our reality’s shores

Ken (GM) the portal yawns, like some great gulf of sadness, darker emptiness than you’ve ever seen…

Gray: “What could we do to close that!?” He ask in frustration and anger.
Bomrek: “Shooting my enemies generally solves my problems. ‘Not sure how much it’ll help here.”
(To Roderick): Youre wizard teachings [Thaumatology] tell you; break the gate. The material device links the immaterial plane to your world
(From Roderick): anything to do with the dwarven superweapon in the other room?
(To Roderick): No, the portal itself has a construction in the far room. It is separate from the bindings of quicksilver

Suðri Skornbrekker glances over to the Crystal next door again, both worried about whether it has been affected by all this, and looking for ideas for how to deal with the problem at hand.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Your armor is worried

Syviis takes a few steps closer, trying to get a feel on the mechanics of this new gaping maw into the dark.

Ken (GM) the whispering draft draws stronger, dust billowing up from the floor, smoke disappearing into he wind. The void pulls… Syviis’ beams of electric holiness bending forward, down the hall, drawn like flames in a backdraft of evil

Syviis turns to the Dwarves

Syviis: “What was that you said about underground backdrafts following an explosion?”

Suðri Skornbrekker hesitates, but decides to run for the Crystal again to see what’s up. He trusts Bomrek’s marksmanship to make up for his absence.
“That is a thing, yes,” he calls out, his mind elsewhere.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You commune with Quicksilver, and she screams immediately: DESTROY THE PORTAL! SEVER IT’S HOLD ON OUR MATERIAL WORLD!


Bomrek holds his gaze with the Elf for a moment, and turns to look at Suthri, thoughtfully. “Magic works different than proper things like Rock and caves..” and trails off.


Roderick: “We need to destroy the gate, somehow!”

Suðri Skornbrekker reached the Crystal, and immediately turns back around: “Destroy the portal!” he shouts to the party. “Obvious in hindsight, but just break it!” He quickly runs back.

Bomrek takes mental stock of their red dust stores. [This stuff is explosive, but is it explosive enough?]

Gray: “Memory? Can you think of anything?”
Memory is called forth by Gray, and her inky form clings to his body as if caught in a gale-force wind. SHE SCREAMS IN TERROR!

Gray nods, though he seems dubious at that. “If you are sure. I’ll.. damn it, no! Memory!” He growls and unsummons the spirit to protect her very magic form
Memory: “CLOSE THE GATE!” she wails, pressing herself into Gray, clutching to his flesh like a liferaft!
Gray: “What do you need me to do?!” He bellows to Bomrek and
Suðri, as they plan the demolition.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’m not a magic person! I’d just try blowing it up again! You try the magic stuff!”

Syviis nods and loads an arrow, firing at the edge of the portal in hopes of finding purchase!
Syviis: 18’s to hit barring anything weird for targeting, Ken. Your call.


Syviis: maximum light’nin
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 1 + 3 ) = 9
Syviis pew-pews the gate

Ken (GM) Syviis’ bow THWIPs, and the arrow flies true; it sinks into the stone surface of the gate and lightning bursts!
Ken (GM): [hit! Damage fiss!]
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 3 ( 6 )+3 = 9 Imp
rolling 4d6 ( 3 + 4 + 1 + 3 ) = 11 Burn
arrow’ed and lightan
Ken (GM): nice
Ken (GM) the bolt of magic and arrow leaves a scorch and crack on the rock face….
Suðri Skornbrekker props up his ancient rifle with his bardiche, aims for a second, and fires a laser at the supporting structure of the portal.
Suðri Skornbrekker: [13v17]

Ken (GM) the beam fires, but BENDS in midair, disappearing into the void of darkness!
The magic blast failed to reach the gate!
P.P. A.: fug :DDD

(To Roderick): Thaumatology basics tell you; the magic energy is being grounded out into the magic void. Syviis’ blast only hit, likely, because it was tied to her entirely physical arrow

Bomrek takes cover behind the wall, still wary of magical explosions.

Gray snarls and considers, winds whipping and tearing “We do have one thing that would close it and bring the mountain down around us. I’m loathe to risk using it… How much gunpowder do we have left?!”
Adolf S.: I don’t think we have any meaningful amount of powder left, do we?
Suðri Skornbrekker quickly switches out his laser rifle for his ordinary musket, and tries again. Syviis’s arrow managed to hit, maybe a bullet will too—but will it do much damage?

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over to Grey and throws him all the gunpowder he has on him right now. A mere 15 shots worth. “Not much, I’m afraid.”

Roderick: “Gray, our swords”

Gray starts down the hall with a nod, drawing the ogre blade. “Let’s break this thing!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Wait!” Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Bomrek: “The piston hammers!”
Gray waits, nodding to Suðri. He’s in no eager mood to fight the portal hand to hand. “What about the piston?”
P.P. A.: We have the ancient Dwarven weapon-box with us, right?!
Suðri Skornbrekker: “They tear things down! Doors, walls, presumably portal supports.”
Suðri Skornbrekker rushes to the weapon-box, wherever it is!
Gray nods at the words, the beast seeming to understand now and staying here to keep an eye on the portal and any hungry thing that might escape the void
P.P. A.: IIRC it was floating somewhere close to us?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, you can try your swords in the meantime.”
Roderick: “We need magic grounded in a physical form. If our blades can’t handle it, the weapon in the other room is likely our only other option.”
Ken (GM): [yes! the box is with you, sorry for lack of a token!]
[it floats about with you, should make sure to add this as a standard icon]

Suðri Skornbrekker reaches into the box and pulls out the two Ancient Dwarven Demolition Maces (Bomrek has the third(?), IIRC); he tosses one to Gray, and keeps the other.

(To Roderick): The dwarf maces are exactly what youre looking for!

Suðri Skornbrekker runs towards the portal.
P.P. A.: Do the rods have a charge of redstone dust in them? They’re still unused.
Ken (GM): [They are ready to go! Powered by an internal source]
P.P. A.: Oh right, they only need the dust charge for the wave thing anyway

Gray puts away the sword and takes the tool… then nodding, he advances on the portal. “Fuck it! Let’s do this!”

Ken (GM) the void calls to you! You feel warmth leave you as you run up to it’s grasping embrace! Standing next to the gate is like being perched on a precipice above your very existence, one short step from oblivion itself!

Bomrek: oh god
Suðri Skornbrekker: [8v12]

Suðri Skornbrekker ignores the dread that fills him as he approaches the portal; he burns with zeal to seal away the evil—and to finally try out this ancient Dwarven gadget! “You take the other side!”

Ken (GM): But Gray!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 4 + 4 + 6 ) = 14
Joush M.: I’m a idoit today.. damn it, missed, unless it’s vs fear
Ken (GM): ooooh
I will give that to you; this is definitely an applicable roll for fear!
Gray staggers up, barely moving leadened limbs!

Ken (GM) to the right, some sort of controls. Perched in their middle, is an orb of flesh pressing against invisible restraints….


Gray growls with every leadend step to the pillar and holds the mace in massive hands, looking to Suori and nodding, then lifting the mace and swinging at the pillar. “Goddamn infernal machines!”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Just smash them against the pillars! If that doesn’t work, there’s another option!” Suðri instructs Gray as he readies the rod to swing—and smashes it against the pillar at the same time as Gray.

Ken (GM) the blows swing true! The stone of the pillars SHATTERS, billowing out in clouds of dust and rubble, like porcelain in a tornado!

Syviis: noice
Bomrek: Like throwing a spark plug against a window :ok_h

Ken (GM) the rush of the VOID disappears

Suðri Skornbrekker exhales, his hands shaking a little from both the adrenaline, and from the impact. He shouts triumphantly: “That felt good!”

Ken (GM) the press on your souls disappears

Gray coughs, then laughs. “Good plan.” The beast says as he stands there in the shattered ruins of the portal. Nodding in agreement at the young dwarf’s words.. that did feel good.


Gray turns to the controls, starting to lift the hammer again.


Syviis smiles wearily “I think it likes us…”

Gray lowers the hammer and turns away. “Rant as you will, fool. You’ve intruded on the wrong reality.”
P.P. A.: This is a good line.

Ken (GM) The Gate is destroyed, the ancient Dwarven construction shattered into non-function. The remaining rubble settles scattered about the floor and platform.
IT continues to squeal against your minds, but the hissing and boiling of the voice dims, like a candle guttering in a dark room. Soon, you cannot hear the voice at all. The oily stain on your minds recedes and fades like bad memory.
What remains is the dwarven forge around you, echoing the sounds of your movements, hollow and echoed. The fighting is done, the hiss of magical conflagration is gone. The ebb and thrum of the Quicksilver stone is all that remains. A warm pulse of power enveloping you

Gray walks back to the others, nodding to Suðri. “Good plan. Your courage was remarkable to carry it out… even following you, I could barely make myself walk into the room with the portal!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hah, thanks.” He sits down on the stone pedestal, exhausted from all the action (and from the short-circuit earlier, still). “Bomrek already used his today, so I wanted to try it out too,” he jokes with a hearty laugh.

Bomrek: “By thunder, it was like a noisy, squawking bird, inside my head.” Bomrek rubs his ear and walks his way up toward the others, glancing down at the burnt up wizard as he passes it, before looking up toward the others. “Good job, you two. I thought you were running into Hell’s gaping mouth there for a few moments. Worried the last I’d see of you would be your turned backs.”

Gray examines the demoltion hammer before he nods to Bomrek. “You won’t be rid of me so easilly. Thanks.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “We were running into Hell’s gaping mouth, but had the last laugh,” Suðri thumps his chest proudly.

Gray pulls up the mail sleeve above his glove and pets a tattoo on his arm reassuringly, chuckling at Suðri’s words. “We have denied them a powerful weapon today, banished one of their servants and reclaimed many of those blasted silver blades. This is a victory!”
Bomrek nods and looks back over his shoulder at the hallway, and the three sets of snake-blood-footprints leading into the room.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Shame about the wizard; it sounded like they were drafted into Jadeite’s scheme without much of a choice.” He gets up and walks over to the scarred corpse. “…let us at least reunite his armor with its rightful owner.”
Bomrek: “Like shooting a tomato with a 30-bore. I’ve never seen such a large, and immediate, mess of a… what would you call that? An explosion?”
Gray: “I think we burst the flesh she’d crafted for herself here. It won’t be back immediately, at least.”

Ken (GM) the armor is still silver-bright, despite the dust and ash remains of the wizard corpse within…

Gray looks down at the body he’s standing over, then steps away distastefully. “Will your small goddess want these returned?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “They are part of her, after all… Though I might clean them up a bit beforehand.” Suðri Skornbrekker bends down and carefully undoes the armor, trying not to disturb too much what little is left of the body within.
Ken (GM) the crisp body is like a dirt-crusted lump of meat. The armor seems to have magically escaped harm, and uncouples from the body easily.

Gray: “I’ll get to work preparing a pyre for the dead and say some words for them at least… There could still be danger here, so don’t let your guard down.”

Suðri Skornbrekker carefully dusts it off. He nods to Gray, stores the rods back in the weapon-box, and carries the armor over to Quicksilver.
P.P. A.: (whose name he still doesn’t know, so now would be a good time to copypaste what she told to Syviis)
Syviis: mmm, I don’t think she actually gave a name.
Ken (GM): Quicksilver
P.P. A.: o
Syviis: Cool
Ken (GM): Spirit of the Earth, capital S and E
Suðri Skornbrekker steps up to the crystal and presents the armor to her.
Ken (GM) The metal leaps to her, clings for a moment, then melts away disappearing down into her depths

Roderick walks over to investigate/guard the hallway they haven’t walked through yet
Ken (GM): @rod, whereabouts?
[Tokens on map shuffle]
Ken (GM): @rod; to the south, the caged lightning engine is dead now, after
Suðri grounded out the binding on Quicksilver.
To West and East has collapsed, stone falling in over the thaumatological machinery. The ruined remains are dead-cold, as if sucked of all power now

Syviis will look around, checking for magical remnants, but for the most part, she breaths slow and tries to regain some of her mental and physical reserve, having blown half of her fatigue in the one moment of attack vs the snek.
(To Syviis): Things to note; the portal gate was Dwarven in make, but the control box looked newer. A metal and stone thing, with oddly tuned powerstones and finely etched thaumatological circles all over it. It vaguely resembles the controls on the airship/Anisble mountain

Gray keeps himself busy going out to the mines and finding a place for a pyre, gathering up wood for it. With that done he goes to check on the other’s progress.
Ken (GM): [there is plenty of room for a burn-heap in the mines above; a few rooms with clearance and floor space to spare]

Bomrek busies himself with replacing the dwarven demolition maces in their travel box, patting it affectionately on top, like a dog. He then goes about reloading and checking weapons, like a good soldier

Suðri Skornbrekker sits down next to the crystal, taking stock of his weapons—he hasn’t had a chance to inspect them yet since the battle, and hopes the burst of magic portal-fire did them no harm.
Ken (GM): [the gun is fine, could use some polishing as its marred with soot smears. Everything else seems a bit singed but alright]
Suðri Skornbrekker quietly cleans his gun.

Joush M.: did Gray’s harpoon survive the fire, or is it roasted after snek burning?
Ken(GM): rolling 3d6 vs 12 ( 5 + 6 + 6 ) = 17
P.P. A.: F
Ken (GM): burned up in the channeled fire
dead shield, dead harpoon. Shit, we’re cutting limbs off ya!
Gray grumbles as he looks to the ruined weapon, then nods. It’s a bad day for his equipment, it seems… but there are worse things then finding some tools expended. Once the pyre is ready he gathers bodies and prepares them for respectful incineration.
Ken (GM): >lantern oil
Gray nods his head to the elven warlock, wrapped in a shroud on the pyre as he stands by. A few respectful words about returning them to the cycle, from ash and returned to it… but he stands by with the ogre blade ready in case any of the corpses decide to try and fight, or explode into another demonic horror.
(To Gray): You watch the pyre, ogre blade ready, and you watch the spirits of the dead released from their mortal coils; they wisp off to the realm of spirits, disappearing from your sight. Their faces are serene mirrors of their bodies, they smile at you with upturned eyes. Deloth Ainur is released with an unshackling of black tendrils unhooking from her spirit form.
You get the distinct feeling that was a good choice

Suðri Skornbrekker: “You know…” Suðri thinks aloud: “…though it would have probably been a bad idea, I wonder what would have happened if we had lobbed the Hellstorm Bomb into the open portal?”
Syviis: “I worry the darkness would have only consumed the bound elemental within.”
(To Roderick): Your magical teachings immediately give you an idea that, assuming the dwarves actually captured the elemental spirit of a volcano in a material form, you’d all have all been obliterated as the explosion rocked the surrounding countryside
Suðri Skornbrekker considers this, and frowns, disappointed. “Yea, perhaps…”
Roderick: “It would likely have destroyed everything for miles, including us. And the portal, ideally.”

Gray returns, the shamanic warden returns, somber but calm as he stretches slowly and puts the sword away. “The dead are gone now.” He assures the others.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I pray they find peace in death.”
Bomrek: “They have anything useful on them?”
Gray shrugs. “Beyond the tools and weapons crafted from the crystal goddess? Not that I saw”
(To Gray): Yeah, nothing but some leather fetish-y clothing and not much else; they came looking for a fight and nothing more
Gray: “Harnesses crafted from leather. Some brightwork. Nothing worthwhile to claim.”

Ken (GM): [so, the foundry is cleared out, whats the next move?
Joush M.: Hmm… Can they even move the bomb safely? We should leave a security detail here when we move out.
Ken (GM): I can only imagine the spiel to those guys
>”Whatever you do, don’t talk to the bound elemental spirit of the earth, and definitely don’t touch the hellfire capable bomb of ultimate dwarven destruction in the corner”
Joush M.: “This place is full of things that can and will kill you in terrible ways. Don’t let anybody in; Don’t go in either.”

P.P. A.: Since we as the players already know the stuff about Quicksilver from that thread, should we hand-wave that Syviis told us everything?
Otherwise, now’d be the chance for the dwarves to be initiated directly
Ken (GM): yeah, no worries; I got the okay for that from Fiss

[the party speaks for a time on the nature of Quicksilver, and how she is the bound spirit of the earth, serving the nefarious source of power for the Silver Swords. She has empowered Syviis, Suðri, and Bomrek with the ability to detect the nearest one, so they might seek them out and return them to her body.]

Ken (GM): once restored whole, she can be released safely, without harm to all life as we know it
[GM is no longer guilty of plot via whispers!]

Suðri Skornbrekker is humbled by the revelation and the importance of the Crystal spirit, (which he originally thought was just a larger version of the one that inhabit Bomrek and him) he apologizes for his not-respectful-enough behavior, and his anger at the demons’ doing yet swells.

Gray: “That should lead us to the usurper’s servants. Good”
Ken (GM): the most recent detection, before the wizards fight, was the use of one for some sort of evil butchery in the town of Academ, proper
Suðri Skornbrekker looks over his weapons one last time, and packs up. “We know where to go; let us not linger longer than necessary.” Suðri looks at the blood, ashes, gore, and unnatural strains all around, and shakes his head. The words of the Meredith weigh on him; the party isn’t faultless in this whole situation, after all.

Ken (GM): hahah Maralith->Meredith is the best autocorrect ever
P.P. A.: oops, typo
Joush M.: She has a name now!
P.P. A.: (how dare you imply I use phones with autocorrect!)
(I just cant be arsed to scroll up :P)

Gray walks to the chest and lifts up. Holding it under a massive arm carefully, respectful of the dwarven ark full of weapons. “There are other treasures here. I suppose we shall leave them for now.”
Syviis: “Obscurity will serve them best; we should tell little to anyone beyond the guard, and that will secure them for a time”
Gray: “Hopefully Bomrek won’t be too upset to leave the rug”
Bomrek: “Bah; I have a claim here alongside Suðri. We will have it as a winter-home soon enough. Just gotta wash out the evil stink in here….and the magic…and the blood”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods in agreement with Bomrek, and heads out.

Ken (GM) You leave the dwarven forge in the dark behind you, climbing back up the mine itself, past the pyre of burned wizards and Deloth-Ainur’s cinders.

Ken (GM) Once free of the darkness of the mine, the world outside is staggeringly bright for a while. The entrance to the hole in the earth below crowded with the buildings of the gatehouse. Here, the odd crystalline growths are gone! The vines of magic weirdness seemingly retreated into the stone. A gaping hole seems to have collapsed on itself in the wall, with the sheen of glittery something gone from the dirt and walls…

Ken (GM) The ruined remains of the buildings are quiet here, and outside, your steeds are restless. They have watered at a gully nearby and fed on grass, but they are uneasy.

Ken (GM): Your view of the lowlands is commanding, and you see the city from here; the town still glimmers with that odd shimmering light, but it is lit with green and amber as well! Clouds mar the sky now, black and fat, pouring rain in a sheet below. The unnatural bank of rain coming out of the North, a chill wind on the air. Green lightning dances in the clouds, leaping here and there like something alive!

Ken (GM) the town below is a chaos of fires and a bedlam of noise, echoing up here; your men on the road, gathered like a dark spot, some distance from the town, safely on the highway and huddled together

(From Doc): thaumatology to get an idea beyond “this is bad?”
(To Doc): yes please!
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 3 + 1 + 6 ) = 10
(To Roderick): The lightning you recognize; there was a storm elemental fended off by Syviis, same make and model. It looks to be conjuring the bad weather in your path. And if so, that means it’s likely tied to some dark wizard who is controlling it. Break his binding and its not an issue. Or kill the elemental, but that can be a bit harder to do

Suðri Skornbrekker darkly overlooks the scenery. Wordlessly, he climbs his steed.

Gray stalks out into the day and breathes deep. Catching his breath then turning to the eerie, eldritch storm coming for them. Scowling at the emerald lightning. “We should find shelter for us and the men. That isn’t a storm we want to travel in.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods, his eyes glazing over as he tries to make out the carnage in Academ—till he averts them, looking instead toward their army.
Roderick: “That storm is being controlled by our enemy, can any of you sense a silver sword?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let me try.” The crystal-clad Dwarf focuses inward, and attempts to establish a connection.
P.P. A.: (do I need to roll anything?)
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The power slides out to the countryside, and you have a vision of your sight travelling fast as the wind, straight into the maelstrom; In the town square is a man covered in scars and tattoos of red. He holds a silver sword to a profane altar, butchering a hapless victim who is little more than meat now. The blood and magic boils up into the sky. He is surrounded by green lightning and fire….
Ken (GM): Bomrek and Syviis exchange a weary glance with Suðri
Suðri Skornbrekker spaces out for a moment, then looks really pissed. “The eye of the storm beckons” he somberly proclaims as he grits his teeth.
Bomrek :”Dark wizards. Why do men always seem to become dark wizards?

Ken (GM): Well then, this looks like a good place to halt for the day, I think. You get your army dug in and safely stowed out of the storm, and venture in ….next week!
Joush M.: Sounds good. Thanks for the game. Goddamn snek-ladies always dodging shit
P.P. A.: Quite intense today, what with two ticking time-bombs and a hostage (RIP)
Ken (GM): man, she only had a dodge of 10
Joush M.: Ha, it’s just a matter of perception I think
Ken (GM): true; once she failed, BAM massive damage
then she clinches two HT checks in a row
to be impaled on a harpoon
so it all evens out I guess
but! take 4 XP, the each of you!
Joush M.: Thanks.
Ken (GM): and for gods sake, level up Suthri!
PPA, youve gotta have like 50 points by now
P.P. A.: I do now! (52 to be exact; I have an idea what to do with them but I wanted to save up 50 for that first)
Thanks for the session, and till next week
Ken (GM): hahahah
just…I dunno, PM me? we can brainstorm
Doc: >needed to save up 50 points
oh dog
P.P. A.: Aye, I’ll hit you up tomorrow
Joush M.: Just put every point into HT. Built Dwarf Tough
Doc: yes

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Grimwyrd: Overwhelming Forces

Ken (GM): whatup G?
so has hell frozen over for you guys too?
its -30C right now and weve had a foot of snow in a week
P.P. A.: Here it’s mild winter
Ken (GM): lucky lucky
I have been having a lot of fun these last two weeks updating my blog
>takes a drag off hipster cigarette
Joush M.: I saw that. Getting snowed in and getting things updated?
Ken (GM): gotta do something in the downtime
fiss incoming
just had to poke em
Doc: I have returned
Ken (GM): OH SHI-!
Ken (GM): ah god its good to get back into the game
I have been ITCHY
Doc: yeah it gets dry in winter
Ken (GM): hahah
I mean I wanna chuck dice and throw some combat around!
Joush M.: Moisterizer and dice. Let’s rock
Ken (GM): that….that cant be good for the dice
Doc: “I came here to kill monsters and gently exfoliate… and I’m all out of skin care products”
Ken (GM): hahah

Ken (GM) Where last we left our heroes,
The magic dwarven hall was quiet enough, that when the dark wizards came to call, the clanking of their iron shot boot on the floor rang like a drumbeat to war! The party, after communing with the Quicksilver spirit of the earth, rush to cover and the front line! TO ARMS!

Fiss: My son is watching… he thinks D&D is awesome, so watch out! He might play soon! 🙂
P.P. A.: >D&D is awesome
Disinherit him. Your GURPS bloodline must not be tarnished by d20.
P.P. A.: [Yet many are lost to d20 forever, wandering in the darkness of Pathfinder, or arguing over how one should balance firearms.]
Ken (GM): D&D is the gateway drug; you get your fix, then you gotta get the refined dextro-morphine hit of GURPS games
Doc: only junkies do GURPS

Gray un-summons Memory as he stalks forward, shadows gathering at his skin and the spirit vanishing in a moment as he draws that Ogre sword right handed, preparing his splintered old shield with the left.

Suðri Skornbrekker hefts his musket onto his bardiche, taking aim at the nefarious figures entering the scene. Wizard-ish and evil as they seem to be, he does not expect them to surrender peacefully.

Bomrek chambers a round in his big bad rifle, sparks of red energy dancing along the barrel as he sidles up to the wall for cover
Ken (GM): [feel free to put yourselves within a turn’s move of where your tokens currently are]
[@Doc, I recall you were valorously charging to the front, defensive grip, all armor?]

Gray sprints forward, heavy boots crashing down on well polished dwarven stone as the hulking beast takes his place between the others and the silver-armed strangers.

Syviis pulls her gear to ready-mode and sets up for clear shots, confident in her ability to knock a few souls free of their evil bodies should they charge.

Ken (GM): When youre in position, initiative!

Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 5 )+7 = 12
rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage) ( 1 + 6 + 6 ) = 13
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6 ( 2 ) = 2 (Bomrek)
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 5 )+7 = 12
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+1+6.25 ( 6 )+1+6.25 = 13.25
Doc: I thought those were going to be our positions
can’t move up front in one turn from here 😦
Ken (GM): considering Roderick has been clanking about with sword in hand this whole time, feel free to squeeze him up another 6 hexes or so. Everyone else had arms and equipment to draw out]
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 3 )+6+1 = 10

Ken (GM) As the dark wizards round on your group, they seem ready for war; they emerge from the North tunnel with weapons drawn and billowing cloaks draped off their shining metal armor. Silver swords in the hand of each of them, shining breastplates and curling scar-tattoos on bare skin. The one in front wields a wicked looking staff topped with the lime green demonfire youve come to know and hate
“Interlopers! The High Lord commands you surrender!” He screams, his voice blasting spittle from his lips in his fury!

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray steps ahead, shield ready to cover Roderick, trying to keep out of the bright wizard’s line of fire. Gray replies to the man’s words with a growl, snarling at them from behind the shield but offering no words.

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: Does she have a shot over the heads of her compatriots?
Ken (GM): [looks like no, Rod and Gray are covering for a -4 ]
Syviis: OK, will move up.
Syviis moves smoothly along the wall, watching the other entrances for other foes, but aiming in their direction.

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
Suðri Skornbrekker takes aim at what seems to be the leader, aiming for his head. The staff seems like a juicy target too, but he wants to try it the old-fashioned way first. Suðri Skornbrekker does not bother to reply to the man, except with a bullet on the next turn. They have made their intentions clear.

Ken (GM): [flagging him with green dot]
Roderick clanks forward

Memory takes wing, her shadowy inky form seeming to bend the light around her, becoming more indistinct

Bomrek sidles up, gun raised, creeping up behind the cover of his companions

The Dark Wizard calls out in his ragged voice, pointing his staff at Rod
The Dark Wizard: “If you will not surrender, then die! Painfully!”

Syviis mutters: “I thought those were our lines! Plagiarists!”

Ken (GM) Dark magic swirls about the staff, even as the green ball of flame grows brighter on it, spitting and hissing furiously; the silver sword wizard charge forward, screaming!

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray charges the wizard man with a growl, shield raised and running forward into the fray!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to Slam with Shield ( 5 + 4 + 1 ) = 10
Joush M.: Hit unless he defends
Ken (GM): the top guy tho? mask?
Joush M.: top guy, the masked one seemed like he’d be blocking the others shots if he charged him. He’s just going to have to trust they have his back
Ken (GM): Ah! nice

Ken (GM) The silver sword raises to try to ward off the massive blow!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 4 + 1 ) = 8
…and magic crackles in the air and the sword flickers with power; but it is too little to stop the charge!
Ken (GM): (he did do a parry, but youre way out of his weight class and your blow is smacking his sword and hand)
Joush M.: OOh yeah. Trying to stop a slam with a parry.
P.P. A.: >DEX build vs STR build
Ken (GM): >ST vs Magic, but magic didnt buy up HP…
Gray: rolling 3d6 for CR Slam damage if hit. Shield takes the damage. Guy also gets to deal damage based on move 7 ( 1 + 5 + 4 ) = 10 Cr
Gray has taken 19 damage to shield now. The well crafted wood cracking along the grain, nearly broken now but still good for just one more good hit.
Ken (GM) the wizard tries to brace and his arms SNAPS like a twig. He screams!
Ken (GM): shield takes
rolling 1d6 ( 6 ) = 6
Syviis: [I’m not gay or nothin…but 20 HP is 20 HP]
Doc: ouchies
Joush M.: Nice

Ken (GM) the silver sword clatters to the ground and the man reels from the mangling!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 1 + 5 ) = 9 HT vs major wound (fail)
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 2 + 2 ) = 8 (vs knockdown, stunning Fail)
Ken (GM) he crumples, limb flailing like a wet sausage
P.P. A.: The icon looks like he’s on his back, failing on the ground and holding his broken arm. Nice.

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: The kind gentleman next to Gray shall get a 2-point arrow to the Vitals. As will his buddy to the East 2 hexes over. One at a time.
Ken (GM): Death to all wizards!
Starting on lefty!
Syviis: Target of 17 to hit for each
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 1 ) = 9
Lefty gets a crackling arrow flying at him!
Ken (GM) his sword whips up, fast as the wind!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 4 + 6 ) = 14
Ken (GM): damage to vitals!
Syviis: Arrow then Lightininnnin
rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 4 )+2 = 6 Imp
rolling 2d6 ( 2 + 6 ) = 8 Burn
Ken (GM) the arrow dents his chestpiece, and then he explodes in shocks of lightning
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 6 + 5 ) = 14 vs HT(stun) Fail
he fails to resist the stun and ragdolls like a bethesda animation

shooting righty!
Syviis: Next
rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 2 + 2 ) = 5
Ken (GM): hahaha
crit effectroll?
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 2 + 1 ) = 5
Ken (GM): ho-leeeee
“5 – The blow does double damage”
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 4 + 5 ) = 11
he does not crit-parry the arrow
Syviis: Arroooow then Lightanan
rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 1 )+2 = 3 Burn
rolling 2d6 ( 1 + 4 ) = 5 Imp
Syviis: Damn, good thing it was 2X Damage….
Ken (GM) the mage’s sword barely raises above his waist before the arrow sinks into his heart. Then the arrow flies out the back of him, lightning trailing the blood spray
Syviis: lol
Syviis nods satisfied in her shots, only pausing to breathe for the next flurry

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
P.P. A.: I figure Grey and Rod are in the way?
Ken (GM): a -4 penalty, yeah :/ but youve aimed, so all that sweet sweet accuracy is there
P.P. A.: and if I take one step forward it’s only Grey? Would that lower the penalty a bit?
Ken (GM): nah sorry, same deal; any interloping figures give a flat -4. If Gray was any bigger he’d be providing full cover
P.P. A.: Ah
Ken (GM): one sec [Measuring intensifies]
Joush M.: Sorry, I didn’t realize Syviss would sweep the field of every target you had a line on
Ken (GM): damn, nope, even in the niche in the wall, Gray is still dead center
Syviis: I promise to aim at the back dudes next time. 😛
P.P. A.: I can switch which part of the body I target without losing the aim though, right? (The head at -7-4-distance is a bit risky)
Ken (GM): right; center mass is a -0
P.P. A.: I’ll go for a random hit location then, which is also -0 IIRC
Joush M.: (here comes another Area 11)
Ken (GM): RNGods be praised!
[Seriously, though, I think we rolled 11 for 2/3 the time in the Andelthon campaign]
P.P. A.: …I forgot the page for the distance penalty again :DDD -5?
ah yes
>P.P. A. bookmarks page 550
Suðri Skornbrekker fires his shot! [5v11]
Syviis: Noice!
Doc: bruh
Ken (GM): holy
okay, 3d for hit location please
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 4 + 1 ) = 10
Ken (GM): nods appreciatively

The Dark Wizard channels hellfire into his staff, and barely has time to react when Suðri fires. He looks down at the neat hole in his chest, and sneers
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 6 + 3 ) = 13 parry, Magic power, fail
Ken (GM): damage!
Suðri Skornbrekker: “There’s your surrender!” [22 pi++]
P.P. A.: fug :DDD
Ken (GM): oh shit, font forget; crit effect! 3d!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 1 + 1 ) = 7
Ken (GM): “– If any damage penetrates DR, treat it as if it were a major wound, regardless of the actual injury inflicted”
okay! so no MW roll there, thats automatic
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 1 + 2 ) = 7 vs Knockdown (pass)
Ken (GM): he staggers somehow, not falling over!

The Dark Wizard roars! “My time is now!”
rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 1 + 4 ) = 7 vs will/concentration
he passes the will roll to keep the ball of fire going on his staff!
Syviis: [That’s 3 7’s in a row….]
[angels begin singing]

Suðri Skornbrekker grumbles something about how he should have used the Dwarven rifle and how someone needs to invent some ammunition that works against these freaks
The Dark Wizard: oh wait, thats 22 PI++
so thats 44 wounding after DR 
rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 6 + 1 ) = 11 vs HT(death), fail
The Dark Wizard thinks a moment, then expires, failing his death roll
Syviis: aaaaand…that’s when his willfull brain rain out of oxygenated blood.
Doc: >44 damage
holy fuq
Suðri Skornbrekker retracts his previous complaints
Syviis: lol

Ken (GM) the wizard falls, dropping his staff, and the fireball… except, the staff and flame hover there in midair!
The ball of fire seems to swell now, against unseen walls, probing like outreaching clawed hands in the flames…

Ken (GM): Roderick!
(To Roderick): poke poke
Ken (GM): doc?
P.P. A.: I pinged him
Ken (GM): hmm
P.P. A.: on Discord
Ken (GM): [i bet hes poopan]
Doc: sorry, chickens were making alarm noises
Ken (GM): hahah wat
thats, awesome?
Doc: something spooked them and then I spooked it
Syviis: Guard Chickens +20 to Perception
Ken (GM): lol
so! is rod charging into the fray too?
Doc: Thaumatology on the floating fireball?
Ken (GM): yus
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 ( 5 + 6 + 3 ) = 14
Ken (GM): it seems to be some kind of…magic… fire…ball?

Roderick clanks forward to protect Gray’s flank, sword pointing at the enemy

Memory swoops along, round the corner, her inky blackness leaving a trailer behind her “Watch out! there are more coming! There is a portal!”

Bomrek: “Oh good, more targets” the stern dwarf mutters, sidling up the wall to take aim

Syviis nods

Ken (GM) as if in response to the ravens warning, you hear a mad lumbering from up the way, and a thick voice barely intelligible “HURT….HYOOOOO”


Ken (GM) meanwhile, the ball of fire twists and turns, growing! Dozens of hand-prints appearing in the flames, pushing out madly, clawing and scraping!

Ken (GM) the last standing silver-swordmage yells in a mad fury, driving his sword toward Gray’s guts!
Ken (GM): [and stepping up to do so]
rolling 3d6 vs 15 ( 2 + 3 + 3 ) = 8
P.P. A.: oof
Ken (GM): Gray! defense?
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to Parry with Ogre Blade ( 1 + 3 + 6 ) = 10
Ken (GM) the swords meet in mid-blow, the silver sword scraping along the brass ogre blade, MAGIC streaming off in sparks and shimmering light!

Ken (GM): Gray! top of the order!
Gray snarls, ready to do battle with the man! He twists the blade and slashes as they fight. “Come then! Send all your men to die in this place though your fel portal!”
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 2 + 2 + 6 ) = 10
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 2 + 4 + 1 )+2 = 9 Cut
Ken (GM) the mage is caught unable to defend, the ogre blade returning an overbalanced strike (AoA)!
Ken (GM) the brass metal bites into the chest piece, and blood sprays!
Ken (GM) the mage seems to cackle in delight at the wound!
Gray kicks him away for good measure…
Ken (GM): OOH
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 to Kick (Extra Attack) ( 1 + 6 + 5 ) = 12
Ken (GM): it lands!
sorry; kick for damage or kick for push?
Gray: rolling 2d6+8 No Damage, Knockback for Push Kick ( 3 + 5 )+8 = 16 (Versus wiz st-2 for hexes moved)
Ken (GM): ooh nice
good macros
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 4 + 4 ) = 14 vs DX(for having been kicked at least 1 hex)
he fails DX to not bail, and is proned!
Gray ends turn at last
Ken (GM): he is now particularly fucked

Syviis: Confident in her party’s abilities to mop the floor, she turns instead to Memory. “Show me the Portal!” Syviis will let her dictate her next move
Memory hovers, pointing a wing down the hallway to the North
Memory: “There!”
Syviis runs up behind Gray, (sneaking by next turn)

Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!
Suðri Skornbrekker quietly puts down his musket and takes out his Dwarven laser-rifle, keeping a wary and worried eye on the ever-growing fireball. Whatever might emerge from that might not be fazed much by boiling beams of light…
Suðri Skornbrekker also takes a step forward
Ken (GM): [gotcha, gun on floor, dwarf-‘death on a stick’ up next]
Doc: Can thaumatology be re-attempted?
Ken (GM): Well, its a knowledge roll that represents your memory of a specific subject, in this case, it means “you’ve never seen anything like it”
Doc: oh okay
any of these guys still standing, then?
Syviis: 2 guys still in pain, but they’re down. Might cause a problem unless they are permanently dead-ed or tied up though.
Ken (GM): -pink dot is shocked out, twitching on the floor
-bashed arm is still writhing on the floor, in pain
-chop and kick is still moving, but on his back on the floor
-and something else coming

Roderick CLANK CLANK it is then!
Ken (GM): something comes in to view, up the hall
(To Roderick): Looks like a man, but swollen up to the size of an ogre; red viscous scars ring his body, limbs, face. His misshapen face has a toothy mouth and a visage of RAGE
Roderick can’t justify stabbing defeated men, but points his sword at any who look like they might be trying to rejoin the fight
Doc: oh or that one
same direction I guess
Ken (GM): right!, sword up and facing down your foes!

Memory swoops aside, cawing

Bomrek aims up the way, cursing not-too-quiet about “line of fire” in dwarven

Ken (GM) The broken-armed man slithers up the floor, trailing blood “You can’t escape HIM!” giggling madly to himself!
The downed wizard clutches his chest-piece, struggling to his feet after gray’s kick.
The third twitches, and smells like he’d defecated when he was shot…

Then, lumbering out of the hall, squeezing along, a ramshackle beast appears! Like a man swelled up and bloody, he is covered in profane sigils and runes of scars along his body, gimlet light strikes his weird beady eyes and he screams “KILL HYOOOOO!” in a mangled thick voice

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Have you ever tried beating him?” Suðri counters the threat.


Syviis tries to duck helpfully, forgetting that Gray is pretty much 99% of the cover

Ken (GM): -4 for interloping peoples, -5 distance, +6 aim
rolling 3d6 vs 15 ( 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 14
Syviis: Nice!

Ken (GM): rolling 6d6 ( 6 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 5 + 2 ) = 21 Burn
P.P. A.: I like how these are in pairs that cancel each other out, so to speak
Syviis: Woo! Statistically average!

Ken (GM) the thing’s skin blackens and boils and melts away and he screams in a manic idiot yell. His flesh boils off to reveal blackened barbed metal bones underneath!

Ken (GM) his now-skull-face turns to Bomrek, half melted “HYOOOOOO!” and he points!

Doc: oh boy some kind of horrible flesh golem
Syviis: As opposed to those Friendly Happy Fleshgolems.

Ken (GM) the ball of hellfire grows!

Ken (GM) the silver swordmage SCREAMS as it washes over him! “NO! Noooooo!” he screams in futility, as black hands seem to drag him up into the boiling licking flames!
P.P. A.: Can’t we throw the fireball at the flesh golem?
Ken (GM): [gotta get control of it, likely. I wonder how the evil guy did it?]
P.P. A.: unless that just feeds the flame-demon with the flesh while the metal skeleton keeps walking, that’d be bad
Syviis: That’s going to be my plan, hopefully.
Syviis: Yeah, that would be some Terminator level nightmare fuel
P.P. A.: Hmm. I believe he the wizard guy was wielding… big words! Maybe we need to sound more threatening to control it!

Gray snarls at the heat of the balefire, the beast raising a shield and watching it with some concern. “Memory! What is this thing? How do we fight it?!”
Joush M.: and step there to cover Roderick and clear the firing lines/let the others back up
Memory: “I dont know!” she screams in alarm “Ive never seen the likes of it before! These arent elemntal spirits! THEY MUST BE DEMONS!”
Ken (GM): [gray stepping over the paralyzed guy]

P.P. A.: Picking up the staff is going to be difficult now with Mister Roboto here
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…the staff!” Suðri shouts, remembering that that exists.

Ken(GM): Syv!
Syviis: OK, you said that we saw hand-prints in the fire?
Syviis: Can I logic out if those handprints are just spooopy bullshit, or is this like the 90% of the other times where the Evil Badguys have been burning through souls to power their Evil Magicks?
P.P. A.: Staff of Halloween Decoration +1
Ken (GM):

Ken (GM): but, against a backdrop of green fire
(From Syviis): okay, so my thinking, is if she can reach the souls inside…either dissipate or tell them ‘release is that way…into the giant monster’. Controlling the Fireball via the Fireball vs the staff.
(From Syviis): if it’s just shiny bullshit, then she’s going to run around the pillar and ready for the next round.
(To Syviis): Oooh neat: so that’s a concentrate, and a roll vs will-4 please

Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 4 + 3 ) = 13
Ken (GM): ruh roh
Syviis: That’s the concentration roll…so….beat will?
I dunno how that works

Ken (GM) Syviis glows with her holy white lightning, and reaches out to he fire with her power… and it reaches back for her moaning with the screams of the damned!
Syviis worries slightly as the fire approaches, but steels her resolve to use it against the monsters that made it
Ken (GM): [mutter mutter ‘gorramn tricksy tokens’]

[It was at this point I discovered the wonders of setting a token in Roll20 to Drawing status, and moving it on top of another layer, discovering it loses objectivity and thus it’s initiative order…-Ken]

Ken (GM): Skornbrekker!
P.P. A.: Hmm
Suðri Skornbrekker takes another step forward and starts aiming at the big guy, however uneasily. Finally, he decides to swerve his rifle and aim instead at the staff on the floor!
Ken (GM): the staff hovering in midair, behind the fireball
Suðri Skornbrekker whispers to his armour, in Dwarven: “[If you know anything about this metal skeleton, I am all ears.]
Suðri Skornbrekker nods in agreement.
P.P. A.: (and that’s the end of that turn)
Ken (GM): ah, kk
aiming then
P.P. A.: aye, at the staff
Ken (GM): derp on me,
[marked with green dot]
(To Roderick): poke. chickens again?
P.P. A.: Maybe he’s fighting off the fox that scares his chickens?
(To Doc): !
Ken (GM): [Im gonna assume he’s gone AFK for a bit here without warning, just gonna take over his turn here]
Ken(GM)/Roderick turns to the thing coming down the hall, and brings up his magic fire to bear on it!
P.P. A.: Not unreasonable
Roderick: [kids again, back sorry]
Ken (GM): crap, how many dice for his burning attack again? 4d?
he just wrote the point total on his sheet 😕
P.P. A.: I’ll take a look at the logs
Ken (GM): right
yep, 4d
rolling 4d6 ( 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 ) = 18
oh wait, one sec, scatter
Doc: 4d, yeah
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 5 + 3 ) = 11
P.P. A.: >Roderick: rolling 4d6 burning
Ken (GM): oh shit, docs BACK
P.P. A.: oh, too late
Ken (GM): lol
Doc: ids doo lade :DDDDD
Ken (GM): well, fun thing, you didnt miss, and the damage wont be divided since he occupies the width of the attack
so yeah, 18 burning!
Doc: oh wew
Ken (GM) The flesh broils away, the stink of it in the air, and what remains is a wriggling puppet underneath; metal chains and barbs and a wicked looking skull of metal.

Syviis: What a happy flesh Iron Golem!
Ken (GM) Youve seen this before; a rage demon! Like the one chained in the fiery depths of the Dreugar keep!
Syviis: Ooooh, great.

Memory screams in fear, flying to Gray’s side!

Bomrek gets a funny look, then drops his gun as gently as possible, drawing out one of those massive jewelled maces from his back “Com’n git yer present ya damned demon thing!”

P.P. A.: ~ooh~
We get to see one in use

Ken (GM) the grasping wad of fire rolls and squirms closer to Syviis, the heat of it touching your skin with stroking fingers of flame!

Ken (GM) the mad mage cackles to himself as he backs up to the wall

IT steps up, stretching out from the confines of the hall and its disembodied voice calls out “I will consume you… piece by broken piece… and grow ever more for it!”
“Come to me, fools!”

Gray growls in frustration and looks at the rage deamon, hand tightening on the hilt of the ogre sword. “Die and be silent, beast!” As he moves to block the thing’s path.
Joush M.: Can he bring Memory with him/away from the fire? Did shadow bird land on him? or Unsummon the familair to keep her out of harms way here?
Ken (GM): yes! You can bring her in, no worries. she also seems eminently grateful for it

(To Syviis): The ball of fire is indeed full of souls; you failed to control it last turn but it has noticed you!
Syviis closes her eyes, ignoring the heat on her skin a moment away from becoming deadly. “I will release you…”
(From Syviis): one more try.
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 5 + 5 ) = 14
Still, she will do her best to calm the souls, and show them the route to peace… is through that fucker’s skull. 😛
(To Syviis): The thing is definitely out of control; the power here is rooted in the staff, the channel. You could definitely get a better handle on it with that in your hands, you think
Ken (GM): wanna step back?
Syviis: Yep lol
Ken (GM): thought I’d remind 😛
[moves lightning nimbus of holy elf]
Syviis clears her throat, clearly having difficulty but trying her best.

Ken(GM) Skornbrekka!
P.P. A.: What’s the SM for the staff?
Ken (GM): I’m gonna go with -3, its long but thin
P.P. A.: Could of course also shoot at the metal skull, but I’ll leave that to Bomrek

Ken (GM): [oh neat, the bubbles take symbols! adds the size mod to the blue field]

Seriously hand to learn that area [1] can take text as well as the +, -, etc.

P.P. A.: >Dwarven rifle has +6 acc
Is distance rounded up, down, or rounded to nearest?
oh, always up
Ken (GM): its banded, so if youre between 12 and 15, you take the worse penalty yeah
Suðri Skornbrekker has his eyes and sights locked on the staff. He overcomes his worries that breaking it might just set the demon free entirely—if anything, that’s going to happen anyway—and pulls the trigger. [10v14]
Ken (GM): NICE
Joush M.: “Fuck yo stick”

Ken (GM) The beam of energy lances out, punching through the green ball like a balloon…and it explodes!
Joush M.: Oops. Ouch
Suðri Skornbrekker: even though it’s not necessary, I want to see big numbers: [24 Burn]

Ken (GM) the unstable energies are released!
Syviis: I do believe a divedodge is in order? lol
Or am I cool?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Er, watch out!”
Ken (GM) the wave of power suddenly explodes in all directions! Passing through you all with beams of octarine light; as it disperses… you dont seem to feel affected…
Syviis: Neat!
Ken (GM): the staff is gone, but the big heap of screaming metal remains

Gray braces himself a moment behind the shield… but the radiant energy deals him no injury.. and he has worse to worry about now! the vicious creature of anger and steel and darkness!

Roderick steps forward to give it MORE FWOOSH
Ken (GM): fwoosh time!

Roderick: rolling 3d6 to hit ( 1 + 1 + 5 ) = 7
Roderick: rolling 4d6 BURNING ( 3 + 3 + 4 + 1 ) = 11
Ken (GM): nice! dead on!
Ken (GM): [fixed that token, you got stuck under a corpse for a sec]
Doc: i was hiding from the metal dude

Ken (GM) Rodericks fire screams over the thing, searing away flesh and bone! Charred bits drip from the metal…and it chuckles
IT: “I am no longer bound to my fleshy prison, thanks to you” the growling voice mewls

Bomrek: “Come’ere ya filthy bugger!” the dwarf stomping up, mace raised

Ken (GM) the dark wizard on the wall, cackling, raises his hands, and a boiling wash of green seems to seep from his grasp!

Ken (GM) It sprays from him in a cloud before him, sizzling in the air. As his hands burn away to the bone, you hear his laughter grow in exultation!

Syviis: Such happy folks!
P.P. A.: Note to self: coup-de-grace everyone

IT raises a mishapen metal limb to gray!
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 14 ( 5 + 1 + 5 ) = 11
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield ( 5 + 2 + 4 ) = 11
Ken(GM): the shield takes it!
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 3 ) = 11
11 crushing!
that thing still in one piece?
Joush M.: Not if my math is right, that kills it by 1
Ken (GM) Pieces fly in a spray as the wood shatters, broken

Gray braces himself and raises the shield, then swears when the mangled metal limb tears the oak apart, leaving him exposed! The remaining damage isn’t enough to hurt his mailed arm, but it does make him angry.

Ken (GM): and you wouldnt like Gray when he gets… angry
and its his turn!

Gray attacks the metal Skull with the ogre sword, aiming to drive the spirit away. “Be banished from this world, monster!”
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword ( 1 + 1 + 1 ) = 3
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash ( 3 + 6 + 4 )+2 = 15
Joush M.: So.. uh.. That hits?
Ken (GM): :O
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 1 + 4 ) = 11 vs IT dodge(fail)
Joush M.: Shouden’t have broken my shield 😛
Syviis: lol
Ken (GM): Well, IT did not crit defend!
crit effect!
(I have looked at this table so much today)
Gray: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 2 + 4 ) = 12
Ken (GM): hmm, an inappropriate result, however [stupid headblow table, not COOL enough]

Ken (GM) Gray swings and bears down with all his terrible might with the Ogre Blade! Green fire licks along it, and the edge cleaves into the skull of the demon! IT chuckles a moment… but then SCREAMS as the flames erupt up and down it’s body!
The green fire burns something else inside the bones, and you see that catch fire and blast out of it’s body as Gray wrenches the sword free!

Ken (GM) the chains crumple, dead

Suðri Skornbrekker cheers (in Dwarven)!

Ken (GM) the acid mage stops laughing

Gray yanks the blade free from the shattered skull and roars in trumph… then points to the man that’s hands melt away to bones. “Someone shoot the laughing man.”

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis: Step and shoot the laughing man?
Ken (GM): k
Syviis: Goinna go for the vitals. Target is lots.
rolling 3d6 ( 2 + 2 + 6 ) = 10
Ken (GM): and ten is definitely below
Syviis: 2 lighting as per usua
Yeah, I should have called Eyeballs
hit on like…11
P.P. A.: tongue would have been even better
Syviis: Yeah, mouth is -5 I think? 😛
Ken (GM) he fails to dodge, stunned at the events in front of him
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 2 )+2 = 4 Imp
rolling 2d6 ( 6 + 2 ) = 8 Burn

Ken (GM) thwip

Ken (GM) crackle

Ken (GM) whump

Syviis checks if he needs another arrow to be convinced to die

Ken (GM) The sizzling acid bubbles on the stone, but the room is quiet again. Bomrek curses loudly
Bomrek: “Bastards! I din’get a chance to mash ’em!”
Syviis points to the zapped dude on the floor
Bomrek whumps the mage on the floor beside him
Bomrek: rolling 4d6 + 2 ( 4 + 3 + 5 + 5 )+2 = 19 Crushing
Bomrek swings, the mace glows with a nimbus of light, and the body POPS
Suðri Skornbrekker shields himself from the splatter.
Bomrek: “Ah dinna think he’d… burst like that”
Bomrek looks a bit stunned, covered in splatter
Gray: “A first test for the mace… a messy weapon”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “What about the portal?”
Syviis: “We’d better check it out”
Gray turns to the others, checking them for injury then nodding to Syviis. and starting to the North as he undoes the leather gauge and tosses aside the last ruined scraps of the shield.

Ken (GM) from up the hall, a voice calls out to you, soft and feminine
“Please, stop! Do not come any closer!” her voice echoing up the stone hall
“We would parley

Gray stops at the edge of the room and looks to the others, a frown on his lips then a nod. Willing to talk if the enemy is, his strong form stands there waiting as he looks to the twisted figure of the rage deamon.

She steps into view; a pale skinned elf in black robes, with a beautiful porcelain-colored face. Her hands are raised above her head

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Much more reasonable words than those of these men here,” Suðri commends her, as he reloads both of his weapons, not putting much faith in these words.

Gray nods to Roderick. “Would you speak with her? We’ve learned much from letting our foes talk in the past”

Syviis readies her next arrow, eyes narrow, looking down the passage for the source of the voice… the passage also being narrow.
The Pale Elf: narrow passage intensifies
(To Syviis): Elf looooore roll
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 6 + 4 ) = 15
(From Syviis): Jesus…glad these aren’t combat rolls, but still…
(To Syviis): You’re sure you should know her… but you cant recall why.

Roderick: “Speak. Advance slowly and you will not be harmed.”
The Pale Elf: “I ask; allow us safe passage. We do not wish to die this day, and you are truly fearsome indeed. Allow us to leave through the gate, and then do what you will”

Gray wonders a moment, studying the woman and scenting the air. “We?”

Syviis whispers to Rod “She seems familiar, but I can’t place it…”

Bomrek strides over, looks up the hall, and points his mace like a home run batter “She looks to me like someone we should kill, Elf”
Suðri Skornbrekker: In Dwarven, to Bomrek: “[‘Because she is an Elf’ or for other reasons too?]”
Syviis: [elf racism senses tingling]

(To Gray): Perception? Theres a bunch of stink going on
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 6 + 6 + 1 ) = 13

(To Gray): You can see from here, shes cloaked in a MASSIVE black spirit, so shes likely possessed. The smells here are typical; gore and fire, magic acid stinks, but from her… there could be more. Another person perhaps, a man’s stink? foul breath? Also…brimstone?

Roderick: “How many of you are there, and what business brought you here?”

Bomrek glances as suthri, sidelong, and grins
Suðri Skornbrekker grins back, but turns more serious as he adds to his friends’ questions to the Elf: “I see no point in unnecessary conflict, but if you possess any more of these Silver Swords, I must ask you to surrender them.”

The Pale Elf: “Please! There is one other, my companion, he would leave with me.” And she gestures at him, out of sight, waving a hand to him to step out
“We will surrender our swords! A fine idea!” she says, excitedly, jittery.
The Pale Elf reaches deliberately into her cloak and produces the sword, handle up, by the sheath

Gray speaks softly to Roderick, aiming to not let his voice carry. “She’s wrapped in dark powder like a shroud, a spirit strong enough that the woman may simply be a shell it inhabits. Brimstone and.. humm.. a man, with her?”

Syviis calls out “[What is your name?]” in Elvish

The Pale Elf tosses it forward, up the hall, where it clatters
The Pale Elf: “who, me?” she says not very calmly “Oh I’m nobody! Doesnt matter! I could go and leave and it would be like we had never even met!”
Syviis frowns and aims an arrow, certain of it’s arc should she loose it, even at this distance “Your name is part of payment for your safe escape.”

The Pale Elf flinches sidelong, stepping away from a hand that grasps at her from round the corner. The arm is clad in heavy armor that shines silvery in the light

Gray: “No-body’s a good name for a spirit that powerful…” He hesitates, then speaks to Syviis. “The girl may be innocent. The spirit that has her is what we speak to.”
Syviis nods at Gray

Ken (GM) the portal, behind her, shimmers silvery and fog-like. A veil of magic appearing

Suðri hesitates to continue, and checks his weapons once more: “I shan’t attack without due cause, but please understand: if you are with Jadeite, then we can expect to meet you again someday soon, and to fight you then under less favorable conditions. It would be wiser for us to take care of you here and now—please give us a good reason not to.”

Bomrek takes the time to saunter to his gun, replace his mace on his back, and casually reload the cannon with powder, returning to his place
Suðri Skornbrekker: “What is your name, and who is with you?”
Bomrek: “She deserves to be killed. It’s justice” he mutters
Suðri Skornbrekker does not raise his own weapon, yet. Suðri tries to be polite, his statement honest and not intended as a threat.

The Pale Elf steps back into the middle of the hall, shushing the unseen man. “I… I cannot tell you my name. Ask anything else of me! I could tell you where Jadeite’s forces are deployed! Or where he takes his bed! You could seek him out there! But please! Not my name!”

Roderick: “Tell your companion to step forward.”

Bomrek arms his gun, and raises it, taking aim

Ken (GM) the gun crackles with red twinkling sparks

The Pale Elf steps back, gesticulating wildly to her companion to step forward
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[No shooting unless they make a move towards us,]” Suðri rebukes his comrade, although he too mounts his Dwarven musket on his bardiche, he does not aim yet.

The Blue Wizard finally steps out a moment later. He has an aura flowing from him, like a spray of magical azure fog out his collar, flowing over his back. The tall man is clad in heavy silver plate, greaves and sollerets, leaving only his face exposed. No helm but a high steel collar.
The Blue Wizard tosses a silver sword up the hall, angrily

(From Syviis): does that dude ring any bells?
(To Syviis): ELF LOOORE

Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 5 + 3 ) = 13
(From Syviis): that’s a match
(To Syviis): You know at once the armor is part of quicksilver
(From Syviis): like…of the swords/elemental?
(To Syviis): Yep

Suðri Skornbrekker asks his Crystal armour: “[This silver armour… is it ordinary silver, or…?”]
P.P. A.: I just realised he’s asking armour about other armour
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You know at once the armor is part of quicksilver
P.P. A.: Hey, you’re both protective gear, right?
Ken (GM): [thats racist]

Gray watches the silver sword fall and frowns thoughtfully. “How long have you Claimed your current host? Why serve the Usuper?”

Syviis whispers urgently to Rod “His armor is also part of the swords and elemental!…
(To Syviis): Also :elf lore: Thats an elemental bonding the wizard guy has, like youve seen on the more powerful wizard folks back home. He’s not rocking demon power there. Thats a storm elemental, frozen and icy

Suðri Skornbrekker looks angry, and raises his eyes; he states, with determination: “If this man strips his armour and leaves it here, where it belongs, with she whom he has stolen it from, then I will do naught to stop you, and you may go.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Keep your name if you wish—that is my one condition.”
Syviis nods at Suori

The Pale Elf looks at Gray, and cocks her head. As if deciding something
“Oh, you can see ME” emphasizing the word with a fingerpoint “Well, thats… hmm” she ponders, her voice strengthened somewhat, now different

(From Syviis): holding action to fire if they try to leave without this being resolved. Aiming on Ice-Mage Armour Guy

Suðri Skornbrekker puts weight behind his words by taking aim at the Blue Wizard’s face, looking stern but patient.

Gray stands thoughtfully and studies the elf and the drifting shadows the others don’t see, the dark spirit that surrounds her. “Memory? Is this anyone you know?”
The Pale Elf shrugs, puts up her hands “I Guess I wont be needing this” and she CHANGES

Ken (GM): You blink, and reality POPS, and standing where the elf woman was is Something Else. A figure with 6 arms, a massive coiled snake tail, and a face bedecked in gold jewelery
Doc: so still an elf then
Ken (GM) the man also seems quite surprised at this development
Syviis: (I assume she does not magically grow more of those swords? or did we just fleece her out of hidden ones?) 🙂
[Baby, I was goinna tell you, I swear!]

Ken (GM) she changed, instantly, just as she appears here, swords and all. This reminds you quite specifically, of the teleportation circles in the Dreugar ruin… and the demon guarding the road South, so many weeks ago.

Gray: “I’ve no reason to judge you based on how you look.” He says as the glamour changes… or perhaps she truly warps the body into a new form in total. “You are Deamon.”

Joush M.: It’s pretty close to our normal stopping time. Is this going to be this weeks cliffhanger?
Doc: dammit
Ken (GM): lol [best reaction for a GM to hope for]
Doc: 10/10 made me mad
Syviis: Okay, but I get +238940328 to aiming for that long lol
Doc: does GURPS give “my arm is tired” penalties
Ken (GM): yeah, will rolls to continue long-aiming
but yeah! 4 point to each, and until next week 😀
Fiss: Syviis shoots an arrow. Halves an atom in target’s brain. We all die in a mushroom cloud
Fiss: Cool, fun session mang, I always approve of demons being killed.
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man. I had a lot of fun. Hopefully Syviis won’t nuke us all next time
Ken (GM) Who is this demon? Why is the silver ice-knight so taken aback? Just what is her name?
P.P. A.: Couldn’t stop my midnight auto-shutdown
Joush M.: Poor knight just saw his girlfriend turn into snek-deamon
Doc: “Nice”
tfw no snake demon gf
Ken (GM): I know theres a manga for that, im sure
>surfs 4chan
P.P. A.: Great session!
Thanks for today, very much enjoyed it
Doc: same

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Grimwyrd: Crystallized Devotions

Suðri Skornbrekker keeps napping, thus
Ken (GM): noot noot!
oh my god does it feel good to be a people again
Joush M.: You’ve had a rough month man. How’s the.. uh.. everything? Skin, teeth, all that?
Ken (GM): tooth: fixed
rash: nearly gone
me: caffinated with ODINFORCE
what a fun December this has been
Joush M. was always on Ken’s side in the Skin Rebellion of 2017
Ken (GM): shakes fist at seperatist skin movement
and we’re all here!
Fiss: [Elf Mode…]
Syviis: [engaged!]
Doc: recap?

Ken (GM): Your party separated from the main force of the militia, heading into the hills West of Academ to the Mine of the same name. There, you found an insidious infestation of growing crystal, not wholly unlike your bloodroot encounters. Seeing a trail of carnage leading into the mine, you plumbed it’s depths and came to an ancient dwarven ruin at the belly of the Earth
Within, the air was suffused with magical forces; wispy tendrils of octarine magical force swirled in the air, in a First Empire construction. The dwarven work is impeccable, ancient, and inhabited. You discovered a chamber of magical force being routed into a massive living dwarven crystal… as well as it’s caretaker, Deloth-Ainur!
Syviis: [post-caretaker]
Ken (GM): You parleyed a moment, but then in the heated conversation, she seemed to fall ill, unconscious! Sweeping to her aid, you discovered it was some kind of ambush orchestrated by the dark demon heart that empowers her!
It pounced, you fought, and the fray was horrible. Gnashing limbs and bloody thorned melee. In the end, the beast thing was slain, banished from this realm, destroyed. Suðri worked something with the magic crystal, and it’s power was contained.
And in the end, Deloth Ainur lay unmoving, unalive, expired

P.P. A.: “worked something” puts it nicely
Syviis: Not exploding = worked.
Ken (GM): Yeah, there was a doing of some kind, but not a lot of sophiticated effort.
Ken (GM): but! Suðri is recovering, no worse for the wear, and now, the magical power in the air has dimmed somewhat. In the South cavern, you see the lightning has disappeared, so that’s “good”

P.P. A.: You recover 1 FP per 10 minutes of rest, was it?
Ken (GM): 1FP/20min, modified by Fit advantage
P.P. A.: Fit he is, so it’s 1 FP/10 min for him. IIRC the penalties go away at 1/3rd max FP, so he’ll nap maybe half an hour and then wake up, and spend another 10 minutes talking (since I assume there’ll be some explaining and deliberating to do)

Gray grimly stands guard over his dwarven companion as Suðri rests, expending so much energy grounding out the crystal, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword and the lupine man scenting the air. Thoughtful, alert as he waits patiently. “There may be other threats here. We should examine the whole of this place before we leave.. It’s not what we expected from what the Mage told us on the road”
Ken (GM): Gray! Perception roll!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception Night Vision 5, +4 to Scent, Detect (Spirits, Precise) ( 3 + 6 + 4 ) = 13
(To Gray): You take stock, listening, scenting; you feel the magic washing over you, and your spirit vision sees the eddies and swirls of magic tangibly in the air, like a wake of water, flowing through you all. The only sounds you hear from the place are the crackle of sparks from the crystal in the West room. The area seems silent as a tomb, with no other scents than Deloth-Ainur. Her stench of sulfurous evil is swiftly fading…

Ken (GM): Syviis! Per+magic talent!
Rod!! Per+Magic talent!
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 15 ( 2 + 3 + 6 ) = 11
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 1 + 2 ) = 4
Ken (GM): jfk
Syviis: vs 17
Doc: wew
Syviis: Dang lol
Doc: what do your elf eyes hear
P.P. A.: The smell of mana
Syviis: Mmmmm

(To Roderick): You take stock, listening, feeling with your power; you feel the magic washing over you, like a wake of water, flowing through you all. The only sounds you hear from the place are the crackle of sparks from the crystal in the West room. You can sense it’s power too; a mighty elemental bound in place, thrumming the earth. You hear no others down here with you

(To Syviis): You take stock, listening, feeling with your power; you feel the magic washing over you, like a wake of water, flowing through you all. The only sounds you hear from the place are the crackle of sparks from the crystal in the West room. You can sense it’s power too; a mighty elemental bound in place, thrumming the earth. You hear no others down here with you, but you can feel a presence of magic….foreign…you suspect it to be in the next room past the stone.

Syviis: “Something alien is still here…perhaps the power or thing that the vile lord wanted injected into the powerful Dwarven machine here? The room past the stone… but we should be careful; elementals and power still burn bright.”
Ken (GM): [expanding the view on a map a bit, as you guys poked your heads here and there]
(From P.P. A.): just prompt me when enough time has passed to wake up not-totally-groggy
Gray: “Aye? We shall be careful then.” He assures her as he stands guard. Looking into the strange crystal chamber. “Once everyone is ready we will go check the room.”

Syviis approaches carefully
Ken (GM): [and we’ll assume a thirty minute ingame break where you rest and tend to yourselves]
Syviis waits for 30 minutes too
Syviis: lol
Ken (GM): lool

Bomrek does some immediate maintenence on his guns, rechecking the breach on the mana-gun and loading it with dust from his pockets. There is much muttering re: wizards magic and elves
Syviis walks over to the storeroom to see what’s held within it while the rest of the party readies “We should also check Deloth’s body for clues… a journal would be helpful.” she says optimistically
(To Syviis): Casual examination finds a large cache of ‘alchemical reagents’ many labels in thaumatological symbols, and several boxes of oddities. As well as what looks to be the collective belongings of a dozen aristocrats. Art, carpets, tapestries, furniture…
Syviis rummages lightly through the pile, not hiding her confusion “Perhaps I truly do not understand the realms of Man…why would someone store a rug with alchemist baubles? And why would they store it here of all places? A lack of options seems strange.”
[U-MAGE-HAUL, adventure in teleportation!]

Gray examines the heavily damaged shield and settles it on it’s gauge before walking to check their fallen enemy. Makeing sure she remains dead and seeing if she had anything in her pockets or carried with her.

Suðri Skornbrekker rouses from his slumber; He yawns, sits upright, and straightens his beard—probably a bit fuzzy still from all the mage-lectricity.

Ken (GM): [Deloth-Ainur was clad in silver scale and her robes, but in the aftermath, only ashy soot remains over tattered cloth. Its as if the metal burned up, disintegrated]

Suðri Skornbrekker: “My apologies; I was… very exhausted.” The Dwarf gets up, looks if his weapons are all right, and looks about the room; at the spot of blood, the corpse of Deloth… “…so what happened? I see you defeated the demon! Sorry that I was of little help.”

Bomrek: “Och, don’ worry lad. Ye did fine. I took care of what needed doin’ for the lot of us” Bomrek follows the telltale sound of looting “Finally! BOOTY!” he cheers, a broad grin on his face. He immediately starts rummaging through the nearest boxes, lucking up shiny things
Syviis: “I suppose so, just watch that you do not spill any reagent containers…some of the chemicals could be caustic.”
Doc: “I found a rug”
[dwarf rumbling sounds in the distance]

Gray: “No journal, no keepsakes. Nothing save the ashes of the magic she paid so much for.” He says grimly, the task distasteful to him as he closes the shroud again. The towering man walking to join the others. “You owe us no apology, Suðri. You did what you felt was best, and we did prevail.”

Syviis gives another passing glance through the pile, then sighs and trusts the Dwarves much keener looting sense to alert her if anything is found that might be of use in the war vs lining their pockets.
Syviis checks the other side-rooms briefly
Ken(GM): [Door to the West, Door to the south: both bolted with dwarven steel designs. Large ornate locks on the handles
The alcoves have two benches on the left (unadorned)
The SE corner holds a statue depicting a fierce looking snake carved of a white polished stone…..which bears a remarkable resemblance to other certain effigies you’ve seen in your travels]
[up North, a short hall then another chamber, with a massive dwarf door emblazoned with the image of an open book radiating with light, like a sunrise]
Ken (GM): [the north door has a smear of blood on it, you can see plainly. A ring of red around the door handles]

Roderick keeps an eye on the hallways

Gray studies the door a moment, scenting the air, trying to judge who’s blood that is as he comes closer..
(To Gray): You recognize the scent of man-blood. You also taste the magic on it, in the air.

Ken (GM) the smear of blood is an elaborate circle, symbols cut into the smear in jagged cuneoforms, sharp lines, magic symbols.

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to remember what all happened before he blacked out: “The crystal said that the one that dwells here ‘has a little more freedom’ now, but it does not seem as though all is well yet. There might be enemies yet at work in these ‘mines’.” He reflects, and shares with the others. “Have you found anything else in the meantime?
Suðri Skornbrekker trots west, stops as he passes by Bomrek: “Anything good in those crates?”
Bomrek: “Men have no taste for fine things, but most of this could be melted down for a finer work by dwarven hands” he grins to himself, Pulling out candle holders, flatware and other items made of silver gold and other precious metals
Suðri Skornbrekker whistles. “Always good to have raw materials, and spare valuables if we happen across a musket-vendor dealing in equipping whole armies.”

Gray: “Human blood. Nobody I know.. and magic. A seal, or a trap?” He ask as he studies the symbols, reaching into a pocket for salt thoughtfully as he considers breaking the ring, rubbing the grains of salt together between his fingers. “Is it anything familiar to you?”

Syviis walks over with Gray
Roderick follows
Ken (GM): [definitely magic symbols! Thaumatology revealing more]
Syviis: Rollin dem Thaums
rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 1 + 1 ) = 5
Beat by 7
4 if my magical talents help.
Ken (GM): JFC fiss
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 thaumatology also ( 4 + 1 + 6 ) = 11
Syviis: Rolled a 4, then a 5…. Triple 18’s are on the way for sure. lol

(To Roderick): The circle is much like the ones you saw in the Dreugar keep; rings of blood and magic tied to profane power; This seems like some kind of warding, tied to explosive power. Likely a trap

Suðri Skornbrekker peeks into a chest himself, but remembers that there are more pressing things to do, and walks over to the three tallfolk.

Roderick: “What do you think, Syviis? Trap?”
(To Syviis): This is definitely old gorgoth magic circle work, just like the demon binding magic you saw in the Dreugar keep. The ring it linked to a being named “[The Fury]” who will be summoned if the circle is broken by anything other than [another smear of fresh blood from a magical-powered human]

Syviis: “A trap of a kind…a demon summoning circle, should it be broken in a certain way. But there is a fresh gout of blood here that obscures the instructions. Perhaps there is another way in, but I would trust each known entrance would be warded in the same way.”
(To Syviis): Hah, no dude I meant thats the specific instruction in the circle
Syviis blinks and rubs her eyes
Syviis: “Wait…
“That wasn’t a cover up…that is the key!”
(From Syviis): lol
(To Syviis): nice save

Syviis pauses “We need the blood of a human mage to smear through the circle and defeat the spell.”
Gray: “Blood locks. Common in these kinds of ruins, aren’t they?” He says as he follows Syviis’s logic.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks baffled. “People who draw circles to summon demons usually write instructions on how to dispel them?”
Syviis: “I don’t think it’s so much as instruction as it is one must build the key into the lock.”
Syviis: “Rod may be able to defeat this with a spot of his blood, but there is always a risk that I am not reading the whole spell.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I see.”
Gray: “Aye.. it’s worked before, but these kinds of things are dangerous. I could clear the old blood away. It might make it easier to read.. or summon something.”
Syviis: “Yes, I think that’s the danger. This is akin to the power that locked the demons in place at the Keep.”

Roderick thinks and looks at the symbols some more
(From Roderick): does the math check out?
(To Roderick): Yes! she indicates a few key runes, and you realize your own translation was ‘off’ a bit. Chalk it up to familiarity penalties and critical successes
Roderick: “Shall we look elsewhere before I try bleeding on things?”
Syviis: “Maybe they left a vial of blood in the boxes here?”

Ken (GM) there is a clatter of spilled boxes, and then a short curse form Bomrek “Lookit this ere’!” He holds a bundle of silver swords wrapped in felted covers. At least another dozen of the silver mercurial blades…
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Ooh, these again! …maybe they were making them here. Are these ones enchanted?”

Gray nods and stretches, the brute walking to the door and reaching out with his senses a moment, trying to hear beyond it before he turns at the crash and clang, walking to join the others. “Quite a collection..”

Syviis: “A fine find, Sir Dwarf! Maybe there are bits of use here after all, not just a nobleman’s den.”

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over to take a look.
The voice of the stone screams into your mind as the swords are revealed!

Bomrek curses and clutches his head “YE GODS, WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT NOISE?”
Suðri Skornbrekker halts for a moment, then paces over to the swords. He grabs one, apparently upset, and looks at it.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[Dwarven curses], it seems they made these by using the Crystal that reigns here; took bits of it and welded it into these blades!” Suðri holds a sword in his hand and looks at it for a moment, stroking his bead with the other. He turns around to the crystal behind him.
Syviis: “Bits of the crystal?!”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “If, uh, if you are in there—do you have any control over your parts in here? Or should we destroy them to free your energy?”
Gray: “I don’t understand.” He admits, walking closer and frowning, studying those silver blades then looking to Suðri as he speaks to.. the air? The crystal?
Bomrek: “Oh by the Allfather; they put bits of HER into the blades” and he raises a pointed finger to the crystal behind you… where the tendrils of magic power seem to be reaching out for the bundle, like outstretched fingers
Syviis: “Not only enslaved…but shattered and forced to be parts of a whole…” visibly shaken by the revelation unfolding before them
Gray: “Humm.” He frowns, scowling as he looks to the blades, then to the crystal. Tilting his head to the side as he watches the power reaching out.

Syviis looks for the connections if they be streaming outward, or limited to just this room/area.
(To Syviis): Your magic vision, if you squint sharply enough, reveals the silvery thread of energy binding the sword back to the crystal. The bloodstone worked into the hilt seems to work the magic. A channeled binding of it’s power. Very savage magic
(From Syviis): does it seem that this would be a permanent connection, or more of a “charging it up on the wireless charging port because it’s nearby”?

(To Syviis): Permanent enchantment; its a binding, like the elementals powering the flying fortress

Suðri Skornbrekker: “We were told that the enemy had had a lot of these made; many have probably made their way to the capital already,” Suðri recalls; he looks at the crystal again: “If we are victorious, we can collect them and return them here. …but if you have a way of interfering with these swords from afar, given your connection to them—making them vibrate, perhaps—that could be useful in defeating the enemy in the first place.” He holds the sword in his hand out to the crystal, for it to do with it whatever it wishes.
P.P. A.: (I imagine our forces are coming to head with the enemies, their swords drawn, but then they all start shaking in their hands—and before they know what happened, they’ve been impaled by our cannon-fodder’s speartips!)

Ken (GM) the offered sword from Suðri draws closer to the crystal, and then is seized by the wisps of magic! The thing leaps from his hands, flies, and slaps hard into the surface of the crystal!….and then it just dissolves away! The blood red stone in the hilt falls to the floor with a tinkle
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): A wave of joyous relief washes over you as the silver blade returns to her body

Syviis shaking slightly as she watches the crystal fall, then moves to pick it up to examine it… only to stop herself. “The swords…indeed, they are all connected. I think even over great distance, they are leeching their magic from this source.”

Gray: “Clever. Wicked, but clever. Each crystal is linked with each other, and the source.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “So it seems. Let’s first get rid of these!” Suðri walks over to the crates holding the swords, carries them to the large crystal, and empties them onto the floor. He looks a bit flustered for a moment, worried. “I sure hope the one I ate was not yet infused, but just plain metal.”

Gray gives Suðri a hand, thoughtful and assisting the dwarf even if he isn’t quite sure of the plan.
Ken (GM): [rummaging through the pile, you discover a dozen of the blades tucked here and there. You notice the wrapped cloths have monogrammed initials finely sewn to them, in an ornate seal]
Syviis: “We might be able to transmit power to the swords, as you said, make them unwieldy as they are drawn in anger. But maybe we could also cut the power. I just don’t know if that would be like slicing off an arm or a leg of you or I, or if those crystal pieces and the power could be reattached later on?” Syviis looks up at the crystal
Syviis: “Last time I tried to talk to one like this…it lashed out, burning us.”
Gray: “Are these bespoke for users, or is this a maker’s mark?” He ask of the seal. Seeing if the initials are the same for all of them or if they vary.

Doc: [what was the deal with the swords again]
Ken (GM): the silver swords are being used by the evil wizards you keep running into. There was also a cache saved by the escaping wizard Rolf

Ken (GM) As you bring the swords to the crystal, they are snatched up over and over, disappearing with a sizzle of energy. You soon have 12 red stones on the floor and a bunch of felt wraps
(To Doc): Heraldry? The seal on the cloth is much like the Royal Academy, but it’s wrong somehow…
(From Roderick): don’t have Heraldry, is there another skill or a default?
(To Doc): SF: high society works too, @ a -3

Syviis reaches out and examines one of the stones, still pondering larger plans
Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the stones, and cautiously picks one up. “…these not being part of her, are they used to control her magic in the swords?”
Suðri Skornbrekker smells it, not expecting it to smell like much, but who knows.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Blood and stone; these came from the dead, sacrificed in the dark rituals youve seen before
Suðri Skornbrekker holds it away from him in disgust. “Yeech, these must be like the altar we found at the All-Father’s Tomb.” Good thing he didn’t lick it.

Syviis: “They are being used to bind and wrestle the power into shape, I believe.”
(To Syviis): Each are a 1FP powerstone, and seem to be made of the carved red heartstone of the bloodroot….or mens hearts….
Syviis: “Made from either blood-root…or the hearts of men. At this point, nether would surprise me much. But they do each hold a little power of their own. A tiny battery.”
Syviis: “If made from blood…perhaps this could be our key into the sealed door.”

Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 12 ( 1 + 5 + 5 ) = 11
(To Doc): It looks like the High lord Jadeite has begun re-branding his men; you recognize the seal of the academy, modified to suit his needs. A Silver sword emblazoned over a book of open pages, radiating lightning bolts of power.

Roderick: “These cloths bear the seal of the Royal Academy, modified by Jadeite”

Gray nods to Syviis grimly, reaching out and lifting a stone, holding it in a hand dusted with salt and walking to test it at the door, tracing the ruby rock across the circular seal.
Syviis goes with Gray, bow readied just in case “I don’t fancy fighting full powered demons on the way to this larger war… as sure and righteous as we’ve been, there is a reason this power is locked away.”

Ken (GM) the stone scrapes on the metal with a small shower of octarine sparks; the blood glistens and flows, pouring from the surface like rainwater, wet an fluid again

Syviis watches the power flow, spark and move, hoping her hunches prove correct

Ken (GM) there is a rumble behind the door, and a mild WHUMP noise, like a belch of something large. Then silence

Syviis smiles optimistically

Roderick: “The more changes Jadeite is making, the stronger his power must be… but the more brazen his moves, the more resistance he will face and allies we will fi-“
Roderick is cut off by the sound of the seal and moves to investigate

Gray: “The swords must be for the students at the school. He would make an army of mages, bound to his will and joined in secret”

Gray test the door, seeing if that unlocked it.

Bomrek busies himself filling a snuffbox with the stones…

Suðri Skornbrekker approaches carefully. Wary of what might lie behind the door; he props up his (conventional gunpowder) musket on his bardiche and aims it at the portal.

Ken (GM) the handle turns and opens smoothly, sliding to the sides on castor gears
Syviis: [Oooh, dwarven castor gears… nice.]

Ken (GM) the doorway reveals a small antechamber, and through a second door a large room with fine stone walls; the whole area is smeared with carnage and rotting bodies, insects scurrying away in the sudden light. A circle of blood on the floor swirls, melting away like the one on the door. A plume of smoke dissipating above it.

Syviis nods to Gray and moves in carefully, watching for lines of power

Bomrek draws two pistols, and CLACK CLACK arms the actions

Ken (GM) the place is dwarven made, elegantly simple, but finely polished.. You barely see the seams in the mortared stones. The room looks like it once held something on the pedastel to the North, flanked by candelabra.
There are five bodies on the floor here, two skinned, one mangled to near-butchery, one nearly untouched, and the last…. a satyr, with goatlegs and horned head.

Gray studies the circle and the gore, gaze running over the bodies, judging how long the room has been closed and careful as he walks forward. “Looks like four dead. Two sacrifices on the slabs, one ripped apart..” He studies the damage. “Maybe by a deamon, or something strong.”
Bomrek: “Disgusting. Look what theyve done to this fine imperial temple!”
Gray: “Five dead actually, counting the stray parts”
Suðri Skornbrekker nudges forward, aiming at whichever corpse looks the least assuredly dead and immobile.
(To Gray): Decomposition and bugs put it at about a week, maybe more. The room is RIPE
Syviis: “This is what Jadeite has placed here…perhaps what taints the power, or makes the stones…I don’t know…” studies the runes and the circle
(To Syviis): The demon he had bound here was trapped in the circle. [THE FURY] was bound here
Gray: “It’s been at least seven days. The fly larva are nearly mature.” The beast says almost conversationally. His preternatural sense of smell, luckily for him, leaves him with a canine-like ability to simply ignore the repulsive smells of decomposition in the sealed room. “Could be Syviis; Could be they tried to do something, some ritual here, and it failed and killed them. Deamon summoning often ends like this.”
Syviis: “It looks as if the demon is gone…is it elsewhere or did it fade back to it’s own hell? I don’t know…”

Suðri Skornbrekker eases up a little, and steps closer—the empty pedestal at the end of the room catching his eyes. “Maybe it simply joined Jadeite’s ranks, and now inhabits one of his subordinates?”
Gray: “We might have fought it when it leaped from our old foe in the antechamber”
Syviis: “Something we need to watch for, to be sure…”
Ken (GM): paranoia intensifes
Syviis: “The fact they were leaving a barely-bound demon here as part of their machinery means they may have much worse enslaved.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “That reminds me,” Suðri notes at Gray’s words: “do we have any idea whether that demon inside Deloth had always been there, since we first fought here in the South; or if it was newly given to her by Jadeite, or rather the Lord Mayor guy?”

Gray walks in to check the bodies and the room, seeking to spare the others the walk though the horror show. “I don’t know. I think it would have made itself known when we fought her in the past if it had always been there”
Bomrek: “She was a demeon-infested-wizard, [Brother], and worse, she was an elf. Dont pine for her too much”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “That does sum it up.” He shrugs, and enters the room to inspect the pedestal.
Syviis: “One day, Sir Bomrek, I am going to invite you to my lands and see if we can’t shake some of this deep-seeded mistrust of pointed ears and magic from your heart. Perhaps with a lot of therapy, but I suspect time at the great Elvish Drinking Halls will help more.”
P.P. A.: I was under the impression that the elf-lands are ruled by evil elven sorcerors right now, and if we’re going to visit it’s to wage a guerilla war in the forest against them.
That might not exactly help to rectify his prejudices
Syviis: “Well, yes, but after that, I’m sure it will be lovely again.” 😛
Roderick: “Only until they throw him out”
Bomrek: “For emptying their stock of their finest spirits, if they have any” He laughs, heartily “drink them out of any business they had!”

Ken(GM) The flensed ones were torn apart by something like barbed claws or thorns. The butchered one looks like it was killed with a heavy axe or broadsword stroke. The old man body has a single puncture wound, through and through, in the heart. The satyr looks like it was crushed or squeezed
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): This is an altar, used in Dwarven spiritual practices. It should hold a reliquary, or an object heirloom of an ancestor, but it’s bare. Theres marks that look like something sat here a long time… maybe a book or a box based on the square patch wear and dust it left
Syviis finishes examining the circle, looking for clues of ongoing activity
Suðri Skornbrekker frowns. “They stole something from here, though what I do not know.”
Bomrek: “Barbarians” he spits “Not even casual reverence for our ancestors. Looters and vagabonds”

Ken (GM) six doors on the wall lead out of here; each is the fine dwarven steel make, but none bear a lock mechanism.
Gray goes to check the door nearest to him.
Suðri Skornbrekker inspects one of them, one hand holding his bardiche.

Ken (GM): North, two doors lead to a library of sorts; many of the shelves are bare, but a scattered few tomes lie thrown about. They are large metal bound affairs with seals and locks, most seeming torn or broken open, as if frantically searched through. Dwarven rune-script is visible in the writings
Syviis looks through the books quickly
Suðri Skornbrekker glances over the ones torn open, skimming through the pages to get an idea of what they’re about.
Ken (GM): The books seem to be incredibly old but mundane record-keeping books; logs of ‘inventory’, ‘reagents’, ‘components’, and ‘empire inducted services rendered‘. The greater picture as a whole describes this as a record-room of a magic forge run by the first empire dwarves
Syviis: “The number of centuries of history here scraped and scrapped in an instant of foolish vile greed is just as sickening as the loss of life happening every day around us.”
Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head that such valuable records would be treated with such brute force. “A travesty,” he agrees with Syviis.
Syviis: “Truly, Good Dwarves, I weep for this misuse of your culture.”
Suðri Skornbrekker takes care to carefully put the books he handles back together, and to arrange them in an orderly-enough fashion that they won’t be eaten by insects or fall off the shelf.

Ken (GM): SouthEast; Gray reveals a spartan chamber with a simple stone coffer and small shelves. Scrapes on the floor reveal it was emptied of many heavy things, scoring the stone
Gray nods at the nearly empty room then walks to the coffer, studying it a moment and reaching for the lid.
(To Gray): The stone box opens easily, unlatched. The inside seems plated with beaten lead sheets and contains a single item; a finely cut red crystal the size of a watermelon… riddled with fissures of light across it’s crackled surface. You feel heat on your skin as you expose yourself to the view of it!

Gray holds a hand before his face a moment and growls thoughtfully as he looks into the crimson light from the cask. “I’ve found a very large crystal here.” He informs them in that rough voice. “It’s hot. Like sunlight.” He says thoughtfully.

Syviis heads to Gray to check his discovery

Syviis frowns “I stand corrected…THIS might have been what Jadeite put here. The demon might indeed have been a guard-dog of a kind.”
Suðri Skornbrekker joins the fun
Syviis to Gray “Don’t touch it…it feels…sickening.”
Gray stands beside a box lined with lead and holding a single item… a cracked crystal that radiates unnatural heat, the size of a watermelon. “I feel like it might be unhealthy to look long at it.”
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 thaumatology ( 2 + 5 + 6 ) = 13
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 6 + 5 ) = 17
Hahah, told you
Syviis tries to look at it but turns away, the hairs on the back of her neck prickling up in disgust.
P.P. A.: Syviis realizes that what we have here… might be a kind of… big… ROCK! Possibly infused with magic!”
Syviis: “I’m sorry…” she runs out of the room, coughing and gagging
(To Fiss): Feast or Famine rolling today mang 😛
(From Syviis): yep, lol if I roll an 18 next, we know the curse is complete

Gray reaches out to close the lid slowly. “Why surround it so carefully in base metal? Things like that are normally packed in salt, aren’t they?”

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Thats a Hellstorm Bomb; a fabled ancient weapon of The First Empire, designed to immolate anything it touches. They’re items lost to the histories, but are the fabled wrath of God!
Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes open wide. “Step back!” he yells at Gray, though his voice trebles more with excitement than with fear.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You recall the specific example of one being used; an ancient enemy rooted in a mountain-hold. They unleashed the weapon, and the crater left smoldered for a generation

Gray draws back from it.

(To Roderick): Thats a Hellstorm Bomb; a fabled ancient weapon of The First Empire, designed to immolate anything it touches. They’re items lost to the histories, but are the fabled wrath of God!

Suðri Skornbrekker: “This… this is a Hellstorm Bomb! A magnificent weapon of the First Empire, it—! …the name already gives it away; it incinerates anything that comes in contact with it.”
Roderick steps back a bit. “This is…!”
Suðri Skornbrekker seems a bit giddy.
Gray: “Is it supposed to look unstable and fragile?”

(From Syviis): does Syviis know anything about Hellstorm Bombs?
(To Syviis): nothing

Syviis: “You Dwarves made that?!”

Roderick: “I sincerely doubt that this was placed here by Jadeite. More likely he was seeking it.”

Suðri Skornbrekker glances over to Gray, and strokes his beard as he eyes the bomb from a safe distance. “…I don’t know. It would be… bad if it was damaged. One such bomb once obliterated an entire Karak-keep.”
Syviis looks even sicker, and walks out of the chamber, trying to steady herself

Gray: “Maybe some way to transport it safely. If it’s like the red dust that powers the First Empire muskets then I’d imagine it is less safe to carry then black powder in a burning sack.”
Gray looks disturbed. He’s seen what a few grains of the dwarf powder can do in a gun with a crystal the size of a little gem to power it. This thing is likely every bit as dangerous the dwarves think.
Gray goes to find Syviis.

Bomrek speaks reverently, as if carefully reciting a passage from memory “The Allfather spoke the words of creation, hammered his wrath into a weapon, filled it with his fury, poured out the Hells themselves into the vessel. None were mourned that day, as their lines ended to the last”

Bomrek: “The last memory of our ancient enemies. And here I thought it was all just flowery allegory”

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Syviis, feeling the need to correct her: “Ah, but it is very clean, It only tears holes into the ground, and fortresses, and what have you—but not into the very fabric of reality.”
Bomrek: “Nice, natural, dwarven workings. Not wizardly at all!” he beams
Syviis sighs and nods
Gray: “Water?” He ask, taking a flask to offer it to her. “Do you need to head up to the surface and get some air?”
Syviis: “I suppose that is the lesser of possible horrors, for certain. I can appreciate it…but the magic coming from that…thing…is….” throws up a little in her mouth
Syviis shakes her head and continues to sit “I’ll be fine… There’s a lot of conflicting power here. It’s like walking into a perfume agent’s store and taking a deep breath.”
Gray nods. “It must be intense to bother a woman that walked though that charnal house without flinching.”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the bomb again, a bit concerned by Syviis’ reaction. “…it would be wiser to leave it be, in any case.”
Roderick: “Leaving it unattended would not be wise.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “We could bar the door somehow?”
Gray: “It is un-wisdom, given form. I don’t think anything that can be done with it would be wise.” He says to Roderick thoughtfully.
Roderick nods at Gray’s comment

Gray goes grimly to check the other rooms. If there are more of those stone boxes with dwarven atomic weapons he wants to know.

Syviis: “I think I would like to try speaking to the crystal in the main chamber. For all I know it will be as wild and as unwilling as the elementals before… but this could indeed help the war should we can find a way to neuter those swords.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “She is passionate, but given how she did not kill us when we entered this places—even though Deloth had apparently tried to forced her to—to call her wild is rude.”
Syviis laughs and nods her head: “I’m only thinking ahead…”
Syviis walks over to the crystal and tries to clear her mind from the terrible aftertaste of the Hell-Dwarf-Hole-Maker

Ken(GM) the rest of the rooms check out to be emptied of their ancient dusty contents, like the others. Scuff marks, dust trails and the like betray the looting that took place here. A few curious bits remain here and there; a candleholder, an oil-lighter lamp, a few empty wooden bins. A curio box has it’s glass smashed in the corner, some rusted mangled metal bits inside.

Gray looks thoughtfully at the broken case, studying the things inside a moment.

Suðri Skornbrekker follows Syviis in case the Crystal needs someone to speak through.

Ken (GM): the SW corner room has a store-room of ancient dwarven foods long since decayed or desiccated into powdery stones. A few small bottles of gloomy liquids, a rock of cheese, and not much else
Joush M.: So dwarven treats? ROCK CHEESE, 1000 YEARS OLD!
Ken (GM): “finely aged, and sharpens the knife that slices it!”
Syviis: [Choices for Syviis: Eat 1000 year old Dwarf cheese, or stick her hand on the giant electric crystal….she’s going for the crystal, lol]

Gray goes to join the others after his exploration. “Maybe they summoned something to try and find out how the bomb here was made. Such a power would be irrisistable to men like the ‘high lord'”

(From Doc): any idea how to transport or use this thing? thaumatology roll or something else?
(To Doc): yeah drop a
thaumatology at -2 for me. Based on your magic teachings and your experience with dwarven magics so far…
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs
11 superweapons ( 3 + 2 + 2 ) = 7
(To Roderick): So, if the logic follows; the dwarven magic from the Old Empire worked on channeling energies from magic beings that they either hybridized with or implanted into their devices. The product usually resulted in red dust Thaum which is a potent reagent. Based on the histories, the dwarven descriptions, and this things appearance, its a
highly unstable device. Either it’s constructed completely out of Thaum which is breaking down, or it’s a vessel for some great entity it cant contain well anymore. The fact that they shielded the box with lead indicates they feared accidental exposure, or at least magical shielding. And the lack of fail-safes in the storage means the device was beyond powerful. It is very much so, an armed nuclear threat weapon

Ken (GM): Syviis! How you going about communing with the crystal?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[If you need me for anything, I’m right here.]” Suðri mumbles in Dwarven, looking back and forth between Syviis and the Crystal.
Syviis: Okay, first, move my gear off to the side, no weapons, but I will use the elder spooky staff, to see if I can use it to touch the crystal. Obviously, any major zaps, I will stop and try to do remotely.
I will move to the opposite side vs the salvaged blood-stones. “I’m not part of that shit” basically
Then, clearing mind, trying to reach out to the crystal like the elemental
but being more conscious, trying not to feel so much as ask
Ken (GM): alrighty
Roll hidden lore: elf mysteries at +4 for me
(From Syviis): for all I know this thing is in pain, wants to die, and we might have just found a way to blow it up lol
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 2 + 1 ) = 4
Ken (GM): dud
Syviis: GOT DAMN
I ROLLED A 0. lol
Joush M.: She finds an adapter for Elf USB to Dwarf-Firewire
Syviis: [will ABSOLUTELY roll an 18 in the next important battle]
So yeah, that’s a beat by 13.

Ken(GM) / Syviis prepares herself, moving through a ritual of motions passed down through the ages, her eyes closed and everything timed as if to a hidden music. She bears the magic staff before her and with a quieting of her mind, reaches to the elemental spirit within the stone. The lines of power in the room sway, twist, and wrap though her, joining elf and stone by the magic in the air. The is a rustle of wind that tosses her hair, and a few seconds later she gasps, eyes wide, surprise on her face
Syviis: [once fell asleep on the page of a book detailing everything about this crystal, and remembered it via dream-osmosis]
P.P. A.: >dream-osmosis
(To Syviis): You hear the voice in your mind, and you instantly recognize the spirit trapped here; all spirits are born of their world and travel to ours through The Ways. All sprites, motes and spriggans were not born on this sphere, but the one just beside it, a little to the left. This being is an ancient, all encompassing, blood-of-the-earth creature. This is not a mote caught in a box. This is the pinched off consciousness of the veins of quicksilver that pulse in the mantle of the earth. This spirit… may well be the force of life itself that gives earthquakes and tremors their power.

Syviis drops to her knees, half out of awe, half out of… well… fear?

Gray watches, the place leaving him in a serious mood, then starts closer when she falls. Worried a moment, but slowing. Letting her work.

Suðri Skornbrekker keeps watch, listening for any stray Crystal-thoughts he might pick up.

(To Syviis): In a few seconds She tells you a lot. She was bound here ages ago by the dwarves, in a compact struck when evil besieged The First Empire. They worked together to power dwarven engines of war to fight back The Darkness and IT’s minions. But, in the end, the dwarves fell to mortal deaths and abandoned this place. The Spirit of the Earth is still bound here in their workings, and cannot be freed without becoming whole once again.

Jadeite came here some months ago, blasted away the entrance and unearthed this place. He spoke to the stone of many great plans he had, in particular, the binding of it’s powerful spirit to a new weapon, the Silver Swords. The swords are charged with Her power and in the hands of the mages, they can be terrible things. The enchantment itself leaving near limitless energy to tap into, to power fell spells and workings, whatever they can imagine. Limitless but fragile power, like a flashlight hooked up to the three gorges dam.

Syviis nods, awestruck and trying to comprehend as much as she can from the light flashing before her
(To Syviis): If the spirit of the earth is to be freed, she needs to be made whole, lest the earth have its scaffolds of life put back missing a leg. And before they draw enough power out of her to kill her

Roderick stops pondering the superweapon to observe the elf

(From Syviis): Syviis will do her best to convey a question: Can the swords be made inactive? Can a shield be erected around her to sever the ties? Or would that be worse? And, is there a way they can track the swords? To be sure each is returned?
(To Syviis): Severing the ties would be as if they were cut out of her; the immortal magical essence of her is in each of them, like disembodied organs. Her heart, her soul, trapped in each sword. It would kill just the same

Gray watches her work, not understanding but concerned a moment as he stands there and watches her commune with the stone.

(From Syviis): asks if it were just these swords…or other items as well
(To Syviis): Your attunement to her, now complete, will allow you to
Detect the swords. Clear your mind, seek them out, and you will know the way to the nearest piece of her
(To Syviis): The dwarves should know this too; have them embrace her and she will impart the knowledge
(From Syviis): She promises they will restore her before long, and will free her if that is her will now that the dwarven engines are silent.

Syviis stands “Good Dwarves, she’s given me the right vision to find and seek the swords, and says she can do the same for you.”
Ken (GM): wall of text intensifies

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and lays down his firearms (mostly so that they don’t accidentally go off); he then steps closer to the Crystal and reaches out to her to receive “the Copypaste.”
Syviis: [the great and holy Kopp’ie Phaste]
Bomrek shrugs and steps up, slapping a hand to the rock
P.P. A.: the siblings Con-Troll-Cee and Con-Trol-Vee
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The knowledge of the quicksilver blood slips into your mind like a drop into a well, ripples spreading out in all directions. You think for a moment and the intimate unassailable knowledge tells you the nearest silver sword is in your rucksacks, a few feet away.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Oho!”
Bomrek: “Whoa”

(From Syviis): after speaking aloud, will return inward and ask: ‘Can the bearers of these swords be disrupted or distracted?’
(To Syviis): The pact is in blood and spirit; only in death can the connection be broken. Theirs, or hers…

Gray: “The swords are connected to her, so she can find them. Making the Crystal whole would be… good?” He asks, looking to the huge thing, then back to the elven woman. “I don’t suppose it said anything about the bomb?”
Syviis looks over to Gray and smiles “Don’t blow her up….it would be a bad thing.”

(From Syviis): will also ask about the bomb, just in case
(To Syviis): She remembers the creation of the item you ask; the spirit of a volcano was bound to the vessel. The dwarves were very excited to complete their work, but it was never used
(From Syviis): thanks her for her help and wisdom, and asks if there is anything else they are forgetting?, lol

(To Syviis): The land is wounded, torn, and The Darkness enters like a rot.
The wound must be closed to heal. You have met her sister once, and her instructions are still clear: Return the Ansible to power

Suðri Skornbrekker remembers something and digs into his pockets. He pulls out a lump of silver. “I… ate one to forge a new blade for my bardiche from the steel. This was the silver contained within.” He awkwardly puts it down.
Bomrek: “You ate part of… a god” Bomrek is wide eyed, and a smirk rises on one side of his face. Bomrek laughs heartily
Suðri Skornbrekker tries to suppress his laughter. “pff-h-hey, we thought they were just s-swords.”
Gray nods and pats the dwarf’s shoulder. “We can’t know the future”
Roderick: “If only there were some way to know that eating a sword might not be appropriate”

Syviis deflates slightly and steps back from the edge of the crystal, whispering in Elvish…Rod probably gets whispers of ‘[Oh Heavens]…’

(From Syviis): so this is the Ansible’s sis?
(From Syviis): basically? or am I reading that wrong? lol
(To Syviis): The witch queen
(To Syviis): The witch queen is some sort of elder spirit too
(From Syviis): ahh, got it. Still, pretty spoopy
(From Syviis): I think I might have missed some of the Witch Queen stuff, might have to ask for a recap
(From Syviis): but that’s good for now.

(To Fiss): When you guysfirst went into the scorned refugees to take over/parley, there was a meeting with the WitchQueen. She was leading the scorned out of the South and they revered her as some sort of high priestess but were very hush hush about her. You guys met her, she spoke very plainly that you broke the world, and she revealed what you guys had done with the Anisble. It tore the veil between the realm of magic/fey/spirits/material to shreds when you turned it on. This is allowing The Darkness to seep in. She instructed you guys to fetch relics of mortal magical power to recharge the device, so it can have its effects reversed. The Grey blade was suggested, as well as any other items like your staff of life, Gray’s Ogre blade….maybe even the dwarven elemental armor…or the bomb

Syviis returns to the Dwarves to see how they are reacting

Suðri Skornbrekker clears his throat and walks over to the bag to pick up the sword therein. “However… can she thus locate the swords in the hands of our enemies right now? We might be able to spy on them that way.”
Suðri Skornbrekker offers her the sword and reaches out to the crystal once more.

Ken (GM) the lump of silver leaps from the outstretched hands, and melts into the Stone face

Syviis sighs and looks North. “I think we will need to find a way to carry the Hell-bomb with us.”It’s a volcano.”
“Likely why I reacted so badly to it…Elves don’t usually build their lands near active volcanic regions.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “A volcano? …compressed into a bomb?”
Syviis: “…more or less.”
Syviis: “The spirit of a volcano, if you will.”

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You know now, with a moment of concentration, the nearest silver of her essence is a few kilometers away, East of here, on the hip of a robed man. His scars track his skin with magic bindings, and he uses the blade to hack into a man that he seems to be dissecting….or butchering…
(To Syviis): You know now, with a moment of concentration, the nearest silver of her essence is a few kilometers away, East of here, on the hip of a robed man. His scars track his skin with magic bindings, and he uses the blade to hack into a man that he seems to be dissecting….or butchering…

Syviis pauses and looks East “Did either of you see that? Feel that?”
Bomrek pales a bit, loses his smile, and sets a grimace “What is he doing with that sword, I wonder?”
Syviis sighs grimly
Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s thought is interrupted by the vision from the Crystal. He seems horrified and disgusted; his hand lingers as he tries to make out the surroundings, but he withdraws his hand as the imagery becomes too ugly to bear.
Bomrek: “Youve got to cut along the bone! Not against it!”
Syviis: “Seems we can see not only the location…but who is using the swords”

Gray: “I don’t think it would be wise to move it. The crystal is cracked. I could lift and carry the cask, but it may be too violitile to move safely.” He observes.. then looks east, walking to the door.
Syviis: “Maybe you’re right.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[…to imagine that you have to witness all this.]” Suðri murmurs in Dwarven to the Crystal, his words ones of pity, but also trembling with some anger. “A volcano-in-a-bomb is quite spectacular though,” he finishes his thought from before, though since robbed of most of the enthusiasm the information initially provoked.
Syviis: “I will leave that in trust to you Dwarves, I know little else about it, other than that when it needs to go off…it will indeed be as dramatic as feared.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “If it is unstable, either having taken damage or worn with time, we should probably do… something with it; otherwise, just sealing the room it is in should do.”
Roderick: “It’s unstable. It has to go off somewhere,” Roderick says thoughtfully.
Syviis: “Perhaps she…the crystal…can release the power safely?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “What a waste!”
Bomrek: scoffs loudly in dwarven “Blood in your mouth, elf, thats an affront to any finely made weapon of dwarven hands!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “To deploy it against our current enemies would be unwise though. It is too destructive, and Jadeite sits in Greyhold. I doubt we would be saving the country by destroying the entire capital and all the land around it.”
Bomrek: “Well, brother, its not exactly important land. Its not dwarven
Syviis: [has portable-hole / bag of holding flashbacks]
Suðri Skornbrekker: “’tis the land that’s supposed to pay our wages, though.”
Gray: “We aren’t using it” He says, firmly siding with the others. “If only because we have no idea in the world how to move it safely, never mind detonate it on command.”
Bomrek: “Good point; If we find the instruction manuals though, We’re coming right back here!”
Suðri Skornbrekker stops trying to think of targets they could ‘safely’ bombard, and nods in agreement
Syviis: “We may be able to use it later, as well…I imagine Jadeite will not be the end of the darkness seeping into our land.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Yea…”
Syviis: [makes note to translate ‘I have become Death, destroyer of Worlds’ into Elvish for sometime in the future]
P.P. A.: GrimWyrd finale: party lobs a nuke into the realm of Darkness and closes the rift behind it
Syviis: [Goes for Shwarma afterwards]
Doc: I cast Nuclear Missile at the darkness

Ken (GM) In the air around you, a wave of crackling static tingles past your limbs. Small sparks issue from metal surfaces, and you hear an odd noise from round the hall… Like a great wheezing breath of a giant, or a low rushing wind. Your ears pop as the pressure shifts

Suðri Skornbrekker picks his weapons back up. “The enemy?!”

Ken (GM) the sound of marching booted feet tramping onto stone echoes up the halls to you, coming from the side chambers round the corner!

Syviis picks up her gear and readies herself!
Ken (GM): noted; other reactions?

Roderick lowers his visor and runs towards the noise, sword at the ready
P.P. A.: round which corner?!
Doc: ^what PPA said
Gray readies his shield and harpoon, scowling.
Bomrek curses, whips out his big beam gun, and does an immediate check of his pistols and powders, sidling up to a wall nearby
Syviis slides her staff back in holster… squints, waiting for stuff to happen, but focusing on the magical currents
Syviis: [rebooting Chrome, memory dump ate my map]
Ken(GM): [lol]
Syviis prepares arrow
Suðri Skornbrekker glances over his musket once more, and props it up on his bardiche, aiming in the direction of the sound.

Ken (GM) In a few seconds, your surprise wears down to excitement, raw and untamed. The marching noise grows louder, and stepping into the weird light of the dwarf forge step men in long black hooded cloaks, pale scarred skin, and silvery armor. They are lead by a man more fearsome, far angrier, and bearing an iron clad black wooden staff, green light aflame on top of it

Syviis: Huh, anything familiar?
[wAT doo my elv eyes seee?]
Ken (GM): The pale scarred men look decorated much like the Gorgoth wizards you have faced, and the silver-swords look very very familiar
Joush M.: It’s too many! Go hit the bomb with a hammer!
Syviis: lol
P.P. A.: :O
P.P. A.: I do wonder
Fiss: ‘Tis the only way to be sure
Joush M.: From Orbit would be wiser than “from where we currently are”
P.P. A.: The last guy we saw whose weapon bore a green flame was this hulking Scorned warrior
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man, it was great getting back into it
Ken (GM): “Payload delivery is advised to be implemented from a range exceeding the device’s effective blast radius”
P.P. A.: but he was a pretty nice guy overall
“Silvar” or something was his name
Fiss: Yeah, damn good session, I always approve with talking with magic crystal gods
P.P. A.: Thanks for the game!
Doc: Thanks for the game, good to get back into it
Ken (GM): yeah, the scarred wizard also rode the nightmare mount in Gorgoth, flew the dragons at you before the showdown at the Anisble, and did the rage magic in the crowd at the scorned/indentured servitude debacle
looks just like that
Fiss: woooo
Ken (GM): but!
P.P. A.: Oh, the ragewizard was similar to the guy on the dragon?
*on the giant flying firebreathing dark horse
Ken (GM): gentelmen, take your 4 points! I will see you next time!

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Grimwyrd: Blasted Treasures

Ken (GM): just poking fiss here
sorry about my tardiness; I just got the kids in, one down for a nap, and we’re dog-sitting
this weekend is nuts
hows things?
Joush M.: For me? Tired. It’s been an odd week between family and other stuff, but I’m hanging in there.
P.P. A.: I should procastinate less and hurry up on my papers
Ken (GM): thank god for game day
fiss incoming!
doc incoming!
Doc: yo
P.P. A.: Dwarf mode…
Suðri Skornbrekker: acti— AHH TENTACLES EVERYWHERE
Doc: fug :DDDDDD


Ken (GM) Deep in the forgotten Dwarven deeps, magic pulses like a living thing all around you! Eldritch secrets slither and writhe! Deloth-Ainur, beholden to dark powers, a locus of terrible energies!
Swirling dust and smoke curls like a living thing, reaching for Roderick and Syviis! Deloth-Ainur’s limp form struggles as if possessed by malevolence! The horrors of IT have once again reared to face you!

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step back and weighs his options, gripping his bardiche

Bomrek dorfs, and cocks his big fuggin gun

Syviis tries to focus herself from the surprise of the Tentacle Explosion, and pulls her mind inward, remembering the power of her faith in the Light. “Come on then! Let’s see what you’ve got this time, Darkness!”

I̡̜̩̭T̯̫ͅ ͖͎̳̮̘S̹͖͓̱͉̗ͅH͏̝̼͎̺̞̻A̤̼͓L̢͙̻̞̹̖̯L̯ ̻̟̻̘F̵̹E̜͉̘̦̺̮̞A̖̠͈̳͔̺S̭̘͇͕̫͎͖͘T̼̯͚͖ ͏̟͙̫̹U͎̙P̻͔̦͓̟̠̤O̼̺͎͓N̬̟͕͍̲̙ ̱̪̟̲̕Y̼̱̻O͈U̦̥͘

Syviis grins and pulls out the staff of her elders. “SEEMS TO ME YOU’VE CHOKED ON THOSE WORDS BEFORE!”

Suðri Skornbrekker tries to run around it, behind the pillar, and towards the crystal to the west. HE inspects the crystal from some distance, trying to figure out if he can somehow interface with it, or re-route its energy to… do whatever.

Gray roars at the darkness, sword rasping from it’s sheath. “Roderick! Syviis!” He takes a step closer, trying to find them in the horrible malestrom.

Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7 ( 3 )+7 = 10
Roderick: rolling d6+6+1 ( 1 )+6+1 = 8
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6.25+1 ( 5 )+6.25+1 = 12.25
Bomrek: rolling 1d6_6.5 1 = 1 rolling 1d6+6.5 ( 6 )+6.5 = 12.5
Ken (GM): gray?
Joush M.: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader) ( 6 )+7 = 13
Sorry, grabbing coffee
Ken (GM): lol
Sword in hand, gleaming already with green fire, Gray reacts!
Doc: have rod grab it for you while he waits for his turn
Joush M.: can he see Rod and Syviss in there?
Ken (GM): yes, they’re pin-pointable, but the swirl of wind and dust is a -3 in there
Bomrek lines up his rifle at the mass “Gimme somethin’ to shoot at ya bastards!”

Gray moves up and slashes at a shadow tentacle “We will banish you again, beast!”
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 9 for move and attack( 3 + 1 + 6 ) = 10
Joush M.: Wiff!
Ken (GM) the blackness recoils like a living thing from the fire of Gray’s blade! it fears the lime green light!

Ken (GM): skornbrekka!
P.P. A.: is the air stil full of buzzing magic, or did the smoke absorb much of that? (and can the dorf tell, in either case)
Ken (GM): oh it’s still magic as all shit in here, and even he can tell yeah
And that crystal you wanna get jiggy with? More tangible swirls of magic swirling about it too
Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step back and props up his ordinary musket, (the one that does not shoot a ray of concentrated energy) into the room. At the same time, he peeks over his shoulder and whispers to his armor, in Dwarven: “[If you can interact with that in any way, give me a sign, will you.]
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You get the tingly feeling of your skin crawling, and the distinct impression it needs to touch it….

Syviis knows that using her arrows here still may be dangerous, depending on the magic and fumes in the air, so she focuses her magical power and inner faith, trying to smite the Darkness and remove it’s hooks into their ‘Frienemy’ “You keep infecting the people of the land…but soon you shall reveal enough of yourself that we may rid you like one does a leech!”
Ken (GM): [invoking true faith!]
Ken (GM) The shuddering darkness swirls and lashes!
Ken (GM): Fiss! Exorcism roll!
(To Fiss): yo, exorcism roll!
(From Syviis): wat do I roll, lol
(To Fiss): lol, just rechecked your sheet; unless youve spent any points, its will -6 as a base, +1 for the staff

Ken (GM): [mathing intensifies, looks like a roll vs 9 right now]
Syviis closes her eyes and shouts in righteous indignation! (shouting always helps!)
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 4 + 1 + 3 ) = 8
Ken (GM): nice, beat by 1, adding 11 for Deloth Ainur’s Will on the opposed check, so she gets a 12

[GM rolls some complicated maths here, with the opposed rolls behind the screen for Deloth opposing IT, with the help of Syviis -Ken]

Syviis watches the fireworks, hoping they are the GOOD kind of soul-splosions

IT struggles against you, dark powers of night itself, a realm of blackness forces reality to bend….and still you force the darkness out!

Syviis stays still, looking around quickly, not ready to celebrate just yet

P.P. A.: It was easier back in the days of the First Empire, where you had a tiny lever on the wall in each room, usually next to the door, which you could flick to immediately force the darkness out
Joush M.: They were as Gods then
Syviis: [THE DARKNESS: “I will DESTROY the Kingdom of Dwarves, Elves and Men….for they have….shudders MOOD LIGHTING! MY MOST HATED FOE!”]
Doc: we must stop them before they can afford the upgrade to Mood Music!
Syviis: [The Darkness realized it had failed when we started getting RGB wifi-controlled lightbulbs]
P.P. A.: Dwarven technology LED the forces of light to victory

IT swirls and writhes in the air, out of Deloth Ainur… forming into the corporeal creature standing before you now!

Ken (GM): Bomrek! youve been aiming! Take a shot!
Ken (GM): -5 distance, +2 size, gunpowder rifle
Bomrek: And we’re sure I’m not sitting in a room full of propane, before I take this firey’ shot?
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 5 + 3 ) = 13
Bomrek: That’s a pass
Ken (GM): the lead shot hits home!
Bomrek: (my computer’s lagging, it’ll take me a while to reach my damage code)
There it is
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 + 1 ( 3 + 6 + 2 )+1 = 12 pi++

Ken (GM) A hole opens up in it’s breast, and blood flows freely.
IT looks down with a misshapen head of tooth nail and horn….and grins
Bomrek: Very Fast IT Running at Incredible High Speed
IT turns to the knight, hands outstretched, tail slithering, flesh a mottled hide of horn and thorn

Ken (GM): Rod!
Doc: So it didn’t really care about the hole in its chest?
Ken (GM): ~handwiggle~
You can see that its caused gross physical damage
Adolf S.: Unless it was planning to get that pierced anyway later and I just saved it a trip to the mall
‘seems like he doesn’t mind it much
Ken (GM): its certainly not in pain
Doc: Rod’s got the longsword in his hand right now so he’s probably going to try and stick with it, -1 to aim at where its Vitals should be?
Ken (GM): if hes got em 🙂
Adolf S.: Lets just play keep away with it. Toss it to Bomrek, then have Gray go long.
Roderick thrusts with both hands on his longsword and takes a step back, ready to defend against the IT
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 ( 5 + 2 + 3 ) = 10
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 12 parry ( 1 + 1 + 4 ) = 6
Doc: wew
IT brings up a thorny arm, the steel skittering on it’s barbed hide!
Ken (GM): Gray!

Gray charges the beast, savagely closing the distance and snarling as he brings that bronzy blade into play, emerald fire trailing behind it.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16 for All Out Attack (Strong) ( 5 + 5 + 6 ) = 16
Joush M.: Well FUCK that was close. Want to try and defend here beasty?
Syviis: Dang!
Doc: wew (x2)
Ken (GM): trying!
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 12 parry ( 1 + 6 + 3 ) = 10
IT twists it’s other arm in the way, green fire blade raking along the back of the thorny hide! The blade leaves a smoking wreck of flesh in it’s wake!
IT: gray! 2d6 burn please!
Gray: rolling 2d6 for BURN damage ( 5 + 6 ) = 11
Syviis: Awww nice
Ken (GM) Charred flesh drips from the wounds! IT’s face looks upon the Ogre blade with a mix of fury and wonder!
Ken (GM): Skornbrekka!

Suðri Skornbrekker sees that the monster shrugs off physical damage, but recoiled at Grey’s fire; he thus doesn’t bother to fire his ordinary musket but grabs it and runs for the crystal behind him!

Ken (GM) Swirling eddies of power pass over and THROUGH the dwarf as he nears the crystal! The massive perfectly shaped thing seems to tremble and hum!

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Syviis, seeing that the magical flames did not ignite the air around them makes her confident she can use her lightning! Spending a round stowing her staff, readying her bow and arrows, and aiming if possible.
rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 4 + 4 ) = 14
Match on her Fast Draw Bow (her lowest skill in all that)
Ken (GM): kay thats a ready to stow and fast draw to fill hands with bow
and match, nice
standing in the fray or backing out of it?
Syviis: Backing up a step! Ranged fighter is le Ranged
Ken (GM): [1 hex only :P]
Syviis: 10-4 😛
Ken (GM): but! good good
Bomrek’ll gently sling his beloved musket, and then draw his laser musket.
Aannnd step one hex closer.
That’ll be it~

Syviis: [DOG WITH MEAT! DOG WITH MEAT! madness intensifies]
Ken (GM): Rod! Defending at -2 from a runaround attack!
rolling 3d6 vs 12 to hit, initating grapple (two hands and a tail, rods torso)
( 2+ 2 + 2 ) = 6
Roderick: parry ! rolling 3d6 vs 9 ( 2 + 1 + 6 ) = 9
Ken (GM): the clincher!
Doc: too thicc to dodge

Ken (GM) Rod slashes! The sword batting away the grasping thorny creature’s grasping embrace!
Doc: does that do damage or how does that work
Ken (GM): it has sufficient DR versus your weapon that it’s just a deflected blow
initiative has come back round to your turn!
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 16 fast-draw ( 2 + 3 + 5 ) = 10
Ken (GM): :0
Roderick quickly draws his fae rapier and slashes at the monster, holding the longsword in his left hand
Doc: what’s the penalty for the neck?
Syviis: -5
Doc: torso it is then!

Ken (GM) The Verdant blade is revealed! Shimmering green light envelops the blade and the song of your youth sings on your ears! The joyous chorus of life echoes in the deep!
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 16 ( 6 + 3 + 6 ) = 15
Ken (GM): The blade lunges!
Ken (GM): IT has no defense, roll damage!
Syviis gasps, seeing the blade almost miss, but then in relief as it lands true
Roderick: rolling d6+4 ( 4 )+4 = 8 Imp

Doc: actually is +4 the cutoff for rolling 2d?
Ken (GM): oh, like, converting dice+adds into dice first?
I’m cool with either way, but lets recalculate after?
Doc: yeah I forgot how that worked when I upped my ST until just now
yeah no need to disrupt the game if you’re cool with a flat +4



Roderick does not grin

Syviis does a concern

Joush M.: maybe next time when a deamon ask you to give it something, don’t put it inside them
Syviis: Yeah, but then you don’t get a chance for the dramatic fuck-you irony.
>stabs with magical weapn and kills baddy
It’s usually worth the risk. Not in this case…but we’re still working on that
Joush M.: That’s true
Ken (GM): 😀
oh wait
Rod, would you like to try and pull it free?
Doc: “don’t put it inside them” yeah but rod doesn’t have experience with women yet
Ken (GM): theres an automatic call for ST check before Gray does a thing
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 ST ( 4 + 5 + 4 ) = 13
Ken (GM): kaaay
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 ST ( 6 + 4 + 6 ) = 16
rolling 3d6 vs 12 ST ( 2 + 1 + 2 ) = 5, MoS 7
Ken (GM): nice
Syviis: I was getting legitimately worried there lol
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 vs 24 ( 1 + 3 + 3 ) = 7, MoS 17

Syviis: o_o
Syviis does a bigger concern

Ken (GM): the dice-gods have spoken
Roderick is glad he didn’t drop his longsword
Roderick is also glad that he is ambidextrous
Ken (GM): keeping hold or letting go?
Doc: it’s just stuck for now, right? not currently threatening to draw Rod in with it or anything?
Ken (GM): yus(as per B405, picks)
Doc: okay yeah he’s gonna hold on, then
Ken (GM): kk

Bomrek: (Would Bomrek know off hand if silver would hurt something like this?)
Ken (GM): @ bom: previous experience has held that silver would help here, yeah

Gray steps in and Grabs the arm of the monster with his left hand, then brings his sword down on the monster’s neck with an All Out Attack (Determined)
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 to grab ( 2 + 5 + 2 ) = 9
Ken (GM): GASP
*grab succeeds, still no defenses ATM
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 18 (17 – 5 for neck +2 for size +4 for AoA) ( 2 + 1 + 6 ) = 9
Ken (GM): NICE
Gray: rolling 3d6+2 CUT ( 4 + 1 + 6 )+2 = 13
Joush M.: 2d burn?
Ken (GM): and 2d burn plx
Gray: rolling 2d6 for BURN ( 4 + 5 ) = 9
Syviis: Dayum
That’s a LOT of Chop

Gray makes sure the monster won’t go anywhere, a massive mailled fist grabbing it by the wrist and crushing tight as the beast snarls, a backhand slash following the arm up to where it meets the neck and sinking into the dark hide with a sound like a man chopping down a tree.


Ken (GM): skornbrekker!

Suðri Skornbrekker races the final steps towards the crystal, and lays his hand on it!
P.P. A. waits for potential whispers beforce deciding what to say or do next
Ken (GM): Roll HT +4
Suðri Skornbrekker: 16v17
Ken (GM): nice
Joush M.: cutting it a little close, eh?
P.P. A.: pass is pass
Syviis: That’s been the theme of the session
Ken (GM): rolling 6d6 damage ( 3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 2 ) = 22
P.P. A.: …w-would a higher HT roll reduce that damage, if that’s on Suðri (if so, might use Luck here for obvious reasons)
Bomrek: (Oh jesus, did Suthri just stick his hand on a magical power transformer)

Ken (GM) There is a burst of thunder and a flash of light!
Skornbrekker’s limp form flies through the air, landing in a heap on the ground some feet away! The magical tone of the air changes…

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre currently unconscious, but yeah, you just grounded out a ton of magic and took a bunch of fatigue damage
(To Roderick): The wild magic is gone. Mana levels are no longer so explosively bad in here
(To Fiss): The wild magic is gone. Mana levels are no longer so explosively bad in here

(From P.P. A.): I can’t scroll up to the whisper anymore, what did my armor tell me again?
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): That you should touch the crystal. Youre good, just unconscious 😀
(From P.P. A.): good, I worried I might have forgotten some detail that advised against directly touching it
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre currently in a place of fluffy clouds and soft sounds.

Doc: (can’t use Luck after the results have been revealed, unfortunately @PPA)
Doc: (a-at least you can use it on your HT rolls to survive!)
P.P. A.: Skornbrekker-tier
Ken (GM): Syviis!

Syviis ignores the sudden shock to the ambient magic in the air… trying to focus on the demon first… aiming first for the beast’s right hand, then planning a second hit to the Torso…. FULL POWER BOTH SHOTS
Ken (GM): lol
Syviis: To Hit: Hand -4 -2 Distance, + 2 for size?? aim?
P.P. A.: at least you can probably now use all kinds of magic without the place blowing up
Syviis: Yes…that’s what she’s hoping lol
Doc: pls no lightning
Doc: fug :DDDDDDD
>half the party is currently grappling with the monster
Bomrek: >full lightning
Syviis: Luckily, it’s still magical bullshit lightining
OK, so my target is around the 19 mark… rolling.
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 3 + 3 ) = 11
vs Hand
Ken (GM): hit to the hand, still no dodge on the thing
Syviis: K, damage arrow then 4d Lightnin
rolling 1d6 + 3 ( 1 )+3 = 4 Imp
rolling 4d6( 4 + 5 + 1 + 1 ) = 11 Burn
Ken (GM): thwipKABOOM
Syviis: OK, that was in case it tried to actually ‘grab’ the fae sword. Next shot is going for it’s head.
Target is -7 for distance and location, +2 for size, and + Elfy Bullshit for a total of = 19
rolling 3d6( 6 + 6 + 6 ) = 18
Ken (GM): hahahahah
2 18’s in 2 sessions….
Bomrek: Here comes the Hindenburg
Syviis: lolol
>shoots Rod in neck
Doc: he’s got full plate at least
Bomrek: Rod gets electroshock therapy

Ken (GM) The elf moves like the wind, drawing her bowstring back….and then there is a flash of thunder as she bursts into flame!
Doc: oh shit
Bomrek: Damn, we should’ve been using helium to inflate our elves, not hydrogen. what a mistake.
Doc: hydrogen elves are lighter and cheaper
Joush M.: Gray’s christmas list is goign to include some fire resistant clothing
Ken (GM): lol
Doc: we can’t afford helium, would you rather NOT have an el- oh wait yeah

Syviis is more surprised than in pain…yet…but makes a sound somewhere between a ‘WAT’ and ‘Oh…well then.’
Ken (GM): what could possibly go wrong?
Bomrek: >little fire effect on Syviis
P.P. A.: Drop and roll! Drop and roll!
Bomrek: Alright, Bomrek’ll.. fire a shot between this thing’s shoulderblades.
What’s the penalty for distance
Ken (GM): -4, and +2 for size, so net -2
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 3 + 2 ) = 10
That’s a pass’
Rod and Gray are splattered with red-black blood!
Bomrek: Well fuck, looks like my sheet didn’t save last time I updated it with the muskets.
Care to PM the damage code for my laser musket if it’s handy?
Ken (GM): 6d burn
Bomrek: rolling 6d6 ( 2 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 1 ) = 18
Ken (GM): another 18
Bomrek fires the musket, and his eye finally catches sight of the burning Elf. He looks momentarily stunned, at least facially, and cups a hand over his mouth to scream “[Ziril cilob avuz!]” toward where he thinks he last saw
Suðri. (Which basically means “mine-fire.”, or ‘there’s a fire in the mine!’)


Ken (GM): Rod
Doc: what kind of action to try and get the sword back, and can I get a bonus by using two hands?
Joush M.: can Gray help? He has a hold on the deamon
Ken (GM): good old strength check
between the two of you, add half of Gray’s ST to rods and roll it!
Joush M.: Gray’s Grapple ST is 20, so Rod +10?
Doc: can I try to slash it or burn it while pulling or do I have to choose one or the other
Ken (GM): one way or the other
no cake in hand worth two in the bush here
Roderick tries to retrieve his sword once again
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 22 ( 5 + 1 + 2 ) = 8, MoS 14
Ken (GM): nice
IT holds on, but is significantly pulped
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 18 ( 3 + 3 + 5 ) = 11, MoS 7
IT struggles, but the meat breaks and the sword is freed!
Gray pulls in the other direction as Roderick pulls the sword free, the beastial Scorned roaring, massive boots digging into the tiled floor as he helps Roderick with the monster.
Roderick staggers back and stands with the rapier behind, the longsword ready to parry his foe

Ken (GM) Skornbrekker’s limp body hovers in midair, arms splayed, head lolling, magical power swirling about his body
P.P. A.: SHamefur dispray, what would his Dwarven ancestors say about that?!
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The spirit of your elemental bond; the creature you share the armor with, is speaking to you in your mind. The Crystal was of it’s Kin, and was being severely tortured by the rituals in place here. When you grasped the pillar, the forces grounded out. There was backlash, but youve done good, allowing the creature some freedom to act. You are safe, and your friends will be protected.
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): Suðri asks in his thoughts if this was whose voice they heard back at the entrance; in any case, he trusts the Crystals do what is necessary now. No hard feelings for the suddenly-getting-fried-with-xxxxx-Magivolt thing.

Ken (GM): Syviis is on fire!
Syviis will try to not be on fire
Syviis: First of all…Magical bullshit fire? Or regular Ooh fuck Fire?
Ken (GM): You cannot see any extraneous ignious auras on the FIRE ALL OVER YOUR BODY
Syviis: Sounds good. Er…I guess.
P.P. A.: Drop and roll! Drop and roll!
Syviis drops all her shit and begins Stop Drop and Roll with Cloak protecting head/face/hands best she can
Ken (GM): DX roll +4
Syviis: vs 17!
rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 2 + 3 ) = 10
*was seriously expecting another 18 there, lol
Bomrek: same
Ken (GM): huzzah; the fire is smothered, only scorching Syviis for a moment
Adolf S.: “Uh oh, syviis rolls into a pool of kerosene.”
Syviis: [elf explodes]
P.P. A.: oh right, forgot the Stop part
Ken (GM): rolling 1d6-1 damage, no DR ( 3 )-1 = 2
Syviis: Ouch…but…could have been a LOT worse.
Ken (GM): truly

Ken (GM): …Boooomrek
Ken (GM): it made a portal, and they freed the sword. Wat do?
Bomrek: Sorry, was dealing with some bullshit there. Lets see.. At this point, another attack, def. net -2 still, no major changes?
Ken (GM): yep, but you gotta spend a FP to fire, as the dust has been shot
Bomrek: Yup
rolling 6d6 ( 5 + 3 + 6 + 4 + 3 + 1 ) = 22
Ken (GM): also gotta roll to hit
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 ( 1 + 2 + 5 ) = 8
Yup, that’s a hit vs my 18
Ken (GM): nice, shot to the back hex, no defense roll there
Bomrek: Want to take the above damage roll or should I reroll?
Ken (GM): I’ll give it to ya
Bomrek: woo!
IT: rolling 3d6 vs 14HT ( 4 + 6 + 6 ) = 16
Bomrek lines up another shot, fires, feels a sudden drain like he’s just ran a mile in the summer sun, and then the bright red flash as his shot impacts his target. He lets out a breathy battle cry.
IT is sprayed with a beam of dorf-fire, and the charred torso crumbles, disintigrating! A heap of dust remains!
Syviis: AWW YISS
P.P. A.: At last, the one exploding was the enemy.
All is well in the end.

Gray roars, bathed in blood and gore, growling savagely as the amber flames of the old weapon tear the monster apart, tossing aside the crumbling remains of the ripped apart arm… then turning, he looks for
Suðri , an expression of worry on savage features.

Syviis lays under her cloak, smoldering for a moment, collecting her thoughts before she tries to move

Ken (GM) Rodericks sword winks quietly dark, and gray’s flames flicker and die. The hole in the world swirls, twists, and folds closed. It hurts to watch, but it disappears

An audible crackle of power skitters, and Suðri’s form collapses to the floor, gently. He groans awake
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre awake, but currently hovering around 1FP Bomrek holds his musket in the proper guardsman running-position, and runs over to Suðri. As he passes the clump of dead demon, he pulls his silver pick out of it’s loop, and drops it in the center of the pile, (just to be sure.)
Suðri Skornbrekker slowly opens his eyes
Bomrek: “Suðri , what’s wrong? A demon’s curse?” He looks his companion over for wounds.

Deloth-Ainur lays on the floor, still, her silver coins charred to black cinders….

Roderick sheathes his sword with a deep sigh and turns around to survey the damage

Suðri Skornbrekker is obviously a bit beaten up, but relaxed. “Well, I… can’t explain, but I did something stupid that was probably worth it.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I did… take… quite a load though…” he speaks in a strained voice, looking wearily at Roderick. “Touched the crystal. Grounded— redirected whatever they were… running through it.”
Suðri Skornbrekker has exhausted himself with his words, and seems to slip in and out of consciousness.

Gray looks to Syviis, calling to her. “You hurt?” He ask with that same worry. He gives Deloth-Ainur a look, but doesn’t spare time for her as he walks to Syviis.

Syviis: “Hurt, but it is minor. A few painful days of peeling skin, I suspect, but I am whole…” She groans as she stands, then examines her bow, checking to see if the string and fitments survived the blast
Ken (GM): Singed, but ok
Syviis tries to hide how much she’s shaking, smiling up at the giant, hoping to relax his worry
(From Syviis): I can’t remember the rules on bow-damage…this is the first time it’s potentally gotten any HP damage, though. She can do an Armoury Missile Weapons check though.

Roderick kneels by the dwarf and focuses to heal him
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14 IQ to use 6 FP ( 1 + 4 + 3 ) = 8
Doc: I guess there’s probably a penalty for dwarfiness
but an 8 should do it
(From P.P. A.): so what are my current HP

Gray nods to Syviis, checking her and offering a hand to help her up before he nods to her in return for the smile. The brute starting over the fallen deamon-bound woman. “Roderick will do what he can for Suðri. I’m sure he will help when he can. That thing was.. powerful. I’m glad there was only one of them this time.”

Ken (GM): hol’ up rod; Suðri only took fatigue damage
he’s still whole
P.P. A.: oh
Doc: oh
Adolf S.: Huh.
Doc: I thought he was seriously exploded. Uhh, diagnosis check instead?
Ken (GM): lol
Syviis: Are his insides on the outsides? No? Then not exploded. 😛
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Nothing… hurts, though?…just… tired,” Suðri mutters, a bit surprised himself, not sporting any obvious injuries.
Ken (GM) Suðri looks a bit knocked about, but is ok. full HP, 1 FP
Suðri Skornbrekker turns his head to Bomrek. “They were running… energy through the Crystal here to bend it… to their will. I, uh, touched it and grounded the… current. ”

Roderick nods, satisfied that the dwarf will not die, and turns to investigate Deloth Ainur

Gray binds Deloth Ainur in ropes.
(To Gray): shes dead yo
Gray checks the elf a moment, then nods, covering her face in a cloth and leaving her bound, despite the fact she doesn’t draw breath and her heart doesn’t beat.

Syviis will sit down next to Deloth and quietly check her over… this time much more carefully.
>crit fails intensifies
(To Syviis): She is dead. Cold and unmoving. No pulse, no breath, no aura
Syviis sighs and spends a moment to lay her down, still bound (for now) and ensures her eyes are closed “She’s dead…and while I suspect that’s been the case before, this time I see no magic about her.”
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 Thaumatology ( 5 + 5 + 1 ) = 11
(To Doc): She told you, long ago, that she was demon bound, animated to long lasting life by the creature she sold herself to. Likely, having it exorcised and then slain, has killed her
Gray: “Aye.. a foe, but not a hated one. We will kindle her flame and set her to rest when we have time. For now.. Her Pact may make her home to anything. Don’t leave the body unbound.”

Syviis nods

Gray scowls a touch and calls over. “Next time don’t do something so reckless! You could have been killed!”

Suðri Skornbrekker closes his eyes and leans his head back: “Might not be enough, but it’ll help, it said.” He lightly pats his armour with his hand as he stresses the “it.”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks over to Grey: “Sorry; and thanks for your worry.”

Suðri Skornbrekker lifts his head a bit: “…she’s dead, you said?”
Syviis nods “seems like it.”
Syviis smirks at the fact she cannot be sure
Syviis: “At least, naturally, she is dead…but again, I suspect that’s been the case for a bit.”
Gray nods. “For the moment.”
Roderick: “The creature we killed was likely animating her body.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “She’s been dead before… but her tomb is gone.”
Gray nods to Suðri, and at last walks over, offering some water. “Rest. Once you are recovered we will continue.”
Bomrek scowls. “A shame. That witch vexed us for so long, I’d hoped to get answers.”
Gray: “Good shooting, Bomrek”
Syviis: “Yes, that was a righteous shot, Master Dwarf. Truly, our enemies will know the light…one way or the other.”

Bomrek nods, and adjusts his kit. “Aye. These muskets of old are serving us well..” he trails off and looks at the bound elf corpse, and then back toward the crystal. “I am beginning to suspect this mine isn’t garrisoned at all, if she was the only one here.”

Suðri Skornbrekker gratefully takes a sip. “Thanks.” He quietly mulls over the situation, but his tiredness overcomes him, and he closes his eyes and drifts off into a light slumber.
Gray guards the sleepy dwarf
Syviis busies herself checking her gear for damage and her expensive fancy arrows.

Doc: gonna have to bow out early tonight guys, need to give someone a ride
P.P. A.: See you Doc o/
Syviis: [yus, see ya Doc!]

P.P. A.: I just realised, Suðri didn’t see any of what was going on
like how Rod got his sword stuck in it,
how Syviis set herself on fire,
or how it was killed
Syviis: lol
P.P. A.: Guess he’ll ask why Syviis looks singed when he wakes up.
Ken (GM): [“guys… what the heck happened?”]
Syviis: “I underestimated the explosiveness of the air around me, it seems…or I made a silly mistake and used too much mana. I am embarrassed to say it was likely the latter.”
Gray: “Combat’s a risk. I didn’t fight with full wisdom or care, either.” He assures the elf.
Syviis: “True, true…sometimes we make risks…skill ensures they pay off, but they are still risks.”

Syviis: [will have to head out soon too]
Ken (GM): good place to halt for the afternoon actually?
Joush M.: g’night Doc! Good game. Should we call it here?
Bomrek: I’d say so
P.P. A.: Why fight with wisdom or care when you can stick your finger into a power outlet!
Joush M.: I’ve got some shopping to do
Adolf S.: I’ve gotta go do some yardwork anyway before the rains hit
Ken (GM): madness, shopping
Syviis turns off Elf Mode
Ken (GM): 3xp each then! next week, a grounded crystal and a fallen elf
P.P. A.: This was a fun session tonight; and everything was really close!
Fiss: Solid session despite the time, thanks Ken!
Probably one of the best fights so far
P.P. A.: Roderick got the sword that the demand demanded stuck in the demon, the dorf exploded, then the elf exploded
Roderick: “And I nearly lost my sword. Who knows what would have happened if we’d let it get away…”
P.P. A.: but it all worked out in the end!
P.P. A.: We blew up the demon harder than we blew up ourselves!
Gray: “Nothing good. They know we need it to close the rift”
P.P. A.: Nice, I’m at exactly 40 EXP now
Ken (GM): oh lawd
Fiss: Some days that’s all you need to win….blow up less than than the bad-guy
Doc: I’m at exactly 3
Fiss: lol
P.P. A.: you just spent a bunch, though
Fiss: I think I might be at 4-5, I’ll have to check my main sheet later.
Thanks again Ken, and peeps, it’s always a pleasure.
P.P. A.: Hey Ken, if they’d used the lightning arrows and the laser rifle without the Dwarf-induced short-circuit, how would that have turned out?
Ken (GM): @ppa: fun tables time 😀
Thanks for the session!
Doc: o/
Ken (GM): 07
P.P. A.: sleepy dorf

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Grimwyrd: Faint Glimmer

we gonna do the thing with the stuff?
Adolf S.: Around mouthfulls of emergency-food, yee
Joush M.: Indeed, strikeing north to kick ass of those people performing their ritual near Academs mine
P.P. A.: Aye
Ken (GM): we gots weird demon allies! We gots magic maps! we gots
Fiss, you alive?
Syviis: [Elf Mode Activated!]
Ken (GM): huzzah
Joush M.: Hey, welcome to the party

Ken (GM) The town is quiet, and as your men make camp, the residents are adamant about staying within their homes “for fear of the High Lord’s hexes! His magic can strike a man dead for tresspassin!” They seem to be self-imposing a curfew in Carne, staying behind closed doors and wishing you well from the other side of them…

Gray spends the night after the meeting with the strange dead man with his dead dragon performing his regular camp task and brooding over the strange alliance they’ve made, leaving the magic map the man left them on a simple camp table near the caravan wagon that holds the supplies and banner.
Gray examines the magic map, curious about what else it shows.

Suðri Skornbrekker approaches Bomrek at some point, and sits down next to him: “If the mine is a trap, there are only two ways they could make it one, given how there would be enemies waiting for us inside regardless: either a second force would attack us from outside, or they could have rigged the entire mine with explosives to bury us alive when we go in. I am more worried about that second possibility; since you have set such traps before yourself, is there a way to spot hidden explosives in advance?”
Bomrek nods his head, the right amount of concern and thoughtfulness in his face until near the end “Explosives? These people? It’s a shock they could even use magic-” Bomrek lets out a small, forced laugh. “Give them 10 years and they still won’t understand mine architecture and the explosives-sciences”
“..Then again, perhaps they could just use magic.” He shakes his head in thought and quickly adds “Yes, we should be able to tell from afar. But, it’s been some time since I’ve set a trip-wire. Frankly, it seems easier to just send in a group of Beastmen and listen for detonations.”
Suðri Skornbrekker thinks for a moment, and agrees: “Good point. At most, they might have set up magic explosives, in which case one of our magic folks should be able to detect and disable them.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, it is good to keep one’s eyes wide open in any case.”

Bomrek nods. “I think we should split the force, depending on how well fortified the mine is..” Bomrek breaks off a small stick from some tinder, and starts drawing in the loose-packed dirt beneath them. “If it’s just a hole in the ground, we leave almost all the men at the surface to protect the entrance…” he draws something akin to that crudely in the dirt. “If it’s a proper fortified-mine…” he draws something akin to that. “We split the men. Half into the depths with us, half protecting the surface. Chances are they’ll keep their men inside, to set up many small ambushes… ” he glances over his shoulder at some of the half-elves and beast-folk. “We may need their bodies.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and breaks off a stick as well, illustrating his thoughts: “I do not know what the surroundings look like, but if there are places to hide, we should perhaps split those of our troops that are waiting outside, and have them hide nearby in two groups. That way, if a second enemy force approaches from behind—or above—they will have an advantage.”

Joush M.: How much detail can the magic map give us? Would it be useful for the Dwarf’s planning?

Bomrek nods. “I don’t expect any sort of counter attack from outside really, I just want to make extra sure my resting-tomb isn’t some human mine.” He makes a displeased, almost angrily-apathetic expression with his eyes.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Me neither, but better safe than sorry. Our troops could also catch any enemies trying to flee outside, but if it’s skeletons again, they might not even bother.”

Gray walks to the others, a dark raven perched on a massive shoulder and a thoughtful frown on lupine features as the amber eyed beastman spread the map across a makeshift table. “Magic. If we can trust the source, it might offer useful information, if nothing else then to plan our approch to the ritual site”

Ken (GM) the magic map is a fine thing, shimmering colors over a pale milky white sheet. The seasoned wooden handles are topped with fine gold caps, and the thing looks like it would fetch a mighty price even without the magic.
The map shows the lands around Carne; the town has a mark over it denoting your group’s location, and a general blob describing the disposition of your army. Overland along the map, some 12 inches away, a days march will lead to Academs mine: a town on the river surrounded by fields, with a short jut of road leading into the foothills West where the mine proper is situated

Ken (GM): [the map’s resolution seems to be limited to a scope of a few miles to several hundred. Moving the items about on the map requires concentrating and speaking aloud what you wish. ]

Suðri Skornbrekker: “We ought to visit the village first, so that we may gather information, make sure the locals are well, and prevent anyone attacking us from within the town when we approach the mine itself.”
Gray: “That seems reasonable. Or we could take a small group ahead and strike at the ritual swiftly, then come back to the town. Try to have it over and done with before anyone there could intervene.”
Bomrek: “Magic” Bomrek gives a dismissive eyebrow tilt, but scowls all the same. “I prefer my tools un-bound to dark things…” he looks over at Suthri and gives a short, slow nod.
Doc: ritual is in the mine itself, right?
Ken (GM): [yeah the nameless demon told as much; the mine contains the living metal captured and bound to Jadeite’s will]

Roderick nods at Gray’s suggestion. “Numbers would grant us no advantage if we were to wait for the main force. It would likely be best to handle it ourselves.”
Gray nods to the others. “It will be good to ride with just us. The rest can follow.”
Roderick was going to say ‘send a small, mobile group of elites’ but there’s no point in pretending that means anyone else

Bomrek: “I’d agree” Bomrek nods. “We need to protect the mouth of the mine, ensure we aren’t sealed in, aren’t burned out.. And it wouldn’t hurt to hold the village in place as well.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “We could split the troops, have half of them pacify the village, and have the other half guard the outside of the mine to prevent an attack from behind.” He pauses a moment, ponders “No, Wait, our army is mostly beastmen scorned, rovers and— …perhaps sending them into the village will cause misunderstandings without us there.”
Dorf Captain: “I’m sure your trained men in my capable hands will be able to keep the peace, assuming Jadeite hasnt put any forces in our way. We’ve walked through two towns already, and met only one witch in resistance…”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the Captain, and nods. “Very well.”
Gray: “Humm.. Sounds good” He nods again in reply.

Syviis nodding intensifies

Bomrek thinks for a moment, and chews on the clean end of the stick he’s been drawing with, and looks to the others “We just need to make sure the beastmen don’t decide to rape and loot the town while we’re away.”
Syviis: sidelong glance at THAT comment “I’m sure they’ll behave themselves Bomrek. They do have the Rovers with them. That should at least keep them gambling and fortune telling enough to be distracted from the barbarism…”
Gray: “It’s a group with families, elders and young, no roving pack of blood mad marauders. Don’t worry about it”
Bomrek closes his eyes idly and shrugs “One would hope. I’ve seen an idle dog turn into a devil once away from it’s master before.”
Doc: rod probably would have set up a policy where the penalty for looting is death
P.P. A.: RIP Bomrek

Gray collects the things they require and settles in for the night, planning to leave around dawn and make for the mine. The beastial Scorned restless.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the map and points at Splinter: “Is there anything of note in that village? …other than a lot of lumber?”

Ken(GM) Your militia settles in too; there is plenty of space about Carne to pitch camp, and your men make a defensible circle about the place. The locals remain in their homes, but are grateful to see you outwardly defying the mage-king
[As Suðri speaks the question aloud, Splinter centers in on the map, and your view of it expands as the magic shows you the surroundings. The small town backs into the mouth of the forest, a river appearing from a rock-spring waterfall and several wetlands converging in a river]
Gray: “They cut wood there and float it down the river. I don’t think there is much there, besides those that harvest from the forest. It’s supposed to be attractive.” He says with a faint shrug.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “We could also just ask the locals here in Carne if they have heard anything from Splinter; if not, we might as well ignore it.”
Bomrek: “They float the wood?” Bomrek says scornfully. “So wasteful.”
Gray: “I’m no expert on lumber” He says with a faint chuckle. “Get some rest. We make for the mine before first light”
Ken (GM): [I think Gray is excited to crack skulls :P]

Ken (GM): [so, whats the plan on this next stretch; same as usual? March all day, keep it leisurely, but aim to hit town by evening/sundown?]
Bomrek: I’d say so.We don’t want to get there, then need a few hours to sleep, giving the enemy time to prepare.
So leisurely until we hit town sounds like it’d keep our guys fresh
Joush M.: caravan is like 2 MPH right? Gray wants to range ahead and get to the mine/town ahead of the rest. Get a good look around and get a feel for the place at least. Let the rest follow at marching pace
Ken (GM): ah okay then, so put ya’ll on horseback, take the road quickly with an army on your heels?
Joush M.: Sounds good
Doc: yeah it’s easier to avoid notice that way, too
Joush M.: Or Gray can just run. He can keep pace with most horses carrying a man that way
Ken (GM): hahah
that and unless its a Clydesdale , he might break its back 😛
okay then, you’re leaving orders with your men to march on, and getting yourselves ahead of them. So they should occupy the town proper, and otherwise await your return?
P.P. A.: and a detachment should take a look at the outside of the mine to warn us of ambushes from behind
after we’re inside
Ken (GM): my god, that sounds perfectly reasonable
Onward then!

Absolute units

Ken (GM) Morning rises, and you strike the road with metal shod hoof and feral beastman stride! Gray runs, nearly entirely unencumbered alongside trotting horses. The dwarves ride on sturdy ponies, their mystical dwarf-tek gunrack hovering along with them. Syviis on a mustang painted by her elven mages with symbols of fierce power and bright magic prowess. Bavieca leads you, Lord Roderick at the saddle, bright and gleaming green in the dawn light.

Ken (GM) The day passes quickly as the road rides away below you; the hills break open into a wider valley, and you see the rising bluff to the West on the horizon by midday; Academs mine is a town nestled on the river to the side and it shimmers in the clear sunny day ahead.
The town seems to shimmer too brightly; you realize that you can see it reflecting beams of light as if the whole place is carved from glass…or like light gleaming from winter snows? the sight is strange…

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, that is odd.”
Bomrek narrows his eyes, and shields them a bit with his hand, staring at the place. “It’s like a tree-bulb..” He turns to the others “What the hell is this?”
Syviis watches the shimmering light for signs of movement or activity upon our approach. In a time of peace, this might be beautiful, but the Darkness has a way of twisting even beauty here.
(To Syviis): You see strange wisps of magic here, like the shimmer itself is unnatural in some way. But it’s not brightly concentrated. More like…residue
Syviis: “I don’t see any concentrations of magic, but it certainly is…or was…active in this place.”
Gray studies the place, examining the spirits of the land and scenting the air as a hand rests on a tree, he gazes with a scowl at the gleaming town. “Memory? Have you seen anything like this before?”
(To Gray): You see some more sprites and motes here, than usual. Little creatures of magic gravitating towards the place. They flit in and out of the grasses and trees, hiding from your passing but making their own way toward the town
Memory cocks her head and stretches her neck, regarding the town “It looks odd to me too; as if a great gift for a king, carved from glass, shimmering like a jewel. I have never seen this before in my long life…”
Gray murmurs softly. “Spirits seem drawn to it. This must be part of the strange Rite the dead man warned us about.”

P.P. A.: What’s our elevation relative to Greyhold?
Ken(GM): [@ppa : youre above it, with the land rolling out to Greyhold down to the Loch. River flows Northward.

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “‘A great gift for a king,’ is it? We should see if we can interrupt the rite without getting rid of the glow. Loathe as I am not to extinguish such magic, ’tis like a beacon to Greyhold, and while Jadeite knows of our coming anyway, if this village’s shimmer faded, it might particularly alert him or his forces.”
Syviis: “I thought we already discussed the improbability of sneaking up on him?” smiles at Suðri
Bomrek: “The Elf has a point, Suðri.” he says, thinking. “Magic like this is evil masquerading as beauty. Destroying it seems worthwhile.”
Suðri Skornbrekker shrugs. “I s’ppose. Might as weel tear it d—” He halts at his own words. “I do hope the town doesn’t fall apart if we purge the mine, but I guess the Scorned earthmages could make some earthen hovels for the villagers if that happened.”
Roderick: “Jadeite’s mages must be stopped regardless, so hopefully that will not be a result.”
Gray: “I don’t know. But we have no answers waiting for us on this hill and I can’t see any enemies from here. Let’s scout closer, see if we can learn more.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods and confirms that his weapons are all in order.
Memory: “I shall be nearby, but watch the skies for any surprises Gray”
Gray smiles a touch at that and nods to the raven, keeping alert for danger, lifting his eyes often to check the sky as they advance.

Ken (GM) at that, you press on, the shimmering visage of the city to your right as you head for the jutting hills that contain the Mine, above you to the left.
The horses (and Gray) press on into the hills. The road leads winding between quickly ascending sandstone bluffs and Hoodoos, switching back and forth again and again in a steady climb into the hills.

Ken (GM) You reach the mine proper, round a bend in the trail, and come to the sight of the place finally. Carved into the hills like a knifemark in the surface of the land; Academs mine

Bomrek: Are these fortifications, or mine wall materials?
Gray lopes along at that long legged ground eating pace, the beast restless, feral as he goes.. then stopping at last, catching his breath and studying the mine.
Suðri Skornbrekker packs a dorfgun, his trusty musket, a dorfmace, and of course his bardiche and sword (Suðri tries to remember when he last used that sword, but he’s lost a lot of weight thanks to his crystal armour)

Ken (GM) Walls of heavy timbers block the entrance, with a gate built in to allow passage of a cart; the gate is unmanned, and the place….glimmers. The whole place seems to shine like its slick with something. To the side, you see an odd tree with gold colored leaves twinkling in the light
(To Syviis): The place is….crawling with magic energy. Like static electricity. It’s twinkling off everything like its electrified
(To Roderick): You can TASTE the magic in the air coming off this place

Doc: don’t eat the tree
Gray: “I don’t recognize that kind of tree, or this kind of magic. It’s nothing like what we saw in Gorgoth or the Stormcaller’s art I’ve seen from Syviis”
(To Gray): You can smell sulphur and saltpeter….and something else more tingly. This place is also just alive with crawling magical elementals. Little sprites of energy flitting about and crawling through the walls
Syviis: “Let’s be careful of what we touch…this entire place crackles with power.”
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 12 thaumatology? ( 6 + 1 + 3 ) = 10
(To Roderick): Theres a thrumming power here and you feel it; youre likely sitting on a nexus of power, a High Mana zone….but its weird
Bomrek nods at the Elf’s words and straps on his own guns. His brace of pistols across his chest, his double barrel musket with his bayonet across his back, and his new magical gun in his hands, also affixed crudely with it’s own rope sling.

Ken (GM): [just added the token for floaty gun-box, FYI]
Bomrek: (What’s the deal with that, it follows us around in general, or?)
Ken (GM): [it floats, but you can drag it about without issue. Imagine it just has invisible magic wheels, and acts like a magic cart]

Gray: “Sluphur and niter.. Saltpeter. There’s gunpowder here.” He warns the others as he studies the place, moveing closer to the enterance and exameing the gate.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “As you would expect from a mine. …I do hope we do not accidentally blow things up.”
Syviis: “Walking into a magically charged powder-trap is something I’d like to avoid. Perhaps I should send down an arrow ahead of us to see?”

Ken (GM) the gate sits closed, but not barred; it is ajar slightly. As Gray draws closer, he sees the shimmer alight with a glow defying the midday sun.
(To Gray): the surface of the whole place is….crystallized? Its like a thin layer of salt crust, but transparent almost completely.
Gray: “It’s like.. salt has grown over the whole thing.” He says thoughtfully, studying the crystal grown across the timber. “Light reflects within it. Leads to the sparkle.”
Bomrek steps forward a bit “If it sets something off, the entrance may just collapse.”
Roderick: “I should probably avoid burning anything. With this much mana in the air, things could get out of control very fast.”
Suðri Skornbrekker quietly looks at his muskets; he prefers the feel of one in his hand, but is glad he is also carrying a bardiche.
Syviis: “I can refrain from using lightning inside, but should any foes we meet be desperate enough, who knows if they’d be willing to blow themselves up to stop us.”

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): “….come to me….” A voice whispers in your ear, breathy, quiet, a woman?….
(To Bomrek): “….come to me….” A voice whispers in your ear, breathy, quiet, a woman?….

Suðri Skornbrekker startles, and looks around. “Did you hear that?”
Syviis blinks, looking about
Bomrek looks at Suðri, and then looks around wildly for a moment or two before quietly saying “Me too.. Another.. whisp-woman?”
Gray shakes his head, listening more attentively.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I heard a female voice saying ‘come to me’,” Suðri explains as he braces his rifle in case a target materializes.
Roderick dismounts his horse and lowers his visor, holding his longsword in a defensive grip
Gray: “Could it be the voice of the stone? I hear nothing, but if they only speak to the children of the stone..”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks around, checking less for enemies than inspecting his surroundings—looking for any unusual structures, other than the glowing tree.
Bomrek: [In Dwarvish] “[What do you think, Suðri? Is this voice Good.. or evil?]

Gray puts his hands on the gate and gives a slow, steady push, trying to open it slowly.

Adolf S.: (This is when the grenade trap drops a ‘nade, and we get attacked from the sides by NVA troops)

Ken (GM) the gate creaks and you hear a heavy CRAK as something gives way. A shower of flaky white dust billows from the gate hinge as it squeaks open, echoing hollowly in the quiet. Beyond the gate… a shimmering red glow hidden behind the walls reveals itself

Suðri Skornbrekker mentions to Gray, whom he sees approaching the door: “If we cannot open that door… easily, then I would like to try these contraptions we found in the to— ah, nevermind.”
Gray: “Eerie crystal, but at least not bloodroot or that concentrated manna that drugs elves and explodes.” He says grimly as he stands in the doorway, then walks inside, looking around for for dangers as he takes the scarred, damaged shield from his back.
Syviis walks in behind him, keeping an arrow ready but lowered
Bomrek walks up behind Syviis, staring in awe over at the crystal.

Ken (GM) A heap of crystal glows red here, growing from the wall eerily reminiscent of the bloodroot plant you exterminated not-so-long ago. Bulbs of wavering plants sway against an unseen wind, waving in unison like reaching vines. Veins of green, violet, and blood red suffuse the area. Its like an infestation…
Syviis: “So we have crystal instead of blood-root? I suppose it’s an improvement…but…”

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over to the crystals coating many of the surfaces. He gently touches one with one of his own crystallized body parts, and waits a moment to see if he notices anything.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): “COME TO ME” a woman’s voice seems to shout; the sound is deafening! roll HT
Ken (GM) Suðri reels as he prods the crystal!
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): 10v13
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You’re okay; your head hurts, but the sound seemed to echo in your mind like ringing a gong. You feel as if the woman was a million miles tall and screaming for you, pleading for your help!

Ken (GM) To your left, an outbuilding crusted in the rime. ahead, another much like the first. The cut disappears ahead behind them

Gray looks to Suthri with some concern. “You okay?”
Joush M.: wait, can’t see him from here.
Gray instead looks back out the gate, to Roderick.

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step back and holds his head. He notices that the others have already gone inside, and follows quickly.
Doc: waiting to see if PPA does anyth- okay so he wasn’t paralyzed or dying

Suðri Skornbrekker looks a little distraught, but when he steps inside and sees the giant crystal, he stops in some awe.

Gray nods when the young dwarf joins them. The towering lupine scorned relaxing a touch and walking to the outbuilding, checking around it then testing the door.
Syviis watches for spikes in magical activity, otherwise is content to cover the party, ready to act
Suðri Skornbrekker does not say anyhting as he looks at the scene before him, taking especially a closer look at the strange outgrowths.: “What are these things…” he mumbles, stroking his beard, and looking worried.

Ken (GM) the door to the short building is also crusted over, but it pops open with a shower of dust and inside is a warm and secure office. A desk lit by a smokeless torch, paperwork out, a drawer of papers filled to near bursting behind it
Gray: “Eerie. It’s like they just went out and will return in a moment.”
Roderick: “Best not to touch anything. Something very powerful is going on here.”
Gray nods to Roderick and walks into the office quietly, looking to the papers a moment then checking the door on the far wall.
(To Gray): perception please
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 3 + 3 + 1 ) = 7

Bomrek follows Gray, and looks around inside the office. Are there any signs of hurry, signs of evacuation, or speed?

(To Syviis): The big protrusion of crystal? Theres a swirl of power deep within it, like a vein of glowing gold
(From Syviis): elemental-like or does all of this seem more ‘placed on purpose’?
(To Syviis): Very much elemental like. Growing like a riot of earthly cancer even. As if somehting big, below, grew up and pushed out of the rock

Ken (GM) the office seems abandoned mid-though; a quill with ink sits on an open ledger, a line half finished. A cup of wine sits nearby, undrunk.

Ken (GM) as you walk through the workyard, discarded tools, past crates of workstuffs and ore, the plant-crystals wave and shimmer. They seem to reach for you, like undersea anemones, their tentacles wriggling and writhing

Suðri Skornbrekker explains aloud, as he watches cautiously and takes a step back. “When I touched a bit of exposed crystal, I heard the voice again loud and clear—but it was not the ‘FREE ME’ kind of stuff of rogue ghosts. It sounded rather like it was screaming for help.” He solemnly looks up the large crystal. “I suspect it was this lady here… Presumably, whatever these plant-things are are not supposed to be here.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Grey, can you smell anything in the air? Is this place doing to explore if I light a little fire?”
(To Gray): You notice the above details, as well as some very distinct smell of death. The smell of Deloth-ainur!
(To Gray): also, that torch on the wall is burning freely, but you dont feel any heat from it. Or see any smoke. It’s probably magical
Bomrek: “We should destroy them then, I’d say” Bomrek calls from inside the office.

(From P.P. A.): can I use just a sprinkle of red dust in my dorfgun to produce a weaker beam?
(To P.P. A.): Possibly; whats your intent?

(From P.P. A.): I want to try and shoot one of the anemone-looking things or, better yet, the “root”-things that connect it to the crystal and just see what happens.

Gray: “Deloth-Ainur.. death. We are in the presences of our old friend and people that have died.” He scowls and scents the air like an animal, then calls out for the others. “Be ready for a tough fight.” He advises them, walking over to the wall and grabbing the smokeless torch from the wall, holding a hand above it a moment then nodding, he walks out. “This seems to be magefire. No smoke, no heat.. I’d be careful with fire here, the miners certainly were.”
(From P.P. A.): hearing that I might try something else though
Bomrek looks down at his laser musket somewhat apprehensively, and switches it for his double barrel instead.

Suðri Skornbrekker likewise will switch to his trusty old gun, but first he takes out his bardiche. He carefully approaches one of the plant-things, making sure that he is keeping a safe distance, and then hacks at its root!
Suðri Skornbrekker: 13v16
Adolf S.: (You get past it’s firewall, what files do you wish to access?)

Ken (GM) The metal weapon cuts deep into the crystal vine, and it splits easily. Then, when the weapon comes free the green fluid within bleeds out… splitting into even more vines!

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the scene in horror, and takes a step back.
“I believe it is safe to say that these roots are… at least one of the problems we ought to solve here.”
“And something to tread carefully around.”

Gray goes and tries to open the door on the far wall in the small office.

Ken (GM) the door pops open for Gray easily, and the red mage-fire torch illuminates the yard ahead. An army of crates, barrels and containers sit empty ahead of the entrance to the mine

Gray looks around a moment, then walks in the direction of the other outbuilding, looking back to the others. “It looks like the crystal grew rapidly from the wall there. It’s overgrown carts and barrels, erupted from the stone.”

Suðri Skornbrekker has a stern expression as his eyes follow the root to the crystal, and he ponders. After a moment, he lightly knocks on his crystal-armour. “[If you have any ideas, I’m all ears,]” he whispers in Dwarven.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Your armor spirit is quiet, and you feel it’s grasp over you, it’s embrace of power and protection

Syviis walks around back of the mining shack and checks out the next building.
Ken (GM) the door sticks, but putting a shoulder to it Syviis reveals the interior. A room of more papers, sheets and drawings in all directions, and splattered with blood “Looks a bit more dramatic in here…”
Bomrek peers through the door. “Now it’s starting to make some sense..”

Suðri Skornbrekker shrugs and follows Grey & co. deeper inside.

Gray scents the blood and the tracks. No body here. “Let’s see where they took the dead”

Syviis looks over the papers and books quickly in case any clues are abound by…well…bound leather

Suðri Skornbrekker steps inside and looks over the drawings and sheets of paper, if they are readable. He glances over them looking for any keywords or pictures relating to either the crystal or those plants.

Ken (GM) the room is full of sketches of the area, designs for tunnels, plans of buildings and other structures. The books are reference texts, some ledgers covered in dust, and other tomes written in dwarven!
You notice much of the handwritten text in here is in a kind of blocky dwarven hand, clunky and angular.

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard and takes a closer look at those writings.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Journals, work logs, and just half-finished ideas all over. Like a scatterbrained person keeping track of their life in script. Alongside the designs…you might be dealing with a smart but scattered type
Suðri Skornbrekker scratches his head, and shrugs. He heads outside, but pleads the party to wait a moment, as he heads behind the hut and approaches some roots again.

Gray examines the scene, allowing Suðri his privacy as he goes to water the crystalvine.
(From Gray): Is the blood dwarven?
(To Gray): from your memory of scents, yes? Very ruddy, a bit old though
Gray: “Dwarf blood. Not very fresh.” He says thoughtfully as he examines the stains… then rising to his feet. “Maybe we can find more answers deeper.”

Syviis wanders about, looking for clues further in

Suðri Skornbrekker had seen through the window that the roots grow along the wall here, extending far from the crystal. He looks for a spot that looks safe from sudden vine-slaps, and cuts through what looks to be the central/longest root. He wishes to see which way it regenerates, in the hopes that he’ll know whether they grow from the crystal, or to it from somewhere else.
Suðri Skornbrekker: 7v16

The vine splits and writhes; the spreading vine crystal grows out of the remaining trunk, reaching up to Suðri from the ground like a dying mans hands…
P.P. A.: so it grows from the direction of the big crystal?
or from both ends?
(ends as in the now-severed openings)
Ken (GM): it grows out from where you cut it, toward you
P.P. A.: well, I mean
N <— —> S
if this is the vine:
and then Suðrt cut it:
— —
P.P. A.: then do the new ones grow like this:
—> —
or this:
— <— or both: —><—
P.P. A.: oh, so they don’t actually sprout from the cut itself but rather from around it, or from wherever the fluid spills?
Ken (GM): yeah, like a riot of growth, released by your violence
P.P. A.: Oh, I see
P.P. A. strokes his beard, disappointed that he didn’t learn what he had hoped to learn, and returns to the party. He will look for some exposed crystal and hover his hand over it though—not touch it as before, but get really close to it—and “listen” again.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): There is a thrum of energy, like power running through cables, but no voice now.

Gray walks from the outbuilding and starts deeper into the mine. “The ritual must be deeper”

Suðri Skornbrekker crosses his arms and ponders, but doesn’t want to slow down the party any further. “I really don’t get this.”
Gray: “Most of the time these things become clearer when we find Deloth-Ainur and demand answers”
Bomrek: “What is this mess? How do we kill something like this, if not with fire?”
Roderick: “We should find more questions and answers as we press on.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I do wonder if it would not be better to just light this whole cave up from a safe distance. From what I can piece together, they are using these plant-vines to sap… energy, mana, whatever from the giant crystal.”
Bomrek: “Would that harm the crystal?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, it screamed for help to me earlier, so probably.”
“If my hunch is correct, then these vines will run deeper into the mine, and lead to where they are conducting their ritual. If we could sever them somehow, we could cut off their… whatever it is they are channeling, but cutting the vines at the end here does little…”
“…which is why I would suggest just trying to burn them, but I could also see the arguments against that.”

Syviis ponders and looks to her notes
Syviis: [thaumaturgiees???]
Ken (GM): fiss, was that fiss-talk for a Thaumatology roll?
Syviis: yus
Syviis: (To GM) rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 2 + 6 ) = 13
(From Syviis): damn, missed by 1 unless I’m getting spooky bonuses
(To Syviis): Youre not 100% sure, but the theory Suðri has could be right… the vines and crystals seem entwined somehow, and magic is powering the growth. You’ve certainly never seen it before, so more information is required. But this all kinda fits with the red dust crystals growing and being left behind by elemental forces. Somthing is making this all happen, from down in the mine

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Also, if cutting them makes them grow violently and suddenly, burning them might just fill the whole mine with angry vines, who knows.”
Syviis: “Finding the source down the mine definitely seems wise…we might burn the wart but miss the root deeper within the skin should we strike here.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods.

Gray scents the air again, trying to see if saltpeter and suphur is stored in any of these cases, or if the scent comes from deeper in the mine.
(To Gray): The boxes seem halfway prepared to carry something fragile; straw packed loosely but nothing inside. The smell comes out of the mine like a wind. As well as something that tickles your spiritual senses. Like a sandy wind of tinkling glass? Its odd.
Gray shakes his head as if to clear it. “The scent of gunpowder comes from deeper. This place could be very volatile… and there’s something else. Something I don’t recognize. Let’s go deeper. We can leave and try fire if other attempts fail.”
Syviis: “Let’s hope the fire doesn’t come prematurely…I rather like my eyebrows.”
Ken (GM): [so Y’all heading down into the deep?]
Bomrek: “Aye, and I rather like breathing. Be careful with that lightning of yours, ‘Elf” Bomrek says, following along
Gray is ready to go Into The Deep
P.P. A.: dig deep, dig greedy
Syviis: “I can control my lightning…can you control the sparks from your muskets?” she asks with a smile
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I have faith in Dwarven craftsmanship and precision,” Suðri answers deliberately vaguely.
Roderick: “I can only wonder if magic energy or gunpowder is more likely to set off a chain reaction…”
Syviis is about to raise an arrow to provide light, but then thinks better of it and does not leave a perpetual spark at the end of her weapon as they go forward, relying on the smokeless/fire-less torches.
Gray grumbles to the other. “Cold steel and claws won’t start any fires. Be careful”
Suðri Skornbrekker has both his musket and his bardiche ready.

Ken (GM) You enter the DEEP

Ken (GM) the passage dips down into the hillside, and the sloped path splits off several times into small ‘rooms’ where sulphur and saltpeter are mined out. Nothing of note comes from those smaller rooms, just dust and silence.
Ahead, you see a glowing light suffusing the air itself, and you press on. At the bottom of the tunnel, it opens to a short step down to a kind of building, or dungeon, under the earth
A pale blue glow crawls along the air above you, casting everything in a shadowless light. Down from the steps, on either side of you are four doors in a kind of barracks. On each door is a bright red and gold rune of dwarven script. Ahead, a large hall with a cross passage, and beyond that, a maelstrom of color and energy twisting around a central column of shining crystal…
In the air, you each feel a tingling power here. Its like the place itself is alive with it.

Gray steps into the hall, looking around a moment and speaking softly. “Old here. This place might be older then the mine.” He says thoughtfully as he moves ahead and stands beside the first door.

Ken (GM) Gray’s torch seems to flare up in the hall, the red light climbing up and swaying unevenly, in an unseen breeze

(To Roderick): You ever been electrified? There is a tingle crawling up and down your skin, like ants.
(From Roderick): super-strong magic then?

(To Roderick): SUPER. and not stable. Its washing up and down, all over.

(To Fiss): You ever been electrified? There is a tingle crawling up and down your skin, like ants. Its overwhelming

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): This is certainly a dwarven building….and youre standing in the threshold
(To Bomrek): This is certainly a dwarven building….and youre standing in the threshold
Bomrek lets out a low whistle. Does this look like new construction, or…Old?
Ken (GM): old….old as balls
Bomrek: Ah

Roderick: “The magic here feels as if it’s about to explode on its own… we should be careful and move quickly.”
Roderick presses on, uneasiness on his face hidden beneath his visor

Suðri Skornbrekker boldly steps forward, taking a good look at the runes, and the general architecture of the place.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Names: ranks and titles. But they’re…..foreign. You recognize it as that ancient demonic dwarven! Same as in the Dreugar keep!

Suðri Skornbrekker slightly recoils from some of the runes. “The Dreugar engraved these!”

Ken (GM) Roderick’s armor clanks on the stone, echoing dully. The sounds here are all wrong, muffled yet tinny and louder. It is disorienting.

Bomrek runs his fingers against the walls as he walks. “Well, this is a welcome change.”
Bomrek looks to Suðri, “[They did? How can you be sure?]

Gray tests the door. “They ranged wide across this land.”
Ken (GM) the door slides sideways on hidden tracks, quiet as a mouse, and reveals a room with finely wrought details, but spartan. An abstract tapestry on one wall, a framed landscape on the other
(To Syviis): Thats an elven painting of the mother tree; the forests of your homelands!
Syviis walks over to the tapestry, jaw open
Ken (GM): [psst, the painting, not the tapestry]
Syviis: “This is elven, of that I’m certain!”
Syviis walks over to the painting instead
Bomrek looks at the tapestry instead.
Ken (GM): lol
Bomrek: “Yes yes, it’s a very nice rendition of a twig, but what’s this?”

Gray looks thoughtful, looking into the room at the art. “Elven relics in dwarven ruins. Strange.”
Bomrek: “Elf, how… old are these?” He looks over his shoulder at her, questioningly.
(To Bomrek): Looks like a painting, done on Fungus-hemp canvas. Typical dwarven work.
Syviis: sighing “Despite some of the… off colour comments… This is hardly the first time Elves and Dwarves have worked together in harmony. We are both very old peoples!”
Syviis examines the artwork for signs of age/era
Ken (GM) Silver frame, fine hempen canvas, fine mahogany inlay

Suðri Skornbrekker answers Bomrek: “The ranks and titles these runes refer to are not ones of ours, or of the old Empire; they’re written in that same chisel as in the old Dreugar keep down south.”

Bomrek: “The word ‘Harmony’ in Dwarvish can translate into many things. One of them is something like.. ‘Begrudging Acceptance‘ ” Bomrek says, hand lightly rubbing his chin, staring at the piece.
Syviis smirks at the translation and nods
Syviis: “Sometimes, I know exactly what you mean…”

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Syviis: “Remember the strange pedestal in the tomb that turned hearts into… heart-stones? That was Elven too. Do these bear any similarities to it?”
Syviis ponders
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, beyond also being Elven. You get what I’m asking.”
Syviis: [I have to refresh her memory here, Ken, is it the same style?]
(To Syviis): Yep; elven and dwarven designs kinda mashed together. Like Art Deco/Art Nouveau side by side

Syviis: “Seems all of this is that same bespoke Harmony style… mashed together, but two or more distinctive elements.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Odd,” the Dwarf notes, not really any wiser. “But I see, thanks.”

Gray looks thoughtful then back to Roderick, nodding to the human as the elf and dwarves examine the old art in the hidden room. He gestures to the next door, walking over to check it next.

Ken (GM) the next room opens with a touch, the door sliding into a hidden recess on tracks again.
Within, a bare ‘bed’ carved up from the floor and wall, and two other paintings on the walls in fine frames of gold

Roderick turns and moves to open the door on the opposite side

Ken (GM) in the room rod opens, a large and thick mattress lies on the bare stone, dressed with large pillows, all of it of a fine soft silk and velvet. The finest dressings you have ever seen.
Gray looks thoughtfully around, then into the room Roderick discovered. “Luxurious.” He observes, spending just a moment trying to guess the value of the things inside before he nods to the man.
Ken (GM): that shit looks comfy as fuccccck
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Wouldn’t want to accidentally burn those, they might fetch a fine price.”
Syviis: “I’m glad we didn’t burn the place down now…but why are all these luxuries and treasures here in the first place?”
Bomrek considers how to best transport the tapestry. Can it be done reasonably today, without damaging it over time, y’think?

Suðri Skornbrekker opens a door they had passed. “Fascinating though it is, we should not waste time here. Let’s throw open the doors to see if anyone is hiding behind them, and then simply proceed.”
Syviis nods
Ken (GM) The door slides away, and inside is a simple room with a table, a few jars, fruit and cutlery
Roderick advances quickly but cautiously, opening any doors he passes
Gray nods in agreement, going to open another door.
Ken (GM) one room is a simple jug on a slab, and the smell reveals its a latrine.
The next seems to be a paddock/tie up for a horse?
Below, bare except for two cloth dolls the size of children, crudely fashioned.
Next, a storage room of some kind. Jars and boxes emblazoned with a bright lime color, an ironclad box, and some white jugs

Ken (GM) the crossroad hall has four mazzive pillar structures holding up the vaulted ceiling above. The top stretches up at least fifty feet

Syviis cautiously sticks to near the pillars as she investigates the south
Gray: “The dolls..” He sounds thoughtful about that, shaking his head to clear it and trying not to think of those eerie, large dolls.
“Four ways. What direction should we go?” He asks, following the elf south.

Ken (GM) You hear the oddly muffled crackle of electricity from around the corner to the south, and flashes of bright light shimmering there

Bomrek’s head turns to look every which way, expecting some kind of ambush in a room like this.

Ken (GM) Some kind of …..mechanism turns here; a lightning bolt crackles through the air, and a wheel turns with the shimmer pushing the thing to spin in the air…
Syviis gets closer, but cautiously
Gray: “Some kind of Dreugar apparatus. A device to harness the elements?”
Syviis: “Seems to fit some of the previous devices and magics we’ve seen in the Dreugar strongholds.”
Bomrek follows the Elf and Gray down south, looking at the figure in the distance.
(Er, not figure. The thing in the distance there.)
P.P. A.: ooh, I spy more carpets

Ken (GM) Two bare rooms, save for a carpet on the left, and a strange rune carved to the floor on the right. A door of metal opens into the cavern beyond. The stone half-wall at the engine reveals a tunnel in the earth the lighning crackles through
Ken (GM): [black line is the half-open wall, that should be clearer]
Gray: “Runes. Magic? What could this all be for?”
Syviis investigates the Rune “Check and see, if there are others under the carpet?”
Bomrek looks at the runes, anything familiar?
(Dwarven nursey rhyme perhaps?)
Suðri Skornbrekker (same)
(To Bomrek): Thats the Imperial Seal of the First Empire
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Thats the Imperial Seal of the First Empire
(To Gray): nothing under the carpet but floor there

Gray nods and walks over to lift the carpet with Suori, seeing if there’s another pattern of runes hidden under it like unswept dust. “Nothing. It’s clean over here….huh, This is a fine rug.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “A-ha!” Suðri proudly proclaims: “There was no way the Dreugar built this; ’tis the seal of the First Empire!”
“I believe, quote me not on this, I have not picked it apart, that my rifle functions similarly to this.”
Syviis: “Very old, very powerful…Is it possible that Jadeite has been seeking the power left by the First Empire then? Could these devices be known and usable by the Dark power we’ve seen?
Gray: “At a much smaller scale. Thor’s power in a bottle in there.” He gestures into the lightning chamber. “We can’t let them claim this place. It’s dangerous.”
Syviis: “I also suspect the Dreugar would have fashioned this place to survive most anything we could do to it in a hurry. Especially if it’s lasted these centuries.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “As the old saying goes:
‘Evil awaits whoever delves
Into the witchery of Elves;
Magic lightning, though, is fine
So long as we can use it to mine!’ ”

Roderick: “I don’t believe that’s a real saying. It doesn’t even rhyme in Dwarven.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “In any case, with this here proof that the place was built during the Empire, the Crystal’s voice I heard must be of one similar to the one who blessed Bomrek and me with these armours. It must be an all—”


Bomrek: (somebody’s cranky)
Doc: nice, new trick
Doc: rod just has to be a smartass to make the villain appear
Deloth-Ainur: “You FOOLS! You stumble into this demesne and….what? Debate nursery rhymes!?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hello!” the dwarf cheerfully greets the old frien-emy.
“I actually just made that one up just now.”
Gray: “We also complemented the rugs. What the hell is the Usurper trying to do here?”
Roderick turns to Deloth-Ainur. “I’m afraid we’re here to ruin everything yet again.”
Bomrek: “Masons are often known to be thoughtful. When you spend 8 hours chiseling boulders to make a total of 5 rock slabs, your mind has time to wander.”

Deloth-Ainur: “By the Lords of NIGHT! You can’t BE here?! How did you get past the elemental?!” Deloth-Ainur looks some sort of cross between bewildered and angry.
Suðri Skornbrekker furrows his brows. “What have you done to bind the poor thing? Be so kind and tell us how to release it from those vile vines, please.” Suðri Skornbrekker props up his gunpowder-musket, just in case.
Gray: “You are the first person I’ve met here.” He assures her, the towering beast lifting a hand empty and open. “You know you can’t prevail if you fight us all together. Let’s talk like rational people.”
Syviis: whispering “I suspect she knows she can’t prevail even if she fights us one at a time…”
Deloth-Ainur screws up her face, and seems to stamp something down before stepping forward, hands up

P.P. A.: Did Grey and/or Syviis, when they mentioned the crystal armours of Suðri and Bomrek, ever refer to them explicitly as Elementals?
P.P. A.: I’m having Suðri act as if they did, but I’m not sure if they just said something like “spirit”
Syviis: [ Syviis did mention the elemental power of the armor, but it might have been forgotten due to all the insanity of that day]

Deloth-Ainur: “Youre right Gray, theres no need to fight. I’m just….confused. Seriously, how are you not all red smears right now?”

Suðri Skornbrekker steps forward, his crystal-encrusted chest puffed up. “This place was built by the Dwarven Empire of old, under our All-father. The Crystal outside served him, as we do today. Why would it attack us?”
Deloth-Ainur’s jaw drops. Se looks at you, eyes agog and mouth agape “You….you’re wearing….thats a!” she stammers

Deloth-Ainur faints

Suðri Skornbrekker: “It only cried out in agony; please, tell me how to release it from the bonds you—” (Oh shit)

Syviis genuinely is surprised
Roderick clanks over to the unconscious woman

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard thoughtfully. “Bomrek!” Suðri calls out to him, “This confirms that the large crystal outside is of the same kind as… ours—and that it was its voice that we heard. Being that it must have been a vassal of the All-Father, we must help it!”
Bomrek nods. “No other option.”

Syviis runs over as well, elf-first-aid in tow
Syviis: (she IS still kinda elfy right?)
Ken(GM): [yes, long determined to have at least been an elf some long time ago]
Syviis: [jams a Sploodie Bit in her Squiddlysplooch and hopes for the best]

Roderick: rolling 3d6 diagnosis, hopefully she didn’t bash her head or anything ( 4 + 3 + 5 ) = 12
(To Roderick): shes faking!
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 6 + 6 ) = 18 vs First Aid

Doc: oh no

Bomrek: >Deloth-Ainur faints
>Typical Elf

Gray walks over to the fallen woman more slowly, allowing them to check as he scents the air. He’s seen Deloth endure far worse then an occasional shock, the Beastman frowning thoughtfully.
Rod bends his knee, and checks over the woman quickly

Doc: she was okay but then syviis killed her
Joush M.: Syviis goes for Elf defibrillator mode and shocks her a lot
Doc: rip
Syviis: lol
P.P. A.: I guess that’s what happens when you jam a sloodie bit in someone’s squiddlysplooch.
Doc: she’s been underground too long, elves need sunlight to photosynthesize!

Ken (GM) there is a burst of black smoky dust, billowing out from all directions from Deloth-ainur; as you are enveloped in the darkness, a familiar mind-voice echoes about you


Syviis: OH FUCK
Joush M.: Goddamn elf first aid
Adolf S.: Thank Fuck Bomrek decided to stay back away from the elf
Ken (GM): LOL
Syviis: Elf First Aid: “Make sure to sanitize your wrappings…OR MOTHERFUCKING ELDER GODS WILL DO IT FOR YOU”
Ken (GM): thank GOD for constant racist suspicions!
Adolf S.: ^
P.P. A.: Mabye this is an Elf’s true form and Syviis just cured Deloth of her Meat-Sheath Disease?
Joush M.: “She was a little anemic and had low blood sugar, so I ripped open the walls between our reality and the eternally hungering void”
Adolf S.: Racism always keeps me safe
Syviis: It’s entirely possible
Adolf S.: “Around Elves, Watch Yourselves,
Turn your Back, You’ll be Attacked”
My god
Syviis: “I had Pink Eye…so I got some holy water and burned a hole into the 238th dimension.”
Adolf S.: That image looks like
evil spaghetti
P.P. A.: Chronic Meat-Seaht Disease is very common among Elves; sad.
P.P. A.: Is it actually moving?
Doc: roderick has been undone by the perfidious female race
P.P. A.: o ok
Syviis: I like how our panic keeps changing depending on ken’s movement of items on the map
“Hahaha…OH FUCK!….oh, okay that’s…NOPE THAT’S WORSE!”
Ken (GM): hahaha
just readjusting the elements
sorry to spoop you
P.P. A.: \o/
Syviis: guess I was due for an 18…glad it wasn’t during combat at least, lol
P.P. A.: 4 pts?
Ken (GM): four points!
P.P. A.: \o/
Adolf S.: Good game
Ayy wait a sec
P.P. A.: Good game indeed
(and good timing)
Joush M.: You summoned IT.
That isn’t better then accidentally dropping your bow!
Ken (GM): [i try]
Adolf S.: Ken, give us a re-description of the elf Thot before she exploded like an over-full vaccuum cleaner bag?
P.P. A.: I apologise if I slowed things down by prodding too much stuff, though
Fiss: Prodding is half the fun!
Adolf S.: Syviis tried mouth-to-mouth and ended up over-filling her demon-sac to explosion

Ken (GM): Deloth Ainur, as you remember her. Robed, arms and legs wrapped in her metal coin armor, skin pale like death

Adolf S.: Does she look skeleton-y, or relatively normal besides the paleness
P.P. A.: She also notably lacked tentacles.
Ken (GM): JUST like that day you met her
Adolf S.: I wonder what she does in her spare time
Crosswords? Knitting?
Bomrek hunts and cooks and gambles in his
Fiss: Knitting is either REALLY hard…OR really easy…depending on how many tentacles.
Ken (GM): You either get high manual dexterity, or Ham-Fisted…
Joush M.: Lean and feminine, right? I remember a picture for her, but that might have been GURPSgen. Anyway, not unattractive. Just Evil
Adolf S.: Post pic of her in discord
P.P. A.: Maybe we can patch up the fabric of space by knitting all these inter-dimensional tentacles we counter into, well, fabrics of space, and then filling the holes with them
Ken (GM): up in discord
P.P. A.: Well, time to sleep. Thanks for the session, lots of nice things that made me wary and curious!
Adolf S.: Adios PPA
Doc: o/
Adolf S.: She better not dirty up that damned tapestry
Fiss: Hehe. Have a good one peeps

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Grimwyrd: Compacted Darkness

Joush M.: Good morning everyone
P.P. A.: \o
I am fiss-pokin as we speaks
so, anyone else snowed in yet?
we got 6 inches in the last 48 hours
P.P. A.: not nearly
It’s a bit chilly, but nothing less
Ken (GM): ~jealous~
Halloween hit, and an ice storm followed
its been a mess here 😛
Joush M.: Nothing stuck here. Just a little freezing rain and slush
Fiss: Wow, I am awake!
Ken (GM): egads a fiss!
my god, are you ALL here?
Fiss: The need to commit holy murder in the name of the forces of light is strong.
Adolf S.: ayy
hokay then, where last we left you guys

Ken (GM) Dawn rises the next day. You camp breaks apart with scorned, half elf rovers, and deshiveled men of all walks striking tent and raising banner. The militia of Lord Roderick is ready for another march North, to victory.
The golden-boned witchy woman has been exorcized, her demon expunged, her metal pilfered. Her legion of skeletons are heaped by the roadside; a warning to others who abuse dark magics.

Syviis hopes the only further power to be taken by all this death is heaps of free fertilizer for the local farmers
(To Syviis): Your troupe of elven mystics report in; morale is high and your name is revered in the army. The holy warriors of the elven elder spirits will not falter!
(From Syviis): if there is time to respond, I wish them success, and remind them to be wary…in victory, the dark forces often offer themselves to us to be used…a trap disguised as a tool . Trust in their own powers and do not use these vile magics…I believe in them!
(From Syviis): basically…yes lol

Syviis: I just don’t want to have a bunch of wide-eyed Elves go “Oh look at all this red dust and coin armor and magical shit that seems REALLY easy for us to use!” 😛
oops whispers
Ken (GM): ~whispering intensifies ~

Adolf S.: This place is called Swineholt, is it a pig farming hamlet mostly?
Ken (GM): yeah, they drive their stock together, but its a small town of farmers, tanners and butchery

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over the mountains of bones. His sympathy for the poor souls that were forced to animate them is briefly interrupted by thinking of how one could arrange all those bones into a pretty neat-looking shrine or other building, but this is not the time to dwarf around.

Gray rises early and looks grimly North a moment before he collects his equipment and checks the wagon loaded with supplies and hung with those gleaming banners. With that done he cleans up, washing away the blood of yesterday and examining only a moment the healed cut before he pulls on arming coat and mail.
Ken (GM): the tannery REEKS

Bomrek raps his knuckles on his armor a few times, flaking off a bit of dust and grit. “It’s been a little while since I’ve heard a full line of muskets fire. Brings back fond memories.”

Gray is used to bad smells. He still growls and spits to the side before shaking it off and speaking to Bomrek. “Aye. A proper line of battle was a change from our normal skirmishes.”

Doc: btw does the horse need any first aid
Ken (GM): @doc: Bavieca is okay, she took a superficial hit for 3 damage from the skelly, but it was crushing. roll me 1d-1 for Veterinary first aid she got from your followers?
Doc: rolling 1d6-1 ( 3 )-1 = 2
3 crushing might not even show up on a horse tbh

Suðri Skornbrekker: “After treading through deserted enemy lands for so long, it feels good to know a line of allies in our back and scores of bullets following ours.”
Roderick: “Now if only we had enough muskets for the militia.”
Ken (GM): [well, Academs Mine is a primary gunpowder refinery…might be a good stopover?]
Bomrek: “That’s what accountants are for, Roderick. Scrounge together enough gold and I’m sure a few cousins of mine would be happy enough to send across a few shipments.”

P.P. A.: So the locals of Swineholt are fine and co-operative?
Ken (GM): The farmers are happy to have you to restore order; they have had most of their meat sent North with promises of payment, but not much in the way of real coin. Of all things, their loyalty seems assured by bill payments

Syviis: “Lets hope our foes have been so preoccupied with their dark magics that they did not stop to consider the incredible power of a musket-armed force.”
Gray looks thoughtful at the discussion, a strong hand rubbing across his jaw as the savage brute looks over the group. “Need a couple months to drill and train to make that happen. Can’t conjur them from darkness and sacrificed blood.”

Suðri Skornbrekker will inquire with them about any Dwarven caravans that might have passed through, remembering the request of the Dwarves in Oakway
Ken (GM): The dwarven caravaneers passed North, but haven’t returned in weeks. Trade is all sorts of fucked up. If you can make the highway safe again, it might normalize.
Roderick: “I don’t think we have months to train them, but they don’t need to be crack troops.”
Gray: “Aye.” He says thoughtfully as he stands by.
Bomrek lets out a short laugh, and waves his hand Roderick’s way “Months? Maybe to hunt Elves in the forests, but not to fire a gun on the battlefield.”
Ken (GM): >point that end that way
>put it nicely on the ground when its empty
>dont step on it as you march into them with clubs
Gray: “I can teach a man to fire a gun in an hour. Two months of drill is to stand in a line, and stay there when told to”

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Bomrek: “We could try producing guns, perhaps; assembling them would take a while though, and we can’t easily work the wooden stock.” He strokes his beard and finally shakes his head. “…nah, let us just hope we can acquire some along the way.”
Ken (GM): well, lets plan what to do with guns when you get em
Whats the plan for today? march north and meet what comes?
Joush M.: Gray’s good with that. He will prowl ahead a bit with the outriders and keep an eye out for trouble.

Syviis packs light and begins scouting ahead on the road
Joush M.: On the subject,
>make sure we have some scouts out and all that.
Doc: we definitely want to hit that mine, though
Bomrek: Bomrek nods to Suðri . “A fine sentiment, but what can two Dwarves do? We’ll need a workshop, at the least.”
Doc: with just the guns we have, we could hold off a fortified position for about as long as our supplies last

Suðri Skornbrekker also prepares for continuing the march north, packing some scrap metal to chew on along the way. He wants to pop out some small moving parts to try and assemble into a machinery whenever he finds the time.
Syviis: [cogpoop!]
Ken (GM): righto, so the order is North

Ken (GM) you dispatch scouts, and assemble your men back into the ragged line of rover wagons and booted men. You set out with the morning sun, and the day warms with the clomp of boot and tramp of hoof

Syviis clomps stealthily

Ken (GM) A fierce wind rises from the South and the stormy weather threatens again, but rain seems to miss your army as you travel. Fat clouds black-bellied with rain pass by, but the day remains warm enough.
The farms here are scattered and sparse; it seems a late harvest was underway, but as you travel further north, more and more homesteads lie quiet, no smoke in their chimneys, no workers in the fields.

Near mid-day, you come across an odd sight…

The scouts report back that ahead, a farm was razed to the earth, burned to cinders. They spotted no movement, no soldier or army, but the land was scoured of anything living. Trees burned to stumps, fields razed, the homestead nothing more than ash.

The oddest thing about it; the devastation doesn’t pass further than the boundary of the next field. One step to the side, and lush green land sits on either side of the land

Bomrek looks to the others, and looks thoughtful. He offers “It may be worth investigating. Elf?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “That calls for an investigation.”
Syviis: “A farm of resisting fools” Syviis nods to Bomrek and stalks forward

Gray prowls closer to the field and kneels down, waiting for the others and studying the ashes as he scents the air, calling on the Raven a moment to study the scene with shaman’s sight, looking at the local spirits with a frown across his rough features.
(To Gray): The spirits are not here; this place is dead. You see the occasional sprite, mote, living in the land. Here…nothing stirs but the wind.
The smell is that of sulfur and brimstone. and something you haven’t scented in weeks; dragon-flame. The stench is unmistakable

Syviis keeps pausing to sense for magic as she does
(To Syviis): The land here is dead; you can see the natural flow of magic bends away from this place, like an ugly scar. Its like a hollow in the earth, or a stone in a river. [Mana level is Low]

Suðri Skornbrekker readies his rifle and looks around the area.
(From P.P. A.): remember his beardy-dangersense of shady magic
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You sense no immediate danger here, but you sense a trembly feeling of dread. Your mustache tingles. Its as if something terrible and horrible was here. Something youve faced before…

Syviis: “This reminds me far too much of our trek back from the South….the magic here has been leeched away, even the natural ebb and flow of mana avoids this scar of a farm.”
Gray: “Dragons did this. Burned the place to ashes. Even the spirits have fled or burned.” He says thoughtfully, dropping a handful of ashes as he rises to his feet. “Prepare, we may face attack from the sky again. It seems some dragons survived the battle around the Ansible”
Roderick: “I almost welcome the chance to see what these new dwarven weapons can do to them.”
Bomrek: “A Dragon?” Bomrek makes a sound of frustrated disgust “I’ve had enough fire by now.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Dragons? I guess it was too hopeful to think that… during that day, they had all fallen. Whatever allies Jadeite might have might have brought their own before the calamity struck,” Suðri comments, looking around and looking uneasy.

Doc: (fyi – Rod is wearing his brigandine and rapier during normal marching hours if they get ambushed, but would put on his plate for something like this)
Ken (GM): @doc: sounds like a solid plan; march light, investigate heavy

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Gray: “Can your bird see anything in the sky?”
Memory tilts her head at Suðri
Gray: “Or they’ve returned from the dead. The line is blurred between here and Hel these days.” The beast looks around a moment, then nods. “Memory. Have a look around please, search for dragons or agents of our foes?”
Memory: “I shall search the skies, and I shall be like the wind. None shall see me but shadows” Memory lifts to the sky on her black wings, and melts into a shadow on the sky as she lifts off! She disappears from sight!
(To Gray): Memory has shifted to an invisible spirit form! She’ll be quite hard to spot now
(To Syviis): Memory has shifted to an invisible spirit form! You can still see her intensely magical form though. She’ll be quite hard to spot now
Syviis: “She wasn’t kidding…and I suspect even shadows would have a hard time seeing her now.”

Ken (GM) your men look on from the roadside, curious about the burned land and your excited conversation inspecting it…

Ken (GM): Rod; what have you to say to your men? They seem a bit uneasy at the sight of this burned out land
P.P. A.: Are there ruins left of the farmstead, or just a heap of ashes?
Ken (GM): [there is approximately an acre of scorched earth here. ]
Ken (GM): [the farmhouse itself is barely recognizable, a few heaps of burned wood and stone]
Gray: “She’s in the world of wraiths and shadows. Clever.” He says thoughtfully as his eyes track her a moment before he looks away, pulling a hand though his hair, looking to the uneasy men then to Roderick. “Nothing to fear here, but a warning about the dragon might keep them from fleeing if one appears later”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I do wonder what could have provoked a dragon attack on but a lonely farmstead. A hideout of rebels maybe?” Suðri cautiously approaches the farmhouse, trying to upturn the rubble to see if there are any clues buried underneath.

Doc: how many dragons have we killed without the Ansible?
P.P. A.: one and a half
one proper dragon, and the lich who transformed into one

Ken (GM): Suðri ! Perception/search
Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v12

Ken (GM) the dwarf strides into the ashes, head down, parting coal and dust with a prodding foot. Eventually he turns up something of interest.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You find the homestead, the fireplace, the basic layout of the walls. Near the hearth itself, huddled in the stones, it looks like there are human remains. But the bones have been charred down to nearly stumps. Underneath that, they seemed to be huddled over the hearthstone itself, protecting it? There is a message cut into the hard rock there
Two dwarven runes “precious/Silver” and “Bane/cursed”
The message is cut into the flagstone somehow…as if by magic…
Suðri Skornbrekker: Suðri mumbles a quiet prayer for the corpses, and then calls out to the others. “There is something here! Bomrek, come take a look too.” Suðri Skornbrekker himself touches the flagstone and ponders the meaning of the words. Perhaps those silver-swords from the capital…?
Bomrek walks up to Suðri “Did you find something?”

Syviis walks over to check it out

Gray starts though the ashfield, the beast’s massive boots raising some of the ash as he walks to Suðri there among the ruins.

Roderick also

Ken (GM) the homestead was a meager building, the stumps of foundation timbers stick up like matcheads from the ground. Suðri points out the hearth, and the melted stone slag of the fireplace.

Suðri Skornbrekker points to a hearthstone with Dwarven runes engraved in it. “These say… ‘Silver’ and “bane/cursed’. They were not carved into the stone by hand, however.” Suðri strokes his beard. “It seems these people tried to protect it… Either something is hidden inside, or this is a message—perhaps silver being the answer to some kind of curse or undead that has been conjured?”
Bomrek: “What could..” Bomrek turns to Suðri, waiting for some explanation, being the stone mason and all.

Suðri Skornbrekker pursues the former notion, and feels around the hearth, trying to see if any stones are loose or sound hollow. He mumbles, while doing so: “There were also those silver-swords Rolf brought from the capital… maybe they were unfinished, and to be infused with some kind of magic?”

Gray makes a thoughtful sound, tilting his head to the side. Silver doesn’t quite make him uneasy, but does remind him that he is one of those things harmed especially by the metal.

Ken (GM) the hearthstone seems solid enough, prying it up from the ground, it seems to be a single slab of some kind of granite. Nothing seems to be underneath it, or inside it

Suðri Skornbrekker ponders. “Can you detect anything, Syviis?” He puts the stone back in its place. “…if not, maybe it really was but a warning… We should still have that silver from when I made a new axehead for my bardiche—I shall make some silver bullets out of it, if that is the meaning of this.”
Suðri Skornbrekker is going to mix it with something like lead though, since silver alone probably wouldn’t make for a good bullet.
Joush M.: silver’s acutely almost as dense as lead and makes a perfectly serviceable bullet.

(From Syviis): what do her elf eyes seeeee?
Syviis leans forward and gently moves around the ash and stone flecks with the shaft of an unfinished arrow
(To Syviis): The stone seems normal enough, but concentrating on it…there is a lingering magical power there. Its seeped away, but stains remain. This message was carved with magical skill
Syviis: “My best guess is that there was indeed a magical spell upon this stone…very skillfully added. But it has been blasted away with the fire…perhaps it was the target of the rage beset upon the farm, and the people here were casualties of it.”
“Roderick, would any in the ranks know of this farm or anyone nearby?”
Gray: “Some kind of ward or mark to protect the place?” He shakes his head. “I don’t know enough of magic to guess.”
Roderick: “We can ask, but it’s doubtful. We’ll likely be better served checking with the nearby farms.”
Syviis: “Let us seek the next one with life as we march North then…this is curious, but our mission is as critical as ever.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods.
Syviis makes mental note of the remnants of magic, hoping to make sense of it later if she sees that particular ‘flavor’ again

Gray walks from the ashes, pausing to dust off his boots and settle in before starting north. Staying in sight of the wagon but barely as he ranges ahead and watches for danger.

Syviis stops before leaving the edge of the property, paying a silent prayer of respect and peace for the dead, and a promise to return with good news for the land and those who suffered this wrath
[Syviis then hustles, realizing she’s been praying for an hour, and gets to the next farm huffing and puffing]

Ken (GM) It’s a short journey to the next farm over, but the first one with occupants isn’t for half an hour’s hike. You take a moment to speak with them, your militia marching along at the road, proceeding.
When you ask about the farm with blasted earth, the farmhands make signs of warding, and seem quite fearful about speaking of it “T’was a damnable thing, that night. Full of furious noise and hatred! The sounds coming up from across the hills were demonic! Terrible! We went on the dawn to offer help, but the land itself was burned away! Its a warning! We cann’e stand against these dark powers! ”
Gray says nothing for the men, looking to the farmhands without interrupting.
Syviis: “Did the family there own any charms or magics of their own?”
The farmhands make more warding gestures “They did! They had a dwarven smith among them, a talented horse-shod, but he was learned in the dark arts, he was! The wrath we heard must have been in retribution from Lord Jadeite! The mage lord wont allow for the unclean to use their evil ways in his lands!”

Syviis glances to the Dwarves, then back at the farm-men and sighs
“Thank you for your time”

Oh no he di’nt!

Suðri Skornbrekker struggles to suppress his indignation at those words, and says nothing, glad that Syviis ended the conversation timely.

Syviis turns to Rod as they leave “Might be a good idea to post a spare man nearby…see if this farm was told to warn Jadeite of our coming…”
Syviis: “Not that they’d need much warning…but it would be nice to know if the farm hands are told to rise up and protect this false crown.”
Gray: “I don’t like that.” He says thoughtfully, looking at the farm. “The ‘mage lord’. Humph.”
Roderick: “Jadeite already knows of our approach, and we want to make him uneasy anyway.”
Syviis nods “I suppose it doesn’t matter…he could rally all the land against us… it does not stop the fact he is a rat on a sinking ship, and we are the tide.

Suðri Skornbrekker: ““Unclean’ and ‘evil ways,’ pah!” Suðri finally complains after being out of earshot of the farm. “I shall not blame these peasants for believing the lies of that villain, but to hear them enrages me still! …at least we now know that whoever created those runes might really have been working against Jadeite and his witchcraft.”
Syviis: “We now also know that Jadeite fears Dwarven Magics and the power inherent in your souls and craft.” grins
Gray: “Aye. I wish we’d been able to stop the dragon. Let’s head North and see if we can get another chance.. in any case, we are a few days from the powder mills at Academ’s Mine. It would be bad if a Dragon was to strike there.”

Ken (GM) the rest of the day passes well; the weather holds and the men remain in spirits, despite the fearsome remains of the ashen farm behind them. “We have the dragonslayers!” being the most prominent excuse for bravado.

Ken (GM) as the evening falls though, you come to Carne, and the farmtown brings odd news. Your scouts report that from the approach, it seems in the town square that dark forces are at work!
In the village square, animated skeletons can be seen working at a large stone obelisk!
Odder still, as the setting sun approaches, it seems people are secluding themselves to their homes, immediately.

Suðri Skornbrekker makes true on his word and starts chewing silver from the lump created back when he made his new bardiche head. Suðri pops out little bullets and distributes some of them among the musket-users, and keeps some for himself.
Ken (GM): [adding silver rounds to the musketeer’s inventories]

Gray takes sword in hand and nods to the others, starting ahead at a jog. “Time to fight. We can’t let them finish whatever their ritual is!”
Suðri Skornbrekker spits out a bit of silver that was stuck between his teeth, and readies his weapons. “I agree.”

Syviis nods and begins looking for the source of power…if there is one…is there a Necromancer at work here?
(To Syviis): From a distance, you can see the flow of mana twisting around a single point in the square. There is some strong necromancy at work there.
Syviis: “The magics are concentrated at a point over there….I’m going to see if I can disrupt it.”
Ken (GM): [blowing it up disrupting it? or something else?]
Syviis: [depends on what the source is]
Ken (GM): [aha]

Doc: How many skeletons, roughly?
Ken (GM)/Militia Scout: “looks like about a dozen or so sir? They’re armed with shovels and hammers, looks like”
Roderick heads out with the others posthaste and doesn’t bother with the heavy armor

Ken (GM) You rush down the roadway ahead of your men, weapons bristling, excited for the prospect of facing evil in it’s natural form!
P.P. A.: Nah, skeletons are a relatively unnatural form of evil
Evil’s natural form is that of an elf

Ken (GM) The highway cobblestones give way to a paved street and several sturdy stone foundation buildings. The reek of butchery and tannery again mingle on the summer air, the river’s cool breeze nearby. The houses nearby have all shuttered windows and bolted doors, but their occupants watch as you pass from the windows, peeking from behind the thin slatted wooden planks with curious eyes

Rounding on the square, you come to a strange tableau: The roadway passes near the river and the clear land nearby leaves a grassy glen ringed by the road and houses. In the square is a massive block of stone, black and ugly, it’s jagged form sticking out like an obsidian thumb.
Around it mills a dozen or so skeletal forms, their bones clacking in the quiet, the CHIP CHIP of steel tools on the hard stone. They seem to be working at it, chiseling out some statue form. The upper half is already finished, and the visage of a mustachioed man stands proud, a hand raised… and wicked green fire rimming his outstretched hand.

Bomrek: Does it look like it’s fallen from the sky, or somethin’?
Ken (GM): [the ground around the unfinished statue is churned up, but there is a somewhat crater-like depression it sits in, on the glen]
Gray: “Are these people enspelled or just used to the sight of strange obelisk being assembled by the undead?” He growls when he sees the face in the rock” That’s our ‘mage lord’, let’s tear this thing down.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Tsk, using undead labour to rob honest mason’s of their work and bread. Not that I would carve a statue of that man.”
Doc: when the netherworld sends its people, it isn’t sending the best
Bomrek: Bomrek shrugs, and nods toward the skeletons “It’s a living”

(To Syviis): The necromancy is emanating from the stone in waves; you can see the lines of power radiating out from the flaming hand on top. It is strong…and unruly. Not refined magic, crude and blunt.
Syviis raises her bow and sets an arrow along her sight, aiming at the source of the green fire “He’s gloating…but you know what one says about Pride
Syviis: [unless anyone has any better ideas, she’ll shoot the fire-hand thing]

Gray looks around, hunting for a necromancer, for some source of the magic that guides the skeletons as they hew rock, drawing one sword then the next as he searches the area.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise ( 4 + 5 + 2 ) = 11
Joush M.: Well, he’s not going to stop her
Syviis: “Let’s see if this severs the magical connection… perhaps a generous donation of bonemeal will help these poor folk with their next harvest.”
Syviis lets loose an arrow with a sizeable jolt of power

Suðri Skornbrekker looks for a nearby place that provides cover, and takes aim at the statue in case it comes to life or something.
Bomrek takes aim at one of the skeletons, for now. Even if that statue does come to life, it doesn’t have legs, these skeletons do
Ken (GM): righto; everyone on covering aim, and syviis blowing it up
Roderick isn’t aiming
Doc: unless aiming his horse counts?
Ken (GM): Syviis! Will + talent!
[bavieca is lining up a shot :P]
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 5 + 1 + 1 ) = 7
Will is 15 plus talent of 4…so 7 on 19
Ken (GM): jesus
Syviis: She’ll do the 3 zap-points into that shot too
(unless I needed to state that first, then default is still 2)
Ken (GM): beat by 12, gotcha
Syviis: lol
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 ( 3 + 1 + 6 ) = 10

Ken (GM) Syviis looses a bolt, literally, and thundering lightning flies from her bow! The energy strikes the statue’s outstretched hand, and the white hot glow explodes into a burst of lime green fire! Several other smaller jolts of power fly off, scorching the grass, but mostly coalescing atop the skeletons around the statue!

Syviis summons magical sunglasses that descend down from the heavens on a ray of light and gently cover her eyes. Trumpets begin to play, and a large, illusionary scroll reading “Dealeth Withit” appears under her.
(did not actually happen…or did it?!)

Gray settles himself for battle as he watches how the emerald flames effect the monsters. “Green flames. Like the Ogre Blade, or Gorgoth magic”

Ken (GM) in the aftermath, the smoke clears…..and a raging red bonfire sits on top of the stone… and eerie green light flies up into the sky out of the boulder, like a beacon!
Syviis: “Upon retrospect, that did seem a bit obvious…” She sighs and gets out another arrow, looking to see what the skeletons are doing

Ken (GM) the skeletons are still, dead on the ground, pieces of them smoking from where they were violently destroyed

…in the distance, you hear an echoing cry…
It is faint, but must be far off and powerful, the sound like screeching metal…

Ken (GM): [map magic]
Gray: “Right. Knew that was too easy. Nothing’s ever simple”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…I suppose we’ll get our chance to avenge the farmers and the Dwarf.”
“Let’s take cover by the bridge, so we’re closer to the water in case we catch fire, perhaps.”
Syviis: “A fine idea.”

Ken (GM) the evening sunset lines the sky overhead with red-tinged fast-moving clouds…

Suðri Skornbrekker looks to make sure the skies are clear, then rushes across the open field into the bushes and thicket near the bridge.
Gray follows after, though he stays in the open and watches the skies.
Doc: is there room to get the horse under the bridge?
Ken (GM): Bavieca raises an eyebrow, but there is a gap there to stow her
Doc: also did we bring any spare guns

Ken (GM) the bridge is old, stone and timber, fat pilings of heavy blocks carved in ages past. Mossy and green

Suðri Skornbrekker props up his dwarfgun on his bardiche, and aims towards the open field, keeping an eye in the sky. Skornbrekker definitely brought his ordinary musket too, right next to him.
Ken (GM): [yeah not a problem; the dwarves seem to have been packing everything lately. Seems they have a lot of carry space freed up…]

Ken (GM) You race to cover and watch the skies, passing out guns and watching. Soon, you hear the metallic screech again… much closer, and much louder


(To Syviis): You spot through the clouds an Aura, it comes over the horizon but pierces the cloud cover like a flare. Necromancy, and tons of it
Syviis begins aiming through the clouds
Bomrek: (Shit, we’ve been lured into a trap, right where the frogs want us – Near Water!)
Syviis: “Watch my aim…it comes.”
[Kermit the Necromancer Lord…]
Suðri Skornbrekker is ready to aim at whatever appears
Ken (GM): (The french are coming?)

Ken (GM) Syviis points at an unassuming bank of clouds West, but you see flitting between the clouds, a shape. Dark, but winged, and very large…..and moving very fast
Roderick begins aiming
Suðri Skornbrekker does too.
Gray: “The light’s with us. We will meet this challenge, like we’ve met the rest” He waits and watches the massive winged shape come closer.

Ken (GM) The shape twists on it’s course, but Syviis marks it out. The great winged beast draws closer and closer and must be moving incredibly swift. As it passes through clouds, you see it is massive as well, much larger than the beast you slew at Glardenfen.

And then you get a clear look at it, lined in evening sun: It is a skeleton of a dragon! Tattered leathery wings bearing it’s impossible form toward you!

It punches through the clouds in a dive straight toward the green flaming beacon!

SCREAMING overtop the dragons cry, you hear a voice!

Suðri Skornbrekker begins aiming at the head, since that worked on the last skeleton.
Roderick doesn’t try to get fancy with it

Ken (GM) The thing slams into the earth, sending up furrows from the ground in it’s impact. The massive legs bend and creak, white bones like tree trunks, scintillating with silvery script! Atop the thing’s head, a figure in stark white, bearing a staff glowing hotly with magic power. It outstretches a hand and bellows!
The Man: “WAIT!”
“Hear me!”
[wat dooo?]

Syviis stays her arrow…for now

Roderick keeps aiming. “Speak!” He calls out

Suðri Skornbrekker shouts: “Make it quick!” and uses the time to steady his aim. Perhaps the man is a juicier target than the dragon’s skull after all.

Gray starts walking closer, but in no hurry, and shouts cross the battlefield. He says in that deep, rough voice of his.. “Bomrek, don’t shoot him quite yet!”

The Man: “Hear me and stay your hands! Your weapons are mighty and have much greater purpose!” The Man sweeps his staff side to side, and the dragon skeleton sways with it. Steadying, it seems to growl, claws digging in, wings tucking back. The man atop it is skeletal, pale white, withered like dead wood
The Man doesn’t seem to see you, perched in cover where you are, but his voice carries across the glen
“I will barter with you! I will broker safe passage, and aid you on your quest! The Mage Lord must fall!”

Gray: “You have me at a disadvantage.” His sword flashes, putting one away then the other. “You know me. I don’t know you.”
Doc: disadvantage: racist against skeletons

Ken (GM): BOOM BOOM BOOM the dragon steps to the side, and the man comes into clear view, unobstructed by the beacon of black stone

Suðri Skornbrekker aims at the man’s staff, which seems to be controlling the dragon. He does not intend to shoot just yet though.

The Man: “Gray! Fierce warrior! The tales of your prowess are legendary!” He yells, his voice raspy but full “And Syviis! Bomrek! Suðri! Roderick! Each of you must hear me! ” He points along the bank at your hiding spots, the dragon’s head swiveling to each of you in turn, empty black sockets of bone stained black
(To Gray): You can see the mighty spirit entwined in the bones; the contorted creature is the ghost of a dragon, broken and ragged, pierced by the bones and all jagged pieces of itself. The spirit is bound to the staff, clearly

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Was it you who destroyed that farmstead south of here?” Suðri calls out to the man.
Syviis: “If your words carry no magic, then you may speak. If we indeed share the common foe, we would be glad to hear you – but be mindful we repay trickery with force.”
The Man: “This beast laid waste to much in it’s time, master dwarf!
And fear not oh fierce elf, I am not your enemy today!”

Syviis lowers her arrow and steps forward, mindful of the dragon’s jaws
“Then speak. And explain this beast while you are at it.”
Gray: “His staff binds the spirit of the dragon. It would either rage out of control or be banished if the staff broke. Do you have a name, Elder?”
The Man: “I did Gray, once, but it is lost to me. And that is not a story for today.
What I speak of is a truce, between myself and your forces. Safe passage guaranteed, for me and for you”
“I have seen your power, and fierce as it is, I do not wish to have it turned against me. My loyalty to the High Lord is not so infallible. I would see to it you succeed against him”
Roderick: “And what assurance do we have that your word to us means anything more?”
Gray: “Explain what you mean? You have no name and are in the service of the usurper?” He frowns thoughtfully, nodding a touch as he considers what the man says.
The Man: “Roderick, I have little to lose but my life, and you have much to gain. I ask you to trust, to listen.”

“I am one of the wizards of Greyhold, turned by Jadeite’s dark forces. He unleashed a dark power on this world, a creeping darkness unlike anything we have seen in this age. I would not see that destroy us. I would see us seal that away again into it’s dark prison, it’s festering demesne”
“I was granted a demon bonding, much like those you have seen before. Zur’s golden bones. Deloth Ainur’s silver tokens. I myself am bound to the Withered Eye. Each of them grant power but my benefactor was more benign than most. I was simply shown portents of the future…”

Gray nods thoughtfully, seeing how closely the man’s words match what they heard from the hag, “A dangerous bargain”

Suðri Skornbrekker quietly says to Roderick and Bomrek: “If Rolf was here we could ask him if he recognizes this guy.”
Suðri Skornbrekker asks the man: “So these things our foes possessed… they did not in fact possess, but were possessed by them to some degree, harboring some demon in them?”
The Man: “Truly; the tokens are infested with the demonic power. Possession is a pact drawn with the inhabiting creatures. You yourself understand this firsthand, do you not, silver-blood?”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks down on his crystalised body, and cannot help but agree. “…I see—and it was that yours showed you the future, which is as grim as it is shaping up to be, lest we right things. Does your demon have a say in this, however? Is it loyal to jadeite still, and might disagree with your actions?”
The Man: “The Withered Eye has no loyalties but to itself, and it grants it’s powers to me in hopes I might persuade you. It’s say is mine, and we say that the Darkness CANNOT triumph!” The Man punctuates his words with a flourish of his staff, and the dragon he rides rears back, screeching in it’s otherworldly noises

Syviis turns to the others and raises an eyebrow

Ken (GM) in the distance, a baby wails in fear at the noise

Suðri Skornbrekker looks back at Syviis and shrugs a bit helplessly.

Roderick: “And when we are victorious, the Darkness beaten back. What then?”
Gray: “Humm.. Can you prove what you say, or what you offer? Something to give us reason to trust you, Nameless Man?” The towering beast tilts his head to the side, then nodding to Roderick. Trying to resist the urge to question the man more.
The Man: “Trust is earned, not taken! I hear your need for truth and assurance. I offer this: let me alone to do my work and I shall assist you in the future against The Darkness. More to the point, I offer intelligence. At Academs mine, beyond the town in the hills, lies a place of power. Jadeite’s forces have worked there, and hidden away their doings, but it is important to him that it remains secret and safe. That place, revealed or even destroyed, would put him at great disadvantage”

Gray gestures to the loam between them. “Mark a map for us then. If your words prove true it will go a long way to making us trust you. If they are false, we will overcome whatever trap this leads to and know your true nature.”

Suðri Skornbrekker whispers to Roderick and Bomrek: “It could be a trap, but it would be a pointless one. Nosy as we are, we would probably have taken a look anyway, so now we are forewarned. Uncomfortable though I am with it, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt… until we know more.”

Syviis nods

Roderick nods. “If we are meant to fight, just as well that we delay doing so.”
Syviis: “We will reach Jadeite with or without the way prepared safe. But time matters for those suffering under his regime’s hand. If this leads us to a sooner victory, we can all be glad.

The Man speaks a word in a dark tongue, and gesticulates, green fire on his fingertips. A sheet of parchment materializes on the ground in front of you
Gray: “Ah, I’d have drawn a map on the ground with a stick.” He says thoughtfully as he walks to the magically conjured skin, reaching down to take it up carefully and studying it.

Ken (GM) the parchment shimmers a bit, like it is slick with oil, but etched out on the surface in black and red is a simple map of the land. Academs mine lies dead center, with an obvious trail annotated to the East in the hills nearby
(To Gray): You notice as you look over the map, the writing and drawings slither about, adding details and expounding upon where you look, as if it was alive.
Gray grunts at the magical map, almost scowling as symbols shift. Studying that hidden place and trail. The towering lupine beast turns and walks to Syviis, nodding to her. “The map is quite an impressive spell. It shows a path”

Syviis: “And what will we find there?”
The Man: “A dark temple to a darker force, and the key to his minions’ hold over the population. Their silver swords are enchanted, a great working each of them. But they are themselves tools of a greater force. Living metal bound to the will of the High Lord, secreted away in the earth where he discovered it.”
Syviis doesn’t even have to look at the Dwarves to know they’re interested-as-heck
(To Syviis): The map glows like a chunk of uranium in a reactor. It’s a purely magical construct

Suðri Skornbrekker heard ‘silver swords,” and with that is convinced that the man is speaking the truth.
The Man: “He has worked his magics, bound the living metal to his will, and in turn bound a piece of the Living metal to each of the swords. Their silver is that of the land itself. In hand, they can channel any amount of power they wish from each other, to each other. An open channel into The Ways. A dark wound on the universe itself”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hard to stomach,” Suðri commends, poking his elbow at Bomrek.
Bomrek: (>living metal
I’m reminded of the terminator)

Syviis: “After this is over, what of you, Nameless One? Ridding the world of this infected power may take a toll on you as well – while self sacrifice is admirable, if you truly are an ally, would you work with me and the other mages of Light to help you?”
The Man regards Syviis, and the dragon he is perched upon seems to step back in trepidation
Syviis: “I admit…you may have to give up your rather imposing method of transportation should the vile power fade from the land.” She smiles kindly
The Man: “I fear what might happen, should the Withered Eye be separated from me now. What i might be without it”
“or what it might be, freed of a human vessel”
Gray: “There are worse things then to die and pass beyond”
Syviis: “If you are not our foe, we will do everything we can to help you, and contain any lingering darkness. I only tell you to prepare you should Jadeite’s claws be deep around your soul.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods quietly.
Gray: “We will tend your flame and build your shrine.. and banish your deamon back to where it belongs. It may be gone a long time, but such things matter little to something that can’t bleed and will never age”
“But that’s a long way off. For now, we need to make camp. Before dawn we should start striking north to reach this hidden Nexus before whatever rite happens there finishes”

The Man: “The pact is then SEALED!” and thunder crackles in the sky after his words
The Man rears back, and the dragon flaps it’s scaly impossible wings, and the creature lifts ponderously to the sky

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Take care!” Suðri calls after him, as a sign of goodwill.
Syviis: quietly “I can’t decide if I am glad…or worried…that we made a pact with a draco-lich riding future-wizard.”
Bomrek lets out a breath, and immediately goes for his pipe, readying it to smoke.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “These are strange times indeed.”
Gray: “The only payment I offered was what I’d give anyone bound in a Pact to a Deamon.” He says thoughtfully.

Syviis walks up and checks the map, making a quick note on her own paper-maps
(To Syviis): The map’s writing slithers and reforms, enchanted to enhance your view of the environs, detailing the landscape and other features as you investigate them
Syviis: “A wise idea. I would be worried about any pact with one covered in the darkness we fight…but perhaps this will be a success where cleaning the taint from other foes had failed. This one seems conscious and aware enough to fight when the time comes.”

Gray nods to Syviis, reaching out, almost touching her before he shakes his head and instead looks to the map, studying it a moment then rolling it carefully. “Magic when a stick and dirt would do. Damn mages..” He looks to the sky, hunting for where Memory’s gone off to. Wondering what she thinks of this.
(To Gray): Memory’s voice leaps to your mind “You wish me to return?”

Suðri Skornbrekker knocks on his armor and whispers: “Could you separate this living metal from the swords it has been inserted into, and maybe make it whole again?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You get a feeling from your armor, that it could, or at least it believes it could
Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard and nods, and relaxes a little after this fortunately peaceful standoff.

Roderick returns his musket and mounts his horse. “His aid was likely worth more than what we’ve given him in return. And if he betrays us, I do not believe we will be any worse off than if we had not reached this agreement.”
Ken(GM): Bavieca is a bit damp, but happy to be out of the river now

Syviis returns her attention to the green flame in the middle of town, looking for a way to arrest it
Ken (GM): [blow it up again?]
[or possibly even roll thaumatology?]
Syviis: rolling 3d6 ( 6 + 1 + 3 ) = 10
Beat by 2
(To Syviis): Youre pretty sure…maybe, that if you walk up to it and touch it, you can turn it off. Like a lightswitch. It’s a raw magic torch, and the way it reacted earlier means it’s just malleable as heck.
Syviis spends a moment studying the beacon, then reaches out to try to switch it off

Ken (GM): BOOP the big bonfire snuffs out, and the green light flickers

Gray: “Not unless you’ve finished. But I have a map I’d like you to see.” He speaks to air, deep voice rough.. then nodding to Roderick. “He could exploit our trust to strike at us when we attack a Nexus east of the next town that would be a trap. He could easilly take good advantage of that”
“He also knew us. Well enough to know our weaknesses”
(To Gray): Memory responds “I shall return. I fly some ways Northwest of you. I have seen a mighty draconic creature wing to the town below. Do you fare well?”
Gray: “The beast wanted parley, not battle. We are fine, but have more questions then answers. A new ally or foe, and a new goal on our road to the North.” He speaks to the air again, seeming to have a conversation with shadows.

Ken (GM): allrighty, so youve secured an alliance with ~DARK POWERS~
sounds like a 4 point day to me 😀
Syviis: Wooo!
Doc: neat
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man
Doc: got back in time for the wrap-up
P.P. A.: \o/
Indeed, thanks
Fiss: Yus, it was nice having a normal – ish sized session. Thanks again for putting up with my 3pm runs.
Ken (GM): hah, sorry doc 😛
alright, until next week ya sods. Any major purchases, gimme a heads up on discord, and well updated sheets.
wish me luck! Back to the toddler wrangling!

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