Grimwyrd Character spotlight: Syviis Adjeon

The Elves of Grimwyrd are a lightly explored and therefore mysterious race. They have a direct tie to the magic of the world, and thus feel the pulse and heartbeat of it alongside their own. When turmoil and chaos ravage the lands, they feel it directly. Syviis Adjeon felt such a tremor in the weave; she saw the storm clouds building to the East, and heard the clarion call for justice amid the drums of war.

No greater champion of these people has stepped forward in this age. When the metal shriek of the dragons returned to the world, she was nearly first among the volunteers to crusade to Gorgoth and hunt out the threat. She marched with the retinue from the High Elder, a simple scout and bowyer, certainly destined for the back ranks of teamsters and camp followers in the Alliance march South. Little did she realize her fate was so twisted up in a new group of the most unlikely friends.

Syviis embarked from the Anhaern with a deep seated Curiosity and a need to provide for her close friends and allies (Chummy, Charitable). Raised by strictly traditional parents of the caste system, she had taken the Vow of the Dutysword, marking herself with the traditional blue facepaint and swearing to speak in only the Elven tongue. She bid them goodbye in a tear-free and quiet moment, understanding in her parents minds but not yet grown in hers. So young an elf, they knew, she had not known the chaos of the last age and the horrors of the Lords of Night. They prayed to the spirits “Keep her safe, keep her sheltered; may the Darkness not find her”

She set out with the Heroes of the South; a mysterious Scorned man, two secretive and loudly pejorative dwarves, and an alchemist of at least some magical power. What an odd troupe to send deep into the heart of enemy territory, but as the Spirits teach, a lone canny hunter can find hidden quarry. They set out in another quiet morning and quickly built rapport surrounding the mysterious bloody beastmen and the darkness clinging to their lands.

She nearly died then, in the horrible lands of pestilence and infection. Frigid howling winds around her, she was shattered by an axe-blow by a demonic beast; her first real touch of the Darkness.

But she was fierce, and she would not cower like some struck beast, licking her wounds. She cast off her self-imposed limitations, and with renewed purpose sought the enemy to which she could pin to a grave with arrows and thunderbolts. 

Her magic grew and her soul blossomed in the wasteland; the Storm was her guide and her friend. It told her secrets of strength and the hidden charge of power around her in the very airs. When she reached the gates of the Dreugar keep, she felt the twisted heart of the place calling to her. Caged fury in the deep, sluggish beasts of elemental spirit in the air, a sickness spreading in the land itself among the bloodroot plants. She had her work cut out for her. 

She nocked an arrow, and strode in with confidence.

Syviis mourned the loss of her friend, Falkirk; a victim of the Darkness and it’s creeping reach into the very soul of a man.

She lamented the infection of one of her kind, Deloth Ainur; her heart twisted up in the grip of the Lords of Night.

She witnessed countless horrors in the Dreugar keep. Chained elemental fury and the very earth itself bonded to servitude, powering the massive Ansible of Spirits above. Channeled energies forced up to a floating castle fortress in the sky, chaining it in place and powering unknown thaumaturgies and circles of power. Secrets of her history and magical knowledge spread through her and ever always her power grew. She was nearly lost to the Thaum, crystalized red dust that seemed to be physical magic taken form, an ingredient in the intoxicating BloodWine. The dreugar used it as fuel for artifice and weaponized it. To an elf, it was a deadly and powerful thing, absorbed by her aura readily and tapping her into the realm of magic like a live wire swinging the wind.

The Storm nearly overtook her.

She took it’s reins and forced it to obey.

In the raging heartlands of man, among the half burned Timberkeep and the reeking sweat of hundreds of pressing and screaming refugees of the Happening… Syviis drew within herself for a time. She never lost hope that the light of the world could be kept burning, but the Darkness crept to her there, in that mad world of drugged cultists, screaming furies and clashes with necromantic warlocks. 

This was the time though, not for self-doubt nor recrimination, but for hope. Light. The noble power of the Storm rising up to meet the night and cast white lightning to the skies and rattle the black iron cages of her tormentors.

They met weird fates and weirder friends, but soldiered on. Purpose had found Syviis here, and gladly upheld the mantle.

The Darkness was a thing of untold multitudes of insidious flesh and sinewy intent.  IT was the emissary of every foul and nefarious dark magic of the world; progenitor of evil incarnate, Infernal Master of the Mind-flayers and Demon Princes, and the Susurrus of Evil Secrets tainting the Elven furies and Lords of Night. 

Syviis shot IT in the goddamn face, every chance she got.

Plague horrors of flesh and corruption? Blasted with holy fire and lightning

Dark warlocks sworn to pacts of humanity’s corruption? Arrows in all their soft parts

Exploding devastation of her entire world and it’s treasured lives? Death to the infedels

Syviis grew into the deadly accurate thunderbolt of the heavens; a cult of personality sprang up around her and she only bent her knee in humility to the renown. As the world desiccated before her eyes she stood with her friends and allies as a paragon of the virtue of Hope

Just one more day! One more try! One last thunderclap shout into the dark night!

And thats only part of her story

Nods in Elvish

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Grimwyrd: Twisted Fate

Fiss: People! Real live internet people!
Ken (GM): yeah!
Im a meat popsicle
Fiss: Everything’s a Meat Popsicle if you’re brave enough.
Ken (GM): You’re crossing the memes!
Fiss: I’m a Memologist. puts on sunglasses It’s what I do.
Joush M.: Good to see you all. Missed this game.
Ken (GM): yeah, sorry if cancelling last week was short notice; camping got planned, cancelled, then replanned
Fiss: No problem on my end… I had to work anyway. Ugh.
Would have had to cut out early
Ken (GM): fuckin livelihood shakes fist
Fiss: 41 Hours OT gonna be on this upcoming paycheck. I should have enough to buy some nice lube for when the tax-man fucks me at least.
Ken (GM): dang son
they fire all your coworkers?
Fiss: No, but one got ‘removed to the day team’ because she lost her shit at a driver…and the driver called up the CEO.
It was literally the one time that particular driver WASN’T fucking the dog…
And the dispatcher just assumed she was.
So…yeah…she has to play nice on the day shift so they can make sure she isn’t screaming at people
Ken (GM): haha oh wow
Fiss: Yeah. Oh, and a guy quit, and they didn’t do anything until the last 3 days of his 2 week notice…
so yeah…
AND a person was approved vacation.
So basically…fustercluck.
Joush M.: Ouch.
Fiss: So…I’m tempted to blow what little spare cash I have on some good whiskey tonight and have a regenerative coma for 12 hours or so.
We’ll see. Time will tell. 
Heh, so how about you fine folks?
P.P. A.: I’m on semester break atm
Fiss: Niiice
Ken (GM): holy friggin drama; baby just woke up, wife and daughter just came home; brb in 5 sorry
Fiss: beebbeee
P.P. A.: the ancient Baby has roused from its 1000-year slumber
Fiss: The funk of 40 thousand years…and grizzly poo in every diaper.
Joush M.: “I HUNGER” said the baby
Ken (GM): back; jesus
friggin BABIES
thank god for netflix
I live; the weeks have been good. and I desire to GAAAAME
Adolf S.: ayyy
Ken (GM): AYYY
Adolf S.: Where were we?
Ken (GM): You’re no longer 100% pure strain dorf!
Adolf S.: This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name
Ken (GM): woop woop
Joush M.: They are now 115% dwarf. We have gotten more dwarfy by contact high
P.P. A.: We’re no longer 100% Dorf
We’re now 50% Dorf, 50% SUPER Dorf
The Elves mocked us as rock-eaters, so now we eat rocks and shit weapons

Ken (GM): but really; in last session, you guys delved into the ancient Crumbling Keep, found the banished dorf murderer Gash, let him leave and then unlocked the vault. In the vault, you found the AllFather’s ancient golden crystal which granted you your new transformation into PALADINS OF THE GREAT DWARVEN RACE

Gray shakes off the worry, the great beast of a man looking around the beautiful vault then stepping from the room, leaving the pair of dwarves there as he looks thoughtful about what he’s seen.

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes off the laughter, and turns to the crystal. “My apologies; this laughter is but relief that this gift, I am convinced now, is truly of the All-Father. I apologize again for my undue suspicions, and hope to live up to the honors bestowed upon me.”

Ken (GM) The room dims noticably, and they crystals booming voice is lessened greatly. “You will do us proud” it murmurs, a candles flame of brightness issuing from it

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up the armless pole of his former polearm and affixes the shiny golden blade to it. “If I had known that before I would have waited to eat some steel instead, but a golden blade is better than none.”
Gray: “It’s a remarkable development Suðri , Bomrek. I’m glad you were able to find this vault”
(GM To Suðri Skornbrekker): The golden halberd head seems to fit perfectly, but you’re certain it wont survive too many strikes being only gold…

(To Gray): their spirits are different now. Their mortal forms used to simply be, but now, their armor glimmers and slithers with a spirit form entwined with their bodies. Like a golden octopus, or tentacled shining thing upon them

(To Syviis): The dwarves are different now. Their mortal forms used to simply
be, but now, they have a glimmering magical aura to them. Emanating from their hearts is a golden light, piercing from their form like little rays into the world

Syviis smiles with a devious little grin and whispers to Gray: “Should I tell them how they have magic in their hearts now? Or do you think they’ll just explain it as dwarven magic?”

Gray watches Suðri and Bomrek, seeing something else though shaman’s sight, eyes following motion on what looks like still armor then stepping away, though he keeps an eye on them. He leans down for Syviis’s words, the lupine brute considering. “I don’t plan to tell them exactly how… animated…the armor looks. I don’t think they’d like to know”

(GM To Roderick): Thaumatology? The whole situation has your teachings in an uproar
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs
12(4+2+1)= 7
(To Roderick): So in your teachings, there are the
mortal plane, the spirit plane, the magic plane, and ‘the spaces between‘.
You know that IT/The Darkness resides in the spaces.
Elementals are beings of magic manifesting on the Mortal realm.
And Fey come from the world of Spirits.
That crystal was certainly an elemental. And the consumption and rebuilding of the armor was a typical process; elementals consume their own material. This one is just very much sophisticated! You have a creeping suspicion it must have bonded with the dwarves in a Host/symbiote process. Especially with Suðri eating gold and then extruding gold from the armor…

Roderick wordlessly considers the implications of what has just happened. He is pensive, neither pleased nor unnerved.

(GM To Bomrek): Your greedy nature is pointing out to you: the room you’re in is encrusted with huge scales of gold. It reminds you of caves back home where tunneling beasts make their homes.
(From Bomrek): So, I’m a lil euphoric right now, right? A lil tipsy, minus the downsides and cognitive degradation?
(To Bomrek): Yeah; there is a certain ‘high’ you’re getting from your guts now. You’re not feeling any pain anymore from the horrible wound to your chest either.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I shall lock the vault, and return the key to the Golem. That aside…” He turns to Syviis: “What should we do about the Elven soul bubbles? And we must not forget about the Rocs.”
Syviis: “I’m not sure about the souls…Do we have time to experiment? Or should we press on with the mission?” Syviis ponders, looking through her notes and the necromancer’s journal to see if there was any mention of the souls

Gray: “Let’s clear the place and lay the souls to rest the best we can. I don’t know if we can free them, but their purgatory can continue while we make sure the cult isn’t gathering to strike at us”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “It depends; are they… fine in that state? If they can ‘hatch’ into something bad, we should definitely take the time to look into freeing them safely.”

Bomrek scratches his head slightly, and walks over to the wall, touching the golden scales with his hand.
Bomrek: (What does Bomrek think made this?)
Ken (GM): What DOES he think did this? 😛
Bomrek: Valuable, and Spooky

Bomrek pokes at the scales, spends a few moments peering at it, and turns around at the hand grasping the Crystal. He bends down, and pokes it with a finger.

Gray watches Bomrek to make sure the crystal doesn’t eat him.

(To Syviis): The notes describe the process of how the ancient elf was performing his work; he used a few scribbles of [a language you dont know] but the Elven he used makes enough sense. He was harvesting living hearts, exposing them to magical forces, and then the transformed result was the powerstones.
Syviis’ brow scrunches in concentration as she reads “I believe they…have already been harvested, and were awaiting…conversion into the power crystals.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Power crystals? The heart-like stones from the altar?”
Syviis: “I may not be a priest, but I believe granting them a release would indeed be the correct thing to do.”

Ken (GM) Bomrek finds the crystal mostly inert, twinkling dully. The hand grasping it crackles under the delicate forces. Exposed fissures on it reveal bones beneath the golden scales
Bomrek: What kind of hand is this? Does it look Dwarf? Human at all?

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over his shoulder and sees Bomrek fiddling around, walking over to see if he discovered anything, and takes a close look at the hand himself.

Ken (GM) the hand is short, fingers stubby like a dwarf. Its nearly the same size as Bomrek’s outstretched hand

Bomrek digs around the hand, moving away the gold, trying to find a hand.

Ken (GM) the gold flakes away, exposing more and more bone. The arm stretches down into the golden heap below. It reaches a shoulder…and below the heap of golden shell….a huddled dwarven skeleton!

Gray checks his weapons and gear, watching the door across the way as Bomrek reveals the crystal’s keeper.

Bomrek: (brb one second, Suðri, put on your Indiana Jones hat and see if this belongs in a museum)
P.P. A.: (Suðri eats a blanket and produces an Indiana Jones hat from his chest)
Ken (GM): wakka wakka

Suðri Skornbrekker is surprised! He digs up the skeleton as best as he can, and takes a close look at it to see if there are any oddities about it.
Suðri Skornbrekker taps the Crystal. “Who is this?”

Ken (GM) the crystal flickers, dim, and the voice struggles to shape the words “He was….the last. My bearer…..My Knight.

Suðri Skornbrekker slowly withdraws his arm, and strokes his beard. He knocks on his own armor: “Anyone in there?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You feel a murmur. There is certainly something in you; Dormant and Sleeping
Gray: “The vault is a good tomb for a loyal dwarf, to my eyes. Would you have us do any more with the remains?” He ask the dwarves, then nods to Suðri . “The spirit of the armor lives. I don’t think it will talk, but I’ve been surprised before”
Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Gray and nods back. “There is hardly a more worthy tomb than this, and if he was a Knight of the All-Father, as he seems to have been, he is well deserving of its honor. We shall close it on the way out so looters may not disturb his pea—”
Suðri Skornbrekker holds still, and seems to listen. “…I think I heard something. A spirit of the armour, you said?” he asks Gray.
Gray: “Aye. It moves. Gold light. It holds to you.. protectively, I think. A servant of yours now.”
Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “…I see.” He chuckles: “So now Syviis is the only one without a talking companion?”
Roderick: “She has us.”
Syviis: “It’s true.” grins
Suðri Skornbrekker laughs. “True, true!”

Gray chuckles softly. His massive form shifting, watching for trouble still but relaxed a bit.

Bomrek stands up, and looks to Suðri “Yes, I suppose this is the best tomb one could hope for..” he trails off, and then says much quieter, and in Dwarvish “[A tragedy; I was hoping there would be a chance for us to load this all up in a wagon.]

Ken (GM) From high above, the sound of an ominous moan answers your laughter. Through the ceiling, the ground above you, wisps of blackness collect in the air. Spectres. Ghosts. Damned souls. Shadows of torment. The ceremony must be coming to a head!

P.P. A.: o fuck
we forgot about the ceremony
Syviis: “Might be a good time to hurry.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods, gives a salute to the skeleton, and ushers Bomrek out of the Vault so he can lock it.
P.P. A.: After defeating the Lich I had mentally ticked off “kill ritual-people” and forgot about the other cultists

Gray nods and turns, starting grimly out of the throne room at a jog.

Roderick turns around and begins heading back up to the hallway, knowing the others will catch up quickly

Suðri Skornbrekker locks the Vault door with his key as soon as Bomrek is out.
Ken (GM): [This theory relies on Bomrek abandoning a room full of gold]
[Albeit, however, for the glory of murdering elves…]
Gray is sure they can come back and steal the awesome chairs later.
Bomrek: Bomrek’s got Sense of Duty (Dwarves);, I figure this is applicable~

Ken (GM): [Bomrek! Suthri! Bookkeeping: you have the same armor values on your torso, but youre not carrying the weight of the armor anymore!]
Bomrek: Wew
As in, the same armor values of the armor we were wearing, or do we get a new one based on this cool magical thing?
Suðri Skornbrekker: should I just set the weight to zero then?
Ken (GM): yeah same as previous; set weight to zero….for now
Bomrek: neat.jpeg

Suðri Skornbrekker locks the door, stuffs the key into his beard, picks up any guns left lying around, and hurries off!

Bomrek glances over at Suðri’s new golden bardiche head, and raises an eyebrow.

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s steps feel lighter!

Ken (GM): [map magic!]

Ken (GM) You gather again at the entrance to the vault below; the thorny walls of the crumbling keep loom above you. Here and there, black spirits lurk visibly in the air, clinging to shadows and slithering along the walls. Their forms are decrepit and harrowed; they are shadows now, broken things.
You hear a voice ahead, a dolorous tone singing in a deep dulcet rumble. The words are dark and secret, and you feel the hair on your neck prickle in response….

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Should we sneak up? Or storm in guns blazing, a rousing song on our lips?”
Bomrek looks to the others “They shouldn’t know we are here, right?”
Gray: “I don’t think we have time or reason for stealth. Let’s smash them, break them and drive them away.”
Syviis: “We’ve cut the head from the snake… let’s be done with the entrails before they foul the land further!”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods.
Bomrek grins, nods, and mounts his bayonet on his musket. *SNIKT*
Suðri Skornbrekker points the way (or what he thinks is the way) with his golden bardiche. “Let’s drive them out!”

P.P. A.: is that a door here?
Ken (GM): [It is! You havent gone that way yet. As well, the hall/tunnel continues Eat as well]
Suðri Skornbrekker briefly takes off his helmet to listen whether the sound comes from the door or the tunnel
Gray moves down and nods, pausing and scenting the air, trying to tell what way the sound comes from.

Ken (GM) The deep song rumbles through the keep, coming from the East, the middle of the keep. You also seem to hear the scrape of metal on stone…and the crackle of fire
(To Gray): You smell the noises. Theyre kinda tingly. Its weird

Suðri Skornbrekker: “There!” The Crystaldwarf puts his helmet back on and rushes towards the source of the sound!
Gray backs up Suðri on the rush to go find the cultists before they finish their dark ritual
Roderick takes up the rear unless the others intentionally slow down for him

Ken (GM) you scoot up the hall, weapons out, cloaked in grim determination
…and then you Stalk the hall, and the music grows louder; ahead a stair opens up to the left, and a small room opens to the right. North are deep webs of the guardian magic machine….

Gray heads for the steps, sparing only a moment to look into the small room.
Suðri Skornbrekker does likewise

Ken (GM) Two dead elven furies cling to an orb of souls; their bodies chalk colored shells riddled with red veins. They lie still.
Above; the steps rise up to a vaulted room ringed with thorns and stone walls.
A woman stands, her back to you, with long red horns and cloven feet below.
And towering above her a massive six armed effigy of a dark lord, carved from wood horn and sacrifice…
(To Roderick): You recognize the woman. Her goa-tlike legs and horned head, flowing golden hair….

Roderick stands stunned when he recognizes the woman, reaching for his magic rapier

Syviis draws back an arrow, ready and aimed

Suðri Skornbrekker props up his musket on his golden bardiche and starts aiming at the woman. He waits until the others seem to be ready before taking his next action (which isn’t immediately shooting) “I don’t shoot at people’s backs!” Suðri shouts at the woman at the top of his growling voice
P.P. A.: I recognise the icon but I forgot where we saw her before
or was that the one who gave Rod his sword

Roderick: “You!”
Doc: most versatile line in history tbh
The woman: “You would ally yourself with the Fey, O ‘Verdant Knight’ ?”
P.P. A.: Oh, you!

Suðri Skornbrekker is about to pull the trigger as she turns around, but it looks like there is some talking to be had first.

Gray steps forward, readying the shield and looking to the woman with a low snarl. “This won’t be permitted!”

The woman steps into view, her goat-like legs covered with soft red-brown fur. Her robes are luxurious, deep red and black with gold filigree. In one hand, a brass knife. In the other a bowl of stone. “Permitted? You fool, HE is the one who permits you to live!”
She raises her hands above her head “HE is mightier than even the Lords of the FAE!”

Gray stands there, shield ready to cover Bomrek or Syviis as he stands there  “Yield. You are outnumbered and outmatched!”

(From Roderick): what does my sword think of this
(To Roderick): Betrayal! Scorn! Hatred and Righteous Fury!

Ken (GM) above, the massive thing rumbles; you notice the song issues not from the woman, but from the six armed statue itself…

Syviis: “It’s a shame so many talented souls seek power over improving and mastering their own abilities… You become nothing but fodder…pawns for a dark thing’s desire.”

Suðri Skornbrekker re-adjusts his aim, and aims instead for the head of the statue. “Gray, the canon!” [He will take two seconds to aim, and then shoot the head (or any obvious glowing weak spot there might be)]

Gray draws that massive gun!
Kneeling, holding it in place with his free hand so Suðri can aim and fire the damn thing.

Ken (GM): Suðri takes a shot!
Ken (GM): Ten hexes -4, and its SM +4 tall!

Suðri Skornbrekker fires! 13v20
P.P. A.: Damage?
though this first shot is with his musket
he’s rather telling Gray to prepare the gun
(in case this doesn’t work and the huge thing comes to live)
Ken (GM): Boom!
A hit!
Musket damage!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 4d6+2(3+6+1+1)+2= 13
P.P. A.: weak
no wait, 13 is above average (12), nvm

Ken (GM) The Musket cracks in the Crumbling Keep and the shot flies true to the effigy; the lead shot slaps into the things face dead center. A small jagged edged hole remains and red light seeps through…

The song stops

The statue stirs
…and it’s head turns to the dwarf who shot it!

The woman cackles in response “HE COMES!

Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(2)+7= 9
Roderick: rolling 1d6+6+1(4)+6+1= 11
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader)(4)+7= 11
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6(5)+6= 11
“Lady, if that thing is so strong, you would insult him to interfere, so please step back!”

Ken (GM): [all these gorram ELEVENS
rolling 1d6(3)= 3

Gray! its-a-you!
You have the cannon off your shoulder and upright up the stairs
Ken (GM): [adding mini]

Gray readies the gun, if it’s ready, readies the sword
Doc: So wait, Gray has literally been carrying a cannon?
Doc: wew
P.P. A.: strong doggoman
Joush M.: Well, wall gun. It’s only moderately huge. Bretty big
Ken (GM): verry stronk
only a few dozen pounds

Ken (GM) the green fire leaps to the ogre blade, and a kind of pressure seems to come with that light!
(To Gray): “THE DEMON MUST BE DRIVEN AWAY!” It bellows to you!
Ken (GM): Suðri !

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a few steps back behind the cannon, and also drops his spent musket in the process.
Ken (GM): gotcha

Roderick steps forward, readying his sword

Ken (GM) the blade shimmers in Rod’s hand, a green tinge on the reflected firelight
Doc: (magic rapier type, not long steel type)
(Broadsword grip btw, not Rapier)

IT steps forward THOOM THOOM and the six arms ready their blades! 
IT is unfazed from the blue ring of fire on the floor, the fire licking up the legs of stone and hide and not touching it’s alabaster form!


P.P. A.: oh hey
P.P. A.: this matches the descriptions of all the gross totems we’ve been burning on the way here
Ken (GM): mmmmmyep

The woman steps to the side and blue fire flickers up the length of her blade in her hand
Ken (GM): Bomrek!
[Kev back yet?]
P.P. A.: light saber duel between greenflame sword people and blueflame sword people!
Ken (GM): Bomrek is gonna put his rifle through the smaller target up there…
-3 for distance, so heart -3 it is! versus 12!
rolling 3d6(1+5+1)= 7
Syviis: NOICE!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(5+3+1)= 9
The woman flickers, and moves blindingly fast, dodging the rifle shot!
The woman cackles evilly

Syviis: non-evil Crackling…
Syviis unloads a pair of arrows at the lady, hoping to catch her off balance after her deft dodges.
Syviis: (aiming for Vitals, 1FP lightning each arrow)
First shot, target 17 Bows total
rolling 3d6(3+3+6)= 12
Ken (GM): bam!
rolling 3d6(6+6+5)= 17
Ken (GM): grats fiss, free crit hit
3d for effect!
Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+2+4)= 8
Ken (GM): double shock!
Syviis: Arrow then Lightning:
rolling 1d6 + 2(5)+2= 7 Imp
1d6(4)= 4 Burn
Ken (GM) the arrow sinks deep, lightning follows in a crackle, and then she looks very surprised! She stands trembling, stunned from the shock!
Syviis: And now for my next trick… A second arrow follows a heartbeat (literally) later. Same target!

P.P. A.: >literally a heartbeat later

Syviis: rolling 3d6(3+4+4) = 11
Will hit unless she’s extra spoopy
Ken (GM): shes stunned and super fucked up, she opts not to dodge
Syviis: Dammorges:
rolling 1d6 + 2(6)+2= 8 Imp
rolling 1d6(5)= 5 Burn

Ken (GM) the arrows protrude from her chest, and she shudders in wracking pain! The blood flows from the wound… and spirals up through the air to the effigy behind her!
Syviis: Bomrek’s shot got her all cocky… just cocky enough to be shot twice by arrows. So all in all, a good team effort.

Gray tries to judge where the Deamon hides in the massive statue, growling at the sword. “There’s a deamon here!” He warns the others.
Ken (GM): its…..its the big thing gray
the super big guy
with the swords
Joush M.: Ahh, so it’s ALL of it. Not like, a phylactery or something!
Gray growls and starts up the steps, keeping the gunner’s line of sight clear as he can
Joush M.: Valid move?
Ken (GM): Hah 😛 sorry, thought I was being obvious; the effigy is the big ass statue made of stuff. Its possessed by a demonic presence. Which you can see.
valid move!
P.P. A.: o

Suðri Skornbrekker sees that the others have the girl covered, so the starts aiming the cannon at the huge effigy.

Roderick stands ready to intercept the woman with his rapier if she moves closer
Doc: (wait, Stop Hit etc)
Ken (GM): kk!

IT slashes down on Gray with three massive swords!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(5+3+2)= 10 VS sword TRIPLE THREAT
[Gray! They swing in unison, like a tri-weapon attack! Youre at -2 to defend against each! wat do?]
Joush M.: Block, +retreat a step
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield(1+1+6)= 8
rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield(6+3+6)= 15
rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield(1+3+5)= 9
Joush M.: 2 blocked, one hits. Ouch

Ken (GM) the swords slash down and one slips through the upraised shield!
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 + 4 (6+2+3)+4= 15 Cut!
15 cut to the torso!

Gray snarls like a beast, driven back a step and the hide covered wood cut deeply by the blade, the beast staggered…then caught by the brutal impact of the sword!(DR 6; 9 penetrates, 14 wounds)
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 HT with Fit +1 (2+2+6)= 10

Gray dosn’t fall or get knocked out by the Major Wound, though it still certainly hurts!
Ken (GM): nice, you’re not missing a kidney

rolling 3d6 + 4(3+4+6)+4 = 17
rolling 3d6 + 4(4+3+1)+4= 12
Ken (GM): large wood yeah?
Joush M.: Yep
Ken (GM): K, then 11 damage past DR etc. make a note!

P.P. A.: (idea)
P.P. A.: Wait, since it’s just talking I can do this out of turn
Suðri Skornbrekker has an idea. He briefly tilts his head right, into the cobweb-covered tunnel. “Golem! I summon thee!”

Ken (GM) there is a skittering noise in the dark…

The woman trembles, bleeding freely from her wounds, but staggering in place, rapturous!
Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek: Sorry friends back and in action! anyway, Have I fired one shot, or two?
Ken (GM): one!
Bomrek: And the demon is still up?
Bomrek: I’ma ro- OH SHIT
What are the range penalties
or bonuses
Ken (GM): range -4, size +4 for the demon
Bomrek: Can I even aim at this thing’s head, or
Ken (GM): yep
Bomrek: allrighty
rolling 3d6(1+4+5) = 10
Alright, das’ me shootin’ at it’s head,
which is… -7?
vs effective 11, so success, if so.
Ken (GM): yep; so 10 on an 11
Bomrek: Rad. Does it try to dodge?
Ken (GM): it does NOT
Bomrek: Radical,
rolling 3d6 + 1(2+3+6)+1= 12 Pi++
Ken (GM) the shot CRACKS home in its face; chunks fly in all directions…but it does not fall!

Syviis: For the Demon-Statue thing: going to try to disable some of it’s sword-arms. Going for Hand shots. Do I have line of sight to two different ones?
Ken (GM): HMMMyes
Syviis: OK, due to the amount of damage this sucker can inflict, Im going for shots with 3FP each.
Ken (GM): boom boom
-4range/+4size then –4loc for hand
Syviis: 10-4 Target is going to be 19 per shot
rolling 3d6 (3+4+2)= 9
Ken (GM): hit!
Syviis lets loose at the demon’s primary pain-delivery-methods
Syviis: damage:rolling 1d6 + 2(5)+2= 7 Imp
rolling 3d6(5+3+1)= 9 Burn
Unless otherwise: Next hand:
rolling 3d6 (4+2+3)= 9
Ken (GM): the first hand is still moving!
assuming you shoot it again?
Syviis: Ahh, okay, may as well try to disable it completely with the 2nd shot nods
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2(3)+2= 5 Imp
rolling 3d6(1+2+2)= 5 Burn
Ken (GM): nice crit damage roll 😛
26 total; MOTHEROFGOD its still whole!
Syviis swallows back a bit of worry, trying not to stumble from the sudden magical drain

Ken (GM): Gray! youre wounded (-4 shock) what do?
Joush M.: High Pain Threshold!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 15 to resist Berserk (Battle Rage)(2+4+3)= 9
Ken (GM): NICE
Gray: rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats)(2)= 2 Dex
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats)(5+5+1)= 11 Sec
Ken (GM): :0
Joush M.: I know I’ve asked before, but is that an action or free?
Ken (GM): im’a call that free [write that down]

Gray shakes off the blow and steps forward. Trying to drive that ogre blade into the deamon, to try and break the spirit as he roars in defiant anger!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 20 for Balanced SM +1 Broadsword (4+6+1) = 11
rolling 3d6+2 for Cut damage from Broadsword Slash (5+4+3)+2 = 14 Cut

Ken (GM) the sword swings true and sinks deep!

Ken (GM) the green fire catches to the effigy!


Ken (GM): Suthri!

Suðri Skornbrekker , remembering how the battle with the dragon went, aims not for the head but the center of the demon, and fires the cannon!
P.P. A.: +1 for 1 turn of aiming, +4 for size, -4 for distance?
Ken (GM): mmyep
P.P. A.: also: this cannon had grapeshot in it, tight?
(rolling either way)

Suðri Skornbrekker ka-boom! [9v16]
Ken (GM): BAM
P.P. A.: so uh, what’s the damage on that
I forgot if we even used it before
Joush M.: I’m going to be honest. I’ve forgotten. It’s loaded, hopefully with something that hurts deamons?
P.P. A.: I remember one cannon was busted
and we had another with grapeshot that we never used
Did we have a third one, or just these two?
Ken (GM): im gonna say it was like 1d+1 per hit, and you hit with 6 then
we should really have written something down before now though… 😛
Suðri Skornbrekker: 1 1 1 1 1 1
P.P. A.: oops
Ken (GM): 6D+6 PLEASE
P.P. A.: [28]
Bomrek: Ayy
Suðri Skornbrekker: ^
Ken (GM): AYYY

Ken (GM) the shots pepper the thing, green fire alighting on the new wounds all over it’s chest!
Ken (GM): Roderick!
(To Roderick): FURY! RAGE! HATRED Screams the blade!

Roderick begins to charge at the woman!
Doc: Any way to boost movement speed with FP besides sprinting or am I stuck with what I’ve got?
Ken (GM): roll DX please
Doc: With or without encumbrance penalty?
Ken (GM): WITH
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 9 Encumbered Dex(4+6+3)= 13
P.P. A.: umf

Ken (GM) A blast of wind rushes behind Rod, and throttles him forwards in a tornado of green leaves and light!

Roderick: wat

Ken (GM) He lands before the woman with A CLUNK on his feet
Joush M.: You magic
Ken (GM): wild swing?
Doc: -5, max skill of 9?
Ken (GM): ja
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 9 (thrust)(4+6+5)= 15
rolling 3d6 vs 9 LUCK(1+5+5)= 11
rolling 3d6 vs 9 LUCK(3+5+3)= 11
Doc: f
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(1+6+5)= 12
rolling 3d6(3+3+4)= 10
rolling 3d6(1+2+1)= 4
P.P. A.: (worry)
Doc: I think my sword is mad, guys

Ken (GM) by some twist of fate, the sword seems to TWIST in midair, Rod’s arms stretching impossibly to accommodate the Swing! There is a noise like tearing paper as his armor crunkles out of the way
Doc: >when ur gear wants to kill the enemy so bad even you can’t fuck it up

Ken (GM) The chopping blade strikes the woman on the neck
(To Roderick): Elation! Finally the traitor will be struck down from her profane altar! You have done well as a Verdant knight this day Roderick. You will be rewarded!
Ken (GM): damage?
Joush M.: Roderick gets a brutal lesson in just how much magic’s-using-him right now
P.P. A.: m-maybe our new armour is just ancient dwarven nanotechnology, not magic!
Roderick: rolling 1d6+3(4)+3= 7

Ken (GM) With a flash of green light, the sword slices through the neck, SNICKER SNACK and it tumbles up into the sky, the body exploding into a burst of greenery. Rod is showered in moss and gore

Ken (GM) The statue rumbles
IT swings at Gray with one sword! and at Rod with another!
IT: Gray!
rolling 3d6(3+5+3)= 11
Gray dodges and gives up a step
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 16(4+3+3)= 10
Gray will burn his block to guard Roderick with his shield!
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield(4+1+2)= 7
Joush M.: shield wall training perk 😉
IT swings through the air where Gray was and then slams into his shield overtop a contorted Roderick!
IT: rolling 3d6 + 4 (1+4+6)+4= 15 Cut
6 more damage to the shield!
Gray growls and groans at the brutal impact on the laminated wood and hide, driven back half a step but holding his ground.
Roderick barely even notices the statue attacking him, too overextended and shocked at what has just happened to react

Ken (GM): Bomrek reloads!

Syviis: Fireing at ze gaping glowing wound
Syviis: 2 pts each arrowz
Ken (GM): kk
hes in -3 distance now fyi
Syviis: wound target = vitals-esque?
Ken (GM): ja, just about that big. -3
Syviis: cool.
rolling 3d6 (1+2+4)= 7
will hit 1st arrowz
Ken (GM): damorge!
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2(3)+2= 5 Imp 
rolling 2d6(3+5)= 8 Burn
noice! next?
Joush M.: hopefully not into anyone’s area 11

IT rumbles from within, the arrow shattering whatever solid bit was left within it. There is a shattering thunderclap and it erupts upward in a shower to the sky!

Syviis holds her second arrow, breathing heavily as magic crackles around it

IT ‘s shattered remains collapse in the ring of blue fire, which dims and flutters in the midday light. A charred heap of bodily remains lie underneath, many of them still recognizable as men and women, elves, men, and dwarves…
(To Gray): You can see, a silent storm of spirits flowing up and out into the world from it. The shell was caging so many souls its hard to actually see past them for a moment

Syviis edges closer to the circle of fire, arrow still drawn

Gray makes sure the deamon’s driven away as the charnal house remains fall, another totem of death like the ones they’d seen.. this one just commanded by a powerful deamon. The beast stays wary and ready, shield scarred and battered. His gaze following things others can’t see as he watches the spirits set free by the destruction of their prison
Syviis: “Do you think it was vanquished? Or was that it’s escape?”
(To Syviis): You can see the magic of the circle is gone, siphoned away somewhere. The fire is entirely mundane now
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I’ve learned more about magic [Dwarven cussword] than I’d like; my bet is it was just a puppet inhabited by the demon that the woman worshipped, and we defeated the puppet, but the demon went back to whatever darkness it came from.”
Syviis nods, letting the crackle of her arrow fade with a sigh of relief
Gray: “Memory? The deamon is banished, correct?”

Gray calls the raven, his own dark power fadeing as he does, the unnateral grace he’d called on gone, traded for the familair.

Ken (GM) Gray’s spirit power fades, and memory clambers out from his skin; she ruffles her feathers and looks about the place “It is gone; banished, but not yet slain. You destroyed its vessel, and its priest is destroyed as well. I worry though at the powers the wizard invokes”
cluck cluck

Ken (GM) Roderick’s armor and sword return to their natural shapes, as does he. There is loud popping of joints and crunkling of metal
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…are you in one piece, Roderick?”
(To Roderick): “~You will be rewarded~”
Roderick: “I… think so. Those movements were not my own.”
Suðri Skornbrekker reloads his musket.
Roderick: “The choice and timing of the attack were of my own volition, but the rest was Fae magic.”

Gray: “Thank you Memory” He flicks his wrist to cast stone dust from the ogre blade, then returns it to it’s place, stowing the shield at his back by a leather strap before looking around the ritual chamber slowly.
Gray presses his left hand to the long cut at his side, blood flowing freely for the moment, though he applies pressure to encourage it to slow as his inhuman vitality begins the work of repairing rent muscle and skin and replacing the blood that falls to the ground in heavy drops.
(To Gray): The walls are old and worn, heavy masoned stones completely ensconced in vines. Thorns and brambles entwine the lot. The floor is carved down and cleared away, recently. The symbols of the magic circle stark and rough cuts in the rock
Gray: “We should destroy this circle?”
Gray gestures to the ritual marks.

Bomrek reloads as well, grumbling

Roderick looks at Gray. “That’s a grievous wound. Do you need magical healing?”
Gray: “No, I’ll survive.. and healing something my size demands a tremendous amount of energy.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Hello. We already vanquished the demon, but thanks for coming.”

Guardian, the Dwarven Spider Golem

Suðri Skornbrekker clears his throat and straightens himself up, and speaks in formal Dwarven: “[You have served your duty well; Bomrek and I have received the All-Father’s blessing, and shall yet carry the torch of the Knights into the future.]” He reveals the key, and presents it to the golem. “[I entrust you with this key again. Keep it safe, and keep watch over these ruins, as you have done—so that, may there be a need, you may guide whatever new Dwarven heroes the future might birth to their destiny.”]

Gray speaks with confidence, though Roderick’s powers might not be overtaxed by the sheer size of the beast. He goes forward to shatter the circle of the ritual as
Suðri treats the tomb-spider with the respect and artifact of his people deserves

IT listens with interest. Nodding at the words, it snatches the key from Suðri and skitters back into the thorny brush whence it came

Suðri Skornbrekker sees it off with a salute.

Ken (GM) Gray swings with mighty blows, earth and stone fly, and the circle’s fire extinguishes. The runes of power marred beyond recognition

Joush M.: Thanks for the game man, that was intense.
P.P. A.: Indeed, thanks for the game
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You feel a whispering in your mind. A voice you cant make out the words. But pictures in your head, of mechanisms. Devices. Tools. Things you know you can construct….or create
Joush M.: Poor shield. It got FUCKED UP today
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Bomrek gives you a knowing look
Ken (GM): SUPERfucked
Fiss: Yep, I always worry about multi-limbed foes. Still have nightmares about the near TPK experienced at the hands of a Whirling Dervish a few years back
P.P. A.: (!)
Ken (GM): iromnic, considering the time you/Syviis got struck out was from a 6 armed demon…
P.P. A.: Remember when Fiss had her ribcage torn open by that snekgrill
Ken (GM): ^
Fiss: Yes, the Snekgirl was pretty deadly too
Joush M.: That malarith was way less sexy fun then I’d been led to belive.
Ken (GM): also AXES
Fiss: hugs…of DEATH
and yes…AXE HUGS
The usual 4 XP I assume?
Joush M.: Raven’s Blessing (Free Action, +1d to DX for 3d6 seconds)
rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats)
= 6
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats)
= 11
Just testing the micro
Ken (GM): neat
Joush M.: Goddamn it

Joush M. looks at how well that pointless test roll went
Fiss: press butan, recieve dicerolls
(From P.P. A.): how many points is that into the Spidercraft skill? 😛
Fiss: Better run for now. A pleasure as always good sirs!
P.P. A.: \o
Joush M.: It was good! See you all around
Doc: Any FP drain I need to know about?
Ken (GM): nope; but there will be a reward…
shifty eyes
Doc: [nervous laughter]
Ken (GM): moo hoo ha ha

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Grimwyrd: Stalwart Brilliance

Ken(GM): woop woop
a full house
whatever will I do?
Fiss: rock and or roll?
Joush M.: I’m ready to go
P.P. A.: aye
Doc: I’m ready to move but my character is not
press F to pay respects to rod’s FP
Ken (GM): HA right
Bomrek: Jeez, why does roll20 sometimes save all the message notifications for when I tab back in. I heard 15 “BWOP”‘s all at once.

Ken (GM) where last we left our heroes HOLY SHIT LETS LIE DOWN A MINUTE

Roderick [heavy breathing]

Suðri Skornbrekker is done reloading the muskets, and leans on the railing to look at the room. He yawns, gets up, stretches as well as one can in plate armour, and walks down the stairs.

Gray stands guard, watching over the group and hunting for any other ghost or monsters lurking in the shadows of the massive room. The shrine impressive, even to the uncultured beast. “Memory, do you know anything about the creature we fought? What was that Dökkálfar?

Bomrek: Where was I last game as far as Being On Fire was concerned?
Ken (GM): Bom: crispy, extinguished,  but healed. Back to 6 of 12 HP thanks to rod
Joush M.: Your beard, soaked as it was in insect and flame repellent chemicals, is fine. Your pubic hair sadly is lost in battle.

Ken (GM): luckily, no major wound due to liberal application of magic healthcare
Doc: wew uh
Doc: I think Rod can’t actually move in his armor until he’s rested
Ken (GM): haha
angry muttering about overarmored knightly shenanigains
Gray: Luckly Roderick’s companions seem understanding about the human noble’s limitations. Between the ghost-slaying blade and the healing, he did a man’s job today and deserves his rest.
Doc: less than 1/3 FP means half ST (round up) which gives him an extra heavy load of 72 lbs

Ken (GM) Suðri clanks down the stone steps, his stride comfy on the short spans, the looming black architecture overhead still in near-pristine condition after the centuries
Syviis follows Suðri , watching the room as she moves

(From Bomrek): So, what does Bomrek think of this tomb? What does he know about the Allfather and this tomb that wasn’t said by Suðri last game?
(To Bomrek): Suðri was on to something, about this being the old outpost. Its certainly old enough, and dwarven, and in the right place. The statue is of the Allfather, the details not quite finished, but the major aspects right. His chin is in the correct alignment 🙂
(To Bomrek): the allfather tho, he was a living being, but he was also mythic. The Gilgamesh of your histories. If this is indeed his last resting place…

Suðri Skornbrekker stops to look up at the statue from up close.

Bomrek grabs on to a railing, and pulls himself up against it, (moaning in pain) before taking a deep drink from a small pocket-flask and making his way down the stairs.
Bomrek: (Press the button in the back of the statue, see if it karate chops)

Suðri Skornbrekker glances over to the gruesome ritual table. “We need to think about what to do with the two corpses. …I would suggest using them to tame the rocs, but I don’t feel that would be pious.

Ken (GM) the statue is slightly unfinished; the major details have been carved, but the face is unfinished. The armor he is clad in is a segmented plate, but the insignia are missing. The axe, a long sharp blade, but the details not present. The ruddy stone is thick with dust of ages

Suðri Skornbrekker is feeling an itch to finish it, but doesn’t dare.

Bomrek: Did the Elf asshole indicate in any way just how long he had been inhabiting this place? The Allfather came here a LONG time ago, has this bastard just been here for that long?

Syviis walks slowly towards the table, watching for traps and magic
(To Syviis): Perception!
Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+2+1)= 5
Syviis: OH DAYUM
(To Fiss): Theres a magical aura, hidden in the altar. Coming from inside the thing. Maybe theres a drawer or panel?
It was like feeling magical electric current from heavy power lines…

P.P. A.: (Suðri talked about it, looks like he’s been here for centuries)
Bomrek: If not, he killed the descendants of the people who made this area, but they didn’t have enough time to finish such an important statue? Hmmm. Mmm, figured’

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at whatever was dropped next to the ritual altar.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): A bucket, iron and crudely made. It’s crusted with old blood, and some kind of flakes of a golden mineral…
Suðri Skornbrekker rights the bucket with his foot and peers inside, and shrugs.

Bomrek hobbles his way down to his Dwarf companion, “The Tomb, has he broken in to the tomb proper?” he says shakily, looking about the ground for signs of digging and damage.

Syviis stops her advance, looking at the altar “There’s something hidden here…”

Syviis puts away her bow and begins to check it out

Suðri Skornbrekker lets Syviis do her work. He stops and waves Bomrek over to him. “What do you think this carpet is worth?”

Ken (GM) when Syviis lays hands on the stone sacrifice altar, the surface of it lights up with some hidden power; script in the elven tongue alights on the surface, and a panel on the face pops open with a CLICK

Bomrek turns around and stares hard at the Altar.

Syviis nervously smiles and mutters something about cats and dying due to curiosity in elvish

Gray stands guard and waits by Roderick, the brute collecting the harpoon and putting it away again, looking over with a frown at the sound in the otherwise relatively quite room. “Looks like she’s found something”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Nay, I don’t think so. The Golem said the Vault was still holding.”

Bomrek looks at the carpet, “Hmm… I couldn’t guess” (Is it Dwarven, even?)
Ken (GM) the carpet is finely woven intricate patterns of black gold silver and bronze. The detail is exquisite, and it is plush and thick

Roderick strains his ears listening to both his comrades below and the hallway above

Suðri Skornbrekker squats down and takes a closer look. He takes off a gauntlet to feel the fabric, and whistles.
Bomrek leans down, most of his weight on the chair in his pain. “Yup, that looks like somethin’ from our markets.”

Ken (GM) the room looks unmolested; the walls still hold, no cracks or seams broken over the years. On the North wall, behind the slab of bloody white stone, is a palisade wall built into the gap with raw logs and tar, iron hinges and rough nails.

Bomrek looks subtly pleased with it, “No blood or soot either.”

(To Syviis): it reads “Those with a heart of stone”
(From Syviis): in elvish…or Dwarven? 😛
(To Syviis): Elven!
Syviis frowns and ponders thoughfully

Ken (GM) aside from the single broken chair, the table is a dark hardwood, and finely carved with shallow details of swirling patterns. The tableware is all crystal glass or shining silver, and even the box of scrap vellum seems to be made of teak.

Suðri Skornbrekker starts hefting the chairs off the carpet. “…maybe we should leave it here until we have the time and peace to sell it, not between butchering Elven warlocks and overthrowing the regent, but we should roll it up in any case.”
Bomrek nods “We’ll take it when we leave.”
Bomrek: Is this Table elf shit? I suspect it’s elf shit.

Gray looks around with a thoughtful frown as chairs shift and move under them, then turns his attention back to Roderick, offering a massive hand. “Shall we join the others?”
Roderick turns wearily to Gray. “I can barely move, healing their wounds took everything I had. I can’t even say I’d be guarding the stairs if you joined them.”
Gray nods to the knight “I could help you down there. The chairs might be a more comfortable place to catch your breath than the stone here. Or I’ll wait beside you. We will guard the doorway together.”

Syviis: “What would you Dwarves say when confronted with a riddle about a Heart of Stone?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): There is an old saying “to be a knight of the dwarven crown, you need to have a heart of stone”
(To Bomrek): There is an old saying “to be a knight of the dwarven crown, you need to have a heart of stone”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I would say that any good Dwarf has a Heart of Stone,” Suðri jokes. “…but nay, there is an old saying that goes: ‘to be a knight of the dwarven crown, you need to have a heart of stone’.”

Bomrek lifts up to a full standing position, clearly pained, and turns around to Syviis. “It sounds like a popular creed or saying. Why?”
Syviis: “It’s said in Elvish here…’Those with a Heart of Stone‘”. She frowns as she looks over the altar “If this is a Dwaven Tomb, I am curious why there is Elvish here.”

Suðri Skornbrekker furrows his brow. “Strange indeed. Perhaps this was brought in by the one we just slew? No, but why would it reference that saying then…?”

Bomrek looks hard at the Altar. Was this put here by that Elf we just blasted? Or does it look like it’s part of the original stonework?
Suðri Skornbrekker walks over to take a closer look.
Bomrek taps Suðri’s hand with his, and then points at the Altar, and says in Dwarvish, “[Is this Original?]

Ken (GM) the Altar itself is a slab of rock, intricately carved with grooves from the upper bowl. The stone is a sandy yellow, and the surface is smoothed, but a sedimentary rock, certainly, slightly rough to the touch. The rest of the chamber is a polished black. Certainly different make. There are bloody stains in the grooves nearest the bowl, as if the rituals performed had overflowed it with blood…

Suðri Skornbrekker: He replies in Dwarven: “[‘tis fine work indeed, but it seems out of place.]”

Bomrek: How should I roll to hear what Gray just said. What’s the penalty?
Ken (GM): [unless you guys are being evasive with it? no roll required, plain hearing]
Bomrek: I guess we are in a loud echo-chamber.
Joush M.: it’s likely audible at 7 yards, between penetrating voice and low frequency sound

Bomrek turns back to the others shakily, halting in his movements from the burns he’s yet to fully recover from. “H-Hey! Don’t get blood on that Carpet! It’s a [Dwarvish word]” he pauses, thinking “An ‘Heirloom‘.”

Gray nods, respectful of the Dwarf’s desire to avoid damage to the rug. It’s exotic to him, the whole room speaking of far more wealth then he’s ever really been around.
Roderick nods to the beastman. “Give me a few minutes to catch my breath, then we’ll join them.”
Gray nods to Roderick and stands guard.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “There are bloodstains near this bowl. Maybe the warlock was cutting out the hearts of his victims, and put them into the bowl, hoping to find a particularly heavy one?”
Suðri Skornbrekker turns around to look at the corpse, and to see whether anything indicates that was being done.
Syviis: “That does seem to fit with the theme of the vile souls we’ve met so far.”

Bomrek ‘s eyes widen. “He was trying to open the Crypt. He thought, at least, he needed a Heart of Stone.”

Syviis looks for signs and hints of this altar being a new addition or an old thing

Suðri Skornbrekker feels his beard, and looks worried. “The Golem did give me that key… but with Roderick tired and you injured, I do not think we should try if it fits anywhere in here, right now.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…wait.”
Bomrek: Are there any key holes anywhere around, even?
Suðri Skornbrekker seems to remember something! “When the Lich’s spirit had taken over my body, it said—well, thought—something to the effect of: ‘You will open the door for me,’ or ‘I will use your body to open the door.’”
Syviis: [the Elf pokes and prods things]
Suðri Skornbrekker: “He must have meant that he was going to… cut out my heart and place it here? What unpleasant thought.”

Bomrek turns a Sardonic gaze to Suðri , “I don’t suppose he meant used those skilled hands of yours to carve him a stone heart, did he?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks up to where Roderick should be, and gives him a grateful nod. “Thanks again, Roderick, you saved me from much worse than a stab wound!”

Roderick gives a satisfied smile at having aided his comrade, though the dwarf can’t see it. His pride is tempered by the horror of realization, but he’s no longer as surprised by the foul magics they encounter. His smile fades with the realization of what he’s grown accustomed to.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Bomrek: “…hm, who knows. That would make sense too, but then we should see more misshapen rocks lying around the place, I’d imagine.”
Bomrek: (Na, Bomrek was basically joking with that comment, if that wasn’t clear.)
P.P. A.: (oh.okay)
P.P. A.: (Suðri is mildly-autistic enough to respond like that anyway, though)

Ken (GM) Syviis pokes and prods, and where the script on the surface glows, she finds a secret panel that slides aside! Certainly magical, disappearing into the stone at her touch!
Inside is a beautifully carved box of crystal clear glass; innumerable facets of shining cut clearness. Inside lie a half-dozen ugly red rocks about the size of your fist; ruddy and dirty looking, with veins of gold sparkling through them.
Ken (GM): [speaking of misshapen rocks…]
(To Syviis): These are Powerstones, 5FP reservoir, and definitely tainted with the darkness. Like a signature, it pops up to you with your Magic Detect vision

Suðri Skornbrekker peers inside, and tries to see if these rocks remind him of anything—like a certain key given to him by a certain spider, for example.
P.P. A.: (I forgot what it looked like)

Syviis picks up one of the stones looking it over

Suðri Skornbrekker does likewise.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You have one of those! From Falkirks pack! It was in with his other things he collected from Gorgoth, in his samples and collections

Suðri Skornbrekker weighs it in his hand and looks at it absent-mindedly. He strokes his beard with his other hand thinking, thinking… “…whatever did we do to all the stuff that Falkirk collected?”
Bomrek: Did Falkirk have a piece of the puzzle?
P.P. A.: apparently
Bomrek: What happened to his trinkets n’ such?

Gray studies Roderick’s expression a moment but doesn’t intrude on the human’s thoughts as they stand on the landing at the top of the stairs in the grand chamber.

Bomrek sighs at that, and looks over toward that Palisade door. Does it appear to be barred or locked at all?
Bomrek: (Also, maybe you can put those pieces together like a puzzle, and stick the key in? The key’s apparently important at some step in this, so)
Ken (GM): [falkirks potions and trinkets ended up together. whoever had his flasks should have it.]

Syviis pulls the stones out and places them in one of the pouches on her belt then turns to the door to check it out
P.P. A.: (it might be for another room though, who knows)
Ken (GM): [The door is barred on this side with a thick plank, and a short chain.]
Bomrek: (Yeah, could be.)
(I would assume Syviis would have it. Bomrek wouldn’t touch the stuff.)
Bomrek peeks through any cracks or openings around the door. Any light, movement, or sound?

Suðri Skornbrekker hands over the one he’s holding to Syviis. “I’m pretty sure Falkirk picked up something that looked like these. Did we give his potions and such back to him, or…?”

Suðri Skornbrekker readies his musket and lurks next to the door.
Syviis: “Powerstones…I don’t remember if Falkirk had them, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Mine is what helped sustain me through the wasteland.” She touches the stone hanging from a short chain on her neck; it glows with that familiar magical light.
Bomrek: “Is that what those are, Elf? Power stones? Are they.. Dwarven make?”

Gray considers the idea of power stones, glancing to Roderick. The man could use one if he’s going to draw so deeply on himself to use magic.

Bomrek draws a pistol and braces it on the dirty table, aiming toward the door.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “How are these made? Not by crystallizing sacrificial hearts, I hope?” He glances at the gory corpse.
Syviis: “I truly hope not.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You remember now! The one you remember; it came out of one of those bloodroot stalks! Falkirk carved in out of the root
Suðri Skornbrekker snaps his fingers. “Those bloodroot things!”
Syviis: “Mine is created with tree resin and month long ritual involving the bathing in moonlight… but Power is Power, and certainly I would not be surprised if the vile forces we face have a darker ritual.”
Doc: [I forget, what’d we do with the wizard and the Node who teleported onto us?]
P.P. A.: [left them guarding our stuff]
Doc: eyes_emoji.jpg
Joush M.: They are back at base camp. Don’t worry, Bavieca is with them. If they get stroppy they are going to get a hoof beatdown
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I don’t understand how the …fruit, or something, of a bloodroot could be a ‘Heart of Stone’ and activate an altar with Elven runes in the Allfather’s tomb, though.” he struggles with the magical bullshit, and shrugs ” Oh well.”

Gray: “Wasn’t the spider-golem crafted from stone? Would it have a heart?” He ask 
Suðri, calling over from the landing.

Suðri Skornbrekker puts down his musket and grabs his bardiche. He uses it to cut open the chain, and kicks in the door.

Syviis readies her bow just in case

Ken (GM) inside, the majesty of the old keep lies here, under a rime of dust and refuse

Syviis lowers her bow, clearly in awe, nodding her appreciation to the dwarves.

Ken (GM) piles of garbage, filth and rags lie atop of old bones, meat, and scurrying insects fleeing the light. The old keep thrones sit at the far end, gilded and shining like gimlets.
On the far wall, a vault door.
To the sides; passages, one heaped with refuse and flies, the other barren

Suðri Skornbrekker picks his musket back up and carefully steps inside. He is enraged by what he sees. “How DARE that scum turn this hall into a—” he holds back a swear in this place: “…a trash heap!”
Bomrek limps in, pistol in hand. He stares at the grandeur of the thrones in awe.

Doc: (have ten minutes passed?)
Ken (GM): [at least, yeah]
Roderick musters his strength and clambers to his feet. “Still tired, but I should be able to keep up. Let’s go,” he nods at Gray, following the others down the stairs.

Suðri Skornbrekker mumbles to himself, in Dwarven: “[How are we going to clean this up… just burn it? Maybe we should just tell the hillforts and have them send some Dwarves later, this would take us too long.]”
Bomrek: (Oh shit)
Bomrek: Can Bomrek tell what the hell that person is. Is he alive and standing, or?
Suðri Skornbrekker is looking the other direction, and will only notice if alerted.

Ken (GM) on the West side, a heap of bodies in various states of desiccation lie. Their stench is horrible when you approach, but on top, a small figure seems to be perched behind some of them, watching you.
His face is scarred, and furrowed. Bald head and orange beard. His dark black eyes flicker in the torchlight, squinting

Gray nods to Roderick and comes after, walking down the steps and starting after the others. He’d been worrying when they left his sight.

Bomrek says in Dwarvish, “[Found someone here, give me a hand Suðri]”

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around, and comes over. “Someone?”

Ken (GM) a croaking voice rises up from the heap “Dwarf?” it says, in an almost reverent whisper

Bomrek points to the figure down the hall, gesturing with his pistol but not yet pointing it at him.

Suðri Skornbrekker replies, in Dwarven: “[Dwarf!]

Ken (GM) He rises up then, to a few meager feet but he is bulky and rough looking. He has rags draped over boiled leathers, and what skin you see is pale and sunken. “[I am dwarf!]” He excitedly whispers back
Bomrek: (As far as Government Territories go, whose are we in right now? Elf? Nobodys? Dwarf?)
Bomrek: “[How have you come to be here? Who are you?]” Bomrek says in Dwarvish
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[By the Allfather! Were you brought here by the wicked warlock, or…?]
Gash: ” I am Gash! I sell my sword to the Rovers, the men. I was in the South when the Beastmen came!” He answers loudly, excitedly in the Holder tongue; his voice seems happy, overjoyed, but he keeps the severe look, keeps his distance from you all.
“Then, the elves took me” and he points a crooked shaking hand at Syviis

Gray keeps pace with Roderick, the Beastman walking into the chamber beyond the log wall, looking around, scenting the air and reaching out with other senses. Alert for traps or danger as Suðri and Bomrek speak to the new man.
(To Gray): Stinks of refuse, death, and a dwarf. One scent, pungent, everywhere in here. Only him.

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step over and pats her back. “[This one is okay. She kills evil Elves with us. …which is most of them, so far.]”
Syviis nods sadly
Bomrek: [“She is one of the good ones”]
P.P. A.: (oneS?)
Gash: “She is not his servant? The old one, the dark wizard?” his voice hushed, fearful
Syviis: “I serve no darkness, good Dwarf.”
Bomrek shakes his head, and tries to draw the Dwarf out of the space, waving his hand for him to come forward.

Suðri proudly hits his chestplate. “That one is no more. We shot him, incinerated his flesh, crushed his bones, and then exorcised his spirit. He’s gone for good.” 
“We have been hunting his hooded servants for a few days.”

Gash steps out of the heap, picking his steps deftly, eyes always level on Syviis. He stands there in the doorway, not quite sure. From here, you see his tattoos now; deep red on his pale skin, not bloodstains, but deeply scarred brands and intricate patterns on his face and hands
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): He’s a criminal. Banished from the realm and forbidden to return. A Murderer.
(To Bomrek): He’s a criminal. Banished from the realm and forbidden to return. A Murderer.

Bomrek ‘s eyes look over to Suðri’s, searching for recognition.
Bomrek: [Bomrek used to be a guardsman, he’d probably have some semblance of understanding of certain things. What level of murder would result in this, but not execution?]
(To Bomrek): You banish only those who would be troublesome to have killed, even in a justified crime. Either hes politically connected, or his guilt could not infallibly be proven…

Syviis senses it might be better to remove herself.: “I’ll go investigate the magical trappings outside. I’ll leave you fellows to tend to him.”
Gray nods to Syviis as she passes, frowning a touch but understanding it as he looks around the chamber slowly, still alert for danger and remaining silent.
Syviis takes a moment to steel herself, then investigates the items on the table, looking for books, scrolls, items, etc

Suðri Skornbrekker furrows his brow and takes a step closer to Bomrek, and whispers: “I think he has paid amply for his crimes, if what he says is true.”
He turns to the shabby dwarf “What have they done to you; and how many else did they bring here?” He seems more cautious than before, and likewise keeps a respectful distance.
Bomrek whispers back, pretending to cough into his hand “A murderer can not be trusted, not fully. Be watchful.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Mhm,” Suðri affirms, nodding faintly.

Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 11 Diagnosis to guess at how healthy the dude is (2+2+1)= 5
Doc: wew that should do it even with range penalties
(To Roderick): He’s good, malnourished but surviving. He seems well watered, but starved for weeks. No body fat left

Gash: “My band, we were moving a caravan to the Greyhold, Timberkeep, when they attacked! Fell out of the sky like rain, landed among us and cut ankles and knees, hamstringed us! I was struck in the head, unconscious. When I awoke, we were here in the hole, with the thrones…”
Bomrek: “Were they all taken? Out that door?” Bomrek swings his body around some, pointing to the door they came in from.
Gash keeps his head down, but points vaguely to the door “They were pulled out there, by some… blackness. An invisible darkness with an elven face. I have not seen them since, but I heard their screaming…”
Bomrek nods thoughtfully. “You said your name was ‘Gash’? That sounds like but a nickname. What is your full name, friend?”

(To Syviis): There are writings in elvish (formulas and notes regarding some sort of ‘golden crystal’ as well as several small jars and flasks of bloody fluids, golden dusts, and mineral samples. What seems apart from it all is a crystal bottle with a iron stopper, full of dark blue water. Its cold to the touch, almost icy, and it weighs much more than you’d think from its size…
(To Syviis): Cuuuuuurious?
(From Syviis): oh, hell yes. She’s
Curious. Shewill carefully poke and prod everything that isn’t a dark power portal, basically. She’s very much understanding that here is more raw power and magic, less dark.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “His ‘band,’ huh?” he mumbles to Bomrek, but keeps listening.
Gash: “I have always been Gash, friend, I have known no other name. I was raised on it. Who are you? What is this great beast? The knight?”
Bomrek: “They’re our companions, traveling with us here, to this place. We came to vanquish the evil Elves that lived here.” Bomrek says slowly.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “The knight was the one who dealt the death knell to that Dark Elf; and the beast is no less mighty a warrior,” Suðri answers proudly of his companions.
Gray stands there, being a truly great beast.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise(2+2+5)= 9

Bomrek: [Incidentally, does he seem to be lying, when he says his only name is Gash? Is that unusual? No clan name, nothin’?]
Ken(GM): [Detect Liiiiiiies?]
Bomrek: What’s the default on that even?
Bomrek: Lets hope for somethin’ good.
rolling 3d6(2+2+4)= 8
P.P. A.: >Defaults: Perception-6, Body Language-4, or Psychology-4.
Bomrek: Nope, that’s a fail right there for me.
Joush M.: Gray has Body Language at 14
(To Gray): He seems to be telling the truth; he’s defensive and seems quite afraid of the two dwarves in particular, around where he asked on the name though, no fear. Hes not being deceptive on that.
Suðri Skornbrekker: [9] vPer 12-6
P.P. A.: ditto
Bomrek: Well. He’s unarmed, isn’t he? Nothing on’m but rags? 
S’problably fine.
Gray can generally read people well, even in dim light. Of course, it goes either way… the beast is exceptionally easy to read, but also nods, seeming satisfied by the man’s answer.

(From Syviis): she already has plans to drain the dark taint out of the power stones and let them recharge in pure mana, but that’s another thing for another time. She won’t tap them in battle, unless lives are at stake
(To Syviis): You poke and prod; seems the bottle of water is just water, smells like it when you open the bottle at least. And when you pour some out, its icy cool clear water….and then, it doesn’t stop pouring out! and the flow quickens!
(From Syviis): did I totally just find a Decanter of Endless Water? 😛

Ken (GM) you hear the rush of water splashing everywhere in the next room
Bomrek: Which next room. The statue room?

Syviis laughs and stoppers the container.
(To Syviis): Aside from the decanter, there is a wood stove, table and chairs, the rug, various notes, and a set of high quality alchemists gear (+1). Otherwise, the lich lived spartan
(From Syviis): will take the notes (unless they are quickly research-able) and the decanter…never ever turn down a source of fresh (or salt) water

Gray turns his head, wondering why Syviis decided to take a shower now.

Suðri Skornbrekker turns around looking puzzled, but shrugs it off. “Whose are all these corpses? Other victims of the Dark Elf?” Suðri points at the heap of rotting flesh.
Gash looks over his shoulder at the heap “That is what is left over from the dark creatures work. Some of them had food. None of them had anything that could help us escape”

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head wearily. “…us?”

Bomrek nods solemnly, and looks a little moved by the poor Dwarf’s story. “Suðri… Attend to him. I need to examine that throne, for a moment.” Bomrek hobbles painfully toward the golden throne, holstering his pistol as he does so. What’s it like up close? Extra shiny?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “That gold isn’t running away,” he laughs.
Bomrek sits his ass down on one of the lowest steps of the throne, not the throne itself, as to be respectful. Standing for that long was beginning to take it’s toll.

Gray looks around the room, hunting around them and standing guard as he holds the coiled rope and barbed spear.
(To Gray): refuse, filth and scavenger bugs. Some of those small basilisk lizards. all scuttle in your coming.

Ken(GM)the thrones are beautiful; carved from stone then inlaid with golden leaf, the details are immaculate still even under the dust.
On the left, a Lord’s seat. Beside him, his Guardmaster’s.
To the right, his wive’s throne. Hers in ebony and jet. His in marble and gold
Ken (GM) On the far wall behind the throne, the vault door looms.
Bomrek’d sit on the guardmaster’s seat then.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Were there other survivors?” Suðri asks Gash.
Gash nods, slowly. Holds up four fingers “he cut out their hearts”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks to the ground. “…so he did do that.”
Roderick glances back at the entrance. Obvious, in hindsight.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “They are avenged now. Was he going to cut out yours later?”
Gash looks away from Suðri as he asks his question, a dark look on his face
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…a grim question, sorry.”

(From Bomrek): So if this guy was Banished, what am I obligated to treat him as, being a former Guardsman. Are we disallowed to give them any help at all? Disallowed to let them back within Dwarf lands? What’s the fine print on this.
(To Bomrek): Fine print is, “He is forever to roam lands no this home, his body to lie in rest un-interred, his spirit to wander, forever”
Bomrek sits on his chair tenderly, his chin on his fist, and his elbow on his knee, staring at Gash.

Gray nods to Gash. “We will see you returned to safety if we can. We make to clear this place of horrors and invaders, then will head north. You may accompany us or go your own way… But I would thank you to help us understand this place, and what happened here.”
Gash: “Where are we Beastman? Some deadly tomb in Gorgoth? I have not seen the sun in weeks!”
Suðri Skornbrekker motions behind his back to Gray not to say too much. “It seems ’tis a tomb our ancestors built, some kind of outpost, though long fallen.” He looks across the room. “…we wanted to tidy it up a little before leaving; whoever lies buried here, they do not deserve a sullied grave with the gore of Elves.”
Gray nods to the man, rather then try to lie he simply nods in agreement with
Suðri’s vague description of the place.

(From Bomrek): Oh Shid, does this hallowed ground count as “his home”? Am I going to have to evict this asshole in a quick second’?
(To Bomrek): This is an ancient dwarven homestead. He is an outcast
(From Bomrek): So, I’m obligated to kick this guy the hell out of here, technically? Eesh.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Above ground, it is all in ruin, overgrown and strewn with yet more corpses.”
Gash: “Then I am truly in hell” he says darkly
Suðri Skornbrekker smiles for a moment, but his smile vanishes as he remembers the state of the world. “…we all are, these days. But there are yet corners of hell where at least the sun still shines, and most corpses are of our enemies.”

Syviis walks back over to Gray and sighs. “Nothing of importance from the Lich, but I suspect this is not the only den of evil here.”
Gray nods in agreement in Syviis. “We will stand on guard. It’s likely we will have more work to do before the day is done, and we’ve yet to confront the cultist or roc”

Bomrek straightens his back, with some clear pain, and yells to Suðri , and motions him ‘over here’ with his hands.

Ken (GM): [that should be another ten minutes, for Rod-FP, FYI]
Doc: (FP updated, now at half)
Syviis: [does/can Rod use Power Stones as well?]
Ken (GM): [yep, Powerstones are kosher for his Stuff. It has the Magic-10% modifier, after all]

Suðri Skornbrekker nods to Gash. “We will take a quick look to see if any of his servants still hide here, then get you outside.” Then he walks to Bomrek. “What is it?”
Bomrek whispers in Common, “He has to leave; his brands banish him from the homelands… but this is hallowed ground. We’re in Dwarf land, by my reckoning. We can’t abide his crimes, or ignore his punishment. I certainly can’t.” He says, referencing his past, tapping his breastplate.
“Lets open this vault” he gestures with his head to the large metal door behind him. “I can only abide him so much time here.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The magic in the key tells you, even from your pocket, that is where it should be. Home.
Suðri Skornbrekker whispers back: “I wanted to get him out first, then explore further. There is no need for a murderer to see the secrets of this tomb. We’ll get him out, give him some food, and send him on his way, then come back down and open the vault.”

Bomrek breathes deep, thinking with a tinge of worry across his brow. “I worry we’ll be drawn away if we waste any more time.. but” He looks back at the vault door. After a moment, he makes a small huff noise through his mustache, and says “Do what you want.”

Gray walks after Suðri and Bomrek, looking around for danger as he goes, tense, ready as they come to the far end of the room and he looks to the door.

Syviis walks to a good vantage point to provide cover (and to not be in direct offensive sight of Gash, still feeling the sting of his fear of elves)

Gash steps to rod, clasps a fist to his breast “M’lord, Sir, might I have a sword, help you on your quests? This place is evil, but I can still stand, still fight.”
Doc: (would Rod have heard that he’s a murderer)
Suðri Skornbrekker: “You are still injured, Roderick still exhausted; the tomb won’t run away,” he raises his voice a little: “Besides, there might still be the Dark Elf’s henchmen about; we should send them to their master if they dare to return hither.”
Bomrek: “We won’t be in better shape any time soon.” Bomrek says, thinking it over.
(I think Rod wouldn’t be aware. We’ve been whispering about it the entire time.)

Gray nods, letting Suðri and Bomrek take the lead here. It’s a dwarven tomb and he respects it’s importance to them.

Ken(GM): [Rod can see, theres a big dwarven rune on his face in red. Reads murderer. You notice it as he gets closer, comes in to the light]
Doc: subtle
Ken (GM): [Dwarven justice system man]
Adolf S.: What can we say, the Dwarves are really good at making warning labels
Joush M.: He also has one on his back that says “the state of California says this dwarf contains materials known to cause cancer”

Suðri Skornbrekker whispers some more: “The Elf revealed that there were more Golems inside; they might react badly to seeing a branded murderer. Getting rid of him should really come first.”
Bomrek: “Deposit him on the surface, with the Wizards. They’ll keep him safe enough until we can all leave this place.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “Yea.”

Roderick shakes his head. “You are branded a murderer, and I doubt that it was the elves who labeled you with a dwarven rune.”
Gash looks wide-eyed at Rod, then backs up a step, hands up “S-sir! I am not…I didnt mean to….”
Bomrek: “He’s been Banished, Rod” Bomrek yells across the space. “He’s alive for a reason.”
Suðri Skornbrekker turns around and nods to affirm what Bomrek said.
Gray: “An Exile… He hasn’t violated the terms of his punishment by choice.” Gray perhaps more forgiving then many about this sort of thing.
Gash: “WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF EXILE, HALF-BREED?!” he screams the words, wheeling to face Gray, wholly un-intimidated by the size difference “YOUR PEOPLE INVADED THESE LANDS! YOU BEASTS! DOGS!” He spits
Doc: hey cool it with the antisemitic remarks
P.P. A.: lel

Syviis walks over to Gray’s side.”good sir Dwarf, I think you’ve said your piece. Shall I escort you to the surface?”

Bomrek mutters to himself “Perhaps we should have checked him for a dagger.”

Gray: “I’m Scorned, and understand you have been though horrors most can’t imagine.” He says calmly to the dwarf, expression almost sad as he looks to the sharp tempered man, then nodding thankfully to Syviis.

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over and between Gray and the Dwarf: speaking Dwarven “[They did, but he is none of them, and I shan’t allow you to compare him to them. But let us be out of this foul tomb.]”
Gash: “Let me pass and I will leave you in peace, Brothers” he says, grim darkness on his face
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[We have a few humans who travelled with us and stayed behind; if you want, we can bring you to them so you can eat something proper and rest.]”
Gash: “If the elves are dead, Ill just leave. No need to overburden you all” He begins backing along the wall, eyes on you each in turn, shuffling for the door on shaking steps

Suðri Skornbrekker looks worried. “If you wish; but be careful, a few of his servants might still be up and about, flying on their giant birds.”

Roderick turns to avoid showing his back
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…and try to run straight out; there is some giant spider prowling the ruins!” he calls after him.

Gray considers a moment. “Be very careful leaving. A stone spider in the tunnels may take you for an intruder”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…it might really be better if you let Bomrek or me accompany you.”
Gash: “[Fuck the elves!]” He calls out in the dwarvish, dashing up the stairs and to the ruins above

Syviis sighs. In elvish “[Of course…]
Joush M.: Pretty solid last words though

Gray watches him go, considering a moment, then nodding. “He’s going to die up there” He observes.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks disappointed, and nods to Gray. “We could go after him, but… he seems to know where he is heading.”

Bomrek: “Hahah” Bomrek laughs, and turns back to the Vault. “Suðri, the key?”

Suðri Skornbrekker hangs his shoulders, and walks over to Bomrek, waiting a few moments and listening, to make sure Gash has truly left.

Ken (GM) the only noise you hear is the crackle of torches on the walls, and the drip of water somewhere in the dark

Gray: “What was that sound of water before, Syviis?”
Syviis: “A decanter that creates water, or at least stores a great deal more than it’s size would indicate. Useful I suspect.”

Suðri Skornbrekker takes out the key, and turns around, addressing the party: “Let me re-stipulate: the Dark Elf revealed to me that there are more Golems behind this door. They may or may not obey us; maybe they are to test anyone who enters the tomb. To be safe, I would ask you, Gray and Syviis, to stand a back a little.”

Bomrek gets up too, hobbling back to one of the pillars and leaning on it stiffly, a pistol in his hand.

Syviis nods and stands ready, but not threatening with her bow

Gray: “Very. An intersting find” He agrees with Syviis, then nodding at Suðri’s words, adjusting his gear and backing up, standing in the shadow of a pillar. “Ready”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Second, that stone altar: if this is indeed the Tomb of the All-Father, then maybe we first need to activate that to prove that we have the ‘Heart of Stone’, or else the Vault will reject us. …or that thing was out here by some Elves, and activating it will brand us as enemies. Any thoughts? Should we try putting the heart-thing Falkirk picked up in it, if anyone has it with them?”
Syviis: “You know more of your kin’s magic than I, but I will do my best to watch for hotspots”
Bomrek nods, “I’d say so”
P.P. A.: ^in response to “should we try putting the heart-thing in it”?
Bomrek: Yup. Bomrek doesn’t know a thing about Magic.
Aside from it being bad, unless it’s good.
P.P. A.: Who took Falkirk’s potions and shit?
Joush M.: Uhh..hmm. I don’t know. I think it was packed into group stuff. Gray could be carrying it in that case. Hopefully we didn’t leave it back in the loot pile
Doc: Rod isn’t carrying anything except weapons

Ken (GM): [gray should have it, in the collective carry pile]
[last I recall at least. It doesn’t weigh much, and he carries a lot]
[I am assuming as the GM you have it at least :P]
P.P. A.: I think the problem is that we never specified
I know that we took Falkirk’s stuff with us when we left the Dreugar Keep
and then we also took everything with us when we left the Ansible
Bomrek: I’d say either Syviis or Gray’d have it
P.P. A.: yeah, probably Gray
We didn’t specify giving Falkirk all his stuff back, so we presumably kept it
Syviis: [Syviis has the staff and powerstones, and now a canteen, but very little else for mobility’s sake]
P.P. A.: (actually, kind a rude that we didn’t do that)
Ken (GM): [well, stop arguing about it 😛 you have at least found his notes and trinkets tucked away. He had a jar with bloodroot vine in it [dead now] another jar with a bloodroot heart, and his notebooks]

Suðri Skornbrekker suggests taking a look at his notes first to see if he wrote anything about the Heart
Bomrek: Oh, well I doubt the secret is just the bloodroot heart. Lets just open up the vault, ‘prolly the best option.

Gray checks his supplies, setting out the things Falkirk had left with them that he didn’t take when they parted company. The towering beast looking to the journal. “I should return this to him..” Then opening the jar to offer it to the dwarves, offering the notebook as well.

Suðri Skornbrekker suggests that Syviis just puts the Heart there since she’s an Elf, can read the runes, and can also sense if any evil magic starts emanating from it.
Suðri Skornbrekker also considers the Bomrek option though
Doc: >The Bomrek Option
Bomrek: Bomrek will one day invent the mobile stab wagon, to kill Elves on the go, no matter what ghetto they’re rounded up n.

Ken (GM) the heart in the jar was cut from a bloodroot near Glardenfen. Falkirk kept the sample in a mason jar, and kept it well preserved. It is a red stone, nearly translucent, with veins of darker rock interspersed. It’s roughly the size of a human heart, or a closed fist, and seems to resemble a mans blood organ. It does NOT however, have the golden veins you see in the others retrieved from the altar

Syviis nods “I can place it if you think that’s safest.”

Suðri Skornbrekker heads to the altar-place and sets up his musket a bit away from it. “I mean, whatever this stuff with the Heart is, it’s Elven Magic, so it’s probably bad. We could just ignore it…I say we vote; who is for bothering with the Heart?”
Suðri Skornbrekker does not raise his arm, but seems hesitant.

Syviis: curiosity intensifies “The power-stones we found might also be able to activate some of the mechanisms here.”
Gray: “It dosn’t seem to be stone. I’d trust your instincts on the matter, Suðri”
Bomrek: I’d say throw the heart in the bowl
see what happens.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Might be that nothing happens. It just looks similar is all. Bah, just throw it in. If nothing happens, fine; if something appears we shoot it back to wherever it crawled from.”
Suðri Skornbrekker puts a musket besides him and starts aiming in the direction of the altar.

Gray stands by and considers a moment, then nods. “Aye” And.. well, throws it in. Placing the heart in the apparent heart receptacle.

P.P. A.: what if we supposed to open the vault to get an army of Golems to then sick at anything the heart might summon?
Suðri Skornbrekker looks to Bomrek to make sure he has his weapons out too.
Bomrek: I figure he was trying to open a secret thing to get power from there.
Power’s probably not evil, these are Dwarves we’re talking about here.
An eternal force of good.
P.P. A.: Elven runes tho
(regarding the altar)
(whatever is in the Vault is definitely Dwarven and Good)

Ken (GM) the heart falls into the bowl with a THUNK. There is a small amount of blood still in the bowl which splashes a bit. You all feel a small tingle of magic…
(To Syviis): They activated a rune of joining, conjuration. Its waiting for a mage to supply power

Syviis sighs and pulls an arrow, focusing her power on it like she normally does, then touches it to the runes.

Suðri Skornbrekker waits anxiously and watches the altar through his iron sight

Bomrek: “So.. You ‘got a gold hoard at home?” Bomrek asks Rod conversationally.
Roderick scowls underneath his visor. “Not anymore.”

Ken (GM) the spark of elf storm magic alights on the bowl, and the contents hover in there, a few inches in the air! The blood washes over the stone, and twists and turns. In a few seconds, the stone shines brightly (like the others) with new veins of gold where the dark veins once were! It falls back to the bowl with a dull clatter

Suðri Skornbrekker: “…uh.”
Gray watches thoughtfully, studying it, gaze on the heart as it falls back into the bowl before falling, the beast tilting his head to the side. “Huhumm”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, now we know what this does.” He picks his weapons back up. “If you can use the hearts of animals for this, this seems like a good portable source of magic for Syviis.”

(To Syviis): Your Magic sight reveals, it is now a 1 fatigue point Powerstone

Gray lifts the heart, turning it in his hands, studying the veins thoughtfully before he sets it back down. “The door next?”
Bomrek: “When I go back to the mountainholmes, I’m going to make a bed of gold bars..” Bomrek says, looking up into the air just a bit, eyes full of imagination.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Yea. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time with that suggestion.”
Bomrek: “I’ll sleep on it, to remind me of Humility” he nods his head to himself.

Syviis takes the heart, marveling in the process she just witnessed, but then returns her attention to the matters at hand

Suðri Skornbrekker brings his arsenal over to the door, and gets out the key.
Bomrek nods to Suðri , and tightens his grip on his pistol.
Gray: “It’s no trouble, Suðri . We’ve all had thoughts that didn’t prove out”
Gray walks back closer, ready to fight.

Suðri Skornbrekker waits until everyone is in position, and reverently inserts the key into its hole.

Ken (GM) the key slides home easily and turns with a solid CHUNK.
A rapid response of CLAK CLAK CLAK tells you the mechanisms are working after all this time. The door tips in a step, swings to the side and then rolls out of your way. The vault itself looms darkly but begins to glow from inside with a golden light

Bomrek takes a few steps forward, peering into the space.
Suðri Skornbrekker has his visor open and is able to reach for his coin immediately if need be.
P.P. A.: I hope we really did kill the Dark Elf and it didn’t just pretend to be gone and hides in the recesses of Suðri’s mind so he can now get inside the vault.
But I haven’t seen any indicators of that
Doc: eyes_emoji.jpg
Bomrek: Elves are too dumb for a plan like that PPA.

Ken (GM) GOLD! It covers every surface of the room! Floors, walls, ceiling! The glow brightens and you see its scaled over every conceivable place! All the bricks, all the heaps of coins, all the lumps, gold! The walls have long thin crystals of a dull rosy red reaching inwards, pointing to the center, a heap of coins and other things there crawling with more gold, with a single arm protruding, holding up a milky white and gold crystal.

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes widen at the sight of such luster, such wealth, such splendor.
Bomrek steps past Suðri into the room, eyes locked on the contents of the room.
Gray: “That looks like a trap”
Suðri Skornbrekker hesitantly steps inside as well.

Gray calls out as he closes in, frowning deeply as he looks into the blinding splendor.
Bomrek: (What’s the moral situation here regarding this Hoard? Would we be obligated to bring it back to the homelands? Leave it here? Are we in the right to take it ourselves?)

Ken (GM) the arm holding the crystal quivers… or rather, the crystal in it’s grip stirs
“Do you have pure hearts, Dwarves?” a disembodied genderless voice asks

(To Syviis): You can see with your magic vision, that crystal is an elemental spirit

Suðri Skornbrekker calls out to the room: “I am Suðri Skornbrekker. I have come here to find—”
The voice cuts him off.

Gray growls, skin crawling as every instinct screams at him to be ready to fight. Stowing that heavy spear he instead touches the hilt of the massive Ogre broadsword.

Bomrek raises his pistol, and looks around the room hastily. “Who-“
Bomrek: Oh, the voice, is it in Dwarvish?
Or is it mind-voice
Ken (GM): everyone who hears it understands it

Ken (GM) Gray’s sword comes free, and licks with green flame in the dark, the lime light glowing brightly as the metal is free of the scabbard
(To Gray): You can see with your spirit vision, that crystal is an elemental spirit

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I am a simple Dwarf. My hands are stained with blood, but I wish to wash them clean, and I have come here to seek something that may aid me in his quest,” Suðri calls out to the room. “If you mean those unsettling Blood-Heart things, we have those too, but those seem evil, not pure.”

Syviis: “The crystal itself is alive…an elemental,” she says, loud enough for the dwarves to hear, but not to interrupt
Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Syviis and nods.
Bomrek looks to Suðri , and lowers his pistol a few degrees. “I am Bomrek Zirilkeskal, I was a guardsman, my heart is pure.”

Gray looks to the blade then the room, tense. “Memory, I need to See now..” Calling the magic up, studying the room with shamanic vision, staring at the crystal. “Aye.” He agrees with Syviis. Trusting none of this.

Ken (GM) The voice exults! “Receive this gift then! Servants of the Empire rejoice! You will be Paragons of the Dwarven Empire!” the voice rises in timber, joyous, exultant!

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Tell me, Crystal: if you guard this place as the All-Father commanded, and you wish to test us, then do so—we are prepared. If you are some evil Elf magic thing, then just say so now, so we can do more productive things.”

Bomrek ‘s eyes soften, and he looks at Suthri. “Paragons, eh?”

Gray: “It’s never that easy, Bomrek. What would they bait a trap with to catch you? Gold and honors?”

Ken (GM): “Step forward and receive thy gifts”

Bomrek: “I don’t see any casks, so they’ve got two our of three, Gray.”
Gray bites back whatever else he might have said. Reminding himself to trust the dwarves.

Suðri Skornbrekker looks over to Bomrek, and speaks faintly: “It would be an honor indeed, but I am wary. How sad that we’ve come to fear ambush and evil even in the hallowed halls of our forefathers.”
 “Do you trust this? …if the murderer was still with us, we could have seen how the Crystal would have treated him.”

Bomrek nods slowly at the thought, and then says “Lets ask it a few questions.”
Bomrek addresses the room, loudly “Crystal, who put you here, and for what purpose?”

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and awaits an answer.

Ken (GM): “We are the servants of the AllFather, the Lord Creator, Master of metals and ruler of All The Earths” the voice intones, rising in volume, echoing out from the vault into the dank room so that dust falls from the walls
“HE put us here, to serve YOU, his children”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks to Bomrek for a moment, and shakes off his doubts. “Who are we if we cannot even trust our ancestors any more, who built this place. If this Crystal deceives us, it will pay dearly for using the All-Father’s name in vain, and for desecrating this tomb, and we will make it pay and drive it out.”

Bomrek takes a step forward and examines the arm holding the crystal. Does it look like a Dwarves?

Ken (GM) as Bomrek steps forward, the crystal shimmers, splits, and a chunk of stone flies off like a magnet, slapping to his breast directly over his heart!

Ken (GM): “ANOTHER TO THE RANKS! REJOICE!” the voice clarion calls!

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s lofty thoughts are interrupted by these events.

Bomrek grabs his breast and stumbles backward. What the fuck?

Ken (GM) there is a gnashing of metal, the sounds of rending steel, as the crystal twists on the metal armor! The crystal grows and crawls across his rings of mail, entwining themselves to the metal!
(To Bomrek): You feel a pinch, and then ROLLING PAIN in your chest. Roll HT

Suðri Skornbrekker: “…let me reconsider. What happened?”

Gray takes a half step forward. “Bomrek!”

Bomrek: rolling 3d6(2+2+4)= 8
“Ahhgh, what in the hells?!”
Bomrek: (I think I’m turning into Tony Stark)
(To Bomrek): There is a pain in your chest under the thing, but also waves of warmth, softness following, like drugs hitting your system

Roderick tenses his grip on his sword, ready to strike but having no idea how he could even do so

P.P. A.: tfw Suðri was about to follow up his mini-speech by going ahead and grabbing the crystal
P.P. A.: saved by too much talking

Bomrek step back and leans against the wall, sliding down into the gold piled on the ground.

Suðri Skornbrekker takes out his bardiche. “Bomrek!”

Ken (GM) the metal of the dwarf’s armor bends and rolls, twisted by the stone on Bomreks chest. The golden color melts away, replaced by the blue grey of the steel. The crystal GROWS and SPREADS
Bomrek: (Okay, maybe more Silver Surfer than Tony Stark)

Suðri Skornbrekker tries hitting the crystal!
Suðri Skornbrekker: [9]v 16 +/. whatever modifiers
P.P. A.: what I mean is hitting the crystal on Bomrek (since it’s spreading, whatever part is most prominent, and doesn’t also hurt Bomrek) with the Bardiche

Ken (GM) tendrils of white crystal spread out, lashing to Bomrek, weaving in and out of his leathers, punching through his clothes, slithering along his chest through the metal, twisting it into itself as it passes

Gray tries to step forward and get that off of Bomrek!
Joush M.: (After Suðri stabs him with a giant axe, I guess)

Ken (GM) the blade slams into Bomrek! The head slamming into crystal, parting it in all directions…and then it is stuck! The crystal clinging to it, climbing up the head of the blade and slithering THROUGH it like snakes in water!

Suðri Skornbrekker immediately lets go of the weapon“This is definitely bad!”
Bomrek: (This reminds me of that episode of Stargate, actually)

Ken (GM): Gray steps in to intervene!

Gray tries to grab the crystal and pull it off!

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step back to get Gray through. And draws his sword, just in case.

Suðri Skornbrekker thinks for a moment and sheathes his sword again, instead picking up the lighter one of his muskets

Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs 12 Thaumatology ???(2+1+5)= 8
(To Roderick): Its an elemental; its consuming metal and growing. Like mold.
[no roll required :P]

Ken (GM): “Interlopers! The ceremony is SACRED! Blasphemers! The birth of this new soldier must complete!” the voice rings out, emanating from the crystal and resonating in Bomrek’s chest like a drum!

Suðri Skornbrekker aims at the crystal in the middle of the room. Takes a second to aim, and fires.
P.P. A.: Modifiers? (SM in particular)
Bomrek: “What is happening?” Bomrek drunkenly mutters aloud

Ken (GM) The musket shot rings out like a gong! Lead slaps into the crystal…and is consumed. Instead of exploding, the crystal spreads, growing, crawling. 

Suðri Skornbrekker [curses in Dwarven]

Gray interlopes boldly, grabbing the crystal to try and rip it free before it can claim the man!

Ken (GM) Gray’s hands are strong, his claws sharp; the crystals snap, break! Chunks fly off, shatter in his hands, but it continues!

…until suddenly it stops!

Ken (GM) the wooden haft of the glaive falls, clatters to the floor, bouncing off the gold dully.
Bomrek is lying on the floor, bewildered, but his chest is now encased in a shell of metal; close fitting, like a perfectly sculpted piece of armor. Veins of white crawl through it, in the dull pale crystaline color, but the blue grey steel of his armor shines true

Gray: “Bomrek, are you still with us?” He tries to see if the dwarf’s intact, kneeling, staring down to it, growling a touch and looking to the strange armor then to the man. “Did it hurt you?!”
Roderick: “Heart of Stone…” Roderick mutters. “Perhaps this is what was meant?”
Suðri Skornbrekker squeezes past Gray, also worried about his fellow Dwarf.

(To Bomrek): You cant feel any pain anymore
(To Bomrek): You feel GREAT. Invigorated. Kinda like whiskey drunk, but none of the blur

Bomrek: “It hurt, but.. it soothed at the same time.” Bomrek looks confused, troubled, and looks down at it. He doesn’t seem to be pained.
Bomrek puts his hands down on the gold, pushing himself up the wall, and staring down at the piece of armor on his chest.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Thank the All-Father—I was worried the crystal might engulf you, or swallow you.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You can see the place where you shanked him, where the color of the metal is different, just like your weapon’s head was

Ken (GM): “Another is born to the fold; Rejoice”

Bomrek ‘s expression switches back and forth between a very light smile, and confused concern. Certainly hovering more around Neutral than any other direction.
Gray: “Bomrek, can you hear and understand me?” He kneels on the floor near the dwarf, frowning deeply.
Bomrek: (So, is it like a piece of chest plate, or more like a skin tight aluminum foil kinda fit?)

(From P.P. A.): speaking of which: did the crystal assimilate the blade of the bardiche and my bardiche is now a crystal bardiche?
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Your bardiche is now headless, just a haft of wood
(From P.P. A.): oh

Ken (GM) Bomrek moves, testing, prodding; the armor moves like living scales, segmented perfectly, an Aegis like none other. The armor is thick, but not bulky. 
Bomrek: “Yes. Yes I’m still here Gray” He says, laughing at the end, shaking his head back and forth very slowly in thought. He raps his knuckles against the metal.

Ken (GM) the sound is like knocking on a rock wall

Suðri Skornbrekker picks up the headless shaft of his former bardiche, and pokes the spot where he hit the crystal. “Look at that—did the blade get merged with it? The colour of the armor there resembles the color of the metal…in what used to be my weapon.”

Bomrek ‘s eyes glare at you both, looking you hard in the eyes. “What is this?” he asks, more calm than angry or scared.
(To Gray): The spirit is gone…and Bomrek is different now
(To Syviis): The spirit is gone…and Bomrek is different now

Ken (GM): “Will the other bear the burden of Imperial Might?” The voice speaks the question, breaking the reverie.

Bomrek moves past Gray, staring hard at the Crystal. “Hah, what in the nine hells is this?”
Gray: “You are bound to the power here, infused and Marked by it. It’s changed you.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…maybe it was nothing bad, after all. I fear I might have overreacted.” He turns to the Crystal he shot. “I apologize for reacting so rashly; we have seen many horrors, and are painted by it.
But ‘ere I too receive this honour, please tell us all that it entails.”

Syviis: “Whatever happened is not a simple trick, Good Dwarves…be careful.”
Gray: “Suori.. everything has a price. I don’t think that armor comes off”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks at Gray and shrugs. “If it isn’t too uncomfortable.” He looks at the crystal in the middle of the room, ready to step forward, but hoping for an answer first.

Ken (GM): “Step forward; receive thy gifts” It instructs

Bomrek looks angrily down at the Crystal, “Haha, Crystal, what is this? What have you done to my mail?”
Bomrek: (This thing is just on my chest, right? Not on my back, arms, legs, etc?)
Ken (GM): [Covers your chest all the way around. Stops neatly at your beltline , neck, and armpits]

Gray nearly reaches out to stop him, clearly mistrusting this still as he kneels there on the gold-veined marble in the gleaming room.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I will gladly serve the All-Father, and trust His work, strange though it seems; but tell me first what duties I shall bear, so I may know whether I am ready for them.”

Ken (GM): “Righteousness, Justice, Duty: You will be the utmost of the Empire. The First among Brothers. The Stalwart Gems.”
“Yours is to serve the AllFather, as we all must. So say we all”

P.P. A.: does that name ring any bell? (“the Stelwart Gems”)
Ken (GM): [yeah, the histories spoke of the forefathers collectively as such; they all took names from precious stones. Amethyst, Ruby, Jet, Emerald…]
Syviis: [AND STEVEN!]
Bomrek: (Neat, I wonder if I can be Hematite. That’s an awesome Gem.)

Suðri Skornbrekker raises his head. “Very well.” He steps forward, nodding confidently to Gray behind him.

Ken (GM) the cystal flashes, splits, and leaps!
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): HT check
Joush M.: not his area 11!
Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v12
Bomrek: (Suthri tries to matrix-dodge it, so it lands on Gray instead)
(roll for kung-fu)
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You are stabbed in the heart!… But then it feels better

Suðri Skornbrekker staggers a bit, but looks focused, and curious.

Ken (GM) the crystal surges across Suðri chest, consuming his chest piece, transforming plate and link into something so much more. The carapace grows and slithers, climbs his torso in all directions.

When it is done, moments later, a gleaming armor vest sits on him. The color is pure, end to end, shining metal.

Suðri Skornbrekker also realizes what this whole “you need a heart of stone to be a knight of the all-father” stuff was about, now, and it reassures him of his choice.

Ken (GM): “Rise Brothers, Sons of the AllFather. Warriors, clad in his works! REJOICE”

Suðri Skornbrekker stands straight and salutes, to no-one in particular.

Gray watches, troubled, but nods to them. Reminding himself he trust them to make their own choices.
(To Gray): You notice, up here next to them, a smattering of red dust that seems to be falling out of their chestpieces… It litters the floor in a small shower
…and the red crystal on the walls looks very similar. Just like the Aether-stone you found in the Dreugar mine. The Thaum. It smells the same

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I need a new Bardiche, though,” Suðri says to himself; “maybe we can stop back at the town after we are done here.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Youre struck with a hunger pang just then, when mentioning the weapon. Your guts react instantly. And youre craving….ore?

Gray scowls and reaches down, hand running across the floor. Claws nearly scratching the gold as he lifts his fingers, studying the red dust collected from the stone floor. “Aether dust. The red dust of the Dreugar.” He says, then speaks to the dwarves “It falls from you”

Suðri Skornbrekker makes a surprised eypression and facepalms, but then turns around to hear Gray. “…that is not g— Hm.”

Roderick would feel very hypocritical condemning them for recklessness in forming pacts with unknown powers
Roderick thinks at least they won’t be able to condemn him for it, either
Bomrek: Ayy, Bomrek didn’t form no pact, he bent down to look at a valuable.
Once again Bomrek has done nothing wrong.
That’s another Chapter for his book.

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard. “The Dreugar were mining it and handling it somewhat haphazardly, no? So… it might precede them, or out ancestors knew to use it more wisely,” he reassures himself. “…by the way, does anyone have any… rocks?”
(From P.P. A.): Those blood-hearts did not feel like stones, or minerals; or did they?
(From P.P. A.): also, does any of the gold strewn around here look appetizing?
(To P.P. A.): Yes. Yes it does

Bomrek: >does anyone have any rocks

Gray snaps his fingers hard, seeing if the dust will react with the flash and flare of fine gunpowder dust mistreated the same way.
Ken (GM) the crystals seems to evaporate as gray holds them up, disappearing from his hand even as he snaps his fingers
Gray winces at the call, leaveing the dust alone and instead turning his attention on the raven. “What about the dust?”

Memory surges into view now, seeming to pry herself from Gray’s hide, screeching. Red sparks crawl up his arm to her inky form
“Thats pure magic! Thaum! Deadly delicious!” She hops back along his arm, dodging the magical red motes, her voice crazed and frantic

Bomrek: (>Deadly delicious)
(Is this shit grimdark fruit loops?)

Suðri Skornbrekker sighs.
Doc: what do I roll to see if Rod knows that dwarves don’t actually eat rocks

Bomrek shrugs “Guess touching this won’t make it any worse”. Bomrek bends over, grasps the arm holding the crystal, and yanks it up above the gold pile.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Grey, Bomrek, friends. I know now the cost of this pact.”

Suðri Skornbrekker walks over to a pile of gold coins in the corner of the room.

Gray winces as he rises, drawing back from it and avoiding it, waiting for the magic to fade and considering the sparks. “Aye.. Thank you for nameing it. I’ll be careful of it.. And warn Syviis. She reacted poorly to the stuff before”

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a few coins in his hand. He facepalms with his other hand, and starts laughing.
He turns to them: “Behold!” and stuffs the handful of coins in his mouth.

Ken (GM) the coins disappear into his gullet!
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Roll HT
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): 10v12

Bomrek looks at Suthri, just as confused and as surprised by this as anyone.
It takes a few moments, and then Bomrek yells out “Hey! These are valuable!” and points down at the coins.
Doc: “This is no time for dwarven party tricks”

Ken (GM) He seems pained for a moment, doubles over, but then stands up as a chunk of golden metal starts to push it’s way out of his chest, over his heart.
Gray: “No trick. Power needs to be fed”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): This HURTS
Doc: (rod didn’t actually say that)
Bomrek: (Jesus, I’m really good you said heart and not some other portion of him.)
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Roll VS weaponcraft
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): defaults to a 9 for you
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): what does that default—
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): ok 9v9
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): wew

Suðri Skornbrekker looks pained, but concentrated.

Ken (GM) Suðri screams and yanks out of his chest a thin yet full formed Glaive-head, just like his old one!

Bomrek draws out his flask, looks at the rectangular bar of gold, and then back at his flask. He starts wondering if he can make whiskey bouillon this way.

Suðri Skornbrekker holds it, and looks at it.

Gray winces at the brutal display, watching distrubed and considering a moment before he simply nods.

Suðri Skornbrekker sits down on the pile of gold coins, and holds his head in his hands.He yells, breaking into laughter: “What?!”


Syviis wat
Fiss: Hehe

Roderick same tbh
P.P. A.: this is truly dwarven magic
definitely the all-father’s
Ken (GM): finest quality
Doc: magic, bad: lets you shoot fire from your hands and destroy your enemies
P.P. A.: though if I had known that it works that way, I would have eaten something other than gold
Doc: magic, good: lets you eat coins and turn them into axes
P.P. A.: I don’t think a golden blade is a good idea
but I guess it’s better than nothing
Bomrek: Maybe it’s uh
P.P. A.: maybe it’s super-gold because it went through my digestive system
Bomrek: coated with that shit, what is it. The titanium they use on gold ‘Deagles.
That shit is insanely hard and an A+++ finish
Joush M.: Collapsed structure gold/bronze alloy, for all your dwarfy needs.
Ken (GM): 4 xp for erryone!
much RP. Much plot!
P.P. A.: this session man
P.P. A.: I was anxious all the while, expecting some complex traps and worrying in which order you wander us to do things, and whether the altar or the vault would be a trap
and then I got the power to eat rocks and shit weapons
Bomrek: Hey,
now we can eat nails for breakfast and shit tacks mid-day at work.
P.P. A.: Grey can eat out fallen enemies, and we can eat their weapons!

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Grimwyrd: Pentagonal Damnation

Ken (GM): woop woop
Jeez, wheres fiss and doc?
Joush M.: Drinking wine coolers and braiding each other’s hair somewhere
Adolf S.: Ayy, here for the next 5 minutes, and then I have to go afk for a few minutes, then I’ll be here for another 10 minutes after that.
Ken (GM): how sporadic
but you live
so that is good
Bomrek: Yup, living life on a literal timer’s quite a shitty way to do it, lemme tell’ya.
Adolf S.: Man, Fiss AND Doc Awol?
Ken (GM): what a weird day
P.P. A.: Doc is choking his chickens and Fiss is kill

[Fiss Logs ON, but disappears into the Aether. The GM runs him in the coming events -Ken]

Ken (GM): huzzah! the fiss monster has been roused!
P.P. A.: \o/
Joush M.: Up at the crack of noon
Ken (GM): yeah, night work
Adolf S.: eesh
Ken (GM): woop woop
Adolf S.: woo


Ken (GM) Deep in the Crumbling Keep, below the earth, under the swamp itself, lies the tomb of the lost colony of the old dwarven empire, Outpost Prime.
Within this vault a massive rust red statue stands overlooking a drow. The creature dissects a being on a stone altar. The party will have none of that.
Suðri has opened fire, but the shot has not distressed the black skinned and faceless creature. What now?

Bomrek will take aim at the creature with his musket
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…so you are dead already?”shouts across the room.
Gray readies a harpoon.
Ken (GM): Initative then! They ready for combat!
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6+1(6)+6+1= 13
Bomrek: rolling 1d6 + 6(4)+6= 10
Adolf S.: Elves are truly the worst
Ken (GM): doc? joush?
(To Joush M.): poke poke
(To Doc): poke poke
Roderick: rolling d6+5.75+1(4)+5.75+1= 10.75
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader)(6)+7= 13
Ken (GM): YUS
whats with all the 13s
Bomrek: All these 13’s, all those black cats
Joush M.: It’s weird
Ken (GM): [sorted you all on your basic stats]

Ken (GM) immediately, as you ready guns and vicious implements, a cloud of black rises up from around the faceless drow. You’ve seen it before on the other cultists, a shroud of inky magical darkness which protects him! Behind the cloud though, there seems to be something more…
Drow laughter echoes in the hall all around you

Ken (GM): Suðri !
Joush M.: Help us, mecha spider!
Doc: tfw no mecha spider gf
Ken (GM): lol
Bomrek: This is just typical, no mecha spider around unless we’re the ones doing something bad. Our tax dollars at work, people.
Doc: remember that she has to tell you she’s a mecha spider or it’s entrapment
Joush M.: entrapment in a sticky steel web

Suðri Skornbrekker steps over to Gray: “Quick! give me the other guns.”
Suðri will take them from Gray, or will be ready to catch them if he just drops them, (so Gray doesn’t have to waste his turn on doing that)
Ken (GM): [He’s got the package, so assuming he’s willing you can strip the wad from him]
P.P. A.: aye
also does the Lich respond to the question?
Drow: echoing laughter
Gray has the pack at his back. Suori should be able to take them off without too much trouble, like pulling a gun from a holster on a horse.
P.P. A.: all right
Suðri Skornbrekker does that
Ken (GM): thumbs up

Ken(GM)/Syviis takes aim with her bow, but shouts a warning to you all “I cant see his magic! That’s definitely a shield but…he’s not there anymore!” she seems a bit afeared :S
Two blasts of lightning crack down into the black shield from her bow, and the arrows rip into the blackness….gouts of black smoke fly out from behind it!

Bomrek: What’s that weird thing in front of the lich, anyway? Some sort of blood cauldron?
Ken (GM): [yes, from what you can see, he’s got some kind of silver bowl in a dark altar, full of blood and such]

Gray looks around, rumbling with a low growl, protective of his friends as he leans down to Suðri so he can draw the holstered musket. Steel scrapes on leather and it comes free. “Wait for a good target”
Gray waits for a target

Ken (GM): gotcha
Doc: Is he visible [to me] from that position or is there a wall in the way?
Ken (GM): [You guys are up high (15 yards), theres a low wall surrounding the platform you’re one (waist high on a dwarf) and you’ve got line of sight down to him from your current position]
Roderick stands ready to leap to the side, knowing that the drow is out of his range but potentially still dangerous
Doc: (All-out Defense [Dodge])

Ken (GM): gotcha
Bomrek: Hmm. Bomrek’ll continue aiming, and yell “Why have you defiled this tomb, Elf? This is a holy place of rest, not a butcher’s shop for your foul Elvish rituals!”
That’ll end my turn.
Joush M.: Bomrek’s outrage allows no other actions
Drow: “This tomb was full of bones long before you ever had any, dwarf. My ‘butchery‘ will bring about a new age, when it unlocks the hidden dwarven relics that lie here. Such a pity, you’ll all be DEAD
Doc: that is a pity
Ken (GM) the cloud of black surrounding the drow expands, and bends, the shape expanding, stretching out. Behind the blackness, you see something pressing at your world…
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Of course this tomb was long full of bones, it’s a tomb!”
Suðri replies, knowing full well that’s probably not what he meant.
Bomrek: (That reminds me, those corpses he’s mucking about with, are they Elvish? Human at least? Or has he dug up some ol’ Dwarven bones?)

Ken (GM): Suðri !
Suðri Skornbrekker takes a step and props up another musket, so he can Aim and shoot at whatever is to emerge from that fog.
Ken (GM): gotcha, one in the hole

Ken(GM)/Syviis: “I dont think my bow did anything good there…” she steps back from the ledge, and holds her elvish powerstone in her hand, white light building up in her grasp “I cant tell what he’s doing with his magic!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Is there a way to throw other magic at it so they get tangled up?”
Bomrek: (Wait, shit, he’s spawning an Alien from the movie Aliens)
P.P. A.: (We’ve fought those before within the Ansible though, so that would be okay)

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray snarls and growls, then resist the urge to throw that massive spear, instead standing beside the others and readying his shield as well.
Gray: All out defense for Gray.
Ken (GM): gotcha
(To Gray): Double? bonus?
(From Gray): Bonus to block, I think. Might have to block something incoming

Roderick steps closer, still All out to dodge
Ken (GM): gotcha, so wary!

Bomrek: Wew
Can I roll to see if I can make out the size and shape of whatever figure is in the cloud?
Ken (GM): Perception!
Bomrek: rolling 3d6(1+2+3)= 6
w e w
P.P. A.: comfy roll
Bomrek: Very
(To Bomrek): Its a dragon, like the one you fought at Glardenfen so many weeks ago
Ken (GM): Bomrek squints at the darkness
Bomrek: “Dragon!” Bomrek yells. (I’m going to Aim for an additional turn.)
Doc: o-oh
Ken (GM): woot

As Bomrek shouts, the cloud of blackness snaps into shape, like an elastic on reality. A DRAGON like the one slain at Glardenfen, perches over the altar, the drow is nowhere to be seen!


rolling 3d6(1+1+4)= 6 vs Brawling Bite
ruh roh
P.P. A.: fug :DDDDDD
Joush M.: Uh.. fuck
Ken (GM): dodge!
Doc: Dive for +3?
Ken (GM): good idea!
Bomrek: (>inB4 Doc rolls an 18 and Rod dives straight into the dragon’s mouth)
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 11 dodge (4+4+2)= 10
P.P. A.: “just as planned!”
Ken (GM): hah! barely!
Ken (GM) the dragons maw snaps closed silently, sealed over empty air, Roderick a foot away and on the floor!
Ken (GM): Suðri !

P.P. A.: When we killed the last dragon (or passed the corpse on the way back from the fort) did we see where its heart was located?
Bomrek: It’s located in San Fransisco
^Look how obscure a reference that is
Doc: That song was a reference to a lich whose phylactery is the Golden Gate Bridge
Doc: few know this
Bomrek: ^
Ken (GM): hah; In the chest. Suðri chopped it in the face to kill it tho. Your prodding at the corpse did lead you to believe it had entrails in the usual chesty places
so yes, you can shoot at -3 to hit it’s vitals
P.P. A.: head would be -5 as usual, right
hmm, what SM is this?
P.P. A.: I assume distance penalty is just about zero
Ken (GM): +3
Suðri Skornbrekker swerves around and shoots the dragon in the head.
Suðri Skornbrekker: 11v16
Ken (GM) the mighty beast’s attention elsewhere(all out attack), Suðri puts one in in it’s fucking face
P.P. A.: what was the damage for these lighter muskets, 3d6+2?
Ken (GM): yes, i believe so
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Get out of my face!” [14] Pi++
Ken (GM) …which explodes into shards of black glass and smokey entrails as the shot connects!

Ken (GM) the dusty jagged neck swings round to ‘look’ at the dwarf who shot it
Ken (GM) the drow’s evil chuckle echoes out from within

P.P. A.: should have shot the “heart”, maybe the Drow would have been there
Bomrek: The drow is in all of our heart’s, PPA.

Ken(GM)/Syviis: “Oh don’t you DARE!” and Syviis invokes her holy nimbus of power! She’s surrounded by crackling white lightning!

Ken (GM): Gray!

Gray calls on the totemic power then hurls that heavy harpoon at point blank range.
Gray: rolling 1d6 for +DX from Blessed (Heroic Feats)(6)= 6
rolling 3d6 for Duration of Blessed (Heroic Feats)(1+3+3)= 7 sec
Ken (GM): ho lee shit
god fucking damn
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 18 for Thrown Weapon (Harpoon)(4+3+1)= 8
Doc: :DDDD
Joush M.: Fuck your defense! That is a critical hit
Gray: rolling 3d6 for critical effect?(2+1+4)= 7

[Not actually a Crit this time, Bomrek (only on a 6 or less on the dice) but for the Rule of Cool, the GM decides it’s pretty damn awesome as well, and grants a hit to the Lich riding a smoke dragon construct -Ken]

Ken (GM) the massive harpoon flies true, and sinks deep into the heart of the thing; you hear something crack
Gray: rolling 3d6+3 for IMP damage(3+2+2)+3= 10 Imp

Ken (GM) something inside the thing breaks away, and the thing disintegrates in a silent clatter of black glass and smoke, the plume drifting down around you.

In its place, the Drow hovers, a harpoon lodged in his chest, dead center.

Gray snarls as darkness creeps into the edge of his vision and he drinks deeply of the power the Raven totem offers, his hand holding that rope as he looks to the Drow that defiantly hovers there, impaled.
Ken (GM): [harpoon mapped in ]

Doc: Is he visible from the ground there or is he too low?
Ken (GM): oh, he’s hovering in the air, just on the other side of the railing, level with you guys. With a bony look on his face
Roderick blasts a gout of flame at the floating lich
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 14(3+1+1)= 5
Bomrek: w e w
Roderick: rolling 4d6(4+6+1+5)= 16 Burn
Ken (GM): hahahahha
Gray, roll HT for your harpoon and rope?
Gray: rolling 3d6(3+1+1)= 5
Ken (GM): the FUCK
Joush M.: I assume it’s 10 or so?
Gray is as suprised as anyone when the rope isn’t incinerated

Ken (GM) Fire fills the air over the hall, and the smell of charred bone and stone fills the air; Gray’s harpoon squeals as the water in it boils out, but it holds!

Ken (GM) in the aftermath, the Drow hovers still, charred, and his robes absolutely blackened. But he hasn’t moved….
and he breaks into a bony grin

Bomrek: I’ll shoot’m in the head.
What’s the penalty for that, -7?
Ken (GM): yep; thats brain pan
Bomrek: rolling 3d6(3+1+1)= 5
Doc: wtf
Bomrek: Yeah that’s a success beyond 10.
Ken (GM): fucking
good god
Bomrek: I’m assuming he’s not dodging?
Ken (GM): again! for a roll on the critical headblow table! please!
Doc: I’m laughing so hard right now
Bomrek: Is that a 1d6, or 3d6?
Ken (GM): 3
Bomrek: rolling 3d6(1+1+3)= 5
Ken (GM): what
P.P. A.: >three fives on three 3d6 in a row
Joush M.: Goddamn

Ken (GM): [4, 5] – The target’s DR protects at half value (round up) after applying any armor divisors. If any damage penetrates, treat it as if it were a major wound, regardless of the actual injury inflicted.

Damage please!
Joush M.: We’d better enjoy this. They might have patched this by next week
Bomrek: rolling 3d6 + 1(2+5+4)+1= 12 Pi++
Doc: W E W

Ken (GM) The shot lines up, inches from the lich’s face. Bomrek pulls the trigger, and the top of the skull just DISAPPEARS above the nose
Bomrek immediately peers over his gun and through the smoke, trying to tell if this thing’s dead yet, or at least has stopped laughing.
Ken (GM) the body falls away, bones and robes and skin just disintegrating, collapsing on itself. The harpoon clatters limply to the railing. What is left is….a spectral green thing floating in the air
Adolf S.: Shit, who are we going to call now?

Ken (GM) two eyes wink open, lime green

Ken (GM) It hisses! And it’s maw opens, and a gout of green flame flies at Bomrek!

Suðri Skornbrekker: “How many layers of dead can someone be?!” Suðri complains aloud.
Bomrek: Oh shit
Joush M.: (Can I try to block that, or is it too large/encompassing?)
(To Gray): That’s a Spirit now! Certainly, your vision shows its true form! It can be banished or holy-powered away!
Ken (GM): [Area effect, one hex size; Bomrek needs to dodge]
Bomrek: Can I do that uh, dodge dive thing for +3?
Ken (GM): [or!]
[Sacrificial dodge from Gray could do]
[I realize, you’re big enough for that at SM+1]
Joush M.: Sacrificial block would only put the shield in the way, he’s fine with getting that burned… but lighting himself on fire? We aren’t that good friends, man
Ken (GM): hahahah
Joush M.: I mean, if it was Suðri 
Bomrek: Wooowww, Gray’s secret santa gift is going to be shit
rolling 3d6(4+4+6)= 14
Bomrek: ayy, lets see..Nope
Ken (GM): nooope
Bomrek: Failure by 2
P.P. A.: does Bomrek have Luck?
Bomrek: I do not
P.P. A.: uh-oh
Ken (GM): anyone else have selfless luck? for other folks to benifet?
Gray decided to go with 20 HP instead of luck
P.P. A.: That’s an Advantage separate from normal Luck?
Doc: Rod only has selfish luck
P.P. A.: >You cannot share Luck.
Ken (GM): Right, Im thinking of superluck
100pts worth of base advantage
rolling 4d6 + 3(2+6+5+5)+3 = 21 Burn, Area Effect
P.P. A.: fug
Bomrek: Uh oh
Ken (GM): average DR for you is… 4
so 17 burning to your HP
Doc: fugg that’s a lot of burning

Ken (GM) the flames surround Bomrek suddenly and completely, choking off even a yell of surprise
P.P. A.: did the Drow aim correctly?
Ken (GM): Yes PPA 😛
Joush M.: Oh fuck, this just got real
Doc: how’s uh
Bomrek: Mmm, that’s -2 HP then
Doc: how’s the gunpowder
Ken (GM): yes!
I was JUST getting to that too 😀
Bomrek: Pssh, that’s in my leather backpack, behind me
P.P. A.: hopefully either Rod or Grey can end this on the next turn with their fancy swords or Syviis with her white lightning
Bomrek: Syviis is a moon shiner?

Gray can see the Spirit and plans to Banish the Drow’s soul to a place beyond, but he isn’t fast enough to stop Bomrek from being engulfed in fire.
Ken (GM): I’m gonna say your single spare reload on your belt burns out, but Ill give you the benefit of the doubt your bag is on the floor where you dropped it
HT versus staying on your feet please?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Bomrek!”
Bomrek: rolling 3d6(3+2+4)= 9 vs HT
Ken (GM): noice
Bomrek: Yup, Bomrek’s fine. Totally fine. That being said, am I on fire? I feel like stopping, dropping, and rolling might be in order.
Doc: what a fucking champ
Ken (GM): Yes, you’re totally on fire
you may start rolling next turn
Bomrek: Yeah, at whatever point I can, I’m going to drop – righto
Ken (GM): youre already on the ground, having dove for a +3
Suðri !

Suðri Skornbrekker is enraged, seeing his fellow Dwarf falling to the ground charred and ablaze. Though he figured it would do no good, in his anger he drops his musket and grabs his bardiche, swinging it at the misty enemy.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “By the Allfather!”
P.P. A.: >that was a very accurate slash at a cloud of magic mist

Ken (GM) the blade swings true, and passes through the green specter like it wasn’t even there.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Die already!”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You feel a tingle in your arms up through your weapon as it passes through the thing. Roll Will
(From Suðri Skornbrekker):
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): might reroll that with Luck
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): kk
(From Suðri Skornbrekker):
[8] [14]
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): nice. Best is a beat by 4
(To Suðri Skornbrekker):
[7] vs 16 [Secret GM Drow posession]

Ken (GM) Suðri suddenly stiffens as the weapon passes through the spectre, and then it disappears! Gone with the passing of the airs as the glaive finishes its arc
(To Gray): It jumped into Suthri! Its still in there!
(From P.P. A.): was that second roll for something the spectre was doing?

Bomrek starts rolling on the ground as soon as he can
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You feel as if youre not alone…in your own head
Syviis: “Where the hell did it go?! it disappeared!” She lines up her bow, looking this way and that
Ken (GM): Gray!

(From P.P. A.): can I speak out lout or does it prevent me from that?
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You cant move! You seem to be paralyzed!
(From P.P. A.): DAMN
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): right! Your body is locked up, partially through your bardiche swing. 

P.P. A.: ah, that seems like something that would be visible. so “stiffen” meant “suddenly frozen in his tracks mid-swing”

Ken (GM) Suðri seems frozen in place, pained expression, a look of hate and fear and shock on his face. Hes not moving!
P.P. A.: someone insert another coin!

Gray turns to Suthri, growling and gathering power.. “Into the Darkness with you!”

Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 12 for Exorcism (2+2+6)= 10

Ken (GM): rolling 3d6 v 16 Resist (1+3+1)=
Joush M.: Goddamn

Ken (GM) power pours through Gray, his sword alighting with green flame, but the shining light does nothing to Suðri’s body, the ethereal voice issuing from nowhere and everywhere…
Ken (GM): Roderick!

(From Suðri Skornbrekker): Suðri thinks at the Drow: “I suspect you won’t leave voluntarily. Now, before your inevitable demise at the hands of my friends, what were you doing down here? Trying to break into our hallowed tombs?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Foolish mortal creature! Your body will allow me to release the Golems from their slumber here! My butchery was just another key to open that door!

Doc: What kind of armor is Suðri wearing/where does it protect?
Ken (GM): ruh roh
P.P. A.: fuggen swords
He’s wearing light plate all around, medium plate on the chest
and angry plate on the groin
Ken (GM): DR 3 at least everywhere
11 in the groin, 6 in the torso
and skull
P.P. A.: neck is 4 because padding

(From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Your plans will be foiled! What Golems? Like the spider near the entrance?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Yes, child, like the one above. They were forged by the First Masters, your forefathers. I wish to add them to my collection

Ken (GM): I will point out, Rod is still on the floor
Prone from the dive
Doc: Any penalties to fast-draw on the floor?
Ken (GM): certainly, -4
posture penalties suck

(From Suðri Skornbrekker): “…I suppose they are a neat thing to have, yea; though I wish you could have collected them without desecrating the final resting place of our forefathers. Do you know how they were wrought, if any masters of that skill yet live?”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): They died out years ago. I crushed them for their insolence when they attempted to settle here on the border of our lands. When my kind ruled. And we shall rule again!
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Disgusting! You robbed the world of their arts, and now try to plunder what little remains of it!”
(From P.P. A.): Can Suðri see Roderick from where he’s facing, assuming he can’t move his eyes?

(To Gray): Gotta say; I am using a more streamlined version of the exorcism rules. Particularly, your ability to just invoke it in a turn instead of perform a 15 minute ritual, but the core of it is still a roll off. You’re wont be able to sever his grasp with your power again today tho, just to be clear
(To Gray): Remind me to formally write up that process for us tho
(From Gray): Yeah, I thought we were going for a streamlined exorcism/cinematic use of the skill. Upshot is that he can’t just try again for a while though, huh? Damn. Have to come up with a different plan.

[This fabled Grimwyrd Exorcism takes me a good three months ot put to paper for some reason. You can see a copy of it Here -Ken]

Ken (GM): so, plan?
Doc: Does the Balanced quality affect fast-draw or just the attacks and parries?
Ken (GM): Ill say you get the +1 :p
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 11 or 12 to fast-draw the magic sword
(3+6+1)= 10
Ken (GM): ayyyy
(To Roderick): You feel a rush of elation from the blade as you draw it, it SINGS in your head a song of fury hate and excitement

Bomrek: I’ma have to go afk for some amount of time here in a bit.
Assume Bomrek screams about being on fire, rolls around on the ground, and shouts for water.
Ken (GM): kk
P.P. A.: That seems reasonable
Ken (GM): [such timing]
Bomrek: Oh, is it my turn? Well, yeah, as above at any rate.
Joush M.: This is why I get possessed before I go into a fight.

Roderick thrusts the fae blade at Suðri’s abdomen, shouting “Forgive me!”
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Hah, his blade is some enchanted Fae shit! I really hope it kills you before it kills me!”
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 15 (telegraphic attack)(1+4+6)= 11
Ken (GM): it hits!
Doc: Any defense?
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): OH GOD THE PAIN the voice screams in your head
P.P. A.: he’s frozen stiff so I dunno
Ken (GM): it hits
so roll damage!
Roderick: rolling d6+3(3)+3= 6 Imp

Ken (GM) the blade thrusts forward, and seems to twist in Rod’s hand as the metal sings out ringing from the sheath! The poor dwarf, frozen in place is struck by the blade just below the breastplate! There is a PUNK noise, and then a burst of lime light in all directions!
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): “Ow, fuck. Hey, sword; you’re inside me now too, can you talk?”
P.P. A.: I assume Suðri unfreezes?
Ken(GM): he does!
with a sword in his gut!
Doc: a-at least he was wearing armor

Ken(GM)Bomrek is rolling about on the floor behind him screaming
rolling 3d6(2+1+1)= 4

Ken (GM): immediately putting out the flames
[Suthri took 4 wounds, after DR from the sword poke]
(To Roderick): The sword is ecstatic. Waves of joy rush up your arm, leaving numbness in the wake of the ecstasy

Suðri Skornbrekker grunts in pain, and looks at Roderick, trying to smile: “”t’s okay, you killed it. Jusssss— ow, just heal me later.” If Roderick doesn’t pull out the sword, he tries to sit or lay down to a position where it hurts less. “Bomrek comes first though.”
(To Gray): He’s right, the sword killed the ghost…or banished it. Its gone, either way
P.P. A.: or well, maintain any position in which he is least discomfortable with a blade inside him
Ken (GM): oh god; just….just take it out :S
(From Roderick): can he remove the sword or is it going to argue?
P.P. A.: wouldn’t that cause bleeding tho
(To Roderick): The blade does not argue, its kinda….drunk?
Roderick withdraws the blade as gently as he can

Gray looks around, scenting the air and watching the shadows as he drops his shield, pulling off his surcoat and smothering the flames on the dwarf on the ground.
Ken (GM): [Bomrek is not on fire anymore. See above Crit]
Doc: yeah technically you want to keep the blade in until he can get to surgery
fortunately we’ve got *~magic~*
Ken (GM): speaking of which
Gray: “It’s gone for now. Thank you Roderick, it was strong.. Too strong for me to drive out casually. I need to learn the rituals” He admits. The beast disturbed by then, asking Suðri . “How badly are you hurt?
Gray also checks on Bomrek.
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, I have a sword inside me, but it killed the evil spirit first.” He tries not to wince. “Talked to him while he was in my mind. The villain killed the Dwarves who made this place,” he frowns.
Gray: “Scum” He growls thoughtfully

Roderick casts a panicked glance at Bomrek, hoping he’s still alive and rushing towards him to heal
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to heal Bomrek for 4 FP(3+2+2)= 7
Ken (GM): woo!
RNG for the win
Doc: So that’s… 8 HP?
Suðri Skornbrekker: “At least he told me the spider we saw was called a ‘Golem’, and that there are more of them inside the Vault. Though he slew their makers, the fiend, so that art may truly be lost to the world.”

Ken (GM) Roderick invokes his magic and Bomrek’s crisp hide pales back to a normal flesh tone. He’s still a crispy critter, but wakes up once the healing magic hits him
There is cursing
Bomrek: “Set on fire, a second time, by magic. Fuck magic”
Suðri Skornbrekker chuckles. “I concur. Nasty feeling.”

Roderick staggers out of breath towards Suðri and places a hand on his shoulder
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to heal for 1 FP(3+5+5)= 13
thats 2HP for the dorf bro!

Ken (GM) the small wound leaking red-liquid-Suðri closes, and the bleeding stops.
P.P. A.: -4+2, so I’m at 11 HP now

Gray nods to Suðri, and Bomrek. “I’m sorry. You took the brunt of the abuse today”

Roderick lifts his visor and slumps into the corner, sweating profusely and breathing heavily
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Well, at least I brought it on myself,” Suðri laughs, relaxing as the pain recedes. “Thanks, Roderick.”
Roderick: “Need… to rest… you should be… stable…”
Bomrek: “Yes, sincerely, its good to not be dead”

Doc: Where’s Bomrek’s HP at now?
Ken (GM): [Bomreks sitting at 6 of 12]

Gray takes a flask from his pack, offering Roderick the water as the human noble catches his breath. The towering beast gathering that spear up again and stowing it.

Roderick nods in appreciation, thankful for the drink
Doc: Rod’s at 2 FP

Suðri Skornbrekker turns to Bomrek: “By the Deep, Bomrek, you really took a hit there.”
P.P. A.: [headcanon: in Dwarven lore of many different kingdoms, there is a place called the Deep, which is really deep. It is variously described as hell, a subterranean paradise, or just a cool place with lots of riches, but in any case digging towards it is something to strive for!]
Bomrek says nothing, shuffles into a comfortable position, and just lies there.
Suðri Skornbrekker also catches his breath, and just reflects on what they’ve been through, eventually remembering to pick up his two discarded muskets, to clean and to reload them.

Gray speaks in that deep voice. “Once we recover we should explore the room. There are things here that might be important or powerful. Or at least useful, for our mission.”

Syviis sweeps the room with her bow out, a light crackle of power on the tip of her arrows. “There’s nothing else to be seen here, no powers, no darkness. Just a room” and she tilts her head “With a really impressive statue. Is that one of your kings?” she points to the red dwarven edifice beside you
[hah, sweep-the-room-mind]

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I suspect…” Suðri hesitates to make such a bold statement, “This could possibly be the Allfather’s tomb. I wonder why they would bury him at such a remote outpost, but some things just match up to legends I’ve heard many times…”
Syviis: “I though the allfather was your god?”
(From P.P. A.): from what you said he was more like a god-emperor, right
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Yeah. A mythic being who ruled you personally, and you revere him in his passing from this world

Suðri Skornbrekker: “A God, and an emperor—a God-Emperor, at least in the form in which He blessed is with His rule.”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Like Gilgamesh, or John Wayne
Suðri Skornbrekker: “This could possibly be where the mortal coil He left behind lies enshrined!”

Gray summons Memory, looking to the raven in mute curiosity to see if she has anything to add before leaving her to perch at his huge shoulder as the beast listens to Suori’s words.
Memory: [“Holy shit you guys stabbed a ghost to death” WARK]
Suðri Skornbrekker: “The undead Elf said the Golems were built by the ‘First Masters,’ whom he massacred for settling so close to Gorgoth. He said there are more ahead, they must be guarding something.” He strokes his beard and looks at the key the Golem had given him. “I might be too optimistic, but that something could even be the ancient artefact the Witch send us to seek.”
Memory: [“what was with all those FIVES?!”]
P.P. A.: haha

P.P. A.: heh

Gray nods to Suori. “It’s worth investigating, so long as we are here. We should clean this place out anyway”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “What a mess he made.”

P.P. A.: (if we’re going to end soon I’d rather end now, there’s a thunderstorm going on. and after a lightning once stuck the neighbour’s house and fried some electronics in our house (and yet more in theirs) I’m a bit paranoid and like to disconnect my PC and everything)
Ken (GM): hahah
Doc: Rod isn’t going to do anything until he’s forced to
Ken (GM): next week; THE TOMB
P.P. A.: Very fun session!
Doc: He’s Fit so 10 minutes of rest should get him up and able to walk again but 4 FP isn’t exactly a lot to fight with
Ken (GM): I sure HOPED so; you fought a fucking LICH! Cant let that be run of the mill
P.P. A.: I assume we’ll first throw out the carcass, then loot the Drow’s possessions, and finally venture deeper inside
so lots of time for him to recover
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man. Goddamn, this got rough.
Doc: this session is probably going to be in my top 10 dnd battles tbh
P.P. A.: aye, exciting times
Thanks for the game, and till next week!
Ken (GM): >top ten dnd battles

this was GURPS

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Grimwyrd Campaign Setting: Exorcism

Grimwyrd Exorcism


Defaults: Will-6, Religious Ritual (any)-3, Ritual Magic (any)-3, or Theology (any)-3.

This is a cinematically enhanced skill, religiously powered, which does not require mana. Exorcism is not specific to any one religion; Many different faiths of the land allow for removal of invading spirits not native to the Material World. When these beings cross over to the lands of the living, they can cling to Objects, places or even people. This skill is the ability to drive a spirit from a possessed person or haunted location.

Typically, the length of the ritual is 15 minutes X the spirit’s HT. Some spirits wait patiently through the ritual, anticipating the combat to come; others try to distract or even attack you before you can complete the ritual.

Those with Power Investiture, Blessed, or True faith may instead take a Concentrate maneuver and invoke their own power to perform their ritual immediately.

Once the ritual is complete, roll against Exorcism Skill.

  • On a critical success, you immediately banish the spirit.
  • On a regular success, your opponent rolls in a Quick Contest: your Exorcism skill vs. the higher of the defending spirit’s ST or Will. [When fighting a spirit in a living host, add higher of the ST or Will of the possession victim to your Exorcism skill as they try to “push the spirit out.”] If you win, you drive the spirit from its haunt or victim.
  • If the spirit wins or ties, it retains its current status and you must wait at least a week before you can repeat the ritual.
  • On a critical failure, immediately roll 3d+10 on the Fright Check Table (p. 360). Even if you keep your sanity, you may never attempt to exorcise this particular spirit again.

The spirit of deceased mortals are laid to rest; these spirits pass on to the Spirit Realm in peace, continuing the cycles of the great wheel of souls.

For demons and similar entities, make a reaction roll. On a “Poor” or better reaction, the spirit flees in humiliation. On a “Bad” or worse reaction, the spirit immediately uses whatever resources it has to take vengeance on you and those nearby. These spirits are vengeful, and while they may have been driven from a mortal coil, they are still present in the Realm of Men. They are quite vulnerable now, exposed in the world!

If the exorcism fails at any stage, or if a spirit is driven from a coil but not yet destroyed, make an IQ roll afterward. A success means that you learned something about the spirit that will help you in your next attempt to banish that foe, giving you +2 on later skill rolls. You may only claim this bonus once for a particular spirit.

Other ways of gaining power over spirits involve researching and invoking their true names ( requires research, up to a +4 bonus)(often in the tongue of Old Gorgoth or the Demonic Script) or controlling a fetish attuned against them. Mortal spirits are repelled by silver (+1 for carrying pure silver tools) and pure salts of the earth (+1 for utilizing at least 1oz, consumed in the process).

Demons can be repelled with golden offerings (+1 for plated tools,+2 for solid devices), burned incense (+1 for utilizing at least 1oz, consumed in the process), and sacred or holy items (+1 to +4 bonus, depends on resonance and religious significance, check with the GM).

Truly powerful artifacts of Exorcism are the Ogre Blades; forged by the ancient titans who battled the first Horned King of Gorgoth, hey are infused with the green flame of magic. Little is still known about this power, as the histories of the Ogre Mages were lost to the warring ravages of the Old Kingdom. Many have mistaken the green flame for simple magical tricks, and paid dearly for it, their souls charred from their bodies in a wash of verdant light. (+4 when brandishing the blade; wounds struck against spirits possessing a body only damage the invading spirit, and victims may be spared injury!) It is told that during their war Ogre mages would allow demons to possess Orcs and Gnolls, then strike heads from necks, banishing the spirits with surprising mortal injuries!

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Grimwyrd: Butchers Rage

Ken (GM): oh god a fiss!
Fiss: WHERE?!
Ken (GM): oh god hes RIGHT BEHIND YOU
Fiss: It’s true.
P.P. A.: this time I should finally update my sheet before the session; 
which terrains did we pass through that quality for Survival experience?
Fiss: I know Mountains, Swamp and Forrest at least. Plains probably too.
Ken (GM): plains, forest. wasteland if you really wanna stretch the points
P.P. A.: thanks
Ken (GM): NP; how many point you got saved up?
P.P. A.: 48 before those two skills
Fiss: hahaha, oh shit…
Ken (GM): JFC
Fiss: So basically: SUDDEN HULK OUT
Ken (GM): How is Syviis looking?
Fiss: 4 points unspent. I recently bumped a few levels up into Parry Missile Weapon. I figure eventually someone’s going to be cocky and shoot an arrow at HER…
She intends to not take that shit.
P.P. A.: There, spent a bit on Survival skills, upping my Diplomacy, buying back my Base Speed to what it should be (though I don’t need it but it feels like I should do that because it would otherwise cheat the Disadvantage limit a bit), and I think a buried a point somewhere in some other skill. 
I should see if there are any cool advantages or techniques I could buy but eh, some other time
custom advantage: dorfbeard hair stands up (like with static electricity) when there is evil magic afoot
Fiss: Hahah, that would be a good one.
P.P. A.: (only half-joking, this actually sounds pretty practical)
Ken (GM): that would probably fall under a customized detect/danger sense
I like it
heyo joush!
Joush M.: Good morning. How’s it going?
Ken (GM): PPA had 48 unspent points
the absolute MADMAN
P.P. A.: I managed to get them down to 33!
Joush M.: All into ST huh? SUDDENLY SWOLE
Elf’s been drinking that protein powder. Getting those chicken breast. It’s all about the gainz, son.
Ken (GM): OATS
Fiss: I think I might have to bump up Syviis’ ST eventually. All that bow-work, she gotta haz biceps now.
P.P. A.: Imma message Doc
P.P. A.: No reply yet
Adolf S.: What has spider-mech-kun done?
P.P. A.: Looks like Doc is kill tonight but at least we have Bomrek
Bomrek: For a second I thought you were saying that Doc’s character had died.
Ken (GM): huzzah!


Ken (GM): You’ve found the Crumbling Keep, but after breaching the walls all sorts of foul magic has come to your attention. Then, bursting from the wall itself comes a spider made of metal that responds to ancient dwarven edicts! What Madness is this?!

Joush M.: Gray’s turn? I don’t remember where we left off
Ken (GM): [there should be a chance for him to act yeah. Last we left off, the spider thing had seized up at Suðri’s words, and stepped back from assaulting Rod

Gray turns and starts back down the hall at the commotion, pausing rather then step in Syviss’ way as he watches the spider in the dim light. [re-positions token into the ‘melee’]

Ken (GM) the thing has stopped in it’s tracks, needle-sharp legs retracting, stepping further back into shadow.

Suðri Skornbrekker puts back the coin, keeping a wary eye on the spider. He doesn’t know what it is capable of, but he tries asking in Dwarven: “[How is the situation? Have there been any intruders recently?]

Fiss approaches cautiously, making sure not to block the way
Syviis: Oops, Elf Mode

Gray tries to tell if it’s powered by a spirit or not, looking to the strange ruby eyes set into the dark metal head of the killing machine, yet it’s far outside his experience. He does relax a touch as it attacks no-one.

Suðri Skornbrekker does not know if it is an artificial creature, or just some contraption powered by magic, or something else; but it seems it served the ancient Dwarves, and does still, so he doesn’t expect it to explore into black tentacles immediately.

(To Gray): it has no spirit, no ghost within its shell
(To Syviis): There is a magical presence, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Its certainly working on magic power, but it’s completely un-attuned. Pure clear magic power. Odd.

Gray: “It’s no fetish, powered by a caged spirit. I know nothing of this… of course, it seems to be dwarven. I imagine you would know it better then I.” He walks after Syviss, then looks around. Staying ever alert for ambush or attack.

Ken (GM): [in the dwarven, for the half of you which speak it]
IT speaks in a gravel toned voice, bowing its head slightly as it addresses

Suðri Skornbrekker is relieved that the thing does recognize the Elves as enemies, so it is not under their nefarious control. He is intrigued by the ‘vault’ mentioned, but that comes later.

Bomrek peers at the spider, rifle shouldered but making sure the muzzle gives that thing a wide berth. “Why hasn’t this attacked the Elf inhabitants? How did they placate it?” (Bomrek assumes since the Elf and goat-whatever were fucking in the forest, that they live in this place, and don’t get regularly attacked by this thing)

Roderick: speaking in the dwarven “[What are you? Where is this place?]”

Bomrek: “Who made you?” Bomrek asks in Dwarvish.

Ken (GM) the spider thing immediately responds when addressed, speaking in a loud voice

Bomrek: Do Suthri or I know any of those?
Master Bouillon, n’ such
Ken (GM): IQ roll? or releveant social skill?
Bomrek: rolling 3d6(5+4+4)= 13 vs IQ 10
Suðri Skornbrekker: 6v12
Bomrek: fail

Suðri Skornbrekker strokes his beard, and seems to remember something.
Joush M.: And Bomrek strokes his beard. He knows some of those words

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The line of Amethyst was an old lineage, from the lost Empire. The great houses of Lords took their names from the precious stones of the Earth. If the spider thing is speaking truth, it is easily hundreds of years old…
(To Bomrek): The name might be dwarven, but nobody goes by “Amethyst” or anything like that now…

Bomrek turns to Suðri and pokes the butt of his guns into his arm “Do you remember a ‘Bouillon’ ?”

Suðri Skornbrekker mutters in common, for the party to hear, what he pieces together from memory: “The House of Amethyst was one of the Great Houses of the Empire. I know not what an ‘Aether-smith’ is, but I wager is the product of such ‘Aether-smithy’.”
Bomrek: “Great Houses? When? What happened to’m?”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “The same as what happened to the old Empire centuries ago, I guess. In any case, we should first clear this ruin of Elves. I do not like the sound of them dwelling in our people’s hallowed crypts.”

Ken (GM): [old dwarven history moment; the Empire before the King was the great nation of Dwarves, lost to history. There was a cataclysm, and ‘the ways’ were lost. Your people were cut off from the rest, and your Kingdom was founded hereafter]

Suðri Skornbrekker: [In Dwarven:] “[We will go and expel the intruders, and liberate the keep. Guard the vault in the meantime. But first; point us towards the crypt—with all this overgrowth, it is hard to navigate.]
IT brandishes it’s sword-like arms, pointing West of here.
Bomrek: (Edward Scissor-everything’s over here, fuck)
Bomrek: (>Bar-lengths. Neat)
Suðri: I thought the crypt was breached but the vault was safe?
Gray: “You’ve learned much from the machine?” He ask as he stands quietly by, his gaze on the machine and watching it move, the joints of the sword-like legs the spider balances on and those eerie, jewel like eyes.
Suðri: oh
IT: “[KEYS REMAIN SAFE]” and a small silver rod ‘ejects’ from it’s forehead into the air
Joush M.: (“Current security status: Everything is fucked. Also last firmware update is 1,235,567 days out of date”)

Syviis: Does this look like a ‘key’ from the other place at all?
(To Syviis): Good eye 😀 nearly the same design, right size, eerily similar. and the aura on it is unmistakable

Ken (GM) the silver rod tumbles in the air, and does not fall. It floats toward Suðri on invisible flight

Bomrek: “Yeah, lets see your ancient shrubs and trees do that, elf” Bomrek comments as he watches the piece float in the air toward Suthri.

Syviis raises an eyebrow “Have you not noticed yet, Sir Dwarf?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks serious, and takes the key as it floats towards him. He considered telling the spider to keep it for now in case they lose, but that’s rather pessimistic thinking, and it wants him to have it.

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You know, as if you have learned it every day spoken by your forefathers into your ear, that this key opens the doorway to the vault of the AllFather. His Knights guard his place, and they are Mighty

He nods, and addresses the rest of the party in Common: “The enemies have breached the crypt and are trying to enter the Vault. Whatever is in there, we should probably not let them get it. We shall head West!”

IT does something, then begins to shimmer and disappear from sight. You hear a KLIK KLIK KLIK as it backs up into the webbing tunnel, disappeared from view

Bomrek looks at Syviis in a sort of side-glance way, and goes “Eh?”

Gray: “Aye, Suðri” He nods to the young dwarf at the bold command and turns to start back to the west, the lupine beast prowling swiftly now. They have work to do and a new twist on their mission to put a stop to the wicked cult here.

Syviis: “You go a long way to blame my kin for the magics plaguing us on this quest…but it is your people who have supplied most of the machinations. That key is a brother to the one we used in the Keep down in the wastes. Of that I have no doubt.”

Suðri Skornbrekker stows away the key and picks up his weaponry again. As he puts the key away, though, he pauses for a moment, and his expression changes. He shakes it off though, and moves on.

Syviis smiles

Roderick: “Good GODS this place is some kind of a mess. Elves, demons, now spider machines built by dwarves? Madness”
Gray: “The world is built on the ashes of a dozen that have come before, good Roderick. The wheel never stops and someday our works may terrify a distant generation.”

Suðri Skornbrekker stops again with a different expression on his face, though. But he again shakes it off. “I’m getting a hunch, but that can wait until the cultists are dead.”
(From P.P. A.): so this is where the Dwarven artifact (that we need to collect along with the Greyblade etc.) is kept, huh?
(To P.P. A.): Well, maybe. The witch implored you to find every one you could. Stands to reason there might be one of them here too

Syviis: “I am impressed, of course, I just wanted to point this out that my people aren’t the only ones supplying magic and might to the dark ones twisting these tools to their will.”
Bomrek: “Our people build things, and they do it right. Leave the intricacies of that to the historians to decide.”
Syviis: “Aye, I look forward to being disemboweled by only the finest Dwarven made blades on this journey.” she chuckles

Roderick brings up his hand, and sparks a torch-sized light over it. Brandishing his longsword in his other hand. “Lets get on with it then”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Be that as it may, so far the ancient Elven craft we have come across blew up the world on us, while the ancient Dwarven craft was still functional and helpful!” Suðri jokes, trying to heighten morale again before the battle.

Suðri Skornbrekker readies his weapons, and pushes forward

Ken (GM) the light pushes back the shadows into the thorny walls. The hallways stretch further in and you see the path West

Syviis sighs and readies, following

Bomrek has his musket at the ready, and brings up the rear.
P.P. A.: Grey took with him some spare guns, right
Joush M.: Yep. A pair of muskets, IIRC
P.P. A.: good

Ken (GM) in the North room here, there are two large blueish cysts growing up from the floor. Their mottled shells are cracked here and there, leaking reddish thick syrupy fluid. To the right side, a pair of elves, dead and gray, are clinging to the glowing green orb

Gray moves slow and careful here. “This may not be the way to the vault. There’s nothing right about this room”

Ken (GM) the dead elves are crisscrossed with red veins that pierce their skin, and their slack faces looks like they died in some sort of extacy…or agony. More of the gray mud nest is built up on the floor here as well, with much larger holes.

(To Gray): the ball is full of spirits, again, elven
(To Syviis): The orb is brimming with elemental spirits. Pure
magic power in there

Suðri Skornbrekker: “…good thing none of us touched that orb near the entrance. Should we see what can be done in this room, or first look for living enemies?”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks at the bile cysts. “…you think anything is going to hatch from these things?”

Bomrek: “Disgusting. It’s sullying this artful craftsmanship.” Bomrek sneers at, well, basically everything in that room.
Gray: “They cage spirits again. Elves.” He says with a deep scowl.
Syviis: “I don’t think they’re eggs, so to speak, but they are containing life power. Not evil, just…power.”
Suðri Skornbrekker nods to Bomrek’s sentiment, and in the back of his head is thinking of the most efficient way to purge all this after this is over.
Gray: “I see no other way out of this room. We could leave it for now and hope it does nothing to harm us.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I agree.”
Bomrek: (I like that Gray has gone from hating Dwarves, to nearly hating Elves)
Bomrek: (Our Dwarvish tricks are working, PPA)
P.P. A.: (he took the… ironpill?)
Bomrek: (He took the DugTooDeep pill.)
P.P. A.: (aye, that’s the right one)

[Doc rejoins us a bit late; we banter and welcome him to the party]

(To Roderick): Youre currently using your fire magic as a light source, FYI.
You can see, up the hall to the West, a room opens up, dark, and it seems strewn with tents, bedrolls, and sleeping skins

Gray likes elves well enough. He doesn’t like how they’ve been corrupted around here… and that there’s a evil sphere chock-full of elfsoul there. Seems like a ‘Bad Thing’.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “One thing though… Syviis, these dead over there are touching another of these Elf-soul-bubbles. Do you know how… that works? Did they put their souls into the bubble maybe?”
Syviis gets closer, hoping to glean some clues

Bomrek: (We should siphon off some of that Elf-Soul. I bet it burns like Propane.)
(Effecient, affordable, clean-burning Elf I tell’ya H’what)
Bomrek: “Is this what you people do when you get old? Turn yourselves into soup?” he says, gingerly stepping into the room.

Gray rarely interferes, but this time steps up and reaches an arm out, hand on the archer’s slender shoulder in restraint. “Don’t touch it! Please”

Suðri Skornbrekker remains on guard, looking behind him once in a while and listening for any sounds.

Syviis: “We’ve seen dark spells fed by vile sacrifice. This could be the same idea, but…it doesn’t seem tainted by the same vile markers of our enemies. I could try to manipulate the power with the staff I saved, but I have no idea what it would do.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Oh yeah, that would be a bad idea. I was rather asking if you knew anything right away, and if this was some common ritual or means of communicating with Elven souls; but if not, we should look into it later when we have time.”
Gray: “It seems stable. We can return and experiment later.”

(To Syviis): From a distance; The veins are much like the bloodroot; red tubes of rubbery flesh. These seem to have webbed out and burrowed into their flesh… and done so at the ‘chakra’ points. Where the aura emanates from the soul! Oddly thaumatological

Ken (GM): [“Do your people often die in agony/extacy, clinging to a ball of souls entombed in flesh? Is that a regular Elven Sunday night?”]
P.P. A.: Hey, that’s nicer than assuming they eat their dead or something similar
Ken (GM): [true; always better to ask than assume, when it comes to cannibalism]
P.P. A.: actually, I think Bomrek said that when we were passing by the dead armies
Adolf S.: They probably do eat their dead

Roderick glances at the front of the party occasionally, but otherwise stands ready to guard their backs
Doc: (all caught up)

Gray: “I’d not care to summon Goliath wasp, in any case. The nest here is disturbing and best left undisturbed.”
Adolf S.: Wait, what did Bomrek say When?
P.P. A.: Syviis was praying to the dead when we made our way back through the wasteland. You said you were observing if it’s true that Elves cannibalise their dead

Syviis: “Let’s keep exploring. I have the worrying suspicion we’ll see more than what we need to learn what is happening.”
Gray nods and starts back down the hall. Heading to the west.

Ken (GM) As Roderick’s toch-hand casts red light on the room, you get a sense it was once a barracks, or a common room at one time. Bedding, tents, sleeping rolls and other accouterments strew the floor. Coated in dust and grime, they have not been used in some time

Syviis: “Oh, good…Skeletons. Who doesn’t like a good pile of skeletons to liven up a room?” muttering
Roderick: “… Deaden,” Roderick wryly corrects her
Syviis: “Homey, isn’t it?” smiles at Rod

Ken (GM) A heap of bones in the corner of the far wall has a chalky nest mounded up on top. The brambles above you rustle and sway, as you hear the rush of air above. The wind outside seems to push on the canopy here.

Suðri Skornbrekker takes a look at the skeletons to see what race they are.

Ken (GM): [a hall continues up north, or down south out of the room]

Bomrek: “I somehow doubt this room was originally intended to inter a hundred dead elves…” Bomrek says, an over-tone of annoyed, but mostly in jest.

Gray walks ahead with the elf, looking around as amber lupine eyes drink in the light from Roderick’s torch shining on the bones around another thing that looks like a massive wasp nest. He settles the massive shield on his arm and holds a sword, considering a moment. “North may lead to the Vault.” He checks for tracks here. Trying to see what path the cultist take to come and go.

Suðri agrees: “That way seems to go north-west, the other one south-east. Let’s take a peek so we are not attacked from behind, otherwise head North.”

Syviis will check the tents
Ken (GM) the tents send up plumes of dust, chalky like the nest beside you, when disturbed. Inside are changes of clothes, personal effects, bundles and bags. Like travelers out on a hike, never to complete their trip.

(To Syviis): Your magic senses tingle; those are elf bones. They have wisps of power clinging to them, like scraps of meat
(To Gray): Your spirit senses tingle; those are elf bones. They have wisps of power clinging to them, like scraps of meat. Spirit shredded, clinging here, not yet ghosts, not crossed over, but elven for sure

Roderick walks deeper into the room to illuminate it more clearly
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 14 Perception with Night Vision 5 and +4 to Scent from Discriminatory Scent, or Detect (Spirits) with Precise(6+3+3) = 12
(To Gray): Not many tracks here; the most recent ones headed South. North seems all but abandoned
Gray kneels down here, hand near but not touching the bones. “They should be laid to rest.. not a task for the moment. We have other things to do. They go though here to the South. The Northern path is unwalked”

Suðri Skornbrekker slowly moves towards the South, weapons at the ready and peering around the corner.

Ken (GM) the South hall runs along exposed masonry, and is a tangle of the thick black thorny vines; it seems to branch East/West at the far wall

Bomrek: How old do the tents seem? Are we talking something that looks to have been last touched weeks ago, or months?
(To Gray): Weeks, maybe only a few.
Gray considers. “Not long. Not a month, certainly. The smells aren’t that old”
Ken (GM) these look like the desperate scraps of a group of elven refugees, fleeing from the South
Roderick: “Did they come from the south, or did they try in vain to flee to it?”
Gray: “The cultist may have taken them in and murdered them. Another crime to answer for.” Gray goes to check the northern path.
Syviis whispers a prayer as she approaches the bones, hoping they find peace, then follows Gray
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Maybe the cultists slaughtered these elves to use their souls to power stuff? It doesn’t quite add up, since the two dead Elves up north seemed to have reveled in it, but Elves are weird anyway.”
Doc: elves smdh
Adolf S.: >Elves thinking they’re people and should be treated better than dogs
>smh tbh fam
Suðri Skornbrekker also follows north, turning around once in a while to watch the corridor.

(To Gray): You smell a scent here, distinct, like a reptile stink

Ken (GM) the North path leads up into the bramble on old crumbled stairs, a thick chalky nest beginning atop them and dominating the room.
Gray frowns, scenting the air thoughtfully. “Smells like another suarian. This could be a dangerous path.”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “The last one readily ate the two revelers, so I guess we don’t have to worry about our enemies being that way.”
Gray: “Aye. Yet it may be the path to this vault”
Bomrek: “They’re big, fast, but stupid. They’ll present their wide dumb dinner-plate skulls to you, almost inviting you to shoot them. It’ will be fine.”

Ken (GM) You all hear a rattling hiss, from up above in the dark. Something between a snake…and something bigger
Adolf S.: Crocodiles are like Elves, neither will be invited into Bomrek’s house
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…it did say the vault was above the crypt.” Suthri looks upwards, musket ready.
Gray growls softly and settles the shield more firmly. “Basilisk?” As he steps slowly forward. “Ready yourselves for combat!”

Ken (GM) a barking hiss in response to your words, and the crunching and rattling of more bones
Doc: From the north?
Ken (GM): the North, yeah

Suðri Skornbrekker runs to where he has a better view, sets down his bardiche, and rests his musket on it, aiming “Gray, please drop the spare muskets here.”
(To Gray): theres something big up there, shrouded in the dark, shifting a bunch of bulk around
Roderick simply braces himself to defend the rear.

Gray sheaths the sword and uses his right hand to take the bundle of muskets, setting the leather wrapped package down and unrolling it, the muskets revealed by the motion as he watches something in the dark. “A great beast there.”

Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader)(3)+7= 10
Bomrek: rolling 1d6 + 6(4)+6= 10.5
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+6+1(2)+6+1= 9
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(1)+7= 8
Roderick: rolling 1d6+5.75+1(5)+5.75+1= 11.75
Syviis was distracted by all the elf-bones, but readies her arrows regardless “I sure hope whatever is in here doesn’t have a particular taste for my flesh…”
Bomrek: and here’s Bomrek, stepping on the Elf bones to get a better angle for his shot. ~What A World~

Ken (GM): Rod!
Some massive beast hiss-roars and lurches to the top of the nest stairs!
Syviis: [that’s what SHE said…]

Roderick waits to see if anything happens to the south, confident that his companions can handle whatever is to the north and feeling that he would only get in the way

Ken (GM): dawwww 😦
Bomrek: “Aye, here comes some leather boots.. a leather sheet.. a leather cloak” Bomrek takes a step to the left, and Aims at the beast. Or, aims at the thing’s toe, as it were.
(To Bomrek): The purple green thing has a face like a stunted gator, but it’s got a frill of sharp spikes up its forehead and down its back
Bomrek: Bomrek curses in Dwarvish, and quickly transitions to Common, “It’s been warped by some evil! Look at it!”

Syviis: [Semi-serious question: How do you get a Dwarf to not murder something? Convince him it could be trained as a mount. SUDDENLY, DWARVALISKS!]

Ken (GM): GRAY!
Gray steps to the side, clearing the firing line the best he can and holds his shield ready. (going to go Full Defensive and let it come to me)
Ken (GM): cool

Joush M.: It has ALL THE LEGS
Bomrek: Bomrek screams in Dwarvish “BY GOD, LOOK AT ALL THAT TENDER MEAT!” when he sees the legs
Bomrek: (This is what KFC tried and failed to produce)
Bomrek: (look at how effecient it would be to breed.)
(Make a farm of these things, harvest the meats)

Ken (GM): Its going for a Slam!
rolling 3d6(4+4+4)= 12 vs Brawling+slam
Gray! How do you defend?
Joush M.: try to block and stop it. Goddamn, not super confident with that plan. It’s huge.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 13 to Block with Large Shield(4+3+3) = 10
Joush M.: Wait, is block a valid defense vs slam?
Ken (GM): The shield comes up and it goes RONCH into the wooden slab, spikey hide tearing furrows in the soft OAK
Ken (GM): [when youre doing damage to shields yeah
Ken (GM): rolling 2d6(2+1)= 3 Piercing
Barely a scratch as the wood squeals against the purple tinged scales
Gray digs his boots into the stone and braces the shield, driven back to the wall as he snarls and those massive jaws nearly snap at him.

Ken (GM): Heads up, for math, it is SM+3
P.P. A.: How long have I been aiming?
Ken (GM): none yet, but you’re braced
P.P. A.: good enough; plus there’s always luck
Distance penalty?
Ken (GM): -2, just like the table says 😛
P.P. A.: I really need to have that ready 😛
Ken (GM): 😛
P.P. A. shoots at the beasts’ homunguous face!
P.P. A.: 13v14
Bomrek: Bomrek’s going to shoot this thing in the face too, speaking of which.
P.P. A.: er
Suðri Skornbrekker: ^
P.P. A.: Can it even dodge?
Ken (GM): not after an All out attack it cant!
P.P. A.: Damage it is then!


Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s musket goes off and strikes the bizzare beast in its scaly face! [14 Pi ++]
Ken (GM) Sparks fly as the shot sends chunks of it’s hide flying! Glowing green blood sprays!
rolling 3d6(3+5+5)= 13 vs HT (fail, major wound/ Knockdown +stun)
the shot sends it reeling, and it stumbles!

Syviis: You know those eyes it has?
Syviis draws back and fires a bright flashing arrow into it’s eye-socket
Ken (GM): luls best Typo
Syviis: Target is 17 
rolling 3d6(3+1+1)= 5
Ken (GM): FUCK

Doc: >aiming for the eyes
target is 17
1ee7 h@x
Syviis: [So, basically, the calculation is: Skill 20 + 3 for the Archer shit she has + 3 for Size Mod, ~26-9 = 18 for Eyeball on Basilisk]
(To Doc): Heroic archer /AKA Gunslinger man. Point blank is ridonkulous

Syviis: Arrow dam:rolling 1d6 + 2(3)+2= 5 Imp
lightin rolling 2d6(5+4)= 9 Burn
Syviis:rolling 3d6(5+3+1)= 9
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(2+4+4)= 10
Ken (GM) the arrow slips into the stunned beast’s eye, and disappears. There is a flash
and it shudders…
and is still.

Syviis lowers the next arrow that she had ready.

Bomrek keeps his musket up in case more awful things pop out of that wall, but stares down at the body. “Huh. Y’think that’s safe to eat, Elf?”

Ken (GM) you hear dozens of shrill HISSes from up above in the den…

Syviis: “I tend not to eat anything that glows green, but I admit Dwarven stomachs are much heartier than my own.”
Bomrek: “Sounds like there’s more. Maybe we can capture them, provide a new meat to the market..?”
Syviis: [on a completely unrelated tangent, Syviis likes fighting large things with big eyeballs]
[GM sighs and scraps plans for the Beholder to show up] 😛
Ken (GM): scribbles in notes: eye armor
Adolf S.: Scribble in “No eyes”
Syviis: [Beholders show up with those 80’s horizontal-bar sunglasses Syviis begins sweating.]

Ken (GM): Rod!
The rising hiss of a dozen little voices rises up. The nest above the beast begins to shed chalky dust from all the commotion!
Bomrek: I wonder how cute these tiny crocs will be.
I hope the answer is very.
Doc: So is that more bad guys up to the north?
Ken (GM): maaaybe wat Rod do?
Bomrek: More cute baby crocs
Roderick takes a step back
Ken (GM): hehehe
Doc: >when ur move speed is 2

Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek: Ayy, Bomrek’ll step back to Suðri and take aim toward them hisses
Ken (GM): kk

Gray shakes the shield, casting aside a splinter or two then standing braced and watching the darkness. “Come on then, come and fight!” He calls to the things hissing in the darkness.
Ken (GM) the darkness obliges
P.P. A.: (if we face monsters that use echolocation next, we know whom to blame)

Ken (GM) Out of the nest slither dozens of little multi-limbed lizards, each of them hissing with open toothy maws. Green and purple scales shimmering, slick and new
Bomrek: (Look how cute they are)
Jesus there are so many
Ken (GM) they begin swarming their ‘mother’ biting visciously at her scales and exposed bits; lime colored blood flows like a stream

Ken (GM): Suthri!
Bomrek: “We need to catch a few of them”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “I don’t have enough muskets for all these. Roderik, can’t you burn them?” He picks up another musket and puts it on his bardiche, just in case—though he’s not sure what the point of it is. Squashing them from up closer might make more sense.

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Bomrek: I got 6 rounds on tap, plus another two… Suðri’s got, what, 3 more shots?
Syviis: “I think we have more pressing concerns than getting leashes and collars ready!” (Does she have any clear shots? Or does she need to get up on the dead beasty?)
Ken (GM): youve got clear shots; theres just a lot of them. They are SM -4
Syviis: So no fancy eye-shots? 😛
Okay, going to shoot 2 arrows, general hits. 1 target each, 1 at a time
I will aim for Vitals, actually
rolling 3d6(1+6+6)= 13
P.P. A.: >aim (not aimed) for vitals on -4 critters
>hit with a 13
>Syviis OP, pls nerf

Bomrek: “Wait, no, we need a wide breeding pool!”
Joush M.: She’s making kebabs
Syviis: mmmm
P.P. A.: true, she’s close
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Breeding such horrors instead of exterminating them seems more like an Elven endeavor.”
Bomrek: “We can eat them, Suðri! Look at all those legs!”
Suðri Skornbrekker: “…though they might fetch a fine price, yea.”
Bomrek: “The one thing wrong with Crocs is they only have four legs- But These!” Bomrek lowers his gun and gestures at them with a free hand. (The Leg meat is the best meat.)

Syviis: Arrow damage, then 2 lighting for the first one because I didn’t think to scale it down.)
rolling 1d6 + 2(4)+2= 6 Imp
rolling 2d6(5+1)= 6 Burn
OK, first bebby takes 12 total to vitals unless they springy and dodgy

Ken (GM) the arrow sinks in and the skewered lizard EXPLODES from the magical burst of lightning. More skittering lizards swarm the fallen bits of their brother
Syviis: next: rolling 3d6(1+5+5)= 11
rolling 1d6 + 2(4)+2= 6 Imp
rolling 1d6(1)= 1 Burn
Ken (GM) the next dies in spectacular fashion as well
Syviis fires off a second arrow before the first lands, watching to see if it’s enough to fell the beasts should they swarm Gray
Ken (GM): [the swarm seems to be more interested in consuming its mother…]

Roderick turns and tries to get closer to the swarm
Doc: tfw move speed of 2 -_-
P.P. A.: Ganbatte, Rod-kun!

Ken (GM): Bomrek!
Bomrek: Hm..
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Are they going to be a threat when they are done?”
Bomrek lowers his gun and turns to Rod, “Human, get this Elf to stop destroying what could be a very profitable venture! They’ll be full when they’re done, look at the size of her!”

Ken (GM): Gray!
Gray retreats a step with a growl. “Let’s draw back until Roderick can get in place to burn them. I don’t know what kind of creatures these are, but we can’t go north while they block the way”

Ken (GM) the swarm of little things continue to burrow into their mother, rending scale by scale, lime blood spraying everywhere!
Aside from the occasional hiss in your direction, they seem to be competing more with each other than focusing on attacking you at all
[you shuffle yourselves about over the next few moments; into position as you’d like. Whats the plan?]

Suðri Skornbrekker lowers his aim and shrugs. “I’d feel better if they didn’t exist, but we don’t need to worry about them for now.”

Gray: “You’d prefer to check to the south? This could be what breached the vault” Gray moves [here] and waits for Roderick to get into place for firepower!
Bomrek steps back over the Elf bones.
Roderick clanks into position and sends a jet of fire down the hallway
Ken (GM): nice: fuck these lizards here in particular

Doc: (can he stand in the hex with the head or nah)
Ken (GM): oh it’s cool
Suðri Skornbrekker watches with satisfaction, and hope the whole place doesn’t burn doen now.
Ken (GM): blood on the boots is all
Syviis turns away to shield herself from the heat, protecting her bow
Suðri Skornbrekker: [in Dwarven] “[They might not have been edible anyway. See that colour and bile? Yuck.]”
Roderick: rolling 3d6 Innate Attack(6+6+4)= 16
P.P. A.: …you have Luck, right
Ken (GM): christ he just needs a pass
P.P. A.: or does this just mean that you’re off-target
Roderick: rolling 3d6 Innate Attack (LUCK)(1+1+2)= 4
Ken (GM): WOO
P.P. A.: which wouldn’t really ma—o ok
Ken (GM): goddamn

Ken (GM) Rod’s fire cleanses the hall but good; the fire clings to the lizards and they scream and shrivel. As they die, they run into their nest, or skitter into the ground as best they can. The swarm disperses and burns
Doc: welp
Ken (GM) some of the more feisty ones try and oppose the stream of fire, and are roasted
Roderick: rolling 4d6 damage(4+6+4+2)= 16 Burn
Ken (GM): the circle of life continues
Bomrek: Just like in the lion king.
Ken (GM): yeah I remember that scene when Simba used his magic flamethrower to cleanse the jungle?
Doc: this was my favorite part of the lion king

Gray shakes his head to clear it and nods. “We could move on now. South or north?”
Syviis: “Let’s check the North. It may just be a nest, but we should know.”
Bomrek: “The world has lost a great treasure today.” Bomrek shakes his head, and clambers down off the bone pile to the team.
Syviis: “I don’t mean to spoil your plans for financial gain, Sir Dwarf, but I think we should focus on why we came here.”
Gray nods and grimly advances over the massive corpse, boots marked with phosphorescent blood. “I would not have taken you for sentimental about such things, Bomrek”
Bomrek: “Good meat inspires sentimentality in all, Gray.”

Ken (GM) picking over the corpse of the basilisk, you find the nest in a shambles, with dozens if not hundred of eggshells buried in the clay-nest thing broken open. 
The whole heap is unstable, a mound of a nest. Nothing else remains here moving, except insects, beetles and smoke

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I doubt there are any enemies north, except perhaps their gnawed bones; let’s head south first, and then return to the Vault afterwards.” He reloads his musket, and packs up the ones Gray had thrown him.

Gray: “Huhm.” He says as he looks around the room, satisfied there’s no danger here and it’s not the path to the vault. He returns to the others and nods. “Let’s continue”

Bomrek: Oooh, time to try to pull a Jurassic park 2
Bomrek clambers over the corpses, and starts kicking about in the nest, looking for an unhatched egg
Bomrek: Am I Lucky?
Joush M.: (dozens of lizards swarm out onto bomrek)
Ken (GM): Roll DX?
Bomrek: (“Yess! YESS! COME TO ME MY CHILDREN!- Look Gray, they think I’m their Mama”)
rolling 3d6(3+5+6)= 14
Bomrek: Fail by 2
Syviis tries not to develop a nervous tick as she watches the Dwarf hunting around the ashes for eggs, remembering how a moment ago, the sacks of magical elf-souls were ‘not that important‘.

Ken (GM) the pit is yielding, and you dig deep into the ground, but whatever shells you find snap underfoot or in hand, and do not come from the earth easily.
Bomrek: “Damn” Bomrek mutters. He turns to Gray “Careful walking out of here, these eggs break easily”
Ken (GM): a pity, but, thems the breaks

Gray nods to the dwarven man. “I’ll be careful. Let’s head south”

Suðri Skornbrekker shakes his head with a chuckle, and turns his attention south.
Bomrek: (Bomrek’s coming back for those eggs later)
Syviis: (Syviis is totally going to make omelettes just to spite him)
Bomrek: (Bomrek’s going to retire a Croc’ rancher and laugh from afar at Syviis eating twigs to stay alive.)

Roderick stays behind Gray this time, the hallway being wide enough to fight in

Ken (GM) the hall widens here, thorns thickly bunched on the vine, a wall of crumbling stone to the east side, and a split path ahead;
it slopes down to the West,
and up to the East

Gray advances slowly, careful of the vicious briars on the walls.
Syviis eyes the vines and brambles, making sure to avoid touching

Down some steps to the West, you hear rushing air and see a room beyond with dim daylight through the canopy.
To the East, crumbled stone and thorns

Bomrek: Treasure’s usually downward instead of upward, I’ve found.
Gray considers that. “You’d care to check east first, then? Or west to get whatever else is here out of the way?”
Roderick: “Rocs are more likely to dwell above ground”
Suðri Skornbrekker looks down both ways, but seems more interested in the West.

Ken (GM) As you turn the corner [to the Western Room], a butchers table red with blood lies with meat heaped atop it
Bomrek: “Someone favors me” Bomrek says, un-slinging his musket and preparing to shoulder it.
Gray looks to the table, then frowns. He sees a shape like a man sprawled there amid the dripping meat and settles his shield in place, starting to advance slowly…scenting the air like a beast and wary.
(To Gray): You smell meat. So much meat. And blood. And the stink of bird droppings
Suðri Skornbrekker lowers his visor again, and steels himself.

Ken (GM) more details reveal themselves in the dim light; you see toppled pillars and old stone ahead
Bodies lie strewn about the room; one quartered and skinned on the table. One in a cage, half her legs gone, her face a rictus of death. Another, a satyr, on the ground, face down, back open to the air. Bones and kidneys missing

Bomrek: “I’m not surprised the crocodiles decided to move in, if this is the state of things”

Ken (GM) on the far ‘wall’ of the brambles, an old dwarven pillar and floor arrangement leads to a wall with an open hole forcibly punched into it. Bricks hang like missing teeth on a dead mouth. Large shimmering crystals of gypsum grow up from the walls and floor, here and there, and the wind whistles somewhere high above.
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): That’s a dwarven funerary mask on the floor in the mosaic. That’s the tomb, certainly
(To Bomrek): That’s a dwarven funerary mask on the floor in the mosaic. That’s the tomb, certainly

Ken (GM) above the canopy is nearly open, trees mingled in the growth of thorns, sunlight filtering in dappled beams.

Gray: “They feed the Roc the refugees they capture.” He guesses, thoughtful and scowling as he looks at the feeding ground. “The Roc may be this way.”
Syviis walks cautiously, keeping an ear and eye out above
Suðri Skornbrekker: “This must be the breach of the Crypt,” he notes, some anger in his voice.
Bomrek: “This is… a special place” Bomrek shoves past the Elf and Human, walking toward the open room. “This is NOT a butchery!” Bomrek nearly barks, frustrated.
Gray nods and considers.. then walks ahead, not letting Bomrek walk into the open alone as he stays alert for danger. “I’m sorry”
Bomrek: (Does the Tomb look opened?)

Ken (GM) through the dim light and rubble, you see a dark pit in the earth headed down, with stairs leading deeper into that dark

Suðri Skornbrekker ‘s eyes are pinging about for enemies, weapons ready. “Sacrilege on top of a sickening crime. They will pay.”
Bomrek takes the time to hastily attach his bayonet, jogs to the opening of the Tomb, and quickly steps down the stairs with his musket in his hands. All the while speaking in Dwarvish, “[This must be it! They must have breached the tomb and stolen some ancient power! The fools will rue the day they..]” and it likely echos off as he plunges down
Suðri Skornbrekker: “[Slow down, don’t rush into it!]” Suðri warns him in Dwarven, he himself agitated but trying to stay level-headed.

Gray follows after with a faint frustrated growl, the beast jogging after the dwarf to the ruined building.
(To Bomrek): Delving into the darkness?
(From Bomrek): Yup, racially-incensed.

Ken (GM) inside the hole, you see the walls of a tower rise up into the trees above, the cap half broken away with age. A rickety tower built up inside has a ladder up to a platform above, and some kind of bundle of sticks up there as well. A nest perhaps?

Roderick keeps close, turning occasionally to watch their backs
Suðri Skornbrekker makes a few gestures and quickly utters some words in Dwarven in front of the opening, before following inside.
Syviis briefly considers if she should guard the base of the tower, but it’s doubtful she could get any shots up through the overgrown canopy of trees. She follows.

Ken (GM) you plunge into the dark, steps resounding on the black stone stairs, and the hall you descend opens to a large room below, with a mighty vaulted ceiling and dim torchlight at the edges. Youre at the back of a mighty statue, below.
At the bottom of the tunnel, Bomrek rushes in a hate fuelled rage

P.P. A.: Is this a platform from where we can overlook the room?

Ken (GM) you’re on a landing, at the top of a wide spiral stair, circling a grand room. A massive statue of red stone depicts a dwarf of regal stature.
A crude palisade wall of logs with a door hammered into it lies on the low wall below.
A room of modest decoration sits open air, and a man stands at a dissection below, over a plinth of stone; the sounds of his work of cutting meat and bone are the only noises from below, scratching and messy. His black skin and long ears make you think he could be an elf, and he turns to you as the commotion of your entrance bounce of the polished black marble walls.

Suðri Skornbrekker immediately starts taking aim at the Elf, and will fire after a second of aiming.
Syviis: [motherfuckin Drow…]

Ken (GM): he turns, looks up at you, and then Suðri lets off a shot!

Gray hopes that guy wasn’t somehow innocent in this, but it’s always easier to apologise than be cursed.
Bomrek: (All Elves are guilty, Gray, all Elves.)
Joush M.: Hopefully he won’t also summon a swarm of lizards in death

P.P. A.: what distance is this, considering the height
Ken (GM): 14 yards/hexes or so
P.P. A.: (does height have any effect on shooting?)
Ken (GM): Only the distance
P.P. A.: (ok)
Ken (GM): Rolls it!
P.P. A.: (which page was that table again? :DDD)
Ken (GM): -5 dawg
P.P. A.: much obliged
Ken (GM): but you’ve got an aim and brace
Suðri Skornbrekker: “Bastard!” he yells in dwarven as he pulls the trigger!

Ken (GM) the bullet flies true, and it wings to the man’s breast swiftly and easily; the bullet slamming into his robes in a shower of sparks and shot flying everywhere…
He barely moves from where he stands, as you see in the aftermath, an entire chunk of his chest is torn free. You also see his face clearly now; mostly bone, exposed scraps of skin, and no eyes in the sockets.
“Oh my, that WILL not DO, dwarf!” he says in a officious voice


Fiss: Drowracolitch? 😛
P.P. A.: Thanks for the session!
Fiss: indeedy!
Ken(GM): drowcalitch
Adolf S.: How DARE he turn this burial chamber into what looks like a lovely atmospheric restaurant
Ken(GM): jeebus
Joush M.: Goddamn magic elves
Ken (GM): Yeah fiss, he certainly seems the undead-magic-powered-up-type
Joush M.: Thanks for the session man
P.P. A.: I need magickill bullets
Ken (GM): Youre welcome! Thanks for the session yourselves!
Doc: Sorry again for showing up late
Joush M.: Not going to lie. That’s a nice table.
P.P. A.: yee
and a nice rug, too
Ken (GM): hahah
Doc: >rug
Ken (GM): wut?
P.P. A.: One of my other characters in another campaign Doc and I are in infamously took an (ancient!) rug from an ancient ruin we were exploring once
Ken (GM): ruh roh
P.P. A.: and later sold it for good profit by advertising how old and ancient it is!
Ken (GM): how bad was the curse?
P.P. A.: Our GM had just put the rug there as background decoration but my dorf identified it as loot!
No curse actually, though Doc’s character was cursed with a ghost waifu for a while, for unrelated reasons
Ken (GM): to be fair, fine rugs are status symbols, and while bulky are worth their weight in silver, usually
P.P. A.: yea
Doc: the ghost wizard was from an amulet, not the rug
P.P. A.: same dungeon tho
Fiss: Headin out, later gents!
Doc: ye
P.P. A.: Bye o/
Doc: later fiss o/
Ken (GM): saludos fissdawg!

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Grimwyrd: Crumbling Keep

Ken (GM): noot noot
P.P. A.: kill the elves
Joush M.: That’s the plan, right?
Ken (GM): Fiss may have to take one for the team
P.P. A.: Fiss frequently kills elves too though. For the purpose of killing all Elves, it makes more sense not to kill Syviis, since she’ll make the process much more efficient
Ken (GM): Ann Raynd, didnt see you there
such selfless determinism
Joush M.: I think of it more as Elf and Super Elf. Syviis is clearly unbound by the petty shackles of the common elf.
P.P. A.: What if, when we banish The Darkness and company from the world, we also “accidentally” had all the mana sucked out into the void?
Ken (GM): ayyy fisso
Fiss: Ayoooo
Doc: (I’m here btw, just a little sick so bear with me)


The farmlands West of Greyhold have seen better days. A quick harvest has been trampled by refugees from the Southern Reaches, and Elven Cultists stalk the wilds all around. The Old Mill is a fortress town, the farmhouses are abandoned, burned out, or worse. The highway is bare except for grim totems to dark gods of the night,
The party has befriended their wayward wizard prisoners; Rolf and Simon are under their wing as the party makes for the abandoned keep in the Wasting Marsh. Rolf has told them of the political chaos in the North. Simon was exorcised of evil spirits. and IT looms on the fringes, stalking them even now

[You are currently camped half a day East of the keep, nearby the river that feeds the marsh. Moments ago, Syviis used her Holy Storm to banish the darkness coming out of Simon, the magical Node]
Syviis: Is Simon still “node-ey”? Or do we know?
Ken (GM): And Roderick had just narrowly avoided magical mishap, having healed Simon, but tapping into the magic power within him
Syviis: [ahh, nevermind, answered my question there]
Ken (GM): Yes, Simon will be a Node until the day he dies
Syviis: [nodding intensifies]
(To Fiss): Oddly enough, Syviis couldnt see the wellspring until Roderick tapped into it. It’s obfuscated from your magic detection
P.P. A.: If you heal someone too hard, do they get cancer?
Ken (GM): super cancer! Magic cancer
Syviis: It’s like Deadpool…wearing a Wizard Hat

Gray nods. “If the Node will heal on his own after Roderick and Syviis have aided him then perhaps we should leave he and Rolf here with the supplies and move to the Keep. We have much to do and can only spend so long here on this errand.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “…we need to make sure that they are under a dense canopy, so they cannot be attacked from a roc.”

Syviis: “Should be simple enough, I can scout ahead and see if there’s a good clutch of trees also…” [Survival maybe?]

Bomrek nods, and runs a finger carefully down his long locks of beard “I wonder if I should load shot into the cannon.. “

Ken (GM): [yus; that would be a good use of survival. Camouflage would work too, if you’ve got it]
Syviis: [both skills at 13] rolling 3d6(3+3+2) = 8
Ken (GM): GASP how unoptimized

Gray nods and stretches before he helps scout around for somewhere to stash their new wizards. Without any skill at Camouflage he’s best off simply aiding Syviis in her work on the hot morning and tending to the horse when they do move.

Ken (GM): Syviis locates a relatively air-defensible end of the woods here; several tall trees of pine on top of a clutch of boulders. Great cover from above and relative safety from giant burbs.

Roderick thinks about Simon the Node, wondering how his abilities would function in the South, where the mana is depleted. He supposes the threat of hungry elementals would be quite high.

Rolf tends to his fallen friend, making sure Simon is comfortable and safe after his scrape with IT. He is eager to help however he can, and assures you he will keep your camp safe as best he can

Suðri Skornbrekker brings his weapons, and two spare muskets, unless Gray is carrying them alredy.

Gray haden’t packed anything from the wagon yet but will carry the muskets in a oilcloth wrapped bundle on his back if Suori prefers, not minding the burden.

Suðri Skornbrekker would appreciate it beause he would otherwise slow down the party due to encumberance

Syviis packs extra arrows, but leaves most of the rest of her gear with the cart.

(From Syviis): what about the super magic elder elf  staff…is it portable enough she can wear it on her back? How much does it weigh? not that she intends to use it as a beating stick, but she doesn’t want to leave it behind either
(To Syviis): the staff is pretty light, maybe 5 lbs. You can feel its power thrumming here. Its reacting to the flow of magic. You can see streamers of mana billowing around it like magnetic waves of iron filings

Gray hopes he can trust Rolf. His fidelity and his skill, to keep their equipment safe while they cross the last distance to the keep… but they need to move fast. At last he summons the raven Memory and sends her to scout ahead a little, staying out of sight amid the trees from larger birds that might be prowling about.

Rolf: “Ill do my best, Master gray. I can’t let anyone else down. I’ve got to try had for you all”
Gray: “Keep careful watch and avoid any trouble you can. We should return by early tomorrow” He looks to the others. “Ready to make for the keep?”

Syviis nods in elvish

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Let’s purge this menace!”

Ken (GM): [so, leaving excessive provisions and such with the cart, taking your combat loads, and making your way West to the keep, along the river/wilds for cover on the approach, like you planned last week?]
Syviis: Sounds good to me
Joush M.: Yep, that’s the plan
Bomrek nods his head firmly, breathes in deeply through his nostrils before saying “I sure hope this lot has some sort of treasure. Nothing dulls pain like a mug full of gold coin.”

Three days and sessions of travel

Ken (GM) The sun crawls brightly along the sky, and white clouds race along high above casting stark shadows that speed along the ground as well. Your group clings to the shadows of the trees, darting through the clearings to cover, bee-lining for your target. The ground begins to give way to peat and bog, and the river delta widens into rushes and loose hanging willows at all turns. Soon, you’re hiking from the cover of bald cypress, knee deep in cool dark water, the heap of the bog before you. The Creeping Marsh is alive all around you, hiding away your enemies.

Gray leading the way, you wind through the wetlands avoiding the crocodile nests and quicksand. The skies are empty of your enemies, and you keep a watchful eye upward on the journey in case they should appear. The powder is dry and the bowstrings tight. Memory has flown off and returned to Gray several times, leading you steadily West without issue, reporting no lurking invisible threats…so far.

Syviis during a safe moment to whisper “Is it strange that I prefer this mung-filled bog to the dead and bloody ones down south?”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I don’t like either, really.” Suðri is slowly wading through the mud, his short legs really impaired by it.

Syviis: “I’ll gladly give you any gold I find for fresh, warm trousers, Master Dwarf.” she smiles

(To Syviis): Here and there you see the passing of magical beings; brightly colored in magical cloaks, they scatter at your coming and hide within the trees and earth and water. Many of them are like those form your homeland, but unbound to elves as you have often seen. Wild things.

(To Gray): Memory has seen several larger spirits here, old things, hunters. But they seem to circle away from the Keep ahead, and are keeping the distance from you as well. You have seen very few of the motes and shadow drinkers here. Occasionally, you glimpse spirits of the land, bright magical things that sink into the trees and earth at your coming, like peacocks feathered in magic itself…

Gray: “There’s danger here, but life. I prefer it as well.” The beast scenting the air often, alert, hunting, watching for danger as they strike west at the best pace they can make. His towering stature helps here, breaking a path for the others and keeping him out of the wet. He stares at nothing, occasionally, seeming lost in watching a spirit before he continues.

Bomrek: “I prefer it too. You’d be surprised looking at me now, but after I got out of the ‘guard I tried my hand at alligator hunting”

Roderick raises an eyebrow at Bomrek’s remark. “…Why?”

Bomrek looks around idly “Not exactly the same environment, but the mud is sure familiar.”

Syviis: nods, somehow not surprised at all, imagining the sturdy Dwarf becoming the terror of many clutches of Alligator

Bomrek: “People like the meat, and the traders would always buy the skins.”  Bomrek shrugs, bobbing his large double barrel musket noticeably on his shoulder with the movement.

Gray looks thoughtful at Bomrek, imagining him hunting suarians in a flat bottom boat with a few heavy lines and sun-burnt swamp dwellers.

Suðri Skornbrekker is also imagining the scenario, finding it both unpleasant but also fascinating.

Joush M.: Bomrek’s crew 

Bomrek: Imagine those people but more squat. A+
Syviis: [exactly the image….with more beard and shorter]

(To Roderick): Dumb question; your riding Bavieca?
(From Roderick): Yeah, full armor, longsword out, etc
(To Roderick): Gotcha, tank mode
(From Roderick): well maybe not drawn but that’s his “fighting like a knight” sword

Gray finds the swamp strange, it’s not the wild wooded hills of his youth, but he adapts well and finds his path though the cool water, trying to thread a trail though higher ground and deep shade.

Ken (GM) Eventually, You find your quarry; You press past a thicket of thorns and moss, and ahead is a massive mound of vines, thorned roses, crumbling walls, decrepit towers, and a raised mound of earth. The Crumbling Keep. Small tendrils of camp smoke wind their way up out of the briars, betraying the presence of your enemy’s stronghold.

Suðri Skornbrekker leans against a tree and whispers: “Should we lure them out to a spot where we set ourselves up, or should we just ambush them?”

Gray motions the others closer for a view at the place as his sharp amber eyes search it, brightening as he calls on spirit sight to search for stranger threats then physical ones. “Lots of places to climb and infiltrate. If they are smart they’d bunker down rather then let us lure them out. I want to go inside anyway. I want to secure the aviary before they can take flight and flee, or release the Roc to attack us”

(To Gray): Memory returns to report there are no spirits within a mile of this place she can find. Many things seem to keep quite a distance. Your Spirit vision notices an odder sight; a twisting swirl of power drawing down into the center of the place. Like an invisible maelstrom of magic, but it stirs no branch and trembles no tree. Very magicy. Gives you tingles

Suðri Skornbrekker nods. “It would be nice if we could maneuver ourselves into a position where we can lock down certain areas and limit their movement, but we don’t know what awaits us there. There might be traps—thorny vines springing to live, or some-such.”

(To Syviis): Your Magic vision notices an odd sight; a twisting kind of swirl of magical power drawing down into the center of the place. Like a swirling invisible maelstrom of magic, but it stirs no branch and trembles no tree. There is a Summoning happening, and Mana being collected for some sort of event. Like creating a body for a great spirit. Or summoning a forest god…

Gray: “They’ve scared away the local spirits. There’s darkness here fit to keep many at bay.. and perhaps a whirlpool of magic drawing something in.” He shakes his head hard, then looks around. “Somewhere we could set up a gun line to cover people climbing the wall to get inside. If we can seize a tower and shoot down into them we would have the advantage.”

Syviis: “Magic is being pulled into the center…I fear it may be a ritual spell coming to fruition. Not sure if it’s a new spell or something they’ve been maintaining, but we should be wary as always.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Do we have any explosives we could just lob into their ritual-place? A powderkeg or something?”

Gray: “I think I have a few pounds of powder. Bomrek’s skill could turn it into a suitable sapper’s bomb… or of course, if Roderick can get into place he can turn their ritual circle into an inferno… Unless the ritual would eat that power too.”

Syviis: “I could try shooting it but at this range and with unknown power…well…I don’t know.”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “Setting up the cannon would be nice, but we would have to get up the walls first. It might also be wiser to reserve it for whatever is going to emerge if they finish their ritual. …maybe we should just go in and quickly kill whomever we can.” He inspects his weapons one last time. “They might know of our coming, and so have been doing their ritual for a while.” He looks frustrated, but turns towards the keep with determination. “Sir Roderick, what say you?”

Ken (GM): [just to clarify for you all: it looks like the place has a old disused road leading to the mound, and a semi-clear path leading round the outside. Its a giant heap of green, really, more than an intact keep with walls]

Syviis nods at the idea that they are probably expected by now “Even if their vile totems and other magics haven’t alerted them to our journey, surely the dark forces we unleashed from Simon have informed them we are close…or simply mundane spies from the city.”

(From Doc): Can/should I roll Strategy or Tactics?
(To Doc): Certainly allowed

Gray seems to like that plan. “Cover us while we get close and see if we can spot anything. No reason to overthink it.” He says thoughtfully, then nods to Syviis. “With me? And anyone else that wants to try sneaking up as close as we can.”
Syviis nods and pulls up her little mask doodad, going full Elf-stealth Mode
(she wears VERY bright lipgloss)
Ken (GM): gotta make sure the pretty doesnt bretray the stealthy
Doc, you wanted a tactics roll?
Joush M.: Now I’m imagining Syviis breaking out some fierce-as-fuck kohl for the attack

Around Elves, Watch Yourselves!

Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 12 (Strategy or Tactics)(1+6+5)= 12
(To Roderick): You know they dont have more than a dozen in camp, thanks to the reports from the Ogre Ulm, and they’re lead by a single matriarch. Likely they aren’t trained soldiers; there’s no picket or watch on guard. This is likely more like a den of animals than organized foes. Walk in with purpose and stay close, you shouldn’t have issue with them

(From Doc): Walk? Is the gate open or anything?
(From Doc): tfw horse and heavy armor
(To Doc): Yeah the layout looks like theres an open road leading round the North side, no gate or wall you can see. Its like a massive green mound theyre in

Ken (GM): [rod-whispering intensifies]
Syviis: [Rod 2…the Roddening]

Roderick: “We could likely charge in without much trouble, but if you’re confident that you can sneak closer, you can scout it out and possibly attack simultaneously from another angle. Either way, I should lead the main body of troops up the middle. We won’t be sneaking up on anyone.”
Doc: (we do have the soldiers with us, right)
Joush M.: We left ’em back getting orginized while we handled this, I think. Idea was that five would travel faster then 30
Doc: oh whoops
Still works I guess, “main body of troops” works as a quirk of language
Ken (GM): lol
Yeah, the men are back in the refugee camp, just you five out here
sorry, thought that was clear 😛
Doc: Nah it was clear, I just forgot
Ken (GM): fingerguns
So then, marching on up together as a unit?
Syviis: Stealthy-marching
Suðri Skornbrekker will follow where Rod leads
Ken (GM): Gotcha, a quiet, alert, guns out kinda stalky walky

Gray will take the lead. He tries to stay low and quiet, trusting Roderick and the dwarves to cover him if they get into trouble.

Ken (GM) You approach the Crumbling Keep; the swamp gives way to a risen mound of earth, the great tangle of growth twisted around ancient pillars, crumbled walls, and plinths of black stone. Whatever stood here years ago is nearly swallowed by the water and trees, but it is stubbornly refusing to die.

You find the old road quickly and it leads up out of the water, the soil green with grass but a clear path through the trees leading up and around the place. You follow that path, stalking round the side of the heap, it rising up above you like an impenetrable shrub of thorns vines and leaves. As you round the bend, more of the stone juts out, and as the path ramps around to the North side, you see movement ahead! And hear noises!….Sexy noises?

Bomrek: (I’m imagining the Beegees.)

Ken (GM) you hear the sounds of revelry? Two people, entwined in an embrace up ahead? Shrieks and giggles of passion? And…more gutteral noises

[map magic, y’all are in the bottom right, on the pathway leading round the place to your left]

Ken (GM) Up ahead you see them clearly; a horned goat-like man covered in fur, and an elven woman, one of the Furies! They’re wrestling sexily!

They havent spotted you yet

Suðri Skornbrekker lowers his visor over his disgusted face. “Better wipe them out before they can produce more of their ilk,” he whispers.

Gray frowns a touch, the brute shaking his head as if to clear it and reluctant to shoot people that aren’t armed… and these two… aren’t really armed. “They are liable to raise an alarm if we strike at them.”

Bomrek feels fine about killing these two, they’re not dwarves, and the sure as hell not allies.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “If we can sneak past them undetected, yea… Shooting them from here would make noise, but if we could take them out more quietly, that would be optimal.”

Roderick: “I doubt the others would notice a few cries of… pain. Arrows should be quiet enough,” Roderick says quietly, looking at Syviis.

Bomrek: “We could mount bayonets, charge them, and cut them down. A cry doesn’t fly as far as a gunshot.”

Doc: Either way someone’s about to get penetrated
P.P. A.: lewd

Gray: “If we could trust them to see reason we could close in and demand a surrender. They are too distracted to notice our approach.” He prefers the idea, but reluctantly understands that it’s unlikely they can avoid killing the cultist

Syviis nods and readies an arrow
Syviis: [Are they armored…or…does the nakedness offer options?]
Ken (GM): they is naked
Syviis: sneaking to bushes then
Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+3+5)= 10
Syviis glares at everyone to stay still

Gray starts moving quietly closer.
Gray: rolling 3d6 vs 10 (2+6+3) = 11

P.P. A.: What’s the default? (remind me to put a point into it after this session)
(also into some survival stuff)

Doc: Rod is wearing full plate and riding a horse. Neither of them has stealth training.

Ken (GM): [staying still belies a check, albeit with bonuses]
P.P. A.: yeah, I’d think Suðri would wait and let Syviis do her thing
Suðri Skornbrekker glances at Syviis and nods, hunkering down. He takes aim at the couple just in case, but *does nothing*.

Bomrek: rolling 3d6(2+4+3)= 9
Success at stealth, though Bomrek’s hanging back and aiming at the people.

Syviis: [Okay, assuming no vision penalties, I’m at -5 Distance for both targets, so aimin]
Ken (GM): [clear bright day, no worries there]

Syviis: [one last logistical question to know her numbers: Aiming: does the bonus work for both shots she’ll take this round?]
Ken (GM): The extra aiming bonus goes on your first shot only. A pity there’s no high-rate-of-fire bows in existence 😛

(To Gray): While the party prepares the ambush, you creep up. You notice, from this angle, there is a large gator sunning itself in the water up ahead

Gray mrumers soflty. “Suarian ahead, best to stay out of the water.” Though it’s likely his faint words carry only to Syviis.

Ken (GM): [rolls behind the screen] The revellers don’t notice your approach, or Gray whispering to you

Bomrek: (I could fire the cannon and hit both of them)
Ken (GM): [point of order; that is strapped to Gray, and I forgot to move the icon]

Syviis: [OK. So, first shot is -5 Distance, -3 Vitals+3 for Archeryfuckery…plus additional aiming bonus for first shot…. Target is 17 for first, 15 for extra attack.
No electric, for stealthiness]
FIRST SHOT. rolling 3d6 (2+5+4)= 11
Ken (GM): nice! damage!
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2(6)+2= 8 Imp
Ken (GM): O.o
Syviis remembered her better arrows this time
Ken (GM) the Fury is caught dead center and gouts blood!
Ken (GM): Then the satyr fellow, @15 Fiss!
Syviis: rolling 3d6(2+3+2)= 7
Ken (GM): damorge!
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2(3)+2= 5 Imp
Ken (GM) The second arrow flies a half breath behind the first, the revelers each collapse in a heap upon each other, stapled together with arrows. They fall very quiet and very still

Syviis lets out a breath and nods

Bomrek: “Like hunting elk, eh Elf?” Bomrek says, lowering his gun to a more relaxed position and walking forward.

Ken (GM) ahead, a massive gator climbs up from a pool of water, slithering into the light, hissing.

Syviis raises her hand as caution

Ken (GM) the mighty thing yawns, revealing six foot jaws and rows of black and yellow teeth. It snaps it’s mighty gaping maw shut.

Bomrek: (So I’ve been in and out as you know, are we supposed to have known about Godzilla Jr. here, or is Bomrek surprised at this as I am?)
P.P. A.: it just came out of the water
Bomrek: (Right, but is this area known for having these? Or is this as crazy as it seems)

Syviis looks to the Alligator-wrangling dwarf with a raised eyebrow

Bomrek looks surprised, almost disgusted, and raises his shoulders quietly in a shrug.
Ken (GM): Bomrek, the once-gator-hunter, is surprised to see a gator?
Bomrek: Isn’t this thing supposed to be depicted as huge? Or big-for-a-gator.
Ken (GM): ah; yeah this is the biggest one you’ve ever seen

Gray stays low and watches the massive gator, the brute taking that heavy gun out, checking the cannon and moving it to half cock as he watches. “Fifteen feet of Suarian? Maybe more.”
Bomrek: “Can your arrows pierce that, ‘Elf?”
Syviis: “I can try. Everything has eyeballs…”
(what’s the Aiming bonus tap out at again?)
Ken (GM): [acc of weapon +2]

Ken (GM) the gator slithers closer to the dead revelers, and snaps it’s jaws down on a goat leg of satyr, twisting

Roderick readies his long sword in case she fails. Bavieca is quieter than a musket, at least.

Bomrek: “They’re fast, as fast as a man, be careful.” Bomrek says, not loudly, but not as quiet as before.

Gray: “We could try to move past. Few creatures bother with live prey when there’s a free meal” The beast can’t help but think those two having sex in the swamp were going to get eaten anyway.

Bomrek: “If you want to take that bet, you go first, Beastman.” Bomrek says.

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I say we move past, keep our distance, and make sure that at least one of us is always keeping an aim on it.”

Syviis nods, frowning as she tries to find a steady enough hand to aim for the beast’s eye “I like this plan.”

Syviis: [Target is 11 so far from here, I can try to get closer though]
Ken (GM): [oh fiss! SM +2. its as big as a horse]
Syviis: Oh! In that case…that’s 13 She’ll take that shot. 😛
rolling 3d6(5+4+1) = 10
Ken (GM): jeez; damage?
Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 2(5)+2= 7 Imp
Ken (GM): eg, da brain
rolling 3d6(5+3+2) = 10 vs HT(major wound/Death)
yeah, it shudders and fucking dies; you put 28 damage into it’s head

Doc: fucking hell

Syviis breathes an almost audible sigh of relief.

Ken (GM) the arrow looses from the green grass, and slides between the gator’s scaly lids. The feathered shaft sinks to the opposite side of it’s skull, and the beast stops moving immediately

Roderick: “Fucking hell”

Gray is shocked, (not knowing that even large alligators are routinely killed with .22 LR weapons.. if you know where to shoot, it’s not so hard to kill one of them.) He watches it twitch and move and sink. “Good work, Syviis”

Bomrek: “Fine shot, Elf.” Bomrek stands straight again and walks forward. “As I said before, these beasts are fast. If they get you, you’re losing wherever it is they bit. Be careful.”

P.P. A.: (How thick is the skull of IRL crocodiles? I know bears can even take bullets to their head and they just glance off the skull)
Syviis: That’s why she aimed for the eyeball.
Bomrek: A lot of that is based off angle.
Doc: Human skulls often deflect bullets, too
Bomrek: Sometimes a bear’s skull can be p. angular. That too.
Doc: It’s almost like they’re designed to resist injury
Bomrek: I recall reading about sports hunters in the turn of the century killing large bears with .22 rifles, though.
Syviis: No doubt. 😀 [Yeah, I’ve also heard of Elephants being taken down with 22LR – not IDEAL, but not impossible.]
Ken (GM): luckily y’all evolved to be tool users, and he only evolved BIG BONZ
Doc: .22 LR is still quite deadly because it’ll poke holes in things that aren’t supposed to have holes in them
Doc: .22 to the lung, might be able to just shrug that off with a band-aid. .22 nicks your aorta, RIP

Ken (GM) the heaping mound to your side is dotted with protruding ruins. A clear path is tread in the ground to an archway, with an old worn statue of a dwarf above it. Only the proportions on the body depict its dwarfishness; all detail is clad in green moss and scraped smooth stone. The arch below it leads into the mounds walls

Suðri Skornbrekker does not applaud because the enemy might still be around, but if Syviis looks his way, he will have lifted his visor and be making an impressed expression, raising his arm in triumph.

Gray considers the statue a moment as he prowls forward, then looks to the arch. The brute stalking, hunting. Gray carries the cannon readied as he goes

(To Gray): You can see into the door, there is a hallway of sorts. Stone and gravel floor, thicket walls, vines dangling everywhere. One man wide, but passable. Trails lead in and out, to your trained eye. Well traveled entrance

Syviis bows her head in appreciation, though she looks more relieved than proud

Roderick rides up at a walking pace

Bomrek elbows Suðri gently, and then motions with his head up to the statue. “A cousin, perhaps?”

Suðri Skornbrekker looks up to it, and takes a good, long look, trying to figure out whatever he can. “If only he knew what kind of things the Elves did underneath his stone eyes.”

(To Gray): it is dimly lit [-2], as daylight filters through the green. And a glow emanates from further in

Gray kneels down and scents the air. “They come and go this way. At least a dozen tracks. Fresh.. there’s light ahead.”

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): Roll Vs 12 (Secret: history/Architecture) for me!
(From Suðri Skornbrekker): 8v12
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): These ruins, dwarven, in the swamp; This was a Clanhold! The lost band of the old empire maybe? They left ages ago, when the Kingdom was but an arm of the mighty empire. They were lost though, never reported back after setting out East to build a new outpost…

Syviis: “I’ll keep an eye for magical tracks, but they are not always so obvious until active.”

Ken (GM): The path into the thicket ahead is low and narrow, too short for a horse and rider. And the thicket itself is sporting hand-length thorns in the briar…Rod may need to hoof it here…manually, I mean

Suðri Skornbrekker stops still and strokes his beard, before he seems to realize something. “Bomrek,” he speaks quietly, but for the rest of the party to hear too, “remember the lost band of the Old Empire? This could be the outpost they were said to have left to build.”

Gray almost says something about only dwarves would even try to fortify a swamp but stops himself.

Syviis smiles at the dwarven pride for their structures. If nothing else, at least she knows the floor will be drier inside

Suðri Skornbrekker: “All the more reason to clean up properly.” He lowers his visor again, and prepares to venture deeper. He’s got the moral home advantage now!

Roderick hesitantly dismounts his horse, unaccustomed to fighting on foot with his heavy armor

Gray slowly steps forward, walking to the arch and advancing carefully inside. It’s cramped for him, but his eyes adjust to the dimness swiftly.

Syviis covers Gray, sticking to the side (both out of necessity to peer past him, and so others have access should a firefight start)

Ken (GM) the narrow hall barely allows gray to pass unmolested; long thorns reach from all sides in the narrow hall like knives and daggers.
The path leads forward into gloom, with yellow aged stone and metal inlay alighting ahead. An archway ahead leads further in. Beyond it, a dim green lime glow…

Bomrek: “I have my doubts, Suðri” He looks around at the stonework, idly running a gloved hand across some of it.

Gray tries to keep the elf’s fireing line open as he advances, that heavy gun at the ready and his lupine and supernatural senses reaching out for dangers.

Bomrek: (That bit about the lost band of the old empire, was that something we talked about before that I’ve since forgotten, or something you made up, PPA?)
Ken (GM): [something confirmed with me]
P.P. A.: (yeah, GM whispers)
Bomrek: What does Bomrek know of this Lost Band?
P.P. A.: (but IC it would have been more of a hunch)
Ken (GM): [It’s 500 or so year old history, so not much beyond the usual old tales of glory of the old empire.]
[Suthri barely noticed it, based on the architecture. ]

Ken (GM) You stalk into the mound. The smells of earth, rot, and blood roll through you. There is something else here too, raising your hackles. Something dark and powerful.
Ahead the hall opens up past the arch. On the far side of the gap, a mound of pink bubbling…flesh. And a ball of lime green fluid like a massive pustule, inside.

Syviis: whispering to Gray “Just once…I’d like it to be a bunch of thieves cackling over looted gold…not this…” waves her hands at horrors of the flesh

Roderick tries to stay behind Gray, knowing that he’d be very slow moving up into melee range otherwise

Suðri Skornbrekker nods, and sighs.

Gray nods grimly, prowling forward and advanceing into that sick place under the old and overgrown keep. “Aye”

Bomrek brings up the rear, and makes sure we’re not ambushed by a croc, or worse.

Ken (GM) the little niche has several paths leading in and out.
In the middle, a mound of tainted flesh pulses, the globe of green light swirling with power.
To the West, a path with a clear paved floor, tessellated tiles of dwarven craft.
To the East, a path full of a funnel of thick strands of spiders webbing,
and a clear path leading to crushed gravel floor

Gray sets down the heavy gun just inside the archway and takes up sword and shield, preparing to assault the room and going for a more protective set of weapons, and one more useful on the move. The lupine Beastman looks into the eerie, sick room before he steps inside.

Ken (GM) as you draw closer, the glowing orb of green becomes easier to see. Inside a clear translucent skin, like an eye, are dozens of little tadpole-like things, swimming in a swirl of light. They glow green.

(To Syviis): The globe is pulsing with life magic. Little swirls of it. Dozens. if not hundreds. Little glowing lives of pure magic
(From Syviis): Life in general? Does it look like it’s being ready to be fed to the spell…or is it the product?

(To Syviis): The spell above is of dark magic and separate; this looks like a riot of glowing nascent life. Like a Petri-dish. Or a nebula. Or a flower. Pure energy, pure life

(To Gray): The globe is full of spirits. Little souls. Elven. But also something more…

Like this, but also, Hella-magic

Bomrek: “Those need to be destroyed, I’m sure.” Bomrek says somewhat off-handedly.

Gray: “Unnatural thing.. It swims with elven souls. My Raven-sight reveals disturbing things here.”

Suðri Skornbrekker whispers: “I feel like this is something we should destroy and leave nothing left of—the question is how, an if we do it now or later. …what, Elven souls?”

(From Syviis): anything resonating with the staff on her back?
(To Syviis): The staff of life and death; it confirms it. That is certainly a wad of pure unfiltered soul stuff

Suðri Skornbrekker looks into the orb, then at Syviis, and then back at the orb. He makes a pondering pose.

Syviis absentmindedly stows her bow, then pulls the staff out of her pack. “I wish I knew how to use this…” She concentrates, closing her eyes, and gasps a little “I don’t believe it is evil, or good…only…pure. Elemental life if you will.”

Bomrek: “I don’t see the resemblence” Bomrek says, hand on his chin under his beard.

Syviis smiles at Bomrek

Ken (GM) the things inside the orb stop moving when Syviis pulls out the staff. They press agains the nearest side, stretching for her and the staff of black wood, green stone, carved skull.

Syviis: “I don’t know if this is being used…cultivated….or maybe it is just something natural here. But I don’t think it is part of the spell the others are working on.

Gray: “I would rather free the spirits inside then risk having this thing do whatever it’s supposed to. A wasp laying eggs in a spider is only life as well”

Suðri Skornbrekker: “I have some questions about your life-cycle now, but if you think this isn’t dangerous… I agree with Gray; maybe they use them as sacrifices or such.”

Bomrek: “We should destroy it. It’s a bowl full of Elves. How is that natural?”

P.P. A.: (Dear Journal, today I learned: tadpoles turn into frogs, but that’s actually not the end of it. If the frog doesn’t get eaten or run over by a car, it further changes into an elf.)

Gray: “It’s not harming us now. Let’s go find the cultists and the Roc.” Gray walks west, looking down the path. He gives the strange thing a wide birth as he does.

Syviis: “Agreed.” follows Gray, but watches the soul-sack as she exchanges weapons.

Ken (GM) to the west, the tiled floor leads to a fork;
North, sunlight filters in to a bright room, a hole in the canopy above.
Further west, a darker tunnel, the light fading
On the floor is a wad of white crusted clay, with holes in and out of it like a massive wasp or hornets nest. Another large one on the floor in the room ahead as well as odd bluish wads of crusty stone or clay, with red veins on their surface.

Gray watches that strange nest warily as he walks down the path to the Y, looking either way, trying to study the tile and seeing what path the cultist take as they come and go.
(To Gray): the trails show they step lightly on the nest on the floor, or not at all, stepping around it.

(From Doc): any clues about how to free the souls or would it just be “try shooting it and see what happens”
(To Doc): Roll
Roderick: (To GM) rolling 3d6 vs
12(5+2+6)= 13
(To Doc): Its definitely some sort of construct, the fleshy thing, a physical object containing the souls. So you could likely free them immediately by breaking it, but you’re quite used to vessels being unliving things…not flesh and blood lumps.
Demon magic and such, you recall, tends to sculpt the flesh…

Suðri Skornbrekker whispers to Bomrek: “After we are done here, we should burn it all down; cleanse this venerable old stonework of all the magic filth that clings to it now.”  Suðri aims in the other direction in case anything comes that way

Bomrek: “I was thinking the same. I think the builders would understand.”

Gray: “Avoid that nest, the cultist here tread very carefully around it..I don’t see if they go down into the dark here at all.” He glances down the shorter hallway, then ask Roderick. “What path?”

Roderick looks around. “Better to head towards the light for now.”

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): You think you see something in the webbed hallway. Like a face…but with eight eyes

Suðri Skornbrekker mutters a Dwarven swearword, lout enough for the others to hear, and plunks down his bardiche to aim. “There’s something in that hallway!” he warns the others, aiming towards the giant spiderwebs.

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): The face doesnt budge when you aim on it; you see a ruby-colored gleam on the eyes as it catches the light

Gray holds his advance, waiting for Roderick or another to decide if they take care of whatever lurks in the spider’s web or if it’s better to continue closer to the eerie nest.

Syviis: rolling 1d6 + 7(4)+7= 11
Gray: rolling 1d6 + 7 for Initiative (Basic Speed 6, Combat Reflexes +1 or +2 if Leader)(1)+7= 8
Roderick: rolling 1d6+5.75+1(3)+5.75+1= 9.75
Suðri Skornbrekker: rolling 1d6+5.5+1(2)+5.5+1= 8.5
Bomrek: ayyyy rolling 1d6(1)+6.5= 7.5

Joush M.: “BUUGGGS!”

Ken (GM): Syviis!
Suðri has shouted a word of alarm! An eight-eyed face pokes out of the webbed hallway, it’s body invisible behind the strands of webbing…
Syviis: Step back and see if I can get a shot off, no electric, just arrow
Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+2+6)= 12
I will hit General Meats unless it dodges
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(4+2+2)= 8 vs dodge(pass)
The thing shifts out of the way of the arrow, and the arrow disappears into the webs.
Second attack?
Syviis mutters, reloading and firing again
Syviis: rolling 3d6(4+1+2)= 7
Ken (GM): lol “reloading”
Syviis: This is a beat by 10 effective skill anyway
Ken (GM): but thats not a crit unless its 6 or lower
Syviis: Actually more…Yeah Just sayin. 😛
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(3+1+3)= 7 vs dodge(pass)
Syviis: ffff
Syviis: lol
Syviis is very very worried she has come across Anti-Arrow-Spider

Gray can’t quite see the monster, only Syviis in profile as she draws two arrows, firing one as the other hangs between her fingers then in the same moment drawing the string back, the second arrow flying down the dark hallway, swift and true and deadly… yet she’s frowning.

Ken (GM) : There is a shimmer in the air, and then the thing steps forward into the light on eight pin-sharp legs. A body of shimmery black metal and golden etched runes. It pounces forward to Roderick!

Bomrek: Are these Dwarven runes, or disgusting Elf runes?
(To Bomrek): Dorfy; they read off a bunch of gibberish, but a big one on the faceplate is “Guardian”

Syviis: [if some Drow show up, I’m gonna get mad lol]

Bomrek: We should just talk it out, maybe it can listen to reason.
Syviis: [Quick! Ask if it wants to buy into a time-share!]

(To Gray): In the room you stepped into while the thing pounced; there are two bodies here, clutching the orb in the top right. They are gray, dead at least a day, and they are covered in spidery red blood-vine like tendrils up and down their flesh

Ken (GM): Doc! it pounces at you, with it’s sharp-ass legs coming for you; dodge? maybe parry?
Doc: Any penalties to parry? He was actually looking in that direction, vaguely ready for attack (defensive grip)
Ken (GM): only a -2 for the surprised/’not yet acted in initiative’
Doc: Alright, didn’t remember if there was anything like that
Roderick: rolling 3d6 vs 10(1+1+4) = 6
P.P. A.: noice
Syviis: Niiiice!
Ken (GM): [it’s just the stun/surprise penalty doc] also: NOICE
Ken (GM) Sparks fly from the broadsword as the apparently metal limbs of the spider thing scrape down the length of the blade!

(To Suðri Skornbrekker): “INTRUDER” in dwarven
(To Bomrek): “INTRUDER” in dwarven

Ken (GM): Roderick!
Doc: Modifiers to hit the vitals? (Do I even know where a spider’s vitals are?)
Ken (GM): it’s SM +2, and you can guess there’s a vitals area in the middle thorax, usual penalty -3

(From P.P. A.): does Suthri know the name of the Dwarven Emperor who reigned at the time this tribe left?
(To P.P. A.): “Uremetar; the fabled Allfather”

Roderick follows up his parry with a two-handed thrust to the vitals(???)
Ken (GM): Rolls it! Net -1!
Doc: rolling 3d6 vs 13(1+5+6)= 12
Ken (GM): rolling 3d6(4+1+3)= 8

Bomrek: “Roderick, it’s speaking Dwarven!”
P.P. A.: can I act out of turn to do somehting that is not attacking? which would forfeit my turn? 
P.P. A.: Oh nvm

Ken (GM) the massive metal spider thing twists in place, the sword skittering millimeters from a hit!
Ken (GM): Suthri!
Doc: Wait, was it speaking dwarven? (Rod speaks dwarf!)
Ken (GM): [oh shi-! he do]
(To Roderick): “INTRUDER” in dwarven

Gray assumes most unintellgable gronk noises are dwarven.

Bomrek: Rod speaks Dwarven? Damn, now Suthri and I will have to speak PigDwarven in order to talk about him to his face.

Suðri Skornbrekker quickly reaches into a pocket (or rather, his beard) to pull out the ancient dwarven coin that he stole from the treasure hoard that the party secured, back when they liberated the fort. He holds it up and presents it to the spider, shouting, in Dwarven: “In the name of Uremetar, stand down!” (except he’d use Emepror Uremetar’s full title; or at least the most common abridged version, if the title was too long)

Bomrek: (I’m imagining somebody holding up a 1 dollar bill to a terminator and telling it to stand down in the name of Kennedy.)

Doc: (also I wanted that to be a committed attack, so tfw no parries now)

Ken (GM) the spider thing’s head snaps-to on the coin, little beams of red light shimmering from it’s eyes all over the coin and Suthri’s face as he speaks. It whirrs and clicks, and the runes on it’s body shimmer in that golden color

IT speaks in that odd voice, GRONK HRRRR CHUT CHUT CHUT
P.P. A.: hopefully it’s not “please enter the password”

(To Roderick): “Standing down, identity assured”
(To Bomrek): “Standing down, identity assured”
(To Suðri Skornbrekker): “Standing down, identity assured”


Suðri Skornbrekker blinks, and breathes a massive sigh of relief.

Bomrek: do Suðri or I know of any technology like this that modern Dwarves employ? Do we know of any legends of tech like this? W E W
Ken (GM): “The dwarves of yore were master smiths, masons, and craftsmen. It is said they could command stone and metal to walk and talk like men, and the very earth was theirs to command”
Bomrek: And then the Elves came
and ruined everything
>Bomrek’s Annotated History of the World
Joush M.: Spiderbot “DIRECTIVE ONE: Kill All Northern Dwarves”
Ken (GM): hah
Bomrek: Just how far South are we of the mountain-homes anyway.
Joush M.: Thanks for the game man, great as always
P.P. A.: Indeed, thanks for the game

(From Doc): Would it be safe to assume now that the fortress is likely bigger and may contain more enemies than the dozen or so Rod had assumed?
(To Doc): Hah, yeah, this might be a wrinkle in that plan?
(To Doc): trust tho; I’m not immediately screwing you guys over.

(From Doc): No, it’s fine. Legitimate curveball. 🙂


P.P. A.: >when you get to use a shitty trinket you picked up during one of the earliest sessions in the campaign, over a year ago
Fiss: Hehe. Yeah, thanks man, fun game.
Ken (GM): danke! Always fun. Take four points, and see me in a week THE CRUMBLING KEEP AWAITS
Adolf S.: Bomrek’s fulla’ gold coins
P.P. A.: Doc wasn’t around back then: when we liberated that fort (whose name I keep forgetting), we found a stash of gold coins; some were ancient and minted in the time of the old Dwarven Empire
Adolf S.: Hold him upside down and shake him
Doc: >tfw the fortress is probably bigger than anticipated
Ken (GM): Glardenfen

P.P. A.: yes, thanks
Adolf S.: What I want to know is how these cultist assholes have convinced spider-bot to not kill them.
P.P. A.: Suðri decided to pocket a single for himself before they would have to turn them over to the military that was due to come by and renovate Glardenfen
not for the value but because hey, it’s a coin from an ancient empire of his people

(To Fiss): FYI, on your turn I was to reveal the magical emanations that it popped up with after decloaking. Remind me For next week 😛
(To Fiss): Its a golem

(From Fiss): dang, Roc’s and Golems…great name for a Elv/Dwarf band. 😛

Joush M.: Hell yeah, makes sense. Much better then Bomrek’s collection of terrible diseases as far as keepsakes go
Ken (GM): yeah
and all those elf ears
on that rope
Doc: Amazing

Ken (GM): Allright fellas, I gotta Jet. Family BBQ. Hit me up on discord, and spend 4 points!
Adolf S.: Honestly I was expecting us to go and kill all the cultists in a huge urban battle
real urban combat style, but na
Joush M.: Got it! I’ll run by ideas to spend those points.. then Into The Dark. After killing people that were getting their bone on.
At least they died doing what they loved
Doc: Instead we get a horrifying ritual dungeon, but with dwarven spider mechs
Fiss: The Mountain Goats get cocky otherwise
P.P. A.: I was expecting a massacre of a cultist orgy
anyway, it was fun!

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